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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  July 3, 2016 11:00pm-12:06am EDT

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he has the training. he now has the confidence to go along with that good hair. - good dismount. well, it's gonna be close if he's gonna beat thomas stillings' time. - well, it's daniel gil's birthday today. this would be a nice birthday present to get the fastest time of the night. - got about 20 seconds left to do it. just don't make a mistake on this last bar hop. - the time is ticking. - now just needs the dismount. less than 10 seconds. he's through, but he needs to hurry. it's gonna he close! oh! he missed it by less than half a second behind stillings. but still, an amazing run by daniel gil. - best birthday ever. - well, check it out. his curls were flipping on the rings
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and flowing on the tire swing, and flying as he ran up the wall. just another hair raising run for daniel gil, and he's standing by with kristine. - daniel, you looked amazing out there. how great is it for you to be competing as a vet this year instead of a rookie? - oh, i feel so good. i'm back, and i'm bringing it this year. - you know what, you almost got the fastest time of the night. you lost it to this guy. tom beat you. - one year in the making and i finally did it. ha! - what do you feel about this? - i mean, this was just qualifiers. wait until city finals comes around. - oh, smack talk. i like it. okay, well, we're gonna see you at the city finals, and i think you might get the fastest time. i don't know. - thank you very much. - matt and akbar, back to you. - well, here's that final leader board with thomas stillings and daniel gill finishing at the top. other finishers included the man with the great backyard course, brian beckstrand, and 54 year old jon stewart who ended up 13th among our 15 finishers.
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we'll fill out our field of 30 with those who went the farthest the fastest. and that includes "ninja" great brent steffensen who fell at the bar hop. and we'll see all these athletes back here for the city finals in just a few weeks. next week we're in our final qualifying city, philadelphia, where we'll see more "ninja" greats including geoff britten and the weatherman, joe moravsky. for akbar gbajabiamila and kristine leahy, i'm matt iseman. we'll see you next time on "american ninja warrior."
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this is nbc 10 breaking news. >> breaking news out of camden. an arson spree in the city with a jump in fires popping up in the last two days. firefighters are getting exhausted in this fight. seven have been hurt since yesterday. fire and police authorities just wrapped up a press conference. we'll hear from them coming up in just a few minutes. we begin with a threat of rain for your fourth of july. you are looking live at the firt alert radar. a system moving into our area. i'm lauren mayk. meteorologist karen thomas is timing out the rain with the nbc
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10 first alert neighborhood forecast. show us what you're tracking with rain moving first into south delaware. >> that's right, lauren. it's a complicated forecast because all eyes are on the fourth of july tomorrow. our weather story will begin tomorrow morning with mostly cloudy skies and we are looking for some shower activity to move in late in the afternoon, early evening. right now we're dry. radar has us dry. we have clouds around. as we go wider on radar, we can see very large system just really cutting through the central part of the country. what we have is a warm front that is just stationed over our area. just to our south. but it will be moving north. as it does, it's going to allow for this precipitation to come into our area. that's what's going to start out for tomorrow. as we mention, starting south moving to the north. we can expect to see shower activity moving into parts of southern delaware by even midday tomorrow afternoon. not everybody will see the same
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weather at the same time. so while it may be dry in the lehigh valley for a good portion of the day, it could be raining in dover delaware in the afternoon. i have a timeline for you. i'll let you know what to expect, especially for our fireworks tomorrow night. i'll be back in a bit. >> thanks, karen. the rain shouldn't damage all the patriotic pride coming from the ben franklin park way tomorrow. you are looking live at the stage all set for the wawa welcome america july 4th concert. ♪ç the philly pops helped push it toward its grand finale with a performance at independence hall tonight. that's where we find aundre aundrea cline-thomas. >> thousands ever people were out here for most of the day from enjoying the food trucks to the silly tops.
