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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  July 20, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> locker up! lock her up! lock her up! >> the crowd at the republican national convention chanted in unison to lock up hillary clinton. new jersey governor chris christie led the charge attacking clinton's record. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. live from cleveland, live from the republican national convention. i will play some of christie's speech and have reaction. that's coming up. we'll tell you who will take the stage today, who the speakers will be and we talked to local delegates about unity in the party. there's a lot going on here today at the rnc. tracy and vai. good morning, everyone. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm katy zachry. we will be back with tracy davidson from cleveland in just a minute. first, let's check in with meteorologist bill henley with a look at your wednesday forecast and a warmup over the next few
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days. understatement. >> today will be pretty nice, typical summer heat. the showers are just exiting south jersey. most of the area is completely dry. that shower is moving offshore right now. heavier showers to start with. we're in delaware, those are completely offshore. those storms not likely to repeat. around isolated shower is possible in central and southern delaware. blue sky over the lehigh valley. 63 degrees, a cooler morning. down to 72 degrees with clear skies in philadelphia. sunshine, upper 80s this afternoon. just like yesterday, the humidity stays low. that's today. there's the seven day at the bottom of the scene. i'll good through the forecast hour by hour when i'm back in just a few minutes. jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> we're starting off in west chester right now, route 100 around pottstown pike, not a car in sight. interstate 95 looks great, too.
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heading into center city, 13 minutes only from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. speeds in the 60s, north and southbound. both directions looking fine on 95. the rest of the bridges still okay. no scheduled openings right now over the tacony palmyra or the burlington bristol. the ben and walt whitman are clear, too. when i come back, we take a look at jersey roads as well. i'm tracy davidson, live from the republican national convention in cleveland. we will play some of christie's speech, this is the third night going into the speeches tonight. and some of donald trump's former rivals will address the delegates as will his running mate. tonight's theme is make america first again. former presidential candidate ted cruz, marco rubio and scott walker will speak. also taking the podium are trump's son eric, former house speaker newt gingrich and vice
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presidential candidate mike pence. last night, new jersey governor chris christie fired up the delegates with a litany of, what he called, leadership failures by trump's opponent, hillary clinton. >> it is our obligation to stop hillary clinton now and never let her get within ten miles of the white house again. >> the former prosecutor spelled out his charges against clinton and the crowd responded by repeatedly shouting lock her up. later, christie told nbc 10's lauren mayk why he made the speech so much about clinton. >> because she's the democratic nominee, the person we have to beat. >> why not speak about donald trump. >> i spoke plenty about him over the months. i'm not going to be criticized and questioned by anybody who has never stod up there and done it.
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>> christie says he will continue to work to get trump elected. he told us he feels good about the campaign. as for whether christie may be under consideration for a possible cabinet position, the governor told us, quote, that's for me to know and you to find out. >> now that trump is the official nominee, will there be unity in the party? >> it is time to come together and make sure that donald trump is the next president of the united states. >> governor christie ended his mock trial speech last night by sagging it's time to come together. after the chaos that started the convention with the never trump delegates and theiblings prior to the roll call yesterday, with donald trump the officialç nominee is the presidency in sight? george gilmore. >> there are bumps along the way, the democrats have as well. i think the republicans are united. >> how important is unity moving
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forward? >> unity is always important. >> reporter: the pennsylvania delegate disagrees with unity. >> the unity situation, you can't win. do you want an infomercial or honest exchange of ideas? that's what this is. >> there may be more unity coming out of the convention that there's been perceived before the convention. >> reporter: republican political analyst joe watkins from philadelphia told me unity isn't the most important thing. >> all that really matters is who wins on election day. you don't necessarily need to have a unified party to win, especially if you're able to draw from independents and democrats. >> reporter: now, democratic presumptive nominee hillary clinton criticized the platform adopted by the gop saying in a tweet, the republican party platform is so hateful you'd think donald trump wrote it himself. and here's the front page of today's "new york daily news," it says full steam ahead. it's official.
