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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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i'm thankful that he had that vest on. if he hadn't worn that vest i don't think he'd be with us here today and i want to reinforce all the officers out there don't go out without your vest on. >> dorman didn't talk about the moments that led up to that shooting or the time that he spent in the hospital afterwards. he says that he's feeling good. when he was asked about being shot seven times he says he feels lucky. i asked him about the fact that he's trending on twitter. he says he doesn't go on twitter very much, but he does say he wants to get back to work as soon as possible, a decision that his family supports. that is the very latest. reporting leave from full kroflt, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> and we're tracking some showers this afternoon. you can see them on first alert radar, and tomorrow we could even get some thunderstorms. right now the showers are spotty which makes our exclusive
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neighborhood weather all the more valuable. >> and glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with a first look at the forecast, and, yeah, some showers behind you there, but are they going to hit us, glenn? >> reporter: well, they will hit parts of the area. i don't think they are going to reach the shore or southern delaware. they are tending to weaken already, but you can see there's a band of showers moving down from the north and west, and the heaviest of the activity is moving into the allentown area right now. we have weaker showers in chester county. zoom in a little bit more and from allentown to lehigh to chestnut hill it's fairly heavy, and as we zoom in towards the allentown area itself you can see just how close this is getting into bethlehem. they are getting some light rain now. allentown just now getting into moderate to heavy rain, and that is obviously going to increase over the next hour or so, and as you can see in copley getting
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some pretty heavy rain and about to get a little bit heavier. the temperature 88 degrees in parts of new jersey. we have that rain and 82 and in lehigh valley, the temperature knocked down by that rain. still not raining in philadelphia or many of the north and western sburs but, of course, some of that rain is on the way down, and can you see this and in the forecast planner through this evening so i want to take the umbrellas in the philadelphia area and northern delaware. just in case some of those showers survive, but we have more of a threat tomorrow than what we're seeing today so we'll get into the timing on those showers in just a few minutes. >> we're really interested in the 4th forecast, too because today is the kickoff of wawa welcome. nbc 10 a proud sponsor of fun and free events. looking live, of course, at the ben franklin parkway. top of the hour crews were expecting to start setting up the stage for the july 4th concert and fireworks as well and tim furlong is live along
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the parkway in his brand new red shirt this afternoon. >> reporter: we got the new red shirts. i cover wawa welcome america and get a free shirt. not a bad idea. starting to set up on the parkway and the trucks are setting up. starting to take a lot of palettes out and will put the flooring down and build the stage over there to the east side of the statue and art museum steps. more trucks back here. the view is going to be pretty awesome. there's a lot of work going on here, but trust me, there are plenty of fun events all over this great city. the dancers at liberty place helped kick things off here and online. can you finally get your tickets to the wawa welcome america concert and fireworks on the 4th. >> brotherly love and that's what philadelphia is about, coming together as one. >> reporter: day one of wawa welcome america is packed with stuff. this week there's lots of museums letting you in free and today it was the ben franklin museum. trust me when i say it's going to be a busy fun week. 35 events, is 100 hours of fun
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over eight days. >> what we think we'll see throughout the course of the festival are different types of entertainers, different types of expression of what it means to be an american and whatever this flag means to you is what we want people to enjoy. >> reporter: not bad for business in the city either. a lot of people getting a taste of this great city at a great time of year. >> this is really a giant invitation for philadelphia and people from delaware and new jersey to come together close and have fun and bring some friends and relatives. >> reporter: and back live now at franklin square tonight, they will have the franklin institute free pixar activities and then they will have a free outdoor screening of "finding nemo" and next monday for 49th the concert and fireworks are starting early. starting at 5:00. why 5:00? going to keep saying that? why 5:00 is it starting? i'll explain why when we see you next at 5:00. 5 is a very important number. there's a good reason for your family while it will start at 5:00. tim furlong, nbc 10 news.
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>> that magic number and here's a look at some of the events happening tonight. still free museum day at the ben franklin museum. the museum is open until 7:00 tonight, and tonight at 8 340k there's a free screening of "finding nemo" at franklin square, and for the full calendar of wawa welcome america events tap on the nbc 10 app, the official media sponsor of wawa welcome america. this just in. stocks dropping again today and in a big way. here's a live look at the final numbers. dow jones dropping about 260 points. again, after falling 600 points here you'll recall on friday after word that people in great britain voted to leave the european union. nbc 10's keith jones is tracking all of today's developments related to brexit and the stock market from our digital operations center. keith? >> reporter: jim, secretary of state john kerry says the negotiations for britain to leave the european union must not, quote, cut the nose off to spite the face.
