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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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fire trucks weren't needed a little while ago because the lawn, the area around the base here filled with people and all people who wanted to welcome that officer home and his mother told me she supports his decision to get back to work as soon as possible. >> arriving at fullcroft fire company officer christopher dorman is surrounded by cheering crowds. one little boy saying -- >> we love you. >> like to say thank you for everybody being there and my fellow brothers. everybody that supports me. appreciate it. >> reporter: dorman was shot on words as he sat in the fire hall filled with community members and well wishers and when asked how he's feeling. >> ready to go back to work. >> reporter: and dorman's mother knows her son will be back on the job as soon as he can. >> it's his heart, his life. i don't want them to break his spirit. >> reporter: also has words she
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wants all people to hear. >> to hear my son calling for help like that and i'm just so changeful. i'm thankful to god and i'm thankful to all the people that offered prayers. i'm thank fful that he had that vest on. if he hadn't worn that vest i don't think he'd be here with us today. i want to reinforce to all the officer out there not to go out without your vest on. >> reporter: dorman is trending now on twitter at dorman the delco legend. none that have seems to faze him. >> i don't go on twitter much. >> reporter: now his father says he's not at all surprised by his son's short words and sense of humor in today's news conference and expects him to go back to work with the same dedication that he had. he volunteered at this fire company starting at 16 years
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old. reporting live from folcroft, deanna durante, nbc news. >> follow us on and the nbc 10 app. we posted more from from the hospital and also well wishers from country star kenny chess any. >> taking a live look over philadelphia the showers have yet to arrive. for more on the timing of your neighborhood forecast let's go to chief glenn "hurricane" schwartz. hey, glenn. >> hey, keith. i don't think that this line is going to totally survive through delaware and it's already showing some signs of weakening. we had a good bit of rain up in allentown and the lehigh valley and just in the last ten minutes or so we certainly have seen everything weakening a little bit. you can see this in allentown, and a little bit of heavier rain
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in richland and it's breaking up a little bit. the areas of the hello and the orange. getting another area of at least moderate rain near the pennsylvania turnpike and chester county, and that's generally headed in the general direction of norristown, so you can expect rain in northern and western suburbs of philadelphia where it's 80 degrees now and it's been fairly sunny during the day, but it's not going to be as heavy as it was in the lehigh valley where the temperatures got knocked down to 73. in delaware we're up to 81, philadelphia 85 degrees. now we're expecting the possibility of a couple of showers moving through the philadelphia area during the early evening hours and then later tonight it's just cloudy and it's humid. so we have this one batch coming through right now and then much more coming in during the day tomorrow. the timing on all of that and the fourth of july forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn.
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why wait until the 4th to celebrate the fourth of july. the wawa welcome america festival begins today and nbc 10 philadelphia is giving you exclusive access to all the activities. >> more live from the ben franklin parkway. the happening place this week >> reporter: best place for the concert, a and you can see the truck right there, that's where the stage is going to be on monday and this whole area down here, as far as pretty much our camera and my eyes can see, it's all going to be people down that way. yes, that's monday. all over the city and all week long and right through the weekend there's plenty of great stuff to do. it's one of the first events of the eight-daiwaway welcome events festivities and one of the most patriotic. the rededication of this mural arts flag that went up along columbus boulevard just weeks after 9/11. >> it has faded a little bit so ever since we paint it had it seems to be very well received and people want this image to stay so we're restoring it and shoring it up for another 30 years. >> this event is one of 35
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events tied together over the next eight days in philly. it's all going to culminate with a big fireworks and concert show in the park a week from tonight. they will start at 5:00. why? because the city wants you to come out with your family and get home at a reasonable time. >> this year the fourth of july actually falls on a monday so being considerate for the kids and the family friendly initiative we wanted to start earlier and get the fireworks earlier. >> reporter: it will also save the city overtime money that night so get the tickets right away and if you do get a chance swing by to see the amazing mural. >> i'm a patriot in my heart and feel honored in this city to be able to dedicate this flag on the fourth of july week, the beginning of welcome america, so, yeah, it's an honor. >> all the equipment, all the pieces, all showing up now here on the parkway. the concert monday is free but get tickets if you want a better spot to watch. our app has all the answers you need about tickets and the various events. the kids are off school. trust me when i say we have over 30 events that you'll want to
