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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  July 16, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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bastille day and this morning the search goes on for a u.s. student still missing after that deadly attack. and a hazy, hot and humid weekend ahead as we take a live look at the center city skyline. we are also tracking a few stray showers, maybe even some thunderstorms that could be rolling in later today. good morning, everyone, welcome back to nbc 10 news today, i'm ted greenberg, thank you for being with us. it is 5:30 on this saturday morning and we are facing another day of steam heat. meteorologist karen thomas is here with our hot first alert neighborhood weather forecast. karen. >> all right, ted. you said it. hot is the word of the day, we are in mid summer for sure, so we can expect this sort of weather as we look at our weather story mostly sunny skies today just a few high clouds around and then we are looking for the possibility anyway of
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spotty showers later on today. these are not our temperatures, trust me. we might want to be feeling like we are in the 20s, but we are actually in the mid 70s, lower 70s, mid 70s waking up this morning. don't forget your seven day is at the bottom here, just pick your neighborhood and you don't have to wait until the end of the broadcast, you can get your seven-day forecast today. i will be back with more weather details. this morning's turkey's president says he is back in control after an attempted military coup. the night was filled with explosions that you heard there, air battles and gunfire. loyal military and police forces fought with the rebels to take back the country. at least 90 people are dead and more than 1100 wounded. some 1500 members of the military have now been arrested. government officials blame the unrest on islamist cleric who lives in monroe county,
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pennsylvania. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in the digital operations center with more on this connection to the pocono mountains. >> reporter: hi, ted. as chaos fills the streets of turkey the president, who is on vacation but is also tuned into everything that's going on, is urging peace. he's threatening the rebels and urging them saying they will be punished. as explosions were set off at the parliament building troops sealed off bridges and took command of other government buildings as well. as tv stations president tayyip erdogan spoke to the people and take to the streets and support him. president erdogan also says those responsible will pay. the turkish justice minister is blaming this man, fethullah gulen, who lives in the poconos. sky force 10 was over gulen's monroe county compound. take a look at t while one of america's allies blames an
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islamic cleric living here an expert we talked to doesn't agree. >> i think if you have been following it very closely have kind of been expecting some sort of uprising, some sort of, you know, sort of outpouring of rage essentially against the government. it's just really, you know, terrifying to see it sort of reaching the violent levels that it has right now. >> reporter: gulen has released a statement condemning the coup, gulen says we condemn any military intervention in domestic politics of turkey. he is also saying comments are highly irresponsible. we are no doubt watching developments in that country. we will have the latest throughout the morning and on the nbc 10 news app. live for now in the digital operations center, monique braxton. nbc 10 news. >> be sure to stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app for continuing coverage of the attempted coup in turkey. new this morning, isis now says the man who drove his truck into a crowd in nice, france,
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is, quote, a soldier of the group. an isis run media outlet did not name driver mohamed lahouaiej but said the attack was in response to calls to target countries fighting against the islamic state. 84 people were killed in the crash on bastille day. police officers shot and killed lahouaiej at the scene. in san diego neighbors are showing support to the family of a uc berkley student who went missing in nice. nick leslie was among a group of students attending a study abroad program there. friends saw him avoid the truck but lost him during the chaos that followed the attack. leslie's social media accounts have been silent. today people in our area will honor the victims of the terror attack in nice. usually a loud, fun event but this afternoon the bastille day festival at eastern state
