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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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organized into lines like this one is. it continues to head to the southeast, toward the philadelphia area. part of it, though, has pretty much broken up.?< this middle part headed the general direction of pottstown and allentown. now we're looking at the lancaster area and moving to the southeast from that as the strongest portion of this storm. so that would be hitting lancaster right around now. it will take about an hour to get to coatesville. 7:00 at radner. 7:30 in philadelphia if it continues at that present speed. we do have a severe thunderstorm warning in the lancaster area for the line of storms. gusty winds, but a good bit of lightning, maybe even some hail, and a lot of rain. yeah, you could see it toward the southeast. again, if it continues moving in this direction, don't worry. delaware will be affected, too.
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wilmington about 6:50. dover about 8:00 tonight. and the futurecast does show that line holding together as it moves into the area. more coming up later. >> glenn, thank you. let's go to lester holt for a special report on the attack in turkey. we're back with an update in the terror attack at the international airport in istanbul, turkey, tonight. the death toll right now is ten. injuries, at least 60 people injured in what appear to be multiple suicide bombings, late evening there, at this major international air hub, when the attacks took place. we have seen pictures of bloodied and stunned survivors. we have seen people scurrying, and then this video purported to be of the explosion itself. we can tell you the signage appears to be consistent with the lower level of the istanbul airport. we have not independently confirmed this video. but again, it purports to show one of the explosions on the lower level outside the lower
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level of the airport. here's some of the injured being taken away. our richard engel, our chief foreign correspondent, is outside the istanbul airport right now. >> reporter: a lot of check points have been set up. we were trying to get into the airport. we were driving around the perimeter the last hour or so. we've seen police officers with their guns drawn, stops cars, searching cars, several miles away even from the airport itself. a witness told us, a reporter we've been using for many years, that there were three explosions. he was very close to the first one. started to run. then he -- a state police officer had wrestled an attacker to the ground, and then while they were on the ground a short while later the suicide bomber detonated his device. the witness believes the police officer was killed in that attack. more panic, more people started to run. and then sometime after that, he
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heard, didn't see, a third explosion, which he also believes to be a suicide attack. u.s. intelligence officials say this is consistent with the isis profile, multiple attackers, high-profile targets. >> your understanding is all the explosions occurred outside the secure area of the airport? >> reporter: that is our understanding, that they were outside istanbul airport. you check your bags before you go into the airport, and then before you clear customs as you would normally check them. >> no visitors could go in? >> reporter: this would have been a place where there would have been pickups and drop-offs, a lot of taxi lines as people came in and out of the airport. in order to go in, especially if you have a bag, you have to put that bag through an x-ray machine. >> as we've noted, this was late evening in istanbul. obviously you fly into that airport on a regular basis.
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is it busy that time of night? >> reporter: this airport is always busy. it is the hub of the region. the airline brags that it has more destinations than any other airline around the world. you don't need visas to come to turkey from most countries. it is a transit point. people not just coming and going to turkey, but passing through from other countries because they take advantage that this airport goes to so many places all the time. >> you, of course, are based there in istanbul. and you noted earlier that sadly this is not a surprise. >> reporter: unfortunately, it's not a surprise. we had received an intelligence warning several weeks ago that isis had deployed its personnel to turkey. we reported this with you, lester, on "nightly news," and that there was a possibility that isis would try to carry out a high-profile attack during the month of ramadan. and deployed more than 30 militants to the country. >> richard, we will let you get