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many decided to mark this july 4th holiday where it all began. in the shadow of independence hall. >> let freedom reign! >> on the eve of the nation's birthday. ♪ >> this is where it all began. it's the birth place of liberty. the philadelphia pops struck a chord capturing the sig enounife through patriotic song. >> so fortunate to live in this city and to live around all this history is amazing. >> reporter: after 15 years, the pops on independence has become a tradition. organizers estimated 10,000 people filled the lawn at independence mall. >> this is great. i enjoy it earlier in the day, crowds enjoyed the historic block party from the very fans that entertain for seven hours.
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to the numerous food trucks offering different flavors. >> it's our first time. this event on the square. it's really nice to see everybody having fun. enjoy each other's company. >> so we leave tomorrow. we try to catch as much of philly as we can. and the celebration is far from over. >> as the nation's biggest birthday bash continues. >> as of right now, most people have cleared out, but this is going to be buzzing again tomorrow starting at 10:00 a.m. that's when leslie odom jr. from the hit broadway musical "hamilton" will be here resighting tresight i -- reciting the declaration of independence. i'm aundrea cline-thomas. ♪ philadelphia soul legend the intruders put in one last practice session today. they are scheduled to take the
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stage for tomorrow's wawa welcome america concert. the group performed their hit song "i'll always love my mama." the wawa welcome america julyç 4th concert will feature five hours of live music. the performances start at 5:00 tomorrow here on nbc 10. and on telemundo 62. that all leads up to the grand finale, the wawa welcome america july 4th fireworks show over the ben franklin parkway. watch it live at 10:00 tomorrow night right here on nbc 10. remember, nbc 10, your home for wawa welcome america. you can get a full list of events for the entire weekend on the nbc 10 app. breaking news out of camden tonight. police are searching for the person or people responsible for setting a dozen fires around town. take a look. this was the scene on broadway in south camden tonight.
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you can see the charred out remains of this home. if you caught the flames earlier, officials say 10 of the 12 fires are considered significant in nature. seven firefighters suffered minor injuries. police are asking for the public's help to track down whoever is responsible. >> this is happening during daytime hours. we had four incidents within a five-hour period. nine incidents in a seven-hour period. broad daylight, a lot of people out. somebody probably saw something out of the ordinary. >> no word on what was used to start these fires. anyone who has any information is asked to contact camden police department's tip line. changes to septa could mean trouble for commuters all summer long. it will be rough for the thousands of commuters who take regional rail. septa took about one-third of the rails off the tracks because of a cracking problem. the train schedule tomorrow will
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not be hindered by this, but the problems will come rolling in come tuesday morning. >> some regional lines will not operate at all. instead, passengers will be bussed downtown. and septa is telling us nearly every single line will be at full capacity after dangerous cracks were found on hundreds of train cars. prepare for a crowded commute that could clog the system all summer. a warning from septa that regional rail lines will be so packed -- >> they're going to have to get up earlier. they'll be late for work. >> reporter: you might need to find another way to get downtown. >> it's going to impact it a lot. especially in the morning, it's already crowded. >> septa wasç forced to take 1 train cars offline. they discovered dangerous cracks under nearly every single silver liner five train car. >> the concern would be that at high speed you could have a
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derailment. >> septa said these tracracks w caught early. they get worse over time. they were found on the trucks under the train on a steel beam used to keep the train balanced. >> it can either be a design flaw or something that occurred in the manufacturing process. >> reporter: as septa works to replace and repair this problem, passengers will be deal with major headaches. about one-third of all train cars are now out of service, and septa warns the remaining trains could be completely full at rush hour, unable to pick up new riders. schedules will also be shuffled, and it could all last for months. >> we ask for our riders' patience during this difficult time. the first days and weeks of this adjustment time should prove to be the hardest. >> we're asking people to be courteous on board. we're going to need every seat. get your luggage, backpacks, other items up in the luggage rack. >> and all of these affected silver liner five cars were purchased in just the past three to six years. they're almost brand-new.