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gop is all aboard the trump train. now, an update on the protesters outside the convention hall in cleveland. police did break up scuffles between demonstrates but there were no arrests. nbc 10 has complete, round the clock coverage from here at the rnc in cleveland. my colleague, nbc 10's jim rosenfield and lauren mayk will take over this afternoon. tonight, follow everything that happens on air and by using the nbc 10 app. vai, katy? >> tracy, thanks. now to the other side of the aisle and the democratic national convention happening here in philadelphia. this morning we're getting a better look at what the four-day convention will look like. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live at the philadelphia museum of art. those dnc donkeys that you see around time will be playing a big part today. tell us more. >> i'm sure we've all passed one or two at this point. take a look. starting tomorrow, finding them could help you win pretty cool
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prizes like a two-night stay in a philly hotel. the host committee will be telling us how the donkeys around town scavenger hunt will work this morning. this as prep s continues. right now crews are working to install a replica of the oval office there as well. the host committee is heading up politicalfest which will give visitors a unique chance to celebrate and explore american history and politics. there are plenty of ways to get involved in this excitement ahead of the dnc. coming up, we'll talk about some of the areas you may watch the to avoid as more people are expected to come in the area. reporting live this morning, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. good advice there. thanks, pamela. safety advocates are pushing a new bill. the measure just introduced in pennsylvania's house would add
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automated speed cameras to the roosevelt boulevard. the bicycle coalition of greater philadelphia, aaa and local politicians are supporting the plan. the pilot program would automatically ticket drivers who were speeding on the boulevard. >> the boulevard is a killing machine. philadelphia and the state need the tools necessary to transform this disgraceful highway that a roadway that respects life. >> roosevelt boulevard is one of the deadliest roads in philadelphia. between 2011 and ç2016, more tn 06 people lost their lives and more than 4,700 were injured because of crashes along that 12-lane highway. yesterday's announcement came nearly three years to the day after samara banks and three of her young sons died western a drag racing car plowed into them as they crossed the boulevard in feltonville. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> coming up on 5:39. ten minutes away from sunrise.
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this morning, overnight, big thunderstorms roll through rehoboth beach. see the clouds in the distance. those storms are now offshore and showers in south jersey. the clouds are over cape may. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. most of the rain missing cape may, the showers just to the north. satellite and radar shows it's clear for most areas. south jersey, the heavy showers and thunderstorms rolled through the vineland area now, north of sea isle city, south of atlantic city. that's where you'll find rain to begin with. we're looking at sunshine. a nice warmup, too. for philadelphia, 72 degrees, 79 degrees at 10:00. into the low 80s with low humidity. that's at lunch time today. the suburbs will see bright sunshine, already in the clear. 66 degrees now, 80s this afternoon. still looking at a little bit of a northerly wind, just enough to keep that dry air in place in the suburbs and in the lehigh valley. just a few scattered clouds in the lehigh valley now. low 60s, low 70s by 10:00.
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low 80s as we go into the early afternoon hours and the middle 80s later this afternoon. we have seen showers and thunderstorms through new jersey but most of the day, it's going to be sunshine with just a slight chance of an isolated shower this afternoon. low 80s by lunch time today. and not a lot warmer this afternoon. and at the shore. might stay just below the 80 degree mark. 78 degrees by 2:00 this afternoon. more of a sea breeze blowing today. while yesterday it was a land breeze. delaware, we've seen the storms clear out. it's dry in frawley stadium. that's a live view. 72 degrees. 76 degrees at 10:00 and into the 80s this afternoon. the humidity stays low. if you notice the seven day at the bottom of the screen, there are serious temperature changes. i have the ten-day outlook when i'm back in a few minutes. >> 20 minutes before 6:00 a.m. time to get a look at traffic for your morning commute. >> jessica boyington is standing by with a look at new jersey
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roads, specifically garden state parkway, right? >> right. we're watching the garden state parkway right now. maybe you're headed down the shore or headed home from the shore, right around summer's point or the great egg toll plaza. no big delays as you can see right here. construction to watch out for coming out of the toll plaza. that's an ongoing project. moving off the garden state parkway were further north, there's an accident headed southbound at exit 36 around route 322. very light volume this morning. not seeing major delays this morning so far for mass transit including septa, patco, d.a.r.t., new jersey transit and amtrak. everything is running on time or close to schedule. more updates when i'm back in ten. vai? >> shut down indefinitely. that's what's happening to a bridge that connects new jersey and new york. we'll tell you what happened on
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the tappan zee bridge that forced the closure. we'll tell you why some are petitioning for north wildwood to go back to its roots.
