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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  June 24, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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breaking news. information limited right now but we're working to confirm information but here is what we know. a police officer in folcroft, delaware county has been shot this morning and a suspect is on the loose, sky force 10 is live over the scene over penn presbyterian medical center where the officer is being treated. the shooting happened this morning in the area of glen and folcroft avenues. we have crews in the air, crews on the ground. deanna durante is live for us at penn presbyterian hospital. tell us what you know. >> take a look here. as soon as we pulled up, crews said they needed to keep the intersection of 38th clear for all of the responding officers that are coming, not just from
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the city but also delaware county. we can tell you this officer is 25 years old. he was shot three times and he was taken by police vehicle initially for treatment. sources tell us that military units have been called into -- multiple units have been called into the area. k9 assistance has been pulled in. this was a call on a drug enforcement case and they're assisting. a number of police units are sending hem to folcroft and a number of officers are responding here to penn presbyterian hospital. there is no word on his condition. we've been told he is a folcroft police officer, the town is confirming that and the fire department confirming that police officers put him in a vehicle to get him to the hospital. we are awaiting additional information on his condition but again, we can tell you that he was shot at least three times and is now getting medical treatment. as the search continues for the suspects behind this, multiple police departments in delaware county responding to that scene
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in folcroft to try to find the shooter. that is the very latest, reporting live in university city, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. the investigation is fluid. an on going investigation. brandon hudson is live for us at the scene in folcroft, delaware county. tell us what you've learned. >> reporter: vai, we got to the scene ten minutes ago. officers are two blocks down from the scene where we are. a lot of officers are closer to a business. there is a lot of police tape and you have a lot of neighbors outside here. i want to make clear, this is not an active shooter scene. you can see neighbors out here on the sidewalk. for a moment, they're protected. the digital team did speak to a neighbor on the phone who said a neighbor heard gunshots, saw police running around with sniper rifles and officers out. we don't know if they have
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recovered the suspect at this time. we'll talk to officers and neighbors throughout the morning and we'll update you through the afternoon as well. live in folcroft, brandon hudson. nbc 10 news. >> you just arrived there minutes ago, we can tell by the police tape the police have the area cordoned off. how difficult was it for you to get to that area and give us an idea of those who may live in the area may be driving in the area for whatever reason what traffic pattern is like there right now. >> reporter: vai it was tough on some of the side streets. police have blocked off a number of streets over here. as you can see, we'll give you another look from the scene right here where a lot of the officers are. we have several officers that are up at different intersections along one of the main drags in folcroft that have blocked the area. we had to go around, through a back way, and get to this scene and we also want to note that train traffic has also been slowed down on the rails and
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they've stopped it for the moment. we see a swat truck coming as you can see right now. >> brandon, stay with us. >> reporter: we'll have to move out of the way. >> brandon, hang on with us here, while this is happening behind you, the report we're getting is that the suspect is on the loose. has anybody told you anything, said anything to you about what -- their concerns about the neighbors, and people in the area? brandon you hang on there. >> reporter: i've been told -- >> brandon hang on there for a moment. we're going back to penn presbyterian to where deanna durante. >> reporter: penn star just arrived on the roof of penn hospital and there was a ground escort from penn police. the police officers can't comment officially but they need to keep the streets clear for responding officers, typically in these situations you'll have pretty much the entire
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departments from surrounding townships coming here to lend support to folcroft, in this case, and also trying to get family members of the officer here, but again, the chopper just landed on the roof. we can tell you that this officer was shot three times, originally taken by squad car to a hospital near the shoot shooting scene and then arriving here at the trauma center at÷"7 penn presbyterian hospital and police here trying to keep 38th and paleton clear for the responding officers. if you're going to be out in university city, this is an area to avoid. pe in fn and drexel police are controlling traffic here as they prepare fwhoor what will be a le police presence. >> i don't know if you have a monitor where you are where you can see what is happening here but i'm watching the chopper on top of penn presbyterian and they're in the process of getting the officer out of that