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septa is working with the manufacturer to see if they are covered by a warranty. meantime, they'll be releasing a brand-new modified schedule tomorrow. in bala cynwyd, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. [ inaudible ]. checking our forecast, we are dry and cool for now, but it may be a good idea to bring along an umbrella for your holiday fireworks. i'll be back with your full forecast after the break. ♪
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tonight nbc news reports at least 167 people were killed after a car bomb attack in a busy commercial district of baghdad. iraqi officials say more than 180 people were wounded in the early morning blast. the explosion was so powerful, it decimated an entire city block. isis quickly claimed responsibility for the attack. it was the third mass slaughter of civilians blamed on isis in less than a week. the white house promised to step up the fight against the terror network. an accident with some homemade fireworks may be to blame for an explosion that badly hurt a man in new york's central park today. witnesses say the man stepped on the fireworks causing the blast and severely injuring his foot and leg. authorities do not believe the victim placed that device there himself but rather it was left there for some time before today. police don't think there is any 'ie to terrori
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back in our area tonight, police are investigating a home invasion where a man claims he defended himself with a machete and ended up chopping off one of the intruder's hands. drew smith spoke with neighbors shocked by what happened. >> reporter: northampton bureau police tell nbc 10 they're working to file charges against the man now in the hospital after losing his hand during a botched home invasion here. >> you have to know what you're doing. you've got to know what you're going into before you do something like that's. >> reporter: a younger man lives with his father in this multifamily home. the father did not want to speak with us but confirmed he gave an account to a newspaper of masked men sneaking into the basement late last night, armed with what they later found out was a bb gun, but the son had something to defend himself with. >> had to be something serious if you are trying to defend yourself with a machete. >> reporter: you can still see a trail of blood.
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suspected accomplices dumped the handless man at the er. police tell me they know who all of them are. >> except for all these cop cars outside, nothing seemed out of order at all. >> reporter: michael rents a unit right above where the crime scene was. he is surprised neighbors didn't hear screaming. >> that's a little weird, yeah. spooky, actually. that's why i lock my doors all the time. >> reporter: police are still investigating the masked men's motive. drew smith, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, a motorcyclist was hurt after colliding with a car in winslow township, camden county. nbc 10 at route 73 and norcross road. we've been checking, but police have not revealed the condition of that rider or what led to the crash. to decision 2016 tonight. the clinton campaign spent today trying to move past her interview with the fbi about her e-mail server yesterday. the presumptive democratic presidential nominee told nbc's
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chuck todd she wanted to get the interview over with, and she was happy to do it. clinton's team hopes she'll be cleared of wrongdoing before she accepts the democratic nomination for president just weeks from now at the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. >> there won't be an indictment, and i think that means that she did what many secretaries of state have done in the past. >> clinton told nbc she'll do everything she can to earn the trust of voters. the trump campaign is staying quiet tonight about his controversial tweet about hillary clinton. the presumptive republican nomineeç tweeted this out yesterday attacking clinton as corrupt and showing what appears to be a star of david over a pile of money. now trump later deleted the tweet, then reposted it with a circle instead of a star. nbc news has learned the original image 50first appearedn twitter as early as a month ago by someone who also posted other
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racist imagery. clinton will target trump when she campaigns in atlantic city later this week. she set to visit on wednesday. she's expected to hit trump on his business record in the town which includes multiple casino bankruptcies. on friday, clinton will team up with vice president biden to campaign also in the keystone state. they'll hold their first campaign event together in scranton. both have ties to the city. the vp was born in scranton while clinton's father was born there. philadelphia's 23rd street armory doubled as an orchest ra ha hall. members of the philadelphia orchestra were joined by youth musicians and a group from new york's carnegie hall summer internship program. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> i'm meteorologist karen thomas. we'll check your fourth of july forecast for you and right now
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we are dry. we do have some clouds out there. and temperatures quite comfortable. actually cool. 65 degrees right now in mt. holly. 66 in vineland. 71 in philadelphia. we only reached 78 degrees in philadelphia for our high temperature today. and as i mentioned, we are dry for now. we just have some clouds around. as we pull back on radar, we can see where all the action is. and, boy, there is quite a bit of activity happening down here in texas. oklahoma moving right on through the tennessee valley. and this system is a low pressure system that will be riding along a front that is in our area for tomorrow. so we'll start out tomorrow with cloudy skies for the most part, and then we are expecting the moisture to be moving in to our area as we move on through the daytime. futurecast will put this model in motion for you and show that some sunshine up here in the lehigh valley and parts north and west to start but then clouds overspread everywhere.
