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tv   Today  NBC  June 30, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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right? >> yes. >> yes. >> finder's keepers. >> thanks for watching. check our app during the day. good morning. breaking news. at least 13 people detained in connection with that deadly airport attack in istanbul. turkish police carrying out a series of raids overnight while here at home the cia chief says he's worried isis is planning a similar attack in the u.s. rng his rivals. >> they should never be allowed to run for public office again because what they did is disgraceful. >> donald trump lashing out at his former republican challengers who refuse to support him while mitt romney reveals just how close he came to mounting an independent bid. where is he? the contractor nowhere to be
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found. his own attorney unable to reach him for weeks. his whereabouts the focus of an emergency hearing this morning. rio bound. >> phelps is going to win it. >> michael phelps locks in his fifth trip to the olympic games and another place in the record books, "today," june 30th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. tamron is here while savannah enjoys some time off. we'll see a familiar face in rio. >> i love the hand. how sweet it is. >> a comeback of sorts after a rough patch following the london games. it will be good to see him in rio. more on that story coming up. let us begin with the top
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story. the first arrest in the attack at istanbul's ataturk airport. richard engel is in istanbul with the latest. >> reporter: there have been police raids in istanbul at multiple locations. a police source also told us they identified the three member russian cell, russian speaking cell they believe carried out this attack and identified them as a russian national. the turkish media reporting the three rented an apartment here in istanbul three months ago paying in cash. an upstairs neighbor said they were suspicious because they installed a second security gate, never opened the windows, and there was a chemical smell
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coming from the apartment. turkish security forces are on the hunt looking for people who may be connected to the turkish airport attackers. they raided three neighborhoods in istanbul. authorities say the raids targeted isis suspects. at least 13 people have reportedly been detained so far. turkey has accused isis of carrying out the attack at the istanbul airport, an attack well planned and executed but could have been far worse if not for the brave actions of turkish security forces. based on the accounts of the prime minister and others, initial reports suggest the attack was a rolling commando style operation. the terrorists arrived by taxi with firearms. a bomb detonated curbside allowing two remaining terrorists to slip past security and enter the terminal itself. a video appears to show the
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moment when a witness said a policeman tackled one of the suspects in the terminal wrestling him to the ground but it seemed the bomber still manageded ed td to detonate. the surviving bomber made his way to an upper level but he, too, was shot and killed by police before he detonated. the police officers are celebrated here as heroes. british individual videographerd and helped people get to a safe place. >> families struggling with kids and babies and small children but all just trying to get back away from the area. >> reporter: the world has condemned the triple suicide attacks. president obama stressed the u.s. will triumph over terrorists. >> we're still learning all of the facts but we know this is part of our broader shared fight against terrorist networks.
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>> reporter: and the investigation here continues into the three-man russian speaking cell and attempts to round up any potential accomplices. there was a major development in the fight against isis in iraq. iraqi forces say that destroyed an enormous convoy of isis vehicles south of fallujah. that air assault taking place early yesterday morning. 200 or more isis vehicles were destroyed. hundreds of fighters killed as they tried to flee the desert area south of fallujah and head west for safety. an impressive military victory by the iraqi military over isis it would seem. >> richard engel in istanbul for us this morning. thank you so much. in a new interview, the head of the cia says he fears isis will try a similar attack here in the u.s. let's bring in nbc's tom costello. he's at reagan national airport with a secure at airports
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heading into the fourth of july weekend. tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. most travelers who are going to be out and about over the next few days and week will probably not see a significant change in the security posture at airports nationwide. some select airports, jfk in new york and miami, they put their tactical police units on a higher profile on a higher footing, if you will. they are really not changing their security status either. this is not showing a deterrent but also help reassure the public. the tsa says for most airports that they are running -- across the country they are running checkpoints across the country no significant change to the status of security operations. that said, we're looking at something like 7 million people flying over the course of the next week and if there's one thing that concerns many security analysts, it's this. here at reagan international airport they have steel pylons here, pillars if you will, that are supposed to block the entrance into the airport so that somebody in a large truck
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with explosives couldn't just ram or drive right into the airport. that said, he or she could park it right there and right above the roof is the control tower and it's also a situation where you don't have any police presence right here. you can have people rush the airport with ak-47s or whatever the weapon might be. that's not unlike any other airport in the country. this is pretty standard. so the concern among many security analysts is that many airports simply aren't hardened enough. we'll talk about that in the next half hour. guys, back to you. >> tom, thank you very much. let's talk about politics now and the presidential race. mitt romney is adding to his criticism of donald trump and opening up about who urged him to run this time around as an independent. nbc's hallie jackson is on the campaign trail in new hampshire. hal hallie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump later today will speak with reporters here in new hampshire. the site of his first primary win in the republican race long
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before mitt romney and others went after him hard. romney revealing his family wanted him to throw his hat in the ring this year. romney saying he could have been a contender. new digs at donald trump from the republican party's last nominee. >> i didn't think he would run in the first place because i assumed he never put in his tax returns. i got half that right. >> reporter: mitt romney admitting it crossed his mind to run as a third-party candidate this year after weeks of speculation he could be the gop's white nighknight. >> my wife and kids wanted me to run. you think about things like that from time to time. i don't think an independent can win. >> reporter: trump still struggling to unite his party but a new poll showing half of republicans want a different nominee. but trump's brushing it off with defiant ultimatum to former rivals that haven't endorsed him. >> they shouldn't be allowed to
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run for public office again because what they did is disgraceful. >> reporter: trump in maine yesterday where howie carr raised this attack on elizabeth warren. >> you know elizabeth warren, right. >> reporter: a reference to trump's repeated hits against warren's self-proclaimed native american heritage. warren on the trail for hillary clinton. herself under fire. >> she's not tough enough. >> reporter: clinton announcing her first campaign appearance next week with president obama who is clearly eager to take aim at how trump portrays his populist message. >> that's nativism. or worse. or it's just cynicism. >> reporter: the president at a major press conference in canada with other north american leaders but in a sign of just how big a story the 2016 presidential race has become, the first questions to all of them, all about trump.
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>> one of the candidates that wants to replace president obama has already said he wants to renegotiate nafta. >> you seem to be careful when you talk about mr. trump. >> reporter: so who is trump talking about when he refers to these formal rivals who pledge to support the gop nominee but haven't endorsed trump? governors scott walker, john kasich, senator ted cruz. all names that could be in play come 2020. >> thank you. new developments in the crash of that egyptair plan that plunged into the mediterranean sea last month. investigators saying it showed signs of intense heat and smoke in the moments before the crash. the flight data recorder from egyptair deligflight 804 reveal smoke. some of the wreckage showed signs of high temperature damage and soot. the flight en route from paris to cairo crashed on may 19th
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killing all 66 people onboard. some authorities initially pointed to terrorism, officials increasingly believe the aircraft's technical systems may be to blame. a bombshell announcement in london this morning where boris johnson says he won't run for leader of the conservative party or prime minister. he was considered an early favorite to succeed prime minister david cameron, a brexit opponent who said after the vote that he would be stepping down. johnson, however, said after consulting colleagues, he concluded that he could not be the next conservative party leader. in other news this morning, the organizers of the academy awards are making new moves to address the outcry over that award show's lack of diversity. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is in los angeles with more on this. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. after months of intense scrutiny, the academy of motion
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picture, arts and sciences will soon have a new look. this morning the academy is opening its doors inviting a new much more diverse group of artists to join its ranks. on wednesday, the academy of motion picture, arts and sciences, the organization behind the oscars, announced 637 new invitations. more than twice the number of last year. of those invited, 46% are women and 41% of people of color. potential new members include -- gabrielle union writes "huge honor. i can't wait to vote." the list also include bree
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larson and oscar isaac. >> we're going to do this. >> hollywood came under fire for a lack of diversity when for the second year in a row, not a single person of color was nominated in any acting category. >> if they nominated hosts, i wouldn't even get this job. >> reporter: the backlash was quick igniting the hashtag oscarssowhite on social media and a boycott from some of hollywood's biggest stars including will smith and his wife jada. wednesday's announcement highlights hollywood's lack of female representation. in a new study obtained by "the hollywood reporter" women filmmakers and actresses are given smaller budgets for their films despite higher returns than their male counterparts. in a statement, the academy's president said, "we are not
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going to wait for others. we've been looking at this organization for a long time and we recognize changes need to be made. one of them was more inclusion." the academy says it's a major step toward becoming more diverse but not the last. matt and tamron, back to you guys. >> thank you very much. to the holiday travel rush on the roads. a record 36 million americans are expected to drive to their holiday destinations over the july 4th weekend. one reason for the increase this year, gas prices are the lowest we've seen in 11 years. how can you avoid spending time stuck in traffic? dylan has taken to the streets to help get you where you need to be. dylan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, snowstorms and hollywood weekends is when you find me coming to you live from a car. usually a slow moving car. right now we're moving okay. aside from leaving right this second for your long weekend though, there are a couple times that are ideal.
