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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  July 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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are concerned about the killing of black men by police. protests have continued for six days now in philadelphia. tim furlong is joining us from wilmington where another group is protesting right now, tim. >> reporter: yeah, you know, we're in the middle of king street which should be really busy with cars. a couple hundred people getting ready to march down king street for a real and a protest. after the police shootings in minnesota and louisiana, there have been marches around the country in cities big and small and wilmington having one today. there was a police-involved shooting last october where police shot a man in the wheelchair and officers are not going to face charges but the attorney general basically said the officers shouldn't be allowed to carry a gun anymore and the wilmington police department has policy issues. the line between good cops and bad cops has to be more clearly defined and bad cops need to be held more accountable especially when it involves deadly force and we hear now from one of the organizers of this march. >> unless we change the structure, the system that
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continues to protect police officers and eradicate and get rid of the blue shield that exists between the good acting cops and bad acting cops where they are able to call out those individuals we're going to continue to see this problem. >> i can't hear y'all. >> reporter: you can hear the chants. we've not seen the feet moving and at eighth king and getting ready to walk down to fourth and king. reverend morton says the police department needs more african-american representation and was saying to me earlier more people from the neighborhoods on the police force would go a long way to letting people understand what goes on in the neighborhood so today they are actually presenting about 100 job applications for people who want to be on the wilmington police force. another interesting part of what is going on here. that's what's going on live. we'll come back live in the march. live in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> other protests happening right now. look at this.
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sky force 10 over people march down broad street near temple university's campus. at this point it's about a dozen or so people, maybe a few more as we watch these protests. we'll continue to bring you updates. and we wanted to know what philadelphia police are doing to make sure the protests don't get out of control. over the weekend philadelphia officers in the 24th and 25th districts were confronted with profanity and in-your-face aggression from a group that calls itself the philly coalition for real justice. we asked commissioner richard ross about the protest and how his officers responded. >> they were professional. they were patient, and i admire their resolve. >> the commissioner also says he expects 90% of protests at the democratic national convention to be peaceful. he says his department has a plan to handle the protests. in montgomery county police say they are grateful for a recent show of support from residents. they have received everything from cards and letters to food and donations, and now officers have shown their gratitude on
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social media. one of those departments is w t whitpayne township and deanna durante joins us with more. >> reporter: had a man walked in hand wanted to buy lunch for the entire department. police here as well as all over the county and the area are posting their gratitude on social media. the police chief here says many of the gifts will be donated again to residents and people nearby who actually need them. >> i try to do a little bit of something to make them feel good. >> we grabbed a couple of extra. >> reporter: frank has lived here his entire life and says he's grateful for the police. he's among many who have dropped off food, cards, letters and gifts for the officer here. >> no police officer wants to ever harm anybody. we always want to do what's right for our communities. >> reporter: chief lawson says the gifts have all been unexpected but the department is
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grateful for those who are reaching out. he says police also need to continue to reach out to all. we constantly do what our public expects of us. we will overcome this. >> it can happen anywhere. >> in hatfield county, similar stories of generosity and letters showing support. >> i don't think any community is immune to any type of racial did i virksd but i think our department is very well educated and that we work every day to communicate with people of all races. >> reporter: in his 30-plus years in hatfield, chief william tierny says the department never faced one of those issues. he and other chiefs of police say the challenge will always be in making sure all community voices are heard. >> constantly be kind and respectful to everybody. it's going to make a difference. >> we have learned a number of police departments in this area are sending officers to dallas, dallas, texas for the funerals of the fallen police officers there. we've learned that in upper marion an monnous donor has come
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forward to pay for those officers to get to dallas, tecumseh. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> the dallas police chief laid how the new details about the ambush of his police officers last week and also revealed he's received death threats. the chief said 11 police officers fired their guns at the suspect micah johnson. two officers then used an explosive device to try to diffuse the volatile situation. right now the dallas police department is downloading 170 hours of body camera footage and also watching dashcam video as well n.general, officers have too much on their plates. >> we're asking cops to do too much in this country. we are. we're just asking us to do too much. every societal failure we put it off on the cops to solve. >> a bomb delivered by a remote-controlled robot finally killed johns orf after he killed
