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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  July 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> one was a newlywed, another a military veteran. in all, five officers were murdered in this ambush, seven others were injured. >> police believe the person responsible was acting alone, and now we know who he is. >> in dallas right now, police are still trying to piece together clues about the shooting that left five officers dead and seven others injured. >> we are heart broken. >> the shooting left people in the city in shock, sending thousands running for their lives. >> we heard what sounded like firecrackers, and people were like, run, run! the crowd went crazy and started to scatter and disperse. i wasn't a half a block away, and then there was another round of what sounded like firecrackers. >> this afternoon police searched the house of the accused killer. during a standoff with police, he said he wanted to kill white police officers and he said he acted alone.
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>> all of the cops were shot. i just saw cops bending over. there had to be five or six cops shot down. >> officers eventually used a bomb to kill him. but the damage was already done. >> rapid gunshots fired. the police officers standing by me pushed me to get out of the way. my legs got a little scars on it where he pushed me out of the way. if he didn't push me, i probably would have got shot. >> it was at the end of a peaceful rally involving the police involved shootings. the organizers of that rally condemned all of this week's violence. >> we understand that although officers volunteer to risk their lives, they certainly do not deserve to die. >> we're learning more about those who lost their lives in dallas. 40-year-old michael crowell's family said all he ever wanted to become was a police officer. fred thompson worked as an officer for the rapid transit authority. the 43-year-old just got married in the past two weeks.
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patrick had survived three tours in iraq with the navy. he joined the dallas police force about five years ago. officer ripa was married as the father of a 2-year-old daughter. this morning, those victims were honored by their fellow officers. police formed honor lines outside both parkland hospital and baylor medical center. they saluted as each fallen officer was removed from the hospital to go to the medical examiner's office. the people of dallas came together today to pray for their city. thousands attended an interfaith prayer vigil in downtown dallas. mike rawlings was also there. he spoke passionately about race, respect for law enforcement, and he called for the country to come together. >> we must have hope and believe that tomorrow will be better. and it will. and we must love one another. because if we don't, this cancer
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of separatism will kill this body. >> the mayor also shared that the nine other people who were hurt last night, the seven officers, and the two civilians, are expected to recover. closer to home, a show of support for the people of dallas right here in pennsylvania. governor tom wolf has ordered that all state flags fly at half staff in honor of those fallen police officers. the u.s. flags were lowered in the capital today. president obama issued the declaration today. >> the president spoke about the dallas attack while he was in poland for a nato summit. he said america is horrified over the shootings and he paid tribute to the police. >> our police have an extraordinarily difficult job. and the vast majority of them do their job in outstanding fashion. >> once again, the president said the nation must confront
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the reality of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on powerful weapons. hillary clinton canceled one of her campaign events in pennsylvania this morning in response to the attacks. >> tonight she will speak at the a.m.e. church conference in philadelphia. she plans to talk about this week's deadly shootings around the country. >> drew smith is live at the convention center where clinton could speak at any moment now. drew? >> reporter: yeah, the program just began about three minutes ago. you can see there are people speaking up on the stage. we know hillary clinton is here in the building. she's been doing some interviews with national outlets right now. foreshadowing what she's going to be speaking about, which includes racial issues in this country. she just told lester holt on msnbc that she thinks everyone understands that we have a very deep divide in this country. and something needs to be done about it. she will be speaking about that as well as the issues that happened in both minnesota and louisiana. we spoke with people here for the a.m.e. church gathering.
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we asked them what they expect to hear from clinton. listen. >> so much going on in this nation. we need a leader that's going to make a difference, that's going to change things. i don't know how we're going to do that, what she can do about it, but she's got to do something. >> she's going to say exactly what these people want her to say. and that's going to be it. >> reporter: we do expect this speech to have a more somber tone to it. the campaign had planned on speaking about the police involved shootings against black men. but those plans obviously have changed based on what happened in dallas. we will be here. we expect to hear from her this hour. we, of course, will bring you what she said coming up at 6:00. live at the pennsylvania convention center, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> drew, we'll continue to check back in with you. the shooting prompted donald trump to cancel a trip to miami today. he issued a statement in response to the shooting saying our nation is too divided.
