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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  July 13, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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now at 11:00, rain is already falling in some parts of our area this morning and we're tracking the chance for storms later today, as we take a live look now at the ben franklin parkway in philadelphia. and here's a look at the first alert weather radar, where you can see showers already in some spots there. that green. you can also see some thunderstorms later this afternoon. nbc first alert meteorologist bill henley is here now with our forecast. hi, bill. >> vai, you mentioned how dreary it was. not only dreary skies, but look at the raindrops on the wednesday. this is the camera at the adventure aquarium looking across the delaware. those clouds will produce showers on and off during the day today, but radar shows some steady showers that are slowly
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moving off to the northeast. this line of showers moving through philadelphia, into new jersey, is going to keep on moving. so we'll see occasional showers, as you mention, that chance of thunderstorms. 75 degrees right now. it's cooled down some with the rain in philadelphia, but delaware and south jersey are in the low 80s. and a couple spots in northeast philadelphia are in the low 80s right now. we'll see the showers taper off. clouds will be hanging in there, and the temperatures will still be warming. we'll wind up in the upper 80s for parts of the area this afternoon. clouds in the lehigh valley and delaware, we're watching these areas for more showers, and possibly thunderstorms this afternoon. 78 degrees now in the lehigh valley. there you can see the rain coming down in philadelphia and the clouds are hanging over the pennsylvania suburbs. showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. not an all-day rainfall, but the chance of storms will be with us today and again tomorrow. but there's an important change for tomorrow, it has to do with the temperatures. they're going to soar. look at the extended forecast, the ten-day outlook when i come
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back in a few minutes. vai? >> we'll see you then, bill. funerals begin today for the five officers killed by a sniper during a protest in downtown dallas last week. a funeral mass is underway right now for sergeant michael smith. this is a live look from the church in farmers branch, where he and his family attended services. family and friends are remembering dallas area rapid transit officer, brent thompson. here's a live look from his memorial service in dallas. this afternoon, services will be held for dallas police senior corporal lorne ahrens. and yesterday, the people of dallas came together with president obama, former president george. with w. bush and city officials to pay tribute to the officers. five folded chairs with five flags marked those who were lost. republicans and democrats came together to talk about change.
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>> we judge others by their worst examples by judging ourselves with our best intentions. >> with an open heart, we can worry less about what side has been wronged and worry more about joining sides to do right. >> dallas police officer michael quarl kroll's funeral is set for friday and patrick zamarripa's funeral is set for saturday. today obama will talk about the way to gain trust between law enforcement and the people they conservative. police, activists, and civil rights leaders are among those invited. and police are looking for the man who shot someone four times in north philadelphia. they were called around 3:00 this morning and found the 25-year-old victim bleeding on the sidewalk. he's listed in critical condition, but is expected to survive. there's a camera in the area, and police are looking to see if it recorded the shooting. a community in southwest philadelphia is remembering a teen killed earlier this week.
