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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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video shows travelers ducking for cover inside. a witness tells nbc news there were three explosions, not two, as was originally reported. there are also conflicting reports how this whole thing unfolded. an official said a terrorist opened fire with a rifle before blowing himself up. we have a live picture right now from inside. you can see the flashing lights of the many different authorities that have shown up outside this airport. a lot of people are out there as well. some of them travelers. u.s. counterterrorism officials say the blasts are consistent with isis style attacks. but as of right now, no one is claiming responsibility. at least that nbc news has confirmed. the faa has put a ground stop in effect for all american aircraft with flights into turkey. the u.s. consulate is trying to determine if there were any americans that were impacted by this attack. when we know those details, we'll make sure we report them to you. reporting live in the digital operations center, keith jones, nbc 10 news.
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and more coverage of the breaking news in turkey continues on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt, that's ahead at 6:30 right after this broadcast. we have a threat of hail, damaging winds, and flooding. you can see that threat on first alert radar tonight. in several parts of the area, where these storms could hit. soaking rain fell. rainy margate earlier today. the same with more of that out there tonight. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking those storms for us. glenn? >> yeah, jim, some places are already seeing some significant rain. a lot of our area is dry at the moment. we're waiting for these showers and storms to come in. for example, here's chester county. you can see these showers are coming right in. but it's not the heaviest part
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of this line. the heaviest is down by baltimore, and washington. so we're catching a break there with the intensity. we have some more that have regenerated back north of harrisburg. this is still north and west of our area. eventually that could have an effect here. this is the area that i'm a little more concerned about. because it's not moving that much. and as opposed to being severe, this could cause some flooding. right around nazareth, bushkill. look what's happened here, just in the last hour. there really isn't much of motion of this cell. everything else is moving, but this particular cell is not. and you can see here tagmore, cherry hill road getting very heavy rain. the slower this thing moves, the more rain is going to fall. and the greater the threat of
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localized flooding in that area. the only warnings outside of our area now, out toward harrisburg. so as long as these storms continue to move, then we'll be okay. the strongest one, again, farther to the south. if they continue on the present track, 6:48 in wilmington, 7:00 in pennsville, and we'll talk more about what happens once these storms get out and the rest of the holiday forecast in a few minutes. >> our weather team will be tracking these storms for you throughout the night, bringing us updates on the air every 15 minutes. and they'll also send out weather alerts you need to know about on the nbc 10 app. a live look at the ben franklin bridge right now. with the holiday weekend on the horizon, drivers on the bridge could be paying more to fill up in the garden state by the time the fourth gets here. 23 cents a gallon more to be exact. a bill to raise new jersey's gas
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tax is headed to the senate, after clearing the assembly early this morning. so let's say you have a 20-gallon tank. that means you could end up paying an extra $4.60 to fill up in new jersey. and it could happen as soon as friday. the extra money would go to fund road and bridge projects throughout the state. nbc 10's south jersey reporter sydney long is looking into the proposed increase and see what drivers think about it. they're not too happy, right? >> reporter: they're certainly not happy. they consider the 14.5 cents we're paying a tiny perk in a state full of high taxes. and some senators who have yet to vote on this measure, they're calling it a sneaky middle of the night deal. >> it's definitely not anything would be excited about. >> reporter: drivers say shelling out 23 cents more per gallon at the pumps will be costly. >> people already are having a hard time now.
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even, you know, this is like a break for us. you know? to make it higher -- >> reporter: they're not pleased with the overnight deal governor chris christie struck with assembly lawmakers. >> not something i'm too excited about. you know, everybody has to get gas, especially for the holiday weekend. >> reporter: christie proposed a fairness package that would pay a sales tax by 2016. >> compared to other states, and what we pay per mile for road construction, is actually much higher. especially in the northeast. >> reporter: that's precisely why some snap republicans like allen of south jersey and jennifer beck want the public to weigh in. >> we are densely populated. we cannot always shut down our roadways during rush hour, or during high traffic areas in order to repair our roadways.
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>> reporter: out-of-state drivers who add to the wear and tear on new jersey roads will pay extra at the pumps, too, like pennsylvania shoregoer, susan. >> i don't think it will have any effect on whether we come back or not. >> reporter: this gas station in gloucester township, the midway point between the city and shore, will certainly be packed come friday afternoon. diane allen told me by phone a short time agol?e it's complete up in the air whether the senate will rush to vote on the gas hike tax come thursday. she said, right now it's not on the agenda, and senate president sweeney did not return our calls today. sydney long, nbc 10 news. i want to go breaking news from live over philadelphia's bridesberg section. several vehicles have been involved in a crash on 95. this is in the northbound lanes at bridge street.