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it reads in part, we must restore law and order. we must restore the confidence of our people to be safe and secure in their homes, and on the streets. still ahead, nbc 10 reached out to philadelphia police. septa, and the secret service. how they're making changes in response to the attack. plus a live report from dallas coming up in the next ten minutes. it is hot. we are ending the week with a heat wave. it was another day to get in that walk or bike ride early. nbc 10 was along kelly drive this morning before the temperature really started to spike. rowers on the river were certainly sweating it out on the schuylkill today. >> i hope she's wearing sunscreen. >> the first alert weather team is tracking some rain. we'll have more on that. we get the latest from chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn is this. >> yeah, some people are already cooling off with the rain in the area. there are two areas of
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thunderstorms, both pretty much in new jersey. one that was the most severe looks like it's weakening. the darker colors with the lightning, those are older lightning strikes. we're not seeing the white bolts anymore, so that means that this storm is weakening across the atlantic city expressway. but there's still enough lightning around, getting close to the beaches, that it's time to tell your friends and relatives to get off the beach. because you don't want to get anywhere near the lightning. that storm going past egg harbor city now, galloway, right in the middle of it. the other one, this is the delaware river here, so this is in hunterton county. this cell is not moving very much. and so that is a flood threat. that's why there's a flood advisory until 8:30 this evening for that one. another flood advisory for the one we just showed you, just
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west of atlantic city. this area meanwhile in chester county, berks county, continues to weaken. it's more in the way of light to moderate rain right now. there are more showers back to the west. they will be affecting us later tonight and even into the morning. we have the threat of some showers. it's not going to be nearly as warm when you factor in this rain that's going to be developing during the day tomorrow. as you can see, we have that possibility, especially in delaware and pennsylvania. not as much in new jersey at the jersey shore tomorrow morning. but we'll be getting it later in the day. more on that timing with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. >> looking forward to that, glenn, thank you. septa says relief is on the way for thousands of passengers who rely on regional rail. it's been a week since septa announced that a third of its fleet would have to be taken out of service. now they've come up with a better way to get people where they need to go.
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nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal joins us live at the septa headquarters for the details. >> reporter: keith, we've got good news and bad news for commuters. the good news is that septa has actually obtained some borrowed train cars from places like amtrak and new jersey transit. but the bad news is that the fix could take a bit longer than we expected, because repairing those train cars has proven a bit tricky. to fix septa's fleet of silver liner train cars, crews may be forced to entirely replace hundreds of defective steel beams. a simple repair would have been easier, but now there's concern that might not be enough. >> at this point, it's not looking good for a repair or a quick return to service. >> reporter: that means it could take until labor day to get those cars back in service. it's all been causing massive commuter headaches that could get worse before they get better. >> we apologize for the
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inconvenience and are grateful for your patience. >> reporter: today septa's general manager revealed some good news. they'll begin leasing rain cars from amtrak, maryland and new jersey transit, adding about 1,700 more seats. it's all an effort to fill the gaps until those faulty steel beams can be replaced. >> i also would like to say that we're not done scouring the country for additional rail cars. >> reporter: in the meantime, septa has added more parking along the broad street line, express buses may also be added to the mix, and even uber is stepping up with discounts to septa riders. be on the lookout for a brand-new train schedule to be released on septa's website this coming sunday night. in the meantime, septa does warn that next week could actually be a bit more busier because fewer people are on holiday vacation. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. right now, at 5:00, our first look at a man wanted for trying to kidnap a pair of women in newark on the fourth of july.
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take a look. his name is joseph ruj. police identified him from tips that came in after releasing surveillance video. call newark police if you know where he may be. camden police have arrested a man who they believe is responsible for an arson spree that damaged more than a dozen buildings in just a few days. carl ricks jr. has been charged with 14 counts of aggravated arson. it started saturday and lasted into monday july 4th, destroying mostly vacant buildings across the city. seven firefighters were injured but they are expected to be okay. next at 5:00, we go live to dallas for an update on the tragic ambush that killed five police officers. plus, it will not be smooth sailing for some new jersey drivers. why their local road projects could hit a bump in the road.
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we continue to follow the latest developments on the dallas ambush. five officers were killed and wounded seven others following what was supposed to be a peaceful protest. according to police he had no criminal history and was often described as a loner. while searching johnson's home in the past few minutes, we learned that investigators found bomb-making materials, a number of weapons, as well as a journal of combat tactics.