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hundreds of people gathered for a vigil in tribute to tahir barnes last night. the boy's parents were joined by faith leaders near the park, where barnes was shot monday night. investigators say the 15-year-old was walking with friends after a basketball game near 60th and baltimore streets when they were ambushed. police say the shooting stemmed from an argument over the outcome of a game last week. the teen's mother has a message for her son's killer. >> just love. and whoever did it, they know, that's why they had to do that. because they're a coward. punk, bum. >> barnes would have started tenth grade in the fall. so far, police have made no arrests. do you wanna die? police say that's what a robber asked a worker during this holdup of a mini market in the city's summerdale neighborhood. detectives say he walked into the store, took a drink to the counter and pulled out a gun. he threatened the employee, who threw money on the floor. the robber picked up the cash
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and ran away. if you recognize this man, you're asked to call philadelphia police. and turmoil at temple university. the board of trustees plans to dismiss the university's president. the board took a unanimous vote of no confidence in president neil theobald last night. less than a month ago, theobald removed temple's provost. the board will vote next week whether to officially remove theobald. this morning, employees at three atlantic city casinos are working under a new contract. the unionized workers ratified the new pact with cesar's, harrah's, and bali's. workers at tropicana will vote on their new contract tomorrow. the new contract for the three casinos owned by cesar's entertainment comes as a strike continues at the trump taj mahal. billionaire carl ican owns both the taj and the tropicana. picketers say they will protest outside ican's new condo today
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before marching to trump tower. here's a look at philadelphia international airport where hundreds of workers could soon be on strike. >> what do we want? >> fair wages! >> if we don't get it? >> shut it down! >> baggage handlers, wheelchair attendants, and other workers boarded yesterday to walk off the job, possibly during the dnc. we'll show you video from an earlier job action. they're calling for better benefits and the ability to unionize. and happening now, we're finding out more about the role young people will play at the democratic national convention. mayor jim kinney is speaking about the host committee's youth engagement programs. they include a youth news team, made up of local middle, and high school students, mentored by reporters, to develop stories related to the convention. nbc 10 checked in with mayor kinney about dnc security in the wake of the killings in dallas and local protests. he tells us police will exercise more caution to protect
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themselves and protesters and secret service will handle security matters inside the wells fargo center. outside of the complex, state police and transit police will help philly officers. the mayor says he wants to make sure this historic event runs as smooth as possible. >> my job is, what our job is, in the city, to make sure it comes off safely and successfully. >> mayor kinney says he does have a speaking role at dnc, and there will be some sort of welcoming address, but he says it will be short and doesn't expect it to be in prime-time. could we soon know the name of donald trump's running mate? the meeting that just wrapped up as the new poll numbers show the republican presidential candidate in a virtual dead heat in several swing states, including pennsylvania. plus, a supreme battle brewing. the comments that justice ruth bader ginsburg made about donald trump that some say went too far. bill? >> vai, 75 degrees here at nbc 10. clouds across most of the area. look at this cloudy view from
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wilmington. saw some showers in delaware earlier. more showers and a chance of thunderstorms during the day today. futurecast and the ten-day on 10 just ahead.
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happening right now in decision 2016, republican presidential candidate donald trump just wrapped up a meeting with indiana governor, mike pence, at his home. nbc news says trump's daughter, ivanka, her husband, jared kushner, and trump's son,
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donald, were also at the meeting this morning. trump is expected to announce his vp pick any day now, and pence is said to be on the short list. pence attend a campaign meeting with trump. a new national poll shows hillary clinton expanding her lead over donald trump by 13%, but key battleground states are still up for grabs. in pennsylvania and florida, a key quinnipiac poll shows trump leading. in pennsylvania, trump has 42 to 31. the two candidates are tied in ohio. nbc's kristen welker reports, for republicans and democrats these days, it's all about party unity. >> reporter: just five days to go until the gop convention. trump is struggling to bring his party together. criticizing some of his primary opponents, for not endorsing him, after signing a pledge to support the nominee. >> it's called a pledge! i pledge that if i don't make it, i'm going to support the
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nominee of the party. it doesn't say, subject to change, subject to the weather. >> reporter: while trump tries to rally republicans, the democrats are putting on a united front. bernie sanders endorsing hillary clinton, the former rivals campaigning together tuesday in new hampshire. >> and i intend to do everything i can to make certain she will be the next president of the united states. >> reporter: making it clear this morning with matt and savannah, his key goal, defeating trump. >> i suspect that i will speak at the convention and i suspect that i will be running all over this country. >> reporter: in a tweet, trump fired back at sanders, saying, he totally sold out to crooked hillary clinton. and his campaign also taking aim at supreme court justice, ruth bader ginsburg, after she slammed the billionaire in an interview with cnn saying, he is a faker. he has no consistency about him. he says whatever comes into his head at the moment. he really has an ego. now some on both sides of the aisle are saying those comments
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cross the line, coming from a sitting supreme court justice. kristen welker, nbc 10 news. >> and earlier this morning, donald trump went after justice ginsburg on twitter saying, quote, justice ginsburg of the u.s. supreme court has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about me. her mind is shot. resign. and former new jersey governor tom kaine is skipping the republican national convention next week. kaine told a new jersey newspaper, he is so disillusioned with both trump and clinton, that he might not vote for president at all. this would be the first time in 52 years that he'll miss the rnc. and new this morning, a federal appeals court has rejackrejec rejected tom brady's deflategate peal. in april, a three-judge panel said that roger goodell had the power to suspend brady four games for his role in the
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scheme. to doctor footballs used in the 2015 football game. now his only hope playing in the patriots opener in september is to appeal his case to the u.s. supreme court. well, we're tracking some rain. it is coming down right now. umbrellas are going up. that's a live view, not a very good one, of boathouse row. the visibility down with that rain. and there's a chance of more showers and thunderstorms. tracking showers and possibly thunderstorms for this afternoon, and even a chance of showers and thunderstorms for this evening, as well. so more clouds are in our future. right now, the rain, pushing off to the northeast, at about 10 miles an hour. that rain move right through the city. that's why the visibility is down through boathouse row. it extends into new jersey, but it's not just philadelphia and new jersey, it's also the suburbs, into montgomery and bucks county, seeing some of that steadier rainfall. quick downpours are possible.
