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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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saw estimated that the transportation fund would run out in august. but he expects a deal to be struck before then. he even said he's willing to work through this holiday weekend. but no time line has been established. nbc 10 news. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> now, to our weather. another hot sunny beautiful summer day. a live look at a busy camel beach in the poconos. good place to be. a live look at the beach in cape may, where people and umbrellas are covering the sand. changes are coming ahead of the holiday weekend, though. thunderstorms will be rumbling starting tomorrow morning. >> first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now tracking it. >> don't let the forecast for tomorrow make you put off your plans for the rest of the weekend. because it's going to get really nice. it's really nice right now. we've got 85 degrees in much of
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new jersey, the lehigh valley. philadelphia 85 degrees. lots of sunshine across the area. nothing on radar close by. we have to go pretty far to the west to find any showers, out by chicago. so it's going to be a while before we see any kind of activity. so this evening is just beautiful. we've got low humidity. we've got comfortable temperatures. by tomorrow morning, the clouds are going to be increasing. the humidity's going to be increasing. we could even see some showers around, especially around the shore, i think. even in the morning hours, and then again later in the day. so the temperature not too bad. the clouds increasing tomorrow. thunderstorms likely tomorrow. more on the timing of that and the rest of the holiday forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> you can track tomorrow's rain and storms and keep on top of the forecast for the july 4th holiday weekend with the nbc 10 app. take it wherever you go. for the latest nis and weather
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updates. a warning to anyone heading down to bell a wear beach. environmental officials are issuing a water quality advisory for parts of bethany and dewy beach. they say excess bacteria tested positive. the beaches and swimming areas are not closed. officials say the elevated bacteria levels are likely from increased rainfall. >> organizers canceled a concert planned for saturday giving ticket holders just two days' notice. randy gyllenhaal is live in wildwood with what sparked the change. >> reporter: jim, the philly pops played here in a huge popular concert last year. this year, the tickets cost $25. and only a handful of people actually purchased them. and this is the busiest weekend here on the wildwood boardwalk. they started arriving today.
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families from new york, philly, and beyond, descending on the boardwalk in wildwood. >> i've been coming here since i was like 8. it's a great family vacation spot. >> reporter: we found this family from florida having a ball bouncing around the beach. >> we're here for all the fun activities, the fireworks. >> reporter: but this year, families won't get to see one of wildwood's most popular events, the philly pops salute to the troops concert has been canceled. organizers said they only sold some 85 tickets. last year the event was completely free and drew thousands. >> we had to cancel the pop concert on saturday. they would like a more local talent, a free event. >> reporter: but the big headliner tim mcgraw will still play on monday. the crews set up the stage, as mcgraw posted a message to fans on facebook. >> i can't wait to spend the fourth of july with you in wildwood, new jersey. come out and help us celebrate
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america. >> reporter: that concert will cost you money, but families looking for free fun can still check out the beach baconfest, a battle of the fans, and of course, all the fireworks. >> we like to bring glow sticks and watch the fireworks. >> the kids had a great time. >> reporter: clearly that cancellation is not stopping anybody from coming here to wildwood. it's thursday and the boardwalk is already pretty packed. we're expecting a lot of people at the tim mcgraw concert. the pops told us in a statement they're disappointed that the promoters canceled this concert but do have three other concerts this coming weekend in philadelphia. nbc 10 news. >> big weekend. the strike's been averted at three atlantic city casinos where workers were threatening to walk off the job this weekend. the union and casinos struck a deal today. those casinos are bali's, harrah's and caesar. talks are still ongoing with
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tropicana and trump taj mahal. the union has been trying to get back concessions it gave to the casinos when they were struggling for cash. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with the punishment for a man who kidnapped a woman off a philadelphia street and held her captive for three days. you'll remember this surveillance video which sparked a multi-state manhunt. today a judge sentenced delvin barnes to 35 years in prison. rosemary connors was in the courtroom this afternoon. rosemary, you also heard from the victim herself for the very first time. everyone wondering how she's doing. >> reporter: jacqueline, she's doing all right. she was soft-spoken, but clearly described the impact this ordeal has had on her life. she suffers from ptsd and has flashbacks of being kidnapped. they told the judge that when the 38-year-old forced her into the trunk of his car, she thought, this is it, i'm going to die. >> the idea that she was rescued
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alive with minor injuries was a miracle. >> reporter: it was difficult for the fbi and philadelphia police not to think the worst after seeing the surveillance video of the victim struggling with her attacker, who snatched her right off the sidewalk and stuffed her into his trunk. delvin barnes cried in court this afternoon and told the judge he's sorry from the bottom of his heart for kidnapping the young woman from her germantown neighborhood in 2014. he said he was ashamed, that his parents, especially his father, who is a minister, taught him right and wrong. also in court today, the prosecutor praised the victim for her survival skills. >> she basically made him care about her. >> using the skills that she had as a one-on-one coupnselor wher she works to show him compassion, understanding and empathy. >> reporter: the victim also made sure barnes used her bank card at an atm machine where there was cameras. it was these images that helped