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i'm tracy davidson, live at the republican national convention in cleveland where last night speaker after speaker denounced donald trump's rival, hillary clinton, no one better than new jersey governor chris christie who at one point included a reference to a case he said was very personal for him. >> now we go to cuba. hillary clinton supported concessions to the castro brothers and got almost nothing in return for ending the embargo. she supported a deal that didn't even require this murderous regime to return a cop killer, joanne chesimard to face justice. see, i know about this personally. joanne chesimard murdered a new jersey state trooper in cold blood, fled to cuba and lives there under cuban protection to this very day. >> christie has called for the return of joanne chesimard from cuba to new jersey to serve out her time for the 1973 killing of trooper james harper.
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chesimard escaped from prison iç 1979 and fled to cuba. among those watching his address, his son andrew. like many, he gave his father rave reviews. >> very impressed. i thought he did an outstanding job. >> had you heard the speech before? >> i read it a couple times. was with him when he was writing it. >> did it sound the same tonight as it did in practice? >> no. it sounded much better because we had a whole hall of people helping him out. >> andrew christie added that he believes his father made the choice very clear between donald trump and secretary clinton. we've been saying we have round the clock team coverage. we do. we've been posting pictures of everything we've seen and experienced here in cleveland on instagram, facebook and on twitter. and our live coverage will
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continue tonight at 7:00. it will continue throughout the afternoon shows, 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 and 7:00, a special each night from the convention here in cleveland. for now, i'm live in cleveland. >> tracy, thank you. new this morning, philadelphia police are looking for two men in ski masks who gu gunned down another man on viola street. after he collapsed, police say the men stood over him and kept on firing. the 22-year-old victim died. also new from overnight, a couple heading out for some chinese food became victims of a shooting in philadelphia's west oak lane neighborhood. police tell us the man and woman were walking to a nearby restaurant at 1:00 this morning when they heard a fight at worcester street and stenton avenue. the two tried to run away but the man was shot.
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he was rushed to the hospital with two bullet wounds. he we're told he should be okay. the gunman is still on the loose. new this morning, french lawmakers in the national assembly approved extending the state of emergency until january of 2017. the extension now must be approved by the senate and two more suspects in the terror attack are now in the hands of french intelligence. the two are among six people in custody in connection with the bastille day attack in nice. they will likely face terrorism charges. 84 people died when a tunisian man plowed through crowds of people watching fireworks in the french riviera. the man who brought us happy days, la varn and shirley and mark & mindy has died. he directed pretty woman, runaway bride and overboard. he began his career by writing for the dick van dyke show. he died of complications from
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femmia afte iie iia -- pneumonig a stroke. garry marshall was 81 years old. a barge crashed across all lanes on the tappan zee bridge. at least one car was hit by debris, causing a small crash. one person was injured but is okay. take a look at this, water slides are popular and fun way to keep cool in the summer, of course. not for this guy in texas. you see he tries to use his arm and slow down around a curve. it wasn't enough to stop him. whoa! his body thrown over the side, breaking his arm and fracturing his ribs. >> now your nbc 10ç first aler weather. heading out this morning, it's cooler this morning. we have a few clouds in the distance. those will be clearing. those produced some showers over
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new jersey. it's sunny and warm during the day today. while the humidity stays low, making for another pleasant evening this evening. 72 degrees now in philadelphia. and in delaware, look at the 60s for the lehigh valley, and the suburbs. 70 at the shore. south jersey, nice and cool compared to yesterday. voorhees is 65. medford in the low 60s along with lumberton and princeton has found the 50s this morning. a pleasant start. but there have been rain drops. that's what's left of a thunderstorm that rocked through vineland first thing this morning. the showers are just moving through ocean city right now. a few rain drops really sprinkles in the atlantic city area. most of the day is dry and no sign of any wet weather farther north and west. a chance of a shower during the day, not for philadelphia, the suburbs and the lehigh valley. sunshine and low humidity. upper 80s for philadelphia, middle 80s for the suburbs and lehigh valley. plenty of sunshine, up to 85