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here we can see the precipitation coming into the southern part of our viewing area by 6:30 tomorrow evening. and then the heavier band of rain setting up just here to the west. just pushing maryland and parts of central, south central pennsylvania. so that's at about dinnertime tomorrow evening where we can see the shower activity beginning, very light, but starting to nose into the area. and by 8:30 tomorrow night, we can see that it's sort of broken apart lighter to the north, heavier to the south. parts of interior south jersey, northern delaware, getting heavier rain as we move closer to the 9:30, 10:00 p.m. hour and we can see the rain coming through philadelphia. this is just one model. not each model agrees with each other right now, but this is the way it's setting up. and by midnight, some of that heavier stuff may be even some thunderstorms coming through. so we have this system that will
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come through by tuesday morning. we wake up to more rain. and this model has 8:00 a.m. tuesday morning, the rain finally getting out of here by midday tuesday. for your holiday tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies and then we expect the moisture to be moving in south, moving up to the north. so it will go south to northeast and then possibly even a thunderstorm overnight. isn't looking to be a complete washout for the entire region tomorrow by any stretch, but as we take you through in philadelphia, just have the umbrellas handy. by the time we get to the fireworks, and this 5:00 p.m. concert, may have some sprinkles here as well. we're not going to say cancel any afternoon barbecues, but just be aware that we do have this system coming in late tomorrow into tomorrow night. danny pommells here with you. a successful end to the phillies series with the royals. and summer league team
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today. we'll talk to him after his first day as a pro, next. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico®.
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proudly serving the military for over 75 years. ♪ ♪
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this is "sports desk" brought to you by xfinity. >> sit back and settle in. i'm danny pommells from csn. the phillies and royals wrapping it up. this was worrisome. the trainer checking on vazquez in the first inning. velazquez stays in the game. bottom first, helping out his
11:28 pm
pitcher. three-run bomb on some high heat. his eighth of the season. 3-1 phillies. home half of the third, go get his album. he's a solo artist. 4-0. velazquez pitched pretty well. gave up a two-run homer but also struck out seven in six innings. quality inning for him. franco getting in on the home run fun. velazquez improves to 7-2. here's pete mackanin on the early scare. >> we thought, oh, no, not again. once again, he assured us, he was very honest last time. we didn't take any chances. we needed to see if he needed sta to stay out there and loosen up and the rest is history. he pitched very well. >> took about ten pitches to kick in. i looked at him dead in the eye like, i'm fine. after that settled in, just fine.
11:29 pm
>> apparently carl soliz bought them all a cowboy hat. >> aaron nola will miss his next start. nola gave up five runs yesterday but retired the last nine batters. he got past the fourth inning for the first time in five starts. still the feeling is nola will benefit from the extra time off. to the hardwood. no time for time-off. all present and accounted for in the sixers summer league team. they signed their contracts and have joined the squad after missing yesterday's practice. here's simmons hosfirst day as a pro working the corner three. the sixers may their first summer league game tomorrow against the celtics. simmons happy to put business behind him and just play basketball. >> amazing. feels good to be part of a team and just being on the court. first time i've played since my final game at lsu. a little rusty.ç
11:30 pm
a few turnovers, but it's all part of it. i'm just enjoying the process of just being here and fitting in. meeting everybody. learn to play with everybody. getting ready for tomorrow. >> what do you hope to accomplish tomorrow? >> i think just get better and get ready to play at the next level and adjust. >> catch the number one pick on the comcast network. all three utah summer league games tomorrow against the celtics. tuesday against the spurs and thursday against the jazz can be seen live on tcn. track and field olympic qualifying. the 100 meters. watch her emerge from this pack. top three go to rio. lane five, garner wins with a time of 10.74 seconds. a personal best. and how about cunningham, the daughter of a former eagles quarterback randall cunningham. trying to qualify in the high jump, which she does clearing
11:31 pm
6'3 1/4 inches. we'll feature cunningham exclusively this saturday in the debut of our nbc 10 three-part series going for gold. v aye sikahema flew to vegas and has your all-access pass to this former teammate. rap his daughter, don't miss her story saturday at 7:00 exclusively on nbc 10. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells. i'll be back with more later on the phillies and simmons talks about playing in the nba as the num are about one draft pick. we'll be right back.