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penitentiary will begin with a moment of silence, the french flag will also be flown at half-staff at the event. their parody of french culture will celebrate the bastille day theme of freedom and unity. they will remember the victims and show their support for their home country, members of all the french associations in our region will be at that event. a central pennsylvania man is facing charges after police say he stole a human brain. you heard it right. carlyle police say joshua lee long stole the brain and then soaked marijuana in the fluid used to embalm it before smoking the pot. court records show his aunt found the brain while cleaning out a trailer. the coroner's office believe it was probably a stolen medical teaching specimen. a philadelphia man faces charges for allegedly burglarizing more than 90 homes
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across five counties. investigators say larry samuels broke into homes in montgomery, chester, delaware, bucks and philadelphia counties between august 2014 and july of 2015. they say samuels often stole money, cell phones, electronic devices and purses. the break-ins followed a pattern usually occurring near septa regional train stations. happening today in atlantic city family members will join striking trump taj mahal workers on the pickett line. members of unite here local 54 have been on strike since july 1st. they are demanding better health and pension benefits. the company has warned the union that its healthcare offer expires on monday. the taj mahal remains open during the strike. meantime, union workers at the tropicana casino have ratified a new contract. local a 4 says 99% of its trop members accepted the agreement but did not disclose the terms. a taco bell lawsuit, a woman
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sues the fast food chain because of something that happened at the drive through. plus, pokemon gone wrong. a teenager from our area ends up bloodied and bruised while playing pokemon go. it's an nbc 10 exclusive straight ahead. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> good saturday morning, i'm meteorologist karen thomas with a look at your neighborhood forecast and we are looking for another hazy, hot and humid day on this saturday. yes, welcome to the middle of summer for sure. your seven-day forecast is at the bottom of the screen but up here we will show you temperature readings across the area. a few clouds around as we wait for the official sunrise at 5:46 this morning. philadelphia m degrees, warm in delaware at 75, jersey shore in the mid 70s as well.
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we've got a cool spot in the lehigh valley. 69 degrees in the northern western suburbs. put it into motion and show you that we are looking -- here we go, let's advance -- he is not wanting to advance for us. can we go ahead and move him ahead? let's show you our temperature readings. thank you so much. 79 degrees in society hill. pick your neighborhood and it will give you your temperature reading. 77 in bustleton. we're used to seeing lower temperatures waking up in the early morning hours since the sun hasn't officially risen just yet, however, we are on the hot side of things just waking up this morning, don't even need the sunshine. we will go ahead and advance and go ahead and show you that we are dry on doppler. we will take you wider. we are anticipating a few spotty showers later on today, but for the most part we're looking for all sunshine. so you want to take it easy out in the sun today simply because the oppressive heat and humidity
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as well as that strong uv index. ted. today in philadelphia you can get in on the excitement of the upcoming democratic national convention and get a workout at the same time. allow it will be a hot day. runners will be touring the city to see all 57 of the painted donkey statues that were put up to promote the dnc. each donkey represents a delegation at the convention and the donkey is the symbol of the democratic party. the dnc donkey fun run begins at 8:00b"xe a.m. at the navy yard, route is almost 17 miles long so organizers welcome you to join them or as much or as little as you like. it was a proud day for 12 police officers in allentown. these are the newest members of the force, they were sworn in yesterday. with their addition the allentown police department has 219 police officers. a special thank you to police officers in south jersey.
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west step ford cub scout group 296 stopped by five different police departments last night bringing along food and drinks for the officers. one of the parents tells us the visits were a way to say thanks and make sure the kids feel comfortable around the police. the phillies started the second half of their season trying to pick up where they left off nearly a week ago. plus first overall draft pick ben simmons and the rest of the sixers close out the vegas summer league. see if the team could finish with a victory.
