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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  June 28, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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rung. >> you're watching nbc 10 news. "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 news starts now. right now on "nbc 10 news today," water and debris come pouring down from the ceiling of a philadelphia boarding house after the roof caved in. millions of dollars, that's how much the philadelphia school district will pay up after its former superintendent was found guilty of discrimination. and we are tracking showers and storms throughout the area. by we we mean -- >> bill henley. >> there you go. that may be coming in this afternoon and this evening. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> bill is tracking showers. he'll give you the timing. he's in the first alert weather center. bill? >> most of the areas looking at clouds and a few showers, light showers farther north and west into the lehigh valley.
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allentown is get something rain. look at the downpours moving across delaware bay into cumberland, cape may county seeing some of the heavier rain right now. it is going to be starting things off. 72 degrees in delaware and the lehigh valley. new jersey with the rain is at 70 degrees and philadelphia, low 70s while it's dropped into the upper 60s in the suburbs this morning. temperatures will be warming into the 80s. mostly cloudy skies and 71 degrees to start with, upper 70s at 10:00. this afternoon, we'll see showers and thunderstorms return. the potential for strong storms in the lehigh valley and the suburbs. at the shore, won't find 80s today with a rainy day for the coastal communities. high temperatures near 80 degrees this afternoon. i'll take you through the futurecast to show you when the storms will most likely develop.
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first, let's take a look at the roads this morning. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> this is the schuylkill expressway around montgomery drive. no problems or delays in either direction. we have a 12-minute drive time, eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway, average speeds are into the 60s. no problems east or westbound on the schuylkill right now. we are watching construction over in delaware on 495 headed northbound, the on and off ramps are close around exit 4. that will be there until the 30th. watching 95 through delaware, no big problems here. the drive times are still okay. we're ten minutes north and southbound from ç295 to 495. check in with that vine street expressway construction, make sure that's all cleared up when i'm become in the next ten. tracy? >> the red cross is helping people living at a boarding house that partially collapsed. nbc 10 was in the tioga section of philadelphia where the roof of a building caved in around 1:00 this morning. rain water seeped through the ceiling. the manager told us four adults
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and a child live at the boarding house. no one was hurt. a bar owner was approached, police tell us the robber took money and ran off. zrim nation by a former philadelphia school superintendent will cost the district more than $2 million. yesterday, a federal jury decide the the late arlene ackerman unfairly steered a no-bid contract from a berks county company to a minority owned firm. that firm sued over a contract involving surveillance cameras. she died in 2013. three years earlier said she was sick of giving the district's work to contractors who did not look like her. a folcroft police officer shot seven times is recovering
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at home this morning. squad cars from across delaware county followed officer christopher dorman from the hospital to folcroft fire company yesterday. the 25-year-old has volunteered there since he was a teenager. he's not talking specifically about the shooting but he says he's grateful for all the support he's received. >> i'd like to say thank you to everybody for being there for me and my family and my brothers who have gone through this. everybody's support means a lot. i appreciate it. >> he has several surgeries ahead of him but says he can't wait to get back to work. consumer advocate erin brockovich is holding a community meeting in horsham to talk about the next step for neighbors impacted by tainted drinking water. the meeting is at 6:00 at upper moreland high school. brockovich will participate via video conference. council members last night decided to put filtration systems into some of the township's public wells and buy water from north wales. the council wants the navy to pay for it. neighbors at the meeting praised the move but say they're still not comfortable drinking their own water. >> drinking bottled water out of an abundance of caution. i'd rather be safe than sorry.
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>> horsham township had to shut down 5 of its 15 public wells because of contamination from the former willow grove naval air station. improvements will be happening by the end of the year. mayor don guardian and city council members will hold a public meeting at city hall at 6:00. they're expected to have an update before the state steps in. governor christie and the legislature gave atlantic city until midfall to shore things up. so far, the city has said it will drum up cash by selling off property and raising fees for permits. casino workers could go on strike this friday five of the city's eight gaming houses would be affected by a walkout. the workers want compensation by past give-backs. they say it would hurt union worksers and casinos.