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back to your reporting. thank you for that. as many as three explosions occurring according to that witness richard noting at the istanbul airport tonight. there you see more security vehicles rolling up on the scene. officially, the latest word we have is 10 dead, as many as 60 injured. the numbers, of course, could change as they get a better handle on the situation and get inside the site of the explosions themselves. we'll have full coverage, including richard's live reporting from the scene when we see you tonight on "nbc nightly news." for now, i'm lester holt, nbc news, new york. >> the same promise from us here at nbc 10. we've been working to cover this story. again, at least 10 killed, at least 60 injured there in istanbul at that major airport hub. you heard richard engel describe what that situation is like. you saw our first live picture there at the scene from nbc news. >> a popular time to be at the airport, happening early evening there at the international hub of the region. so we will keep you posted
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throughout the newscast and make sure to tune in to "nbc nightly news" tonight at 6:30. back here at home. make room in your closet. the king of prussia mall is getting even bigger, if you can imagine that. we've got your first sneak peek inside. >> it's hard to believe this mall could get any bigger, but in less than two months, there will be 50 new stores and restaurants for shoppers to enjoy. >> is your favorite on that list? >> reporte >> it would take you three days to hit every store. >> i never thought it would get bigger. >> reporter: known for years as the court and the plaza, that's going to end. now it's going to be one big mall with more than 50 new places for you to shop and eat. 300,000 square feet. that's more than six football fields. it's set to open in mid-august, bringing familiar names. also many luxury italian brands
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never before available in this section of the country. >> i think totally unnecessary, but nice. >> reporter: necessity isn't what the mall is going for. >> why not. you want to feel like a superstar. >> reporter: tossing away old benches and replacing them with cushy club chairs, where you can recharge your phone, tablet or more. >> we have a concierge's station right at the parking deck. drop the car off for the valet, have your bags sent there. come in the mall, what's on sale at these stores, or i'd like you to make reservations for me at the restaurant. >> reporter: even bag pickup so you don't have to carry your shopping bags into stores. >> that's really nice. that's why i bring kids. >> reporter: now you won't have to. the mall has announced stores with signed leases saying many more are in the works for the grand opening. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. here's a look at the new king of prussia mall by the numbers. when this expansion is complete, it will cover nearly 3 million
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square feet. there will be 450 retail and dining options. and the mall will add 700 new jobs to the 7,000 they already have. he was bold, he was brash, and never afraid to say what was on his mind. it's no surprise that buddy ryan fit right in with fans in philadelphia. >> tonight those fans are remembering the legendary eagles coach. he died this morning at the age of 85. the outspoken oklahoman was only here for a few seasons in the late '80s, but he gave eagles fans some of their most memorable moments. the fog bowl, the bounty bowl, and the body bag game were all on his watch. he never won a play-off game here, but his relationship with his players and his hatred for the dallas cowboys made him a fan favorite. >> pudy was the essence of philadelphia. i'm going to punch you in the face and you can hit me and i'm going to hit you harder. that's what it's all about. >> in 1988, cunningham and his
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teammates made the buddy's music video after buddy supported the players during the 1987 strike. the players became even more loyal to their coach. john clark joins us from comcast sports net. the fans, the players really love this guy. >> he was one of a kind. you'll never see a coach like him again. buddy ryan embodied the attitude of philly. he said a lot of things people in this town and his players wished they could play. one big reason eagles fans loved buddy, he stood up to the dallas cowboys, so-called america's team. he openly said he wanted to kick their butts. he ran up the score on the cowboys one time with the fake kneel-down here. buddy had an us versus the world attitude when it came to his players. he was tough on them but he loved them. here's former eagles receiver, the great mike quick. >> i just think that he connected well with the city of philadelphia.
