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tv   Today  NBC  July 14, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> answer to all my problems. >> yes! don't even try to turn that dial, as if anybody had a dial anymore. thirsty thursday, july 14. hoda is off again. the only one that can ever really take her place is, of course, mr. regis. we've got a fun show today. >> we really do. the great legendary kool & the gang, and they're going to sing for us. >> a brand new song. >> plus it's ambush thursday. two ladies got what they came
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looking for. we don't know what else they've been looking for, but ambush makeovers. >> you're going somewhere? >> when i went to israel in march i met up with chef ruthie russo who introduced me to all kind of middle eastern favorites. the most renowned chef in israel which they say is the culinary place to go in the entire world, right, ruthie? >> amazing. the food is so good and healthy. >> we can use a little bit of that around here. >> this woman can eat like a horse but she's super healthy. we'll be with you in the kitchen. i had a marathon day yesterday. usually i do my show, i go home. i write or read, doing whatever. yesterday i went to see "hamilton" which, of course, has won everything you can win. the tony, grammy, pulitzer
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prize. >> the biggest hit on broadway. >> and probably of all time. i wasn't anxious to see it personally. i'm not a fan of that genre of music, never have been. i didn't want it to be spoiled. i didn't go in really knowing what i was going to see. i've got to say, even if it's not your kind of music, if you prefer more traditional broadway, there's that. it's so brilliantly conceived and executed. the thing i loved most about it, it's bringing kids to theater and getting kids interested in our history as a nation because we don't teach that in schools anymore. so it's -- they take a few liberties with historic facts, but it's fascinating and it's so well done. >> it's going to be around for the next three years. >> for the rest 06 our lives. it is, it is. anyway, kudos to them. then i went off to this fantastic new place -- have you ever been over to edgewater, new
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jersey? >> yes, i have once. >> they used to have this crab shack at the end of this pier. >> crab shack? >> crab shack. the people who do all the chart house restaurants and all those fantastic restaurants on the water have taken it over. it's only been open for about ten days. it's called mitchell's fish market. i went to michelle's fish market. >> what did you eat? >> i drank. >> i bet she did. >> they introduced my stuff in all their restaurants. >> your wine? >> my stuff, rege. we're not allowed to say -- >> i didn't know that, but the wine is pretty good. >> i love you. i want to thank everybody for their kind nsz. the mayor greeted me. i never thought i would say these words. i loowe my life to new jersey a my wine. i'll tell you why. while i was in edgewater, you
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know that huge tree in my back yard, there was no wind, no storm anywhere. this huge limb of this 200-year-old tree went flying down onto my patio, demolished everything. look, rege, that's where i sit every afternoon and watch the boats. about a 30-foot limb. >> how old is that tree? >> they think almost 200 years. i owe my life to my stuff and to new jersey because i would have been there. cass was home at the time. nobody was sitting there. i want to thank god for new jersey and my stuff. anyway, on that note, you did something fun. what did you do? >> first of all, i want to say this. >> uh-oh. >> the wis is the way we sat 31 years ago, the show we started. >> rege. >> you forgot that, didn't you?
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>> no. >> yes, you did. >> it was 1985. i remember very well. >> 1985 was 31 years ago. >> june 24th of 1985. thank you marylou henner. i remember what i was wearing, that red dress with sneakers because i came running from the other showdown the road. >> we're trying to do a regular show and the woman wore sneakers! you ran down the street to be on the show. >> we called ourselves a local piece of slime show. three years later, disney put us on the air as a national show. you changed the face of modern television, buddy. >> how? what did i do? >> you're the one who started the whole thing of people talking. >> i put some sneakers on, too. anyway, we had a good time. we had a lot of fun. >> what did you do last night? stop being nostalgic. you'll make me cry.
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>> we had a show we'd do together. >> our nightclub act. >> all over the country. we went to. >> disney? >> no. >> vegas? >> yeah, vegas. we were in vegas. >> don't tell the same story you told last time, the one going up the escalator. >> we're going down. >> no, it was up. ♪ i remember it well >> when you get out of the train -- the plane in vegas, you've got to take an escalator way down. >> and then it goes up. >> overhead you've got -- it's going from time to time to show you who is appearing where. here we are going down this escalator, and there were two women in front of us. we're all looking up. all of a sudden there's regis and kathie lee. you hear the woman say -- they were looking up, too. one woman says to the other, i wouldn't give you a dime to see those two. and we're standing behind her.