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we saw some of these showers this morning. those showers first thing this morning, deposited about half an inch of rain in delaware and south jersey. and there are a few more showers that are just starting to pop up. some scattered isolated showers now in newcastle and northeastern kent county. those also moving off to the northeast, will be moving into new jersey. hour by hour forecast shows at 3:30 this afternoon, we'll be in the same story. occasional showers, possibly some heavy downpours, but there will be some breaks in the rainfall for philadelphia and south jersey, while north and west, into the suburbs and the lehigh valley, 6:00 this evening, a chance of some showers. so the forecast is calling for a warm, muggy day today. and at times, you'll need the rain gear. showers and possibly thunderstorms for philadelphia, the suburbs with, and the lehigh valley. in new jersey, occasional showers, pemberton, up to 86 degrees this afternoon. some spots in new jersey already in the low 80s.
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ocean city would top out at 82 degrees. a chance of thunderstorms at the shore, and delaware, we're seeing some clouds and a few isolated showers this morning. that's a possibility this afternoon. for today, it's 80s. but high heat. in fact, hazardous heat is on the way. we've issued a first alert for the suburbs for tomorrow and friday. for philadelphia, the new jersey suburbs and northern delaware, during the afternoon hours. 1:00 to 6:00. this is when it's going to feel like more than 100 degrees when you combine the heat and the humidity. so stand by for a big warm-up. today, still warm with those occasional showers and thunderstorms. 87 degrees into the middle 90s for tomorrow and friday. and still hot and humid over the weekend. it's just not excessive heat for saturday and sunday. low 90s for both days. could see some showers and thunderstorms developing early next week on tuesday, after another hot day on monday. those showers will give us a break from the 90s for one day. and back into the low 90s for
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wednesday, thursday, and friday. so if you're heading out today, keep your wet weather gear nearby. and stand by for a big warm-up over the next couple of days. vai? >> all right, thank you, bill. still ahead, putting the pedal to the medal. the new health news that might have you going for a spin on your bicycle this weekend. and later, getting your nutritional information on a bottle of beer. well, the changes coming to your favorite suds. we'll have that, straight ahead. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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we want you to know, it's time to put united back into the states and to show that we're all a part of one human race. >> those are words we all need to hear. the past week has been a challenging time for our nation, of course, with racial strife, tensions with and deadly violence making headlines almost every day. there's a renewed call for peace and for unity. and our next guests are hoping you'll hop on the train and help them succeed in their mission. sharon katz and wendy quick are two of the forces behind the peace train 2016 tour, which is making a stop tonight in philadelphia. thank you both for being here. sharon, let me start with you. tell me what the peace the train is and what your mission is. >> good morning. and siam so happy to be here. thanks for having us. the peace train was founded in south africa by myself and a team in 1992. to bring all the people
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together, as i'm a south african, i group under the brutal apartheid government and we were sort of happy when nelson mandela was libertied, but we knew he needed help to bring all the different racial groups together and that's why we mounted the peace train project as a nation back then, south africa. it was very, very successful and we traveled around on a train with hundreds of children, of all different cultures, singing together, with one purpose, and that is to show that we're all members of one human race, all of us. >> let me start with your homeland. what was it like, how was it received as you rolled through the country of south africa on a peace train back in the 1990s. >> oh, yeah, oh, my goodness, it was amazing. it was amazing, because people really needed that vision. they really needed to see a celebration of unity and we were tremendously well received. thousands of people came to greet us at the train station.
