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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  July 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: rosemary and keith, the police are just up the street here on leon. to my right, there are philadelphia police. the crime scene unit is here. we're told a woman's body was found in the trunk. early indications are this woman has been missing since the beginning of july. sky force 10 gives you a look at officers at the 7500 block of leon street. some of them have been here since 1:30 this afternoon. that's when police got the call to check out a white chevrolet. police have blocked off part of leon street from shellmeyer avenue to oakmont street. this scene has attracted a number of neighbors who heard about the discovery and want to know more. a woman's body found inside a trunk in a car. as soon as we hear more from police, we'll share that with you. live in mayfair, i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> thank you very much.
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thank you for joining us. i'm keith jones. >> i'm rosemary connors. we'll most likely be dealing with a heat wave if temperatures get to 90 degrees tomorrow. and the chances of that are pretty good. our cameras caught plenty of kids playing in the water at stillworth park. ventnor atlantic county, you wouldn't guess how hot it was based on this scene. >> here's a live look at the skyline in wilmington where the heat is also on. just how long it will stick around is the big question. for that we check in with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> we're expecting 90s across the weekend. at least around 90 degrees. that would make a heat wave hitting that tomorrow. philadelphia, pennsylvania, suburbs until 8:00 p.m. this evening. dangerous heat with the humidity. feels around 100 degrees for some areas. if you're in new jersey, we also have a poor air quality alert,
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or air quality alert there, with higher levels of ozone, so you don't want to be outside for multiple hours at a time. for this evening, though, a live look at citizens bank park. a lot of sunshine. the heat is on there. the phillies are going to have a very hot game this evening. right now we're at 91 degrees. philadelphia 90 degrees by 7:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m., look at that, still in the mid-80s. it will stay warm through tonight. if you have the friday night plans, warm and humid. your seven-day is right at the bottom of the screen for you. right now, 91 in philadelphia. 90 dover. 89 in allentown. vineland 88 degrees. along the shore, 92 in atlantic city. the feels-like, though, is mostly in about the mid to upper 90s through parts of the area. dover feeling like 97 degrees right now. not too long ago dover felt like 101. slowly it's starting to drop. atlantic city feels like 95 degrees. coming up we'll look at what it means for your weekend forecast
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and look at the shorecast. and if we get any relief anytime soon, that's straight ahead. we will not be deterred. we will not relent. we're going to keep working together to prevent attacks and protect our homeland. we'll keep taking out isil leaders and pushing isil back in syria and iraq. >> president obama with a renewed pledge to keep up the fight against isis and terrorism in the wake of the bastille day attacks. the president says the u.s. will continue to stand with france, its oldest ally. >> people gathering to remember the 84 people who died, and pray for the more than 200 people who were injured. nbc 10's drew smith gets reaction from witnesses who saw that attack. >> plus, he gets the latest on the terrorist behind the attack. >> reporter: tonight there's a makeshift memorial at the site of last night's terror attack. street cleaners are still hard at work, but they can't erase the memory of people who witnessed the terror.
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>> screaming, and then everybody running past me. i started to run. my wife got very frightened, so we both started to run. >> reporter: a driver running people over for more than a mile. >> we were terrified. we had no idea how close -- we didn't think it was a shooter. we didn't know if there was multiple people. >> reporter: we learned two of the victims include a father from texas and his 11-year-old son. the boy's teacher says she can't believe what happened. >> it's heartbreaking that that wonderful, talented child is not going to be finishing what his dreams were. >> reporter: we learned new information good the killer. mohamed bouhlel was a radical islam. police detained his ex-wife to find any evidence to help piece this together.
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a little bit earlier today, sky force 10 was over the state police barracks in philadelphia where flags are flying at half staff. that order came from pennsylvania governor tom wolf to honor the victims in nice. local french groups are planning a vigil at the victims at valley national park tomorrow afternoon. today we caught up with tourists at crowded public places all around our area, concerned about the evolving threat of terror. the nature of the nice attack is catching the public offguard, struggling to understand how someone could cause so much carnage to use just a truck to kill more than 80 people. >> dpups are one thing, or bombs, and planes and that that type of thing. but to rent a truck and kill 80 people, i don't know. >> you don't need a bomb to cause mass casualties. 80-plus people dead all from a motor vehicle. >> security experts say local police in large cities should use vehicular barricades at large gatherings of people.