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five officers and injured nine others during that protest last thursday. tonight on "nbc nooigs nightly news" lester holt sits down with vice president joe biden to talk about criminal justice reforms. "nightly news" starts at 6:30 right after this newscast. to our weather now, a warm afternoon in cape may, but much less humid out there. feels great. >> another chance for a heat wave later in the week. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena par convenient is here with what you can expect. >> we're really comfortable and humidity is low. 85 degrees right now in philadelphia and mostly sunny. temperatures in new jersey even through the lehigh valley and delaware are mostly in the mid-80s. nice condition this evening. 84 degrees in wilmington, by 9:00 p.m. 76 degrees and by 7:00 a.m. temperatures still kind of mild, right around 70 degrees, but we will still be rain-free at that point. now the humidity is going to
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increase a bit as we go through the next few days. we're going to stay dry in the meantime though until about wednesday but only for part of the area. this area of high pressure, that's what's giving us the lower humidity today. the comfortable conditions, but it will be moving away and the heat and humidity will be increasing so coming up i'll show you that next heat wave in the forecast as well as your weekend forecast. that's straight ahead. in division 2016 news, donald trump is expected to name his vice presidential running mate in the next few days. today the presumptive republican nominee addressed a crowd in virginia and had a message to police officers across the country. >> but i want our nation's police to know that we thank you from the bottom of our heart. and we support you and we will always, always, all stand with you. >> and new jersey governor chris christie attended today's campaign stop with trump.
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the republican national convention begins next week and our team of reporters will also be there covering the event. look for live reports from tracy davidson, lauren mayk and myself starting at 10:00 on sunday night, as for the democrat hillary clinton she evenings expected to get a big endorsement tomorrow. holding an event in new hampshire with her opponent senator bernie sanders. this follows weeks of private negotiations and policy debates between the two camps and today clinton received an endorsement from a labor union that previously supported sanders. social media is expected to be a big part of the democratic national convention. here in philadelphia a local tech company will help bring the images and video from the dnc to users around the globe. the company typically works with retailers, but they say what applies to products also applies to politics. the convention committee says the partnership will allow them to streamline user engagement and user-generated content from convention participants.
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meantime, a group of taxi and limo drivers plan to file a lawsuit following the ppa's deal with uber. our partners at the philadelphia business journal reports fair ride philly plans to seek an injunction arguing that the philadelphia parking authority exceeded its legal authority last week when the ppa says uber can operate legally for the next few months because of septa's slowdown. new at 6:00, a popular south jersey chef faces more child pornography charges tonight. today a camden county judge ruled alexander capasso should remain in jail white house bail and federal prosecutors say he faces charges of conspiring to sexually exploit two children. he was arrested last july along with his ex-girlfriend on charges they chaired child porn. he worked at restaurants in collingswood and philadelphia. john carney's current job is congressman for the state of delaware but today he filed the paperwork to run as a democratic candidate for democrat of the
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first state. >> i promise the people of our state that i'll listen, that nobody will work harder for them. we may disagree, but i'll always tell them the truth and every single day i'll try to do the right thing for our state. i'm john carney, and i'm running to be delaware's next governor. >> karny is looking to replace outgoing governor matt cartel. one other candidate filed paperwork to run. low-income residents in philadelphia are eligible for free vouchers for the farmers' market. the corporation for ageing is making that program available for anyone 60 years or older with an income below $22,000 a year. seniors can get $20 vouchers to use on fruits and vegetables. you can pick up the vouchters at the building on 642 north broad street. leaders of a delaware vfw post say someone destroyed their st. michael statue on the fourth of judgment the post is in
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newark right next to the city police department. teenaged eagle scouts built this memorial last summer to honor fallen vietnamrance, but someone lifted the stat you've its pedestal and smashed it on the ground. vfw leaders say they will try to repair it or buy a new one. a former philadelphia school administrator has been sentenced to step years probation for her role in promoting a culture of cheating on state exams. evelyn cortez was the principal of kayuga elementary school and she pleaded guilty to charges of tampering with evidence, conspiracy and perjury. prosecutors say cortez changed student test answers, even gave some students the answers to the state assessment test. investigators say she publicly reprimanded teachers and students who didn't want to take part in the cheating. up next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," on the right track to start week two. we talk to septa about how to make it even better for commuters still delayed. also, dogs saved. they were rescued from
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devastating floods. tonight how you can bring them into your home. and the humidity is low today and that's not going to be the case for the rest of the week. also we could be looking at our next heat wave. i'll show you that with your weekend forecast that's coming up next.