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i almost hit the old lady. >> no, you did not. >> do you remember what i said to her? >> what? >> we wouldn't either. >> that's right. she said, oerks i didn't mean it. i said fine, fine. it was sold out anyway, lady. it was sold out anyway. they're talking about this pokemon go thing. unfortunately they're finding some of these little creatures in places that are really, really inappropriate, like the memorial at the 9/11 and down -- you know where i'm talking about. also at the holocaust museum. that's not the place to be playing games with people walking around. there are some places that are sacred. it's getting everybody crazy. a woman in new jersey -- god bless new jersey -- named dina blizzard. i don't know if that's her real name. she saw her kids playing pokemon go. she thought she would be
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inspired to create hur own app called chardonnay go. let's take a look at what she posted. >> there's an app for mom called chardonnay go where you can find glasses of chardonnay all over your neighborhood. it's really simple. there's a glass really close to my house right now. let's go find it. let's chardonnay go. we said it's close by, hold on. oh, i found it. chardonnay go. it paid off. [ screaming ] >> chardonnay go! >> lady, what are you doing? >> i found chardonnay. oh, my gosh. i love this game. >> is that chardonnay? >> really nice to meet you. chardonnay go, everyone. >> i like my chardonnay as much
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as anybody, but i don't think i'd get it out of somebody's drawers. >> sadly that app doesn't exist, but good for her. >> thirsty thursday. >> hoda. >> hoda. >> kotb. >> really? she sings a song. >> she picks a song she loves that she knows will drive me crazy. >> let me sing a song that you'll love from "that's amore". ♪ when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amore ♪ ♪ when the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine that's amore ♪ >> all right, rege, thank you.
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you were going to tell us what you did last night. >> yes, i went to see woody allen's new movie. >> cafe society or something like that? >> absolutely. this guy makes great movies. hollywood in the '30s. he's just terrific. >> i've seen some clips that look fantastic. >> you started out as a movie critic many, many years ago. you know your movies. >> yes. >> everything you ever wanted to know about sex -- >> how did you remember that? >> because one of us has to. >> one of us had a lot of that. anyway, a great movie. >> and it wasn't me. but a girl can always hope. >> "cafe society." don't miss it. >> a reminder you can catch our show on sirius xm 108 and you can find who da every monday and wednesday except this week because she's on vacation.
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tylenol® pm relieves pain and helps you fall fast asleep and stay asleep. we give you a better night. you're a better you all day. tylenol®. hard to resist oohing and awing over baby animals, for some endangered animals, like the clouded leopards, it's a matter of survival. >> here on his birthday, wildlife expert and biologist corbin maxey. >> i'm on cloud nine. these are clouded leopards. they actually are part of the association of zoos and aquariums. we're raising awareness with this rare cat because we're teaming up with frito lay for the new conservation initiative, saving animals from extinction.
10:15 am
>> how many are left do you think in the wild? >> 10,000. very rare. because of that beautiful coat and also habitat loss, that's why we're trying to raise awareness. >> where are they from? >> southeast asia. what we know about them has been studied in zoological parks like the columbus zoo. this is huge you guys. >> great. happy to have them here on your birthday. >> how old do you think ' turn? >> you look 12. >> look at my beard. i grew it out for you. okay, okay. i brought you something. i want to put this around -- regis -- >> around what? >> your neck. >> there's somebody in there. >> there is something in there. >> are you ready? >> yeah. >> look at that. >> who is it?
10:16 am
>> this man has heart surgery. >> this is mrs. wolowicz. a kangaroo. >> they'll stay in the pouch for up to eight months. make sure to support him. >> this is the largest marsupial. one day this animal will get 120, 130 pounds, but they can even get bigger. >> no kidding. >> it leaves its mom after a year? >> after a year. >> all right. this next animal -- corbin, very man handling today. he's trying to kill me. >> i'm sorry. >> this is a benteron. they're also called bearcats. >> smell near the tail.
10:17 am
>> no thank you. >> they smell like buttered popcorn. >> the exact opposite on a beaver, just the exact opposite. we know, we know. they're adorable, but -- never mind. >> actually, bring him back over here so we can see him. these animals live in the forest of southeast asia just like -- you smell her? >> no. >> regis, you want to feed her? >> the exact opposite of what your mother told you, never smell the back end -- i always obey my mommy. >> that's where that -- anyway, that's where the smell is. that's a communication. that's how they communicate with others in the forests of southeast asia. bearcats. >> that's disgusting. >> i thought it was pretty good.