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kerry's in london, by the way, to meet prescription david cameron. cameron says today the uk will not trigger formal eu exit talks at this stage. during an address before members of parliament, cameron said this wasn't the outcome he wanted but the results must be expected and implemented in the best way possible. >> it is going to be difficult. we've already seen that there are going to be adjustments within our economy, complex constitutional issues and challenging new negotiations to undertake with europe >> reporter: the conservative party leader says there will be no immediate changes for eu citizens now living in the uk, but not everyone is going along with these developments. an online petition in the uk now has more than 3.5 million signatures calling for a revote to maybe save britain's place in the union. for now live in the digital operations center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. now to a pair of rules by the supreme court affecting millions of women. one. decisions is being called the biggest abortion case in nearly a quarter century.
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the court struck down a 2013 texas law that required clinics where abortions are performed to meet the same standards as outpatient surgical centers and doctors were required to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. the ruling also affects a dozen other states with similarly restrictive abortion laws. now the other ruling concerns domestic violence. the justices upheld a law banning anyone convicted of domestic abuse from owning a gun. nbc 10's sydney long spent the day getting reaction on both rules. sydney? >> reporter: denise, can i tell you we set out to speak to a number of women today, and we found both men and women feel extremely passionate about both of these issues and the reason we're by a playground is because many told us they feel the protections afforded to women in turn will indirectly protect children. >> i understand that people have a right to protect themselves, but people who have already
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committed crimes and have already hurt people don't deserve to have a gun. >> this woman applauds both decisions by the supreme court monday calling them victories for women. >> i think so. i think so. women have a right to choose and and everybody has a right to be safe. everything is situational. >> on the abortion hb-2 legislation, that ruling doesn't affect outpatient clinics in new jersey, delaware or pennsylvania. still, shanel jackson says it's a woman's freedom to choose what's best for her own body. >> taking that option away from someone is taking away their freedom, and that's what we stand for. >> in my opinion, i am against abortion. i'm a pro-life person. >> reporter: and protecting the life of domestic violence victims is the mission of bernadette with the camden county women's center. she says in 70% of new jersey's domestic violence cases the crimes are misdemeanors. they are the pre-cursor to more
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deadly crimes. >> there's assaults and harrisments. those are key warning signs. you're in danger. >> reporter: she calls the ruling huge for new jersey and she believes keeping the guns out of misdemeanor criminal hands will save lives. >> i think the stat on that is six times more likely for a homicide to occur if there's a gun in the picture at all. >> reporter: and back on the abortion issue, the philadelphia region pro-life union said today it's not surprised by the supreme court ruling. they say the abortion industry will continue to, quote, defy reasonable and necessary regulation that instead of protecting women and unborn children they will serve to make a dollar. we will eel share some of the reaction from local gun shops as well as legal experts coming up in our 5:00 hour. sydney long, nbc 10 news. >> to the south now and a one-two punch for west virginia where flooding sent burning debris down rain-swollen rivers and destroyed homes and
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businesses and just as people are trying to start to clean up heavy rains hit the state again today. 25 people have died here and many more are mission, and today much of the state is now under a flash flood watch. meanwhile, conditions have improved in california where wildfires destroyed 200 homes killing at least two people there. today police with cadaver dogs began searching for more victims, and officials say they have contained much of the fire. now to decision 2016 as prumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton hits the campaign trail with mass mass senator elizabeth warren. now some political insiders believe warren is on clinton's short list for running mate. the pair appeared side by side today at a campaign rally in cincinnati, ohio. senator warren is popular with members of the party's progressive wing, many of whom supported clinton's opponent
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senator bernie sanders. >> and i must say i do just love to see how she gets under donald trump's thin skin. >> reporter: warren continued her has, attacks against trump saying, quote, trump will crush you into the dirt to get whatever he wants. and for his part, republican donald trump way behind clinton when it comes to fund-raising got serious about bringing in campaign cash. last week trump raked in 3 million bucks in just one day after sending an e-mail asking for contributions. millions of supporters responded with just a few dollars each. and for complete decision 2016 coverage including social media updates from the campaign trail just tap on the nbc 10 app. it's a free download. now to pennsylvania politics where a budget battle stalemate continues. it now seems unlikely that a state budget will passion before the deadline in just four days.