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an atlantic city woman is suing taco bell saying she found it difficult if not impossible to order at the chain's drive through windows. the woman is deaf and had to write down her order. she says in march an employee at the taco bell in atlantic city handed a note back to her and she was then ignored. back in january she claims an employee in pleasantville told her orders are placed at the
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front of the drive through. she recorded video of that exchange. >> we take the order out there, we make the food -- >> i'm deaf. >> okay. >> i have to -- >> okay. i will do it this one time. i want you to understand me one time. after that no more. after that no more. come inside. okay? okay? is that fair? >> a spokesperson for taco bell told nbc 10 they haven't been served with the lawsuit but added taco bell has a fundamental policy to respect all of our customers and employees and we are committed to maintaining an environment free of discrimination or harassment. we do not tolerate discrimination in any form and we have a strong policy to provide accessible service to all of our customers and fans. now to an nbc 10 exclusive. a gloucester county teen is recovering after he says he was attacked while playing pokemon go. 17-year-old michael moratto was on his way to a friend's house
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in washington township thursday night when he was attacked by two men. they punched him in the head, kicked him in the ribs before stealing his phone. that assault sent him to the hospital for stitches to his eye and a staple in his head. moratto says from now on he will hunt for pokemon with a friend. >> i'm going to play once i get my phone back but probably going to be more cautious where i'm going and how late i go out. >> police arrested one suspect the second man was not been caught. washington township police are among several departments warning home to be aware of their surroundings while using the popular app. from the jersey shore bureau we have a warning about funny money. if you have any visits planned to one coastal community ocean city businesses have been hit with several counterfeit 10 and $20 bills and it's possible that counterfeit cash to be passed on to you. a sister station tell fund dough
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station 62 explains what to look it out for. >> reporter: a ringing cash register keeps this business owner happy and worried at the same time. >> it's probably one of the best ones for someone to use because it's an easy -- bottle of water is a dollar you're making 19 bucks. that's pretty good. you hit ten stores, it's 200 bucks. >> he is just one of several boardwalk businesses to be hit with fake dollar bills in the recent weeks. one of his younger employees was blind-sided. >> the young lady was distracted by the person who was pushing the bill off and she never even thought to turn the bill over, of course. she said it looked okay to her on the front and she put it in, gave the change and my manager ended up finding the back of the bill was reversed. >> visitors quickly reacted to the funny money circulating the boardwalk and raising concerns. >> it definitely does because you are in such a hurry all the time, especially with kids so you hand your money real quick and take your change, stuff it
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in your bag and go. >> ocean city police say they have had at least three separate reports in the last month where most of the fake money was caught at the bank then turned over to the secret service to investigate. >> you look at the bill and you lost 20 bucks, 50, 100 whatever it may be. >> reporter: businesses tell us there's plenty of ways to verify if the bill in your pocket is fake. >> to me there is a difference in the feel of that paper. this has a grain in it, brown is good. >> reporter: advice to make sure your green is good to avoid the fakes at the register. nbc 10 news. wage hikes on the way and prime day on the rise. kate rogers takes a look at those stories and more from the world of business. >> paychecks are getting bigger at two big companies. jpmorgan chase is hiking the minimum wage from $10 to $15 to a range of $12 to $16.50 an hour. the raise will take place over the next three years and benefit
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18,000 workers. the wage hikes at starbucks are broader and coming sooner. starting in october workers at company-owned stores will see their overall pay rise between 15 and 5% and wages aren't the only thing rising at starbucks, the company is increasing prices on some drinks between 10 and 20 cents a cup. amazon says prime day was a big success with orders up 60% from last year. the bigger benefit from amazon will be the millions of new customers who subscribed to prime in order to get deals. fiek alley pokemon go is taking over marlt phones across the world. the game has gotten more daily users in the u.s. than google maps and about 2.5 times as many times as twitter. pokemon go has sparked privacy protests, been turned into a marketing device to lure customers into store and been used by robbers to lure victims. it may be remembered as the first use of augmented reality to really make a buck. i'm kate rogers, get all of your business news on cnbc.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> good saturday morning, i'm meteorologist karen thomas. taking a look at your neighborhood forecast, what we can expect today, hazy, hot and humid. 92 degrees in philadelphia yesterday, looking for more of the same today so those conditions will stay with us. we can't rule out the possibility of a pop up isolated shower, maybe even a thunderstorm rolling through the area later on. guess what, this very thick summer hazy, hot and humid weather is expected to stay with us as we move through the next couple of days. 78 degrees right now in philadelphia, we are in the 70s mostly everywhere, cool spot 69 in vineland, 75 degrees in koefr, delaware right now. really temperatures kind of the story right now when we talk about weather simply because we were at 92 in philadelphia yesterday, we're looking for that again. these temperatures in the 90s