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you know, hard-working guy. he was more the blue collar guy than almost any coach that coached in the -- in my era of philadelphia. my whole time here. buddy is a blue collar guy that i thought everybody could relate to. that everybody could -- you know, he could be like your uncle, or, you know, that uncle ned that everybody talks about, buddy ryan could be that guy. >> well said. coming up in sports at 6:20, we're going to have the best of buddy. he was quite quotable. and some of his brashest statements. when buddy was fired by the eagles, he named his horse, which he had out in chester county, fired for winning. that's buddy. i'm john clark. back to you. >> john, thank you so much. the player most tied to buddy's success is also quarterback randall cunningham. randall followed in buddy's footsteps and is now a head coach at a high school near his home in nevada. former eagles teammate recently caught up with randall in las
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vegas. cunningham spoke about the special connection that he had with his former head coach. >> showing the side of buddy, a loving coach and a father figure who cared about his kids more than anybody would know. so that was the positive thing about being in philadelphia. i had a coach who didn't care what everybody else thought. he was more concerned about us as his children. and that was a blessing. >> randall won 39 regular season games under buddy ryan and helped lead the eagles to three straight play-off appearances from 1988 to 1990. right now, on, take a walk down memory lane and look back at some of buddy ryan's best moments here in philadelphia. also tonight, they learned a tragic lesson. now they want other parents to hear their story. >> i have to live without my beautiful daughter for the rest of my life. because i didn't want to put holes in my wall or my furniture.
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>> millions of families have this furniture in their home now. the store said they could put children at risk. what the experts say you should do to protect your family. that's coming up at 5:00. what if you were in the middle of a conversation and your phone suddenly went dead. it may not be the battery. see how a new scam is letting thieves take control of your phone number.
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gas could go up 23 cents a gallon in new jersey just in time for the holiday weekend. the senate will vote on the proposal thursday. it comes after assembly lawmakers cut a deal with governor christie to get him on board. drivers we spoke with aren't looking forward to paying more at the pump. >> that will be really hard. especially like myself, lower income. i do have an suv, but i'm working two jobs. >> locally in the area, you know, everybody has to get gas, especially for the holiday weekend. >> the sales tax savings would benefit all new jersey residents. the gas tax would affect local residents and out-of-state motorists who add to the wear and tear of the roads. across the delaware river, philadelphia celebrating america's birthday, and one day just isn't enough. >> no, it isn't. the wawa welcome america festivities began yesterday and will last for eight straight days. lauren joins us from xfinity live in south philadelphia.
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>> lauren, one of those events happening right now behind you. that's where to be right now, huh? >> reporter: it is the spot to be. i'll tell you, this is actually a movie here tonight. i've never been to a movie night like this. this is fun. check this out, we've got face painting over here. they're playing the good dinosaur tonight here on the big screen at xfinity live. you can actually become a dinosaur here if you want to. but i want to show you what to expect, because we like to keep you up to date with wawa welcome america with everything you expect. let me show you what to expect on the big screen tomorrow. it's a moment that makes you cheer for the guy from philly. who made it. and for some people, it's a moment that makes you want to try it yourself. up and down the steps of the art museum. if you haven't tried it, tomorrow may be your day, when you can train like rocky at a free early morning event that's part of wawa welcome america.
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is this a good workout? >> definitely. don't cheat it. you have to do every single step. >> reporter: we talked to these friends before they made their climb. they're visiting from san francisco. >> the first movie i watched was "rocky." >> reporter: he's originally from morocco. on a trip to philly he wanted to see this spot. this is part of the philadelphia experience. >> well, yeah. to me, yeah. >> reporter: so up they went. just like rocky. and when you fall, you get back up. that movie is actually showing tomorrow night at the steps of the art museum. that workout starts a little before 6:30 in the morning. tonight, it is all about the good dinosaur. a lot of kids waiting in line. do you like the good dinosaur? yeah? they like the good dinosaur, yeah. that movie starts here. it is free.
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the popcorn is free. it starts at 6:00. the party's already started. live at xfinity live. >> the screening of the good dinosaur continues until 8:00 tonight. there's more movie viewing at the kimmel center. they'll show the advanced screening of tarzan. for more events throughout the weekend, check the nbc 10 app or the list scrolling at the bottom of your screen. now, your nbc 10 neighborhood weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. we're tracking showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. we have a little bit of sun mixed in with the clouds in philadelphia. the sun gleaming off the water here. but the radar shows that, well, we still have that line of thunderstorms to contend with. it's the southern portion of the line that is still pretty much intact. this northern area, notice the lightning bolts are gone.