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take your kids to. check it out. we'll tell you everything we need to know about them. promise you that there's plenty of good reasons on your phone to come in from the city. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> what time do the festivities start on monday? >> reporter: 5:00. >> 5:00. >> okay. >> reporter: the concert. other festivities during the day and the concert and fireworks 5:00. cinco so you get home a little bit earlier. >> that's the number to know, of course, for monday. everything leading up to it though is a different story. tim, thank you so much, man. >> you got it, keith. of course, still have time to enjoy day one of the wawa welcome america festival. free museum day at the benjamin franklin museum and that's open until 7:00 tonight and tonight at 8:30 there's a free screening of "finding nemo," one of your favorite films at franklin square and there's a list eve vents happening from now until july 4th. >> i'm hooked on "finding doly," that's what it is. >> yeah. stocks closed down again. different subject. investors continue to grapple with the fallout of britain's vote to leave the european
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union. the dow jones industrial average, no laughing meat here, the s&p 500, ended at their lost since mid-march. continuation. global selloff we saw friday. we're learning more tonight about a woman killed with a crossbow in northeast philadelphia. 42-year-old pamela night linger was found in the doorway of a neighbor's home on willett's road and had an arrow through her chest and hospital workers gent save her. night linger's husband was taken into custody at the scene and has a history of domestic violence. if you're concerned about the drinking water in horsham montgomery county you may want to attend a meeting at the community center at 7:00. at issue, the health effects of water contamination on or near local military bases. the goal is to achieve the best standard of water quality in the country by the end of the year. and the gas tax in new jersey isn't going up, at least for a
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few more days. today new jersey lawmakers have delayed a vote on a new 23-cent tax on gasoline. that money would go to the transportation trust fund. the measure also includes phasing out estate tax and a cut in retirement income taxes. governor chris christie opposes the legislation. meanwhile, the state's nearly $35 billion budget proposal is one step away from moving to governor chris christie's desk. the state senate voted today on its own version of the spending plan. it now moves to the assembly before it heads to the governor. they work hundreds of feet in the air with no near and now the new comcast innovation center is losing one of their hone. >> we laugh and cry. >> the colleague is fighting cancer but that won't stop him from being a part of this building. how his colleagues bring him to work every day.
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and a pair of rules by the supreme court will affect the safety and health of millions of women. nbc 10 takes a look at the political impact. and our political face-off returns. it's republican versus democrat as we take a look at the big issues in the presidential campaign coming up, brexit, benghazi and hillary clinton's e-mails.
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now to decision 2016. for the first time massachusetts senator elizabeth warren joined hillary clinton to campaign in the battleground state of ohio. senator warren is widely considered a top contender to be clinton's running mate, and she lent her star power to clinton during a rally in cincinnati. the senator teed off on donald trump over his 2007 comments about being excited the housing market was about to crash. >> what kind of a man roots for people to lose their jocks, to lose their homes, to lose their life's savings? i'll tell you what kind of a man, a small, insecure, money grubber who fights for no one but himself. >> leer he's what presumptive republican nominee donald trump will to say about the clinton/warren duo today. quote, crooked hillary is wheeling out one of the least productive senators in the u.s. senate. goofy elizabeth warren who lied on heritage. trump and clinton are going
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after each other now, they still have 133 days left until the election so joining us again to break down the presidential race are political analysts jim schultz for the republicans and mark alderman for the democrats. guys, we know all too well these two disagree on just about everything here, trump and clinton. that the includes a major topic on the world stage right now, the brexit. >> yeah, donald trump was in scotland after the united kingdom voted to leave the european union. he was there to promote his golf courses, and his comments led to more attacks from hillary clinton. let's take a listen. >> look, if the pound goes down, they are going to do more business. when the pound goes down, more people are coming to turnberry frankly. >> bombastic comments in touch length times can actually cause more turbulence and who put the interests of the american people ahead of their personal business interests. >> let's start with you. what did you think of trump's comments? >> well, denise, it was another