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detectives are now analyzing that journal. sources tell nbc news they've found no ties between johnson and any extremist groups. nbc's jay gray is live in dallas tonight. he joins us with more on this investigation. jay, talk to us about the shooter's family. where do they fit in with the investigation? are they cooperating with police? >> reporter: rosemary, at this point, the police say it's too early in the investigation to share any of that information. we know that he did live with his mother in a modest neighborhood. and we're told that after he returned from afghanistan, serving a year of deployment there, that he was withdrawn. that neighbors said they didn't see much of him, didn't know much about him. you talk about what was found inside the home there, again, he was living with his mother, the ammunition and ballistic material, he was carrying out the attack here.
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they are processing, they are analyzing the information inside that journal. important to point out, it's a personal journal. his own journal of combat tactics. and so that leads investigators to believe he had been planning some type of attack for quite some time. >> sure a lot to process. 24 hours since it happened last night. jay, what's next for this community? are there any rallies, any vigils planned? >> reporter: yeah, keith, i think we'll see several unfold. we did see the first today around noon here. and hundreds showed up to be a part of that, including the mayor of dallas, along with the police chief here. they said it was important to be together. a lot of people said that they grew strength from being with others who were struggling to understand that. that's a struggle that continues. not only in this city, which is rocked, but across the country right now. i talked to dallas police officers who have been at work since the attack last night. they say they are still on the highest alert at this point, and
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concerned that the threat here may not be over with just yet. so this is a city still very much on edge, keith. >> jay gray live for us in dallas tonight. thank you. >> thank you, jay. dallas, of course, is some 1,500 miles away from philadelphia. >> the ripple effect clearly being felt within the philadelphia police department tonight. the reason why, philly police will now work in two officer teams. the commissioner said the department is looking at how it polices protests. with the democratic national convention just weeks away, the secret service said it won't change its plans. transit police are leaving assignments up to supervisors. >> we'll do what we have to do to keep protesters safe, but most importantly to keep everybody in the city safe. >> the secret service respects the rights of the people to protest. as long as the protest is not directly impacting the venue, we don't get involved with it. >> what happened last night hits us all right to the core. and i think -- i really think that the entire public feels
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that way. it's not just the policing community, it's all of america feels that pain tonight. >> at least one protest is planned for tonight in philadelphia. police say they've been in contact with the protest organizers. faith leaders are calling for prayer and peace after these attacks. we'll hear from those who are attending the a.m.e. church conference going on right now in philadelphia. that's coming up in the next half hour. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, another hot day out there. but not enough to stop these people from hitting the boardwalk in atlantic city earlier today. of course, it wasn't as hot there. hopefully they took a dip in the ocean. that's a great way to be at the shore. but there is a thunderstorm pretty close to atlantic city right now. there's another one not too far north of trenton.
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as we take a look at this one, we're starting to see some lightning strikes near the beaches. so everybody should be away from the water there. atlantic city expressway, well, it's getting pretty wet here. galloway township, down to egg harbor, and some of this rain is, of course, very heavy. right along the new jersey -- not new jersey turnpike, new jersey avenue near the atlantic city expressway. now, we also have another cell up in parts of bucks county, newtown, up to buckingham, this is the delaware river here. most of the activity is on the new jersey side. hunterton county. we have a relatively new storm. this is near morristown, new jersey, not moving very fast, but also doesn't have lightning with it at this point. this area was pretty impressive a couple of hours ago.
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and it continues to weaken in chester county and parts of berks county. and in delaware, we have one pretty strong cell in central delaware, and some stuff in maryland, that could potentially move to the dover area during the next few hours. but right now, a pretty heavy shower right along route 1, just north of chestwold in central delaware. there's more that's going to be coming, mostly into new jersey this evening. then we're going to get a break overnight tonight. and then we're going to be seeing more showers and storms develop tomorrow. the temperature, up to 93 degrees today. about 91 tomorrow. three days in a row makes it an official heat wave. and we're going to be seeing even hotter weather coming next week. but over the weekend, a clear choice, best weather day, that's
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sunday. lower humidity, along with a little bit lower temperatures. no rain. we do expect showers and storms on saturday, with the temperature of a few degrees cooler than today. and then another day on monday, with very low humidity. but then things change. we start to heat up again tuesday. and by wednesday, it's really oppressive at 93. so this is another heat wave coming thursday and friday and saturday. mid-90s, could get more dangerous heat by then. more than three dozen people are facing charges after a drug bust targeting atlantic city. prosecutors annoyanced the results of the operations today. 19 people were already arrested. investigators are still looking for 22 more. authorities say the group ran a significant heroin and cocaine trafficking operation in the atlantic city area.