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even state lawmakers who will eventually vote on a deal admit they have been told very little. you'll remember last year lawmakers didn't agree on a budget until march, eight months after the deadline jersey, there's some progress with the budget there. today the state senate passed a $35 billion budget and sent it to the assembly including a boost in family planning services and tax credits for seniors. when it's finally sent to the governor, governor christie could use list line-item veto to cut increases that he's against. and it's wait and see in atlantic city where casino workers could hit the picket line coming up on friday. the question is who will fare worse, the union or the already struggling casinos? five of atlantic city's eight casinos would be affected by a strike. workers want compensation for past givebacks. a worker at a northeast philadelphia car wash was killed after police say two cars going through the car wash struck him. sky force 10 was over the
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krewsin klean car wash just before noon. authorities say the 22-year-old worker was drying the windows on an suv when that vehicle somehow struck him and a car leaving the car wash hit him again. police tell us the man arrested for allegedly murdering his girlfriend with a crossbow on sunday has a history of domestic violence. just before 9:30 last night police found the victim in the doorway of her home on willetts road in northeast philadelphia bleeding heavily from the chest. she later today at aria torresdale hospital. the crossbow went through her chest, through the couch and into a wall. >> police have been out here a couple times before for him, according to neighbors. things in his life appeared to go downhill recently, within the last month or so, but culminating tonight with this incident here with the crossbow. >> police say it appears children live at that time, but they were staying elsewhere at
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the time of the killing. to our delaware bureau now where the death of a visiting college student could spur changes to spring break for the blue hens. university of delaware officials may decide to change spring break to the week of st. patrick's day when many other colleges are also off. according to the "news journal of wilmington" the student feels too many students from other schools visit the university during the week to party and back in march a visiting student died after falling from a frat house roof. township leaders in horsham say they are working on a plan to have the best water quality in the country. there's a meeting tonight at 7:00 in the horsham county community center to man out the plan. officials will consider several options to address chemicals found in the area's drinking ware. the goal is to achieve a standard of water quality that far exceeds any other in the nation by the end of the year. a philadelphia police officer is under arrest charged with stealing money from a contractor. officer michael winkler was
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arrested by bristol township police. investigators say he lured two contractors to a meeting by promising them additional money but instead he demanded they give him all the money in their pockets. authorities say winkler took about $38. he's been suspended from the force with the intent to dismiss. we have an nbc 10 first alert traffic warning for people who use the walt whitman bridge. the bridge will close to traffic for 20-minute intervals between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 in the morning from tonight until thursday. starting at 9:00 p.m. on closure night, bridge traffic will be reduced to two lanes in each direction. the closures will allow crews to install a temporary roadway shield around the bridge's new jersey tower. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, what a great weekend we had and also lots of sunshine today but we have this line of
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showers that's moving down from the northwest, but the heaviest stuff is up in the lehigh valley, and that is the area where it's likely to continue to be the heaviest. you can see in the last hour coming right into allentown itself. we showed you just a few minutes ago the leading edge of the heavy rain was just getting to allentown and now it's just getting to i-78, getting down to near romeus and continuing southeast. now, i don't think that this is going to continue over the next several hours. i think it's going to be weakening as we go into the next couple of hours. look at what the temperatures have done as a result of that rain. leonardsville down to 78 degrees, 80 degrees in reading without the rain. hopewell 83. at least at the top of the hour. bethlehem and easton into the
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80s before the rain has hit. but it's just kind of isolated today because -- much of delaware not seeing it and much of new jersey hasn't and look what happens by 7:30 our future weather computer showing everything breaks up into scattered lighter showers and by 11:00 tonight there isn't a whole lot left. perhaps a few showers at the shore. the remnants of this, but it's tomorrow that things are going to start cranking up, maybe even in the morning hours and many of the computer models are showing that that the showers and thunderstorms are going to be returning tomorrow. look at this. tomorrow afternoon, thunderstorms near the philadelphia area, reading up towards allentown and it continues into tomorrow evening, so look at that heavy cluster. that's coming up in tomorrow evening and get some gusty thunderstorms with that kind of thing along with some real
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downpours. then it starts to move out and dry up as we head towards wednesday. now the clouds may be hanging in there, at least for the beginning of wednesday and i think the generally present is going to be dry out. you can get your own seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen and you don't have to wait for the end of the weather and these are the neighborhoods for more. chestnut hill and maybe peeks of sunshine. yeardley is 83 and easton 83 degrees and, again, a little bit of sunshine that pushes temperatures into the 80s again. haddenfield seeing some thunderstorms during the day and atlantic city in the 70s because of the sea breeze once again and at the shore as people are getting red for the fourth of july weekend things are getting pretty nice. after tomorrow we may have a fair amount of clouds around on wednesday but thursday is looking good and most of friday dry and we may see a