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f-minus for donald trump as the world leader. while the rest of the world, jim is was reeling from the brexit vote, trump stood in scotland and bragged about the sprinkling system on his golf course. i admit that the resort looked good on television and i guess he knows how to run a hotel, but he should stick to hotels and stop pretending that he's a serious candidate for president. >> well, if you want to talk about golf, mark there, he's no president in history that's played more golf than president obama and as hillary clinton was making her comments the other day, he happened to be on the golf course in rockville but getting back to the seriousness of what went on with brexit, the folks in england were disappointed and didn't believe that their government was governing them appropriately, and they didn't trust them, just like the american public don't trust elitist populations like hillary clinton. come november you're going to see an outpouring of support for
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donald trump because they don't trust hillary clinton and they want to mix it up in washington and they don't want someone who is going to be the same old same old. >> apples andon, jim. we're not the uk. >> let's move on to the next topic. donald trump has sparked his fair share of controversy, of course, but two issues have really dogged hillary clinton throughout this campaign, one being her e-mails and her handling of the benghazi attack number two so today democrats in congress released a report on benghazi that said that clinton never personally denied any requests for additional protection and she did not delay the military's response during the attack. jim, what are your thoughts on that? >> well, the democrats once again are covering the tracks for hillary clinton's failed management at the department of state, and they said that she didn't personally havefully -- have anything to do with it, but for her to now stand up and say she had nothing to do with it, she was the head of that agency, the chief executive of that agency, mark, and as the chief executive of that agency the buck stops with her.
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it was woefully mismanaged. the democrats admitted that and it's hillary clinton's fault. it will be a disgrace if she doesn't stand up and acknowledge it. >> jim, the republicans' favored technology is the repeat button. you play the benghazi fantasy again and again and again. secretary clinton sat for 11 hours in front of a congressional committee. she was interrogated like she's a terrorist suspect but she treated that committee with the respect that the committee did not show her. she answered every question and she acquitted herself honestly and honorably and hit pause, jim, on benghazi and let's talk about what the voters care about. >> instead of focusing on the four tragic deaths that occurred as a result of her mismanagement, the democrats went and covered her tracks, period. >> we'll let the voters judge, jim. >> let's get to the e-mail controversy. clinton could be interviewed by the fbi in the next few weeks and then just last week reports said she did not turn over
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another key e-mail. mark, is this going to haunt her throughout the campaign? >> well, denise, she is going to hear about her e-mails throughout this campaign. bernie sanders said that no one gave a darn about her e-mails, but donald trump does. trump has said she should be in jail. as always, he has distorted and extreme. she is not going to jail. she is not getting indicted. she is not getting arrested. those are all republican fantasies, but she is darn well going to hear about her e-mails from now until november, even though the american people don't care. >> and she darn well should, mark, because what she did was to put our national security, confidential documents in jeopardy and by doing that she may have violated the espionage act and in fact broken the law, whether she did it because she was lays, because she didn't want to carry two phones or she did it because she's paranoid or because she's just trying to,
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you know, cloud what the american people can see, it doesn't really matter. it shows once again she can't manage an agency. she's distrustful and she's not fit to be president. >> jim, you're a lawyer. where's the evidence? where's the evidence? you're a lawyer. there's no there there. >> well, there are plenty of credible folks that former justice department officials who would disagree with you, mark. >> i have a feeling these conversations can continue, the talk and the controversies will continue to swirl in the 133 days until this election. jim schultz and mark alderman, thanks so much for joining us, guys, that spirited conversation. >> thanks for having us on. for the latest on decision 2016 check out the nbc 10 app. a new poll shows how both candidates are less popular than congress, planned parenthood and the nra. well, we continue to see this band of showers headed towards philadelphia area.