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we are keeping an eye on two developing stories. protests in our area in the wake of police-involved shootings elsewhere. sky force 10 over this group. this group on the move on broad street in north philadelphia. meantime, another group tim furlong showed us earlier gathered in wilmington. they, too, are on the move right now chanting and holding signs and count on nbc 10 to keep you up to date on both of these developing stories. dogs rescued from the deadly flooding last week will be up for adoption here in philadelphia. the spca teamed up with a shelter in west virginia to save seven dogs. the animals arrived on erie avenue this weekend and should be ready to go to a new homecoming up in a few days. >> how now to septa's slowdown, delays not as long as compared to last we be and the transit agency had a new plan in place for week two. nbc 10's lauren mayk joining us from center city.
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how is the evening rush going? >> reporter: you know, jim, the evening rush seems to be a bit tougher. it's rough. just over at jefferson station, big crowds over there and i've been checking the schedules on my ipad and you can see there are quite a few delays, a west trenton train that's delayed by an hour so, you know, septa has made a lot of changes. passengers have made changes and week two is still company with delays. >> it's the evening rush at jefferson station and it's packed. on the trenton line there is already a delay and when this train came not everyone got on. >> the problem is it's so scattered that everybody is doing something different every day so there's no pattern. i don't have a pattern and the other people don't have a pattern yet and the trains don't have a pattern yet. >> they are too crowded or just passing you by. sometimes you get on, sometimes you don't.
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>> reporter: septa did make changes to ease congestion today. passengers boarded trains from new jersey transit and amtrak at least to replace some of the cars that septa took out of service for a defect. >> we're still seeing delays on the raid rode. it's the kind of situation that is going to continue on and cloudy and we continue to work in terms of making things better. >> reporter: passengers we spoke to earlier in the day said the morning rush was better. >> more trains, more movement. i got to work a lot faster than i did last week, a lot, a lot faster. >> reporter: some are making their own adjustments. >> i'm coming in early and leaving early. >> but getting home at the end of the day still leaves crowds trying to make the train. >> just as bad as last week. >> reporter: did you expect to be able to get on that train? >> yes. >> reporter: there is still a bit of frustration out there, especially during this evening rush. now there is some more help on the way for tomorrow though.
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the trains from maryland that septa is leasing, they did not put those on the rail to pick up passengers and they will be doing that tomorrow. they will be helping out on the wilmington line. live in center city, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, a beautiful day outside. today the low humidity really making it feel very comfortable. this is a live look out at rehoboth beach over at the boardwalks and you don't see one cloud in the sky here. beautiful day to be out at delaware beaches. forget the seven-day forecast right at the bottom of the screen for you so the beaches in delaware are in the mid-70s because of the onshore wind because one area that we're seeing warmer temperatures by seven to ten degrees and right now in philadelphia 85 degrees. a look at our lehigh valley and 83 in reading and 83 in kutztown. allentown as well.