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chopper. our sky force 10 was over the crime scene where brandon hudson is and i'm told, i'm just going through the e-mails that we have been exchanging here at the station and it appears that police hp sent the chopper from the crime scene from the area. they wanted the air space clear perhaps because the chopper was headed up in the air and heading to penn presbyterian. we're waiting here for a moment. somebody is in the doorway and it appears they're about to extract that wounded officer from that chopper and then take him into the hospital to be treated. those blades have just now stopped and sky force 10 is hovering over this area. let's go back to the crime scene where brandon hudson is standing by. brandon, just minutes ago, we saw those vehicles, swat teams
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pulling up. tell us what is happening. >> reporter: a swat team pulled up about five minutes ago. they're trying to get into place. we have also been trying to move around so we can bridng you the best view point. police have had to move us around as well. vai, the last time we talked to you you talked about the safety of the neighbors. there are a lot of neighbors out here from the apartment complex. the folcroft station complex that are out here, trying to figure out what is going on as well. it doesn't appear to be any immediate danger to the neighbors out here by this apartment complex, but we are still trying to figure out what the situation, why swat was called in, and if a suspect has been located and if police are working to find out where that person exactly is. >> brandon, it appears there are a lot of police there, obviously
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it looks like undercover officers as well. that investigation is on going. any indication, brandon as to where they think this shooter may be, as you mentioned, probably not in this area because so many people are out and about and we don't know or perhaps you do know whether neighbors have been told to shelter in place. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, at this moment, like i said, we're going to give you a view point of where these officers are, which is about a couple of blocks from where we're standing. there are a couple of businesses, i can't make out those businesses at this point, but there are officers with businesses, they are separating the numbers by police tape, by the caution tape so they know not to cross that area, however, a lot of them have been coming out of their homes, trying to see what is going on. we'll actually have to try to talk to a few of these neighbors when we get an opportunity but again, just try to stay with us,
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i'm going to also try to talk to officers to figure out if they have located a suspect or anyone who may be a person of interest at this time. >> brandon, we'll give you a chance to go talk to some witnesses and talk to any police that will give you some information and we'll come back to you in a moment. we appreciate the information, my friend. >> you're welcome, vai. >> the area around elm wood avenue is closed to all traffic as an active search continues for the suspect in this situation. here is what we know. a folcroft -- this is cell phone video that actually just came into nbc 10. this shooting apparently happened just before 10:00, so a little more than an hour ago is our best estimate as to when this happened. we think about 11 or 9:48
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apparently the shooting happened and this is cell phone video that was obviously, it is not professional. somebody was taking this and then brought this in to us. this may be tim furlong's video or tim furlong may have gotten this video for us but this is not long after this shooting happened and police are directing traffic around that area in folcroft, a small burrough in delaware county. rather, i would say that it is a rather sleepy area, not much happens there, obviously on a friday morning. a lot of police activity. let's go back to deanna durante in university city. what have you learned so far. >> reporter: we do know that the officer was flown here from folcroft, he was taken by police vehicle to a hospital closer to the shooting scene and then brought here. you're looking live at pictures on the ground, 38th and paleton
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avenue out of penn presbyterian avenue. you saw the chopper landing here. we heard from police sources that this officer has been shot three times, that they believe his condition to be critical and said a number of police departments are now converging on folcroft to assist. we're told that k9 units have also been called in to assist as police officers slowly arrive here outside of penn presbyterian hospital. right now, the presence is mainly philadelphia police but assisting police departments including that of drexel university are here on the ground to help control the traffic because they expect a number of police officers to show up here. we're told that this officer is an officer in folcroft, he is 25 years old and this is believed to be a drug investigation going on there in folcroft near the apartment complex. he is here at penn presbyterian
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hospital being treated for three gunshot wounds, vai. >> deanna thank you. i'm getting information that the officer was shot three times but he was shot in the neck, the face, and the shoulder. deanna told us the officer is in critical condition, is being treated at this hospital at penn presbyterian hospital in university city. we have a name but we won't disclose any information until that -- the names of the suspects, the name of the officer, until tl has been confirmed before we disclose any of that information. we're working furiously as you might imagine to confirm all of this information and we'll share with you what has been confirmed. so real quickly, here is what we know, a folcroft police officer has been shot three times. multiple police departments are investigating, sky force 10
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obviously live over the scene, over penn presbyterian hospital. that officer is treated at the hospital. we'll take a short time out and we'll be right back. stay with us.