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it also continues to weaken as expected. you can see the strongest part of it that went through allentown, that was a solid area of yellow and orange and heavy rain. it is just totally broken up, and so you've got little pieces that are headed towards warrington and eventually into princeton, but not nearly as heavy as it was. look at this other area of the supposedly heavy rain. it's just breaking up in chester county and that means less and less will be coming into newcastle county as the system gets closer. but, as it went through lehigh valley, really knocked the temperature down. it was well into the 80s and now it's down to 72 and in cookstown. reading 73 and it was 83 an hour ago and hopewell is 79. bethlehem 74 and easton 75 and they were in the mid-80s as well, so you can see the impact of that heavier rain, but it's
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not going to be as he have as it continues moving south and east. this is the future cast. look what happens as we go through the next several hours. it just continues to break up, and so not everybody is going to be seeing any rain. you've got to take the umbrellas just in case you can see that there is something on radar now, but not a whole lot as we go through the evening. now tomorrow it's a different story. the moisture is going to be increasing, and the showers and thunderstorms will be more widespread. maybe even in the morning. you can see tomorrow afternoon we've got showers, maybe thunderstorms scattered around the area. the red indicating some of that heavier rain so at the same time tomorrow as allentown and reading got hit today, you could be getting hit tomorrow, but it's likely to be heavier. may have a greater chance of having lightning and thunder with it. there's 8:00 tomorrow night. that's a pretty impressive line
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of showers and thunderstorms moving through to philadelphia area that is not going to be happening today, and then it continues to move offshore setting us up for some pretty decent weather on wednesday and thursday. tomorrow, yeah, definitely a stormier day and not totally overcast. a little bit of sun will push temperatures into the 80s, summerton 85 and lansdale 48 and allentown 83 degrees, and some of this activity is going to be lightning and thunder. haddenfield at 84 degrees and galloway at 80 and rehoboth beach at 79. over the next five days, well, we see a big difference at the shore compared to philadelphia, but thursday is looking pretty good overall. we could see a shower or a storm on friday, and then saturday we start to see improving weather, but it's not a guarantee for saturday and sunday that it's going to be dry.
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right now i think the best chance of rain over the weekend would be on friday and then again on sunday but not an all-day thing and most of the models do push the moisture out of the area by the fourth of july giving us a pretty nice day then. >> all right, glenn, thank you. we'll turn to break news now in center city philadelphia. sky norse 10 is gathering around what appears to be a manhole. this is a peco site. crews are responding to it for two men who suffered an apparent electric shock. there's a 40-year-old and a 35-year-old, both men, both headed to area hospitals with burns. as soon as we know more about this story, we'll make sure we get it to you. again, this is happening again in center city at peco site, 23rd and market. two men suffering electric shock. we're working to figure out their condition. as soon as we know we'll get back to you. still ahead at 5:00, why a philadelphia police officer lost
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his job over 38 bucks. plus, will her olympic hopes finally come true? we'll hear from a south jersey athlete hours before the swim of her life next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
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they will be here before you know it, the 2016 summer olympic games in rio get under way in just 39 days.
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and for 21-year-old kelsey worrell the road to rio is closer than ever. >> the mt. holly native needs to finish in the top two at tonight's olympic swim trials, and she will fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming an olympian. y. >> kelsey worrell. >> wow. >> in there with a new personal best. >> her team is 56.84 and last night's olympic preliminary heats. it's the second fastest time by an american ever. now when we caught up with her last month, the seniors doing water aerobics at the mt. laurel ymca did not notice that one of america's best swimmers was in their midst and now she is on the verge of an olympic berth. we're profiling worrell for an upcoming special that profiles area athletes called "going for gold." and she told us what kind of an impact being an olympian would have for her. >> i don't know if it's just being there or i think it's the fact that i looked up to so many olympians, and there's something
5:27 pm
like about be about being one of them. that's really special. >> our own jacqueline london will be following her journey and will have more as the olympic games get under way in august. >> jacuzzi putting together awesome stories. first things first. kelsey needs to finish in the top two of the 100-meter butterfly tonight to ensure her olympic spot. you can see her and the other olympic hopefuls tonight on nbc 10. the u.s. olympic swimming trials begin at 8:00 p.m. followed by "american ninja warrior" at 9:00. this was the episode filmed in philadelphia and after, that of course, join us for "nbc 10 news at 11:00." good luck, kelsey. fourth is july is right around the corner, and if you're headed to the shore you'll need to act fast. we'll explain coming up at 5:00. >> plus, two landmark desixes by the u.s. supreme court will hit close to home for millions of women. how the justices ruling will impact abortion rights and
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victims of domestic violence.
