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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  July 18, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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live coverage. >> just to make sure officers aren't taken aback if they see activity happening. >> convention controversy. rnc officials expecting protesters, but some are worried a certain state law could make things volatile. we'll tell you how they expect to balance security and the raw. please tlis officthree poli in baton rouge. the man police say carried it out. it is 5:30. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm katy zachry. >> and i'm tracy davidson live in cleveland where the republican national convention gets under way in just a few hours. we have you covered. we'll talk about the security
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and all that coming up, but we have issued a first alert today because of the excessive heat. let's get you updated on that with erika martin. >> conditions for today will be uncomfortable, muggy to say the least. right now mainly 70s, a couple upper 60s. but the bigger story is that we're incorporating dew point values in the 60s and 70s. your local 7 day outlook at the bottom of the screen. once we see the dew points start to go down a little bit, next story would be the threat of some showers and isolated thunderstorms. it looks like temperatures topping out in the 90s. so another hot day in the forecast. we'll see a little bit of a break by wednesday, but by friday and saturday, another heat wave certainly in the works. follow us on twitter and facebook. we're watching route 202 right around route 29, so no big problems or delays in either direction so far headed northbound from this point away 29, maybe to the schuylkill expressway, a little more traffic typically heading in
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that direction and still no problems with that 7 minutes there. average speeds still into the 60s. mass transit, warminster line has been seeing a few delays. most recent or most significant, 28 minutes late for train 403. but for the most part, everything else running on time or close to schedule. rest of the drive times still all green lights. 95 to schuylkill and no problems headed southbound. still 15 minute trip. more updates for you and we'll check in with the bridges when i come back in ten. today the 2016 republican national convention will kick off in cleveland where presumptive nominee donald trump is expected to become the official presidential nominee for the party. tracy davidson is live for us in cleveland. you've spoken with local delegates. >> reporter: right, most of them arrived yesterday. we spoke with them and we also spoke to the head of the
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philadelphia republican committee. he's very confident in the trump/peps oig tickepence ticke pennsylvania. >> i think it will help us ap-i think we'll carry 59 of the 67 candidates in november of this year. and governor pence will help us do that absolutely. >> reporter: all the delegates were welcomed at the a party last night including our local delegates where we caught up with bonnie and hank mccann. we asked them about security. >> i'm concerned, but not afraid. the biggest thing is just being aware. in i'm not worried about safety. heg, i spent 37 years in the military. this ain't all that. >> reporter: the mccanns drove eight hours, they just got in last evening. why did they wait so long? because they had say son's wedding on saturday night in dover. both of them attended the convention in tampa four years
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ago, they say this one will be way more exciting. let's talk about what will happen tonight. there is a theme every single night and the theme tonight is making america safe again, focus on immigration and security including benghazi and at the end of the night, we will hear from trump's wife, melania. and trump campaign had said that every on the course of the next four days, some of the speakers many of them family members rwil show us a can different side of donald trump. coming up, pennsylvania delegate got a big sur riprise when they found out who would be he speaking at their breakfast. that coming up. security is tight in and around the quick p loen loan as a. steel security fences stretch for more than 3 1/2 miles. people going to the welcome party waited for security checks as hundreds of police officers patrol outside. >> i think that you have to take a look and make sure that you're
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doing everything that you can possibly be doing. and if i were to use one word to describe cleveland right now, it's prepared. >> cleveland's mayor says there are no credible threats against the convention and the city is prepared to handle anything that might happen. head of cleveland's larpest police union wants governor kasich to suspend the state law that allows people to openly carry guns gurg t s during the . hers what charles ramsey told chuck todd during a phone interview. >> these are extraordinary circumstances right now and there's no time to have a debate in congress or anywhere else. i mean somebody's got to take action. i think that's the appropriate action in this case. and why do you need to walk around with an assault rifle swung over your shoulder or a pistol on your side if you're not a law enforcement officer in light of what's going on especially in the event zones of
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either convention? >> governkasich says he isn't he power to suspend laws arbitrarily. tracy davidson reports all morning long for us and then jim rosenfield and lauren mayk tip througho continue throughout the day. one week from today, philadelphia will be in the national spotlight for the start of the democratic national convention national convention. security plans for the upcoming convention are already having an impact on local residents. starting next sunday, no, paing will be allowed along the broad street median for the duration of the convention and that means many south tiphilly residents wl have to find a new place to park. >> i have no idea what i'm going to do. it will be a real big issue. probably get a few parking tickets. but i have to pay to park my
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car, i have to stay at my house, you know. >> mail boxes in the area will be locked starting next monday. ramp closures along i-95 will also go into effect. we have a full list of restrictions online and on the nbc 10 app. it's 5:37. and this morning we're learning more are about the can deadly ambush that claimed the lives of three police officers in baton rouge. pamela osbourne is live for us in the digital operations center. pamela, the area has already been dealing with tragedy in protests in the wake of an earlier police-involved shooting. a lot of tension there. >> reporter: you're right those officers were responding for calls of shots fired when they were killed. sheriff says they're husbands, father, brothers. montrell jackson was 32, a ten year veteran with the baton rouge police department. 41-year-old matthew gerald had been on the force for less than a year.