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law enforcement track down the victim. >> it was probably one of the best moments in our lives. because this was a young woman that we believed would end up dead. >> reporter: in court, the victim also told the judge that she's afraid to go outside. she's afraid to get into cabs with drivers she doesn't know. but it hasn't stopped her from trying to move forward with her life. she's continued her passion for caring for others. she is now a certified nursing assistant. reporting live outside the federal courthouse, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> remarkable how much she was able to be so smart about everything. rosemary, you said he got 35 years. the judge would have liked a longer sentence. why did he go with the shorter length of time? >> reporter: you're absolutely right, jacqueline. the judge was very hesitant to go along with this plea deal, the deal of 35 years. and that's because delvin barnes
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is considered a career offender. that means he could have gotten life for this crime. but because the victim came forward, gave her statement, said she was satisfied with the sentence, that made all the difference in this case. by the judge signing off, the 35 years in prison, that means this will not go to trial and the victim can avoid any further pain and suffering. jacqueline, back to you. >> we have new information about the crash that killed a school superintendent in mercer county. charges have been filed against the 18-year-old girl who police say hit mayor while he was walking his dog back in april. the driver was 17 at the time of the crash. her name hasn't been released but she's charged with death by auto, and leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death. a 15-year-old has turned himself in after a 13-year-old boy was shot in the face. and in the past few minutes police tell nbc 10 the 15-year-old is now awaiting charges to be filed. also today the group known as
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philadelphia cease-fire is holding a vigil tonight at the scene of yesterday's shooting. left that 13-year-old boy dead. the vigil is meant not only to memorialize the boy, but also to open up a dialogue about gun violence and young people's tendencies to mimic what they see from adults. police say group of teenagers was playing with a gun in east germantown when it went off and hit the 13-year-old in the head. right now, in turkey, the death toll is still rising following a terror attack in one of the world's busiest airports. 44 people are dead from the attack after an airport worker died in the hospital. dozens are still recovering. we're also learning more about the people responsible. turkish officials say the three suicide bombers are from russia, uzbekistan and kyrgyzstan. police have arrested 13 people in connection with the attack. investigators are still raiding neighborhoods throughout istanbul looking for anyone linked to isis. here at home, philadelphia
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archbishop is responding to the attacks saying in part, istanbul now suffers as orlando, san bernardino, brussels and paris have done in recent months. i ask the clergy and the people of the archdiocese of philadelphia to pray in a special way in the coming days for all those affected by the tragedy in turkey. transgender people can now serve openly in the united states military. defense secretary ash carter said it's the right thing to do. >> americans want to serve and can meet our standards should be afforded the opportunity to compete to do so. after all, our all-volunteer force is built upon having the most qualified americans. >> changes will be phased in over a year by october 1st, transgender troops will be able to get medical care, and can begin to formally change their gender identifications in the pentagon's personnel system. more deadly than previously thought. that's what safety officials are
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now saying about those defective takata air bags. if you have an older car, they're telling you to act now. this is after new testing that found some of those air bags can be more prone to deadly malfunctions than previously thought. the national highway traffic safety administration said there are 300,000 of these older cars on the road that still haven't been repaired. notifications were sent out to the owners, but some still haven't followed up. the cars impacted the most by the new warning are honda and acura models from 2001 to 2003. it's back to negotiations today in harrisburg as republican and democratic lawmakers try to pass a budget for pennsylvania. just ahead of the new fiscal year. the pennsylvania senate wasted no time yesterday passing a budget plan that calls for more than $31 billion in spending. it includes increases for pensions, prisons and other human services. and an extra $200 million for public schools. house lawmakers say they'll act quickly to review the changes
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today. the state's new fiscal year starts tomorrow. after more than four decades of service across our area, the police chief is turning in his gun and badge. >> today was the last ride to work for chief john j. norris. norris has been with the police since 2004. he was in the philadelphia police before that for 33 years. norris was the deputy police commissioner for philadelphia police. we sat down with norris to talk about his experience in local law enforcement and his legacy. >> i did things the way i had to do them, and the right thing to do. sometimes you make decisions that aren't pop lay, but sometimes that's what you have to do to protect the department. and more basically help the officers, you know. that's what i hope i leave with. >> acting chief of police takes over the department officially at midnight. tonight septa is getting a head-start on the fourth of july celebrations and getting into the spirit of independence.