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there was celebration and disappointment outside the supreme court. today the justices issued a strong defense of abortion rights, and that was just one ruling that will affect millions of women around the country. >> no question.
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nbc 10's cidney long joins us with the impact and she joins us now with that. >> reporter: that other ruling will uphold laws that keep guns out of the hands of domestic violence abusers even though it's a misdemeanor crime and in new jersey 70% of the domestic violence cases do involve the lighter misdemeanor offenders. >> and we're told approved, denied or pending, period. >> period. >> today's supreme court ruling on keeping guns out of the hands of misdemeanor domestic abusers doesn't change much more gun stores like bob's little sports shot in glassboro. >> of course, we don't want any domestic violence people to have access to anything that can hurt anyone ed. >> but the u.n. held decision will help fall through municipal or cracks on the national database. >> it does happen. we've had some people that went
5:32 pm
through a nasty divorce 10 or 15 years ago and a restraining order was put against the person but was never listed. >> they have lost their chance and they have already committed a crime and already hurt someone. >> reporter: this grandmother and mom agree that the domestic violence and abortion rules are both victories for women. >> and i just feel like taking that option away from someone is taking away their freedom and that's what we stand for. >> reporter: delaware law professor john culane says the supreme court ruling will send a strong message to other states to, quote, stay on the sidelines and not try to pass radical laws and he noted one of the judges cited the case of the abortion doctor kermit gosnell but even that case didn't sway what he believed was a smokescreen to ban abortions. late this afternoon one
5:33 pm
pennsylvania senator applauded the supreme court's decision on abortion saying there was a portion of the law in texas similar to pennsylvania's and it was forcing clinics to close. he does plan to rewrite that legislation and be able to expand reproductive health services for women so that the law is complaint with the u.s. constitution. we're live in gloucester township, cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> this was the last day of the supreme court's term and the justices face several controversial issues. on gull control the court decided it would not hear a challenge to connecticut's assault weapons ban. that means the law will stay in place. now the court also upheld the affirmative action program at the university of texas. but on immigration, the justices ended in a tie vote. that will stop the white house's plan to protect millions of immigrants from deportation. let's turn now to your first alert weather. nbc 10 is tracking rain. look at all that green there. we've been watching the first alert radar as the showers move in from the north and also the
5:34 pm
west. >> and that rain could stick around through the morning. let's get an update on your neighborhood forecast from chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn? >> the rain is on the doorstep in philadelphia and it has weakened generally south of the lehigh valley, and as you can see here for the philadelphia down to wilmington area it really has just about fallen apart. there's not much left to get to wilmington and up to philadelphia. it should get at least some light rain out of this, but south of wilmington there's even less of a chance of getting anything signature out of it. did have signature rain in the lehigh valley and allentown and even this area has weakened quite a bit within the last hour or so. allentown just about out of the significant rain, but we're getting it into bucks county right now, and it's a fairly seddy rain but not nearly as
5:35 pm
heavy as it was when it came through the allentown area and the future cast as we go through the next couple of hours really shows it continuing to weaken and so there may not be a whole lot left by the time it gets to southern delaware and south jersey, but there's more rain on the way as we head into tomorrow. temperature really got knocked down in the lehigh valley. 73 degrees where it was at least ten degrees warmer before the rain hit. 85 in philadelphia because the rain hasn't reached there yet but as, of course, the rain does come in it will knock the temperature down a bit. we'll be talking more about the next threats of rain, especially tomorrow and if that's going to go into the holiday weekend in a few minutes. right now at 5:30, a worker at a car wash is killed when he's hit by two weeks. sky force 10 was over the krewsin klean car wash just before noon. the 22-year-old worker was
5:36 pm
drying the windows on an suv when the vehicle somehow struck him and the car leaving the car wash struck him again. a philadelphia police officer is under arrest charged with stealing money from a contractor. officer michael winkler was arrested by bristol township police in bucks county. investigators say winkler hired two contractors to do work at one of his properties and lure them there on may 5 by promising them additional money but instead winkler demanded one of them give him all the money in his pockets and winkler took about 38 bucks. he's been suspended from the force with the intend to dismiss. depending on what day you're out on the vine street expressway it can be a night wear. connects to the i-95 to the schuylkill expressway and it's created a negative effect for flaunds around it. the city will help re-establish a connection and they will work with design experts and penndot to possibly redesign that road.