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friday morning before 7:00 a.m. or saturday morning before 11:00 a.m. if you are planning on cutting out of work early today or tomorrow, it's not recommended though. not only are you dealing with vacation travelers but then you're tacking on rush hour commuters on top of that. our good friends put together some calculations and they said the worst time to travel no matter matter where you live will be between 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. today and tomorrow. if you do find some open road, it's not recommended that you speed because there will be 26% more police officers on the road for the fourth of july weekend. you don't want to get a ticket. that would ruin everything. i know it's early to talk about the trip back home already. once you do start thinking about it, keep in mind that monday between 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. on average will be the worst time to travel. and the worst travel times for major cities and you can see
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that's the trend for most cities except for san francisco. the worst time then when they expect gridlock is between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. on monday. i'm not going on vacation. i'm just trying to get to studio 1a and i'm already a little bit slow right now. hopefully i'll see you guys in a little bit. tamron? >> dylan, i'm not sure you and your crew next to you in the black suv are making a lot of friends going 25 miles an hour up that road. we'll see you shortly, all right. >> reporter: that's part of the reason why there's traffic. >> all right, dylan. thank you. here's some great news. michael phelps, the most decorated athlete in olympic history heading back to his fifth summer games. phelps won the 200 meter butterfly last night at the u.s. swimming trials in omaha. moments after touching the wall phelps held up five fingers to signal his accomplishment. phelps still has two more events at the trials.
7:17 am
today by the way, his 31st birthday. a lot to celebrate. also making the u.s. olympic team last night, missy franklin and katie ledecky punched her ticket to a second individual event in rio. congratulations to all. >> can you feel it? it's looking good, right. excitement. >> getting exciting. >> let's get a first check of the forecast with mr. roker. >> following with dylan's lead that we take a look and show you what's going on tomorrow as far as travel trouble spots. two main areas. the southwest and the plains for tomorrow. monsoonal moisture bringing in local flooding so airports in phoenix, albuquerque, denver, kansas city, oklahoma city, may see some problems. along the roads, i-70 may be travel trouble spots and all along i-45, i-40 i should say, and i-35. in the northeast moist unstable air mass in place and we look for storms. look for airport delays boston, new york, washington, d.c., buffalo, i-90, i-95 going to see
7:18 am
some trouble spots as well tomorrow. we'll get to your local forecast good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a niceá/ sunny warm summer day. sunshine and upper 80s this afternoon. but the humidity stays in check for philadelphia. the suburbs, 86 in westchester, lehigh valley, allentown, warm, middle to upper 80s this afternoon. nice warm day for new jersey.
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a little cooler at the shore. low spots will reach low 80s. a few extra clouds in rehoboth. plenty of sunshine. have a great day. al, thanks very much. coming up, the search for the contractor involved in a deadly christmas morning fire in connecticut is missing. an emergency court hearing being held today. we're there live with the latest. new concerns over the safety of popular hand sanitize ers yo probably use every day. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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>> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. last day of june and it's shaping up to be a pretty nice day but let's get our forecast with nbc10 "first alert" meteorologist bill hen willey. >> hey, we're actually watching traffic out in old city right now, an accident between second street and race street. so there was an overturned truck from earlier causing small delays. watching around 95, cottman avenue. the southbound side. earlier we had one lane blocked approaching center city. now, it's over to the right-hand shoulder as you can see traffic
7:27 am
moving from the scene as well. 31 minutes from that southbound drive time from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. worry watching delays on the p.a. turnpike from washington to valley forge. sunshine is nice and bright. temperatures are starting to climb. 69 degrees in flphiladelphia. a comfortable start. 74 degrees at 9:00. by lunchtime, 82. and warming into the 80s this afternoon. but sunshine through the entire area, along new jersey, 87 degrees at the shore. 82. vai. >> thank you, bill. the state senate will consider the increase approved by the state assembly. the hike could cost drivers an extra $100. but it could be a sales tax drop to 6%. after average savings of 400 bucks a year.
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♪ 7:30 on a thursday morning. it's the 30th day of june, 2016. an aerial view of dylan dreyer as she makes her way to studio 1a. she was just talking about holiday traffic and just got stuck in holiday traffic. she's over on 48th street around 9th avenue. she better hurry. you have a hit at 7:50. >> so close. i'm almost there. >> see you in a couple minutes. we're just a day away from another great concert on the plaza. pop sensation rachel platten will take our stage tomorrow morning. if you're in the area, come and say hi. let's get a quick check of headlines.
7:31 am
police in istanbul conducted several raids linked to tuesday's attack at ataturk airport. at least 13 people were detained. in a surprise move, former london mayor boris johnson is ruling himself out of the race to become britain's next prime minister. and check out this frightening scene at an oklahoma city amusement park. stalled roller coaster stranded about 100 feet in the air. they were there for more than an hour as firefighters escorted each person down a catwalk to safety. >> nerve-racking. let us begin this half hour with a mystery tied to a case in connecticut that we've been following for about five years now. the contractor who initially took the blame for a christmas day fire that killed his then girlfriend's three young daughters and her parents cannot be found.
7:32 am
nbc's joe fryer has the latest on this. joe, good morning. >> reporter: matt, an emergency court hearing is taking place this morning to discuss the whereabouts of michael borcina. he was asked to turn over some construction documents as part of a lawsuit stemming from that fire but right now some of the attorneys in this case are saying he's nowhere to be found. it's the latest mystery surrounding a christmas day fire that killed madonna badger's three children and both of her parents. where is michael borcina? in a court filing, attorneys for the city of stamford say they've been informed that mr. borcina cannot in fact be located. it's unclear what efforts have been made to locate him. they also state in late may borcina's attorney said he's been unsuccessful in his attempts to contact mr. borcina and doesn't know where he's presently located. nbc news reached out to borcina's attorney but has not heard back. >> the judge might decide the contractor is in contempt of court. he failed to provide key evidence to another party. that can have serious
7:33 am
consequences for him. >> it's a huge fire at the house next door to us. the whole house is on fire. there's three kids and a woman. >> reporter: at the time of the fire, borcina was dating madonna badger. >> it's hard to describe that you can't go in and save your own children. i couldn't. >> reporter: borcina was the contractor overseeing renovations on the house. matthew badger is also suing the city of stamford which issued permits and inspected the work. the city says borcina has been ordered to turn over key construction records that could shed light on the fire but he's not obliged. >> the city is saying we can't defend ourselves against claims that the city was negligent without the powerful evidence this contractor might provide. on the other hand, of course, the city was responsible for
7:34 am
razing the house and evidence is lost there too. >> investigators say the most likely cause is fireplace ashes left in the mud room. borcina took the blame for that but in a recent deposition said it was madonna badger that mishandled the ashes. she told nbc news last month. i feel sorry for him. i feel incredibly sad for him. during an interview in 2012, she said she thought an electrical problem and not ashes sparked the fire. >> how is it that you have a little bit of ashes cause this enormous fire that spread so quickly? >> reporter: as for the mystery surrounding borcina's whereabouts, madonna badger could not be reached for comment, matthew badger declined to comment and we tried to contact michael borcina but so far have not been able to reach him.
7:35 am
matt? >> joe fryer, thank you. new questions about the safety and effectiveness of hand sanitizers. natalie is here with more on that. >> we use them. the food & drug administration is requiring further study on the long-term safety of specific ingredients found in most hand sanitizers and could eventually lead to major changes. whether it comes from a squirt of gel or foam, millions use topical anti-bacterial soaps every day. many people believe it's a handy weapon in the battle against germs. >> it's convenient to do that but there is question of the safety and effectiveness of constantly using ingredients in hand sanitizers. >> the natural resources defense council has been pushing the fda to take a closer look. >> after decades of products on
7:36 am
the shelf, they're asking for the data. >> the fda is requesting manufacturers provide data for three commonly used chemicals adding that the request for data does not mean the fda believes the products are ineffective or unsafe. the company that makes purell doesn't expect there could be changes. >> the proposed rule from the fda doesn't change any of the rules that we've been playing by. all of the purell products are proven to be safe and effective. >> doctors and public health officials say nothing beats washing hands with explain old soap and water. when that's not an option, hand sanitizers may be a good alternative but 99.9% effective is what fda has asked manufacturers to prove. a lot has changed including how much we use these products especially around here on a hot
7:37 am
clammy hands day. >> i do wash my hands with soap and water a lot. >> back to the basic. >> unless i'm traveling. >> he's a purell guy as well. >> we sanitized the map for your protection. let's show you what we got going on. warm and humid. a lot of folks will use that purell this weekend down south. right now for today, little rock will feel like 93. same in new orleans. 79 in tallahassee. raleigh in 90. look at temperatures over the weekend. little rock, above 100. mid 90s in atlanta. mid 90s in orlando as well. then we have nice mild highs as you get up into the upper midwest and plains. delightful. chicago, today, 82. 85 in des moines. as you get into the weekend, temperatures stay nice and perfect. upper 70s to low 80s. ngthing wro good morning, i'm
7:38 am
meteorologist bill henley. a nice sunny warm summer day. sunshine and upper 80s this afternoon. but the humidity stays in check for philadelphia. the suburbs, 86 in west chester, lehigh valley, allentown, easton, stay warm in the middle to upper 80s. nice warm day for new jersey a little cooler at the shore. most spots will reach into the low 80s. ocean city 80s. few extra spots, rehoboth. have a great day. weather any time. weather channel on cable online. coming up, the new apple technology that could stop your phone from from taking pictures videos at a concert. >> a lot to say about that. daunting task of securing america's airports. is it time to add a larger police
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attacks on major airports in just three months, there's renewed focus on security worldwide. >> the question is can more be done to keep you safe when you fly or when you're about to fly. nbc's tom costello joins us again. tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, the tsa knows it's had a problem with undercover agents smuggling mock weapons through checkpoints. the most recent test suggest maybe there's improvement there. what about security as you approach the airport. that's a whole different story. in istanbul, a new security directive may have saved lives. armed police officers newly stationed at the airport entrance doors immediately confronted the attackers preventing them from moving deeper into the terminal. a lesson not lost on other airport security experts. israel's airport has a reputation for the tightest security in the world. police and military units watched the terminal, use facial
7:44 am
recognition cameras and question every passengers. the security starts at the airport perimeter. >> before you're allowed to drive your car toward the front of the terminal, this is the first measure. from that moment on, you're in a secured area and that area is covered by surveillance systems. >> reporter: here in the u.s., no airport stops every approaching car. nbc's miguel almaguer in l.a. >> at l.a.x. it's not uncommon to see security checkpoints like this and you'll see more security ahead. it's not uncommon to see police officers heavily armed throughout this area. >> reporter: in most european airports, two and three men military units patrol the terminals. here in the u.s., tactical police units are most common in the big cities but very few airports position those airports at the entry doors. nbc's ron mott in chicago. >> often hundreds of people standing in close proximity to one another and there's absolutely no one safeguarding
7:45 am
the doors. you can walk right in. >> reporter: nbc's gabe gutierrez is in atlanta. >> you have shops and restaurants near baggage claim but before the security checkpoint. there's some law enforcement here but the common areas remain open. >> i still think airport security is a gold standard in the united states. >> reporter: john reviewed foreign and american operations for the tsa. this morning the european countries in red are viewed as being at a high risk for a terror attack. does anybody in europe do a better job of security? >> for the front side of the airport i believe the french do. they do because they put armed military personnel as a very visible deterrent and force in the front side of the airport. >> reporter: the biggest concern, most u.s. airport entrances are not hardened to withstand an attack. when you compare the israeli security system to ours, you need to keep something in mind. they have one international airport. 50,000 passengers a day. we have 450 airports, 2 million
7:46 am
passengers a day. it's going to be difficult to embrace all of their tactics but the question is could we take some of their tactics and use them here. for example, should we put police at nearly every door? very expensive proposition. guys, back to you. >> tom, great point. thank you very much. just ahead on a much lighter note, you may be surprised at who was just named hollywood's highest grossing actress of all-time. an emotional end to a fairy tale run at wimbledon. we've been following this one and it came to an end. what makes a lipton meal? well, first you start with this. then add this. and this face... wait, we can do better. yeah... that's the one. and of course fresh brewed lipton iced tea. because it goes great with this. woops, more of these. and definitely more of this. ah, that can wait. but not you buddy. huh what's this? ah... i like it. what makes a lipton meal? what you bring to it. and the bright refreshing taste of lipton iced tea.