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welcome today to the wawa welcome america festival. >> here's what you can do on day two. museum without walls will be free to anyone. access itç by phone, mobile ap on on the web. also take in an advanced screening of the ledge end of tarzan, that's tonight at 7:30 at the pearlman theater at the kimmel center. see a screening of the good dinosaur at xfinity live. that's this evening at 5:00. the franklin institute gave us a look at the science behind those pixar characters. interactive exhibits showed how the characters are molded and prepared for filming. this is part of the festival's go forth and learn activities. it was philly at the movies with a screen of pixar's "finding nemo." even rain couldn't spoil the fun. for a complete calendar of wawa welcome america events including monday's concert at 5:00 -- >> what time? >> 5:00.
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nbc 10 is the official media sponsor of the media festival. >> at 5:00. new this morning, bringing neighbors together through technology and good old-fashioned hard work. one philadelphia neighborhood is using gardening as a way to gather and create a sense of community. neighbors say this whole thing started because of an app. tell us more about that. >> we're at the brewerytown garden, 27th and masters streets. this is my plot right here. i have tomatoes, corn. i have peas. cantaloupe. >> between the concrete and brick of the inner city, you'll find a spot that almost seems out of place. >> for so very long this neighborhood was a food desert. we didn't have a place to get fresh food and produce.
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>> reporter: blair shawl noticed what was opening. through an app called next door, others at the brewerytown garden were soon asking him to join. >> we met at a church right around the corner for about seven months. every month, just seven of us, then it grew to ten of us, then it grew to 1 and so on and so on. >> reporter: so did the garden. now more than 50 families are growing their own food, some are even selling it. >> i'm from the bronx. i had no idea. concrete to me was where trees came from. >> reporter: kevin valentine is growing his own kale, admittedly a work in progress. >> i find out because i'm new to this you have to weed this stuff every day. >> reporter: with hard work comes results. >> when people find commonality, we can do amazing things. >> how do you get so fired up about fruits and vegetables? >> it's really -- for me it started you don't as tomatoes but it grew to much more than
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that. >> reporter: he's very passionate about it. can you tell? i tell you, the brewerytown garden, folks who are members here, they have a farm stand they do every saturday morning. some of them sell their fruits and vegetables. their hope is to see more neighborhoods take note and do something like this in their own neck of the woods in live in brewerytown, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> getting a cloudy and rainy start this morning. sea isle city is seeing rain, cloudiness over philadelphia. that's a live view from the adventure aquarium. 72 degrees at 5:09. in philadelphia, you'll need your rain gear at times during the day today. let's just take sea isle city, you can see the showers are affecting sea isle city. those showers and heavy downpours will be moving
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offshore. will not be an all-day rainfall. the heaviest rain just to the north of sea isle city and offshore. that area has produced lightning. it stretches into vineland, the heavy rainfall. dry in philadelphia, showers in the lehigh valley. those showers will taper off but later in day, different story. forecast is calling for cloudy skies in philadelphia. a chance of some showers during the day. 79 degrees at lunch time. the suburbs will see cloudy skies. a chance of some showers. and then in the lehigh valley, it's late this afternoon, the strong storms could take shape, 81 degrees at 4:00. for delaware, and south jersey, showers and some thunderstorms with high temperatures in the upper 70s at the shore, 80 degrees for delaware and close to 80 degrees in new jersey. back with the ten-day forecast in ten minutes. we'll see you in ten. it's 5:10 this tuesday morning. it already sounds like we've had
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issues out there on the roads. >> let's check the boulevard, find out if that's smooth sailing. jessica boyington has an update. >> the boulevard so far, we're on good terms with it right now, the boulevard around fox street. no big problems or delays in either direction. traffic moving along nicely although a good amount of cars out the door even for this early hour. heading down the shore in galloway township, there's an accident, a vehicle that went off the road because of, off of headed northbound around the atlantic city service area and the right lane is blocked as that's headed northbound on the parkway. we're watching police department activity on lincoln drive around rittenhouse street. there's a closure because of that. this is route 202. ten minutes or 11 minutes at the most, southbound from the schuylkill to route 30. speeds just dropped into the 50s. we're still way up there and moving nicely. charged with homicide after her daughter and two nieces were killed.
