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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  July 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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showers in parts of burks county, montgomery county, but main area, again, is still back in maryland. it's still at least an hour or so away from wilmington, dell way, and this is the futurecast. as we go to 5:30 in the afternoon, maybe a couple of sprinkles around the area. by 6:30 this is a steady lighter rain that's ready to start, so the earlier you start the barbecue, the better chance you have of staying dry or just having lighter rain because by 7:30 the rain becomes steady and then it's starting to get heavier right around wilmington, for example. this rain is going to last hours. once it starts it's going to last for most of the night. the heaviest of the rain will not come until after midnight. this is heavier rain by 9:30, 10:00 tonight. possibly a thunderstorm, but the
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greatest threat of thunderstorms and really heavy rain, that comes later on tonight. here we are 4:30 in the morning. this area moving in. that's going to be the main threat for really heavy rain. so we're 77 degrees now. looks like we're just cloudy through 5:00, and then the rain starts, and by 8:00 it's getting heavier. more on the hour-by-hour forecast and the rest of the week coming up a little bit later. >> all right, glenn, thank you. as you head out take the nbc 10 app with you. that puts your neighborhood forecast right at your fingertips. you can get the hour-by-hour outlook and enjoy much of the evening outside as possible. >> that is very important because we're going to head outside to the museum of art where the nation's biggest birthday party sunday way. hear the music go and live in the middle of it all at the wawa
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american festival. how is it down there? >> it's good. we're jamming down here, keith and denise. they are doing a sound check behind us. the ultimate party on the parkway as we say happy fourth of july to you. a few minutes ago we had -- they were saying bad look, and you couldn't have helped but stand up and get up and dance a little bit. jim was getting down so it's a good time out here. >> i won't show you the moves right now, but we want to el it you the concert starts at 5:00. these starts around us, these are going to fill in. they will open this up to the public and we'll show you where our platform is right there where jackie and i will be sitting throughout the concert from 5:00 to 8:00 and the fireworks at 10:00 tonight and you can see down the parkway, there are thousands of people already on the parkway. they are packed in already, jackie. they are. >> let's go to nbc 10's brandon hudson in the middle that have crowd as everyone ask scoping
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out their spots. hey, brandon. >> this is the closest that we could get to the main concert stage. it's about five blocks down that way. you have some people putting on impromptu performances and another that's right there and five blocks away and soon people will start walking down there, and we were around finding a good spot for the fireworks and concert. >> that sounds of water on the parkway didn't come from rain, from a sprinkler attached to a light most giving some people relief from the heat. the makeshift cooling station is right by the wawa welcome america concert stage where we meet eddie garcia's family. >> a long day. just wanted to support my brother. >> eddie's mom came down from new york to see her son perform with the latin a & b group viva moss. before anyone took the stage there were other groups
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entertaining the crowd of thousands on the streets and some in attendance who got here as early as 11:00 this morning. >> we prepare for it. we know it's coming so we always make sure we look at the schedule. where we're going to park and get up early. >> monica floresization she's been to every concert she can remember. now she can make memories with this little one. >> this is london. say, hi, london. >> this is also a tradition for these four guys who also came down early for a good spot. >> we're not leaving. we're not leaving. we got this thunderstorm blocked off. >> shock off their american pride on their clothes and faces. >> 33 years old, you know. lived in philly my whole entire life and something i do every year. >> all right. the concert starts a little less than an hour from now. you're going to start seeing people walk towards that main stage for that concert. we're going to be walking down there pretty soon. we actually got these all-access passes and you'll probably see us down there at some point
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tonight. we'll keep an eye on the sky and hopefully we don't get any rain any time soon. we'll keep here and probably will talk to you later. live at the parkway, back to you. ♪ >> all right. brandon, can you hear this, hop aboard the love train. look who is on stage. vai sikahema and tracy davidson getting red ed to be our co-emcees this afternoon at 5:00. today's events though started with the celebration of freedom and parade in independence hall. >> we get aboard the love train and dance to that take a look at all the highlights from earlier today. ♪ snow proudly we hailed >> the grand celebration of america's 240th birthday began with the freedom ceremony in the shadow of independence hall. >> behold these truths. >> just before noon, an
