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tv   Today  NBC  July 3, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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. good morning and welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. happy 4th of july eve. i hope you have naturally red and blue beverages. we'll spend a day with the delightful ellie kemper talking about her rise from the office to bridesmaids to being cast in her comedy idle tina fey and do baby shopping with the mom to
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be. >> well, willie, the wheels aren't rolling so i guess this is how strollers work. so i guess there is a lock. nope. whoa. nay. >> then technology that lets students see the world from they are classrooms and send civilians to outer space from couches or drop us into our favorite movies. olivia stern takes us into the quickly-expanding world of virtual reality. >> i think vr is the next big internet. consumers will get it in 2016 but by 2020 many millions of people will have head seats. in this season of summer camp, dylan dreyer gives kids the chance to join in on an american right of passage. >> how would you describe yourself? >> strong, fearless, lovable. >> i would agree with all of those descriptions. >> and i would describe myself as great.
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>> great. >> we have another great group assembled around the table but first headlines. hillary clinton speaking out for the first time since she was interviewed by the fbi about the use of a private e-mail server when secretary of state. she spoke to chuck todd afterward. >> i'm not going to comment any further on the review, but i've been answering questions now for over a year. i've released more than 55,000 pages of my e-mails for the public to read for themselves. >> secretary clinton also told todd hindsight is 2020 with the private meeting on a tarmac between bill clinton and loretta length. you can see the full interview coming up on "meet the press". donald trump reacted to the news hillary clinton had been questioned by the fbi tweeting it is possible for the fbi not to recommend criminal charges for hillary clinton -- it's impossible i should say.
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what she did is wrong tweeted donald trump. trump also took heat for tweeting an image most corrupt candidate over with the star of david placed over money and removed and placed with a circle and the republican nominee is said to be vetting vice presidential candidates this weekend. at a time of heightened security after bang la fish and istanbul the fbi announced the arrest of an arizona man on terrorism chargesed. the 18-year-old is accused of committing acts of terrorism. authorities tell nbc news the tiling of this arrest was not specifically related to the 4th of july weekend. >> tributes pouring in from around the world for holocaust survivor and noble peace price winner elie wiesel. he died peacefully after a long illness.
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president obama released a statement on saturday reading elie wiesel was one of the great moral voices of our time and in many ways the conscience of the world. we'll have more on elie wiesel extraordinary life in the next half hour. a great story, an army veteran rescuing a bald eagle that had been stuck hanging upside down from a rope for more than two days in rush city, minnesota. neighbors called various agencies but no one could come in to save the eagle. a veteran of two tours in afghanistan grabbed his 22 caliber rifle and stepped in. he trained his sights on the tree, then the ropes and shot the eagle down setting it free. the bird is now in a recovery center. all right. let's go join the group of the table to make sense of this week and to look ahead to the next one. liz plank is senior correspondent at where among other things hosts a series called 2016ish. forbe magazine named her one of the 30 under 30 in media
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impressive for liz and depressing for the rest at the table because it makes us feel old. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> paul is ceo of iava that advocates for those who served in iraq and afghanistan. paul served as a first lieutenant and platoon leader in iraq and political independent and partisan to his 1-year-old son rider and to the new york giants, fair to say? >> absolutely. >> throw your wife and the knicks in, also. >> shooting stars and the eagles. >> quiting it. >> steve is the political correspondent, our numbers guru and the fashion icon at the van guard of a movement that has political analysts wearing sweaters, khakis and well-worn new balance sneakers. >> could i get away with that this morning? >> sure. >> the one day this guy puts on a tie. >> no choice. >> for the 4th of july.