11:22 am
and in spite of the fact that there had been a simmering civil war going on prior to those times, and even during those times, there was still violence leading up to our first democratic elections, but the heart and the will of the people was really about coming together. >> and how has it been received here in the states so far? >> it's been fantastic in the states. this is our second tour in america. we did it in 1995 with the children from south africa, but this time, we're actually traveling around with children from america, from all four corners of the united states. >> wendy, let me turn to you. you're a former philadelphia police detective. it so must be heartbreaking for you to see what's happened, certainly in dallas, over the past week. talk to us about your work with the peace train. >> well, thanks for inviting us, vai. it's fantastic being involved with the peace train and as a former peace officer, it's important that we can show how
11:23 am
people of the community can also pair with the police and people of other occupations to really bring about something that's phenomenal for everyone through music. it's important that we can really put the united back in the united states and do that through that universal language of music. >> you mentioned the music. tell me about the choir and who's a part of it. >> well, actually, i just wanted to say, too, that throughout this time, we've had children from all parts of this country, to be a part of the choir. from hawaii all the way through to this city where we're going to high schools here and middle schools and had children to be involved. so they come from all over. >> i must say, i love the vibrant colors and you can see sharon there playing the guitar. kids singing and it's choreographed, so, what a wonderful thing you two ladies involved with.
11:24 am
and a couple of my former colleagues are also helping you with videographer, todd johnson and chuck williams, colleagues of ours here at nbc 10. the peace train, 2016 tour across america, makes a stop right here in philadelphia tonight. you can check out these very talented and inspirational choir tonight at the world cafe live in university city. there's a show tonight at 7:30. for more information, head over to our website at or check out the nbc 10 app. sharon and wendy, thank you very much for coming and sharing your experience with us. good luck to both of you. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming in. thanks for having us. up next, from brexit to exit. british prime minister david cameron gets a standing ovation on his last day in parliament, as we look ahead to a monumental day in the uk. and win or lose, we know eagles fans are passionate about their team, but just how passionate? a new football study ranks fan bases for all 32 teams. find out where the birds fans rank and why.
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well, the rain is already coming down in some parts of our area, as we give you a live look outside right now at boathouse row in philadelphia. rather gloomy out there. there are already some pop-up showers this morning, as we take a live look at the first alert radar. storms could be in our future as the temperatures climb later this afternoon. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with the forecast. bill, i just looked outside, and it's raining here in our studios at bala cynwyd. >> yes, but not everyone is seeing that rain. we've seen this video from the delaware change, that's because of the steadier and heavier rain moving through. look at rehoboth beach, sunshine, the crowd is growing. looks pretty nice in north wildwood, new jersey. plenty of sunshine there. nothing on the radar screen for
11:29 am
now, at the shore, but that may change later this afternoon. it's dry in cape may. look at rehoboth beach in the clear. but you don't have to go far to find some wet weather. it's now in kent county, crossing the delaware river, into south jersey, and some steadier, more widespread showers in the philadelphia area. this is what's decreasing the visibility right across the delaware, that adventure aquarium camera. those showers are in new jersey and the suburbs, even into the lehigh valley. the greatest threat for storms, that will be later today as the temperatures are climbing. right now, we're seeing some 80s. 80s in south jersey and delaware, while clouds are holding the temperatures back in the lehigh valley and the suburbs. and it's rain and 75 degrees in philadelphia. we've got some much hotter temperatures and the chance of more storms on the way. maybe you've noticed the seven-day forecast, scrolling at the bottom of the screen. that's one seven-day for each part of our area. we've got the ten-day outlook with a look at the heat that's
11:30 am
on the way, vai, when i come back in just a few minutes. >> we'll see you then, bill. funerals are underway for two of the five officers killed by a sniper during a protest in downtown dallas last week. a funeral mass is underway right now for sergeant michael smith. we're looking live right now from the church in farmers branch. looking at his family, where he -- this is the church where he and his family attended services. and family and friends are remembering dallas area rapid transit officer, brent thompson. this is a live look right now from his memorial service in dallas. this afternoon, services will be held for dallas police senior corporal, lorne ahrens. and also later today, president obama will hold a meeting at the white house to discuss ways to repair the bond of trust between law enforcement and the communities that they serve. police, activists, and civil rights leaders are among those