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check out the newly minted fifth street independence hall subway stop. they unveiled the new name for the line stop today, that stop serves as a gateway to the independence national historic park and other attractions in the city. but that's not all for the station. septa is also planning a major renovation for the subway stop that they say will help revitalize the surrounding area. here come the dompgies. the host for many of the democratic national convention started placing their 57 fiberglass donkeys all around philadelphia. there's one donkey for each state. washington, d.c., and the six u.s. territories. this one represents colorado. it will be placed at the union league of philadelphia. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell was there to introduce the new sculptures. he said there will be consequences if anyone messes with them. >> every one of our 57 donkeys is under either manual or
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technological surveillance. if anyone messes with the donkeys, there will be hell to pay. i may visit them in their home. >> the donkeys will be on display in philly until september 9th. after that, they'll either be auctioned off or shipped back to their states. historic site brought this crowd out to independence mall this afternoon. thousands and thousands of hoagies, all part of the wawa welcome america festival leading up to the fourth of july. tim furlong got the tough assignment covering hoagie day today. >> he's live at the museum with all the free family fun. the italian one, it was pretty amazing, tim. >> reporter: you guys know my rule, if it's free, it's for me. 18,000 of my closest friends and i went out and enjoyed a hoagie. it seemed like the wawa employees had just as much fun making them. it was like a wawa worker
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convention in the basement of the national constitution center, music pumping, meats and cheeses flying. >> you get 200 to 300 employees together at 4:00 in the morning to take six tons of ingredients and transform them into 23,000 hoagies, it gets exciting. >> reporter: the next 18,000 were free for the masses. but also, for a great cause. >> hoagies for heroes! >> reporter: the chef helping out on behalf of the uso. he got his tv start in our area but now spends 150 days a year helping the military. he's even opening a restaurant in the pentagon. he's a brit by birth and british military guy himself is all about the american troops. >> this is a great place to do something great. wawa is a company with a conscience doing just that. >> reporter: today on independence mall, the uso singers did their thing for a big crowd. the workers fed the masses.
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who doesn't like a free wawa hoagie, right? >> it's amazing! >> it's not the sandwich. great we give the sandwich. it's the love behind the sandwich, giving it to somebody you don't even know. >> reporter: roster -- he's going to have some going to the wawa store. wawa is going to pick up the tab at the constitution center on saturday. we'll take you backstage on this stage. some of the quirks and challenges it presents having a concert right here on the parkway. one of them is the sun. we're going to talk about that in just a little while. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. there are more free family events planned tonight. catch a summer concert at the mummers museum. and a band will perform at 8:00. head over to penn's landing at 9:00 to watch national treasure. find everything you need to know
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about wawa america on or the nbc 10 app. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, if only the whole holiday weekend could be as nice as today. well, most of it is going to be. we've got a lot of sunshine across the area. 85 in lehigh valley. 85 in philadelphia. a little cooler elsewhere, especially at the beaches. winds coming in off the ocean, 76 degrees in atlantic city, 77 in holgate. that ocean, 73 degrees. that's pretty nice and warm for this time of the year. 83 in wood vine and may's landing. that sea breeze affecting even inland areas. there's nothing on radar close by. not even a whole lot of clouds. we do have some showers in wisconsin. that's pretty far away, isn't it. but we do expect a threat of
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thunderstorms on friday. and we've been talking about this all week. it's not going to last, though, into the weekend. here we go tonight, and things are fairly quiet, except perhaps a couple of showers near the shore. by tomorrow morning, there could be showers in a good bit of the area. that's generally on the lighter side. but they get scattered and a little bit heavier during the afternoon, especially in new jersey and delaware. while the main area develops in central pennsylvania. that's during the late afternoon. in the meantime, you can still see other scattered heavy showers and thunderstorms, delaware and south jersey. this is not just one line of showers that's going to be coming down. but there it is, 7:00. and that's a pretty huff stuff, lined down here for wilmington, and another one up north of philadelphia. this will be the end of it pretty much, and that moves out and sets us up for some pretty nice weather over the weekend.