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a birthday party 100 years in the making. on hand to celebrate with betsy williams on her 100th birthday. even on her very big day, get this, williams was not the oldest person in the room. her older sister was there.
11:35 pm
>> and she's two years older than i am. and she's doing very well. >> when you have a 100-year-old centenarian and her sister is ç 102, they must have been doing some special things in life. >> the mayor gave her a liberty bell replica as her 100th birthday present. coming up next, to the fireworks celebrations just wrapping up in south jersey. plus, leslie oden jr. is preparing to perform in his hometown tomorrow for the first time in 15 years. we'll sit down to talk with him about what he's most looking forward to for wawa welcome america.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> fireworks lit up the night sky over burlington county tonight. nbc 10 in mt. holly for an early independence day celebration at ironworks park. the show came after a full day of free family fun. but, you know, the big fireworks
11:39 pm
show is coming tomorrow as the grand finale to wawa welcome america. this one will light up the sky right here. just imagine it right where you're looking right now live over the ben franklin parkway. we are tracking rain for tomorrow, but we are not expecting a washout. you can see the system moving in on the nbc 10 first alert radar. let's time this out with meteorologist karen thomas. >> lauren, we say it's not looking like a washout tomorrow, meaning all day we don't anticipate the rain to be happening all day, but we are expecting clouds tomorrow. that's interesting is we'll have mainly cloudy skies to our south and east of philadelphia up in the lehigh valley. they can spend a good portion of the day with sunshine. this system moving in from the south to the north and late in the day early evening towards the nighttime hours. winds right now currently out of the southwest at 3 miles per hour in philadelphia. we're checking some temperatures right now here at the jersey
11:40 pm
shore. it's on the cool side tonight. but we are dry. it's when we get to radar that we are finishing where the rain is. and right now it's a fairly large system that is bringing a bit of active weather. you see stretching from texas, oklahoma, all the way through the tennessee valley, low pressure system expected to ride along a frontal boundary in our area cf1 o it's really sort of a mixed bag of weather for all parts of our region tomorrow. that doesn't mean the same weather will hold true, for example, in south jersey. what's happening in allentown. could be sunshine to the north and west for a good portion of the start of our day but we are looking for everywhere to end up with clouds and potential for rain tomorrow night. i'll be back with the timeline and more details on that in a bit. tomorrow is july 4th celebrations is the culmination of eight days of free neighborhood fun.