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but they warn it's difficult to prevent against a low-tech attack like this one. stay with nbc 10 to bring you new developments on the bastille day attack. we'll have updates on the air, and on the nbc 10 app. breaking news out of turkey, where the military says it has taken full control of the country in what appears to be a coup. earlier, the prime minister said an attempted coup was under way, and then denounced that. this is a live picture of a bridge in turkey where soldiers have been gathering for the past hour. according to the military, this is happening to restore order to the country. but the current government says this will not let them disrupt the democracy there. we will continue to follow this story, and we will bring you new developments as soon as we get them. now to decision 2016. it is official, donald trump has tapped indiana governor mike pence to be his running mate. the presumptive republican nominee made the announcement on twitter this morning.
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tomorrow, trump and pence make their first public appearance together as running mates. pence has been indiana's governor since 2012. and served in congress for more than a decade. the clinton campaign was quick to attack trump's pick. hillary clinton's campaign chairman released a statement that reads in part, by picking mike pence as his running mate, donald trump has doubled down on some of his most disturbing beliefs, end quote. he goes on to quote pence, quote, an incredibly divisive and unpopular figure. copping up at 5:15, our political expert jim schultz joins us live from cleveland into donald trump's vice presidential pick. plus he explains some rule changes at the rnc that are crushing an anti-trump movement. today marks exactly ten days until the democratic national convention. we will be doing live newscasts from there, from the wells fargo center all throughout the convention. it begins on july 25th. we know some of the biggest names in the democratic party
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who will speak at the convention. former president bill clinton is scheduled to address the dnc on july 26th. president barack obama and vice president joe biden will speak the following day. the presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton will take the stage on that thursday. you can expect parking restrictions when the convention comes to town. today the city announced it will ban median parking between washington and packer avenues, sunday july 24th, and run through the 29th. philadelphia officials are asking residents to check the street signs to make sure there won't be any temporary restrictions there. another change to expect? the postal service will temporarily close some blue collection boxes in several zip codes, including 19102, 19106 and 19107. a security measure that will
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last from monday, july 25th, to friday, july 29th. if you need more information, just go to the nbc 10 app. take a look here. this german shepherd is on a quest to keep people safe during the dnc. and guess what, his name is quest. the canine graduated from the dog center working program today. he's trained to detect explosives and will patrol the entire septa transit area during convention week. more than 20 del gakss will be staying outside the city for the convention. a main center of gathering for almost half the delegates will be montgomery county. today in king of prussia, tourism officials, hospitality workers and a few mascots stuffed bags to give visitors a better look at what they can do and see during their stay here. 27 hotels are booked with delegations from 21 states. that's not counting the dnc workers and national media staying in the area. >> lots of people want to
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experience not only our great shopping, but a lot of people are interested in the history. we've had people ask about the historical park in our backyard. >> it's expected $17 million will be spent by guests in the montgomery county region alone. the other side of the coin for republicans, this has been a huge year for the city of cleveland. >> nba championship, and now next week's republican national convention. the city is rolling out the red carpet as delegates and dignitaries from all over the country start rolling in. the city is hoping to make the most of its moment in the spotlight. but with tens of thousands of protesters streaming into cleveland, security is going to be extra tight. police will be using robots, horses, and dogs to respond to any possible threat. >> the number of officers coming from across the country, it is america's convention. >> just ready for it to get here and prove to the rest of the world that cleveland takes a back seat to nobody. >> donald trump, the presumptive
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republican nominee, is promising this will be an unconventional convention. nbc 10 is sending the largest team of reporters to the rnc to get you inside access to everything happening at the convention. j they'll bring you live coverage from cleveland starting at 11:00 sunday night. to this now. a frightening situation for several children when their day care van slammed into a west philadelphia apartment building. sky force 10 was over the scene at 52nd and hazel avenue, as emergency crews took a dozen children to the hospital, mostly as a precaution. the van's brakes failed causing it to crash. the driver is in stable condition. certainly a proud day for 12 police officers in allentown. these are the newest members to the force. they were sworn in this morning. as of today, the allentown police department has 219 police officers. >> congratulations to them. new jersey's police officers could face scrutiny if they're
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involved in someone's death. we'll explain a new bill introduced in trenton today. and later, a pokemon go attack in south jersey. the teenage victim talks only to nbc 10 about what happened while he was playing with the popular app.