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we've got another great weekend overall here. lots of sunshine on saturday. low humidity again. sunday, the clouds increase a bit, especially in southern areas. the jersey shore and delaware. and those areas could even see some rain on the fourth of july. if you're headed to the shore, that's the day where there's the best chance of in i kind of rain. but it still looks fairly comfortable throughout the area, throughout the holiday weekend. none of that really hot stuff. you can see 78 degrees for penn's landing. the beginning of the concert tomorrow night, that's when the main threat of rain is. and things should dry out after that. the fourth of july, 11:00 a.m., mostly cloudy. but dry. the clouds increase during the afternoon. and during the day on monday. but i think we're going to be able to hold off the rain until tuesday. here's the forecast for tomorrow.
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it's pretty stormy across the area. fair mount, 88 degrees, berlin 86, allentown 81, with earlier showers and thunderstorms. galloway, 81, 79d atlantic city. there's going to be a sea breeze once again across the area. so that will knock the temperatures down at the shore. look at these numbers here. we've got 70s for sunday, ñz to be 70s for sunday, coming in off the ocean more often on saturday. a bit more of a land breeze. saturday should be a little bit warmer at the shore. remember, those showers for monday. more on the rest of the weekend and next week in a few minutes. >> glenn, speaking of the shore, it is your jersey shore beach among the best. >> the list is out. we'll tell you the top ranked places to take in the sand and the sun coming up. plus, put down the spoon and the raw cookie dough. why the fda is getting serious about its warning about not to eat the sweet treat before it
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comes out of the oven. straight ahead, an attack unlike any you may have heard before. look at what the man took from his victim. and it's what he left behind that's making headlines. here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. stocks closing higher, in the third straight recovery from the post-brexit sell-off.
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take a look at this video. a house tumbling down a cliff
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after a landslide in japan. this is after two days of intense rain in the area. it triggered the landslide that damaged six other homes. evacuation orders were already in place, so no one was hurt. other houses in the area are still at risk of collapsing. other video for you to see back in the u.s. a close call right here for two women working at this hair salon after the car came crashing through the doors. they were working behind the counter when the car barreled through the entrance. missed them by just inches. the 83-year-old driver accidently hit the accelerator instead of the brakes. no one was seriously hurt. here's some unusual video out of california. high-speed police chase caught on camera. the man being chased down was driving a go-kart. it happened over the weekend on a freeway in oakland. witnesses were cheering as the kart drove by them. it's not clear if police actually caught the guy.
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but i'm guessing they could go faster than he could, right? >> we're not used to seeing something like that. in new york city, this is a bizarre one. an attack against a woman who was just walking down the street. it was caught on camera. >> take a look here what happened. police say the man walked up behind the 27-year-old woman, grabbed her waist, then shoved a bag of feces down her pants. you can also see the man taking off a pair of gloves and throwing them out before running away. this happened monday night in manhattan. so far, that suspect has not been caught. >> disturbing to say the least. nbc 10 is on a mission to solve your consumer complaints. >> if you have a problem, harry hairston is your man, to canceled flights, to burned hedges. helping you recover nearly $50,000 in two months. see harry's biggest successes next. this teen usa is taking a more modern approach, what the beauty pageant is retiring from
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competition and adding instead.