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thank you for being here on this holiday weekend. let's start, liz, with what we've been seeing with secretary hillary clinton. she says she went into the fbi for a voluntary interview. apparently the fbi is taking drop ins for interviews. what does this amount to for her anyway you slice it it's not great for this campaign. >> absolutely. regardless of whether this turns out with an indictment, which it doesn't look like it will. this is bad. this fits into the narrative that donald trump is pushing and this is crooked hillary attacking her character and voters not trusting her and it's very telling that a candidate like donald trump whose rating is 2% in terms of what he says is true is able to swing that attack against her. it shows this is something she needs to work on and something she's vulnerable on. >> paul, if you look at the greatest weakness of hillary clinton in any poll, it's always honest and trustworthy. there was another poll that had her at 30% leading trump but
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right with him trailing him and this certainly goes with that. >> nobody in america is really overwhelmingly excited about either candidate. that's where america is. if this vet that shot the eagle out of the tree would be leading both of them. >> absolutely. >> she'll have to answer this. when you hear presidential candidate and indictment in the same sentence, you have to comment. the messiness and nastiness is sickening everybody. you want somebody to take the temperature down and bring us down to the issues like the bombing in baghdad, what is happening around the world and i think we all hope the candidates can focus on that instead of day to day shenanigans. this is a real issue. she has to address it. she can't run away. >> steve, she'll be indicted or not, if it comes down this year, what does it impact either way? this is a cloud over here. >> no matter the decision, you still have this outstanding thing with the state department, it's own investigation that contradicted claims she made.
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she's been making a claim that everything i did, i did with the approval of the obama administration. the state department came in and looked at it and said that's not the case. you did not receive formal approval to do this. if the justice department doesn't indict, you got that. if the justice department says no, we're not going to indict you, you have the issue of loretta lynch and bill clinton and people saying the skids were grae greased to protect the democratic candidate. >> there is a meeting, perhaps fateful meeting. bill clinton is in his private plane and hears loretta lynch is going to be there. he stays in his plane until she arrives and gives this plane. this gives him the appearance of medaling in an on going investigation. she was asked about it friday by the "washington post" in an interview. let's listen. >> i may have viewed it in a certain light but how does it impact the work i do and the department of justice does and i
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certainly wouldn't do it again. >> so liz, she stepped aside. she said basically she didn't recuse herself but said i will honor with whatever the fbi comes down with to take any political motivation out of this. >> again, the likelihood bill clinton was actually trying to change what -- whatever would come out of this investigation at this point is pretty low but it looks so bad and you wonder about his judgment. i mean, this says a lot about bill clinton who if we elect hillary clinton is going to be in the white house, as well. he's a smart man but his judge the is totally in question. >> ironically, if he thought he would smooth talk and help his wife but getting loretta lynch on his side, he took her out of the equation and left her with the fbi. >> it's sloppy, stupid or shadety. it's not helpful here. i think now you distracted the campaign from what they want to focus on and that's the risk of bill clinton. when effective he can move the needle and off message he can be
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a decembistraction. he's going to be powerful and fun to watch. >> let's move to the republican side, steve co. we had newt gingrich saying a couple days ago, don't worry, donald trump hasn't started campaigning yet. this hasn't started in august or september is where the money is made. what is the state as we sit here about two weeks ahead of the republican convention of donald trump's campaign? >> he's behind. he's behind and what newt gingrich is saying is true. there is opportunity closer to the election more people pay atinge and opportunity to change minds there but the thing i come back to, if you look how donald trump won in the primaries. he started out and a lot of people forget when he first got in, he was at 1% in the nbc poll. there was talk when he first got in the race he would not be in the top ten to make the stage for the debate. it took him one month, one month from getting into the republican
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race to the top of the polls and stayed the rest of the way. when he became the presumptive republican nominee back in may, i said i'm going to look at the first month. in the first month between may and june is he going to refocus the message and pivot the engel reelection and we're well past a month and he hasn't begun the process. yes, he still has time but after more than a month of this, i'm skeptical. >> liz, you hear the same whispers i hear in political circles at the end of the day, donald trump can't beat hillary clinton. i mean, you look at internal numbers. is there the risk the clinton campaign has taken them seriously, the risk they get too fat and happy and say he can't win? >> i think that was the opinion at the beginning and i had conversations with people who definitely thought it would be too easy and i think that that has changed. i mean, sure trump has come a long way but had trouble growing his demographics and if you look at the v.p. choices, they are