10:18 am
>> who knows where that banana has been. >> look at this. these are baby, 1-month-old quaties. it's related to a raccoon. they near the raccoon family and found in south america. >> how big will they get. >> body about two feet, tail around two feet. eight to 12 pounds. feel the nose. >> i'm going to get you. >> these are opportunistic. >> hi, it's me regis. >> he's eating my hand! >> corbin, we want to thank you for coming. ladies, thank you so much. we want to wish you a happy birthday. >> thank you so much. bobby is buzzing with simple solutions. >> if you want to see gorgeous, wait until you see our ambush makeover ladies. the suspense is killing me!
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it's time for "bobby's buzz" when bobby thomas shares her favorite beauty finds. >> i hear you have simple solutions to a few common problems. >> i development one of the first problems we hear about, maggie in my office is always dripping coffee what do. >> what do i do when i spill coffee. >> or when your makeup powder gets all over your blouse. these are adult bibs. >> adult bibs. >> this clever entrepreneur thought of it. this is something that can be helpful -- >> not bad, huh? looks like the clouded leopard. >> a beer carcat.
10:23 am
>> totally change mied life. >> whenever i drink, my mustache gets wet. >> why do i get this? >> ladies, there's nothing worse than a wet mustache. >> my name is regis! >> and i'm mrs. regis. >> you look pretty good in that. >> try and see if this actually prevents the mustache from getting wet. this is a mo-guard. use the mustache guard right here to see if this will help? >> it does, absolutely. >> ladies, you may want to pick that up. >> you look pretty good with a mustache. >> do you know how much effort i put in to not having one of these? third one is, help, i cracked my
10:24 am
phone screen. >> this is something i think all my friends right now are dealing with. >> me, too. mine is cracked right now. >> hannah said do you know what a pop socket is? it's this fun button you stick on the back of your phone that can either prop your phone up, but if you push it flat, it will go into your pocket. >> what does that do? >> it helps you hold your phone. >> do you still have a flip phone? >> i don't have anything. >> it went off in the kitchen last time you were here. you didn't even know you had a phone. >> no, i don't. >> we have some other cool stuff you might want to go online for. there's another phone that has a loop through it. you see the question here, my hands get sticky when i apply sunscreen lotion. this is called block rock. you have this ap cater that fits on any tube, so you don't have to get greasy when someone says, can you get my back. more online -- >> great ideas, bobster.
10:25 am
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bill assumed his mayo was the best choice. assume nothing. unlike hellmann's regular mayo, kraft olive oil mayo has half the fat and still has great flavor. no wonder it tastes so good. now i useair? total repair 5. l'oréal's shampoo system with ceramide.... targets 5 signs of damage. weak, dry, dull, rough and split ends 5 problems, 1 solution. l'oréal total repair 5. expert care for demanding hair. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. ñ about 10:30 and we've declared a first alert today because of the excessive heat. let's get right to your first alert neighborhood forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> the only place to escape the heat today will be at the shore,
10:27 am
where temperatures will be warming into the upper 80s, and getting bright sunshine at cape may. satellite shows very few clouds at the shore. but inland, we're still seeing some thick clouds for wilmington, philadelphia, trenton, the suburbs and into new jersey, as well. you can see the cloudy skies over philadelphia. but this afternoon, we'll get sunshine and temperatures soar into the 90s. vai? >> all right. thank you, bill. how about a late morning check on your commute with jessica boyington. jessica, how's the roads looking out there? >> we are watching a problem out there. the blue route, on the northbound side, you can see an accident scene here. so it's a slow go headed northbound. we are blocking the right -- the left lane, excuse me, and left shoulder. some delays if you're headed southbound. also watching some construction, over the platt bridge, down to one lane headed eastbound off of 95. a slow go there. due to today's excessive heat warnings, local agencies wanting to look out for your older neighbors and relatives. the philadelphia corporation is
10:28 am
activating its heat line today and tomorrow. the number is on your screen, 215-765-9040. also the free nbc 10 app will send you realtime updates on the forecast for your neighborhood. pennsylvania governor tom wolffe has signed a $1.3 billion revenue package approved by state lawmakers. it helps balance the state budget with a $1 per pack tax hike on cigarettes. it also includes a 6% sales tax on digital downloads like music, movies, and smartphone apps. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have a full hour of news coming up at the top of the hour. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. see you then. ♪ sparkle paper towels are great for wiping up fingerprints without wiping out your savings. just right for cleaning up...jelly... ...water... and security camera lenses.
