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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  June 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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former philadelphia eagles head coach, buddy ryan, has died. he is considered one of the most colorful and controversial coaches in team history. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. he took the town by storm in the 1980s and left behind a coaching legacy that's still talked about today. comcast sports net's ron burke lacks back at coach ryan's life. he's produced a couple of sons that coach in the nfl. here's ron burke. >> reporter: his name was one of endearment, but james david ryan wasn't about making friends. >> i get along with everybody, as long as they do things my way.
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>> reporter: buddy was bold, brash, abrasive. but boy, could he coach. >> you can bet that ryan was saying a few words to grant. now he's talking to his players, trying to fire them up. now listen to the crowd. >> reporter: he'd only been a head coach once, in high school. but in the mid-'80s, after four losing seasons, the eagles needed a new voice and a new attitude. >> what kind of a player is a buddy ryan player? >> oh, i think it's a player that knocks a guy down and laughs at him. >> reporter: with that bravado and a shared dislike for the cowboys, buddy began a fan favorite. >> we like to kick dallas' ass, and we always did. so that was fun. >> i would have said something to buddy, but he wouldn't stand on the field long enough. he put his big fat rear end into the dressing room. >> reporter: buddy was big, not in stature, but in swagger. >> i think the greatest thing happened to the philadelphia eeg is also the hiring of buddy ryan. >> reporter: even his games had
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names. >> a couple of players said they sent somebody after me. >> the porkchop bowl. the body bag game. >> this is an old-fashioned whooping here. >> reporter: and the faog bowl. when it all cleared, he had no playoff victories and he was fired in 1990. he invented the 46 defense, but he will be remembered for more sd schemes.losses, and >> in oklahoma, rex and ryan, better known to you as twin one and twin two. >> we're getting media attention because of our father, not because of the job we're doing, but before too long, they maybe interviewing us because we're rob ryan and that's rex ryan, and just happen to be ryan's sons. >> publicly, i will acknowledge buddy ryan and thank him for saving my life. i appreciate it, coach.
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>> reporter: in the mid-'90s, he retired to his farm in kentucky. and in his stable, one horse stood alone. buddy named it fired for winning. his legacy in philadelphia. >> philadelphia sports fans are never shy, of course, about sharing their opinions and there's no shortage of opinions when it comes to buddy ryan. nbc 10's tim furlong is live in south philadelphia with reaction to buddy ryan's passing. tim, on a personal level, you grew up in the area, so your reaction is as relevant as any of the other fans and any of the people you speak to. >> we're here in front of the lake, only because the vet's no longer here to be here. but buddy ryan was everything to us. he made you love the eagles. he was one of those guys, in his southern draw, he came in and didn't seem like a philly guy, but he was absolutely a philly guy and really captured the spirit of this town and got the spirit behind him. if buddy had coached another
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team, he was one of those guys we would have hated, because he could be nasty and brash, but he was ours and we loved him. he called players by their numbers, not their name. his players made that rap song about them, remember, "buddy's watching you." that was watching you. and the thing i loved more than anything, he hated the dallas cowboys and he wanted to pounded them. he had randle cumming haoupl cue was going to take a knee, then threw a bomb to rub it in his face. >> buddy was the essence of philadelphia. i mane, i'm going to punch you in the face and you can hit me, and i'm going to hit you harder. that's what it's all about. >> exactly. when you came in here, you knew you was going to have to deal with the wrath of his players doing exactly what he had instructed them to do. >> reporter: the fog bowl in 1998, talk about breaking my young heart at the time.
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eagles probably could have won that playoff game against the bears, but they didn't, thank you very much, mother nature. buddy gets a lot of love considering he never won a playoff game, with pretty good teams, including amazing defense with reggie white. coming up, more on the late buddy ryan and why his players really loved him, including in one particular season where he really had their back. for now, we're live at the link, home where the eagles play now. tim furlong, nbc news. >> thank you, tim. that was poignant. here's more on ryan's career. he coached defense for the super bowl champion 1985 bears and created their groundbreaking 4-6 defense. the next year, he took over as head coach of the eagles and he remained in that job through the end of the 1990-'91 season. later, he became head coach of the arizona cardinals. his overall head coaching record was 55 wins, 55 losses, and he had one tie. ryan also leaves behind a living coaching legacy in the nfl, as was mentioned, his twin sons, rex and rob, became coaches themselves.