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welcome back, everyone. dylan is in for carson in the orange room. she made it back from her little commute. >> it doesn't count as me being late for work, right. i'm here on time. everybody was talking about this. the highly anticipated wimbledon matchup between number 772 in the world, marcus willis, and number 3, roger federer. willis didn't go down without a fight playing nearly the whole match with a huge grin on his face. he snagged a few great points and when he won his first game of the match, the crowd went nuts. >> a standing ovation there.
7:51 am
federer did take every set and eventually the match but for willis and the audience, it was a thrill nonetheless. at the end, federer stepped aside and let willis enjoy his moment on wimbledon's centre court. the crowd on their feet cheering. a lot of love for willis on twitter. john writing you are an inspiration to all. keep working hard. and a viewer noticed he was wearing a roger federer shirt you see on the sleeve while playing roger federer. if it wasn't already clear, federer said it was probably the least crowd support he's had at wimbledon since 1999. fun to watch. >> what a class act he is to let him have that moment. really nice. >> a lot of people watching wimbledon. thank you, dylan. major beauty pageant that just dropped the swimsuit competition. the couple under fire for punishing their teenage son by making him live in a tent in the backyard. we'll
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. it's just about 8:00 this thursday morning. let's get our forecast with our nbc10 "first alert" meteorologist bill henley. >> nice outside. plenty of sunshine. delaware. and we're seeing the temperatures warming up to the 80s. philadelphia, not a cloud in the sky. temperatures have dropped but we're seeing them start to come up. 71 degrees, 72 in wilmington, odessa, 71 degrees. lincoln, 68, we've got sunshine and 70 in rehoboth beach. we're watching an accident scene headed eastbound on 422. these are the cameras you can see almost at a standstill.
7:57 am
approaching that accident scene. that's typically an eight-minute trip. we're watching an accident in old city and second street. the clock ticking down towards the july 4th holiday weekend negotiators are working to avoid a strike by casino works. 6500 workers are threatening to walk off the job if they can't agree on new contracts. today, philadelphia city council is honoring muhammad ali. members will present his family with a resolution passed by council days after ally died. as we head towards the democratic national convention in philadelphia, crews will begin installing 57 of these donkeys around today to represent symbol of the democratic party. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather on the nbc10 neuse app. i'm vai sikahema.
7:58 am
see you again in a half hour. i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, tents situation. heated controversy over how one couple is disciplining their teenage son banishing him to a tent in his own backyard. did they go too far? >> i'm just trying to teach my son a lesson. >> if i want them to ever be proud of me, i have to get through this. survival of the fittest. other our star search rolls on. our mentor and mentee are on the move.
8:01 am
the swimsuit competition dropped from miss teen usa replacing it wi. reaction pouring in today, thursday, june 30th, 2016. ♪ >> i just graduated. i'm headeded to xavier university. go x. >> from oregon. >> and pennsylvania. >> to meet natalie! >> graduation trip to new york city from wisconsin! >> we're back now. 8:00 on a thursday morning. it's the 30th day of june, 2016.
8:02 am
a big crowd out on the plaza on a beautiful day. a couple of things. by the way, that story we just talked about. that's going to get a lot of conversations going. look forward to that. how about this throwback thursday song. mr. roker's pick. >> that's right. a little "hot fun in the summertime." >> love it. >> what a great choice, al. coming up, the festive finds for fourth of july for every morning of your family including the furry members. >> that's right. perfect. want to mention savannah is on vacation and will be back next week. natalie has a check of top stories. overnight raids in turkey has rounded up potential suspects in the terror attack. the death toll has risen to at least 42. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in istanbul for us again this morning. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
8:03 am
the hunt is now on for people linked to this attack at the airport. there have been raids here in istanbul. about two dozen suspects detained so far. also, a police source has confirmed to nbc news that the three attackers, the three suicide bombers were part of a russian speaking cell. identified as a russian citizen, a kyrgyz and uzbek. they rented an apartment three months ago paying in cash. an upstairs neighbor complained about noise at night and a chemical smell. with less than three weeks until the republican national convention, 2012 presidential nominee mitt romney says his family wants him to run again. romney admits it's the kind of thing he thinks about from time to time but doesn't believe an independent candidate can win. he also says trump's divisive
8:04 am
statements are hurting the party's future. trump lashed out at former rivals who are not backing him. police officers in long beach, california, are mourning a member of their family. a canine team member who died in a standoff that was seen on live tv. in southern california an outpouring of grief. officers honoring a fallen hero. his handler officer mike parcels breaking down in tears. >> these service dogs, these canines are just not dogs. these are police officers. this dog was injured in a performance of his duty and that's going to weigh heavily on the long beach police family. >> on tuesday the drama played out on live tv. a s.w.a.t. team locked in a standoff with an armed man. police say the dog went in to attack when the man pulled out a
8:05 am
knife officers fired and both were hit. cradling the dog in his arms, officer parcels is frustrated throwing his helmet and putting the dog over his shoulders and into a patrol car. he later died at a pet ohospita. the suspect was also killed. his handler, a 23-year veteran who lost another police dog seen here in 2005 during a gun battle. 11 years later, another four legged partner lost in the line of duty. >> hasn't just lost a pet at home but lost his partner that saves him and protects him in the field every day. it has to be tough on him. >> the long beach police department along with officer parcels declined our request for comment but in a statement they said they appreciate the amazing outpouring of support. a local group created gofundme page to raise money for the canine unit. so sad. major change coming to this
8:06 am
year's miss teen usa pageant. they plan to eliminate the swimsuit competition. instead the contestants who range in age from 14 to 19 will appear in athletic wear. critics complained the swimsuit competition was inappropriate for young women and failed to promote diverse body types. i think it's a good move by all. >> a lot of people will feel good about that one. >> especially young women that are so impressionable. the couple behind a controversial punishment. they force their son to stay in a backyard tent. they're now speaking out. >> plus, president obama involved in the most awkward handshake the world has ever seen. on popstart, see if you can do you often consume fruit, fruit juices, coffee or soda? acids in everyday foods and drinks
8:07 am
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8:10 am
this. we're back with a parenting update. how far would you go to punish your child's poor behavior? >> a new mexico couple came up with a unique and controversial solution. >> reporter: in the desert outside of albuquerque, it gets scorching hot this time of year. but this tent in the backyard is now the home away from home for 16-year-old adam boggus where he's serving out his parents' punishment from taking things from his sisters without asking. >> he took his sisters ipod. he took his other sister's tablet. >> reporter: because of that and his poor grades, his parents say, adam must spend his days living in that tent. adam can go into the house to get water, eat, use the bathroom and shower and he sleeps in the house at night. most of the time he's in the tent. >> i'm just trying to teach my son a lesson that you cannot
8:11 am
take from anybody without their permission for any reason. >> reporter: adam says he can handle the heat but he's not crazy about the bugs. >> stupid ants. >> reporter: or the snakes. his parents are making him reed and write a book report for each thing he's taken. five in all. >> the book reports are probably the hardest thing out of all of this. adam's parents said they tried many things and nothing changed. they came up with a tent. neighbors called the police and investigated and found there's no criminal act. the boggus' checked with the youth department. >> we're not depriving him of anything but air conditioning. >> reporter: they started a heated controversy in their town. >> they're trying to cake care of him and protect him. >> reporter: and on social media. i fail to see this is an appropriate punishment for his
8:12 am
crime. like my father said, my roof, my rules. otherwise get out. >> what are you learning from all this? >> not to take other people's stuff. >> reporter: adam says he loves his parents and knows they love him. >> if i want them to ever be proud of me, i got to get through this and prove it out in the real world. >> reporter: a controversial time-out spending time outdoors. >> who wants to weigh in? >> i'm not a parent. >> they know their child best. didn't seem like he's being harmed. >> he seems okay with it and he's getting the book reports done. that said, it's hot in new mexico. >> here are the results. we asked people on if the punishment was too extreme. only 8% said yes. 85% said no. when he says the book report was
8:13 am
the hotte estes estes estest -- he's not suffering. >>. >> he gets it. let's talk about other stories trending today. look who is joining us once again. this is becoming a trend. good to see you. a big debate dividing the internet this morning. should kids be invited to weddings? a columnist for salon started this with an article invite my kids to your wedding. trust me, you'll regret it if you don't. kids can be horrible but they should be invited because of these reasons. baby sitters are expensive. he says it's cute when children act up. i don't think so. and just having kids around will prevent their parents from getting drunk at the bar. >> not necessarily. >> that's the point of going to a wedding.