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that breaking news this friday morning, a police officer in folcroft, delaware county has been shot. a suspect is still on the loose and sky force 10 is live on the
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scene of penn presbyterian hospital where the officer is being treated. it happened in the area of glen and folcroft areas. here is what the bure yoefd confirmed. a command post has been set-up at the burrough hall. deanna durante is live for us at penn presbyterian hospital. >> police here on the ground don't know much. their job is to keep us at bay and make room for the responding officers to show up here and any family members. the officer is believed to be 25 years old. he was in uniform, he was on duty when this happened. we've learned that this was some sort of a drug investigation and a number of units and responding police departments are in folcroft assisting with the search for the shooter. the officer was shot three times in the head, the neck, and the face. he was flown here from a
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hospital in delaware county, the fire department confirms a police officer brought him to the hospital near the scene to be treated initially, but just within the last 20 minutes or so, a penn star chopper landed on the roof of penn presbyterian hospital where the level one trauma center is and it is believed he is inside right now being worked on. the condition at this time according to sources they've been told is critical. they are waiting for word here as they search for the suspect but when you look live here at the ground here penn presbyterian hospital you can see police officers begining to arrive. troopers are hugging people outside of the emergency room entrance and you can see parts of 38th street are being closed down. i'm sorry, paleton avenue are being closed at 38th avenue around the entrance to penn presbyterian hospital as they prepare for an onslaught of officers here hoping the officer is treated and is able to walk out of here. three gunshot wounds we're told being treated here at penn
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presbyterian hospital. >> it is cordoned off as they do at the scene of the crime in folcroft, it is having an impact on amtrak, an amtrak spokesman two northbound passenger trains are being held up due to the police activity in the area. 500 people are on the regional trains. a local commuter rail also halted service, the shooting occurred about a block from the rail lines. the circumstances right now, of course, unclear. let's bring in jessica boling ton w -- jessica bowing ton. >> we're watching the scene and there is police activity and a lot of diversions around the area in full kroft folcroft area near north chester pike and delmar drive.
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there is a lot of diversion around the that. you can see a lot of red in the surrounding area. it is a slow go around the scene right now for drivers in the area. now additionally, the newark line for septa is suspended because of police activity at glenholden and folcroft stations. we have full information on septa's website. check as soon as you can. we'll have the update for you, vai. all right. thank you, jessica. nbc 10's brandon hudson is live for us at the scene in folcroft, delaware county. we've given you a few minutes to talk to folks and get information for us. what have you found out? >> in the last ten minutes we've been talking to neighbors trying to get the lay of the land here in folcroft. this is the closest that we can get right by this apartment complex but i'll step out of the way, have jim freeman show you the sign for the apartment
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complex where the shooting actually happened. according to neighbors, this is right by a bar and deli shop. what neighbors have told me kind of wraps all the way around the corner so you can't see the entire complex at this time. you see the police are out here trying to investigate this scene. neighbors that i did speak to say that they heard about two shots and then they heard about four shots. it was a family i spoke to not too long ago. they were outside, the dad had heard those gunshots and told his kids to run inside but since that has died down, neighbors have been able to come outside, they've been able to see what is going on and just like us, they've been able to find out more about the officer and more about the situation. >> reporter: hey, brandon, i also understand that somewhere, i don't know if you're in a position to see it, but they have apparently, there was an
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suv, maybe in one of the intersections where you're standing and where your camera is trained and we may not be able to see it from your vantage point. have you gotten any information, heard anything about an suv that may be connected to the shoot g shooting? >> reporter: i haven't heard about an suv and from where i am, my vantage point, i can't see an suv, when police do come back down here, we'll ask them about the suv and the connection, if any to the shooting. i also want to bring up, police have brought up water to the officers at the scene. they may be here waiting for quite a bit as they try to carry on with this investigation. >> brandon, thank you, appreciate the information that you're gathering there. nbc 10, tim furlong sent us this activity happening in the area around elm wood avenue. it is closed to all traffic