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new jersey is putting the brakes on several transportation projects for at least a week. >> the state is trying to figure out how to come up with money for those projects after the democrat-led senate scrapped any votes to hike the gas tax. >> a $1.7 million project on route 38 between routes 295 and 206 is among those on the chopping block. in camden county, the same goes for a $1 million project to repair the nickelson bridge over east atlantic road. >> the cuts are just limited to roadways. multiple projects to make improvements along the river line could also be shelved. it looks like $10 million worth of projects to enhance rail service at marine terminals may also have to wait. what's old is new again. we're live in atlantic city for the return of the showboat. that's coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00. plus, he swims.
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he also dances. take a look. this 94-year-old from philadelphia is an olympic medalist, as well. we'll have more on his incredible story next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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when you're the parent of a disabled child, you realize that the world can be a harsh place. but you also realize it can be a really loving, wonderful place. when i saw donald trump mock somebody who was disabled,
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i was appalled. you gotta see this guy... ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember! that reporter suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms. it told me everything i need to know about his heart and what he believes deep down. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. the road to rio will become
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a reality for many olympic hopefuls tonight. tune in tonight. it all starts at 8:00 tonight followed by nbc 10 news at 11:00. going to the olympics for many people is a life-long dream. >> but for 94-year-old herb d g dougl douglas, he's already lived that dream. >> i accomplished definitely what i wanted to. i shot for the moon and ended up with the stars. >> herb douglas continues to shoot for the stars. at 94 years young, he is the oldest living olympian. he's probably more active than many people half his age. he swims every other age in his community, and even danced on stage to celebrate his 90th birthday. herb's also met a who's who of celebrities, including president barack obama and nelson mandela. >> he's got great genes, that's what it is.
5:27 pm
don't miss more of his remarkable story during our nbc 10 special, going for gold, that is tomorrow night at 7:00. you want to tune in for that. it's excellent. it is that time again. where are your tickets? >> i put them away. >> we're hiding them. >> i promised jim i would give him something if i win. only so much to go around. the jackpot has gone up. we're talking, i don't know, hundreds of millions of dollars. maybe a little something for you, too. >> like ten bucks? lunch maybe? >> people all across our area are feeling pretty lucky. we'll talk to them ahead on nbc 10 news at 5:00. first we continue to follow the latest on the tragedy in dallas. faith leaders are calling for prayer and peace. five officers were ambushed and killed.
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police officers are hurting. we are heartbroken. >> a well-planned and well-thoughtout evil tragedy that left five of his officers dead and several others injured. the shootings marked the
5:31 pm
deadliest day for law enforcement since the 9/11 attacks. chief david brown said his force will not rest until everyone is brought to justice. >> late this afternoon, nbc news learned that investigators believe an army veteran killed by dallas police was the lone gunman. 25-year-old micah johnson died after negotiations failed with police, and officers sent in a robot delivered bomb. earlier today investigators searched johnson's home in a dallas suburb where they found bomb-making materials. the shooter served in the army reserve and did one tour of duty in afghanistan. >> these are pictures of three of the five officers who were killed. michael crowell was an eight-year veteran of the department of the dallas police. brent thompson was just married in the last two weeks. he was the first person killed in the line of duty in the history of the dallas area rapid transit authority. that's the authority he served. and dallas police officer patrick zamaripa leaves behind a wife and 2-year-old daughter. investigators say the lone
5:32 pm
gunman was working as an aide for mentally challenged children and adults before last night's shooting. >> the dallas police chief explained micah johnson's motive. >> he said he was upset about the recent police shootings. the suspect said he was upset at white people. the suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers. >> the chief went on to say that they are not going to let a, quote, coward who would ambush police officers change democracy. >> we don't feel much support most days. let's not make today most days. please, we need your support. >> nbc news also has learned that johnson had no ties to domestic terror groups. meanwhile, here at home, in
5:33 pm
philadelphia calling for prayer and peace after the tragedy in dallas. >> last night members of the a.m.e. church joined the protest against the killings of two black men by police officers in minnesota and louisiana this week. castilo was shot this week. he ran the kaf ter yar at a local school. >> the day before, officers in baton rouge confronted alton sterling outside a convenience store. there was a struggle, and sterling was shot while lying on the ground. witnesses said he had a gun. despite the tension between police and protesters, today everyone agrees more violence is not the answer. >> that's right. nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas spoke with church leaders at the conference going on in philadelphia right now. she asked them what steps are needed to begin this healing process. >> reporter: a.m.e. leaders say