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45-year-old brad garafola was a 24 year veteran of the east baton rouge sheriff's office. all three officers were killed and three more were wounded o n gunman, gavin long. he was killed can during the shootout with police. right now investigation take fwaet tors are looking at several things including youtube posts by the suspect where he references the police shootings. he also said that he planned to stand up to injustice. >> unjustified, unjustifiable. the violence, the hatred just has to stop. >> reporter: tensions in baton rouge have been high after the shooting delt ath of alton sterling. coming up, you'll hear the sterling's plea for peace and also tell you more about the
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suspect's posts online and how they may hint to a motive. i'm pamela osbourne, nbc 10 news. happening today, pennsylvania governor tom wolf will talk about new efforts by the state to fight opioided a particulared a particulars. the te there will be 20 new centers will people can get help. governor wolf will visit two similar centers in harrisburg and allentown today. good morning. already seeing sunshine brightly. we have a couple of clouds developing later on in the day. otherwise the big story for today would be the heat indices topping out in the hundreds. so actual temperatures in the 90s, but dew points making it very muggy and unconfidentle. currently 77 in philadelphia. delaware an average of 75.
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locally it looks like medford at 62. turnersville in the mid to upper 70s. so the dew points are on the rise. very uncomfortable day in the forecast. which is doctor we do have a first alert and heat hazard in effect. princeton 63, hamilton at 70. expected highs in the 90s. first alert heat hazard, philadelphia, suburbs new jersey and delaware. so we do have that in effect until the early evening hours. and it looks like it will be feel like temperatures in the hundreds. so keep that in mind. stay hydrated throughout the day. again, first half of the day big story. after that, i'm traching tking potential for thunderstorms. activity is moving through the ohio valley. follow us for more updates. 5:40. let's get a look at traffic and i-95. >> sun is coming up so gives us
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a better look if there is any major volume issues. >> not yet. we still have a little bit ahead of the time when we start to see any big major problems or delays. right now 95 is smooth sailing at the least at this point. this is around woodhaven road. headed south from this point into center city, still a 13 minute trip. we are watching the speeds that are into the 60s. not seeing any big problems there. area bridges, walt man bridge rear. same for the ben franklin bridge headed west into philadelphia. this is route 73 right around route 70, the circle area, you can see everything looks fine. no big problems or delays. roads are dry. we'll check in with mass transit when i come back. new numbers show just how
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close the presidential election could be. ahead we'll break down the numbers behind a poll shows the latest numbers on hillary clinton and donald trump. plus in the wake of terror across the world, we'll tell you how officials in brazil are making sure the summer olympics in rio go off wut a hitch.
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republican national convention expected to kickoff as a family affair with a lineup that features every day americans, successful business people and four of donald trump's five children. >> that's right. tracy davidson is live for us in cleveland. and you'll be at the breakfast there with some local delegates and it they will hear from a very important name from da.c., right? >> reporter: right, they learned yesterday that house speaker paul ryan will be speaking at their breakfast. he will be the key note this morning. ryan will speak here at the convention on tuesday night, a ten minute speech supposedly focused on among other things the need for conservatives to unite around the candidate. we've been in touch with all the delegates from new jersey, delaware and pennsylvania. and i got this picture from one of the new jersey delegates from black wood, dennis palmer, he texted me this picture yesterday. it said at rnc with a local
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police protecting delegates. a big thank you to them. there is as you can imagine a significant security presence around the city and specifically around the perimeter here at the q. we will be at that breakfast with the pennsylvania delegation and paul ryan. we'll have that for you at 11:00. back to you. and we'll continue our live coverage from cleveland throughout the morning and throughout the day. and throughout the rnc. look out for our live shows each evening of the convention beginning tonight at 7:00. new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll finds hillary clinton continues to lead donald trump by five points. 46% to 41%. the poll also finds clinton leads trump among african americans and women and has an edge with young voters. trump is ahead among whites and men. and here in philadelphia, clinton got support from martin
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o'malley. the former maryland governor spoke about the critical role pa about pennsylvania could play in the jen election. >> you'll see a lot of states in play and contested that were not before and one of them will be pennsylvania. so here in north philadelphia, could be the balance and determining the drought cough the entire presidential race. >> o'malley spoke to clinton supporters at a campaign office in north philadelphia sunday afternoon. he also campaigned for clinton in center city saturday. and john kasich spoke to the naacp convention in cincinnati. he told the gathering will new policies in his state dealing with the use of deadly force by police. and efforts to recruit more minority officers. >> we'll make sure that we did everything we can to give every single human being a sense that they matter, that they count.