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obviously while the active search continues and this is video from the scene where the officer was shot. the shooting happened, we think about 9:48, just before 10:00 a.m. you see the officers outside the apartment complex at glen and folcroft streets. that active investigation is going on right now and you see the swat teams that were pulling up. this happened live on television on brandon's camera as he was standing there speaking to us. maybe about a half hour ago when these swat teams pulled up on the scene. so far, the burrough has confirmed that the officer was shot in the neck, in the face, and the shoulder, deanna also shared with us that the officer is 25 years old. we withheld disclosing the officer's name until that information has been confirmed
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by the burrough or by the police department. let's go back to deanna durante. >> reporter: the scene is growing with police officers here. it appears as though philadelphia police are helping out in any way that they can even though this didn't happen in the city. obviously there will be a lot of police officers and people from the delaware county area showing up here to the hospital. philadelphia police presence has increased here in the last ten minutes or so. you have drexel university police as well as penn police trying to direct traffic. this is a busy intersection. we can tell you this police officer, 25 years old, brought here with three gunshot wounds. he was flown here from a hospital in delaware county. he was driven by his fellow police officers to that hospital to get treatment and then arrived here just a little while ago. so far, the hospital is not confirming his condition but when you take a look outside the emergency room entrance, you can see there are philadelphia police officers as well as officers from other departments gathering outside. we have seen a number of state
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police officers showing up here hugging outside. many wanting to offer what support they can offer here in the area. again, to control the crowds, we've been told that this area needs to remain clear for the responding police. but right now, we do know a number of police officers from delaware county are responding to the scene, searching for the shooter at this point. we've learned through sources that this with a drug investigation and this officer in the course of this investigation was shot three times. again, he is here at penn presbyterian hospital receiving treatment at this time, vai. >> deanna durante, our reporter grew up in a law enforcement family. there is a lot of police officers, you know better than anybody, when one of their own is shot, injured, they respond, and they come together and
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becomes a high priority, i suppose there is good reason for that. somebody willing to shoot a police officer, an officer of a law, may be more dangerous than the garden variety criminal but this is come on this friday morning. lots of agencies and they're all there responding to one of their own being taken down and injured right now. we don't know the condition of that officer right now but he has been shot three times in the face, shoulder, and the neck. >> reporter: that is what we're hearing at this point. that is what the burrough is hearing and when you talk about the police officers and how they respond, my cell phone has been filled with phone calls and text messages from police departments all over the area asking me what do we know, how is he doing, what can they do, what condition do we have, do we know anything about the shooter, the suspect here as well as the officer. people wanting to know how old
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he is, what he is doing. you talk about the fact that people will come from all over here from departments across the state. they will reach out and try to see what folcroft fleeds needst point. there is a concern in philadelphia and suburban communities. those communities are sending whatever help they can. i've spoken to a number of police officers who sent their officers on the scene to assist in the investigation there. we know a number of k9 units have been called in to assist at that scene there. the priority is finding the shooter and then as this day goes on, you're going to see more and more police officers responding here to the hospital, many of whom won't get inside. they just want to be there to lend their support, vai. >> thank you for the insight, for the information. deanna will be there throughout the morning and afternoon and we'll take a short break right now. we'll be right back.
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the breaking news we've been following through the morning, a police officer in folcroft, delaware county, has been shot. a suspect is on the loose we're told and it is confirmed the officer was shot three times in the neck, in the face, and in the shoulder. he is 25 years old. we cannot release his name until we have confirmed that information but the officer was
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25 years old. apparently was a drug bust or a drug arrest that had gone awry. these are live pictures from penn presbyterian hospital where the officer arrived a short time ago and is being treated. this is the area where the officer was shot in folcroft on the corner of glen and folcroft areas. that is what we know. nbc 10's brandon hudson is live for us in folcroft, delaware county. bring us up to speed. what can you tell us. >> reporter: vai, police have now put up police tape right here, right behind me and have closed off the rest of the street from us and from the neighbors. they've had neighbors who live just beyond this tape, they've asked them to stay in their homes for the duration of this investigation while police are out there. we can bring you closer in. we can show you the swat truck that is still here that we showed you upon arrival.