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so that has really weakened. so now we're focusing more on this southern area. this one to the north, this may go in a general direction of allentown and the poconos. the farther south area, that's already hitting lancaster. there's a severe thunderstorm warning for them. coatesville would be closer to 6:30. west dts chester, 6:55. again, if it continues to hold together. it should hold together for at least a certain degree through the next couple of hours. here's the futurecast. it will take its good old time. it does not look like it's going to be a solid line. we've got a couple things helping us out here. first of all, the fact that it's only moving at 20 to 25 miles an hour. secondly, the amount of lightning is being reduced. and, well, the slower it moves, you've got more of an issue with heavy rain. it's going to take a while before it gets past us.
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look at this. 9:00, and we still have some of those showers and storms in the area. but at least it's not as well organized. the threat of severe weather will diminish hour by hour as we go through the evening. although the total amount of rain is not necessarily going to disappear. so we have that shower threat for this evening. take the umbrellas with you. but then things are going to be improving. you can see that in the seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen. the temperatures in the 80s over a good bit of the area. in the p.a. suburbs, where some of the showers are going now, you can see the temperatures still right around 80 degrees. west bradford township, 87 in collegeville. so we do have some very warm, and also some very humid air with this system here. for washington, at 83. newtown at 82. bensalem also at 82. once this moves past, we have some nice weather wednesday and
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thursday. then we have another system coming in on friday. so here's the next three days. temperatures at or a little above normal. the humidity is down tomorrow and thursday. way less than what we're seeing today. lehigh valley, partly sunny skies. friday, we get scattered thunderstorms. jersey shore, dry tomorrow and thursday. chance of showers and thunderstorms on friday. and then things will change as we head toward the rest of the weekend. tomorrow, look at these temperatures. pretty nice. chestnut hill, yardley, easton, pretty much everybody's into the 80s, even at the shore we're getting close to that. now, the weekend forecast itself, right now, looking pretty good. now, some of the southern areas, like delaware, the jersey shore, i'm more concerned with watching some clouds that may be lingering here. but at the moment we're still going for generally dry weather.
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jersey shore pretty nice. ocean temperature is 71 degrees. which is good, too. but that's a pretty nice holiday weekend the way it's looking right now. >> glenn, thank you. president obama gave the country a mission, to cure cancer. that includes making sure the poor have access to treatment they need. see how doctors are working together to make that possible. plus, take a look at this scene out of texas. what led up to the fiery pileup, coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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cancer can affect anyone in any community. do some groups have better odds of surviving than others? >> enter president obama's initiative, designed to give minorities, the poor and those in rural communities a better shot at cutting-edge treatment. >> let's bring in rehema ellis who has been working on a two-part series highlighting some of the medical advancements on the cancer front for "nightly news." one is the university of new mexico, where researchers are working on new-age treatments like gene sequences and immunotherapy. how can it actually help with cancer moon shots? >> what they're figuring out, keith, is when they target an
5:26 pm
individual's genes, they can find out how they might be mutating, and therefore, how the cancer is affecting that individual person. they've taken this research into the area of new mexico, particularly around native and americans and hispanics. they found out that they weren't benefiting from the treatment that was helping white children. so now they've personalized the medicine. it's a result of what they've done as a collaboration with researchers, and it won't just benefit children there, but everywhere. that's the real moon shot. >> researchers have found native americans and hispanic children have a nearly zero survival rate compared to white children with leukemia. why such a disparity in the numbers? >> well, in one reason, they say it goes back to the genes. that one size doesn't fit all, if you will. that's what the scientists are learning. so one treatment working for one
5:27 pm
group of children, they found it wasn't working for another group of children. this doctor that you're going to see in our story tonight, she decided to go on a mission, and that mission was to figure out why was that the case. and you're going to hear about why it happens in our story. >> thank you so much for joining us, rehema ellis. watch her special report on the cancer moon shot initiative tonight on "nightly news" with lester holt, 6:30 tonight right here on nbc 10. also tonight, a dramatic demonstration designed to get parents' attention. >> a popular furniture store has recalled millions of its products. what you should do if it's in your home. and how you can get your money back. plus, an elementary schoolteacher busted. what led to his arrest, next, on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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we want to update you on breaking news out of turkey. istanbul's governor confirmed at least 28 people are now dead in those attacks. and another 60 wounded. this is new video here posted to instagram showing the chaos inside the airport. witnesses are reporting three separate blasts outside the airport's international terminal. turkish officials believe this