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>> kasich says the naacp must be the force that holds people accountable, but brings us together. >> an american college student has been confirmed as one the victims of last week's deadly truck attack in france. nicolas leslie a student at the university of california berkeley had been studying in nice. the school confirms his death also into more arrests in connection with the attack. a man and a woman were taken into custody. they make the sixth and seventh acquaintances of the suspect who have been arrested. this as the french community tries to cope. >> children passed away, people were having fun and passed away. and it's difficult to struggle because i will never hate them. because if i start hating them, they will win. >> the current death toll stands at 84. 18 people remain on life support. in response to the attack, fra france called up 12,000
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reservists. france's interior minister has appealed to all willing french patriots to sign up as reservists to help protect the country's borders. turkey's justice minister says his government expects the united states to extradite the cleric living in exile in the poconos. he accuses fethullah gulen of masterminding friday's attempted coup. the justice minister says it turkey will submit the necessary documentation, but hopes the u.s. will turn gulen over without waiting for the paperwork. gulen denies any involvement in the plot. turkish forces have detained nearly 150 police officers following friday's failed coup. dozens of generals and admirals are also in custody, 11 arrested. at least 294 people were killed in clashes when parts of the turkish military attempted to seize power. funerals for the victims have begun in ankara and istanbul. here at home, septa riders
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are hoping for an easier trip this morning. the transit agency is adding five more trains to the line today and five more will be added rater this week. this is a live look from fern rock transportation center. this morning several trains were delayed on the warminster line. erika martin. active weather is moving in to the northwestern corner of pennsylvania. so philadelphia expects severe storms later this afternoon. it will be active especially for that evening commute. bottom of the screen, you will see your local 7 dayout look. first half of the day, we're tracking uncomfortable conditions. high temperatures popping out mainly in the 90s with the threat of those showers and storms especially likely after about 3:00, 4:00. and notice for the suburbs west chester, 94 for you.
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phoenixville, 94. newtown, your expected high 95. so mid to upper 90s mainly low 90s across the area, but we do have dew points on the rise, 60s and 70s. so it will feel very muggy, uncomfortable and we have the heat hazard in effect. if you follow us on twitter and facebook, we'll have more updates. even beaches are very warm for today. we have a southwesterly flow that will trigger the thunderstorms. so feeling like temperatures will be at or above 100, so right around the afternoon hours, we're seeing mid to upper 90s, but it will feel like it's 100 plus degrees by the afternoon. and a live look outside, seeing a few breaks in those clouds, because that will allow more sunshine, of course day time heating could affect the thunderstorms for the afternoon hours. so hour by hour forecast starting this at 5:30 a.m., we could see just how active it
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gets by the afternoon. and even though itment would be a total washout, just those few embedded thunderstorms that could be a nuisance weather especially for the afternoon and for the evening commute. again follow us on social media for more updates. back to you. jessica boyington is standing by with a check of the roads including a specific area. >> platt bridge, how is it looking? >> we're doing okay for the most part. checking in with all the bridges, no big problems or delays. no scheduled openings and we're clear on the platt. no delays in either direction. we did see last week some construction that began in the later afternoon that tied things up, but of course we'll keep you updated if that begins again this monday morning. but for now, we're doing okay.
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septa, thorn dale 516 running about 44 minutes behind schedule. so seeing some of those delays. nothing too major yet. this is pretty of the biggest delay. but we can only expect that of course to get worse as the morning moves forward. so i'll have more update as in t the next ten. we'll tell you the story of army lieutenant charles kettles and why he will be getting the medal of honor.
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watching first alert traffic, we're watching the boulevard around wissahickon avenue. you can see cars starting to make their way out, but no big delays yet. still a little ahead of the time where we start to see any of those problems. maybe a half hour away from the beginnings of the rush hour. and we'll check in with mass transit when i come back. we're seeing some delays. happening today, the philadelphia fire department is looking for new members. commissioner adam steele will announce a recruitment drive.
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the tedepartment is encouraging then on who wants to be a firefighter to fill out and online application today through september 2. olympic organizers have heightened security concerns following the bastille day attack in nice. federal, state and local officials took part in a simulation that involved transportation and security logistics. brazilian an foreign officials say they are not aware of any intelligence chatter about a credible net to the games. in just 18 days, the summer olympics will kick off in rio. opening ceremony set for august 5. jacqueline london will be traveling to rio and you can watch all the action here on nbc 10. today president obama will award the medal of honor to a vietnam war hero. charles kettles is a retired army lieutenant colonel. in 1967, he lie detected a plat
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rescue soldiers pinned down by enemy fire. kettles is credited with saving the lives of 40 soldiers. and four of his crew members. well, peeling, flaking and cracked, not exactly words you want to hear when describing your furniture. >> a long term customer says a store with a no help when his about if you wefurniture starte apart. and tracy davidson will jinn to us bring you complete coverage just hours before the convention kicks off.
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live coverage from the rnc 2016 kicking off this morning in cleveland. tracy davidson is there and bringing us the very latest


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