5:34 pm
the shooting in dallas is just as troubling as the shooting in louisiana and minnesota. they're all problems that people need to come together to resolve. like dallas -- >> i saw the news this morning and thought, my god, that could have been us. >> reporter: -- hundreds filled the streets of philadelphia. a.m.e. church leaders helped organize a peaceful protest after this week's police-involved shootings in louisiana and minnesota. >> they don't have an easy job. it's a tough job. it does not take away any of the issues we continue to raise. >> reporter: in dallas five officers were killed at the hands of a sniper who used the protest to target them. >> in this moment, i certainly want to say that violence against law enforcement can never be tolerated. >> reporter: but some question if protests fuel an anti-police sentiment. >> it's not been anti-police. it's being anti-police brutality, anti-excessive force, being anti-shooting before you know what's going on. >> reporter: a distinction tyler
5:35 pm
said culls out a more deeply rooted culture and allows them to take issue with what happened in louisiana, minnesota, and dallas at the same time. >> i think we fight for peace. >> reporter: dr. williams pastors a church in dallas not far from where the shooting occurred. he said he has a lot of work to do when he goes home. >> try to bring peace. >> reporter: pastor tyler said it's really important not to be extreme in your comments or your actions. he also applauded the work of the philadelphia police department who was right out there with them yesterday keeping them safe during the protest. aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. >> stay with nbc 10 for a full hour of "nightly news." lester holt is live in dallas with more on the investigation, the victims and the recovery there. people brave in the extreme heat this afternoon.
5:36 pm
hitting the streets in montgomery county. some ambitious enough to eat outside. but they're in the shade, not the sun. the heat wave is going to continue through at least part of the weekend. >> we'll also see some rain tonight. first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking it all. and glenn, when we get rain with this kind of weather, one of two things, it either makes it more humid or helps cool things down. which is it? >> it's going to help cool things down at least temporarily. and the clouds help as well during the daytime hours. that makes it feel a little bit more comfortable. we've seen that area of rain approaching philadelphia just weaken and weaken and weaken. we've got a couple other areas to deal with. generally in new jersey. this one cell that moved down to the south is still not reaching atlantic city. the problem is, it's staying near the inland areas, egg harbor, atlantic city
5:37 pm
expressway, white horse pike, blackhorse pike involved in this, too. it's not moving that much. just getting past galloway. it was up here about an hour or so ago. it is drifting to the south, not headed right toward the shore. we've got another area with a flash flood warning. this covers the northern portion of mercer county, and a tiny piece of bucks county, just east of warrington. and as you can see why here, these storms not moving very much at all. it's kind of a weird pattern here. we've got some storms moving and some not. right on top of newtown grant right now. and washington crossing. you're getting hammered while this area moving through chester county, into delaware county continues to weaken. and there are more showers in eastern maryland headed toward delaware. we'll talk more about tomorrow's storms and the rest of the forecast in a few minutes.
5:38 pm
the rain spoiled the first time around, but the fireworks can't be stopped. we'll show you where some towns are celebrating the fourth this weekend. plus, there could be some unwanted fireworks at the jersey shore. a little bit of controversy here. why neighbors want to stop the music at a popular concert that's coming up, on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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new jersey police have arrested a driver they say is responsible for a hit-and-run crash that killed the cousin of ben simmons. mark nicholas of brooklyn, new york, was arrested early this morning. police say he was driving this suv through hoboken on june 25th when he allegedly hit and killed 21-year-old zachary simmons. the victim had been with his cousin ben just two days before the crash where the sixers drafted him as the number one pick.
5:41 pm
now to an animal cruelty case out of philadelphia. the spca tells us that their officers have removed 27 cats and two dogs from a home that they describe as, quote, filthy and flea-infested, end quote. the agency received a search warrant for the home after getting a tip about dead cats in the trash. several cats and one dog had serious medical conditions. one cat had to be resuscitated and is now in critical condition. charges are expected in this case. the state lawmaker who championed the effort to make medical marijuana legal in pennsylvania is now making recommendations to regulate it. state senator leach met with prospective patients, doctors, growers, dispensers and others at st. joe's university today. they discussed the best ways to implement the drug and get it to patients who need it most. senator leach will use today's conference to create recommendations for governor tom wolf. next at 5:00, police and the community come together here in
5:42 pm
philadelphia to reflect on the tragedy in dallas. meanwhile, we are still waiting for hillary clinton to take the stage here in philadelphia. here's some singing now at the pennsylvania convention center. she'll be speaking before the a.m.e. church conference happening any moment from now. when it does, we'll make sure we show it to you when we come back.