11:41 pm
aundrea cline-thomas recaps the celebrations happening on this eve of independence day. >> reporter: independence hall was filled with lawn chairs and blankets as thousands came to see the philadelphia pops perform a patriotic salute to the nation. >> just makes your heart say, this is okay. this is okay to be here and to be right at this spot. >> reporter: the orchestra played in the shadow of independence hall. the significance not lost on visitors. >> this is where it all began. the birthplace of liberty. >> reporter: earlier, an historic block party as bands provided entertainment and food trucks lined the streets. main learned how it all began in the neighboring museums. >> we leave tomorrow. we're trying to catch as much of philly as we can. >> reporter: it's a preview to tomorrow's grand finale. aundrea cline-thomas. tomorrow, philly's own leslie oden jr. will join the
11:42 pm
wawa welcome america festivities. he stars in the hit broadway musical "hamilton." he hasn't performed in his home town in about 15 years. >> i'm going to get to read a section of the declaration of independence. i'm really excited about that, too, being a part of a show that's also about celebrating the birth of our nation and the birth of our independence. i'm really excited to come back and see those sites again. odom will read an excerpt from the declaration of independence. we'll bring you that ceremony tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. that's followed by the independence day parade. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., we'll bring you the wawa welcome america july 4th concert. you can also see those two events in spanish on telemundo 62. at 10:00 p.m., join us for the wawa welcome america july 4th fireworks. that's earlier than in years
11:43 pm
past. and now for a look at some of the headlines we'll be following this week after your holiday weekend. bill cosby is due back in montgomery county court this thursday. cosby's lawyers are trying to win the right to cross-examine andrea constand. she's the temple university employee who said cosby drugged and molested her in 2004. the judge may rule on that matter this week. atlantic city's show boat is set to reopen by the end of the week according to new owner bart blatstein. the resort will only open as a hotel, not a casino. there will be around 850 rooms available to book. we're expecting an official announcement this week. it is day three of a worker strike at the trump taj mahal casino in atlantic city. and no talks have been scheduled. union employees walked off the job friday. they began picketing after failing to reach an agreement with management that the union
11:44 pm
said would restore workers' health insurance and payment plans. it could hurt business on the busiest weekend for casinos in ac. a new jersey judge ruled the name of officers who shot and killed a teen last august must be released. investigators say hearns pointed a gun at police prior to the shooting. the 14-year-old was shot seven times as he ran away. the ruling is in response to a suit filed by the american civil liberties union. the attorney general's office has until july 20th to comply. also from the nbc 10 south jersey bureau, the hunt is on for the person responsible for murdering a burlington county man. state police responded to a home in tabernacle township around 4:30 friday afternoon. police say the suspect stole this 2016 white chevy 2500 crew cab from the victim. it has a colorado plate number 24363h2.
11:45 pm
and anyone with information is asked to contact new jersey state police. from our delaware bureau, state police are searching for a woman who is accused of shoplifting from a store in wilmington. lisa smith stole more than $300 worth of merchandise from a justice store. a state trooper approached smith in her vehicle when she began to pull away, nearly hitting the trooper. smith was last seen in a black infiniti suv. she's facing shoplifting, resisting arrest and other charges. pr was memorialized today. in his classic memoir, he shared his story of surviving nazi concentration camps. it was one of the most widely
11:46 pm
read and discussed books of the 20th century. will willie hert was born in germany and was himself a holocaust survivor who fled to the u.s. and lived in philadelphia. he herbst was a department commander with an army post. philadelphia's mother bethel ame church is celebrating 200 years of faith today. nbc 10 in society hill for the church's bicentennial festivities. they revealed a new bronze statue of the ame founder. they also held an 80-mile torch relay which begin in dover where he spent much of his childhood. a local church group got a head start. holy family church in manayunk held a fourth of july picnic
11:47 pm
with games for kids to play and plenty of goodies for everyone. up next, touchdown on jupiter. the mission nasa plans to pull off tomorrow as the rest of the nation celebrates independence day. plus, the dad of the little boy killed by a gator at disney world is now telling a new story. what he's saying about a second predator.