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rex coached the jets and is now the head coach of the buffalo bills. his brother, rob, is his assistant. rob previously coached for the cowboys and the saints. and gary cobb is a former eagle who played under buddy ryan, and he's now a sports talk radio host here in philadelphia. gee, thank you very much for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> give us a favorite memory of buddy ryan. >> well, you know, when he first came in, man, he was hard on us. and guys were leaving at night. i mean, veteran players, because he was so hard on us. but that was part of that army background. he believed you break all the guys down, that way you get them to be close to each other and confident and, you know, and committed to each other. and that's what he did. he broke us down that first camp, man. guys were saying, i don't know if i'm going to play football anymore. >> great guys. >> great guys! great players, yeah. >> you were part of a team that buddy inherited from marion campbell. you were traded here in 1985, the year before he came here, if i remember. so, you talk about him being hard. was he hard on you, because you
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weren't one of his guys, or did you become one of his guys? >> you had to become one of his guys. i became one of his guys. once you prove that you can stand up to what he sk asked and you're a hard player and put in the effort, then he loved you. and people don't see that side. because then, he would say things and you realize how caring he was about, like, he called the house one time and my wife answered the phone and she set off some alarms. he kept apologizing for that for like 30 years. he keeps -- coach, it's okay. it's okay. but, you know, he cared about your family, and you saw that behind, and that's where people didn't see. that's why the guys love buddy ryan, because once you prove that you'll go out there and fight for him, he will fight for you. >> i also have a different perspective, because i played against buddy's team and my head coach with the cardinals was gene stallings and buddy had horses and he sent a horse to gene stallings' son because he had down syndrome. >> isn't that something? >> it was quite amazing.
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it's a side of buddy we really didn't see. what's his legacy? >> i think his aggressive defense. he was ahead of the league for about three years. he was the reason the bears won the super bowl. they were ahead of the whole league. in fact, i was down in dallas, that's where i finisheded up, and i talked to tom landry and was explaining to him the '46 defense. he said, that's all a bunch of confusion. >> don't like each other. >> no. but i explained to him, coach, every time you pick up one of his blitzers, the other guy's going to go. he's going to send more guys than you can pick up. and he said, that guy's smarter than i thought he was. i said, believe me, he's got a design to his defense and he's the head of the league. that's why everyone still talks about the '85 bears. >> gary cobb, thank you for coming in and talking to us. nbc 10 will have continuing coverage on the death of former head coach buddy ryan throughout the day. you can also get more information and see a gallery of photo ossen the nbc 10 app and on
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heavy rain came down early this morning in atlantic city. this is what it looked like in margate, just before dawn. we're tracking showers and a threat for severe weather later today, which is why we've issued a first alert for the this afternoon and this evening. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here now with the forecast and the first alert forecast. bill? >> yeah, we saw those early morning storms. they're now offshore. now we'll be watching the skies for this afternoon. in the suburbs, the lehigh valley, berks county. anywhere after 3:00 to 10:00 tonight, this was when we'll see some strong storms, possibly severe thunderstorms take shape. a potential for damaging winds, small hail, and heavy downpours, localized flooding is a possibility. but right now, it's pretty quiet. just clouds, for trenton, philadelphia, and wilmington. the showers that start things off this morning, the downpours and thunderstorms, we've tracked them across delaware bay and through cape may and atlantic
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counties, even cumberland county saw some of that. but that's now offshore. but this afternoon, as the temperatures warm up, a cold front will be approaching the area, and that will touch off showers and thunderstorms, especially as we head into the evening hours. won't be an all-day rainfall, obviously, just clouds and no showers right now. but the chance of showers will continue into the evening hours. high temperatures in the 80s for philadelphia. the suburbs, the lehigh valley. a first alert has been issued for these locations, for the strong thunderstorms later today and into this evening. in delaware, south jersey, and the shore, still a possibility of showers, atlantic city, 75 degrees this afternoon. low 80s in interior new jersey, and into the low 80s for newark, delaware. we'll go through the forecast hour by hour, the futurecast to show you when those storms are most likely to pop up. that's when i'm back later this half hour. vai? >> time for a late-morning check of the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. >> we are watching the vine street expressway moving through