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as we mentioned just a few months ago, donald trump that is chosen indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. >> hillary clinton said trump doubled down on some of his most disturbing beliefs. joining us live to talk about trump's choice is jim schultz who's live in cleveland. >> jim, do you think pence helps trump with the republican base? or independents, that trump may need to win over? >> reporter: i think we're seeing a lot of the same old same old tired arguments coming out of the clinton camp. yes, i believe that governor pence will assist donald trump in his efforts to become president. governor pence has a tremendous record in the state of indiana. he has very good conservative credentials, will continue to galvanize the base, like i said yesterday, or two days ago when we were interviewed. i believe he's a good pick for donald trump going forward. >> moving forward here, you know, to other big gop news we've been talking about, the,
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quote, never trump movement is dead at the hands of the rnc rules committee. their final effort to keep trump from becoming the republican nominee was killed in a lopsided committee vote last night. trump tweeted, quote, #never trump is never more. they were crushed last night in cleveland by the rules committee. make america great again, end quote. the question we beg to ask here, what does it mean for the rnc? >> reporter: well, last night we saw the never trump movement see its end. it started off weak with a handful of folks. and people were dropping off as the day progressed. i think what that really means is we're seeing a coalescing of the republican party and the rank and file republican party recognizing the tremendous victories that donald trump had in the primary. this will only serve to strengthsen donald trump's position with the grass roots going forward and will enable him to continue his success of
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getting independents and democrats who are willing to cross over in swing states. >> jim schultz, live for us in cleveland. thank you so much as always for your insight. >> reporter: thanks for having me. of course, another reminder, we are sending a team to the rnc to bring you all the convention buzz. look for our one-hour special reports at 7:00 in the evening, during the week of the conventi convention. being billed as building trust that would require a special state prosecutor to investigate anytime someone is  killed by a law enforcement officer. the bill would also require any evidence to be presented in a court outside the county where that shooting happened. sterling's funeral in baton rouge today, speakers called for peaceful protests and justice. sterling's service was held at
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southern university. hundreds of mourners paid their respects. u.s. justice department is conducting a civil rights investigation into sterling's death. sterling was shot and killed as two white police officers pinned him to the pavement last week outside a convenience store. his death sparked a nationwide debate about police officers' use of deadly force involving blacks. and set off widespread demonstrations. dallas police officer michael krol was shot and killed during that ambush last week while protecting people who were protesting sterling's death. today hundreds of mourners attended krol's funeral. he was one of five officers killed last week. law enforcement from all over the country attended the service. there was a 21-gun salute, a flyover and flag presentation. krol will be buried in his home state of michigan. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, still a hot one today. if you're heading out this
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evening, it's going to be very warm and humid outside. potentially dangerous heat still. this is center city. clouds around. we're dry and we have present i of sunshine to warm us up today. don't forget your seven day is at the bottom of the screen for you. temperatures now mostly around 90 degrees for most of the area. south jersey coming in near 90. places close to the shore low 90s. we'll take a look at the south jersey neighborhoods. clayton 89. pitman 90. turnersville 90. medford coming in right now 93 degrees. if you're in florence, you're at 90 degrees. hamilton township coming in at 89 degrees. feeling a little hotter with the humidity. here's the feels-like temperature. feels like 92 in philadelphia. feels like 97 in dover. earlier this afternoon, it felt like 101 in dover. and that's why we still have the excessive heat warning out. it stretches from new castle to
5:20 pm
mercer county. it will go until 8:00 p.m. we still have the heat and humidity making it uncomfortable outside. in new jersey, the same weather pattern causing an air quality alert until 11:00 p.m. high, unhealthy ozone levels. if you have asthma or even children and the elderly, you want to avoid strenuous activity outside. so tomorrow will be a little bit better. future weather, though, for tonight keeps us warm and humid. but also dry. your friday night should be staying on the drier side. when we go into saturday, first half of the day dry. can't rule out a pop-up shower or isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon. sunday the same thing. we'll see the first half of the day on the drier side. can't rule out an isolated shower. i don't think everyone will see it. but if you do, it will give you some relief. tomorrow, 92 degrees in philadelphia. chance of a shower or storm. 92 sunday. that would make it officially a heat wave by tomorrow. tomorrow, 95 degrees. we'll be hot going into next week.