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right now at 4:30, stories of success, more than 1,300 viewers have reached out to "nbc 10 responds" with consumer complaints so far. >> in just two short months, we've helped put tens of thousands of dollars back in your pockets. "nbc 10 responds" reporter harry hairston takes a look at this month's highlights. >> from canceled flights to burned hedges to ticket refunds, no consumer problem is too small or obscure for us to take on. here's a look back at the last month. "nbc 10 responds" hears from dozens of viewers every single
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day. and whenever we can, we want to put your stories on tv, to tell others how to get the same help. >> i've been without a refrigerator. what do you do? >> reporter: remember rose. her refrigerator wouldn't keep her food cold. but once we got involved brand-new bridge delivered free. >> i want to say thank you to channel 10, harry, the whole staff. >> reporter: then there was ed nugent. >> this is pretty much as it was before it got hit. >> reporter: he was left to pay thousands of dollars after a car accident damaged his yard. but after we reached out to the insurance company, they sent nugent a check for $3,515. >> i really appreciate everything "nbc 10 responds" has done for me. i got my money. >> reporter: then there was crystal. she had trouble getting a refund on her flight after the airline canceled the trip. >> no refund, no refund. i would reapply and still nothing. >> reporter: when we got involved, refund processed. >> i don't think we would have
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gotten it without you guys. >> reporter: helping people get the resolutions they deserve is why we come to work every day. >> thank you so much, harry hairston, and "nbc 10 responds" for getting me my money. >> if you need help, harry is your man. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> thanks nbc 10. >> we've got to hire those kids, they're too cute. the total amount of money recovered for you now stands at $47,000. we're always looking to help more people. >> you're not kidding, all these people getting a thank you and getting a pat on the back. >> and a bunch of helping hands out there. >> it feels good to help people. >> it does. who are you going to help? go out there and do it. >> so many people are desperate for answers. for you to step forward and assist is a big deal. thanks, harry. coming up tomorrow, harry will answer your top consumer questions live on the air. send your questions to us on nbc
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10's facebook page or head to 10 responds. let's go to delaware now where state police need help finding a man who stole a golf cart. they're looking for 26-year-old nathan lewandowski. he drove the cart to a parking lot, took a set of keys from the storage compartment and drove off with a truck. investigators later found that truck in camden. but they still haven't found the suspect right there. the fbi is renewing its search to find a famous painting stolen from a cherry hill home. this is a normal rockwell painting that someone stole 40 years ago today. the painting datsd back to 1919. it's been given many titles over the years, including boy asleep with hoe. it was taken from a cherry hill home during a break in 1976. if you have any information, call the fbi. bringing philadelphia
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together through social media, that's what comcast and the franklin institute are helping to accomplish today with a special event. the social media day 2016, an opportunity for social media experts and rookies to learn, share and also connect. hundreds of people representing different companies throughout philadelphia came out for this event. there were keynote speeches and panels that let guests socialize and network. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. put down the dough, that's the message from the fda. >> raw cookie dough, that is. coming up next, the new threat mixed in the batter that has the fda taking on a new tone with the warning about eating before it is in cookie form. plus, concert crackdown. how your phone could stop you from taking videos of your favorite performers during the show. all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a recall involving millions of pieces of furniture. ikea said it would offer
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refunds. but customers said they're not following through on that promise. coming up, "nbc 10 responds," harry hairston goes to the company to get answers. okay, ready?