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interesting. newt gingrich. chris christie, not people that will help him win other people than the people he's already reaching right now. and the pivot into the general would need reaching women, would need reaching latinos and african american women. >> we've been waiting for the pivot for a long time. donald trump talks about the 4th of july, it would be nice to talk and pause. including the men and women you represent. >> yeah, july 4th weekend is a time when most americans go to the beach and barbecues and time people are training at fort bragg overseas in iraq and afghanistan standing guard around the world. i hope everybody enjoys themselves but there are folks in harm's way every day especially on july 4th and celebrate this country. there is a lot going on outside of the political elections going on. >> you are 24/7 advocating for veterans and i have the e-mails to prove it at 3:00 in the
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morning. >> i got the best product in america. they are not a charity, investment. >> for the people watching at home, what's the one thing you hope they do for vets today. >> go to the website and commit to vets not just on july 4th or veterans day but every day and look out for them. they will be a political force. we got a presidential candidate or three or four that will come out of the generation and we hope they can unite america. that's a part of the community we can under score. we can bring them together around our country. >> amen to that. stick with me for the highs and lows including the young baseball fan that stared down an entire nation. we'll look deeply into the entire eyes of internet sensation stair down sammy. we love this kid. and emboldening the enemy. meteorologist erika martin and all about clouds developing throughout the day. so today's outlook includes some sunshine for the a.m. hours, get
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as we go through the highs and lows of the week. first to the coastal carolina under dog team from a small conference in conway, south carolina that defeated might did arizona to win the college baseball world series this week. the first national title of any kind in the school's history but a young coastal fan stole the show. espn's cameras took a shot of the 10-year-old in the crowd at a game earlier in the week and man, did he make the most of his moment. it began as a stair down with the national viewing audience, then it turned into full on seduction. the internet dubbed him stair down sammy and his clip has been viewed 10 of millions of times. sammy became an internet celebrity this week. people were doing interviews with him all over the media. >> get that kid an agent. >> was that his mother next to him. >> her phone was blowing up and said look at sammy. she thought he was looking at the game. the first low to the try lateral handshake between the prime
8:19 am
minister and mexico president at a meeting at canada this week. let's try to track this together. okay. we're waving, everything going fine and now here comes the hard part. we got three guys, how do we do the handshake. feels to me president obama and he shake the left hands to close the loop there. in the catalog of president obama's diplomatic greetings through the years, only this one with raul castro is better. limp. >> diplomacy, the hashtag. >> political twister. >> it is. >> try to recreate camp david there with jimmy carter. >> needs to try a little harder. the next tie is something late night television has known like the t 1,000 villain, jalen knee is indisinstructble.
8:20 am
jay went for a spin in a 2500 horsepower barracuda with 80-year-old stunt driver bog rig l. let's see how this goes. bob gets loose in a turn and the car flips several times with y jalja jay leno inside. leno got out after the car stopped and had a smile on his face and said that was exciting. nobody was hurt. jay leno survived. >> america. >> america. >> the next low goes to the government over reach that caused our founding fathers to write the decoration. we should stop eating raw cookie dou dough. the raw eggs could give us salmonella but the fda says the flower is a problem with recent recalls linked to e. coli. to borrow a phrase, i'll give you my cookie dough when you pry
8:21 am
it from my cold, dead hands. who else eats it? >> me. >> would you will willing to put up with e. coli. >> keep eating it. >> thanks obama. the next high to the new york man who spaced out on his wife's instructions and rewarded for it handsomely. nancy told her husband visit toe a sergeant in the new york city police department to pick up a powerball ticket when the prize was creating hysteria. he bought a $1 ticket for the mega millions. nancy not happy until it was the right ticket. the numbers were winners in the mega millions to the tune of $169 million. they went public just this week taking the lump sum of $55 million. come for the great story, stay for nancy's phenomenal new york accent. [ laughter ] >> so i called my husband over for him to look at the ticket and he checked the numbers.