5:21 pm
pennsylvania suburbs low 90s across the week. isolated shower possible. by monday, 94. in the lehigh valley, you could see an isolated shower over the weekend. temperature 90 degrees, hot going into monday. the weekend for the most part will stay mostly dry. temperatures in the low 90s with a chance of a shower. we stay hot going into next week. we'll take a look at the shore forecast coming up. >> thanks, sheena. a south jersey woman is suing taco bell over what she says happened in the drive-through. the story coming up. a little bit later, a local police department is getting into the pokemon craze. how they're giving lessons on hour to catch them all.
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i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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take a live look over a hot and steamy night outside. the kind of weather that makes you want to kick back with a cold brew. this year's beer garden at eakins oval people are enjoying the art during happy hour. you can see the large chessboard, instruments, and lounge chairs, letting folks relax and play. guests at night also will see changing colored lights and effects surrounding the shady grove. this weekend, thousands of bicyclists will brave the heat, the humidity and the hills on the 2016 tour de shore.
5:25 pm
the bike ride is 65 miles from philadelphia to atlantic city. it starts at the irish pub in center city and ends down the shore. the riders pay to participate in the bike ride, and the money goes to more than 20 local charities. heads-up if you're playing pokemon go this weekend. the south jersey teenager only talks to nbc 10 about how he was attacked while playing the game. we'll have his story. but first, are you losing your motivation to work out on sweltering days like today? we've got some motivation for you, that's coming up next.
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we continue to track dangerous heat and humidity across our area. nbc 10 in ocean city where people tried to get some relief, in the water or under the many umbrellas out there. >> the heat has some folks reaching for a cold treat. don't blame them. this woman enjoying an ice cream cone while strolling in wilmington today. >> these people had the right idea. yep, staying in the shade while waiting for the trolley. that's a good idea. to south philly. a hot one out there. the phils take on the mets at 7:05. a live look at citizens bank park. catch that game right here on nbc 10. you know what, we're going to be dealing with this heat and humidity at least through tomorrow. and you might see some pop-up
5:29 pm
showers as well. >> let's get the personalized forecast to meteorologist sheena parveen. >> yes, going to stay hot for tonight. the first alert out in the pennsylvania suburbs, new jersey and delaware, that will go until 8:00 p.m. because of the heat and humidity. we have poor air quality in nnl. you want to avoid many hours outside because of that. now, temperatures currently 91 in philadelphia. 86 degrees many of the pennsylvania suburbs. new jersey around 90 degrees with still plenty of sunshine. no rain relief today. lehigh valley close to 90 degrees, even in delaware, and we're going to keep the very warm temperatures in the forecast even as we go through tonight. the feels-like is 97 in dover. not too long ago we were actually feeling like 101 in dover. so dropping a little bit. 94 is what it feels like in wilmington. in atlantic city, feels like 95 degrees. that's going to kind of keep up through the next few hours.