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thunderstorm as a front approaches, and then on saturday we're starting to dry out. what happens after saturday? well, there's friday in philadelphia. saturday at 90. sunday, the front coming through. could stall a little bit, but it looks like we may be drying out just in time for the fourth of july. more on that coming a little bit later. >> all right. glenn, see you soon. this breaking sports news just into nbc 10. flyers great eric lindros is headed to the hockey hall of name. the hall announced lindros' election just moments ago. he was a six-time all-star and the league's mvp in 1995 and becomes the 12th flyer enshrined in the nhl hall of fame, so a big day for him. so help us help the people who are making a difference in our community. nbc 10 and nbc universal giving away grants to local non-profits. we call it 21st century solutions, and the goal is to support organizations that are implementing new and innovative
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programs. the application, you can find it on our website at and the deadline to apply is coming up on august 26th. so two hours into their flight they were told the plane was turning around because of some trouble. >> up next, a scare in the air. a sight no airline passenger ever wants to see. plus, poster problem. at first glance this, may seem harmless, but this artwork brought backlash and an apology from the red cross. the reason why next. and on the market, your chance to own an area home and a little peeves history. a listing sure to attract plenty of attention all because of who once lived here. first a look once again at the closing bell on wall street and another down day across the board.
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check out this amateur video shot from inside a jet that had just made an emergency landing in singapore. the right engine of the plane caught fire seconds after landing early this morning. airline officials say all 222 passengers and 19 crew members safely evacuated. well, the red cross found itself in hot water over a poster about pool safety. >> and now the group is issuing an apology. here's a look at a poster from a hospital in colorado. it's entitled be cool, follow the rules.
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social media users are calling it racist pointing out that most of the white children pictured are labeled cool while the majority of darker skinned children are branded not cool for breaking the rules. the red cross has apologized and taken down the poster. maryland officials say they plan to kill two birds with one stone, literally. they will rid county parks of about 150 pesky canada geese and also feed people in need at the same time. the geese will be rounded up and sent to processing plants, and then the meat will go to area food banks. officials say the birds which will be humanely euthanized and cause unsanity condition in the parks and athletic fields. well, when pop's superstar janet jackson postponed her latest tour under doctor orders she disappointed a lot of fans. >> and left fans looking for cash and they called nbc 10 to help them get their money back. >> they sent me something back saying the show hasn't been
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officially cancelled so at this time they couldn't do anything for me. >> what harry hairston was able to do when she was told her concert cash was not coming back. plus, royal offering. the historic connection to this area home that's now on the market glenn? >> well, tracking some showers this afternoon. i'll show you what you can expect in your neighborhood, plus the whole important holiday weekend forecast next on "nbc 10 news at 4:00." >> coming up tonight at 5:00, they are not just co-workers, they are family. that's why crews at the new comcast tower are on team bundick and how they are showing support for a colleague fighting cancer.
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trade on nbc 10 responds to another success story out of our consumer investigative center. >> viewers reach out after seeing we've got help for those in the same situation they are in and harry hairston is here with their story. >> well, guess what, guys. more fans are holding these. take a look. these are tickets to a postponed janet jackson concert. they are not sure that they will ever get a chance to attend. they live miles apart and in two different states, but they share the same problem, a planned special moment at a janet jackson concert postponed and possibly gone forever. renee roberts said she planned to take her nephew to the concert. >> it was a christmas gift, a surprise christmas gift. >> this is michael. >> and stephanie was looking forward to her first time seeing jackson in concert. >> me and my girlfriend, we were planning, you know, to dress the
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old-fashioned janet way and go in and do our thing. >> reporter: she says she spent $400 on tickets and roberts spent 420. >> i have all this money taken out of my account. what am i supposed to do about my money? >> reporter: roberts and faison say they both got notified that jackson started to plan a family and the concert would be postponed indefinitely so they tried to get refunds. >> they sent me something back saying that the show hadn't been officially cancelled so at this time they couldn't do anything for me. >> reporter: then they saw this. >> i'm a huge janet jackson fan, huge. >> reporter: remember monica? last month we helped her get a refund for her janet jackson tickets. >> i looked on tv and you were there and my sister said call hairy. >> we called the ticket brokers who sold the ladies the seat. days after we got involved the companies gave both of them a full refund. >> i am truly satisfied. >> thank you so much for helping me get my janet jackson ticket money back. >> reporter: all right.