5:37 pm
meanwhile in harrisburg, pennsylvania house republicans have put together their own state budgets. it would partially paid for by higher taxes on tobacco products. the $31.5 billion proposal also includes revenue from legislation that allows online casino style gambling in the state. it's not clear if governor tom wolf, top democrats or senate republicans will support the plan. the new fiscal year begins midnight thursday. that's just three days and six hours away. applications are available right now for atlantic city's summer youth employment program. there are 60 spots available. students can pick them between now and friday. they are available -- they are available at the city's health and human services office in city hall. now students must be between the ages of 14 and 17th and be a resident of atlantic city to qualify. they will be selected through a lottery system. and decision 2016, hillary clinton's campaign will open a
5:38 pm
new democratic party office on main street in doiltstown bucks county. the office will sever as a hub for organizing clinton campaign events in the area. those doors open at 6:30 tonight. and her rival donald trump plans to campaign tomorrow in western pennsylvania. trump will give a speech on the trade at company headquarters just outside pittsburgh. a national group determined to have the democrats control the u.s. senate is focusing on pennsylvania's katie mcguinty. a national super pac pledged $9 million in tv ads to help mcguinty beat republican incumbent mat toomey. the ads will run from september through november 8's election. some see toomey as one of the most vulnerable republicans up for election this year. the cost of the race is on track to exceed $50 million. sky force 10 over breaking news happening in north philadelphia. that's where we find crews on the scene of this water main
5:39 pm
break. this is happening at 11th and york streets, and as you can see water is flowing very fast out into the streets. we're working to find out what kind of impact, if it's impacting water service to the homes and business nez this area, but this is happening in north philadelphia. and some say it was long overdue. we'll hear from the flyers great who is now headed to the hall of fame.
5:40 pm
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mrs. wagner's car to arrive for the airport,
5:41 pm
she can use fios to download the movie "up in the air" to watch while she's... up in the air. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and downloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. flyers great eric lindros is headed to the hockey hall of fame. the hall announced lindros' election late this afternoon. he's a six-time all-star with the league's mvp in 1995. >> comcast sportsnet's john clark is here now with the exciting details. >> reporter: yeah, really, eric lindros was arguably the most dominating pro athlete in philly for most of the 1990s.
5:42 pm
he changed the game of hockey and now he's a being hoe hall of famer. eric played eight years for the flyers and led them to the stanley cup finals in 1997. he was mvp and, of course, his career was cut short by concussions and, of course, it was one of the ugliest feuds with erik and flyers management. it involved flyers legend bob clark and the flyers but i talked to eric lindros on the phone and i asked them about what it was like to play here in philly. >> the nance in philadelphia are very passionate, extremely passionate and they know their hockey. it's not your typical american city when it comes to -- when it comes to hockey and as far as sports go in that town sports are it. it's a wonderful place to -- to play pro sports. >> it's clearly one of the most dominant players in the league at the time and probably one of the most dominant ever for that period of time. he was a terrific player. >> yeah, he was, and it's a hall of fame year for philly. eric lindros and allen iverson
5:43 pm
both getting their call to the hall this year. . a i. is going to be inducted in september and eric in november. we're going to hear more from eric lindros at 6:00. i'm john clark. see you then. >> looking forward to that, john. thanks. still ahead at 5:00, getting your hands on a piece of history. the new house on the market with a royal connection.