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center city right now. we are seeing some pretty big delays, because we have an accident headed eastbound. right around broad street. but a few minutes ago, this accident scene was blocking off all lanes. all traffic was to a stop. big delays behind that. now it's pushed over into the right-hand shoulder. we're seeing those delays and delays on the westbound side, as well. problems getting to the schuylkill and to 95 right now on the vine street expressway. also watching out in horsham for an accident, west road and north bethlehem pike. still a downed street on mlk drive. headed southbound around sweet breyer drive, the right lane is closed there. and dennis township over in new jersey, there's an accident on route 47 headed northbound between route 83 and petersburg road. and last but not least, 45-minute delays at the philadelphia international airport due to weather. so you want to check before you go. vai? >> jessica, thank you. and a higher gas tax in new jersey is closer to reality and could ask your holiday weekend plans. overnight, the state assembly passed a bill to raise the gas
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tax by 23 cents a gallon. the extra money would go to the transportation trust fund for road and bridge projects. the measure also includes cutting the state sales tax from 7 to 6%. governor chris christie supports the bill, which now goes to the senate. nbc 10's south jersey reporter cydney long will have a live report with what this could mean for your holiday weekend travels ahead at 11:30. up next, legend lost. this morning, we were the life of the winningest coach in division i college basketball. a look back at the life of pat summitt, who lead the lady vols in record-setting victories and also helped bring home the gold for the u.s. in 1984. plus, placing blame. republicans on the house benghazi committee release a scathing 800-page report on the attacks that killed four americans in 2012. keep the umbrella handy. we've got showers and a chance of thunderstorms today. but there is some sunshine in
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our future, too. the ten-day outlook, when we come right back.
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the house committee investigating the 2012 benghazi tragedy is critical of the u.s. military response in its final report. the committee released that final report this morning and it says the military response was slow, despite clear orders from president obama and then defense secretary leon panetta. the 2012 attacks killed four americans, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. the report does not blame
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hillary clinton for the events that led to their deaths. the basketball world has lost a legendary coach. pat summitt passed away early this morning. summitt was the head coach at the university of tennessee. a look at campus now and the statue that now immortalizes her. fans had been leaving flowers and basketballs at the base of the statue throughout the morning. summitt took over the women's basketball program at tennessee in 1974. and she transformed it into one of the greatest dynasties in all of college athletics. in 38 years, her teams made 38 consecutive ncaa tournament appearances, winning eight of them. summitt is the winningest division i ncaa coach in history. in 2011, she announced she was diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's disease and stepped down the next year. pat summitt was 64. gray skies and a chance of
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strong storms. a first alert weather day for parts of our area. the threat of storms this afternoon and this evening, we see some showers in the philadelphia area and at the shore, but as the day goes on, we'll be watching the suburbs and into the lehigh valley for some strong thunderstorms to take place. that's today. tomorrow, sunshine is back and we'll warming trend for our area. not much warmer right now than it was first thing, thanks to the clouds that are hanging in there. some light showers in philadelphia. 75 degrees at philadelphia international. 74 in parkside. pretty uniform temperatures through the area, thanks to the clod cover, but the temperatures are slowly climbing, ever so slowly. chance of storms will be increasing in philadelphia, as we go into the evening hours. cloudy skies, 81 degrees at 2:00. near 80 at 6:00, and then we'll be watching for those storms later this afternoon. the suburbs could see them fire up during the early evening hours. 79 degrees at 6:00, in the suburbs by 10:00, the temperatures come down and the