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estimated 5,000 people marched through old city for our forefathers once walked. my colleagues glenn "hurricane" schwartz, jessica bollington and harry hairston joined me on a float with a contingent of the u.s. army band. ♪ monica anderson brought her children maria and andrew from indiana to see historic philadelphia. what did you think of the parade? >> awesome, incredible. so many different things and cultures and great patriotic opportunities there to show the kids. went and saw the liberty bell and independence hall. >> a few feet away we met cynthia and mark griffin in town from florida for the 200th observance of the african methodist episcopal church. >> they are probably being represented here in terms of the impact and the contribution that our people made to help build this nation. >> we followed this line to see what was attracting such a crowd. 2,500 patriotic cupcakes inside
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the visitors' center, the icing on the cake for a fabulous fourth. ♪ >> all right. here's a look at what's ahead to the. the concert, as we said, begins at 5:00 and goes until the fireworks begin at 10:00. you can watch the first three hours of the concert live right here on nbc 10 and then we'll be back live with the fireworks coming up live again at 10:00. check the nbc 10 app for lineup and schedule. back here live. just missed vai sikahema dancing on stage. i think they were recording and keep it here all day and i promise you you'll see the video clip. >> with us is the chief marketing officer norwayway, thanks for being here, the culmination of a big week-long event and so proud to be
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partnering with the city of philadelphia. seventh year as a sponsor. >> and what does it mean to be a part of this mega july 4th week? >> all the volunteers that donate their time and energy, making hoagies for hoagie day and giving out 20,000 hoagies. on the parkway it was fabulous. >> made may lot of people happy and a lot of people will be happy tonight with this concert and we hope the weather cooperates. >> thanks so much. from wawa we'll send it back to you, keith and denise, more moves to come but not from me. >> oh, come on. >> hoping to see a little bit there, jim. >> i heard you, jim and vai and jackie was going to tense for the next ten and we were going to commentate over that. >> that would be interesting television. >> i don't know that. >> see you guys later. have fun out there. >> you know, there's a huge preparation involved when you have an event this size. few towns are planning ahead for
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the rain. they are rescheduling their fireworks displace. >> some of the cancellations we know about so far. in delaware delaware and newark have cancelled, pennsylvania, washington crossing added to that list and in new jersey it's margate and wildwood. they are all scheduled for a later today. find that information on the nbc 10 app. the fireworks in wildwood may be canceled but the big fourth of july concert is helping at the boardwalk between marion landing and add venture piers. country star tim mcgrauf will take the stage soon. moving a bit farther north, c cyd ney y long joins you now with more. >> reporter: the sun has been out all day long but we just got three raindrops. we've been checking periodically and right now the 10:00
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fireworks here in ocean city will still light off the night sky tonight. so mother nature has been holding how the. mean phil, families here have just been holding a ton one another and holding on to every last moment at the shore this fourth of july. it's about time, undivided holiday time spent with friends and family, riding bakes and racing car, basking in the sun or bouncing beach balls. thousands at the show showing off their patriotic red, white and blue celebrating our country's birthday in style. here they have two reasons could style. july 4th and my birthday. >> and almost everyone hats a similar game plan. we're going to go see the fireworks. >> fair, at the beach and benner later. pizza soon from a business --
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>> how was this weekend? >> grace. picked up 4 the of july. i would say 10,000 people walked in or out on the floor. >> brianna davenport shade her 4th of july tradition with her best friend who will make a tradition of her own. >> we've come here, me and my family and the fair, all the way at the end was amazing. that's what everyone is waiting for tonight at 11:00. guys, liking a the fashion forward punch. you ready for the fires tonight. >> we rehissed had! >> live in oigs stay, cydney
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long. >> look for us on instagram. we're at nbc philadelphia. >> kim will take usback stage and then a look at what's being done to cbs everyone safer. >> and the septa train cowbells that will cass delays. one-think of the regional their fleet will not be in seer chris and more was learning about what kind of disruptions riders could face into they wrapped up a press conference here and the message from septa is be patient. in some cases capacity will go down 50% and in other cases maybe they will be able to add cars. it will be 70%, but either way trains will not come as often, and they could be packed. >> attention please to all passengers. beginning tuesday, july 5th.