8:22 am
they all matched. we must have checked it another hundred times. the numbers still were the same and we were in complete shock. >> we love you, nancy, so much. the 37-year-old sergeant announced his retirement from the nypd. nice lump sum. you grew up around here, you know them. the final low is only a low if you're a teenage girl embarrassed by your parents. for the rest of us, great. dad chris didn't love some of the copper themmenting being le guys on his daughter's instagram so he mill mamic picks seeing w the guys thought of him. here is dad with the hash dog dad bod and he pays tribute to her makeup and asked her to town done the game and found a tank top painted on his daughter's tattoos and his tash tag here, nailed it. cassie likes the pics and thinks
8:23 am
her dad is funny. he tried to shame her and she said this is great. >> like kids using snapchat, your parents can't go on it. >> can now. >> thank you so much for being here. coming up next, a day with ellie kemper, the star of "unbreakable" and the snl reaction that turned out to be her big break and facebook for a facebook live chat in two minutes. we'll be right back on "sunday today."
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good morning, i'm rosemary
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connors, just a few minutes before 8:30 on this sunday. let's check the forecast from meteorologist erika martin. erika, what are you seeing out there? >> already some rain reports. it looks like cape county airport, cape may county airport has already reported rainfall so far and delaware also getting reports, just a quarter of an inch. green moving through, clouds developing south to north. expect muggier conditions and isolated showers farther south. for july 4th, it looks like we have widespread rain. >> thanks, erika. wawa welcome america continues toed with more free fun for the whole family, from museums to music. really something for everyone, this independence day weekend. the historic philadelphia block party will feature hours of nonstop entertainment at 8:00, the philly pop also play at
8:28 am
independence hall. also free museum day at the baurns museum. let's look at the franklin park way, the stage is set for tomorrow's concert and fire work, you can live stream the events if you are a note going to be there in opinion and chk out everything wawa welcome america has to offer, with the nbc 10 app. that's going to do it right now. i'm rosemary connors, we'll see you right back here at 9:00. have a good one.
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ellie kemper starring in "unbreakable kimmy schmidt." she grew up in st. louis with a local guy and former student on kimmy schmidt and kemper has risen through improve, network tv and big budget movies including her latest the animated film "the secret life of pets" and done it keeping joy and midwestern modesty along the way. i spent time with ellie as she gets ready to have her first
8:31 am
child later this summer. ♪ ♪ >> yes. >> how are we feeling about this right now? >> feeling anxious. the days are numbered before i give birth. don't know what i'm doing but then i have to remind myself, no parent does. right? >> no first-time parent has known what he or she is doing, ever. >> she's kimmy schmidt a blissfully naive girl in the big city. >> year round christmas store. you must be the happiest woman on earth. >> i'm a man. >> she was erin, the corky receptionest on "the office." >> she was the innocent bridesmaid mecca. >> sunshine. >> in real life she's another charming bubbly character, she's ellie kemper. >> well, willie, the wheels
8:32 am
aren't rolling. i guess there's not a lock. >> oh. >> let's go back to the beginning. >> ellie kemper. >> tell me about the kemper household. funny place to be. >> i always thought we were funny but that's because what i considered to be funny. there was a lot of laughter. my dad has a more serious sense of humor. my mom's daddy is closer to i would say me in being animated and delightful. no, just being a little bit more, how do i say this, alive. so she and i probably share a similar sensibility. >> where was the moment you thought this is something i want to do beyond messing around with hi my family, this is something i want to do. >> that was until college. in college i joined an improve comedy group.