5:31 pm
is the work of suicide bombers. u.s. counterterrorism officials say the blasts are consistent with an isis style attack. but as of right now, no one is claiming responsibility. as you can imagine, a lot of news still unfolding with this one. we'll keep you updated on this story. now to your first alert weather. nbc 10 is tracking storms as they move into our region. you can see them right now on the first alert radar. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking those storms and when they could arrive in your neighborhood. some of them are already creeping in, right, glenn? >> yes. and some of them are starting to weaken as well, which is good news for most folks. look at the lightning strikes. first, take a look at the northern storm. hardly any left. then the harrisburg storm. tremendous amount earlier. and now that has weakened. we still have a decent amount of lightning down near baltimore. but this northern area, that has
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weakened as well. but let's track it, if it continues to hold together, allentown would be about 5:00 to 7:00. these things aren't moving very fast at all. the southern ones, 6:50 at newark, delaware, 7:05 in wilmington. 7:54 in gloster. when storms do not move real fast, they have less of a chance of damaging winds. but a greater chance of very heavy rain. because they're sitting over the same spot for a longer period of 250i78. here's 7:30, and we're still dealing with these storms. 9:00, the futurecast still showing them from trenton down to, well, just south of philadelphia and wilmington area. it will take a while before it all disappears. at the moment, it's not organized enough to create widespread severe weather. that certainly seems to be a
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very, very low risk. so as we go to philadelphia, by 6:00, we're still dry for the most part. we could see the showers and storms during the evening hours. keep the umbrellas handy. by 6:00 a.m., things are drying out. and that's the case for much of the area. that sets us up for nice weather. we'll see if it lasts through the holiday in a few minutes. a serious safety hazard that could be in your home right now. >> ikea is recalling tens of millions of chests and dressers after children died due to furniture tipovers. >> harry hairston joins us to tell us how you can keep your family safe and get your money back. >> how big of a deal is the recall? >> the government is calling this recall unprecedented, telling "nbc 10 responds" it is the largest furniture related recall in history. >> this is the worst thing that's ever happened in our lives. >> reporter: a 2-year-old, gone too soon.
5:34 pm
he pulled the dresser on top of himself and lost his life in 2014. >> i didn't see him anywhere. i went over and kind of pulled everything apart and i saw the little top of his head trapped between the dresser and the edge of the bed. >> reporter: his death, one of three ikea related furniture deaths in less than three years. his legacy, helping prompt the largest furniture related recall in history. a consumer product safety commission news conference today, an assimilation of what could happen when children climb on furniture that's not anchored. iea now recalling 29 million chests and dressers, most sold under the mom model name. it's pulled from store shelves and strong warnings today. >> it is too dangerous to have the recalled furniture in your home unanchored. >> reporter: families who own the recalled furniture have two
5:35 pm
options. first, return the furniture to any ikea store for a refund. customers can also request free repair kits to anchor the furniture to the wall. something this mother wishes she had done before it was too late. >> i have to live without my beautiful daughter for the rest of my life, because i didn't want to put holes in my wall, or in my furniture. >> reporter: senator bob casey has been at forefront of the issue saying he'll continue to push for legislation to put clear mandatory safety standards in place. we put ways to contact ikea and more resources on our website. >> harry, thank you. right now, an elementary schoolteacher in wilmington is charged with sharing child pornography. during an undercover investigation, 50-year-old william herkens shared several pictures of child porn online. he was a teacher at carecroft
5:36 pm
elementary school. he's held on $1 million bail. the fight over immigration reform spilled into the streets of philadelphia today. this morning, a group of about 40 demonstrators blocked cars from the 676 exit ramp in center city. police started rerouting the cars trapped on the ramp and protesters were removed. the action was in response to last week's supreme court ruling that set a case over the obama administration's immigration reform back to the lower court. >> without passing by the supreme court, we have to escalate again. we have to make sure our voices are heard. the only way people listen to us. >> police say their priority was the safety of the demonstrators, while they worked with saws to remove the pvc pipe and chains linking their arms. meanwhile, pennsylvania governor tom wolf said he's concerned about a budget proposal put together by the house.