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>> at the jenkintown station the announcement warns passengers of changes. >> trains will be operating on a different schedule after septa took a third of its fleet out of service to deal with a denaekt could take the rest of the summer to figure. we do expect crowd being commissions and by running the schedule we might lose people. once an hour and with 120 cars out the regional rails simply can't carry as many people. >> potentially it could be terrible. >> alex rides septa rail five days a week getting to work at the university of pennsylvania. he's hoping for the best. >> hopefully if there's a
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reduction, as long as we can plan around it, it shouldn't be too bad. just dealing with the occasional crowded strain what i would help. >> well, septa is encouraging riders, if you can, to look for alternatives. that may mean telecommuting if your boss will let you. it may mean taking the subway. they have also put in other options like extra parking at places like the naval hospital on petterson. they have set that up your options may be different and put things on the mapside soy you can map things out yourself. now just 45 minutes away from the free concerts on the parkway for the wawa welcome america festival. sky first 10 over a big crowd over the art museum area as people fill in all those seats and get red for the concert. nbc 10 will broadcast three hours. concerts live starting at 5, and
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our nbc 10 team has every angle of the concerts covered for >> you tracy davidson and vai sikahema are also part of the coverage and are joining us live. i hope you realize you were both caught on camera earlier at the laugh train dancing. >> fantastic. >> listen. >> we couldn't help ourselves. >> if i look a little shiny it's because i worked up a lather and this music in our wheelhouse and leslie odom jr., a broadway guy, going to co-anchor. >> and lyon bridges, brotherly love and look at all the people already gather the. you have all kinds of nokes back at the station to show you what it looks like. let's give you a sneak peek right here on the stage. we get to stand right here and here's everybody is performing and we keep saying 5:00, 5:00,
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5:00 and all the families will arrive an i don't think that's the last time vai dances. >> we're here to dance. it's a party. fourth of july, wawa welcome america. look at these folks here. they are excited, and they are settled into their seats. guys, it's going to be a great night. 5:00 p.m. >> yeah. we'll see you then. >> got the best see in the house. >> the view from up there is fantastic. i'm hoping their dancing spirit is contagious and i hope the guys on the floor are watching. see you in just a bit. thank you. >> we sure do hope that the rain holds out for most festivities there tonight. >> no question about that. >> also, it's sunny to start, for at least the phillies at citizens bank park. the fils battling the braves right now. that game will feature several tributes to our nation's military veterans and hopefully it will stay dry through the end of the game. first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the storms moving in
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tonight and, glenn, you just found out camden has moved up their fireworks from 9:30 to 9:00. >> yeah, because the rain is going to get a little bit steadier and heavier the later we go into the evening hours. i don't think there's a whole lot of a threat of thunderstorms or flooding rains or anything like that during the evening. the worst of this whole system is coming well after midnight tonight. have a few sprinkles that have already developed in parts of montgomery county and burks county. that's way ahead of the main area. that continues to come up through maryland. it's been raining in washington for a few hours now. it's been raining in baltimore. once the rain starts it's fairly steady and the leading edge of this would hit wilmington around 6:10. atlantic city at 6:36 and philadelphia 7:24. allentown about 8:30, so in all of those cases there is the rain falling before the fireworks. would be scheduled.