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threat of storms will still be with us. and the lehigh valley, a similar situation. cloudy skies at 2:00, dry, and 80 degrees, but look at the storms taking shape for 6:00 this evening and 10:00 tonight. for delaware, chance of some late-evening showers and thunderstorms. mostly cloudy skies through the day, however. new jersey could see a shower or thunderstorm pop up during the afternoon. then, again, a chance of storms later this evening. and at the shore, mostly cloudy skies, the first round of wet weather is out of the picture. we could see some scattered showers in between these hours. but look like it's going to be mostly cloudy. and look at the temperatures, barely moving, only into the middle 70s this afternoon. futurecast, we'll go through it hour by hour. shows at 3:00 this afternoon, showers and potentially thunderstorms. these will be slow-moving storms. so we could wind up with some heavy rainfall accumulating for some localized flooding. doesn't look like it's going to be widespread at this point, but by 6:00 in the evening, this is the line that we'll be tracking
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through the area at the lehigh valley into eastern burkes, upper montgomery, and into bucks counties. and that line will be on the move into philadelphia and south jersey. by tomorrow morning, we could see some residual showers first thing in the morning, and then the skies that are breaking in the lehigh valley and the suburbs will break across the rest of the area for the return of sunshine. but that's tomorrow. we still have to get through today and tonight. 83 degrees this afternoon. showers late this afternoon and this evening. out of here for tomorrow. 86 degrees, the high temperature. here's your warming tr ining tr. 88 on thursday, close to 90 on friday. we'll see some sunshine on friday, but late-day showers and possibly some thunderstorms ton friday. just the chance of that happening. then 90 degrees, this is where the heat peeks, at least to begin with on the ten-day forecast. a bit cooler with some showers early on sunday. high of 83 degrees, but look at the fourth of july. independence day, 88 degrees, the high temperature with
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brilliant sunshine. should be clear in the evening for fireworks, then sunshine returns on tuesday. we've got some hot weather ahead for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. vai? >> we're thrilled with that fourth of july forecast. thank you, bill. up next, crushing the competition. the south jersey native now headed the for rio after this amazing swimming performance last night.
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well, there's plenty of fun today at the wawa welcome
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america festival continues. here's what you can do on day two. museum without walls will be free to anyone. you can access it by phone, by mobile app, or on the web. also, you can take in an advanced screening of "the legend of tarzan," that's tonight at 7:30 at the perelman theater. last night the franklin institute gave us a look at the science behind all of those popular pixar characters. nbc 10 was in franklin square, where interactive exhibits showed how the characters are molded and prepared for filming. it's all part of the festival's go forth and learn activities. afterwards, it was philly at the movies with a screening of pixar's ""finding nemo"," and even the rain couldn't spoil the fun. people pulled out umbrellas and blankets and stayed dry and warm. for a complete calendar of wawa welcome america events including monday's concert at 5:00 p.m. -- remember, it's 5:00, not 8:00 this year, 5:00 p.m. -- tap the
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nbc 10 app. nbc 10 is the official media sponsor of the festival. and we are now only 38 days away from the 2016 summer olympic games in rio. and this summer, a south jersey swimmer will be competing for gold. take a look. >> going to go, one, two. in lane four, is going to punch her ticket and worrell is a first-time olympian. >> 21-year-old kelsi worrell punched her ticket to rio last night with that win. worrell is from west hampton township, burlington county. she clocked the second fastest time in the world in the 100-meter butterfly. >> it's a dream come true, really. i'm in shock, for sure. i was not expecting that. i don't even know what to say. >> get used to it, kelsi, you're an olympian. you can watch worrell and all of the athletes here on nbc 10. opening ceremony are friday, august 5th. and if you're not near your tv,
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you can catch all the action on the nbc 10 app. plus, keep track of the medal count. nbc 10 is your official station for the summer olympics. all the action here on august 5th. well, everyone had an opinion about him, and this morning, our entire region is remembering former philadelphia eagles head coach, buddy ryan. we'll have reaction to the news of ryan's death this morning and thoughts from his former quarterback, randall cunningham. as well as a lot of longtime beatles fans may remember this morning, we'll have that, straight ahead.