11:31 am
what we're trying to figure out is if the suv we had mentioned earlier had any connection to a shooting, to this cop shooting. we are also trying to see what the situation is. why swat is here, if there is a suspect that they have located, if they know where this person is at this time. also if there is a weapon that has also been brought available or in sight of police. >> thank you. we're looking at video as those swat teams were arriving earlier, a half hour ago when you were live on the scene. things have changed there a little bit. brandon shared with us that police had told people to shelter in place, stay put until the situation has reached a conclusion and hopefully it is a good one. tim furlong sent us video earlier, cell phone video of activity in the area not long
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after it happened. the shooting occurred around 9:48 before 10:00 this morning and already as you can see police put up tape and squad cars are in the area, they've cordoned off portions of that area at the intersection of folcroft and glen. that officer has been shot three times in the face, in the neck and in the shoulder. we're working to find out that officer's condition. we know he is 25 years old. a male who has not been on the force that long. in fact, we feel just about a year or over a year, we'll go back to deanna durante live at penn presbyterian hospital in university city with more information. >> reporter: the officer was flown here a little while ago. you saw the chopper land here
11:33 am
live a little while ago. the hospital is not commenting on the officer's condition but multiple sources tell us they believe he is in critical condition. they're here waiting for word as well. you have people from philadelphia, from state police and from different police departments, darby police has a car here trying to show support, trying to see what they can do as the hunt for the shooter continues in folcroft, this officer was treated at a hospital in delaware county, he was brought there by his fellow police officers in a squad car. the fire department says that they did not get an ambulance there, that the officers got him there quickly, a term police officers will say is scoop them up and get them the fastest as they can get them there. they believe that is what happened in this case and he was treated at the officer there in delaware county, flown here by penn star choppers which landed on the roof here at penn
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presbyterian. it is a level one trauma center. that is why he would be brought here with three gunshot wounds. this was a drug investigation there in folcroft and that there were other officers on scene here, that this officer was on duty 25 years old, you can see police are allowing traffic to be moving along 38th and pailton area but they're preparing for when the search is over and all of the officers converge here in university city to see what support they can lend for this police officer. we're not naming him at this point. it is unclear if his family is with him or if they got him there as quickly as possible. they're en route. we've seen a number of cars come here. lights and sirens, people going inside. state troopers, local police officers standing outside and hugging and again, that officer here being treated after being shot three times this morning, vai. >> this also has had an impact
11:35 am
on those of them traveling on amtrak, hundreds of train passengers stuck. two trains, a regional train and then a second train are not moving near the eddystone and marcus hook stations. there are delays on all-terrains waiting to leave and this is a live look at the third street station. amtrak spokesperson craig schultz says two northbound passenger trains held up because of police activity in the area. about 500 people that are on the trains in the northeast regional train rail line halting service, this shooting occurred a block from the rail line. obviously having an effect on that. by now, 11:30. usually we've sent jessica bolington home. we've held her up to get more information on how this is impacting traffic.
11:36 am
what can you tell us? >> thank you, vai. what we'll actually do is go straight to the accident scene and right now, vai. we're going to go straight -- >> we're having a little bit of trouble with jessica's microphone. we'll come back to her when -- we'll take a break right now, we'll recalibrate come back and check in with jessica to find out how this is affecting traffic patterns and mass transit. stay with us.
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we want to recap, a shooting of an officer in the small delaware county burrough of folcroft. the officer was shot three times in the face, in the neck, and in the shoulder. he is 25 years ode. he is male. he was initially treated at mercy fitzgerald and transported to university city where he is
11:40 am
listed in stable condition at penn presbyterian hospital. we are working to find out and to confirm the officer's name. this has been breaking news throughout the morning. you're looking at a live picture of swat teams in the area in folcroft, delaware county and it looks like they have their sights set on something. we'll continue to follow this breaking news this morning. we'll take another brief time out. we'll be right back and we'll bring you updates.