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invited. and new this morning, we're now hearing from the 15-year-old son of alton sterling, whose shooting death by white police officers in baton rouge sparked outrage. cameron sterling spoke outside of the convenience store where the shooting happened last week. his father was shot as officers pinned him to the ground. police were responding to a report of a man with a gun, although no gun was found on alton sterling. his son says he was a good man and urged protesters to stage peaceful demonstrations. >> i feel that people in general, no matter what the race is, should come together as one united family. there should be no more arguments, disagreements, violence, crime. >> the justice department as opened a civil -- a federal civil rights investigation into alton sterling's death. and new this morning, law enforcement officers arrested demonstrators who blocked traffic at an interstate in downtown minneapolis this morning. they were protesting police brutality, including the
11:32 am
shooting deaths of sterling and philando castile. castile was shot can killed by an officer during a traffic stop in suburban st. paul last week. >> well, those words caused quite a stir at baseball's all-star game last night in san diego. one of the four members of the group, the tenors, singing the canadian national anthem, changed the verse to include the phrase "all lives matter." that phrase has become a common response to the black lives matter movement. they chanblamed it on that sing alone. a wnba team is also stirring controversy after wearing black lives matter jerseys at a game saturday. four off-duty police officers work in the minnesota links game
11:33 am
walked off the job because of the players' actions. the players wore these jerseys and held a news conference highlighting what they called a longtime problem of racial profiling by police. player also denounced the senseless ambush of dallas police. the police union praised the officers for quitting. and the lynx team released statements, "while our players' message mourned the loss of life due to last week's shootings, we respect the right of those individual officers to express their own beliefs in their own way. we continue to urge a constructive discussion about the issues raised by these tragedies." and new this morning, britain is getting new leadership as prime minister david cameron steps down. his replacement is home scare, theresa may, when becomes britain's second female prime minister. nbc's kelly cobiella reports from london with what we need to know about britain's new prime minister.
11:34 am
>> reporter: she's been called a safe pair of hands, both reliable and ruthless. theresa may, the head of counterterrorism and immigration, will be only the second woman to hold the top job in britain, more than three decades after iron lady, margaret thatcher. is theresa may the new iron lady? >> she's -- it's not iron. she's certainly made soft some sort of metal substance. she's pretty tough. >> reporter: may's rise comes after wild three weeks. britain's surprise vote to leave europe. and so many resignations it seems larry the downing street cat was the only one left standing. first the prime minister. >> the country requires fresh leadership. >> reporter: then the favorite to replace him. >> that person cannot be me. >> reporter: and this week, may's final challenger. >> i'm therefore withdrawing from the leadership election. >> reporter: who claimed she would be a better leader, because she, unlike may, is a mom. >> so we'll have a new prime minister in that building behind me, by wednesday evening. >> reporter: suddenly the moving vans were parked outside and the
11:35 am
prime minister was happily humming his way out of office. may, voted for the war in iraq in 2003, and for air strikes in syria in 2013, he was against leaving europe, brexit. but now has to pave the way out. >> brexit means brexit. and we're going to make a success of it. >> reporter: but first, an all-important meeting with the queen. that meeting is private. it's called the kissing of the hand, but ceremonial, not taken literally. afterwards, theresa may will be handed the keys to number 10 downing street. back to you. >> that is kelly cobiella reporting from london. as you just heard, one member of the household will be staying put. chief mouser, larry the cat will keep his job and his home at the prime minister's residence on downing street. larry belongs to a civil servant, not the cameron family, that's why he won't be evicted. a man originally from new
11:36 am
jersey is expected to recover after being gored at pamplona's running of the bulls. one of the bulls crashed into a group of runners close to a fence this morning. matthew labbin was gored in the thigh. he was rushed to the hospital. five other runners were also injured in the next to last run of the festival in spain. the one lasted about two minutes. a solar-powered plan making an around the world journey has safely rounded in cairo, egypt. the solar impulse ii completed the 16th leg of its ambitious mission this morning after taking off from spain on monday. cairo is the next to last stop for the aircraft. solar impulse ii is scheduled to leave for its final destination on sunday. it will end its journey in abu dhabi, where the challenge began in march of last year. you may remember the plane spent part of its journey in the lehigh valley. it touched down at lehigh valley international airport in may, on the 13th leg of its flight.