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oooh, i think i saw dessert! but you just had a big lunch! it wasn't that big. steve! hey! come back here! steven, stay strong! wh-what's that? want me to eat you? honey, he didn't say that! he did! very quietly. y-you can't hear from back there! don't fight your instincts! with each for 150 calories or less, try our chocolate-y brownies, tangy lemon bars and creamy cheescakes! fiber one. go on, have one. he was bold and brash and
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never afraid to say what was on his mind. and now the philadelphia region is reacting to the death of former eagles coach, buddy ryan. he was 84 areas old. buddy ryan only coached the eagles for a few seasons, but he left a lasting impression. ryan gained national attention as a defensive coordinator of the super bowl champion '85 bears. he then took over as head coach of the eagles from 1986 to 1990. lead the eagles to the playoffs in 1988, '89, and '90, was the team lost all three playoff games and the owner fired him. but ryan told us a few years ago that he still had fond memories of philadelphia and its fans. >> the fans always come in with a sign, autograph signs and everything. we have several hundred people come down. and one guy gave me a ride to the airport, because my shuttle wasn't working. they're really good people. >> after his time in philadelphia, ryan went on to become the head coach of the arizona cardinals. philadelphia sports fans are
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never shy about sharing their opinions and there's no shortage of opinions when it comes to buddy ryan. nbc 10's tim furlong is live for us in south philly with reaction to buddy's passing. tim, he coached here for five years, he hasn't been here for almost 30. didn't win a playoff game, yet he is so revered in this town. >> reporter: vai, i think it was just the time he was here. he came off of a rough time and made promises, we're going to win. and he didn't win, not that much in terms of his record. it wasn't that great, but he said we were going to win, he said we were going to beat dallas, he said all the things you wanted to hear as a fan, and that's why we loved him. he was nasty sometimes, vindictive, but he was ours and that's why we loved him. this guy is one of the most beloved coaches in philly sports history. he never won a playoff game. to be fair, mother nature probably stole the fog bowl from us in chicago in 1988. but we knew a couple of things. we knew buddy would always speak his mind, he hated the cowboys
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as much as we did, and he loved his players. the players went on strike in 1987 and stood with him and never supported the replacement players he was forced to coach. he stood against his own owner against all of this. his fractured relationship with norman braden probably cut his time short here, but his players never stopped working for him. >> he was a firecracker. he got the men to move and gave them incentive. >> player's coaches are like that. they're well liked in the locker room and guys looked up to him and respected him. >> reporter: buddy ryan's story is all over social media right now and sports talk radio. he was a blue-collar guy and he was really loved by the fans. he certainly made it a very interesting time to be an eagles fan as a kid. i'll tell you, i thought he was the coolest guy ever, because he said what was on his mind. he could never work in the atmosphere, the politically correct atmosphere we had today. but at that time, he was just what we needed in this city. he just got us going. live at the link, tim furlong,
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nbc 10 news. >> buddy was one of the most memorable sports characters in philadelphia history and he gave us many memorable quotes. so what was he like to cover? joining us now with the answer is former sports producer here at nbc 10, bill werndel, my friend. thanks for coming in. >> it's a sad day today with the passing of buddy ryan. he was a guy you liked to be around. if a guy couldn't play, he would say, he can't play. he created guys who was beloved in philadelphia. he was not a hearts and flowers guy. and that's what i liked ability buddy ryan. you asked him a question at a press conference, straight forward, to the point, no mincing words. as that gentleman just said, no politically correct. and that's what we liked about buddy ryan. and he -- >> bill? >> yes, sir? >> bill, let me ask you, will we ever see his kind back in this city again?
11:33 am
as politically incorrect as he was? >> no, no. that's -- the sports world has changed so dramatically over the years, vai. everybody's watching their words very carefully. you can't say this, you can't offend this guy, you can't do that. i think this is an era that's long, long gone and it's unfortunate this era is long, long gone. >> bill, i appreciate you coming in and sharing some insight. we appreciate you and look forward to being a guest again on your radio show some time soon. >> vai, one final question about buddy. he used to call he super scout, because i did the nfl draft. and buddy would always exchange barbs with me every once in a while. you like this guy, i don't like this guy. it was just great and tremendous come back to the studio and reliving some memories about buddy ryan. >> all right. good memories of working with you, bill wernld. thank you so much, my friend. take care. one of the players most closely connected with his time in
11:34 am
philadelphia was randall cunningham. in a recent interview, i asked randall about his time in philly and he candidly admitted some of the things he would have done differently. among those, leaving a preseason game at halftime to attend a whitney houston concert. the story illustrates randall's special connection to buddy. take a peek. >> i would never even think about things like that nowadays. i would never -- >> i think buddy allowed us to do that. it was another thing i had to go through. and i had teammates to go through it with me. but it just showed the side of buddy, you know, loving coach and like a father figure who cared about his kids more than anybody would know. so that was the positive thing about being in philadelphia, is that i had a coach who didn't care what everybody else thought. he was more concerned about us as his children. and that was a blessing. >> randall's other job is to coach his daughter, who competes this week at the olympic trials in oregon as a high jumper and she's attempting to qualify for a spot in the olympic games in