5:37 pm
wolf said today he doesn't agree with the plan as it is, but said the senate could fix it. the $31.5 billion spending plan includes more money for schools and tax increases on tobacco products. wolf said the proposal will not balance the deficit. the state's 2016-'17 fiscal year starts friday. after months of warning that money is tight, and even threatening to cut funding, delaware's budget committee just did a 180. members approved almost $46 million in grants. the money would go to nonprofits, community organizations, and also volunteer fire companies. the proposal's $2 million more than what the governor recommended. if you don't have a ticket just yet, there are a few hours left. the mega millions lottery jackpot is up to $390 million. that makes it the fourth largest jackpot in mega millions history. that drawing is tonight. we'll have the numbers for you right here on nbc 10 news at 11:00. a lot of people hoping to
5:38 pm
strike it rich at the casino, but your luck might be running out if you're headed to atlantic city. how a strike could affect your upcoming trip. that's next at 5:00.
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donald trump was in the keystone state today. trump spoke to a crowd at an aluminum plant near bitsburg this afternoon. he blamed harmful trade deals and the loss of manufacturing jobs on former president bill clinton and hillary clinton. trump said the presumptive democratic nominee wants to scare the american people out of voting for a better economy. >> that's the choice we face. we can either give in to hillary clinton's campaign of fear, or we can choose to believe again in america. >> experts say trump is hoping his message on trade and the economy will appeal to the white working class voters that helped
5:41 pm
him win the republican primary. hillary clinton campaigned in denver today. she toured a working space for entrepreneurs and startup. she laid out her plan to make it easier for young people to open new businesses and to further loan payments for three years if they're successful. and poked a little fun at her opponent's slogan. >> saying that you want to make america great again is a code to saying we want to go back to the way it used to be. forget about technology. forget about inclusivity, forgive about giving people an opportunity with a shot at the best possible future. >> hillary clinton will be in los angeles tonight where she'll take part in a town hall discussion with digital content creators. hillary clinton now leads donald trump by eight points. her highest advantage since the general election matchup question was first asked on may 2nd, according to the latest nbc news tracking poll. this week, clinton enjoys 49% support of registered voters to
5:42 pm
trump's 41%. her crime happened on the campus of stanford university. but her words have now struck a chord with people all over the country. philadelphia showing its support for a victim of rape.