11:48 pm
11:49 pm
as they're traveling through space for nearly five years, nasa's juneau spacecraft is expected to arrive at jupiter tomorrow. it launched in 2011 setting out on a 1.8 billion-mile trip to the largest planet. it will explore the cloud-covered atmosphere. the new comcast innovation and technology center is getting higher and wider every day. and it is all thanks to the
11:50 pm
dedication of everyone working on this building. john bundik should be working on the new tower but instead is fighting for his life. his fellow crew members won't let him be forgotten. >> reporter: long, grueling, tireless. >> walking it down. >> reporter: the work neverens of the comcast innovation and technology center. and working near the edges can be dangerous. >> like going to combat without getting shot at. >> reporter: he's flanked by a crew he calls family. imperative they stay positive. we're about 700 feet in the air above philly. these guys are just hanging out. in addition to the heights, hurdles andç hazards, they foc on a comrade hanging on in a battle for his life. this is john bundik, father to twin daughters, husband, son, carpenter, fighter of brain
11:51 pm
cancer. >> i can tell these guys all together here, this is more like a family when you do this. >> it is. it's dangerous. it's hard. we laugh, cry, bleed. yeah. absolutely. he's part of it. >> reporter: that's why they're on team bundick. they wear these orange shirts. on the front, crush cancer, on the front, we love you man. >> prayers to him and his family. >> reporter: mark shared this picture with us. bundick is an important man to work for help. >> when to be serious. always be there for the guy. he's a good man. >> reporter: it's why these guys are thinking positive and praying together one big family. >> hopefully he sees this and it lifts his spirits and some miracle happens that he's back out here with us again. it can happen. >> reporter: on the comcast innovation and technology center, keith jones, nbc 10
11:52 pm
news. there is new information about the alligator attack at disney world that killed a 2-year-old boy last month. the boy's father told rescue officials that two gators were involved in the attack. matt graves says a second alligator attacked him as he tried to reach his 2-year-old son when the boy was pulled into the water. the boy's body was later discovered intact about 15 yards from shore. florida wildlife officials are confident they've caught the gator that killed the boy. >> now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> and taking a look at our alert neighborhood forecast, pretty cool out there right now. we have some clouds in and around the city. 71 in philadelphia. clearer in south jersey. 66 and 68 at the jersey shore. as we head up to the lehigh valley in berks county, temperatures in the 60s. walnut port reporting 61
11:53 pm
degrees. 65 degrees out here in lees port. we'll stay on the cool side of tonight. we should stay dry as well. as we go wider on satellite radar, we see that this is the system. we're just keeping an eye on this system. a far-reaching system that is bringing severe weather to parts of northern texas, oklahoma, stretching all the way through the tennessee valley and it's a low pressure system that we do anticipate this sort of squeak into our area tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon. the system will be moving south to north, and we want to go ahead and show you the futurecast model. what's interesting about this system because it will be spreading in from the south and coming through to the northeast, there are portions of the day where sunshine appeared north of philadelphia, but everyone else will be shrouded with the cloud cover. as we put it into motion we can show you by the morning hours, the clouds are just overspreading and by 7:00 tomorrow evening, about dinnertime, we can expect to see
11:54 pm
some spotty shower activity moving in. mainly south and east of philadelphia. look here. really nothing through trenton and north of philly into allentown. but then the larger system sets up, moves in by 9:00. and this is where you'll just want to have your umbrellas handy especially heading out for the fireworks. we don't anticipate the convection just yet but that can be coming as the system gains more instability and more oomph as we get closer to the 10:00 hour. and then by midnight or 1:00 a.m., we get really some heavier cells moving through the city. by then, festivities should be over with and you just want to be careful driving home. this is one model, and this is the way it's shaping up. by 3:00 a.m., the heavy stuff moves to the northeast off the jersey coastline and waking up tuesday morning, we could still see some shower activity, but the whole system is expected to get out of here by tuesday afternoon. so the headlines read this way. mostly cloudy tomorrow, although
11:55 pm
could see some sunshine north and west of philadelphia. showers begin south moving up to the north and by the nighttime hours we can even get possible thunderstorms moving through the area overnight. if you are planning on all of the wawa welcome america festivities, the parade in philadelphia, we're looking for cloudy skies here. by 5:00, some shower activity possible. 79 degrees. it will be on the cooler side. you'll want to have the umbrellas and foul weather gear for later on in the nighttime. that's when we have our best potential in and around philadelphia for the showers to be moving through. so really best advice. just have the umbrellas handy tomorrow night and enjoy your fourth of july. we'll be back after the break. hello!