8:14 am
>> should you invite kids? >> i'm on the no side. >> a formal occasion, no. if it's a backyard much more open affair, yeah. >> if you have to pay per person, i think no. come one come all. >> i had nieces and nephews in my wed bug they were invited but they left early because because it got too late. >> here's the counterargument from a writer at yahoo!. please don't bring your children to my wedding and here's why. she said if you can't afford baby sitter stay home. misbehaving kids distract from the bride and groom. i think that's true. parents may not get drunk with their kids around. we already had mixed opinions on that. anyway, interesting topic for discussion. >> so what's one of the first things you do when you go to a concert? you reach for your phone. you take video, a picture and that tendency has annoyed stars that we love like adele and
8:15 am
alicia keys and now a new report claims that apple has a patented technology to disable the iphone camera at live concerts. here's how it would work. venues would use an infrared beam to prevent taking pictures and videos. i do not like the idea of someone taking custody of my phone. >> it's unamerican. what if you want to take pictures of yourself at the concert or your friends. >> to look back on that and say that's a memory. >> maybe if you're not looking at your phone, you're enjoying the memory. you have it in your head. >> i was at a beyonce concert and i don't look at videos i take. i enjoyed that. >> name dropping. one more.
8:16 am
ha handshakes can be awkward when it's just two people and introduce a third person and you're asking for trouble. there's president obama waving. the trio posing together in ottawa struggling with the handshake. listen to what world leaders were saying during the photo-op. >> wave. >> waves are always good. >> handshake. >> no. no. >> we've all been where you're taking pictures and smiling saying look to the right. look to this camera. >> protocol. >> let's turn to dylan fo
8:17 am
for "popstart." scarlet johannson's movies raked in money and news announced by box office mojo ranking highest grossing star. only female in the top ten. next woman on the list is cameron diaz that comes in at number 19. harrison ford finished first overall. next to tom hanks, he may have another hit on his hands. we're getting our first look at hanks as pilot behind that famous miracle on the hudson landing in 2009. this movie is called "sully." >> this is the captain. brace for impact. >> head down.
8:18 am
stay down. stay down. >> over 40 years in the air but in the end i'm going to be judged on 208 seconds. >> need a count. passengers and crew. >> that looks good. >> "sully" directed by clint eastwood hits theaters september 9th. >> on that note, another check of the forecast. >> scarlet johannson doing weather on the "today" show. >> that's right. >> highest grossing weather person ever. she did weather with me one time. let's take a look at your july 4th forecast for you. this is what we have for the july 4th weekend. showers on friday in new york, washington all of the way down to orlando. heavy rain midsection of the country. out west things looking good.
8:19 am
move into saturday, rain in northern new england. southeast looking wet. more heavy rain in the central plains. out into the rockies, beautiful along the west coast. on sunday, beautiful in the northeast. new england as well. sunshine through the great lakes. rain down through florida and gulf coast. out west the weather continues. spectacular. on the fourth itself, wet weather from mid-atlantic states, gulf coast, mid mississippi river valley and out west good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a nice, sunny, warm summer day. sunshine and upper 80s this afternoon. but the humidity stays in check for philadelphia. the suburbs, 86 in west chester and the lehigh valley, allentown, easton warm to the middle to upper 80s this afternoon. warm day for new jersey. cooler at the shore, but most spots reaching the low 80s. ocean city, 80 this afternoon. a few extra clouds later in
8:20 am
rehoboth. 87 in wilmington. and that's your latest weather. guys? >> all right, al. thanks very much. much. now to the reason that hoda is here taking part in trending and so much more. >> yes, indeed. >> it's today's "social star search." >> on wednesday we introduced you to the first mentee. this morning we're talking fitness going behind the scenes with instagram to see what it takes to flex those muscles. move over polaroid, these days a picture perfect moment can happen in an instant. instagram burst on the digital scene five years ago and it made sharing images easier than ever. >> it changed social media by making everyone a visual storyteller. you can take a photo and video and share it directly with your friends s friends, with your family or the whole world. >> a social network boasting 500 million users a month and
8:21 am
counting forming communities around travel, music, fashion and food and rise to a new celebrity. the social media star. >> instagram is an incredible platform for people to be able to build their brand, to be able to touch people that you never would have been able to meet in person. >> our aspiring social star kristen crockett has big dreams of building an insta brand. she became a personal trainer. her main focus teaching women of all ages how to live a healthier life. >> i was terrified. i think that when you have a passion for something, it's going to lead you to push yourself harder than you think you could. >> kristen shares her tips and tricks on her page but she's hoping to build a bigger more global audience. >> biggest thing i'm trying to take from this experience is learning to generate that
8:22 am
content that will help motivate people, get people engaged and get people to react. >> cue massy. more than 2 million followers. she logon every day to watch her jump, pull and lift while she encourages her followers to get a move on, too. one of those followers, her biggest fan, kristen. >> she inspires me the most. she's open. she shares all of her experiences. i modeled my page off hers. >> i want to get people healthier. i want to get women to move better, to be whoever they want to be and become just best versions of themselves. my first impression of kristen is she's bubbly. she reminds me of how i started my journey. this is going to be a positive experience. i'm truly excited. >> we sent kristen to vidcon in
8:23 am
anaheim, california. kristen had no idea there was a surprise in store. >> hey, guys. i'm here. i'm super excited. >> hey, kristen. i'm your mentor. >> no way. >> after the initial shock wore off, they hit the gym to talk about kristen's goals for her instagram page. >> what do you want to be the next big thing on instagram? >> i want to influence people how you influenced me. >> your bod is great to look at, what else. once you start being an educator and giving information, you're going to have people's attention. do people know who you are inside? have you gotten to tell them your story? >> no. >> you better speak up, girl. that's the only way people are going to connect with you.
8:24 am
you said to me i feel like i know you. why? because i share a lot. it comes from the bottom of my heart. >> i really appreciate you for doing this. thank you. >> we're going to keep in touch. we'll work together and we'll get those goals, girl. >> okay. >> don't forget to dance. >> and we are going to follow along all of the way. if you want tips for shooting a great instagram workout video, go to and tomorrow we'll meet our mentor and mentee for the social platform, vine. the six-second videos. that's all ahead. >> great. >> thanks, hoda. we appreciate it. up next, a creative spin on pizza. katie lee is in the kitchen whipping up a family
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema. just about 8:30. clear skies behind me. let's get the forecast from bill henley. >> not just behind you. look at all our areas this morning. bright sunshine, the lehigh valley, 68 degrees right now. snow sign of clouds and fog that we saw yesterday morning. 83 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. already 72 degrees in philadelphia. we will warm into the middle to upper 80s this afternoon. by 1:00, 83 degrees. fortunately, the humidity is not going to climb all that much today. with sunshine, it's just the temperatures that will be moving up even at the shore. vai. >> thank you, bill. >> jessica has a look at traffic this morning. how it is looking? >> we have seen better days.
8:27 am
we're watching 95. there's two pretty big accidents causing some major delays. 95 northbound around woodhaven road, and 95 southbound at academy road. the southbound drive time is better. 40 minutes that way, but 58 minutes if you're headed northbound from the vine street expressway to woodhaven road. we're also seeing delays on 422. a disabled vehicle approaching abaccident scene. >> thank you. check out this time lapse video of 23,000 hoagies being made at the national constitution center today. it's wawa hoagie day. part of our eight-day celebration of wawa welcome america. get your free hoagie at noon on independence mall. also, today, passengers at philadelphia international airport can see a special exhibit on presidential history. there's a concert tonight. we have another update in 25 minutes. ♪
8:28 am
with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright... with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪
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8:30 am
it's 8:30 on this thursday morning, 30th of june, 2016. we're 24 hours away from another brig crowd on the plaza. tomorrow they'll be here for rachel platten. we look forward to seeing you down here. >> what could be more patriotic with the fourth almost here than "made in america." we'll share favorite items for you, your baby and cute baby over there i want to kiss. look at that baby in hot pink. something for her and something for your pet. the whole family. >> plus, are you struggling with your student loans? you're far from alone. this morning we'll show you how
8:31 am
to slash your bill in a big way. who would say no to cheesy pepperoni rolls? if you do, i don't want to know you. katie lee is here with a dish that's quick and easy. it's perfect for packing up on your summer adventure. >> all right. first, we're going to get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: today's big city weather is brought to you by maui jim sunglasses. color, clarity, detail. maui jim. got our nice friends on the plaza. let's see what we've got going on for today and tomorrow if you are traveling. we're looking at wet weather through the southeast. folks here from atlanta could not get home because all that wet weather. we're looking at rain through the southwest with monsoonal moisture. beautiful along the west coast. for tomorrow, more rain in the southwest making its way into the mid plains where it's going to be heavy at times. the sunshine continues in the pacific northwest.