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breaking news. just in to nbc 10, another casino has just struck a deal with its workers' union to avoid a strike. >> the latest, keith, what can you tell us about this? >> reporter: sources tell nbc 10's ted greenberg that a deal has been reached at the tropicana. the fourth casino to reach a deal. and avoid a strike with union workers. the deal with the tropicana, we understand, according to the source, is the same as the deal with caesar's. so far we know there is one casino without a deal, still out there, taj mahal. those union workers still threatening to strike. sources telling nbc 10 ted greenberg that sources, a deal has been reached at the tropicana. we'll have much more on this at
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5:00. until then, live in the digital operations center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. from the nbc 10 delaware bureau, kraft hines looking to add dozens of full-time jobs at its plant in dover. they approved two grants worth more than $1 million for the factory. that means 28 job openings are now available in dover. state officials also say the plant could be getting even more jobs after the company shuts down one of its plants in maryland. if you like getting a bite of raw cookie dough, the fda has a warning for you. people should not eat raw dough or batter of any kind because of an outbreak of illnesses related to e. coli. the company's recalled 10 million pounds of flour sold under the gold medal, gold medal wondra and signature kitchen
4:40 pm
brands. to something we've seen at concerts lately. thousands of people holding up their smartphones at the same time taking pictures and video. but now apple is developing technology that could put an end to that. the tech giant was granted a patent that would stop your smartphone camera from being used at those big live events. the phones would actually receive a signal inside the venue that would alter what you see on your camera, or simply disable it. this technology could also be used inside movie theaters. >> i think adele would like that. a decision that will celebrate and empower women who lead active lives. that's what miss teen usa organizers say will happen after dropping one of the main portions of the competition. the bathing suit part of the competition, it's now gone. instead, it will be replaced by an athleticwear competition. stressing the importance of active and healthy lives can encourage everyone in the community to do the same. the reigning miss teen usa said it will set a strong example for
4:41 pm
her peers. speaking of swim suits, they'll definitely be out this weekend as thousands head to the jersey shore. >> we have the list of the top beach destinations. >> let's see if your family's favorite spot is ranked mopping the best. glenn? >> we're going to be looking at a much different picture tomorrow from today. i'm tracking thunderstorms ahead of the holiday weekend next in my first alert forecast.
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looks like i need to head to ocean city, new jersey. it is still the people's choice. >> getting top honors again in a survey that lets people pick their favorite shore beach. this is all according to the new jersey sea grant consortium. 9,000 people cast their votes and ocean city took first place, followed by wildwood, crest and this year voters picked the top three beaches in each of the
4:45 pm
coastal counties. brigantine, i was just there last weekend. in cape may, ocean city, wildwood crest and north wildwood. in ocean county, top three were seaside heights, point pleasant beach and beach haven. plenty to choose from there. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> sometimes the fourth of july weekend, the ocean is kind of chilly. not this year. 73 degrees off of atlantic city this afternoon. which is pretty warm for this time of the year. the temperatures are warm. but not excessive. it's not hot. 85 degrees in philadelphia at the airport. 88 in penn's port. 86 in west mount air. 87 in fox chase. in somerton, the humidity is low for this time of the year. so it's fairly comfortable. you can check out your own
4:46 pm
seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, by the way. you don't have to wait until the end of the weather. it's not just for philadelphia anymore. not much cloud cover around. we have to go way back to the west, in chicago, to see any kind of showers. there's going to be showers developing, though, as we go through the night tonight, and into tomorrow. we've got moisture coming up from the south. look at that, by the morning rush, we could be seeing some showers and thunderstorms in parts of delaware, and south jersey, even toward the shore. so don't let that surprise you. it's not going to be that way all day. but we do have the shower threat as we go into the afternoon. so things may be quieting down at 10:00, 11:00 a.m. less activity than what we see at 5:00. we'll be seeing more showers and storms. look at the red there. that's right for the afternoon
4:47 pm
rush. showers, thunderstorms. not raining everywhere at the same time, but we have the potential for some strong gusty winds, some very heavy rain, lightning. this is 7:00. and that's a pretty heavy stuff there. right down to the shore for your friday night. there's another round of just regular showers. and then it moves out. so tomorrow's forecast is the most pessimistic of the next several days. don't let this fool you. landsdale 85, easton 80, all those places with showers and thunderstorms, at least some portion of the day. remember, at the shore, you can get some in the morning and in the evening. and in the poconos, it's looking pretty good. because we're going to be seeing a lot more sunshine farther to the north than farther to the south. and that's why the jersey shore in delaware is the best chance
4:48 pm
of seeing any kind of rain during the fourth of july itself. we're going to be having to watch that moisture to the south. so here we go with the nice weekend overall, saturday, sunday and most of monday. the clouds will increase monday, and the chance of rain increases tuesday. look at the temperatures next week. we've got several days of 90-plus. >> from new york's broadway to big platform right here in philadelphia. >> one of the stars of the huge hit "hamilton" is helping us celebrate independence day, next. leslie odom talks about his journey to an achievement that began right here in philadelphia. then all new at 5:00, wawa welcome america wasn't always around. we look how the idea became a reality and the men who made it happen.