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yeah. folks are holding on to these. typically brokers and venues issue refunds when a concert is cancelled,ing but when events are postponed, refunds are at the discretion of the artist, team, venue or the promoter. now if you're in the same situation reach out to the company you purchased the tickets and if you're still unsuccessful getting your money back and put nbc 10 responds for you. >> that gray area when you hear the word postponed. >> that's the catch for it there. the concert could resume in the next five years, you know. that's a toughy. hey, listen, folks, the combined total of the money that we got back $820 for the two people now that puts our recovery money at 43,899, money recovered for you, our viewers, right here in the delaware valley. >> keep it growing. >> thanks, harry, and if you have a consumer complaint for nbc 10 responds fill out our consumer complaint form at
4:33 pm or kcal as our phone line is back up and running, 668 responds. and coming up responsibility, an electrical explosion set a woman's hedges on fire. she filed a claim for repairs and after weeks of nothing and nothing she reached out to nbc 10. that story tomorrow on "nbc 10 news at 4:00." >> tracking some showers this afternoon. >> yeah. let's check in with first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz who is here now with us with the nbc 10 first alert forecast. glenn? >> yeah, denise. we do have some showers headed towards us. at first glance it looks like a line of organized activity, but if you take a closer look, look at the southern portion down near baltimore, and that's falling apart. how about this stuff headed into chester county. that's weakening, too, it's only
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the part that's up towards the lehigh valley that's really hanging together and even that area appears to be slinking a little bit so the computer model suggesting that this is all going to be weakening does look like it is about to happen but that's not helping anybody in allentown getting poured on. easton getting it as well and holland about to see the heavier rain and richland about to see the heavier rain and douglas as well so it's a very limited area and it knocked the temperature down 75 degrees and lehigh valley in the mid-80s and ahead that have line of showers. 82 degrees in northern and western suburbs, so as we go through the evening hours we're going to be seeing temperatures drop a little bit with more showers on the way. we'll start timing those for tomorrow in just a few minutes. >> okay, glenn. today, hundreds of area kids along with some of philadelphia's finest spent the day at soothe. >> 250 kids and teens involved with the police athletic league
4:35 pm
tlernd about the animals today at the philadelphia zoo as they hung out with officers and volunteers. as you can see, face painting and some free giveaways were a big part of the situation. pico has sponsored the event. >> and vai sikahema received a special crusader award from the department of human services today for his work on wednesday's child and his tireless efforts to find adoptive families for children in foster care. the 17th annual children's crusader awards honors dhs workers and community members who embrace the protection of children and vai is very passionate about that cause. >> well, might cause to you think twice before checking your e-mail from bed tonight. >> that's right. coming up next, dialing in the dark, the new study and what it shows about the seemingly harmless habit of gazing at your gadgets just before bedtime. >> plus, every old is new again. what pepsi is putting back in some of its drinks.
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those stories and more ahead on "nbc 10 news at 4:00." ♪
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longhorn's grilled tastes of summer. our new smoky pepper crusted filet with shrimp. our new grilled hawaiian salmon. and our famous outlaw ribeye. tonight. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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you can't fake steak. pepsi is bringing back aspertame and putting it in a new diet beverage in the u.s. less than a year after pulling it from diet pepsi. the company will put it in a new drink called diet pepsi classic sweetener blend. >> some new research finds owning a pet could help you live longer, especially if you're a woman. the study finds having a cat or dog loers the risk of dying from a stroke or other heart disease but for women a pet cat offers the biggest health boost and doctors believe it's linked to the owner's personality more than the animal itself. ah, look at that face. no, you haven't gone blind. just a temporary sensation. that's the finding from doctors about people who cannot see after using their smartphones. the temporary loss only lasts for several minutes and will not cause permanent damage. doctors say it happens when the
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eye tries to adapt to dark conditions. it's america ninja warrior night on nbc. >> and the competition is coming to philadelphia tonight, and our own keith jones got a shot at the show's strenuous obstacle course. look at him go. but there's only some of it we can show you. you'll see it next. whoa. >> all right. there is some rain out there, at least in parts of the area. i'll let you know if your neighborhood can see any and your holiday weekend outlook next on "nbc 10 news at 4:00."