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74 though south mountain so there is one cooler spott. 38 bethlehem and 838 in bath. we're still looking at the 80s so it feels very comfortable with the low humidity. not seeing the 90s and not seeing triple digits like last week this. area of high pressure keeping us dry and the wind flow is bringing down the drier air lowering our humidity. that's going to change a little bit tomorrow and even more as we go through the rest of the week so this is future weather. tomorrow we stay dry for the most part. another mostly sunny day. temperatures a little bit warmer than today and the humidity will go up slightly and then we go into wednesday. humidity keeps going up. by 10:00 a.m. we could see showers west of philadelphia, and that's going to be the main area for showers even through the afternoon. now there's wednesday at 4:30. if you're west the philadelphia best chance of seeing showers or a thunderstorm and that's where most of it should be staying. not for everybody wednesday. here's a look at the next three days. tomorrow around 88 degrees and mostly sunny in philadelphia and hotter than today. wednesday, more humidity and
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closer to 990. a chance of a shower or thunderstorm and by thursday we're sunny. the 90s come back thursday. we're looking at the mid-90s. pennsylvania suburbs, 87 tomorrow and mostly sunny and a chance of some showers as we go into wednesday, thursday, low 90s and dry. lehigh valley tomorrow dry, sunny, mid-880s and then as we go through wednesday a chance. a shower or thunderstorm. back in the 90s. in jersey or along the shore your rain chances won't be in the forecast for wednesday but later on this weekend so basically a dry stretch for this thursday and temperatures reaching the low 90. thursday, delaware expects some showers possible on wednesday and maybe a chance of a shower thursday but temperatures still getting into the low 90s so that would then be a heat wave because friday will be in the 90s. saturday will be in the low 90s through parts of the area and seeing sunny skies and then by sunday that looks like our better chance of rain from basically everyone. we're going to be watching at this weekend forecast very closely as we go through the next few days.
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john? >> all right. sheena, i'm john clark. we're going to hear from ben simmons on his summer league success and one of the golden state awarriors is arrested. that's next.
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. hey, i'm john clark. center jahlil okafor is not happy that he's unhappy that the sixers tried to trade him. i'm hammy where i am, big season for us, philly. how about ben simmons. the sixers will play their next summer league game.
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last night in vegas he was fantastic, 18 points and his passing unbelievable. dan valentine said he's the mini lebron. ben can drive to the basket and last night he set out to improve his jump shot. >> made it a point i would come out and shoot jumpers. stepped out of my comfort zone and that's how you grow that and feel i definitely did that in this game. >> how do you evaluate the way you shot the ball? >> shot pretty well. had a few misses but we came out and a lot of dead legs out there but we tried to play through it. >> he passed the test. tim duncan is retiring after 19 seasons with the spurs and five nba titles he's gone. since tim game into the nba the spurs have the best winning percentage of any pro sports team. that's pretty amazing. warriors forward draymond green arrested last night in michigan after punching or slapping another man in a restaurant. he did not do that right there. draymond was suspended for game five of the finals for flagrant fouls and is set to play for
6:26 pm
team usa in the olympics next month. baseball's home run derby is tonight and the only philly in asdrubal herrera. giants catcher buster posey throws the pitch back to james peavy who is not looking and look at that. it's good. right into the glove. never seen that before. one more time. good thing buster didn't rifle it to him and put it the into his head. could win a stuffed animal on the atlantic city boardwalk for that. i'm john clark. we'll be right back.
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right? >> i love the gymnastics. >> that's our news at 6:00. i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for watching. "nbc nightly news" with lester holt is next. tonight, courthouse horror, a gunman grabs a bailiff's gun and two are dead and two more injured. and the cold blooder sniper in dallas, what his parents are saying and they make a national plea. and donald trump nears an announcement on a running mate. what we're learning about the narrowing list. wild fires explode, killing firefighters as thousands are evacuated, homes are destroyed and there are fears of hundreds more. a massive attack from the ground and the air. a game craze has people on the move all across the country. for some it is addictive, but is it


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