11:37 am
the solar impulse runs on energy stored in its 17,000 solar cells. a 9-year-old in maryland reeled in a fish that weighs more than she does. the 65-pound girl caught the nearly 95-pound cobia fish back on june 30th on maryland's eastern shore. at first she had thought she had hooked a shark. but after a 20-minute struggle, she landed the fish. you can see it dwarfs the young angler. officials with wildlife service confirmed the size, which is a record for the state of maryland. very nice. today we'll learn more about more about the return of a flag that disappeared at the jersey shore last week. a military-issued flag like this one disappeared on the fourth of july. the corcoran family received it after family member navy seaman patrick corcoran was killed in the vietnam war. it flew once a year outside their neighbor's house in north wildwood. the family will talk about how it was returned to them during a
11:38 am
news conference scheduled this afternoon and we'll have that for you on nbc 10 and on the website. well, you probably know this already, but now there's proof that eagles fans are faithful. a new study puts them at number five, as the best fan base in the entire nfl. emory university researchers analyzed four years of social media data and 50 years of attendance records. and the team's fans were ranked by their willingness to share on social media and spend money to attend games. so who's number one? well, patriots fans came in first. followed by that team from dallas and the broncos and the 49ers. researchers said the eagles coming in fifth was a big surprise for them in view of their losing record last year. up next, the magic touch. this philadelphia eagle can get it done on the football field. up next, see if he's able to
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score on the hit nbc show, "america's got talent." making umbrellas appear with some rain in the area. so far, just cloudy and east of pennsylvania, cloudy skies and heading into the 80s this afternoon. during the afternoon, we'll likely see some showers and thunderstorms in the lehigh valley. and then, the heat. it's on the way for the next couple of days, the temperatures will soar. the latest with the ten-day outlook, when we come back.
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. new this morning, a study just released finds people living in apartments, condos, and other multi-unit housing are more likely to be exposed to secondhand smoke. the centers for disease control found people living in multi-unit housing are less likely to have house rules against smoking than people in single-family homes. the cdc also found a higher percentage of people smoke in apartments and other multiunits. that lead to higher rates of secondhand smoke exposure for nonsmokers. riding your bike could help lower your risk of type ii diabetes. a new study looked at middle aged men and women in denmark, who cycled for work or for fun. those people were about 20% less likely to develop diabetes than nonbikers. those who biked the most had the lowest risk. well, you'll soon be able to check how many calories and carbohydrates are in your bottle of beer. the beer institute says
11:43 am
anheuser-busch, miller coors, heineken and others have all agreed to include nutritional labels on their brews. the labels will also list protein, fat, and alcohol by volume. the institute wants all of its members to have full labeling compliance by 2020. well, this week's wednesday child is a bright teen who is interested in a career in law enforcement. and he's hoping to find a loving and supportive family to help him achieve those goals. nbc 10's tracy davidson introduces us to trey. >> trey, i'm billy stephen. nice to meow. this is my partner. i heard you want to become a cop. >> s.w.a.t.. >> s.w.a.t., even better. you're in a great spot. >> reporter: 17-year-old trayquan or trey can be quiet at first, but opens up quickly to reveal a bright and inquisitive mind. he loves to be active and outdoors, fishing or hiking. and he also has tons of philly pride and thoughts of a career in law enforcement. so he got a chance to learn firsthand all about it from quilly s.w.a.t.. >> you can zoom in. >> reporter: he had a great time