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emergency workers are searching for three crew members missing in the wreckage of this train collision in the texas panhandle. these pictures right here show the massive devastation. the trains crashed head-on and sent a huge black cloud of smoke into the sky. it's really unbelievable. come to the tv to see this. not clear how fast the trains were going at the time but the speed limit in that area is 70 miles an hour. a powerful message today from survivors of sexual assault. their friends and several
5:45 pm
philadelphia officials, at city hall today, as the women spoke out against the sexual violence plaguing our communities and our country. one by one, they took turns reading an open letter written by the woman who was raped by a stanford university student. and similar readings were held by congress in the office of the new york city's mayor. rob turner was convicted in the case. he was facing 14 years in prison. instead, the judge sentenced him to six months. the sentence has drawn outrage from around the world. they cook your food, serve you drinks and clean your hotel room. now casino workers in atlantic city could be days from walking off the job. now their union president said a strike is likely. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenburg joins us live with more on how this could affect the fourth of july weekend. what a time, ted. >> reporter: it really is, keith. it likely would have a serious
5:46 pm
impact on the holiday weekend, one of the biggest of the entire year here in atlantic city. if the casinos have contingency plans for a major strike, they're not saying. elaine molloy said she's hoping for a deal. but will walk out friday from her longtime job as a cocktail server at bali's if necessary. >> i'm the person that gives directions and serves your beverage for $8.99 an hour, after 25 1/2 years. >> a strike is likely at possibly one or more properties, yes. >> reporter: as negotiations continue today between unite here local 54, and five atlantic city casinos, signs of the possible walkout became more visible at the union's headquarters. there, union members are receiving strike i.d. cards, and signing up for picket lines. local 54 represents more than 6,000 workers at harrah's, bali's caesar's, tropicana and
5:47 pm
trump taj mahal. >> i probably wouldn't come back again. >> reporter: a union source said there's been some progress in talks, but so far, no deal. the casinos involved either declined comment or did not respond to my calls and e-mails today. the union wants higher pay for workers and to get back benefits it gave up a few years ago when the casinos were in worse financial shape. >> atlantic city has finally turned around. >> reporter: but the publisher of global business magazine said a strike would be a huge setback. >> it will hurt the workers more than anything. if they continue to go down this road, we're going to see another casino or two close. >> we like coming here every year. it could be our last year if they can't get their act together around here. they're lucky they even have us coming now. >> reporter: i'm told negotiations are set to resume tomorrow. by the way, a strike would not
5:48 pm
affect the other three casinos in town. live in atlantic city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we continue to track the thunderstorms through the afternoon. not much lightning left, except when you go pretty far to the south. just outside of our area, down around baltimore, maryland. they're getting smashed. but that's not moving this way. we have this area, and this area around allentown. now, that has pretty much just developed within the last hour. and it's a pretty heavy thunderstorm, just starting to get some lightning with it. so it's right near easton. look at that. and it is the one storm that is
5:49 pm
actually intensifying right here, nazareth. the other part is just east of easton. we'll keep our eye on that particular cell. what's down to the south is, again, really weakened, just east of lancaster. if it holds together, it would be near coatesville about 6:17. newark about 7:00. wilmington, about 7:10. up by hazelton, they're holding together, but they're not as strong as they were. the futurecast shows it's going to take quite a while for these storms to get into the philadelphia and wilmington area. you saw that on the tracking. because they're moving so slowly. 20, 25 miles an hour. you don't get a whole lot of severe weather with storms moving at that speed very often. but the slower they move, the longer time you have for the rain to fall. so you've got more of a threat of some localized flooding. there's not much lightning that's going to be left this evening. but there will be some showers
5:50 pm
that does set us up, though, for some pretty nice weather during the day tomorrow. once this dry air comes in, it's going to be pretty nice. it's in the 80s across most of the area now. 82 at the airport. 84 at fox chase. 83 at summerton. bustleton 84. tomorrow, temperatures already similar, even a little bit higher, because we'll have more sunshine. lower humidity. fairmont, 86. allentown 84. reading 85. fairly consistent temperatures. we're not seeing any of these raindrops. you're not seeing the thunderstorm symbols across the area, so things are looking pretty good. and looking pretty good for the weekend, too. now, it's going to be pretty hot on saturday. but i'm not expecting any kind of humidity like we have today. there's a front coming through. and as long as it stays far enough south, we'll be fine. even at the jersey shore in delaware. these will be the last areas to