8:32 am
up and down the eastern seaboard could have airport delays and travel troubles from new england all of the way down into miami. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a nice, sunny, warm summer day. sunshine and upper 80s this afternoon. but the humidity stays in check for philadelphia. the suburbs, 86 in west chester and the lehigh valley. allentown and easton, warm into the middle to upper 80s this afternoon. nice warm day for new jersey. cooler at the shore, but most spots will reach into the low 80s. ocean city, 80 this afternoon. a few extra clouds later today in rehoboth. plenty of sunshine, 87 in wilmington. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. don't forget get the weather any time you need it. you go to the weather channel on cable, online. let's go back inside. >> thanks, al. "the secret life of pets" from our sister company universal
8:33 am
looks at quirky and surprising things your animals are up to when you're not around. if you have ever caught your pet causing chaos when you're not at home or hilarious animal clips, we want to see it. we may show yours on air. be sure to catch "the secret life of pets" when it hits theaters on july 8th. matt? wednesday was a very big day in the fight against cancer. vice president joe biden helped kickoff the main event of the $1 billion cancer moon shot initiative. tom brokaw dealing with his own cancer is here with more on that. good morning. nice to see you. >> it's a big deal. the vice president i must say is deeply committed. we sat down yesterday in washington and talked about what's going on now and what he sees ahead. >> even though therapists did not work with the geneticist and
8:34 am
not working with oncologist. all of these various disciplines are worki ining together and no can do a billion calculations per second. >> signs of progress in a fight the vice president sees as a key part of his legacy. mr. vice president, you've always been passionate with causes in which you're involved. obviously this one has great personal meaning because of the loss of beau. no question about that. no secret you're about to leave office. you don't have a lot of time left here. >> i met with a lot of very -- some very consequential and i hope when hillary wins that i'll be able to continue to work with them on how we structurally change the federal government to deal with this. it's my intention to stay involved in any way i can.
8:35 am
>> as i sit before you right now, i've got $1,000 worth of pills on me that i took this morning. i have great health care plan because i worked for a big company. that patient out there in the middle of america or in a big city or anywhere in the country who doesn't have protection that i do -- >> i think the pharmaceutical industry owes an explanation. there's a drug that works well that came out in 2002 that cost something like $27,000 a year. it's now $130,000 a year. what the hell happened? what happened? when it came out they thought it was a justifiable price. >> did you get an answer? >> it's the only area where flat screen tv start off at $2,000 and now you can get it for $300. the more people use this drug, the price has gone up.
8:36 am
>> on the front lines of the cancer battle, millions of families and the bidens are no exception having lost son, beau, to brain cancer just last year, dr. jill biden joined our conversation. >> it's part of the moon shot in that we are trying to work with families and help them deal the emotional toll it takes certainly. it was the hardest thing we ever went through. we have to work with families as well and give them support. >> talk about this cancer moonshot initiative. we heard about the war on cancer. what's the biggest difference? >> the war on cancer was against cancer in a generic way. this moonshot is about many parts of cancer and research going on in many parts and the big, big challenges to drop the silos so everyone is working toward one goal and there's astonishing amount of real
8:37 am
progress going on. we'll see more about it. >> how are you feeling? are you feeling well? >> i'm doing okay. >> good to see you as always. much needed help if you're struggling with student loan debt. we'll turn to jean chatzky for that information. first, on a thursday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
back now at 8:39 with our special series "fresh start today" where we help you hit the reset button. listen to this number. $1.2 trillion is how much americans owe in student loan dead. jean chatzky is here with simple strategies to cut your monthly payment big-time. trust us on this. good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> we saw that huge figure. let's break it down individually. what does that look like? >> when we look at student loans by the numbers, $37,000 is the
8:40 am
average that kids are coming out of school with and we just got a survey in e-mail yesterday from a third of students say they rather not have sex for ten years than carry that amount of debt. a lot of them are not making their payments. 3.6 million people are in default. they are having trouble. >> that makes it incredibly difficult to jump-start and get things going in your life out of college. >> what we hear from people in debt, they're unable to buy homes. they put off getting married, having kids. really difficult to get your life started. >> you have some real life examples because again you're looking at potentially six-figure loan debt straight out of college. >> this is mike and rachel. a nurse came out of school with $100,000 in student loans and they were not able to save for the house they wanted to save for because their monthly payments were $1,250 a month.
8:41 am
we helped them. we suggested that they refinance their student loans. took out a 20-year loan. reduced interest rate from 7.5% to just over 5%. new monthly payment $635. that's a lot of freedom. it's allowing them to save for that goal. >> you cut the payment or help them cut the payment in half. looking at other people with the same situation, is that something available to everyone? >> so there are a few different ways to reduce your monthly payments. if you have federal loans, you want to just look into consolidating. consolidating will not reduce your interest rate but allow you to qualify for programs that allow you to spread out your payments, which can reduce your monthly payment even though you may pay more in interest over the long-term. the next thing to look at is the repay program. pay as you earn program.
8:42 am
it's a government program. if you have federal student loans, you are allowed to reduce your monthly payments under this program to 10% of your income. that's a big relief for a lot of people. after 20 years, if you still have loans on the books for an undergraduate degree, whatever you have left, gets wiped away. for graduate degrees, it's 25 years. so this can be a big relief. if you have been in a previous income based repayment program, you still want to look at this because those old programs cap monthly payment at 15% of your income. this is 10. >> if you are already in a program, do you stay the course or look for other options? >> you look into this program. it's also true if you're in a public loan forgiveness program. it doesn't reset the ten-year clock on public service loan forgiveness which is if you're working in a helping profession you get a break after ten years. so you can look at this as well.
8:43 am
finally, this is what we suggested for mike and rachel. you can refinance your loans through a private lender. generally you need to have at least $10,000 in loans for these lenders to be willing to work with you. you have to have a steady job. you have to have a stable income. good credit really important here and a college degree in some cases. magni keep a list of different lenders willing to work in this marketplace. >> any caution signs to look for in refinance? >> the one caution i mentioned earlier. if you lower your payments but make them for a longer period of time, you could end up paying more money overall. just something to keep aware of. knowing that you've got that sort of relief on a monthly basis often makes life possible in a way it wasn't before right now and allows you to do things like buying a house, getting married, having kids. do your research. make sure that you go through all of the steps before you take
8:44 am
one and definitely shop around. >> jean, thank you so much. you can find more of jean's information on up next, stuff we love made in the usa. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome back. this morning stuff we love we're celebrating all things made in the usa just in time for the fourth of july holiday. we have gathered must have american made items. good morning. good to see you. you have covered the entire family. furry and all. >> look at little mag. this is customized personalized
8:47 am
sweatshirts and t-shirts. anything you want the world to know. they will put it in sequins and emojis. and then look at little roger. he wants everyone to know that he's so -- >> look at roger. >> i want everyone to know that i am hangry. custom made whatever you want starting at $38. >> that's phenomenal. made in the usa. >> here we go. >> now here we have two very special models. these are mommy models. let's start with their hats. a couple things to go through. first of all, these are big floppy hats. aren't they amazing? all americans love a monogram. just $24.95. now, if we turn them around, the big reveal, we have two most adorable tiny little models.
8:48 am
their pacifiers are monogrammed. nobody puts baby in a corner. they want their own monogram. we have bear an hunter from white elephant just $15. they love you, tamron. >> quickly, moms are wearing fashion made in the usa. we've got a great red and white striped updated top. her jeans are the perfect skinny jean. and this fun star maxy. >> worth obsessing over. so are those babies. my god. >> if we go over here, now it's also possible to cook with patriotic flare. >> i wonder which one i love? >> maybe texas. these are from american skillet company. you can cook your cornbread for fourth of july in a united states shaped skillet or they've
8:49 am
got lots of other states. michigan is dropping this week. >> let's move onto glassware. >> we have from uncommon breed, this fourth of july you can celebrate your cool beverage with a very patriotic glass. here we have the constitution rocks and declaration of independence glasses right there on the side. we, the people, are very thirsty. they have college town glasses so maps of your college town. and then they have city map glasses. so easy. personalize any city you love. >> patriotic food. made in the usa. >> made in the usa. this is this next cheesy puffs. serious cheesy puffs. watch out. they have kick.
8:50 am
this is not your typical cheesy puff. it's unbelievable. all natural. and lastly ice cream. a special tone. this is soco creamery in massachusetts they've been making handmade ice cream and this is their blueberry honey lavender which is so divine. love it. lastly, look at these little fabulous porcelain cones. never dripped on again. >> great list. thank you. we have the entire list of made in the usa products on up next, we're ready to roll with katie lee. the recipe for some of her favorite cheesy eats. rst this is "today" onfi i su nrvived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood...