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and the traffic is backed up in the northbound lanes. this is, again, on i-95 in philadelphia's bridesberg section. no word on any injuries in this accident. but yeah, there's a huge backup there right now. it might continue for a while as crews work to clear that accident scene. players loved him. and so, too, did the city of philadelphia. today, eagles fans are remembering buddy ryan, the legendary birds coach died this morning at the age of 85. buddy ryan was colorful and controversial. he was also far from home-grown, but buddy and philadelphia fit together perfectly. nbc 10's tim furlong looks back at the beloved figure and the fans who will never forget him. >> reporter: randall cunningham and his teammates made a video.
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that's how much they loved playing for this guy. buddy had their back during the 1987 player strike and they had his for the rest of his time in phillys. >> he was the embodiment of what we used to refer to as the 700-level fans. he was, in three words, in your face. >> reporter: he called the classic games to the game in chicago that should have been a play-off win for buddy. all these years later, buddy is a legend here. buddy seemed to hate the other teams as much as we did, especially dallas. >> exactly. when you came in here, you knew you was going to have to deal with the wrath of his players doing exactly what he instructed them to do. >> strategy and winning a game was take out the quarterback. >> reporter: buddy had no problem knocking quarterbacks out of games. in fact, in the body bag game, had eknocked three quarterbacks out of the game. we would have hated this guy if
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he coached an opposing team. we loved him because he coached ours. >> the wins, the losses, the statistics, don't come anyplace close to what buddy ryan was like. >> everybody loved buddy. good guy. shame to hear he passed. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. the eagles owner released a statement after ryan's passing that reads in part, buddy ryan was arguably one of the greatest defensive masterminds in nfl history and forever left his mark on the eagles organization and the city of philadelphia. for more on buddy ryan's life and legacy, tap the nbc 10 app. the chances of a holiday weekend walkout by thousands of atlantic city casino workers seems to be increasing right now. the president of the union said today the strike on friday is likely against at least one of the five gaming halls involved.
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the union represents more than 6,000 workers at harrah's, bali's, caesar's, and trump taj mahal. despite negotiations continuing today, signs of a possible lockout became more clear as union members received strike i.d. cards and signed up for picket lines at the headquarters here at local 54. employees of the casinos could walk out right at the beginning of the big fourth of july weekend. >> i'm hoping that something comes to resolution, if not, i'm more than ready to go out. >> the union wants higher pay for workers, and the return of benefits it gave up a few years ago when the casinos were in worse financial shape. talks are set to continue tomorrow. you have to see it from sky 4's 10 to understand how big it is. and as massive as it is, the king of prussia mall is about to expand. the construction project began two years ago. in addition to new high-end shops, you can have your bags picked up and stored. smart parking decks will tell
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you how many spaces are open on each level. the new space will also feature concierge service that extends through the mall. >> what's on sale at these stores, or i'd like you to make reservations at the restaurant. >> the new space is set to open in august and will connect the court and the plaza. but you better wear comfortable shoes, the new space alone is the size of six football fields. day two of the wawa welcome america festival. going to take a live look at the ben franklin parkway where crews are getting ready for the july 4th concert and fireworks. tonight the festival shifts to south philadelphia. lauren make is joining us there live. got your popcorn, lauren? >> reporter: you know, i've got to go get some. i'll tell you, jim, it is free. we're watching a movie on the big screen for free. day two of wawa welcome america. coming up, i'll tell you how you can help give out 50,000 bucks.
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and we're still tracking showers and storms tonight. i'll tell you what you can expect to see for the rest of the night. plus, the all-important, of course, holiday weekend forecast next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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information out of istanbul, turkey, where we're now hearing from a senior turkish official who said the death toll has grown up to 50 people. 60 others injured after multiple explosions at the terminal at istanbul's main airport there. believed to be the work of two, perhaps three suicide bombers. again, the death toll is now put at nearly 50 people at istanbul's airport. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> interesting developments on the radar in the last hour or so. this one line of showers and storms that we've been following, part of it is weakening, as a new line tries to develop farther to the north and west. now, the heaviest of this activity is down in maryland, right around baltimore, and the
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washington area. and not up in our direction. now, we've been watching this other area of heavy rain, north and east of allentown, near nazareth, and it continues to be very heavy. but at least it's starting to move. it's strange, it's moving in the northeast direction. everything else is moving southeast. but at least it's moving. because there's some really heavy rain with that. this area that's getting into chester county now, not nearly as heavy as it was. about 6:52 in westchester, 7:20 in wilmington, 8:10 in glo senter. it should hold together, but there are not any reports of severe weather in our area associated with these storms. but it's going to be a while before they get out of here. 9:00 on this futurecast, and they're still around. yeah, take the umbrellas with you if you're headed out this evening. you're probably not going to
