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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  July 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the republican's presidential nomination, the attention now shifts to mike pence who speaks in primetime tonight, the two attending a rally together here this afternoon. >> it's such an honor to join your family to welcome you to cleveland. we're excited to here you address the nation tomorrow night. >> when governor pence speaks tonight, it will be the first time many americans outside of indiana will hear him speak. >> actually got out of the car in the alley and i saw all these cars. and i turned to the security official and i said, are they all with us? >> indiana governor mike pence is still getting used to the national stage. and tonight will be his latest chance to introduce himself to the american public. nbc news survey found nearly half of registered republicans don't know enough about pence to have an opinion about him. >> he will be talking about his record a little bit, and why his background fills the criteria.
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>> one criteria for pence, helping unite conservatives behind trump. a theme oakechoed by new jersey governor, chris christie. >> everyone who is not working for trump is working for clinton. >> former trump rivals faced criticism during the campaign. from florida senator marco rubio -- >> little marco -- >> to texas senator ted cruz. >> lying ted. >> we'll see if the two former candidates can unite the delegates the way governor christie did last night when he conducted a mock trial of clinton. >> guilty or not guilty? >> guilty! >> reporter: outside the convention hall, a republican effort to reach out to the lgbt community with celebrity support from prominent republican kaitlin jenner. she spoke at an event. >> it was harder to come out as
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republican, okay? >> reporter: kaitlin jenner here in cleveland, ohio, today. while much of the focus will be on mike pence tonight, a lot of people are wondering what trump's former rival, ted cruz, who will be speaking tonight will have to say. how warm will his endorsement, if any, be for donald trump. will he in fact endorse trump. joining me now on the floor below us here on the convention floor, i know, lauren, you've been speaking with members of the pennsylvania delegation. you also spoke to a delegate for cruz last night. do you get a sense they'll turn around and 5u8 get on the trump train, if you will, at this point? >> reporter: well, you know, jim, some already are. there are multiple people in the pennsylvania delegation who supported ted cruz in the primary but now have come over to support donald trump. but i did track down that lone holdout from last night for the
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pennsylvania delegation who is very much looking forward to hearing ted cruz speak tonight. >> one vote for ted cruz, and 70 for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump! >> reporter: pennsylvania delivering an almost unanimous delegate tally to donald trump. the one holdout? >> who did you vote for? >> i voted for mr. cruz. >> reporter: baker is a delegate from lancaster county, and he says he committed from the start to support ted cruz. he says some tried to convince him. >> i took some heat for it. but we had some impassioned words. >> reporter: even beyond the delegation. >> on the bus ride over here i got calls from the trump campaign. >> reporter: they were professional, he said. was there anything that almost swayed you to go over to trump? >> no. no. from day one, i've been challenging people on the tree where is the republican side of the tree. >> reporter: if it sounds like
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brubaker still isn't convinced, you're right. do you consider him conservative? >> no, i do not. >> that's an issue for you? >> absolutely. he is saying conservative things, but his history doesn't show that. >> reporter: but trump just got the republican nomination. with the help of most of pennsylvania's delegates. >> are you going to vote for donald trump in the general? >> i haven't decided yet. >> reporter: donald trump does still have some work to do to convince at least that one delegate. you probably can hear behind me, they are now practicing the star spangled banner to be sung tonight. i want to show you what we just caught a few moments ago. it was ted cruz here on stage with his wife, heidi. he was checking out the venue, checking out the stage before his speech. this is something that a lot of the big speakers get to do. they get to come out here, check out the teleprompter, take a look at who is sitting where. we're there, maybe home state
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delegation is, where texas is for him. that's what we saw him doing just minutes ago here on the floor of the convention center. of course, we're waiting to see what he will say, and whether he will officially endorse donald trump on the stage here tonight. jim, back to you. >> all right. lauren mayk, thank you so much. we'll listen here and see what ted cruz says don't. we'll be there for that. we'll bring that up to you later on. i'll toss it to you, keith and jacqueline, a big night for ted cruz, and mike pence. >> interesting to see what they both say, jim, thank you. bombshells keep coming out of the rnc. our live reports will continue through the afternoon, and then join jim, lauren mayk and tracy davidson for a special report at 7:00 tonight.
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now to a murder mystery in delaware involving a colored student. there's a $40,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever shot and killed 19-year-old malcolm evans. the delaware state university student was driving to his part-time job in new castle county earlier this month when someone shot him. he crashed his car and died. a witness saw several men run away from that area. investigators say he was an extremely intelligent man, with a bright future. in you video of a man philadelphia police believes is targeting prostitutes. they say the suspect walked into this vens store in frankfurt on july 12th. police say he later choked a woman and sexually assaulted her on jasper street. the suspect last seen on a black and blue mountain bike. this suspect may be connected to another crime saturday night. police say that this guy beat and stabbed a 35-year-old woman
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who escaped from an alley saturday night. she later collapsed and died. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> now, to our weather, where we're looking ahead to some changes. today, just a great day to head outside for a walk. nbc 10 here in university city this morning where a lot of people were out with their dogs. they were loving this weather. the extreme heat and humidity, though, are about to make a comeback. let's go to sheena parveen. >> i can't believe i'm about to ask this, sheena, but you're tracking another possible heat wave? >> yes, we are. not even possible at this point, it is going to be another heat wave. take a look at this live picture out at cape may. a lot of people already at the jersey shore. this is really where you want to be, especially today, with the low humidity. now, the low humidity is only going to last for today. so if you look at your seven-day right at the bottom of your screen, you'll notice we have friday, saturday, sunday and monday outlined in red.