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that's what this woman is now facing. find out why prosecutors say a facebook message is the reason they died and how her defense team says it was just an accident. plus, trying to flee the xeern scene of a crime byfullying away? hear what this 21-year-old told police after he was arrested inside a plane. at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants that keep our chickens healthy. and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet.
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we have new information on a north jersey child police say was accidentally shot to death by his older brother.
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a single bullet killed this 4-year-old boy in east orange an saturday. police say his 6-year-old brother founded it a gun in their mother's purse and pulled the trigger. police arrested the mother. she faces child endangerment and weapons charges. we learned a nearby baptist church will pay for the child's funeral. >> they were not members of our church but they are members of our community. we always said we're a community church. we're there to help them in any way we can. >> we've also learned from officials the gun belonged to the mother but she did not have a permit. a 21-year-old man is ground in kansas city after he's accused of trying to take off with an airplane. police say he stole a shuttle van from kansas city international airport an june 17th, drove it to a smaller airport and that's where he was found sitting behind the controls of another jet. former flyers superstar eric
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lindros is headed to the hockey hall of fame. he's one of the nhl's most dominating players in the 1990s. he was the league's mvp in '95. he led the flyers to a stanley cup final in '97. he had a bitter feud with bobby clark, the general manage at the time. his career ended because of concussions. john clark asked lindros what that meant to him. >> when it's all said and done, everyone wanted to win. there were times of friction, but to have bob's voice and sports make so many, i thank them for their help. >> he was clearly one of the most dominant players in the league at the time and probably one of the most dominant ever for that period of uyme. he was a terrific player. >> lindros will be inducted into the hockey hall of fame in toronto in november. we're only 38 days away from the 2016 summer olympic games in rio. this summer, a south jersey
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swimmer will be competing for gold. look at this. >> they are going to go one, two. lane four, she'll punch her ticket and worrell is a first-time olympian. >> he said it right there, punch her ticket. 21-year-old kelsi worrell punched her ticket to rio with that win. worrell is from west hampton township, burlington county. she clocked second fastest time in the world in the 100 meter butterfly. >> it's a dream come true. i am in shock for sure. i was not expecting that. i don't even know what to say. >> you can watch worrell and all the olympic athletes right here on nbc 10. we are your official station for this summer olympics this summer. opening ceremonies are friday, august 5th. if you're not near your tv, catch the action on the nbc 10 app plus keep track of the medal count. >> i can guarantee we'll be watching and following.
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kasey wocas sellcy -- kelsi worrell. >> way less exciting to follow me this morning, i'm sure. we're starting on galloway township on the garden state parkway because there's an accident, a vehicle off the road because of that accident scene. the right lane is blocked on the parkway headed northbound around the atlantic city service area. no big delays because of that. something to watch out for definitely. 422 around trooper road, no big problems or delays here. trooper road eastbound towards the schuylkill expressway not backed up either. we have an eight-minute trip eastbound to the schuylkill. if you typically take the vine street expressway in the morning we're back in business. that construction has cleared completely westbound and eastbound is back open between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. if you take mass transit, everything is pretty much running on time or close to schedule right now. we always know how easy that can change. no problems or amtrak, new jersey transit, d.a.r.t., patco
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or septa is running with no delays. more updates when i'm back in the next ten minutes. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 19 minutes after 5:00. you can see the clouds over the area this morning. a view from south philadelphia, looking past citizens bank park. no ball game. beef already seen showers, some downpours in the area and a chance of showers and thunderstorms, especially later today in south philadelphia. right now, temperatures have dropped into the 70s. it's a warmer start this morning. we'll make it into the low 80s. not a huge warmup this afternoon. 71 in society hill. we are going to see showers to start with at the shore. i'm tracking them across delaware bay and into south jersey, that heavier rainfall is just moving offshore. there's still some downpours in the atlantic city area. showers in central and southern