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i. we're now just less than a week away from fourth of july weekend, and many people are already at the jersey shore. >> if you want to celebrate the fourth at the beach the big question is there a room still available to do that? nbc 10 jersey bureau reporter
5:46 pm
live with what he's found out. hey, ted. >> reporter: keith and denise, lots of nokes out here on the boardwalk this evening. you know, kids are now out of school and the crowds are bigger here at the jersey shore as the summer season really shifts into high gear, a really beautiful day at the beach here for all of the people who are getting a jump start on the big fourth of july weekend. ocean city business leaders say they are expecting full occupancy at local hotels and motels for the holiday weekend and tell us book its here were also strong for the past couple of weekends. tourism officials tell us right now in cape may okay pansy is about 95% but they expect there to be no vacancy this weekend. the folks we talked with say the jersey shore is the place to be for the fourth. one family told us they stay for two straight weeks. >> we've been coming here for 20 years. it's a family tradition. we've been coming now and we stay at the forum for a week and
5:47 pm
rent a house next week. the fourth of july here is awesome. >> lots of fireworks and lots of beach and lots of boardwalk. >> no school. it's just fun, and -- and i like the boardwalk. it's one of my most favorite parts. >> cape may county tourism officials tell us although bookings are strong in wildwood there is still some avail ability left for the holiday weekend, but, guys, would i guess that those rooms are going to be selling out in the next few days as we get closer to the big fourth of july weekend. live in ocean city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> great day to be down there on the shore. >> book the hotels and get down to the shore if you can. ted, thanks so much. >> and if you can't make it to the shore we've got you covered here in philadelphia. nbc 10 and telemundo 52 are proud partners of this year's wawa welcome america festival. the festivities got under way today and lasts for eight straight days so check it out o.
5:48 pm
for a full list of events check them out as they are controlling on the bottom of the screen. was that a nice live shot from the shore or what. it's not like that everywhere in the area. as you can see on the live radar, we still have rain in southeastern pennsylvania though it's clearing up for the allentown area and the poconos and parts of lancaster county. we're still not getting much down around the wilmington area. remember, an hour or so ago, fairly heavy in allentown and now the remnants of this are coming down into philadelphia and the northern suburbs. not nearly as heavy but it's just now getting into the city limits. just about to hit abbington and coming right across the pennsylvania turnpike so, yeah, there is some rain during the afternoon rush in some of these areas coming into haverford now and springfield and edgemont and phoenixville getting some and
5:49 pm
warrington and newtown and buxton getting some rain as well. this area is continuing to weaken and that's the trend as we go through the evening hours so there's going to be less and less rain. probably not going to be enough to help a lot of folks with the lawns that need some more rain but tomorrow is a different story. that's the future cast for the rest of the night. we'll go to the extended future cast and see what happens here during the day tomorrow so we start off with clouds. it's humid and the showers start popping up, even in the morning hours and some of those to be on the heavier said. we could even see thunderstorms in the morning and then as we go through noontime. you'll see at least some scattered showers and storms and just look at that. that's tomorrow afternoon, and then tomorrow evening it gets even heavier. potential line of strong thunderstorms coming through. that would contain gusty winds perhaps and then that clears out as we go into wednesday,
5:50 pm
settingisettin settinging us up for nice weather for a while. wind coming in off the ocean and 74 degrees in atlantic city and look at that ocean. 71 degrees! that is unseasonably warm. wouldn't that be nice if that stayed for the next week for the holiday weekend. university city 85 degrees and malvern 83 and bethlehem 83 degrees as well. atlantic city 80. dover 82. during the day tomorrow we do expect some showers and maybe even some thunderstorms. during the day tomorrow and then wednesday and thursday generally on the dry side. a shower or thunderstorm friday as a front moves through and then hot and humid on saturday, but right now i'm holding off any rain until sunday, perhaps showers or storms and the best chance in southern sections and then the chances are it moves out and gives us a pretty decent day for the fourth of july. wouldn't that be nice?