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need it tomorrow. and not coming in on thursday either. now, the temperatures in delaware, we've got some in the 80s. odessa and ready point. 83 degrees. a little bit of wind off the water, keeping things down in the 70s at the delaware beaches. the ocean temperature is pretty high for this time of the year, which is good news. it's going to be nice wednesday and thursday. then we're going to be having an issue with friday. there's going to be a front coming through with showers and storms. at least scattered around. temperatures start to go up. the humidity is down. it's not going to be nearly as humid tomorrow as it was today. lehigh valley 84 degrees. parts of new jersey getting the storms on friday as well. and we're going to be seeing many of these places into the 80s tomorrow, getting lower humidity, and then over the
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holiday weekend, it's looking pretty good at this point. the jersey shore in delaware are the places we're most concerned about. the there's a front going to be down to the south. 90, hot, not all that humid in philadelphia. looking pretty good at the moment. we want to take a live look at the ben franklin parkway on this day two of the wawa welcome america festival. the stage is taking shape for the july 4th concert and fireworks there. tonight the action is in south philadelphia. lauren mayk is at xfinity live where it's movie night. big crowd there, lauren? >> reporter: yeah, jim, there is. it got quieter over the past 15 minutes. because the movie started. this is a crowd, lots of kids, dozens of kids and their families showing up here. they are playing the good dinosaur. and they are all listening and watching as this movie begins. let me take a moment, though,
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and talk charity. there is a lot of fun going on with wawa welcome america. but there is some seriously good service happening in philadelphia. the wawa foundation is giving out its very special hero award to a local nonprofit. there are four finalists. and you're going to get to vote on them. take a look. they're already doing good in philadelphia. imagine what one of the organizations represented here could do with $50,000. we met the four finalists for the wawa foundation hero award. there's spin, working with children and adults with autism and intellectual disabilities and their families. >> we're the partners of families throughout that person's lifetime. because they may need us for different things, for times of their lives. we want to be that support for them. >> reporter: also offers preschool for children with or without disabilities. another finalist, the veterans multi-service center of philadelphia, helping veterans navigate benefits, get support
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they need. >> someone told me to go down and they welcomed me with arms wide open. they helped me get benefits i didn't know i was entitled to. i'll be able to start my own company through their help. through that now, i hire veterans. >> reporter: beat the street teaches wrestling and life lessons. >> wrestling is unique, because it's two individuals. there's no elements at play. really primary determining factor whether your pea successful with how hard you work. that's a key lesson that kids need to understand in order to overcome significant odds at times. >> reporter: and there is another charity, philadelphia read they connects kids to books. there are four finalists in all. we have put a link on our website where you can go to vote. somebody is get 50g$,000. the runners-up still getting $10,000 each.
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lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> lauren, here's what you can do on wednesday. 6:25 tomorrow morning, work out like rocky. on the steps of the art museum. at 2:00, go forth and read. head to any branch of the free library philadelphia. the first 100 kids at each library get a free book. at 7:00, it's philly night at the movies. rocky will be shown outside the art museum. that will be a lot of fun. john lark. >> coming up, randall cunningham remembers buddy ryan. we relive the best of buddy, his best shots at the cowboys. that's next.
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i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. eagles fans are mourning the loss of one of the most popular coaches in philadelphia history. buddy ryan was 85 years old. he coached one of the best defenses for five seasons. buddy never won a play-off game, but he connected with birds fans for how bold and brash he was. he stood up to the dallas cowboys, ran up the score on them in a game. then there was the bounty bowl. how about the body bag game. and he had a special relationship with his players. >> i had a coach who didn't care what everybody else thought. he was more concerned about us as his children. and that was the best. >> the middle of my career to the end of my career that he coached me. and he really took care of me. you know, my last two years when
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i was dealing with a lot of knee problems, buddy would flat-out ask me, 82, do you need to work today? >> buddy had some of the best quotes as well. he called his eagles owner, norman brace, his boss. >> i get along with everybody. as long as they do things my way. >> what kind of a player is a buddy ryan player? >> i think it's a player that knocks a guy down and laughs at him. >> we always did. >> i never liked the dallas cowboys, period. i never thought i got outcoached by them. i got beaten to him. >> i would have said something to him. he his big fat rear end in the dressing room. >> i lost a couple of pounds. i thought i was looking good. >> buddy ryan, one of a kind. and pat summitt passed away from alzheimer's disease at the age
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of 64. i'm john clark, we're right back. you
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. that's nbc 10 news at 6:00. "nightly news" is next. . breaking news tonight, a major terrorist attack at the airport in istanbul. multiple suicide bombers blow themself up. many u.s. flights to turkey are grounded. the president being briefed. was it isis and what about security at home? richard engel is live at the scene of the attack in istanbul. no smoking gun, republicans release the benghazi report after years after investigations. no bombshells about hillary clinton but tonight there are troubling new questions about the u.s. response that night. train explosion, the search for the missing tonight after a massive collision on the tracks. and remembering pat summit, tributes for one of the greatest coaches of all time. "nightly news"


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