8:33 am
ours was named clip fire, like firing those clips, willie. >> clever. >> when i auditioned for that team i got on it and felt like i'll just say, i felt like i was good at it. i felt like this is something i'm comfortable doing and want to continue it. >> after princeton and spending a year at oxford for good measure, ellie moved to new york city. what was the first gig? >> i started taking classes at citizens for theater and people's improve theater and got a commercial agent and booked a very lucky string of commercials. >> next time go camps with a tent. >> so i had been in new york for about a year and got an internship at conan. my husband michael was a writer on the show. we were friends for years from that and then you know how that story ended up. we got married. but like -- >> right there. >> it ended right here. the sequel. >> her husband used to be a writer here, he wrote sometimes
8:34 am
when he felt like it. >> i performed in the show that lauren michaels attended and two days later i got a call and whoa. >> terrifying. what was it like for you? >> i feel like i had no idea of how it would turn out, which is i wouldn't get it. work hard on this and do the best you can. you probably won't get it. the other thing happening at the same time was michael my husband sort of broken up at that point but i called him for help and so great getting to see him again it was one of the best things in my life. he was helping me write characters and i was like -- [ laughter ] >> like you do -- i'm so happy to be with him. >> maybe that's why you didn't get the part. >> exactly. went out there like -- i have nothing. i think maybe on people's radar
8:35 am
after that like agents and stuff. so after that, i signed with an agent who then put me in touch with daniels who created "the office" and i think that sort of, you know, set everything in motion. >> don't want to be a busy body but lazy bones, busy body, lazy bones, my brain is ping-ponging. inn insane. >> a four-episode spin turned into a breakout role that lasted more than 100 episodes. ellie began to land roles in movies like "21 jump street" and "bridesmaid" that grossed $21 million around the world. >> let's start again. i'm rebecca and this is my husband. you don't have a husband. >> "bridesmaids" could you have thought in your wildest dreams what it becam? >> no, because i remember i was familiar with the work but no one would say like a movie star. you know what i mean?
8:36 am
even at that time it was like people weren't well-known but not necessarily for beincome movies, and i don't think anyone thought, i don't know, that they were setting out to make like a blockbuster. i think the response was that. >> comedy idle tina fey said she would like to meet. >> i would be nervous for the meetings. when i first met her, it was a get to know you and then an idea for the show and then filming the pilot and then it was starting to film the series and i realized when we started filming the series, ellie, you simply cannot continue to be this nervous because you're levels your brain releases, it's going to take its toll. you'll collapse. >> tina fey didn't just cast ellie in the show, she wrote one for her starring her. >> i don't need therapy. >> yeah, you do. >> it became "unbreakable kimmy
8:37 am
sc schmidt" starting life over in new york city. >> don't judge. >> sorry not sorry. >> unbreakable kimmy [ bleep ]. you knew that was coming. >> you knew that was coming. >> very exciting. >> thank you. >> i'm so excited, a, to have a job for another year at least and also to be able to work with those people and on top of that, i feel like we have the best writers around and the greatest process. so i'm very excited. >> you deserve to be free. >> when do you start up? >> sometime this fall. >> okay. >> so i am having this baby this summer and then it will be a little while after that. >> right back into it? >> i guess. i will be totally candid, i
8:38 am
armature fia armatua am terrified. how does it work? >> the question people ask me is could she possibly be as joyful and cool in real life as tv? the answer is an unequivocal yes. if you want to know why ellie is not on social media and whether or not she'll be tempted to join to post photos of her baby, check out our website and the secret life of pets is in theaters this friday. >> next week, misty copeland the phase of american ballet talks about the press suures of being historic dancer. virtual reality being called the next big thing. what does that mean and how will it change your life in the very near future? we'll look i they think that it's sad. i think it's important for everyone to know that there is so much more to memory support than the stigmas you hearabout. that these residents still have lives and their lives still matter and that they are still living their lives.