5:51 pm
>> yes, it would, clean. thank you so much. lester holt joins us now from the nbc studios in new york. >> good evening, lester. what's coming up on "nightly news." >> hi, keith and denise. covering today's major supreme court rules on texas' strict abortion law and its impact across the country. a new and unlikely democratic presidential alliance takes the stage today and provokes donald trump. we'll get into that, and is the answer to stress destroying everything around you? i mean, crashing dishes and computers? we'll tell you about news of an unusual opportunity when we see you back here tonight for "nbc nightly news." now back to you guys. >> can't wait. thanks, lester. see you in just a bit. a special episode tonight on nbc 10's "american ninja warrior." it was filmed in south philadelphia and that is naji richardson from philadelphia. watch and see if he makes it through the course. tonight's philadelphia edition. show airs at a special time starting at 8:00. check out the olympic swimming trials and at 9:00 it's "american ninja warrior"
5:52 pm
followed by "nbc 10 news at 11:00." >> have you ever wondered if you could complete the challenge? i did and i got a chance to test my skills on some of the obstacles. here's some of the video of it. i can tell you it's tough and humbling and this is just one of the obstacles i tried here. you can see more tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. i feel very happen we how i performed and let's see what everyone else at home thinks. >> also tonight, not just co-workers, they are family. >> that's why the crews at the new comcast tower are on team bundick. how they are showing support for a colleague fighting cancer.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
we continue now with a live look at what will soon be the comcast innovation and technology center. it's getting higher and higher and lighter every day. and it's all thanks to the dedication of everyone working on this building. now john bundick should be working on that new tower. >> instead, he's fighting for his life, but his fellow crew members on that building right now won't let him be forgotten. >> reporter: long, grueling, tireless. >> we're bringing it down. >> reporter: work never ends on the comcast innovation and technology center and if you work near the edges it can be dangerous. >> this is as close as you'll come to combat without getting shot at. >> reporter: this is richard
5:56 pm
flanked by a crew he calls family. imperative they stay positive. you think you've got a case of the mondays. we're about 700 feet in the air above philly, and these guys, they are just hanging out. >> but these days in addition to the heights, the hurdles and hazards a comrade is hanging on in a battle for his life. this is john bundick. father to twin daughters, husband, son, carpenter, fighter of brain cancer. i can tell you guys all together here, this is more like a family when you guys do this. >> it is, it is. it's dangerous. it's hard. we laugh. we cry. we bleed, yeah. absolutely, and he's part of it. >> reporter: that's why they are on team bundick and they wear these orange shirts and on the front crush cancer and on the back we love you, man. >> we talk to him and his life and send prayers to him and his family. >> reporter: mark shared this picture with us and says bundick is and amazing man to work for. >> knows when to be serious and
5:57 pm
when to be a joker and always there for the guys. he's a good man. >> reporter: that's why these men high ato the the comcast innovation and technology center are praying together and are one big family. >> hopefully he sees this and it lifts his spirit and some miracle happens thatty he's back out here with us again. it could happen. >> and that group of men, the women there are incredible. we've been covering every facet of the phase of the comcast innovation and technology center. we've got some really great pieces coming up. >> something to look forward to. "nbc 10 news at 6:00" is next and here's jim. >> coming up at 6:00, a hero's homecoming. we are there as a community celebrates a police officer's release from the hospital just days after he was shot seven times. his accused shooter is behind bars tonight, but the nbc 10 investigators have determined that he shouldn't have been a free man when that shooting
5:58 pm
happened. what they uncovered. glenn?
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, an officer shot seven times is home from the hospital at this hour. while his accused shooter is back behind bars. but the nbc 10 investigators learned he should not have been
6:00 pm
a free man on friday when officer christopher dorman was shot. we'll have more on our investigation coming up in just a minute, but first nbc 10's keith jones is here now with more on the officer's extraordinary day. keith? >> reporter: officer dorman, the hero of delaware county came home from the hospital and few wouldn't even guess the 25-year-old officer would make such a quick recovery. today he was greeted by friends, fellow officers and, of course, his family. age escort of squad cars followed dorman from the hospital to the folcroft fire department where he's volunteered since he was 16 years old. he and his parents were overwhelmed by the crowds of people cheering and waving flags. he's not talking about the shooting, but he's talking about getting back on the job as soon as he can. >> i would like to say thank you for everybody for bei


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