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delaware, quiet so far in wilmington and philadelphia. it is dry. strong storms may develop later today. there's a possibility of severe weather for lancaster, reading and allentown. we could see gusty winds of 50 miles an hour and small hail. we'll be watching that area closely to see if that indead does come together. right now, clouds and dry for the city. showers north andç west. nothing severe about these. light showers moving through allentown and into upper bucks county right now. there are those heavy downpours in the atlantic city area. those won't last all day but they will linger into this morning. it won't be an all-day rainfall and we won't see storms all day but it will be cloudy. low 80s. storms later on this afternoon and this evening, done by tomorrow and tomorrow starts a warming trend. 86 degrees for wednesday. thursday and friday, even warmer. a chance of a late-day shower on friday and saturday, 90 degrees,
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partly sunny skies. a better chance of wet weather on sunday. 83 the high temperature. just in time for the fourth of july. 88 degrees the high temperature on monday. and another warming trend. this time into the 90s for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. vai? >> thank you, bill. 21 minutes past 5:00 a.m. school sex assault. just ahead in a live report, we'll tell you where local police arrested this former school employee and charged him with assaulting a student multiple times. plus, a landmark ruling from the u.s. supreme court on one of the biggest abortion cases in decades. here how they're decision about a law in texas is impacting regulation right here in pennsylvania.
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5:24. chipotle is introducing a temporary loyalty program trying to get customers back into its stores following a series of food scares. landon dowdy is here with that. good morning. >> hi there, tracy. let's get a quick check of the markets. they will try to claw back some of the losses created by the brexit blues the past two days. europe and asia are in the green after stocks were slammed on monday on uncertainty monday. the dow fell 871 points in the past two session sessions. global markets have lost $3 trillion in value since friday.
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that's the worse loss ever. chipotle is announcing a new rewards program. the three-month promotion will start on friday and it rewards people based on the number of times they visit chipotle each month. more trips translates to more free food and other benefits. >> landon dowdy, thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> a dreary start this morning. the temperatures are running warmer and we've seen showers and thunderstorm activity, too. don't forget your umbrella. look at the rain falling in cape may. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. 71 degrees in cape may, 72 here at nbc 10 at 5:25. the roads, jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. jessie? >> we are watching an accident scene right now. there's actually a trash truck that's on fire. watch for delay on either side of the road. you can actually see several police officers on the scene there as well.
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all lanes not closed. this is, again, route 1. we'll have updates for you, just south of route 213. i'll have more updates when i'm back at 5:30. plus, a supreme court decision will give them a chance to walk out of prison, now we know where they'll be going. we'll show you where juveniles will start rebuilding their lives. also, bridging the divide. the vine street expressway can be a traffic headache, we know that. officials say it cuts off access to jobs, health care and schools. we'll tell you how a new plan could transform philadelphia by redesigning the highway.
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this is nbc 10 news. right now on "nbc 10 news today," school sex assault. a live report on a former school employee now being charged with assaulting a student multiple times. a landmark ruling from the u.s. supreme court on abortions in texas will have implications right here in our area. we'll tell you about the law that the court threw out and what this could mean for pennsylvania. here's a look at the first alert weather radar tracking showers and thunderstorms for today and later tonight, rain moves through overnight. 5:30. good morning. welcome to nbc 10. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. this is where neighborhood
5:30 am
weather is important. >> very. >> there will be severe rain in some, rain in others and no rain in others. >> we're not in forever much sunshine this morning. cloudy skies in philadelphia an wilmington. look at the rain, heavier downpours. we've ban tracking them into cross the delaware bay and into south jersey. these will slowly move through the area. you definitely need your rain gear at south jersey and the shore. inland so far it's quiet. just some clouds over philadelphia. off to the north and west is where we're seeing showers in allentown and the lehigh valley. there's a potential for storms here later today. most of the day it will be mostly cloudy. 72 degrees. a few showers in the lehigh valley. that's easton. you can see the rain coming down there. a dreary start. showers at 8:00 and a chance of


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