8:39 am
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...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®. it's impact goes far beyond fun and games. olivia sterns reports. >> my name is earnest. >> earnest or earn knee spent world war ii battling sf. >> we were drawing from guns. >> and witnessing history in the
8:41 am
pacific. >> i watched the japanese sign the surrenderer. >> at 90 years old the veteran can't travel much beyond his buffalo, new york home. physically visiting the world war ii memorial in washington . d.c. is out of the question but not necessarily out of his reach. so this is a virtual reality head get it will make you feel like you're inside the memorial and you can look around. >> ernie is transported to d.c. with fellow veterans. the impact can be seen in the subtle shift of his posture. with recent at vancements of hardware and content, it's easy for the mind to blur the lines between reality and virtual reality. >> wow. so there is a huge whale and you think i can wave it away. >> the blue's whale encounter is one of the first products out of one of the first virtual reality
8:42 am
studio weaver. they hope to be the netflix of v.r. generating a variety of content. from an immersing version of the killer john wick. [ laughter ] [ gunshots ]. >> to a meditation app. >> allow your body and mind to drift. >> still in development. >> like you're having a wonderful time in there. >> i feel so relaxed. >> and a custom build v.r. camera promises to drop viewers into the mystery series gone. >> she's way too smart to be taken by a stranger. >> anthony bad is the co-founder of weaver. >> what is this? >> our v.r. camera system. >> looks like a sight survey. >> it sort of does but not. the modified go pros with 180 degree lenses on them. you're being seen in every direction. >> really? even when i'm in the corner? >> yes. you might be in two cameras there. here you're in one. >> fill in the blank. virtual reality is the next --
8:43 am
>> big thing. [ laughter ] >> i think v.r. is the next big internet meaning consumers will get it in 2016 but by 2020 many millions of people have head sets and there will be one to see new v.r. experiences. >> take a wedding for example. if you're in the wedding standing up there getting married and everyone is watching you and you get photos of it but with v.r. we can report that wedding and later you can actually literally be in the wedding and rewatch it from every vantage point. >> so i'm getting married this fall. >> we should film your wedding. >> i would love that. >> and you're telling me 60-year-old me would be able to watch my wedding back as if i was -- >> it will be so vivid it will make you feel like you were right back there in that moment. >> that's amazing. >> the students agree. >> if you put your head sets back on, you are now in the functional cargo blind and what is really interesting about this
8:44 am
is that this is a russian built section of the space station. >> they are on a google expedition to the international the space station. part of a program that allows them to travel the world. >> this is our next stop. where are we right now? we're on mars. >> and travel the universe without leaving their new york city classroom. >> we have over 200 expeditions or go into buckingham palace or the white house. >> just this week google announced it will be expanding expeditions to 11 million students in 11 countries. >> how does seeing the international space station through the virtual reality goggles, how does that compare to reading about it. >> feels like we're actually there. what you read about the space station -- [ laughter ] >> v.r.'s greatest potential might be just that. the ability to travel to space
8:45 am
without ever leaving the classroom and a chance to pay your respects when you can't quite leave the comfort of your favorite chair. >> i had no idea. that's great. thank you. thank you. beautiful. >> olivia sterns reports for us. coming up next on "sunday today" the great story of a summer camp that's an oasis for vision good morning, i'm meteorologist erika martin and all about clouds developing throughout the day. so today's outlook includes sunshine for the a hours, get outside and enjoy it, because we have isolated showers for parts of cape kay, kent county, sussex
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if your house is quieter
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this sunday, maybe because you spent your meteorologist erika martin and social media for more updates.s. rt of it. dylan dreyer has the story. >> andrew is enjoying the early days of summer before heading off to camp. he is biking with his dad. >> go for it. >> and hiking in his favorite park. yet, in these moments, the experience is different for andrew. his father shoes are guiding this blind 12-year-old. at two months old andrew's parents noticed something was wrong. soon thereafter andrew was diagnose nosed with a genetic condition causing blindness. >> eight plus eight is 16. >> an obstacle he's clearly overcome. >> he always treated him like andrew. it is what it is. it's okay. you know, this is your life and you can be independent and you can go out and do great things. be like any other kid and go to
8:50 am