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we're not talking about really heavy rain. the heavy rain is coming from that area in west virginia and that's not going to come until much later tonight and that's where any flood threat comes. there is a flash flood watch for much of the area and we've issued a first alert for the entire area outside the lehigh valley and burks county for after 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 am tomorrow. now, you can see the rain at 6:30, and now at 8:00 tonight. it's raining in philadelphia. it's still not ant trenton, but it will be moving there. everybody's going to get rain tonight. it will being getting a little bit heavier as the evening goes on. there's 9:00 so you've got to take the umbrellas with you. i've seen fireworks in the rain before and had the umbrella, and as long as the clouds aren't real low to the ground you can still see it. i don't think the clouds will be that loy to the ground, at least not through this evening, but
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there's that rain at 10:00 tonight when they are going to try to have the fireworks. there's midnight, and we have a little bit heavier rain. 1:30 in the morning. there it is. that's the area of the steadier rain and the possible thunderstorms. that's the morning rush tomorrow. that's not real hopeful. you can see we start off with just the clouds, and as we get closer to 7:00, we have the better chance of rain. by 8:00 it's definitely raining in and around the philadelphia area. at the shore, atlantic city, for example, 5:00, it's still just cloudy, and, again, as we go through the evening, the chances of at least some light rain go up and by tomorrow morning that's when it's really going to be getting heavy. it's down to 77 degrees at philly international. we did get into the 80s today and it's going to get really hot
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over the next several days. it's kind of windy in wilmington. wind out of the south but the general trend is not for a real windy evening. now, tomorrow, these thunderstorms generally occurring in the morning, and in the afternoon the sun starts coming out and the temperatures go up, and it gets humid. allentown is 87. 89 degrees in esham township and warm in atlantic city at 84 degrees and then look at what happens to these temperatures. 91 in philadelphia tomorrow, but then 96, 97 degrees. i expect temperatures to be well into the 90s even for friday and saturday as well. so that will be the next big story. >> and my mike was on there, glenn. >> our fourth of july coverage continues next and a look at other celebrations aron the area. >> and here's another live look over the ben franklin parkway
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where wawa welcome america is in full swing and coming up at 4:30. >> she dreamed of a backyard waterfall after paying $2 her contractor disappeared before the work was done. >> and then she called harry. >> "nbc 10 responds" coming up at 4:30. count on it.
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another live look. sky force 10 is live over the ben franklin parkway where the wawa festival is revving up for its finale. the festival is capped off by a concert at 5:00 followed by the fireworks show at 10. >> the mummers, start of the show. they strutted their stuff during the celebration here at pine and
4:25 pm
cedar croft and the battleship provided the backdrop for a very special fourth of july ceremony this morning. >> for purpose of evasion. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. you are america's newest citizens. >> 40 people celebrated as they became citizens today. we want to say congratulations to each of them. >> now the big concern ahead of july 4th celebrations the rain moving in. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking what's coming. glenn? >> yeah, that's right. there's just no doubt that rain is moving in and it could put a daefrm on fireworks plans in some parts of the area and the first sprinkles are already starting in parts of the region. i'll show you the timing neighborhood by neighborhood hook. >> want to take you back outside right now. this is down broad street from our kimmel center campus camera
4:26 pm
and lock at city hall. you can see a mix of sun and clouds, and as glenn just said that will soon be changing. we'll be right back.