5:30 pm
it's still going to be feeling hotter than it actually is. if you're heading out this evening, philadelphia by 6:00 p.m., around 90 degrees. by 10:00 tonight, mid-80s. very warm this evening. pennsylvania suburbs, about around 80 degrees by 10:00 this evening. in the lehigh valley expect temperatures around 77 degrees. the weekend's going to be hot, too. everybody in our region trying to figure out how do we deal with this oppressive heat. >> look at these guys right here. aqua zumba session. cool way to stay cool as well. burning the calories. >> cydney long caught up with the swimmers and others who are doing everything they can to beat the heat. >> reporter: undefeated and determined. the women's square swim team tackled their final practice before tomorrow's heat. when it feels like 100, it's a refreshing task. >> it was really hot and we had
5:31 pm
to sit in the sun for a while. >> reporter: the next pool over, getting in the day's exercise didn't get clobbered by mother nature. the before noon aqua zumba class was packed. instructors poolside kept their thermoses poolside. >> making sure we have enough guards so they're getting time off. >> reporter: the whitman square swim club require athletes to come prepared with water and sup screen on days like today. >> probably about a 10 or 15-degree difference underneath the trees. >> reporter: at the nearby wedgewood golf and country club, they load up on sun block. >> too hot for me. sun's a monster. i burn a lot. >> reporter: even with breathable, cool fabrics. >> it's exhausting. we're going to play nine, and want to play the other nine. >> reporter: they say the best relief is the breeze between holes on the golf cart. >> feel that breeze and so soothing. i pour this water over me like
5:32 pm
this. i need something. you need something to cool down. this is horrible. >> reporter: cydney long, nbc 10 news. to a story you'll only see on nbc 10. a south jersey pokemon go game, recovering after a violent assault. michael was searching for pokemon a few doors down from his washington township home when he was attacked by two men. they punched him in the head, and kicked him in the ribs before stealing his phone. it sent him to the hospital for stitches to his eye, and a staple in his head. he said from now on, he'll hunt for pokemon in pairs. >> i'll play once i get my phone back. but probably just going to be more cautious, how late i go out. >> they arrested one suspect. a second man was not been caught. dozens of departments are warning people about being distracted and the luring dangers of that popular app.
5:33 pm
from our lehigh valley bureau, a police department has caught pokemon fever. >> a satirical video on youtube, but there is a serious message behind the fun. >> oh, my god, it's on youtube. i'll need backup. >> members of the police department created the cops inspired video which has them responding to a call for a 1016, which is a possible pokemon sighting. pokemon go fans will unite. there are two meetups planned for monday. the first is at washington square park in center city right around noon. the second is at dickinson square park in south philly at 1:30 in the afternoon. t-mobile has an offer. the company is giving away a full year of data to customers
5:34 pm
who play the game. that way the game won't use up their existing data plan. to get it, you have to claim the offer by august 9th using the t-mobile tuesday app. a south jersey woman is suing a taco bell because of an experience at two drive-through windows. the woman is deaf, and has to write down her order. she visited the locations in pleasantville and atlantic city. she said one employee accepted her note but told her next time she visited she would have to come inside. another employee refused to take her order. she wants the company to consider the needs of deaf customers. she's also seeking damages. taco bell has not commented on the lawsuit. we'll take a look at this in the meantime. sky force 10 over what used to be a house in valley township chester county. now, just a pile of rubble. you can see some crews on the scene of the 1100 block of valley station road looking through the debris. luckily no one was hurt here. not clear, though, right now what caused the house to
5:35 pm
collapse. a man is recovering this afternoon after he was stabbed at a pep boys in north philly around 11:00 this morning on allegheny avenue. the man was stabbed in the face. he is expected to be okay. police have made one arrest in the case. well, it was a note from the navy today. >> the navy officials said they will not pay for blood tests for tens of thousands of residents in bucks and montgomery counties who may have been exposed to contaminated water. chemicals were found in drinking water supplies near the former naval air station joint reserve base in horsham. the former naval air warfare center in warminister and active air guard station. the navy insists that the tests won't help doctors determine current or future health risks related to those chemicals. a philadelphia man has been arrested in connection to a burglary spre. larry samuels is accused of burglarizing dozens of homes in five counties including montgomery and philadelphia. the burglaries happened between
5:36 pm
august 2014 and july 2015. police say he also struck when the victims were at home and would take food and drinks from inside. a warning for folks who may be heading down the shore this weekend. coming up, what police want you to know if you're planning to pay cash on the boards.