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about 17 minutes before noon on this friday and that breaking news, an officer was shot in the delaware county burrough of folcroft this morning, the shooting happened just before 10:00 a.m. so about two hours ago. police units have been on the scene for a couple of hours already. this is video you're looking at of the swat teams arriving. police activity has been heightened so far, the officer is 25 years old. he is male. he was shot three times in the neck, in the face and the shoulder. that is confirmed.
11:44 am
he is listed in stable condition initially treated at mercy fitzgerald hospital. flown by hospital to pe in fn presbyterian hospital where he is listed in stable condition and we're continuing to make phone calls and confirm the information that we have. nbc 10's brandon hudson is live at the scene as he has been. brandon, bring us up to speed. >> i was just able to talk to one of the officers here at the investigative -- at the scene. we are able to confirm that the suv that we were talking about earlier belongs to the officer who was shot. over on the right side of this screen, without giving away too much information, we can tell you that the apartment complex where the shooting happened is over on the right side of your screen. we can go to video earlier. we haven't been able to get too close to the scene because of the investigation with swat being brought in and police
11:45 am
trying to possibly locate any person connected to the shooter or the shooter themselves, now, we also were able to talk to neighbors who heard gunshots. we spoke to a woman named caitlyn. we can bring you live video. we have swat truck that is moving towards us as we speak. it seems like they may be getting in position around the apartment complex. officers are getting off of the truck at this moment. you can see officers are armed with body armor and assault rifles, they're moving in at this moment. moving into the apartment complex. we don't want to give away too much of that location, but we'll bring you up to speed later if we find anything else out. >> thank you for that information. this is compelling pictures that you're giving us here live and this is cell phone video that
11:46 am
tim furlong sent us earlier on what was happening on the area on the ground not long after the shooting happened. the areas around elm wood avenue and it has been closed to traffic for a couple of hours now while an active search continues. you saw the pictures that brandon shows us of the swat team in position. it looked like they are moving and something may be happening here sooner than later. the officer is 25 years old. he is not, i'm told he has not been on the force too long, just a little over a year, perhaps we're working on getting that information confirmed. we're not disclosing his name because we have not confirmed that information and that information may be withheld from us for a little while longer for a host of reasons but nbc 10's deanna durante is live as she has been all morning at penn presbyterian hospital.
11:47 am
any new information from where we are. >> we can tell you the officer was brought here around 11:00 this morning. he was shot three times and that he was stabilized at a hospital in delaware county. mercy health system confirming that the police officer from folcroft was brought to the hospital er. he was stabilized and classified in stable condition before he was put on a penn star chopper and flown here to penn presbyterian which is a level one trauma center. we're told he has been shot three times in the neck, the shoulder, and the leg, we believe and that he is being worked on here. we can tell you a number of philadelphia area police officers are here to try to control traffic, that they're limiting some pedestrian traffic and car traffic on the road from front of the emergency room entrance. we have police officers from delaware county and state police gathering, standing outside. it is tough to tell what they know. not a lot of emotion on their faces. many checking their phones and
11:48 am
making phone calls and trying to keep people away, mainly the media from the entrance of the hospital and then making room as other police officers show up from delaware county. we do know that police in delaware county are preparing to give a briefing, we hope that will be soon and we hope that will include the news about the officer's condition but again, he was shot three times in what was believed to be some sort of a drug investigation at an apartment plex and that number a number of police officers from all over delaware county are in folcroft assisting the folcroft police department with this investigation. vai? >> perhaps this has been that way for awhile, but i'm noticing that they've been letting cars in and out of the area. >> they have been letting cars drive along paleton avenue. they had it blocked for a short period of time, trying to limit pedestrians on the sidewalks across the street from the hospital. there were news crews there,
11:49 am