8:51 am
...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:52 am
>> announcer: "today food" is brought to you by french's ketchup. only real ingredients. never made with high fructose corn syrup. >> our good friend katie lee has a great take it and go recipe. katie, good morning. >> good morning. >> this is a traditional and regional west virginia dish. part of it is a family recipe. >> i'm from west virginia. pepperoni rolls are so popular
8:53 am
there. it started back with coal miners packing these to take in their lunch because pepperoni wouldn't go bad. >> the dough is made in your family. you can use them for cinnamon buns or something like this. >> this is a recipe my great aunt pat and grandma make all the time. start with yeast mixture. warm water helps activate the yeast and sugar helps it feed. i have canola oil in here. whisk this. approximate you the in sugar, salt and an egg. just keep whisking it. i'll add to that some cold water. then i'm going to add to it warm water. >> in that order? is that important? >> yes. then a you'll mix in the flour. this is a really forgiving dough. if you follow this recipe, it's pretty much foolproof. we have it all the time like refrigerator rolls. comes out like this after you already mixed it.
8:54 am
>> we'll pretend i did that. you have to work with that dough a lot. >> you do. so flour surfaced. take it on near and knead it for eight to ten minutes. i set a timer on my phone so i know that i get it long enough. >> what does that actually do? >> this will help develop gluten and make it stretchy and elastic. you want to do it until it gets nice and stretchy and starts to smooth out. i put it in a bowl. this goes into the refrigerator for three hours to rise. >> look at what happens. it rises quite a bit. >> punch it down and then we'll roll it out into a big rectangle. at this point you could really fill this with whatever you wanted. if you want to do cinnamon rolls, you could. we're doing pepperoni. i put pepperoni down first. >> there's one extra piece there. >> and then you're going to top it with broccoli after that. season that with a little bit of garlic salt and then the cheese. >> what kind of that? >> shredded mozzarella. important to do it in this
8:55 am
order. broccoli has a lot of moisture and that pepperoni and cheese will make it like a cocoon and hold it in there so dough doesn't get soggy. after you made your nice layer. roll it up. just like you would cinnamon rolls. you want to squeeze this cylinder so that it seals and then take a knife. cut off the end because there's not as much good stuff down there. and then slice them. you see you get these nice spirals just like this. and then you put them into a greased casserole dish. cover it. let it rise another hour and a half. then it goes into the oven. i have some back here. into the oven for 45 minutes at 350. it comes out looking like this. i mean, look how good these look? we used to have these all the time during the summer if you're having a pool party, a great thing to have. perfect for fourth of july. comes out. >> let me ask downstairs? >> so good. what a great idea.
8:56 am
>> really versatile. >> you see how easy it is. >> you can pack this in their lunches. it's great. >> it freezes great. >> you have a pesto version over here. >> that's our vegetarian. try one, matt. >> which one is which? this is not my first rodeo here. katie lee, thank you so much. have great fourth. recipe online. coming up next, we're back after your local news. good thursday morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's start with a forecast from first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> starting the dayç with sunshine and ending june with sunshine. last day of june, going to be sunny all day long. blue sky and into the 80s. upper 80s for philadelphia this afternoon. somerton, 88 degrees. chus nut hill, 87.
8:57 am
the suburbs, no sign of fog. bright sunshine and 87 for lansdale. look at allentown, up to 86. for new jersey, warm inland. at the shore, a little cooler. low 80s for ocean city and cape may. wilmington to 87 this afternoon. tracy. >> thanks. today, new jersey lawmakers will decide on a 23 cents per gallon tax hike. the state senate will consider the increase. the hike could cost drives an extra $100 a year, but it also includes a gradual drop in the state's sales tax from 7% to 6%. that's estimated to safe the average family about $400 a year. >> today, sentencing for a man who admitting kidnapping a woman a off a street. you can see the man dragging a woman as she tried to fight him off. days later, police found him and the victim in maryland. barnes pleaded guilty. today, philadelphia city council is honoring muhammad
8:58 am
ali. members will present his family with a resolution passed by the council days after ali died. >> and as we head toward the democratic national convention in philadelphia, crews will be installing these donkeys around town today. they represent the symbol of the democratic party. you'll see 57 of them at different philly landmarks. >> i'm tracy davidson. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. you can stay updated throughout the day with news and weather with the nbc10 app. thanks for watching.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: this morning on "today's take," 98 degrees. nick lechey and the guys are here to perform live. not over the fence, through it. we'll go spanning the world for the wildest in sports and how to make your fourth of july party pop. diy tips for your big bash coming up next. >> announcer: from noobc "today this is "today's take." >> welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. a beautiful one i might add in new york city. it's june 30th, 2016. >> i just thought of something tamron told me earlier. >> really? >> al, i will do anything you
9:01 am
ask for the rest of my life. please. >> 98 degrees. >> we do. >> it's 100,000 degrees. my heart is racing. i can't wait until commercial. >> look at the jam of the day. >> "hardest thing" by 98 degrees. >> hardest thing is not telling this story. >> 98 degrees performing live for us today. they're also going to hang with us in just a few minutes. we're excited. >> love them. >> groove. >> you missed it yesterday. we'll talk to you about it later. >> a lot to catch up on. >> you are gone a day and you miss a lot on "today's take." >> okay. olympics are right around the corner. coming up in just a few weeks. michael phelps headed to his fifth summer games after winning the 200 meter butterfly last
9:02 am
night at the u.s. swimming trials in omaha. the first american male swimmer to qualify for five, five olympics. dusting the competition last night. here's what he said after the race. >> you know, we talk so much about how much harder this is than the actual olympics so i think just having that off my mind hopefully i can open things up and have fun now. >> that's an after the race. he was so young when he started. >> 31. >> dominating as a teenager. michael's mother, his fiance, nicole and 7 week old son, boomer watching from the stands last night cheering him on. phelps has two more events at the trials. look at the little guy. >> boomer is like i have no idea what just happened. seems very exciting. a lot of screaming. >> there for his dad. >> so cute. michael still has 100 fly and 200 individual medley at this trial. today by the way, also his 31st birthday.
9:03 am
>> he was 15 at the first olympics. >> 15? >> 15. he spent half his life at the olympics. >> he grew up in that spotlight and you can understand growing up in that, he's talked about how he hit some hard times. always having that pressure on him. he grew up in the pool. >> good times right now. >> love, baby. he's healthy. >> looked great last night. >> speaking of growing up a lot. we were having this conversation because there was an "l.a. times" column about showing your favorite movies to your kids for the first time. the classics. the good old classics. and how they reacted. it got us thinking about watching favorite movies with our own kids. >> let me pause for a second. when they pitched this to me, they didn't say kids. favorite movie to share with families. i would never show kids this movie. >> we'll get to that, too. >> this is perfect. >> we'll get to that, too.
9:04 am
that's another one. so my movie i set up for my kids. funniest movie i remember watching. i can remember the exact day where i was and what theater. i died of hift aysterics in my . here's the clip. >> flight 209 you are clear for takeoff. >> roger. huh? >> request sector. >> huh? >> we have clearance, clarence. roger, roger. >> radio clearance, over. >> clarence over. >> huh? >> roger over. >> who? >> such a good call. >> i love "airplane." i remember last summer i was so excited to show them this movie. i thought they were of age they could get some of the jokes and references. this was their reaction. >> action. >> sound effects.
9:05 am
>> we don't have video. that's it. >> they don't have cameras. >> i should have brought that video. can we change this movie? really, mom, this is not funny at all. >> even the scene when they are standing in line? >> i think a lot of word play and puns you have to be a certain age to get that. >> they were too young? >> i think so. >> and innuendo may be lost on them. >> i take my coffee like my men. >> you go through the lines. >> i may have to do a do-over. >> "naked gun" too. >> surely you must be joking. first of all, a comedy theme
9:06 am
dead for years, black and white movie, ladies and gentlemen, the classic, "abbott and costello meet frankenstein." >> what happened when you showed your kids this? >> first of all, they said why is it in black and white? and it just had no -- they didn't even watch the whole thing. i thought this movie was -- when i saw this as a kid, i thought it was one of the funniest movies and abbott and costello were the first ones to -- this and "hold that ghost" a precursor to before gu "ghostbusters" are classics. they don't get it. >> you want them to appreciate what went into black and white to where we are today. >> i'm curious about your movie. what family members would you show it to?
9:07 am
>> they said what film do you show people that no one gets. >> not people. your kids. >> they didn't say kids. my kids are still baking in the oven somewhere. i don't have them. >> the movie? >> it's a film called "the lover." it's a very romantic love story. after our fifth or sixth date, i show them this movie and judge the guy on this film. >> i have never seen this. >> so when the girls looked it up here, the ladies, it starts out by saying it's erotica. >> hello. >> you show this to your mom on mother's day. >> i didn't say my mom. i'm so embarrassed. >> this is a fifth date movie then? >> i embellish. it's a second date. >> wow.