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right now at 4:30 we're tracking storms that could play a factor in your fourth of july festivities. see them approaching on the nbc 10 radar. but it looks pretty good in many neighborhoods. here's a live look from wildwood this afternoon where thousands of people were spending their holidays. >> concert in the sand is what they are all going to see. >> sky force 10 live over the parkway where thousands of people gather for the july 4th
4:30 pm
concerts that begin in 30 minutes. nbc 10 will be bringing those two live when they happen. now to a live look at wilmington. the skies, well, they are a bit overcast, a little sun and clouds. delaware will be among the first places though to see tonight's storms. and nbc 10 is here right now to bring you the very latest weather updates. >> first alert chief meteorologist garts is draching the rain, and when it will arrive in your neighborhoods. gleb. >> yeah. >> the rain is coming first. the storms, they are coming a whole lot later, so the worst part of the weather tonight is going to be very late tonight. there's just no doubt though that this area rain is moving right at us and there's no reason for us to miss and just the question and details of the rain. you can see it's getting right near chester county and hitting wilmington and philadelphia, of course, and then in the next couple of hours. here's the futurecast by 6:00,
4:31 pm
we're not talking about a solid area, but it's just going to get more solid and steady as we go through the evening, so the earlier you do the barbecues, the less rin that's going to be. rain in burks county, chester county and much of delaware here and even up to atlantic city by 7:00. by 8:00 it's widespread. a little bit heavier in some parts of the area. hour by hour futurecast. it's range in lehigh valley and raining at the shore and in delaware. 9:00, still rain iing. locally heavy and this particular computer model is not exactly optimistic for this evening so here's the forecast at 8:00. we expect some rain and the concert at 9:00. it's raining perhaps a little bit harder and by 10:00 it's
4:32 pm
raining at a steady pace and a little bit heavier. these are some of the other fireworks forecast. even trenton and ocean city are going to see some of the rain, and it will be getting heavier at times as we get closer to 10:00 and 11:00 tonight. more on what to expect the rest of the night and the week coming up. >> now we head outside to the museum of art where the nation's biggest birthday party is under way. >> that's in center city. >> some of the seats are starting to fill in and jim rosenfield and jacqueline london joining us live from the wawa festival. the count don is on to the beginning. concert. >> you know, without the sun out, it's kind of pleasant out here actually because it's cool enough. you're not baking in the heat. opened up some of the sections and families have come out here for the concert which start just about half an hour from now.
4:33 pm
last year on the ben franklin parkway they had 175,000 people packing this parkway and the concert is going to start at 5:00 and hurry up and get down here. you have so many people here, of course. you have to take precautions. i want to show you some. police that are set up, a small army of philadelphia police, fire crews and emergency management staff. they descended on ben franklin parkway. the mission is to keep this celebration safe. >> we've been checking on security. any major security issues at this point, ben? >> reporter: at this point, there are no major security threats that the police or office of security management knows about and we've seen police going inside the event on the parkway, and all of the police presence out here as well as the emergency medical crews. if something does happen they are ready. >> benjamin franklin parkway is lined with barrier fencing and scores of police. the families are here to say it
4:34 pm
celebrates into the festivities. >> we're very patriotic. we love our country. >> paul says he's prepared his kids for anything. >> we've talked to the youngest ones about, you know, if we have a stern voice and say, you know, get down or anything like that so that they know to respond correctly. >> as you know, philly owns 49th. >> announcements from the office of emergency management echo on the parkway and remind everyone to say something if you see something. >> there's rocky. >> visitors like tim freeman from chicago say there's no place he'd rather be on independence day. >> you cannot be scared. we are the land. free because of the brave. >> reporter: it's more than just police on the parkway. city workers from licenses and inspections look for unlicensed vendors and the american red cross and volunteers like bob schmidt are here at 23rd in the parkway in case there are lost kids. >> we're going to do the best to take care of them while they are here and attempt to find out where the parents are. >> like every year event
4:35 pm
organizers expect more than 100,000 people for day's fireworks finale and recent attacks haven't dampened the spirit. >> i don't want to be the person that's scared to leave the house. >> reporter: the men and women of philly's finest blend in to part of philadelphia's independent day celebration. garbage trucks blocking spring street and they will be used as a blockade and once the fireworks are over they are very easy to move. mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> mitch, thank you. as can you hear the music is cranking up. 5:00 is when the concert starts. d.j. bismarck, he has been killing it. come on. he went a little throwback with "abc" and the jackson five. doing one hit after another.
4:36 pm
it's such a good time out here. such a party atmosphere. the weather is amazing, and we'll have it all covered for you tonight, the entire concert 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. >> 5:00 is when it starts so we're getting close and we are ready. >> we'll throw back to you. >> so good right here. >> told me to dance a little bit. come on. the shoulder minute. >> jim and jackie, thank you. ton have fun. 5:00. they keep putting up their hands. 5:00 is when that live concert is going to start and we'll go seamlessly into it here for nbc 10 news at 4:00. stay with us. even on the holidays, keith, the nbc 10 response team does not stop solving your consumer problems. >> straight ahead, the work started but not completed. harry hairston is on the place.