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you know who wants to do well in front of his hometown crowd. >> "american ninja warrior" returns to nbc 10 tonight. this week the competition comes to philadelphia. and our own keith jones took his shot at the "american ninja warrior's" course. >> a look now at how it went. did you recover yet, keith?
4:44 pm
>> oh, yeah, i feel fantastic right now. listen, it was humbling and that's as far as i'm going to go for now. here's a sneak peek at my run through the course. ♪ >> next to leisurely boat rides shaded from the old peco electric plant lies this. i'm awearing that running the courses presents certain risks including without limitation severe bodily injury, harm and/or death. >> the crowd builds and watch your every move. on display i approach the course one step at a time. >> how badly can this go? >> reporter: we'll soon find out. here's the view from my chest. first up the quintuple steps, five platforms over water. i take my time because who wants to lose on the first obstacle? 20 feet later my clothes are still dry. next up the log grip. basically you wrap yourself
4:45 pm
around it grabbing small grips and hold on for dear life. success. only six more obstacles remain, six, which we can't reveal to you just yet. one of them brand new. the station was so confident in how i did. that wasn't a waterproof camera. just kidding, of course. you'll see how well i do tonight at 11:00. that's after the philly "ninja warrior" premiere. i'll say this. i'm not kidding. they actually had to make the course easier after my group went through. that's really not joking around. happen we how i did. regardless i can always say i tried t.denise and jim told me in the break that they were actually going to do it next year, right, guys? >> depends on who you were talking to, keelt. >> i can't hear you. something wrong with my ear piece. well, it's "american ninja warrior" tonight after the u.s. olympic swimming trials and watch more of keith's run through the course tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. my heart was pounding for him.
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i think you did great. >> look at this. the east falls house of iconic actress grace kelly is on the market. the six bedroom 2.5 stories, hmm, how does that work, it's a colonial listed last week at a cool million dollars and a sign posted outside designates the structure as a pennsylvania historical landmark. miss kelly grew up in philadelphia and later left for hollywood where she later became an oscar-winning actress and became the princess of monaco back in 1955 after marrying prince rainier and died in a car crash in monaco in 1982. well, we continue to monitor these showers moving through the area. we're not seeing any lightning strikes here. we're showing you some in lehigh valley. another area that's moving into portions of chester county, for
4:47 pm
example. just north of coatesville now. westchester, this is weakening a little bit as it approaches and potstown getting a little bit of rain, and it will get a little bit heavier there. reading getting a little as well and in allentown things again are proving a little bit. you can see allentown just about to get out of the heavier rain. hereford and marlboro getting into a little bit of heavier rain right now. as far as the future is concerned, it sure looks like this thing breaks up. our future weather computers are certainly showing us that and there could be a couple of showers around, but even though the temperature is going up and the humidity is high, you need more than that to create thunderstorms and it just doesn't look like that is likely to happen. however, overall we're going to be seeing an increase in moisture as we head towards tomorrow so we can even see some showers develop late tonight and into the first thing tomorrow morning. look at this.