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these days you need access to the internet for just about everything, right? work, school, pokemon go. >> come on now, seriously? listen, it's a reality. thousands of low-income families will soon have easier access to high-speed internet. listen to this. in an effort to close that digital divide, comcast has teamed up with the u.s. department of housing and urban development. the company is expanding its internet essentials initiative. it came from a boys and girls club in washington. the program offers families
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living in hud assisted homes and public housing discounted internet service. >> the internet is the way that you achieve the american dream. so our job is to do that here today, not just the internet, but to the computer and knowledge it contains. >> an estimated 2 million homes will now be eligible, including 35,000 in philadelphia. comcast is the parent company of nbc universal. we are exactly three weeks away now from the start of the olympic games in rio. and tonight, katy perry wants to get you ready. we'll take a listen to her new olympic anthem, that's next. if you're heading out tonight, it's going to be a warm one. we still have the excessive heat warning out. we'll show you what it means for your weekend. and we'll look at your shorecast coming up next.
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from the nbc 10 jersey shore bureau, a warning about funny money, if you have any visits planned to one beach town. during the summer peak season, ocean city businesses have been hit with several counterfeit $10 and $20 bills. it's possible that counterfeit cash could be passed on to you. our sister station telemundo 62 explains what you should look out for. >> reporter: a ringing cash register keeps its business owner happy, and worried at the same time. >> it's probably one of the best wonder for someone to use. it's an easy -- you make 19 bucks. >> that's pretty good for, you know, you hit ten stores, 200 bucks. >> reporter: he's just one of several boardwalk businesses to be hit with fake dollar bills in
5:43 pm
the recent weeks. one of his younger employees was blindsided. >> the young lady was distracted by the person switching the bill off. she never even thought to turn the bill over, of course. she said it looked okay to her on the front and put it in and gave the change. and my manager ended up finding the back of the bill was reversed. >> reporter: visitors quickly reacted to the funny money circulating the boardwalk and raising concerns. >> it definitely does. because you're in a hurry all the time. especially with kids. you hand your money rile quick and then you take your change and stuff it in your bag and go. >> reporter: ocean city police say they've had at least three separate reports in the last month. for most of the fake money caught at the bank and turned over to the secret service to investigate. >> it doesn't look counterfeit. well, it is. you lost 20 bucks, 50, 100, whatever it is. >> reporter: verify it. >> there's a difference in the feel of that paper.