11:44 am
checking out all of the equipment and operating this surveillance robot. >> drive it around. >> the robot that drives is cool. like a high-tech remote control basically, that can do a lot more. >> i think he's very focused in what he wants and he's very ambitious. >> reporter: trey has been in care for a long time and has been through a lot in his life. he needs a family that is very committed and willing to put in the time to show him what a stable and loving family can offer. >> a family that will not give up on him, one that could commit to him and helping him achieve the goals that he would like to achieve. >> he would thrive in a supportive and caring environment. >> i think every family could give you the same thing, which is basically like love. that's all you really need from a family. i don't think there's anything such thing as the perfect family. i don't think there's anything such thing as anything that's perfect. it's just something that's good. >> reporter: he's hoping to meet that forever family soon. trey is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make
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trey's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center directly at 1-866-do-adopt. so you say you know what makes philadelphia tick? okay, well, we have the liberty bell, rocky, and of course those sizzling cheesesteaks as well as the gritty passion of our sports fans who often find themselves the underdogs. but how well do you know the place you call home? just in time for the start of the democratic national convention, our next guest is helping to bring so many philadelphia stories to life in a new book. it's called a philadelphia story, founders and famous families, from the city of brotherly love. lori lichman is the author of that book. lori is also an english teacher at quakertown community senior high school. lori, thank you very much for coming in this morning. you grew up in the poconos, right? >> i did. >> but you say that philadelphia is your first love. tell me how that happened? >> i came to philadelphia as a college freshman and i
11:46 am
immediately fell in love with this city. it's so vibrant and just amazing. and i really just loved everything about philadelphia. >> you talk about the history of a city and how we are a city of firsts, but, what are some of your favorite things about philadelphia, that often don't get a lot of attention. >> when william penn founded philadelphia, he really wanted it to be a dream country town. and what i love about philadelphia is that i don't know gets as much press as we should, is we have a ton of green space. and that's what i love about philadelphia, all the places that you can just enjoy being outdoors. >> but see, that's part of the beauty of it, lori. we want to sort of keep it tamped down a little bit, because for a big city, it's a very manageable city. it's a great walking city. it's -- you know, for driving, getting around philadelphia much easier than new york, right? >> absolutely. >> it's a great city in so many ways. it's a great food city, as well.
11:47 am
>> yeah, i love all the restaurants and watering holes. there's a whole chapter in there about philadelphia and how it started, actually, as a big beer place. >> and once again, of course, philadelphia is going to be in the national spotlight with the democratic national committee, just around the corner. there's so much excitement around it, but what's the next chapter in our philadelphia story, as a city? >> oh, gosh. i think that philadelphia is experiencing a renaissance. and i really see the city moving in a positive direction. and i hope to continue in that direction. i'm excited for all of folks coming to the city to see our philadelphia, and how wonderful it is. >> i had to almost breathe a sigh of relief, just reading something about what you said. something that you wrote after you finished the book, just pushing send and finishing it, getting it off your to do list was quite a relief for you. >> it was. but i'm starting on another project. so it's always something to do. >> good for you!