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5:44 pm
nbc 10 news at 5:00 with the latest on the dallas officers ambushed last night. 25-year-old micah johnson had no criminal history. they believed he was the lone gunman and had no ties to domestic terrorism. detectives found bomb-making materials when they searched
5:45 pm
johnson's suburban dallas moem. >> in the wake of the ambush in dallas, we are seeing a pro-police protest happening in philadelphia. this group is part of philly stand up. again, they are in support of police officers. right now, they're marching down broad street towards city hall. as you can see, there are dozens of them out there on the road. if you're traveling in this area, keep this in mind. we'll continue to keep sky force 10 over this to keep you posted. "nbc nightly news" will broadcast the one-hoer edition from dallas tonight. >> here's lester holt with more. lester? >> this is a sad dallas behind me. a crime scene, 20 blocks of downtown. the investigation here trying to determine if the shooter was alone, or if he had connections. there are some people, as you know, who are in custody. there is that sense of sadness and bewilderment we saw in new york today on the flight here. people stopping me saying, i'm sorry you're going to my town,
5:46 pm
dallas, at such an awful time. of course, this is not a dallas incident. it happened here during a peaceful protest. and people trying to figure out what this means, and this entire conversation and debate and whatever you want to call it, over, you know, police, and relations in the african-american community. the feds have announced they are joining the investigation here. everyone, the whole country searching for answers. we'll have a lot more when we see you here on "nbc nightly news." >> philadelphia police and local community members came together for a day of relationship building. this afternoon, police of the 18th district hosted a block party in west philadelphia. it was a time to reflect on why this kind of interaction sometimes seems to be a rarity rather than the norm. >> you know, get in touch with the young people. let them know we're real people and we care about them. that's what it's about. >> today's block party featured food, fun, games and a chance
5:47 pm
for kids to get to know the officers who protected their streets. lester holt will have much more from dallas, tonight's edition of "nightly news" will last a full hour. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we have an official heat wave here. we also have showers and thunderstorms. not much left in pennsylvania. with one exception in parts of bucks county. but we also have that rain in new jersey. not quite getting to the jersey shore. a little bit of lighter rain. the heavier stuff is staying inland. just south of galloway township, seeken getting hit. pleasantville about to get it. this is along the black horse pike near the atlantic city expressway going down toward the shore. this other area is approaching trenton. and it's pretty heavy. it's just east of warrington.
5:48 pm
not moving very fast either. so we were showing you right over newtown grant, a half hour ago, it's still there. now it's getting heavier in yardley, about to get heavier in trenton and lawrenceville in new jersey. meanwhile, this area that was impressive a couple of hours ago heading to reading, just a few sprinkles coming into philadelphia. we have heavier rain in maryland, generally headed into central delaware. we'll see if that holds together. not much has held together over the last hour or so, except in bucks county. as we continue through the evening, we're going to see less and less activity. and then we'll see it regenerate during the day tomorrow. here we are tomorrow morning. we have a chance of a couple of showers around. and that's in the morning. watch what happens in the afternoon. it's going to be more widespread, with the heat of the day still relatively humid, and
5:49 pm
a chance of showers as you can see. lesser chances in delaware, and extreme south jersey near the shore. then that clears up. and sets us up for a beautiful sunday. for tomorrow, not exactly picture-perfect. but it won't be as hot as it has been. of course, there's going to be more clouds, more showers around. so taconey only 90, reading 88, allentown 85. so we haven't seen temperatures this low for a little while. robbinsville at 87. wilmington may get up to about 91 degrees. over the next three days, after tomorrow, still relatively hot and humid and with thunderstorms. sunday and monday are different stories. kind of warm. but the humidity will be way down. so you're going to enjoy this. a lot of sunshine both days. lehigh valley, temperatures in the 80s as well. jersey shore, delaware, everybody seeing really nice weather as we go into sunday and
5:50 pm
monday. then tuesday, it gets a little bit hotter. wednesday the heat is coming in. big-time once again. thursday, friday, saturday. another heat wave. mid-90s at least. some more dangerous heat on the way. local communities are keeping their fingers crossed that this weekend's forecast won't get in the way of their holiday fireworks. >> as you recall, several cities had to reschedule because of the rain on july 4th. fireworks at washington crossing. tomorrow at 10:00, catch the fireworks show in wildwood. sunday, at 7:00, aston will set off its fireworks behind sun valley high school. a music festival is returning to wildwood this weekend. beach glow concert for charity kicks off at 7:00 tonight. some local businesses filed a
5:51 pm
lawsuit to block the two-day festival after past problems allegedly related to bad behavior among concertgoers. the concert was given the okay. music programs in both philadelphia and atlantic city schools benefit. you will know if your numbers are the ones picked for the giant jackpot. >> $540 million up for grabs in the mega millions drawing, held tonight. nbc 10 found several customers buying tickets from irma deli and pizzeria in cape may county. the selling frenzy here is also fueled by a winning $1 million ticket that the deli sold in tuesday's mega millions drawing. >> i hear that they went over and over again what they start. >> people are superstitious when they buy their lottery tickets. if they hear that some play is winning, they come and buy them. >> no one has come forward to claim tuesday's prize.