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a broadway star is coming back to his hometown of philadelphia to shine in a different kind of spotlight. >> leslie odom jr. from "hamilton" hosting the biggest birthday celebration at the wawa welcome america festival. nbc 10's pamela osbourn talked to him about his homecoming. >> the tony goes to leslie odom jr., hamilton. >> reporter: his journey to this achievement began in this area. >> are there any defining moments when you figured this is what i want to do? >> my earliest experiences of taking in art at freedom theater and at philadanko. i'm a philadelphia artist. my whole lens is, you know, i
4:53 pm
got from philadelphia. the way i look at art, the way i perceive it. it comes from being raised as a young black man in philadelphia. >> reporter: odom earned a scholarship to freedom theater, pennsylvania's oldest african-american theater and training program. >> i didn't know that i was going to be prepared for a career on broadway. it was just a great place to get some discipline, and some training, some focus. >> reporter: it was about that time odom began to act out the word love. for this kid growing up in east oak lane influenced by his parents' music collection and the local artists from around town, there was no greater love than music. >> the thing that you dedicate yourself to and spend time with, the thing you do when no one's watching, the thing that you are doing just because that's your passion, and that's what you care about, eventually that thing will love you back. >> reporter: at 17, his big break came as a result of his
4:54 pm
sheer determination to love. >> pre-internet, so there was a show that was making a lot of noise in new york called rent. >> reporter: he memorized the cd top to bottom. when rent came to the theater, he bought tickets. he cut school to attend an open casting call and a few months later he was in the show. >> that sort of experience that i fell in love with it, i loved it, like a verb. i listened to it. i took it to bed with me. i woke up, i talked about it with people. you know, i knew everything about it. and as soon as it could, it loved me back. ♪ >> reporter: odom returns to the sounds of his roots, he's most looking forward to coming home to where it all started. odom will serve as emcee of this year's wawa welcome america concert. where he will also come full
4:55 pm
circle and sing. not alone into his tape recorder, but to the hundreds of thousands of hometown fans. >> i haven't performed in philly in a really, really long time. 15 years, something like that, you know. so it's a chance to come back to the place that raised me, and say thank you. and to show them what i've learned. >> reporter: one of those lessons, dare to dream big and make it happen. ♪ >> boy, has he made it happen, right? see more of leslie odom's story along with the highlights of this year's wawa welcome festival tomorrow night on nbc 10. a live special from penn's landing tomorrow at 7:00 tomorrow. what a platform he will have coming up on monday. >> and his star has just skyrocketed. tzth ham]hiladelphia is going t
4:56 pm
him right back at wawa. >> going to be fun. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, it was a kidnapping that drew national attention. it was all caught on video, too. the victim is telling her side of the story for the first time. we'll have the details from inside the courtroom and how long her kidnapper will spend in prison. thunderstorms tomorrow. make sure you have the umbrella. i'll show you the timing as well as the all-important fourth of july forecast next on nbc 10 news at 5:00. o@
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the only thing we want to see falling from the sky this weekend are fireworks. but will the weather stay clear for your holiday weekend? we'll show you when some rain could be moving in. back on the ground, there's good news for drivers in new jersey. there will not be an increase of the gas tax, at least for now. we'll show you what happens next. but first, it was the surveillance video that sent chills down people's spines. a woman kidnapped right off the street in philadelphia. the victim gets her day in court. nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts right now. her kidnapping drew national headlines and sparked a manhunt across three different states. >> her kidnapper is headed to prison for 35 years. for the very first time, that victim spoke about the ordeal that changed her life. nbc 10's rosemary connors was inside that courtroom and joins us live with more.
5:00 pm
rosemary? >> reporter: jacqueline and keith, this was the victim's opportunity to tell the court how this crime impacts her everyday life. she didn't cry, but no doubt it was very emotional. she told the judge that she sees a therapist who has diagnosed her with ptsd, that when she encounters unfamiliar men. the fbi and federal prosecutors called her a remarkable young woman who was very smart during this ordeal by trying to show empathy for her attacker in an effort to save her life. >> she got him to feel comfortable with her, that way he did not harm her. >> reporter: flashbacks of her kidnapping caught on camera, still haunt the victim. the young woman from germantown told the judge today that when delvin barnes forced her into the trunk of his car in november of 2014, she thought she was going to die. it was fast-moving law enforcement that tracked down barnes and his victim in maryland. federal prosecutors also credit the woman with saving her own life. >> think


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