11:48 am
once again, lori's book is called "a philadelphia story," founders and famous families from the city of brotherly love. and you can meet lori at a book signing on august 11th at the spiral bookcase in manayunk, as part of manayunk's stroll the street. she'll be signing copies of her books at 6:00 p.m. the spiral bookcase is located at 112 cotton street. we'll have a link for you at nbc 10 or check out the nbc 10 app. lori lichman, thank you so much. you've already signed this book for me. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. appreciate it. >> appreciate you. eagles long snapper wows the judges again. he showed off his magic skills on nbc's "america's got talent" last night. take a look for yourself. >> all i want you to do is just touch anyone you want. show the camera. show the crowd. the card you're thinking of, you're feeling it right now is none other than the ace of clubs. killing it! >> what was it? >> you want me to tell you? >> it'll help me out a lot right
11:49 am
now. ace of clubs. >> no. >> there you go, neil. >> how about that? >> judge so impressed special guest nio that nio pressed the golden buzzer, which means he automatically advances to the live finals. live look across the delaware. this is an improving view. we saw some heavy showers move through. there are still some showers in the area at center city, but it's lightening up. clouds, those will be staying with us for much of the day. showers and thunderstorms we've seen, round one, first thing this morning, and there's still some moving through the area and more on the way during the day. see the line of showers that have popped up, just the last couple of hours in the philadelphia area. that's moving off to the northeast. some quick downpours. don't expect to see any flooding with this rainfall, but there's a chance we'll see some stronger
11:50 am
storms later today. hazardous heat, that's on the way. today, we'll see a pretty good warm-up into the 80s, but 90s for philadelphia, delaware, the lehigh valley, the exception will be the shore, that high heat starts tomorrow and it's why we've issued a first alert. the suburbs, philadelphia, new jersey suburbs, and northern delaware, tomorrow afternoon and friday afternoon. the temperatures will take off. we're talking middle 90s, but with high humidity, it will feel like more than 100 degrees. tomorrow and again on saturday. right now, though, not that hot. in fact, rain cooled for audobon and swedesboro. where it's dry, the temperatures are running warmer. vineland is 84 degrees. and 81 in robbinsville. but you can expect to see showers in those areas, too. the doppler radar showing showers in philadelphia, but here we go. we've been talking about the chance of thunderstorms and the first round of thunderstorms now in eastern maryland, heading off
11:51 am
to the northeast. now, these storms may not still be producing lightning by the time they move into delaware, but if it doesn't happen, you can count on some heavier downpours. the rain that's coming down at almost 3 inches an hour within those showers. scattered showers right now, no lightning in new castle county. those are heading the to the north. wilmington has seen a few sprinkles, but we can see some heavier downpours during the early afternoon hours. and this line of showers that's moving through abingdon on the way to lower montgomery and bucks counties, to start, that's going to be the beginning of the wet weather that's going to be on and off during the day today. but in spite of the clouds and occasional showers, still going to be a warm one. the heat index production for this afternoon is low 90s for philadelphia and near 90 for pottstown and westchester. watch what happens tomorrow. the temperatures, actual air temperatures into the 90s, but a high humidity, it will feel like 104.
11:52 am
this is tomorrow afternoon at 4:00, and it will top 100 degrees, the heat index in the lehigh valley, the suburbs, delaware, and into south jersey. the exception will be the jersey shore. and delaware beaches. so very hot weather is on the way. today, occasional showers and a chance for some thunderstorms. 80s this afternoon, but it will be 90s tomorrow. we'll get some break of sunshine. then late afternoon showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. a break from the storms, but not a break from the heat. on friday, 95 degrees. the humidity still evaluated on friday. not as hot, but still in the hot zone for saturday and sunday. this may be the longest heat way on the way we've seen so far this morning. and we're expecting 90s again on monday. may get a break on tuesday, but not a big break, with showers and thunderstorms, 89, the high, and it's back into the 90s for wednesday, thursday, and friday. we'll be right back.
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the democratic national convention is less than two weeks away, and today organizers are kicking off programs they hope will draw young people to the convention, just within the last half hour, the democratic host committee announced 25 students from across the city have been selected to make up five news youth news teams. each team will work to put together stories about real
11:56 am
issues, such as education and police relations. ten caucuses and conduct interviews under the guidance of mentors. one of them is nbc 10's very own george spencer. the partnership will several groups is allowing the future leaders of our country to be a part of writing its history. >> one thing i'm completely confident of is that this experience will affect these young people for the rest of their lives and will affect how they engage as citizens of our community. and i'm confident that they will be inspire d and i hope we that are older are inspired by young people. >> another 1,800 young people will participate in the civic excitement through a partnership of a committee of 70. today at 4:00, a woman flooded with frustration when her water bill came in five times higher than normal and then her water was turned off
11:57 am
while she was negotiating with the company. she called nbc 10 responds for help. the story today at 4:00. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for bill henley and everybody here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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