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are well above the average high temperature of 87 degrees this time of year. so we will go ahead and call it dangerous heat simply because that sun is strong and we are looking for knows higher dew points. it's going to feel even warmer when you are out there today. temperatures right now mainly in the 70s as i mentioned, though, upper 60s in south jersey as well as the lehigh valley. we will take you don to the shore and these are current temperatures at this hour. 77 in ocean city, new jersey, right now, 74 in cape may courthouse. the radar has us mainly dry, we just see a few blips on the map right here as we get these little weak systems moving through, but with that daily heating we can't rule out the possibility of a late day thunderstorm just sort of cropping up in our area. put future cast in motion hour by hour and you see that we're sunny but then clouds rolling in later today and the possibility of some spotty isolated shower activity, maybe a rumble of
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thunder as that system gets sort of cranked up from the daily heating and then clouds will stay with us through the overnight, waking up tomorrow we will get some sun and clouds back into the forecast but this particular computer model again by tomorrow afternoon you can see the green popping up very isolated and spotty, sort of hit or miss, may not even be a shower where you are later in the day, although some parts of the region could see some shower and possibly a late day thunderstorm. we will take you all the way through the rest of your weekend. for today down at the shore like to call it the shore cast, temperatures close to 90. we are not going to have much of a wind to speak of so really the relief will be the ocean water temperature and then for sunday looking really pretty good, but then, that uv index will be high. you will need plenty of sunblock. this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x 1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv.
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>> the all-star break for baseball is over and the phillies hosted the mets last night hoping to pick up where they left off when they won ten of their last 13 before the break. top six of this one neil walker with two on and he connects in a big way off jeremy hell iks son. three run home run turns the mets lead into a 4-0 lead. cody ashy base hit off bartolo colome. they will score three runs all unearned making it 4-3 but couldn't get the mets bullpen. phillies all 5-3. they will continue their series tonight we will have the game 7:00 right here on nbc 610. ben simmons playing in this one, first quarter another great assist for simmons and we've seen this on display all summer long. this one nice behind the back
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dish. second quarter simmons actually in the near court making the cut, gets the pass and hits a nice floater in the lane. third quarter sixers say they want simmons to shoot more and he did. it was 15 shots in this game, hits from the top of the key there and two more taking the drive in the paint. simmons with 15 points, sixers win 74-66. >> i got a lot of growing to do. i've seen it, just taking jumpers and things likeĆ”!x that you know, i'm not a guy who comes down and pulls it but that's what they're trying to tell me to do and i'm enjoining learning. dario sharitz signed his contract with the sixers yesterday. yesterday he explained why he chose to come over now. >> i think one of the biggest reasons because i promised [ inaudible ] when he got after the draft i would come after two
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years. one of the reasons i want to play against best players in best league in the world. >> and that will do it for sports.
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happening this weekend, thousands of bicyclists will brave the heat, humidity and the hills on the 2016 tour de shore. the bike ride is 65 miles from philadelphia to atlantic city. it starts tomorrow at the irish pub in center city and ends at acys irish pub. money goes to more than 20 local charities. in wildwood if you're feeling a little crabby how about checking out the new jersey state crab festival. there will be blue claw crabs, a beer garden and activities for the kids including a crab race. it runs today from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. in front of the ice house restaurant on park boulevard. just about 5:58 on your
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saturday morning. coming up, turkey struggles after an attempted military coup. we are tracking the newest developments and nbc 10's monique braxton is live in our digital operations center with a local connection. >> reporter: that's right, it's the cleric that is hidden away in 26-acre property in the poconos. we will show that to you and try to find out what the turkish minister just said to the public. >>. more heat and humidity today, we can't rule out the possibility of an isolated shower. i will be back in just a bit with all your weather details.
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killed during an attempted military coup in turkey. this morning the turkish president says his government is in charge and blames the plot to overthrow the government on a man in monroe county, pennsylvania. this morning a philadelphia family is grieving and searching for answers after this young mother's body is discovered in the trunk of her car. and decision 2016, republican presidential nominee donald trump chooses a social conservative running mate with deep connections in washington. today trump will formally announce his


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