11:35 am
rio. i flew out to las vegas for an exclusive story on randall and his daughter that you will see here on nbc 10 on july 9th. ♪ and who could forget "buddy's watching you," the rap video the eagles made in 1988. 11 players recorded the song for charity. nbc 10 will have continuing coverage on the death of former eagles head coach buddy ryan throughout the day. you can also get information on the nbc 10 app and at our website at and breaking news now, an immigration rights group is holding a rally at this moment and it's blocking traffic in center city. we're getting a live picture. this is at 15th and wood streets. and you can see people in the street there. because of the rally, drivers can't get off of broad on the ramp there, on the vine street expressway. if you're headed in that area,
11:36 am
be aware of this situation. police are on the scene to help direct drivers, get them around it. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app for updates on this breaking news. well, there's a chance for severe weather later this afternoon, so we've issued a first alert. rate now, it's a cool and dreary day down at the shore. rain has moved out for now. we're giving you a live look right now from cape may, from our camera atop the marquis de la fayette hotel. meteorologist bill henley now with that forecast. >> vai, nothing more than some light scattered showers in the area right now. we will see more showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. the first round is now completely offshore. and the area we're watching for strong storm development this afternoon and this evening are the suburbs and into the lehi valley. a first alert has been issued for strong storms for the suburbs, the lehigh valley, birch county, after 3:00 to
11:37 am
10:00 this evening. that's when we could see severe thunderstorms take shape with damaging winds, small hail, and heavy downpours. and those downpours could lead to some localized flooding. we'll go through the futurecast, hour by hour. take a look at how much rainfall you can expect when i'm back in just a few minutes. vai? >> all right, thank you, bill. 23 cents more per gallon of gas could be days away from becoming law in new jersey. the state's assembly is working on this. nbc 10's south jersey bureau reporter cydney long is gathering information from drivers in turnersville city. i take it that people are not thrilled about this. >> reporter: hey, vai, you guessed it. not one. not one driver we spoke to out here today is excited about paying anymore money at the pump. in fact, the gas attendants tell me they've been getting an earful out here this morning since the news broke overnight. new jersey is considered the second lowest in the country on gas taxes, so paying the 23 cents more per gallon would make
11:38 am
us the seventh highest. the wawa gets super busy with shore traffic each weekend and the news comes to us just as we approach a big holiday weekend. >> honestly, i didn't watch the fuse. this is my first time even hearing about it and that would be very strenuous on us. >> reporter: mother of four, ashley ward, is not looking forward to the reality that she could soon pay 23 cents per more a gallon for gas. in an overnight deal, the state's assembly approved the measure. it was one governor christie had been dead set against. but with his proposal to offset the tax hike at the pump, he's proposed increasing the state's sales tax by 1% to phase in over two years. the 23 cents more you'll shell out to fill up your tank, though, will go into effect this friday, just in time for the fourth of july holiday travel to the shore. it's all contingent on whether or not the senate will vote to pass it. that vote could happen by thursday. for drivers like ward on a fixed income, she says it will cut
11:39 am
into her budget. she'll have to cut back on kids' extracurricular activities. >> people already are having a hard time now, even, you know, even -- this is like a break for us. you know, so to make it higher, that would be really hard, especially on people for myself, lower income. i do have an suv, but i'm working two jobs just to get by right now. i work at a day care and i work at wawa. >> and this increase in the gas tax would help to restore the state's depleting transportation trust fund, which goes to repair roads here in new jersey. we're also reaching out to aaa, as well as several senators who could vote on the measure as early as thursday to find out if they'll have enough votes and exactly what happens next. we're live in turnersville, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> cydney, thank you. dow chemical is cutting
11:40 am
2,500 jobs worldwide. that's 4% of its workforce. in december, dow and dupont announced a merger. right now there's no word on whether this will impact local jobs. dow chemical is closing silicone manufacturing plants in north carolina and in japan. and happening today, atlantic city residents will get a chance to weigh in on the city's financial recovery plan. mayor don guardian and city council members will hold a public meeting at city hall tonight at 6:00. they're expected to have an update on a plan to fix the city's budget before the state steps in. governor christie and the legislature gave atlantic city until mid-fall to shore things up, but so far, the city says it will drum up cash by selling off property and raising fees for permits. and casino workers in atlantic city could go on strike this friday. five of the city's eight gaming houses would be affected by a walkout. the workers want compensation for past give-backs. observers say picketing would hurt both union workers and the casinos.