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degrees for allentown. new jersey, an isolated shower is possible but most of the day will be dry. south jersey at the shore. low 80s this afternoon. mostly sunny skies. but a pop-up shower isn't completely out of the picture. for delaware, 86 degrees in wilmington. the storms have already departed rehoboth beach. that's today. over the coming days, though, the heat returns in a big way. tomorrow we'll start to feel it after another nice morning in the 60s. 92 degrees in the afternoon. then it's heat and humidity for friday, saturday and sunday. oppressive heat for the end of the week and early next week. finally storms to start the cooling process. by the end of the week we're looking at temperatures near 90 on thursday and into the upper 80s with more storms possible friday. >> bill, thanks so much. lesson of that weather forecast is get outside today and enjoy it because it's going to get really hot the next few days. >> yes. get outside right now if you can
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go. right? >> right. if you're up and can get out the door. >> get out now. we're not seeing a lot of major delays really on any of our big highways, route 309 is what we're looking at now. the p.a. turnpike, no problems in either direction. everything looks great so far. not a lot of restrictions, roads are dry. can't ask for better driving conditions. this accident on abington on sharewood road and amity road. we'll update mass transit in the 6:00 hour. cracking down. the mayor of a jersey shore town is threatening to punish anyone who feeds the seagulls. we'll tell you how much it could cost you.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching first alert traffic. right now we're checking in with breaths. this one is the platt bridge. you can see the sun coming up. that looks like a nice shot. no problems or delays in either direction or getting to 95 from that point. we'll have updates when i come back and i'll check in with septa. >> jessica, we'll hear from you
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then. are you in need of a job in wegmans is looking to fill several hundred positions. they're look fog fill full time and part time positions throughout southeastern pennsylvania. still apply, just tap the nbc 10 app to find the location and apply online. ♪ ♪ this is real life in the real world ♪ country singer jake owen is coming to allentown. he's been added to the lineup for this year's great allentown fair. the singer will take the stage wednesday, august 31st. tickets for the show go on sale next friday, july 29th. stop feeding the seagulls or be prepared to pay the fine. fines can go as high as $500 and
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90 days in jail. also down the shore, north wildwood could get a name change. the mayor received a petition yesterday asking the city to change its name back to its original name of angle sea beach. it was change thod north wildwood in 1906. the city council could place the question on the novemberç ball to gauge public interest. this week we are bringing you around the clock coverage of the republican national convention. next up at 6:00, we take you live to cleveland for a look back at day two. we'll break down what is coming up on day three. plus, explosive situation. we'll tell you how a check on a double parked van in philadelphia led to a call to the bomb squad.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> has been selected as the republican party nominee for president of the united states. >> it is official.
6:00 am
on day two of the republican national convention donald trump wins his party's presidential nomination. good morning. i'm tracy davidson, live from cleveland and the republican national convention where donald trump is officially the nominee. but last night, it was new jersey governor chris christie who had all the fireworks. in his speech, he got the crowd pretty riled up. we'll tell you about the speech, get reaction off of hillary clinton's reaction to what governor christie said. also, another controversy about another speech. there's a lot to get to today. we'll get to that in a few minutes. vai and katy? >> we'll hear from you in just a bit. thanks. let's get a check on the weather as you head out the door. meteorologist bill henley has more on that with your neighborhood forecast. >> if you want to play it safe or avoid the shine because we have another nice day after a nice day yesterday, sun is up. we have bright sunshine in the city. no sign of clouds there. there have been showers and thunderstorms moving through south jersey.


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