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it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank, he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human. i am banking assistance & registration technology. wait, wait, wait. but you can call me, banking assistance & registration technology. hi amy. thank you. thank you. that is not protocol manager jenna. that's ok bart, it is here. at td bank we do things differently, like having the longest hours of any bank. don't just bank. bank human. welcome back. danny pommells here. the phillies and royals putting a finale on their series.
11:58 pm
velazquez, the trainers checking on velasquez in the first inning. he stayed in the game and went six strong. bottom of the first, takes some high heat and bangs it up and out of the park. three-run shot. 3-0, phillies. a little yard work. his 14th. phillies win 7-2. leslie gudel has more. >> reporter: it looked as though velasquez was re-creating the scene from his june 12th start whenç he left the game with a strain to his bicep. it occurred after five pitches and a lower velocity pitch. >> that's the game of baibl. you have to pitch. you'll not have your stuff all the time. that's why you have to pitch. you just have to utilize your pitches and all your stuff. and today worked pretty well.
11:59 pm
>> we were going to let him see what happened during the course of that inning and make sure, but i don't think he'd lie to us. he was very open about it the last time and said he felt fine. not one bit of pain anywhere. he wanted to stay out there. >> once again, there were hits up and down the fillies lineup but none bigger than canyon rupp. rupp went 2 for 4 and raised his average to .288. and the fine job he's doing behind the plate and he's increased his value on the team this season. >> i'm playing well, whatever that means. you know, i'm happy with my performance. i'm showing what i can do, and hopefully they think i belong here. >> it's not unusual for cameron rupp, the texas native, to don a cowboy hat. now the whole team has them courtesy of carlos ruiz. he plans on the whole team wearing hats in their upcoming travels to colorado this week.
12:00 am
when you've won 7 of the last 10 games, it's easy to have a little fun. leslie gudel, comcast sports net. one person who may not be having fun is aaron nola. he'll skip his next start. he gave up five runs yesterday, he's not thrilled with missing starts but understands why it's being done. >> i feel like any you have some time off, that definitely helps. you know, it's my first year, first full season here. they want to watch me, but, you know, i'm still going to go out and try to throw as many innings as i can and throw as much as i can. >> to the hardwood now. all present and accounted for. the sixers summer league team. ben simmons and owawu signed their contracts and have joined the squad after missing yesterday's practice. here's simmons on his first day as a pro athlete working that practicing with the rest of the squad as they get set for the
12:01 am
first game tomorrow against the celtics at 7:00. today, simmons was asked about having a target on his back after being the top draft pick. >> a lot ofç people will be coming at me. it's always been that way for me since high school. everyone has really wanted to go at me have that shot. so it's fun. i love getting the challenge. >> catch simmons on the comcast network as all three utah summer league games will be there tomorrow against the celtics, tuesday against the spurs and thursday against the jazz. let's go to wimbledon. some strawberries and cream. milestone win for serena williams. her 300th career win in a grand slam tournament. she trails only martina navratilova. she finished the match in 51 minutes. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells. we'll be right back.
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sports history was made tonight in north carolina. the braves and marlins played the first professional sporting event as a u.s. military installation. in front of 12,500 fans tonight. ft. bragg is home to america's population, the largest military base in the world. coming up next on nbc 10, a special episode of "in depth." six nfl legends reflect on their
12:05 am
most defining super bowl memory. here's graham bensinger. >> this week, some of the biggest names in football share their favorite super bowl memories from brett favre's win after beating addiction to emmitt smith's. >> you going to put me on the "sports illustrated" cover before the super bowl? i said oh, no. haven't you heard about the "sports illustrated" jinx? that's crazy. >> all that's coming up next on a super bowl edition of "in depth" here on nbc 10. >> it has been an awesome wawa welcome america so far. we're looking forward to tomorrow. you're keeping a close eye on that weather. >> mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. will feel cooler. 79 for a high temperature. and have the umbrellas handy for late in the afternoon, early evening and heavier rain expected overnight into tuesday morning. and look at that warm-up. we go into some excessive heat starting wednesday. >> we'll keep a close eye on that tomorrow. be sure to keep an eye on


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