4:37 pm
the have contractor who didn't do the upgrade that he was paid to do. how he helped and what everyone can learn and how he can hire help for outside work. >> a live look along the schuylkill banks boardwalk, a perfect place to take in tonight's fireworks from the wawa american festival and i don't think there's any better to cooperation and we're crotting our fingers. ♪ ♪
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>> a woman says when a contractor came to her neighborhood offering a deal on landscaping she couldn't resist. >> and when she didn't get what she paid for she contacted nbc 10 response. harry hairston has the response and how nbc 10 responds helped out. >> you may have seen them. contractors in your neighborhood offering their services but who are they and are they reliable. answers you should have before you let them get between you and your cash. from chimes blowing in the wind to birds eating at feeders in her yard, this is linda lee's
4:41 pm
oasis of sorts, a charming house in yeardley. lee tells us in march the owner of dreamscape landscaping eric kaiser came through the neighborhood. she says he offered to weed and clean up her front yard for just $200. >> after the gentleman did such a good job on the front yard, he said is there any other work that you would like me to do? >> lee says that's when she showed kaiser this, her waterfalls in need of some work. >> i said i really would like a more dramatic waterfall in -- in the back, and he said how much can you spend? and i said oh, gee, i don't know. i -- i wouldn't want to go above 2,000. >> lee says with tax the total came to $1,961 and lee says kaiser insisted on one condition. >> it had to be paid in advance. >> experts say that continue should serve as a red flag. lee says she paid him anyway.
4:42 pm
she tells us month after month went by with no word or call from kaiser. >> i kept calling and the voice mail was fall. >> moments after lee called us we called kaiser. he told us he would give back the money. >> within two days i had an answer. >> kaiser gave lee this cashier's check for $2,161. that included the $1,961 for the waterfall and the $200 he previously charged her for weeding. lee says she will take her time looking for another contractor. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. thank you, harry. >> kaiser declined to comment on camera and did send us a written comment but that was three weeks ago. never pay the full amount until the job is done.
4:43 pm
customary to pay it up front to be pair for the contract ore. >> if you have a consumer complaint send it to nbc 10 response. head to or call 610-667-respond. >> in less than 20 minutes from now exactly, 16 envelope minutes, i should say, the july 4th concert kicks off on the parkway. >> who is counting. a live look at the parkway. nbc 10's tim furlong will take us backstage as the performers prepare to wow the crowds. that's coming up next. >> and that concert is going to start dry and i'm going to keep an hour on the first alerted the payoff. i'll break down when the rain is going to start and how it's going to last next on my first alert forecast.
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freedom rings at the liberty bet. the annual tapping of the bell was held at independence mall to mark the signing of the declaration of independence. descendants of the signers of the declaration were among those taking part. >> now the attention is turning to the ben franklin parkway where in 15 minutes, well, 12 and a half minutes from now, the july 4th concert kicks off with big names like lyon bridges and yaz the greatest. nbc 10's tim furlong is backstage for all the action. >> tim, you have one of the best seats in the house. >> reporter: i don't say it too often but i feel like one of the cool kids.
4:48 pm
backstage on the parkway. any time an artist comes on stage they have to talk to this guy and go through my questioning and scrutiny. really good questions for a lot of guys because i've done research on a lot of them. you'll have fun with these guys. after they are done with me they will go up the steps right there and that's the stage where, trust me, you've seen earlier in this newscast when you look out on the parkway, it's a pretty amazing site. if you're a performer it's super powerful to be here, a fun atmosphere and vibe and the sound checks sounded amazing. we're talking buttery smooth. the o.j.s were up there. i got my face like this, how smooth they were. the big question everybody is talking about at this point is the weather going to hold how the? you see gray skies up there. not a big deal so far, but, glenn, are we going to make it and be okay tonight? >> depends on what you mean by okay. it's going to rain. it is going to rain, but it's
4:49 pm
not going to rain heavy enough to rain a lot of people's evenings. tim is right there, and as you can see there's no rain close by, so we're obviously starting off the concert on the dry side, but the leading edge of the rain is getting closer. it's almost getting up to wilmington and then, of course, only an hour from there are go into philadelphia. it's a pretty solid area. that means steady rain for a few hours, but it's not that heavier, this whole area, so the timetable that started at 5:48. the leading edge of this rain is moving at 26-mile-an-hour. 8:00 in allenton and starting at cape may and atlantic city during that period as well. that's not the he have part.