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it's thirsty thursday. my dear friend regis is filling in for -- what did you call her? >> koda. >> you know what time it is? >> it's my favorite time of the day. i love this part of the show. >> you just said what is ambush makeover. >> no. i watch this all the time. they're all great. it's wonderful. >> two lucky ladies get swept into the studio, they primp them, pluck them. our crack makeover team, fromly licari salon. you know how to sing the song? louis licari, la-la la-la la. >> and fashion contributor, the
10:31 am
fabulous jill martin. >> so gorgeous. >> a little muggy out there. >> but a beautiful day for a makeover. a lot of people needed a lot of help. >> you could do a gondola in venice in that outfit. >> maybe i'll take a vacation. >> you've earned it. our first lady is this lady, sharon, she's 53 from wawatosa, wisconsin. she's been married to her husband sam for 20 years, loves to run and travel. she's always had long hair, hasn't changed it in 35 years. >> 35 years! >> let's hear the story. >> we noticed your sign "my mom needs a makeover desperately." >> maybe desperately was a little too much. i would like to see her hair darker, shorter. >> not too much shorter. >> maybe less split ends,
10:32 am
looking healthier in general. >> how do you feel about those? >> i feel okay. i still want long hair. other than that, i'm excited for everything. i watch you all the time. i've never miss add show. so excited, thank you. >> she's got a great attitude with her daughter star on a graduation trip. one last look at sharon, i won't try the last name one more time, and let's bring out the new sharon. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow! >> so good to see you. >> good to see you. you look great. >> i'm kathie. nice to see you. >> you want to take your blindfold off? >> yes. oh my gosh! it looks so good, so good! >> okay. here i go. i'm really nervous. >> you look so good. >> oh, my gosh!
10:33 am
whoa. louis, thank you, thank you. it's shocking, but wow. >> you cut it but left the length. >> we left some length. she loves her long hair, but her long hair was doing nothing for her. >> was it damaged? >> it was damaged, fried, everything it shouldn't be. what's the use of having it? so james gave her this great haircut today. >> yes. >> and a lovely color. >> yes. because before, her hair for some reason almost had a green -- it was so ash, it was almost green. i tried to make it deep ever, giving more contrast to her skin color and added warmth. >> enid made her look gorgeous. >> yes. >> the dress is maggie london with the built-in jewelry on top. >> what do you think of your mom? >> it looks so good. i love the length and the color is beautiful. >> you two look like sisters.
10:34 am
>> they do. >> here is our second lady. >> the second lady is jennifer martinez, 53 years old from colorado springs in colorado. she's a first grade teacher. her husband is the principal of the school they're in. she spends every weekend in the winter skiing with her family and she never wears makeup and cuts her own bangs, so she's asking for it. >> seems like you're busting already. tell us why. >> just give her a chance to have a makeover and just exciting to be in new york city from colorado. >> good husband, supporting. you. how do you feel? we approached you and you were a little shocked. >> very shocked. i'm excited for an opportunity. i never take any risks. i've had this haircut my entire life. this is beyond exciting. >> welcome to the ultimate risk. >> well, there she is. >> jennifer is there with her husband, the principal, terry. how are you doing? >> i'm good. >> we'll take one last look at
10:35 am
jennifer and bring out the brand new jennifer martinez. don't look yet. come on out, honey. >> oh, wow! >> right into that camera, please. terry, you want to take off your blindfold? >> holy schmoley. >> i got nervous for a second. >> you're a principal. >> jennifer, you want to turn around and see the look? >> oh, my god! >> don't you love that when they get that excited? >> we're always hoping they're happy. >> this is what i live for. >> you like it? >> i do. >> it's fantastic. >> turn around and look right into 12. >> her hair was fine hair, almost like feathers. we brought it to a more appropriate length. >> so chic. >> and very simple. you can hear it curly or straight.