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consumer advocate erin brockovich is holding a community meeting tonight in horsham to talk about the next step for neighbors impacted by tainted $u8!ájjt water. that meeting is at 6:00 at up r uppermoupper moreland high school. this meeting comes after a meeting last night. council members decided to put filtration systems into some of the township's public wells and buy water from north wales. the council wants neighbors to pay for it. >> i'm drinking bottled water and it's out of an abundance of caution. i would rather be safe than sorry. >> horsham township had to shut down five of its 15 public wells because of chemical contamination from the former willow grove naval air station. improvements will be made by the end of this year. well, we're celebrating america's birthday all week long right here on nbc 10. and the philly pops are a big
11:42 am
part of the wawa welcome america festival. they had a chance to see the world-renowned ensemble this weekend and catch a fantastic singer that's really making his hometown fans proud. we'll have details, coming up. hoping to catch a glimpse of the sun, but right now clouds over wilmington. more likely to see storms take shape later today. a first alert issued for parts of our area. we'll go through the forecast, hour by hour, just ahead.
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. we're turning to breaking news we showed you a few minutes ago. an immigration rights group is holding a rally right now and it is blocking traffic in center city. we're getting a live picture at 15th and wood streets and it appears police are there. they may be in the process of making arrests. we don't think any have been made yet. it appears they may be doing that. they're clearly encouraging the protesters to move along. it appears that the protesters have formed a human chain, because of the rally, drivers can't get off the broad street ramp on the vine street expressway. we will, of course -- police have just said, "you're under arrest." one of those people in the human chain. this is an immigrant rights group that are protesting in center city.
11:46 am
that woman there, obviously, doesn't want this shot. at least, they're asking our cameras, our photographer to move back, which it appears that they are. but this is causing quite a commotion in center city. we'll keep an eye -- our eye on this. and of course there at nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app, and we'll provide updates on this breaking news. well, we continue our celebration of the wawa welcome america festival this morning and this weekend will certainly be a busy one for the world-renowned philly pops. the pops will be performing four concerts this weekend, and not just in philadelphia. and one guest artist is excited to make his hometown proud. >> what a voice. that is justin hopkins, an east mt. ari native and graduate of
11:47 am
st. joe's prep. you can see this performing during three of the shows this weekend. we're thrilled to welcome justin to nbc 10 this morning and back to his hometown, as well as philly pops president. thank you both for coming back here. and we've known each other for a little bit, because you went to school with one of my son's at st. joe's prep. >> absolutely. >> let me start with you, frank. tell us about the four shows coming up and what's in store. >> it's just tremendous to have this patriotic celebration on the fourth. july 2nd, the philly pops will perform in the evening at wildwood on the beach. a big show. july 3rd, our traditional show, that we always do in front of independence hall, and what's new for us this year is july 4th in the morning, we will have our brass and percussion perform at 10:00 in the morning. leslie odom will also perform with us.