4:50 pm
that's way back here in west virginia and kentucky and tennessee. that's going to take most of the night to get here. now, the problem with that is that's going to hit us during the morning rush, or at least for part of it. here's 7:00 and here's the lighter rain starting in the philadelphia area. heavy at times and much of it is light and get a little burst of heavier rain and the thunderstorm threat is higher tonight than this evening. still rain in the area, 2:00 in the morning. going to be a wet night and then here comes the heavier start. that's 10:00 in the morning. 6:00 a.m. everybody going back to work. not exactly a fun trip. 5, we're still dry and begin 6:00 and 7:00, that's where some
4:51 pm
of the light rain starts and it's starting to get heavier. issued a first alert for much of the area. the entire area except for the lehigh valley and burks county that. goes from 3:00 to 9:00 a.m. tomorrow and that's for a flash flood threat. rain becoming heavier with some thunderstorms. 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and not this evening. neighborhoods right now we're in the 70s across much of delaware here and even at the delaware beaches. we're talking about temperatures into the low 70s but it's really going to be heating up this week. look at this forecast. wednesday in philadelphia we're up to 96 and 97 thursday and 97 friday. now at the jersey shore, of course it's going to be cooler but these not exactly cool. that's going to be a heat wave,
4:52 pm
and we're talking about high humidity. we're talking about field like temperature over 100 degrees. dangerous heat in the past 100 days once we get past the rain and storm. >> speaking of the rains and storms. they are coming tonight, right. filly is yet to cancel their fireworks and we know that wildwood has. >> i've seen fireworks in the rain. >> just have an umbrella. as long as the clouds aren't real low the ground. you can still see it. >> thanks, glenn. >> and we'll be right back with the final countdown to wawa welcome america's july 4th concert. plus, you'll hear from one of tonight's big stars.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner's to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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the countdown is nearing the home stretch. we're less than ten minutes away. about four minutes away from the start of the wawa america july 4th concert. a broadway start is playing a big part in the july 4th festivities in his hometown. >> talking about leslie odom jr. >> behold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. >> that's odom reading from the declaration of independence. odom played at am burr in the broadway mega hit "hamilton" and nbc 10 sat down and talked with him this afternoon and he's happy to be home. >> my whole foundation and i said it had this morning. i'm a philadelphia artist anywhere i go in this world. he'll be performing at the parkway in just a few minutes from now. the wawa welcome america july 4th concert will feature five
4:57 pm
hours of live music. can you watch live 5:00 to 8:00 right here on nbc 10 and then plan to keep it here from 8:00 for macy's fourth of july fireworks spectacular live from new york and that leads us to the grand finale, wawa welcome america fireworks show over the ben franklin parkway. watch it live at 10:00 right here on nbc 10. tap on the nbc 10 app for a full schedule of tonight's concert lineup and the fireworks. >> that's it for nbc 10 news at 4:00. don't change the channel. the july 4th concert live from the parkway begin in less than three minutes. happy fourth of july, folks.
4:58 pm
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concert on the parkway, presented by horizon services, for all your air conditioning and plumbing needs. ♪ >> in america's birthplace on america's birthday, we celebrate our independence with a spectacular evening of music. ♪ >> straight from the tony award winning performances, philly's own leslie odom jr. >> the king of his own empire, yazz the greatest. ♪ >> columbia reporting arrestedist,


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