5:52 pm
tonight's drawings at 11:00 will have the winning numbers right here on nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'll be checking my own tickets. >> oh, all right. this is how it's going. okay. >> i wasn't going to say it. >> i said i would give you a little bit. >> this is fine. like lunch, right? >> yeah. >> good. ten bucks? >> you know what they say, the show must go on. >> that's right. for the showboat in atlantic city, that begins today. how the former casino's hoping customers give it a second chance. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00. # @
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5:55 pm
atlantic city's not getting a new casino. but one of its older casinos is getting a second chance. >> the showboat will reopen but only as a hotel. ted greenberg has more on the first guest to arrive in nearly two years. >> reporter: the showboat began welcoming those guests a few hours earlier than expected. its rebirth comes with little fanfare, and without a casino. back in business. when atlantic city's showboat reopened its doors today, jean mcconville of new jersey was the first guest to check in. >> i was looking for a hotel down here, and i saw that it was open again, and i was excited. >> reporter: the property was one of four casinos that shut down in 2014.
5:56 pm
nearly two years later it's become the first to return to life. however, showboat's rebirth under new owner/developer comes as a hotel without gambling. the former casino area cordoned off. >> your hope to add gambling at some point. >> that's a question i get asked all the time. i really can't at this point reveal what i'm going to be doing. it's going to be the most unique property in atlantic city and in new jersey. >> reporter: 850 of showboat's 1,300 hotel rooms are now open, along with two restaurants, a coffee shop and a fitness center. it doesn't look new per se, but it's clean. it looks good. >> reporter: of the hotel, 208 employees, a couple dozen worked here before. including bonny ingersol. >> it feels wonderful. i opened showboat and i closed it and i'm thrilled to be a part of the team to open it back up. >> reporter: a stay at showboat tonight starts at $238 according
5:57 pm
to their website. jean mcconville says so far, so good. >> they upgraded our room to a suite. it exceeded my expectations. >> reporter: by next summer, the property will have ten restaurants, and it will be completely rebranded. without the showboat name. in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, new information just released out of dallas. what police found in the shooting suspect's home. plus, no more daily fantasy games. the decision in one local state that puts playing on hold. we'll have that story at 6:00, next.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
i just saw cops bending over. >> a peaceful protest turns into the worst massacre since september 11th. the man responsible for shooting a dozen dallas police officers had a military background. >> because black lives matter, it does not mean blue lives do not matter. >> from dallas to philadelphia, fears, anger, and sadness. >> good evening, everyone. here is the latest on the deadly ambush of deadly police officers
6:00 pm
last night. tonight, the nation continues to mourn, and to ask why. why would someone kill five dallas officers, shoot seven others and 11 are also civilians. that's why unfolded last night in dallas. and today we've learned the shooter is named micah johnson. the 25-year-old was an army veteran from the dallas area who authorities say acted alone. and just minutes ago, dallas police say they found bomb-making materials in his home. law enforcement sources also telling nbc news that he was armed with both an sks-rifle, a semiautomatic weapon, and a handgun. johnson was deployed to afghanistan for nine months. he told hostage negotiators he was upset with the killings of black people by police officers. gunfire rang out during that peaceful protest last night. the organizers of the protest worked with police and said no


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