5:51 pm
clear out. this is where the greatest uncertainty is for sunday and into the fourth of july itself. temperatures at or above normal. humidity not all that hot for this time of the year. so tomorrow and thursday, looking nice. friday we get the showers. and thunderstorms saturday. we start to clear out. but it gets pretty hot. and speaking of hot, we get into the 90s next week. once we get past the fourth of july here, we start heating up. we could have temperatures getting into the mid-90s next week. >> whew! glenn, thank you. lester holt joins us now from the nbc studios in new york. >> lester, what's coming up on "nightly news"? >> richard engel will be live from the istanbul airport on tonight's deadly terror attack. the latest word we got, 28 dead, and at least 60 people injured. we'll update that when we see you at 6:30. and the attack in benghazi,
5:52 pm
libya, the house committee investigating it. it's finally finished its work and pointing to government failures. and we'll look at why medical exams routinely performed on millions of women will be considered. back to you. >> it certainly is a busy night. lester, we'll see you at 6:30. thank you. a new kind of identity theft scammers taking total control of your cell phone number. >> we had new iphones on our account. i said, i didn't buy any new iphones. >> how they're pulling it off, and what you can do to stop it.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
if you drive a volkswagen, you could be getting a $5,000 check in the mail. compensation for the emissions cheating scandal. the size of the payment will depend on the age of the car. vw agrees to fix the car. or buy it back. listen to this. a lot of people talking about this today. thieves may have a way to steal your identity and it might be sitting right in front of you. it's your cell phone. it actually happened to laurie kraner. she lives in pennsylvania. works for the federal government. she was tipped off when both her phone and her husband's phone suddenly stopped working. turns out someone in ohio used a fake i.d. to use her upgrade and
5:56 pm
buy two new iphones. >> it said that it looked like we had some new iphones on our account. i said, i didn't buy any new iphones. >> they'll use information a lot of times to answer the security questions, that they can find on your facebook account, for example, the name of your pet or the street that you grew up on. >> similar crimes are surfacing across the country. experts say criminals often get the information they need by simply combing the internet and finding names linked to specific phone numbers. so what can you do to prevent this from happening to you? first, be careful about what you post on social media sites. create an extra password or p.i.n. maybe it a requirement before anyone can make changes to your cell phone account. double-check your credit card and cell phone bills each and every month. those are important points right there. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is news. here's jim rosenfield. >> coming up next, on nbc 10 news at 6:00, we are tracking
5:57 pm
the potential for severe weather. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is keeping an eye on the threats to parts of our area. glenn? >> yeah, this is the radar right now. you can see thunderstorms moving our way. i'll tell you what you can expect in your neighborhood, and when. plus the all-important holiday weekend forecast. also just in time for the fourth of july weekend, you could be paying several dollars extra when you fill up at the gas pump. also ahead. >> he put it out there, you know? people loved him for it. >> philadelphia remembering beloved eagles coach buddy ryan, next, on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
breaking news at a busy airport in istanbul, turkey. the death toll is rising at this hour after multiple bombings at the international terminal at the city's main airport, one of the busiest airports in the world. nbc 10's keith jones has been monitoring this breaking story and has an update from the digital operations center. >> jim, we now know that 28 people were killed, another 60 people were wounded. that's according to istanbul's government. they say that three suicide bombers carried out the attack in istanbul's ataturk airport.
6:00 pm
video shows travelers ducking for cover inside. a witness tells nbc news there were three explosions, not two, as was originally reported. there are also conflicting reports how this whole thing unfolded. an official said a terrorist opened fire with a rifle before blowing himself up. we have a live picture right now from inside. you can see the flashing lights of the many different authorities that have shown up outside this airport. a lot of people are out there as well. some of them travelers. u.s. counterterrorism officials say the blasts are consistent with isis style attacks. but as of right now, no one is claiming responsibility. at least that nbc news has confirmed. the faa has put a ground stop in effect for all american aircraft with flights into turkey. the u.s. consulate is trying to determine if there were any americans that were impacted by this attack. when we know those details, we'll make sure we report them to you. reporting live in the digital operations center, keith


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