10:36 am
she does blow dry her own hair. had the same haircut for 25, 35 years, obviously it's time to have a change. i tried to find a warm color that was not quite red but not quite blond, somewhere in the middle. >> suits her skin tone so nightly. >> the outfit is from? >> from white house black market. look how beautiful the back is on that. >> would you also plooe please turn around because everyone wants to see what ashley did to your hair? can you get close-up. >> you can see through it. it's gorgeous. >> a great job. >> terry, what do you think of your bride? >> remarkable. she was great before. >> we want to thank louis and jill, thank everybody. beautiful job. kool & the gang is back with a sexy new songment you've got everything you need to keep the
10:37 am
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the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. ♪ >> you know that song. not the right keerks but you know what i meant. >> a little bit off. >> very often. >> that's the funk band kool & the gang with two grammys and nine top ten pop hits. >> now with a new song called "sexy," like me. their first original studio single in nearly a decade. >> let's welcome kool & the gang. >> here they are. >> all these years. >> how come ten years it's taken to get a new single out? >> well, you know, when you come out with a single like "sexy," it takes about ten years. >> i saw that look. a brand new tour starting this
10:42 am
week. let's welcome kool & the gang with "sexy" like regis. ♪ your body's so amazing ♪ has anybody ever treated you before like an occasion ♪ ♪ you're always looking sexy ♪ it follows you wherever you go ♪ ♪ ain't no doubt about it i already know ♪ ♪ where did you get your sexy ♪ hoping you can connect me ♪ ♪ where did you get your sexy,
10:43 am
oh yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ maybe you just get it from your mamma ♪ ♪ look like a lot of fun ♪ where can i get me some ♪ i got money to blow ♪ ain't no doubt about it ♪ where did you get your sexy ♪ hoping you can connect me ♪ tell me how you use it
10:44 am
♪ where did you get your sexy, oh yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ if you're sexy and you know it, if you're sexy and you know it, if you're sexy and you know it ♪ ♪ now they all ask me to show them the way ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:45 am
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if you want something different to throw on the grill, our "today" food team has just what you're looking for. as you may remember, i took a great trip back in april to israel. chef ruthie russo gave me a wonderful tour. we ate our way through the whole
10:51 am
place, didn't we? >> ruthie made her way all the way here to new york city just to cook us something delicious, just for us. >> it's called arias? >> i like to choose dishes that are hard to pronounce. >> but not so hard to make. what goes into it? what is that? >> this is fat from lamb. you can just get a fatty cut of lamb or beef. add a little spices, chopped onions, parsley and that's it. you have a kabob, just a basic kabob. >> so it's kind of easy. >> and makes it all right here. >> just add everything together. >> parsley, onions, everything on the website of course. >> mix it all. >> i'll mix that while you go on. >> once you have the meat mixture ready, it's divided into balls, little kabobs. >> nice balls.
10:52 am
>> sorry about that. >> they are. they're nicely formed. all the same size and everything. that's not the case all the time. it's always different. >> i was afraid i would say something inappropriate. the good thing about this kabob which is delicious and juicy and flavorful, you're going to grill it in the peta. that's the whole point. >> just one or two. >> just one. you put it in, get it even all over the pita. once you have it spread evenly, like a spread. >> almost looks like a panini a little bit. >> yes. >> this tastes so great. when you're there in the land, the hummus you made for us, unbelievable. >> first you want to put it meat side on first because you want to get it cooked from the
10:53 am
inside. >> for how long? >> the best would be to brush it first with olive oil, just a little bit. you don't want too much on it. >> both sides? >> yeah, both sides. >> then you get it on there like that. >> so you cook it for -- would you say how long? >> here for three minutes, then on each side for two more minutes. >> each side for the two more minutes. >> now what do we do? >> once it's done, you cut it in half. >> want a nice hot one, rege? >> i've got this hot guy here. >> then you eat it. >> this might be too hot. oh, my gosh, this is so good. >> very, very good. >> dip it in the tahini. >> his wife joy would love this. a great curb. >> thank you so much, ruthie.
10:54 am
shalom. so good to see you. you honor us by being here. go to we'll be back in just a moment.
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
all right, rege, time for "okay or not okay." >> before cota left on vacation, we asked saturday okay to announce or not announce splits. >> what was the answer? >> i think private things should remain private, but i don't judge the way other people decide to tell the worth. personally i prefer western union. >> so old school. i say of course it's okay. no middle man. >> or woman. >> or middle woman, nobody. >> you two. >> we make no sense at all. somehow it works. tomorrow regis is going to get
10:58 am
his eyebrows plucked. >> no, i come to sesame place before little kids become big kids. before dress up turns to make-up. and tag becomes hashtag. and don't miss our brand new show, the magic of art featuring abby cadabby. come to the only place that makes little hearts race. get unlimited visits with a season pass for 6 payments of less than $19.
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sesame place
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and right now at 11:00, we are dealing with dangerous heat and humidity all throughout our area. oppressive conditions in center city, as we take a live look right now at market street. and we have live team coverage of this latest blast of dangerous heat and humidity. let's begin with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist, bill henley. bill? >> vai, temperatures are climbing. that's in spite of clouds that are around. the clouds will get out of the way. so pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware will see heat hazards this afternoon as the temperatures soar. it's this afternoon through tomorrow, into tomorrow evening, where the greatest risk during the afternoon hours, when the temperatures will reach into the 90s and high humidity will combine to make it feel like more than 100 degrees. but the clouds have to get out of the way for it to happen.


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