11:48 am
and then at 8:30, the philly pops will be on the parkway from 8:30 to 10:00 and you'll have fireworks. >> let me ask justin. it must feel great for you to be back in your hometown. >> it's absolutely wonderful. there's no crowd like a philadelphia crowd. you know this. so i'm just really proud. i'm excited for my family and friends to be able to see me on my own turf. >> you travel all over the world, tell me during the break that you'll be headed out as soon as it's over. you grew up singing as a young child and you performed with the philadelphia boy's choir. how did that training, justin, prepare you for what you're doing? >> the discipline. i have to talk about that discipline, that you get at such a formative age, and traveling the world, as you said. learning how to prepare music. how to be on stage and how to interact with people, no matter where they're from. and multiple languages. that really shaped me, at a very formative age. >> and i have to ask you about st. joe's prep. those young guys there, they're absolutely proud and i'm sure they're following you, as are
11:49 am
the teachers. >> those are my -- that's my family right there. and they really formed me into the man that i am today. so, i'm a prep guy all the way and i'm excited to perform for those guys, too. >> we show the slide there quickly of you singing with the philadelphia boy's choir. frank, what do you want our boys to know about the philly pops performances this weekend? >> well, july 2nd, and july 3rd and 4th are all different shows. there's been a new piece at the philly pops commission. it will be a gamble and hoff medley, because in philadelphia, the theme is the sounds of philadelphia. so on july 3rd, that evening, we'll be performing a gamble and huff medley. and the july 4th, we'll be performing a sounds of philadelphia medley. >> i was with those guys yesterday, interviewed them yesterday. and one of the things that makes
11:50 am
their music distinctive is the fact that they incorporate into soul music is orchestra music. so it's absolutely mind blowing. but so good to see you. >> great to see you. >> for a complete calendar of wawa welcome america events, tap the nbc 10 app. nbc 10 is the official media sponsor of the festival. frank, thank you for coming back. you're always welcome back here. justin, so are you. keep doing great things. >> now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> heavy downpours first thing this morning at the shore, north wildwood, now just cloudy. people are out and about in kind of dreary conditions. same story for rehoboth beach. we saw some showers to begin with. now the light showers have made their way to philadelphia international. lots of clouds and just some scattered light showers at this time. and the cloudy skies will linger into the late afternoon and evening hours. scattered showers possible during the afternoon, but it's late this afternoon and this evening that we'll be watching for strong storms to take shape. the temperatures are climbing,
11:51 am
in spite of the clouds. look at vineland. 78 degrees. metford, 76 and 74. and robbinsville and pemberton, into the low 80s this afternoon. that heat will be fuel for thunderstorms later today. there is a possibility of showers and thunderstorms in delaware and south jersey. the first round is out of the picture for now. a few sprinkles in the philadelphia area, but it's north and west. this is the greatest threat of seeing severe storms take shape, for the lehigh valley, burks, and into the suburbs. that's this afternoon and into this evening. but futurecast shows it at 3:30 in the afternoon, look at the showers and thunderstorms, just outside of the area, moving into western berks county. at 4:00, some heavy downpours, right through central berks county. and a chance for some scattered showers and maybe even some thunder and lightning for the philadelphia area into new jersey. but as we go into the late afternoon hours, look at the storms for chester into montgomery and bucks counties. those storms will be on the move by 6:00, heading towards the
11:52 am
philadelphia area, and into northern delaware, during the evening hours. very heavy downpours are possible. we could see an inch or more of rain with these storms. along with gusty winds and small hail, this is the area that has the greatest risk of seeing severe storms take shape later today. that's today. come tomorrow, sunshine is back. the clouds are out of here. the showers ending first thing in the morning. we'll see sunshine take over, 86 degrees tomorrow afternoon. it's a warming trend that will last right on into the holiday weekend. thursday, 88. near 90 on friday with a chance of a late-day shower. saturday, hot and humid and 90 degrees. the numbers come down a bit on sunday. early showers, 83 degrees with some sunshine sunday afternoon, clearing the way for a beautiful fourth of july and a warm one, too. difficult this time of year. 88 degrees, the high temperature on the 4th. and it's into the 90s tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. vai? we'll be right back.
11:53 am
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coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, it's ellen with country superstar and "the voice" coach blake shelton and nbc 10 news at 4:00. and this afternoon, an electrical explosion set a woman's hedges on fire. she filed a claim for repairs, but after weeks turned to months, she reached out to nbc 10 responds and that story this afternoon on nbc 10 news at
11:56 am
4:00. and now more on our top story, the philadelphia region is reacting to the death of former eagles coach, buddy ryan. brash and colorful, ryan was the head coach of the philadelphia eagles from 1986 to 1990. led the eagles to the playoffs in '88, '89, and 1990. he was 82 years old. the eagles released a statement about ryan's passing, chairman and ceo, jeffrey lurie says, quote, buddy ryan was arguably one of the greatest defensive masterminds in nfl history and forever left his mark on the eagles organization and the city of philadelphia. nbc 10 will have continuing coverage on the death of former eagles head coach buddy ryan throughout the day. you can also get information and see a gallery of photos on the nbc 10 app and let's check in with bill henley here with another look at the forecast. >> those clouds are going nowhere today. and we saw some showers first thing this morning. they moved through philadelphia at midnight, heavy downpours. this afternoon, we'll see showers take shape once again and this evening, we could see
11:57 am
some severe weather in the area. first alert has been issued. >> thank you, bill. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema, for bill henley and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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