they moved them off of the side but you can see the general public can walk on the side of the hospital. people are coming out for breaks and police officers standing around there, we saw students, presumably students, people with back packs walking around the campus. the main goal here is if a family member were to show up or police officers to be able to give them room and to keep media away because hospitals have policies that they don't want cameras to protect patient privacy. they're here to keep us across the street. we're at 38th and paleton across the corner from penn presbyterian hospital. >> thank you for that information. of course there, is not an imminent threat in the area where you are as there is where brandon hudson's camera is in folcroft where swat teams appear to be in place and in position. they appear to be moving on the location but hundreds of passengers are stuck on tracks because of the search for the
11:50 am
suspect. amtrak says two trains, a regional train and selleck trains are not moving. you can take a look right now at 30th street station. let's bring in jessica bolington to give us an update on how this is affecting traffic and mass transit. >> thank you, vai. we'll start with the heart of the scene right now. that is actually on folcroft avenue and glen avenue. there is heavy police presence there and police activity is directing traffic here. you can see in the green right now a few moments ago, we were seeing major delays between north chester pike up here and delmar drive down here. you can see the area looks to be green right here but still avoid it because you're seeing police activity directing a lot of traffic around the scene. now, also affecting mass transit. the wilmington newark line is suspended because of police activity at glenholden and folcroft stations. check with for an
11:51 am
alternate suggestion for your route there. watch for the accident scene, police activity directed around and now this suspension for the wilmington, newark line. check for more information. >> thank you. we've been informed by officials that a news conference will be held. we don't have an exact time right now. i'm not sure that those officials know exactly when it will happen but they're trying to get something together so they can disclose information to us as media that we can share with you. we'll have that when we come back. we'll take a short break right now and stay with us for more information and also go to the nbc 10 app. download that right now. the nbc 10 app so you can follow this on going investigation in the search for a suspect of a shooting that happened in folcroft, delaware county earlier this morning a couple of hours ago. stay with us.
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call 1-866-999-0154 to apply now. that breaking news, a police officer shot in folcroft, delaware county. a suspect is still on the loose. that officer was shot three times in the neck, in the face, and in the shoulder. he is listed in stable condition at penn presbyterian hospital ant university city where he was transported from mercy fitzgerald about an hour ago,
11:55 am
roughly an hour ago. we're awaiting a news conference with information on the status of the shooting and the investigation, as you look at the map of where this happened about 9:48, just before 10:00 this morning in the avenue of folcroft and glen, let's go back to folcroft now. brandon hudson, tell us what is happening there. >> reporter: vai, i just saw police talking to neighbors. i'll give you a better look at what is going on away from the swat team but you have neighbors talking to police. this is also brought out neighbors from the apartment complex across the street. earlier, we told you neighbors heard gunshots, they ran inside to try to be safe. we spoke to a young woman, her name is caitlyn. she lives in this neighborhood and was around when all of this happened. can we try to go to her sound byte at the moment?
11:56 am
>> well, my dad told us to rush in. at first, you know, there are always gunshots and it is usually a bb gun or something like that and my dad told us to rush in. it was a pretty serious thing and it got really loud. >> reporter: the suv that was down there, that is the officer's vehicle. we will be able to keep in touch with you all day. you can follow us on social media and follow us a little later on nbc 10 news. live in folcroft, i'm brandon hudson. nbc 10 news. >> outstanding job in folcroft. do we have a chance to go back to deanna durante? we'll go back to deanna durante. we're not going to go back to deanna durante. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app all day long. we'll bring you updates on the folcroft police officer shooting. the suspect is on the loose. we'll bring you a live update from officials as soon as they speak. we're expecting a news conference to happen any moment now. until then, i'm vai sikahema.
11:57 am
have a good day.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> chad: the garden's out back. >> andre: chad. >> chad: what the hell are you doing out of jail, andre? >> andre: oh, brother, i've been exonerated. good news. some lowlife by the name of monahan, he came forward, finally, and admitted to killing father. now i'm a free man. it's so good to be home. >> chad: this is not your home. put the moy back and get the hell out. >> andre: i don't have any place to go... practically no funds. i understand you-- you've been distracted. but how is poor abigail? i hear there was a fire. >> chad: she's just fine. >> andre: oh, that's excellent. know how it started?


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