5:44 pm
this has a grain in it. brown is good. >> reporter: advice to make sure your green is good to avoid the fakes at the register. in ocean city, nbc 10 news. switching gears now. doctors have known now, men with pass the zika virus to their female sexual partners. >> there's evidence it can go both ways. the centers for disease control and prevention says the first known case of female-to-male sexual trans mix of zika has been documented in new york city. all previous reports of sexually transmitted zika have been from men. >> continue to learn more and more about this virus every day. and while the vast majority of people who are infected with zika, do find the most concerning consequences are for pregnant women and developing fetuses. >> zika, of course, is known to cause severe birth defects. puerto rico has been hit with the biggest weekly rise in zika
5:45 pm
cases. 1,336 new cases were reported in the past week for a total of more than 4,400 cases. about 550 of them involve pregnant women. the spike comes a week after u.s. health officials urge puerto rico to consider aerial spraying to fight the virus. turning now to the road to rio. it's getting shorter. we're just 21 days away from the start of the olympic games. and now, the official rio anthem has been released. you might recognize the famous voice behind the song. listen. ♪ i won't just survive ♪ you will see me thrive katy perry you hear singing that song. the songs is called "rise." expect to hear a lot of it this summer. it will be played leading up to and during the olympic games. perry said it's a way for everyone to come together to
5:46 pm
resolve to become the best we can be. complete coverage of your games, we've got the team headed to rio, so you can catch it all beginning august 5th. tom brady will miss the first four games of the season. the patriots quarterback says he will drop his appeal and serve a four-game suspension for the deflategate scandal. brady made the announcement in a facebook post. the second circuit court of appeals rejected the appeal of the suspension on wednesday. brady was suspended after the patriots were found to have used underinflated footballs in the a if, c title game two seasons ago. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, another hot one today. temperatures still around 100. at least feeling like that through part of the area. not everybody. but either way, hot and humid. the heat wave developing, too. we were in the 90s yesterday, and today, and tomorrow will make that heat wave. don't forget your seven-day is
5:47 pm
at the bottom of the screen for you. this is the feels-like, our temperatures are feeling more like the mid-90s throughout the area. 97 is what it feels like in dover. 92 philadelphia. feels like 95 in atlantic city. not too long ago it felt like 101 in dover. at least it's starting to drop just a bit. your weekend, though, will still be hot. we could see pop-up showers in the afternoon. i don't think it will be much. but it will provide at least a little bit of relief. next week, though, we're back in the 90s. and we have our next round of storms that will be moving in. but really, it only looks like one day. so aside from that day, we're going to stay in the 90s. so another hot one next week. temperature right now in philadelphia, 91 degrees. wilmington and delaware right around 90. south jersey neighborhoods coming in right around 88 degrees. and through the lehigh valley, we're close to 90 degrees right now. closer look at the philadelphia neighborhoods. if you're heading outside soon, again, still hot. but if you're heading out tonight, it will stay very warm and humid.
5:48 pm
90 degrees in the vineland area. and it's still fairly humid. there's the heat wave i was mentioning. we hit 96 yesterday. today in the low 90s. tomorrow and even sunday we expect to stay in the low 90s. that would make a heat wave. going into next week, we're starting around 95 degrees. the average high is 87. so we're going to stay well above that. that excessive heat warning continues until 8:00 p.m. some areas could continue to feel near 100. either way, just hot outside. the heat and humidity also causing an air quality alert for new jersey until 11:00 p.m. this means unhealthy ozone levels in the atmosphere. the elderly and children want to avoid staying outside with any strenuous activity for several hours. especially if you have asthma, because of that air quality alert. now we're looking at future weather into the weekend. mostly dry to start your saturday morning. saturday afternoon, though, pop-up showers. can't rule it out. then we go into sunday.
5:49 pm
looks mostly dry for the first half of the day. then we go into sunday afternoon, scattered pop-up showers, a thunderstorm possible for the second half of that day. this weekend, though, not looking too bad. temperatures will still be hot. 92 both saturday and sunday in philadelphia. again, mostly dry most of the day with the afternoon showers. we'll have the shore right around 87 degrees. there you see the start to next week. we're starting still hot. still in about the mid to low 90s. if you're heading to the shore this weekend, brigantine not looking bad tomorrow. 87 on sunday. partly cloudy. wildwood, temperature for your saturday coming in in the mid-80s, as well as sunday. can't rule out a stray shower this weekend along the shore. cape may 86 degrees tomorrow. 86 sunday. staying hot. a little bit humid. next week, we expect that to come in a little bit more to the forecast than what we'll see this weekend. a look at that in your ten-day
5:50 pm