camp. swimming towels. >> that's exactly what andrew is doing. >> good to see you. >> summer camp is a right of passage for a lot of children. >> glad you're here. >> but for andrew and his fellow campers, the experience can be life-changing. at camp abilities, andrew is not alone. >> camp abilities! [ cheers ] >> this is his fourth year at the week-long sleep away sports camp designed for children and teens who are blind or visually impaired. can you teach me all things baseball? >> yes. >> nice hit. how does it work with the -- oh. do you like offense or defense? >> i like hitting and running. >> it's now what he looks forward to every year. do you think kids who are blind need something like this? >> yes. >> why? >> because if we didn't have this, i would just be laying in
8:51 am
bed playing on my ipod. >> here, kids can be kids. why choose athletics and sports for blind children? >> one of the reasons is because people think they can't do sports so our kids are often really behind in motor skills and fitness because so many people didn't give them the opportunity. >> but at camp abilities, they get that opportunity. now in the 21st year it's spread to 26 locations across the world opening doors that for some have never been opened before. >> what do you love about swimming? >> i like when everybody says i'm a fish in the water. >> even one on one coaches learn lessons. >> what has it taught you? >> patience. i look at her and it's inspiring because she has no fear. >> it's a place often different from the kids' hometown. >> how is being here at this camp different than, say, gym
8:52 am
class back at home? >> people at my school see except me and that makes me out numbers sometimes. >> do they try to include you at all or not really? >> like at the end of the year, no one wanted to play with me and that made me sad, like i didn't want to play with them, either. >> how has it different since you've been here so far? >> everyone includes me. >> and the confidence grows. >> how would you describe yourself? >> strong, fearless, lovable. >> i would agree. >> and i would describe myself as great. >> great! >> and at this camp, that confidence is clearly contagi s contagiou contagious. >> dylan dreyer reporting. this week we highlight a life well lived. holocaust survivor, activist and author elie wiesel died yesterday here in new york. deported from romania from the
8:53 am
nazis, he and his father was separated from his mother and three sisters and sent to the auschwitz concentration camp and a 7713 was tattooed on his arm. his father, mother and younger sister all died in the holocaust. his 1955 memoir "night" was about his survivor skills and darkness of man kind and wondered about a god that would allow the horrors. he became a united states citizen and received a medal of freedom in 1992 from george h.w. bush in a national honors. wiesel won a peace price for work fighting oppression, racism and genocide. he is remembered as a relentless voice to listen to the story of the holocaust. >> i believe anyone who listens
8:54 am
to a witness becomes a witness. those who hear us, those who read us, those that did something for us, they will continue to bare witness for us. >> elie wiesel died on saturday >> elie wiesel died on saturday at the age of 87. >> elie wiesel died on saturday at the age of 87. i had a wonderful time tonight. me too! call me tomorrow? i'm gonna send a vague text in a couple of days, that leaves you confused about my level of interest. i'll wait a full two days before responding. perfect! we're never gonna see each other again, will we? no-no. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back. 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double.
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we close as we always do at this time with predictions ahead. the elite speed eaters gather for the nathan's famous 4th of july hot dog eating contest. we predict joey jaws chestnut will win the ninth title there and after a few beers, you will try to repeat the feat at
8:58 am
backyard barbecue and instead of a championship belt, you'll get a ride to the e.r. secretary of state and the woman he hopes succeeds him until oval office. we predict his enthusiasm will be slightly greater than it was in 2008. >> you're likable enough, hillary, no doubt. [ laughter ] >> i appreciate it. >> on thursday, the annual running of the bulls in spain. we predict one brave gentleman will return to keep his historic streak alive with a 25th consecutive goring. that man, you guessed it, gary. stay tuned to "nbc this morning" to "meet the press" and chuck today's interview with hillary clinton. his first interview since questioned by the fbi. i'll see you tomorrow morning on "today" and tomorrow night on the macy's 4th of july fireworks
8:59 am
9:00 am
we are kicking off day seven of the wawa welcome america celebration on independence mall this morning, here is a live look outside. crews will be setting up for the historic philadelphia block party that is expected later on today. we'll take you there live for a preview in a few moments. train krubl coutrouble coul your commute. why septa is taking new trains off the tracks. this weekend, we're keeping a close on eye on the weather. who here is a live look over the delaware river. we do have rain in the forecast. don't worry, though, we have


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