9:08 am
>> your movie to show the kids. >> i've done all of the classics. "star wars" they love. "ghostbusters" they love. we're going to "teen wolf" next. we were checking out. cheap movies. i always grab a couple of those. they had "red dawn" which is a classic movie. the original. >> you showed this -- >> george was asking me about it. he is six. i said what's happening here, son, is a bunch of high school kids are beating. >> he said pass the bourbon, willie. >> there's violence not appropriate for a 6 year old. the wolverines. whole thing. we dipped out at the worst part. i knew when they were coming. just the fun stuff. >> so your son may have a fear of this. many people have phobias and fears of certain things. we saw it in john oliver last week, what our news anchor is
9:09 am
afraid of. >> i'm terrified of clowns. >> i had a fear of flying. >> i'm afraid of drowning. >> scared of computers. >> nuns were raping me. i have a fear of penguins. >> number one fear is elevators. >> mice. >> sharks. >> as a kid i was terrified of quick sand. >> i have a fear of losing gift cards. >> i have a phobia of being tickled. i sweat through my dress. >> i'm afraid of adult cats. >> everything i'm reading terrifies me right now. >> you're afraid of everything. prompter. cats. tickling. >> i'm afraid of the snooze button. >> that was on john oliver? >> i wasn't on. i was mocked on john oliver. i'm afraid of snooze because if you hit it, what if --
9:10 am
>> cats come out. >> adult cats. >> i love kittens. i'm afraid of adult cats. you can't read them. >> you're not supposed to read them. >> i have a nice adult cat i can read well. >> i like my cat. i don't like other people's cats because i'm afraid of them. >> obviously you're not afraid to show a date "the lover." >> erotica. >> fifth date or second date. >> mr. postman, you got a moment. i want to show you a movie. a lot going on up there. you don't want to go up there without a whip. by the way, we got july 4th coming up this weekend. a lot of people on the road. probably the biggest travel day of the year. and so out west the southwest and plains monsoonal moisture and local flooding so airports like denver, phoenix,
9:11 am
albuquerque, kansas city, oklahoma city, may have some airport delays. i-40. i-70 may have issues. we'll watch that. and then here in the northeast tomorrow going to be a big travel day. moist and unstable air mass. hit or miss thunderstorms. boston, new york, d.c., buffalo, philly, may see some problems along i-90 and especially along i-95 into tomorrow afternoon and evening. probably some travel troubles as well. good morning. i'm bill henley. a nice sunny, warm summer day. sunshine and upper 80s this afternoon. but the humidity stays in check for philadelphia. the suburbs, 86 in west chester and the lehigh valley. allentown and easton warm into the middle to upper 80s this afternoon. nice warm day for new jersey. cooler at the shore, but most spots will reach into the low 80s. ocean city, 80 this afternoon. few extra clouds later today in rehoboth. plenty of sunshine. 87 in wilmington. have a great day.
9:12 am
>> that's a good topic. >> that's your latest weather. >> coming up, as advertised, 98 de degrees back in tour with us. we'll catch up with the guys and get a performance right after this. 9-10, ready or not ...wait... what am i doing? >>you're searching!! oh, that's right! here i come!!! ohhh. i bet someone is hiding in that house... ouch!!! ohhh. oh, i bet someone is hiding in that... ahhh!!! >>oh, dory, are you okay? oh, let's cover that, it'll get better quicker. wait, what were we doing? >>hide and seek. oh, that's right. ready or not, here i come! >>guys, i'm still hiding! for all of life's mishaps, band-aid brands's got you covered. see disney pixar's finding dory, now in 3d. guys?! someone is carrying well,locally grown produce picked at peak of season of freshness. guess who it could be. better yet... ...try it.
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9:15 am
the fellas of 98 degrees rose to fame with hits like "because of you" and "the hardest thing." >> after spending the last decade working on their solo career, they're all back together. hitting the road this morning with my 2k tour. guys, so happy you're all back together again. >> thanks for having us. >> everybody can be at peace now. a real road trip down memory
9:16 am
lane. what are you looking forward to most? >> reconnecting with our fans. it rekindled our desire to go out on the road again. that's where the my 2k tour was born. it will be a great show. fans a chance to relive memories of early 2000s. >> does it click back in with the four of you guys when you're back in that mode rehearsing getting ready to go on stage. >> scarily yes. the things that annoyed each other 20 years ago, still annoy us. it really is. it's a weird dynamic that doesn't matter how long you're apart, you full back into the same roles and fall right back into the same routine. >> same routine. same dance moves. any new songs? new things that you're working on as well, jeff? >> well, we have new dance moves. we didn't have any dance moves before. now we have -- >> you have this and that.
9:17 am
>> you're hired. you can be part of our eye candy on tour. there will be twist and turns. we want to put surprises in the show. things people haven't seen before. the throwbacks and stuff that made us popular in the first place that we're fortunate about. a couple different things out there for us i think and for the audience. >> justin, this is a legit tour. we're all about the same age. are we up for this now? >> do you want to sub in? >> come out of the bull pen for you. >> it will be a lot of fun. we'll do 39 shows. we're looking forward to it. it's going to be a blast. >> you start july 8th in wichita. what's the bus like? are you do have that all set up? >> we're sharing a bus as a band together for the first time
9:18 am
since 2001. we're all going to be on the same bus doing it like it was in the beginning. truly a throwback tour. it will be fun. a great way for us to kind of keep the comradery going and a lot of times new music comes out of that when you spend hours together on a bus. looking forward to it. it will be fun. >> a few more kids on the bus than 2001? >> we have a no kids rule. >> a lot of facetime with kids on the bus though. >> we made the schedule work to fly home on days off to see our families. >> fantastic. guys, thank you so much. we can't wait. you will perform for us later on. coming up next though, you never know what you're going to find on the internet like this giant ice cream sandwich. guess what? that is going to be right here in studio. we get to dig in. along with some other festive fourth of july ideas after these this is mister kitty. mom doesn't know we have him. it's something about "responsibility." i made you-know-who promise not to tell.
9:19 am
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9:22 am
you got your start as a blogger seven years ago and is one of youtube's top creators. earlier this year she interviewed president obama following his final state of the union. >> named a change ambassador to u.n. and did we mention she has over 4 million subscribers. ingrid and her 4 million s subscribers are here with us. good to see you, ingrid. >> what's going on here? >> we'll wake you up with sugar. how do you feel about ice cream sandwiches? >> i could sleep on this. >> we'll make a giant one. what we're doing is we have some brownies in a tray here. that's our crust. >> a slab of brownies.
9:23 am
>> and then you just want to poke holes in it. ice cream sandwiches have holes in top. you take the end of this spoon here and just poke it. there you go. >> i was looking for a stick. >> did you want bigger holes than that? >> we need a bigger hole. >> then you want to create a tray of ice cream. you can use any flavors that you like. you can use all of your favorites. what you want to do is flip your tray. >> parchment paper underneath. >> i'll hold this. we have warm water here. this is actually a really great recipe. >> it eases out. >> it eases out. and then you have a big ice cream sandwich. this is what you want to get. >> if you want something lighter, making your own popsicles. this is one of my recipes.
9:24 am
you take coconut water and you're going to fill up a popsicle mode. >> naturally sweet. >> and then you can just put in any kind of fruit that you want. so this is a really great way to make a healthier version of popsicles. >> fantastic. >> you can do red, white and blue for fourth of july. any kind of color scheme you want. we're going to do some chocolate dipped strawberries. so easy to do. you just take a strawberry. dip it in some melted white chocolate. about two thirds of the way. >> cute. >> i love your excitement and energy. >> last but not least, balloons. >> i'm so happy. i love this. >> how do we make balloons even better. >> we have clear balloons. the way to get confetti into a balloon, you just put it through
9:25 am
there. big straw. blow it up and that's it. >> just like that. >> ingrid, thank you. >> we're back after your local news and weather. one of us will be back. this man is going down. >> that's nice. >> that's nice. that's nice. technology is useful. >> that's nice. that's nice. i just bought a book. and while i was telling you about the book, i downloaded a song. oh, and full disclosure, when we were just chatting about that song thing, someone arranged a date. guilty. the point is, life is digital. so, carmax, created a site where you can reserve a car online. come in when it's convenient, your car will be waiting. just another thing to make buying a car better for you... reads this tweet that i just posted. oh, that appears to be trending. lol.
9:26 am
i'm tracy davidson. sunshine to start the day for the last day of june. let's get the forecast from bill henley. looks beautiful, bill. >> doesn't it, though? it's nice and warm today, but the humidity is low. it got cooler this morning as a result of the low humidity and clear skies. the temperatures are climbing right now. that's the view from easton this morning. tomorrow, a different story. after enjoying sunshine today, showers and thunderstorms. not an all-day rainfall, but we could see strong storms develop in the afternoon into the evening hours. more likely in the lehigh valley. then for the weekend, we're clearing out on saturday. 80 saturday afternoon. a little warmer on sunday. turning partly cloudy for monday, the fourth of july. tracy. >> with the clock ticking
9:27 am
towards the july 4th holiday weekend, negotiators are working to avoid a strike tomorrow by casino hospitality workers in atlantic city. 6500 workers are threatening to walk off the job if they can't agree on new contracts. >> today's your last chance to get septa's key card for now. septa wants to get feedback from you before allowing more riders to get the card. septa says 10,000 ridervise the new card in this initial part of the program. >> and check out this time lapse of 23,000 hoagies being made a few hours ago at the national constitution center. today is hoagie day, part of our eight-day celebration for wawa welcome america. you can get your free hoagie in time for lunch at noon on independence mall. ticketed passengers at philadelphia international airport can travel through the convention history. the special exhibit pops upç i terminal a at 10:00 this
9:28 am
morning. you can find it all on the nbc10 app. ♪ hey! ♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪
9:29 am
♪ get down, get down.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. new questions about the safety of hand sanitizers. the fda is now demanding to know how effective they are and whether they present health risks. the feds are especially concerned about children and pregnant women. however, the fda says there is currently no reason to take these products off the market. you can let go of the guilt if you enjoy a little bit of butter on your toast or baked potato again. a review of health studies from 15 countries found no significant rise in the risk of early death or heart disease for people who ate up to 3 tablespoons of butter a day but butter doesn't provide any real benefits either. the lead author suggests you choose healthier plant based oils instead of butter when you can. amazon is bringing back its
9:31 am
prime day sales promotion. the online retailer launched the event last year to coincide with the 20-year anniversary. there was a lot of grumbling on social media that the deals weren't that impressive and some items ran out too fast. this year amazon prime day is on july 12th. pepsi bringing back an old favorite. they'll rerelease crystal pepsi popular in the 1990s. available for a limited time in the u.s. starting august 8th. crystal pepsi was launched in 1992 but disappeared two years later. north america's most powerful leaders shaking off an awkward moment that's gone vi l viral. the leaders met in ottawa for the north american leaders summit as you see by that handshake, things got complicated. they all laughed it off and
9:32 am
later president obama addressed the canadian parliament becoming the first american leader to do so since bill clinton in 1995. they got the handshake down in the end. let's send it to al for a check of the weather. >> a complicated handshakes kids do together. let's look ahead to your july 4th weekend. wet weather from the great lakes along the eastern seaboard. could be travel trouble. also out in the rockies spectacular weather. we look ahead to rain in new england and wet weather along the southeast coast. heavy rain from the central plains into the rockies and we've got plenty of sunshine along the west coast. same again on sunday with more heavy rain in the mississippi river valley southeast gulf coast looking wet and gorgeous through the northeast which will continue on to the fourth itself. more rain mid-atlantic states into chicago, cleveland, kansas city. out west, looking good. showers in the central rockies.