4:48 pm
these showers coming up from dover. now we'll go into an extended future cast and you can see some of those showers coming up from delaware, maybe not as much in allentown is what we saw today but the rest of the area has a much greater chance, as you can see. there's tomorrow evening and that could be a line of actual thunderstorms as opposed to the lighter showers that are around right now coming through the area. you can see that coming through during the evening, so that's our best chance of really getting any kind of heavy rain or thunderstorms this week. now the temperature ahead of those showers is pretty high. you saw what happened in the lehigh valley and drops down into the 70s. winchester park now, 86 at penn's port and 87 west mt. airy and 85 at philly international, and we're not talking about any extreme heat for several days now, including the fourth of
4:49 pm
july holiday, as you'll see. summerton, 85 degrees. lansdale 86. we do expect some showers, maybe even a thunderstorm tomorrow in parts of the area. wildwood 79 degrees. wilmington at 81 for the high temperature. and over the next few days tomorrow is the stormy day, as you can see. wednesday and thursday, we really see improvement across the entire area. lehigh valley looks like it's going to be dry. getting a little warmer on thursday and then on wednesday new jersey shore, wednesday and thursday, some pretty good weather conditions. and the ten-day shows after the wednesday and thursday we get some more showers on friday. not an all-day thing. that may just be late and saturday most of the day is dry and hospital we could see a thunderstorm late saturday or into sunday, but it looks like most of the weekend should be dry, and right now fourth of july we're keeping dry as well. >> sharks, they are both
4:50 pm
fascinating and frightening all at the same time. >> and our appreciation for them has grown since the bloody day down on the show 100 years ago. how that day shaped history next on "nbc 10 news at 4:00."
4:51 pm
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sharks, the ocean's most feared predators. what we know about them has grown immensely over the year and one reason for that is an incident that took place a century ago. >> cue the "jaws" music. this summer marks the anniversary when a shark attacked a swimmer back in 1916 and what followed that became
4:54 pm
known as 12 days of terror. ted greenberg shows us how 12 days sparked a century's worth of awareness and appreciation. >> reporter: on beach haven's ingleside avenue beach there are a few who know of the terror that unfolded here a century ago. >> it opened a lot of eyes. >> reporter: friday marks 100 years since the start of a series of shark attacks that rocked the jersey coastline, the first in beach haven took the life of a philadelphia man. over a 12-day period. four people were killed and a fifth injured. >> the shark seemed to have traveled up the coast. >> reporter: new jersey maritime museum has a collection of articles and artifacts from july 1916, the maulings which also happened in spring lake and matawap caught the nation's attention and brought a new level of awareness about sharks in the ocean. >> it caused a panic along the whole jersey shore to the point that the governor, that they had considered fencing in all the swimming areas.
4:55 pm
♪ >> reporter: it's long been believed that the attack spree inspired the book and movie "jaws" though the author has repeatedly denied that. >> not that they are going to eat everybody, but they are there. >> reporter: several events to mark the anniversary are planned in communities along the coast including a shark awareness wine dinner here at this restaurant and tavern in beach haven on july 6th. >> it's an extremely rare occurrence. we're just trying to bring awareness to the fact that sharks are not really out to get human beings. >> reporter: we likely will never know if the attacks were the work of a single shark or more than one, but historians say there's no question that the killing spree ruined tourism at the jersey shore for the rest of that summer. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> have fun in the water. >> scary time for sure. >> "nbc 10 news at 5:00" is next. >> and here's keith jones. next at 5:00, a hero's
4:56 pm
welcome home. [ cheers and applause ] a local police officer showered with applause. he's out of the hospital after just three days so what's next? we'll hear from him and his parents next at 5:00. and we have some showers moving through the area now, but even more activity is expected tomorrow. i'll have the timing with the neighborhood forecast. plus, will her olympic hope finally come true? we'll hear from a south jersey athlete just hours before the swim of her life next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
4:57 pm
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everybody's support means a lot. i appreciate it. >> we love you, chris. [ applause ] >> right now at 5:00, cheers of joy and gratitude in delaware county. a full croft police officer out of the hospital just three days after being shot. tonight his colleagues in the community give him a hero's welcome home. despite his terrifying ordeal christopher dorman said it, it's just part of doing his job and already he's getting ready to go back to work. >> pretty incredible. nbc's 10 deanna durante is there as officer dorman returned to his hometown and you also spoke to the officer's family. >> reporter: yeah, we did. it's a good thing that these
5:00 pm
fire trucks weren't needed a little while ago because the lawn, the area around the base here filled with people and all people who wanted to welcome that officer home and his mother told me she supports his decision to get back to work as soon as possible. >> arriving at fullcroft fire company officer christopher dorman is surrounded by cheering crowds. one little boy saying -- >> we love you. >> like to say thank you for everybody being there and my fellow brothers. everybody that supports me. appreciate it. >> reporter: dorman was shot on words as he sat in the fire hall filled with community members and well wishers and when asked how he's feeling. >> ready to go back to work. >> reporter: and dorman's mother knows her son will be back on the job as soon as he can. >> it's his heart, his life. i don't want them to break his spirit. >> reporter: also has words


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