coming up. president obama has ordered all u.s. flags to be flown at half staff in honor of the victims of the victims in nice, france. the president ordered french officials -- offered french officials any help they need to investigate. at least two of the 84 people killed were americans. a father and his 11-year-old son from texas. the family of shawn and brody copeland released this new photo today. broedie's teach esaid they're devastated by the loss of the young talented student. >> broadie was a superstar. he bursted with talent. >> broedie's teacher said the trip to france was a present from his elementary school graduation. the eyewitness of the attack talked about the moment he was nearly killed in the crowd. >> the egyptian tourist said he was convinced he was witnessing
5:51 pm
a terrible accident, but realized something was wrong when he started seeing police shooting at the driver. >> looked to me like a cell phone. he's going to call the ambulance. because it is an accident. and the police started to scream and to shout. and when we saw them, they come close to the truck, i saw him, he's taking out his gun. >> nbc's lester holt will be live in nice tonight for "nbc nightly news," that's at 6:30 this evening right here on nbc 10. philadelphia, of course, will be hosting the democratic national convention just ten days from now. but there will also be some lower players at the republican national convention in cleveland next week. coming up, the philadelphia artist shows us how she's taking her talents to the rnc to bring people together.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
what do you think is essential to having a good life? is it education? equality? that's the inspiration for a new art exhibit that will be featured at both political conventions. check it out when the dnc rolls into town at the end of the month. first stop, though, is the rnc next week. i got a preview today as the philadelphia artist who created
5:55 pm
the installation prepares for the trip to cleveland. >> we are providing the art in the middle of the storm. >> reporter: before any trip there's always packing to do. the art work created in this queen village studio will travel to ohio, and back in a week's time. >> this installation is nonpartisan. it will appear in both cleveland and philadelphia. and is not affiliated with any political party. we've given ourselves a flying pig. this is cool. >> reporter: philadelphia muralist meg solidman and her team of artists and volunteers are looking forward to mixing art with politics. she may be best known for creating common threads, the mural at broad and spring garden streets, said the latest installation is inspired by the presidential election. >> we have an exciting campaign, different with the candidates. but there's not a whole lot of
5:56 pm
trying to find our common ground. >> reporter: that's the name of the installation, our common ground. the good life. it comes complete with a dialogue den, a place where liberals and conservatives can share a comfy couch and hopefully meaningful conversation. sculptures around the space serve as a vessel for the interactive part of this piece. >> our sculptures are actually 18-foot pin ball machines. so they can then vote for the element of the good life that they want. each pinball machine represents and is labeled with one of these elements. >> reporter: like education, and equality, whatever they are, meg and her crew are all ears. >> we all want a better life, a good life for ourselves, right? so that's what we're trying to focus on. >> the art installation will be featured in the lobby of philadelphia's parkway central library, that's the main library in center city on vine street during the week of the dnc.
5:57 pm
next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a major pharmaceutical company plans to shut down its local plant. also ahead, we just learned new information about the woman found in the trunk of a car. we're live with that, next.
5:58 pm
new information about the man responsible for killing
5:59 pm
dozens. was he on the u.s. watch list? the heroic efforts by cops to stop the driver killing children and adults. president obama has a message to the people of france. >> we pledge to stand with our french friends as we defend our nations against this scourge of terrorism and violence. >> plus, the impact another terror attack has on our local community. and what we should expect in security lines here at the dnc here in philadelphia. >> good evening. i'm keith jones. here's the latest out of france tonight. the prime minister just revealed the man who drove the truck through the crowd was a terrorist linked to radical islam. nbc news reports the suspect who was tunisian living in france wasn't on any u.s. terror watch list and doesn't appear he ever traveled to the united states. the number of people killed stands at 84, including a father and son from texas. more than 200 others are injured. late this afternoon president
6:00 pm
obama addressed yet another terror attack. >> we will not be deterred. we will not relent. we're going to keep working together to prevent attacks and defend our homeland. we're going to keep taking out isil leaders and pushing isil back in syria and iraq. we're going to keep standing with our partners from africa to afghanistan and we're going to destroy this vial terrorist organization. >> nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal talked to the local french community and also looked at city at philadelphia's major events. >> reporter: summer in large cities like philadelphia means large groups of people gathering in public places, and experts say these small barricades aren't going to stop a madman. but there is something police can do as we begin to learn more about this evolving terror threat. as big crowds of tourists squeeze into open public spaces -- >> it could happen at any time, anyplace. >> reporter: there's growing fear after the attack


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