9:33 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a nice, sunny, warm summer day. sunshine and upper 80s this afternoon. but the humidityç stays in che for philadelphia. the suburbs, 86 in west chester and the lehigh valley. allentown and easton warm into the middle to upper 80s this afternoon. nice warm day for new jersey. a little cooler at the shore, most spots will reach the low 80s. few extra clouds later today in rehoboth. plenty of sunshine, 87 in wi wilmingt wilmington. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. to a love story that started out with others but for this young michigan michigan couple perfect match took on an entirely new meaning. check it out. dating sites. they have become one of the most popular ways to find love. but for mike and natalie, they found their perfect match in more ways than one on
9:34 am
>> i see her profile and her green eyes just pop from the page. that's when i gave her the wink. fortunately that same day i got a wink back. >> what started as an online romance grew stronger after their first date in early 2014. >> we talked so long. the restaurant is like we need to close now. we went to starbucks and they ended up kicking us out, too. it was a good date. >> it was great date. >> things going smoothly for the couple until tragedy struck. >> i had strep throat when i was younger and that damaged my kidneys. i knew eventually i would have to have a transplant. i just didn't think it was going to happen this soon. >> just a month after dating, natalie was told her blood was toxic, her kidneys rapidly failing and immediately placed on dialysis. >> i really didn't know what his reaction was going to be or if he would be able to, you know,
9:35 am
want to stick around. so i called him. he came right to the hospital. he sat by my bedside. >> the first date and first meetings i saw this beautiful woman and so active and so full of energy and then i see her at her worst and still i didn't see any flaw in her. >> he worked from my hospital bed and he ate with me and he held my hand when i was crying. he was just amazing. >> despite her medical troubles, mike knew natalie was the woman for him. >> he just asked me to marry him and i said yes. of course. >> one thing that still stood in the way of their happily ever after but mike had a plan for that as well. >> my natural instinct was i have to try to do what i can for this woman that i know i'm going to be with forever. so i submitted my application to be a donor. >> they said that he was almost
9:36 am
a perfect match and that usually only happens with siblings so it was really amazing. we really couldn't believe this was all happening. >> a perfect match yet again. mike donating a kidney to his bride three months before their wedding day. after a successful transplant and a few months of recovery, this past sunday natalie and mike got married. >> i pronounce you husband and wife. >> celebrating life, love and a healthy future built on the foundation of that perfect match. that is truly wonderful. we wish them all the best. congratulations. a lifetime of health and happiness. up next, get popcorn ready and get your team jersey on because it's time to go spanning the world with my
9:37 am
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9:40 am
bloops, blunders and just things that are bizarre. the best from the wacky world of sports. >> to take us through it all, we're joined by len berman.
9:41 am
good morning. >> june featured cleveland cavaliers and dustin johnson winning the u.s. open truly the top sports stories. let's go spanning the world. >> unbelievable! >> through the wall. let's throw out the first ball. morgan daytona beach cheer academy. it's more of a hand off. still pretty cool. play ball for sioux falls canaries making a bid to appear. this guy makes the catch. how about that? our oops of the month involving bats. the reason they use metal bats is they don't break. really? try telling that to tennessee.
9:42 am
>> ouch. >> they don't make metal like they used to. snapped it off. and batting for the indians down he goes. upon further review, his own bat trips him up. hate when that happens. worst moves of the month. how many rockies does it take to cover first base? on the bunt. the answer is? two. the guy on the left says i got it. he's not standing on the base. the runner is safe. and in dallas you make the call. an own goal for kansas city? it's ruled a good save. what do you think? look at the replay. that's a goal. and the race in pittsburgh. the wrestler. phony elbow. nobody got hurt. not even on the elbow drop. and our genius of the month. colleagues at wor radio playing
9:43 am
baseball in the hallway using a toner cartridge for a bat. they didn't know they were caught on surveillance video. brilliant, guys. brilliant. our fans. max scherzer plays catch with a young mets fan in the stands. dad catches it on the phone. how come rival soccer fans fight? not ireland and switzerland. a joint sing along. >> soccer brings everyone together. >> the world comes together. >> there's nothing quite like soccer rowdies singing "dancing queen." >> an abba song. >> all right. >> up next, temperature is rising. heat is on. a live performance from 98 degrees after this. you owned your car for four years,
9:44 am
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly present to you by citi. >> another amazing throwback thursday performance for you because 98 degrees is here. >> we've got a packed studio for the song. the guys back headlining the my2k tour this summer. here they are with "because of you." ♪ ♪ you're the sunshine after the rain ♪ ♪ you're the cure against my fear and my pain ♪ ♪ because i'm losing my mind when you're not around ♪ ♪ it's all ♪ it's all because of you
9:49 am
♪ you're my sunshine ♪ baby i really know by now since we met that day ♪ ♪ you showed me the way ♪ i felt it then you gave me love i can't describe ♪ ♪ how much i feel for you ♪ i said baby i should have known by now ♪ ♪ should have been right there whenever you gave me love ♪ ♪ and if only you were here ♪ i'd tell you, yes i'd tell you ♪ ♪ you're my sunshine after the rain ♪ ♪ you're the cure against my fear and my pain ♪ ♪ because i'm losing my mind when you're not around ♪ ♪ it's all, it's all because of
9:50 am
you ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ honestly could it be you and me ♪ ♪ like it was before neither less or more ♪ ♪ because when i close my eyes at night i realize that no one else could ever take your place ♪
9:51 am
♪ you're my sunshine after the rain ♪ ♪ you're the cure against my fear and my pain ♪ ♪ because i'm losing my mind when you're not around ♪ ♪ it's all, it's all because of you ♪ ♪ you're my sunshine after the rain ♪ ♪ cure the cure against my fear and my pain ♪ ♪ cause i'm losing my mind when you're not around ♪ ♪ it's all, it's all because of you ♪
9:52 am
[ applause ] >> thank you. >> awesome. did you like your sing along? we were singing along with you guys. >> rocking out. >> my2k tour starts next week. they'll be back with a performance with kathie lee and .oda next hour
9:53 am
come to sesame place before little kids become big kids.
9:54 am
before dress up turns to make-up. and tag becomes hashtag. and don't miss our brand new show, the magic of art featuring abby cadabby. come to the only place that makes little hearts race. get unlimited visits with a season pass for 6 payments of less than $19. sesame place >> we're talking hair care. always talking hair. >> we have an encore. 98 degrees is going to sing one more. >> katie lee is here making one of my favorites in the whole world. key lime pie. >> it's unbelievable. >> ambush makeovers today. >> can i have pie? >> of course you can. yeah, baby. >> all this after your local news.
9:55 am
>> getting ready for the july life's morning multitasking for a growing family,
9:56 am
and drawers with many layers, to show exactly what you need. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. good thursday morning. i'm tracy çdavidson. snun to start your day. let's find out about the rest of the day and get your forecast with bill henley. >> tracy, beautiful view from hehoebth beach, delaware. plenty of sunshine to start with. clouds late today in rehoboth. that begins a change heading into tomorrow. today, 87 degrees for philadelphia and delaware. tomorrow, the clouds will be here. not an all-day rainfall, but occasional showers and a chance of some strong thunderstorms.
9:57 am
especially tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. then clearing out for the holiday weekend. sunshine saturday, 86 degrees. upper 80s sunday, and turning partly cloudy on monday. there is a chance we could see some showers for the fourth to late monday evening. >> thank you. this morning the family of a 13-year-old killed yesterday wants to know where he and his friends gault the gun they were playing with. police are calling it an accidental shooting. a group of teenagers was playing with a gun when it went off and hit the 13 yoorld in the head. they did find the gun nearby. police tell us the person who was holding the gun when it went off was 17. police have not arrested or charged anyone. >> the philadelphia nonprofit manna is seeking donations after funding for their children's meal program was cut. the city's department of human services eliminated about 350,000 in funding. they knew the cuts were coming as human services is moving funds from preventative services to more direct services.
9:58 am
if you wand more information or to donate, go to or check our nbc10 app. thanks for watching.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello everybody. welcome. it's june 30 already. last day of june. >> is it? >> 30 days. >> we have another lead. looking so cute and ready for summer. >> this is so fun. >> what are we making? >>


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