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we have a first alert out from friday to monday. the reason why, because the heat and humidity are going to come back. cape may, of course, going to be very packed this weekend. very little rain relief in the forecast. temperatures starting tomorrow. we'll be back in the 90s. the humidity is going to increase. as we go through the weekend, it's actually going to feel anywhere from 100 to 105 degrees. it is going to be very hot. tomorrow, hotter, more humid than today. that's going to keep increasing over the weekend. yes, potentially dangerous heat coming back into the forecast. it will last all the way into next week. we'll take a closer look at that with your neighborhood weather coming up. a famous face in philadelphia is campaigning now for hillary clinton ahead of the democratic national convention next week. actress deborah messing, former star of "will and grace," spoke at a woman's round table. it started about an hour ago. at 5:00 she'll be in philadelphia for a women-to-women phone bank to rally the if emale vote for
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clinton. the dnc now just five days away in philadelphia. police say that they'll be keeping an eye on cleveland as they make their final preparations. >> officers will meet with south philly neighbors to talk about safety. andrea kline thom as has more on the changes happening in the neighborhood. aundrea, what's going on? >> reporter: residents in south philly are used to big events, big crowds, but the democratic national convention is much different. tens of thousands expected to be here in fdr park alone. that's why security is a big priority. from the democratic national convention banners and donkeys in center city, to the fencing creating a security perimeter around the wells fargo center, philadelphia is preparing for the national spotlight. >> there are people who travel to these conventions with the express purpose of protesting, and some for the express purpose of causing a little bit of chaos. and so we have to be prepared for all of that.
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>> reporter: security is a top priority as the dnc is expected to attract 50,000 participants, and up to 50,000 more protesters. state and federal law enforcement will also provide support. >> we want to have probably more security that's going to be in that part of south philadelphia than they've ever seen. >> reporter: not just for delegates and protesters, but for residents, too. drivers in south philadelphia are already being warned that parking will be banned in the median of south broad street, starting this sunday, as a precauti precaution. >> there's going to be increased patrolling to make sure if they are going to be protesting in that area, that those protests aren't just roaming throughout the neighborhoods. >> reporter: while preparations are under way, law enforcement is taking cues from cleveland that's hosting the republican national convention. >> i went there a couple of weeks ago and had discussions with the chief and some other chiefs who have had conventions in the most recent past. we'll continue to monitor that. we have to. we would be remiss if we didn't.
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>> reporter: if you have questions or concerns about how the dnc will impact you, come out here to the american swedish museum at 6:00 tonight. that museum is in fdr park. there will be law enforcement and dnc representatives to answer your questions. reporting live in south philly, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. for a different perspective, let's go up in the air. >> more on the changing landscape around the wells fargo center. mitch? >> reporter: this is just starting to get put up around the wells fargo center. they'll put up 1,900 feet of fencing surrounding the wells fargo center. that is 3 1/2 miles of this climb-proof fencing that will actually complement the fencing already in place around the
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wells fargo center. as we pan out, you can get a perspective around the park. it will separate citizens state park as well as lincoln financial field from the parking lot of the wells fargo center. that secure area that you're looking at right now, that will be the responsibility primarily of the secret service. the philadelphia police department, pennsylvania state police, they will be primarily outside of that perimeter. the secret service has been working in conjunction with all of those agencies creating as well as sharing some 3-d modeling of what the conference and the convention is going to look like, so that those agents and those police agencies that weren't able to get over to the wells fargo center are actually able to get a look at what this will look like as they prepare for the security event. and philadelphia has hired private security and the federal government has sent $40 million to the city to help secure the event. the latest from sky force 10. i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. >> that area is going to be so
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busy in a few days. mitch, thank you. the secret service is banning vehicles weighing more than 5 tons from i-95, between i-76 and the vine in philadelphia starting saturday. truckers are being told to find alternate routes. and some are worried about the extra cost of taking the delaware memorial bridge because of those tolls. a mushroom farm is recovering after going up in flames. the fire started around 1:30 this morning at modern mushroom farms on newark road. it burned about 1,000 hay bales. it took firefighters about five hours to put this fire out. no word on just what sparked it. a man facing charges after police say they found homemade explosive drugs and children inside his minivan. police say they smelled marijuana coming from the van which was parked on west cham police street. they found a bag with homemade
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explosives, along with drugs. officers cleared everyone out from that van, including two young children. they then called the bomb squad. no one was hurt. bill cosby is now completely blind and confined to his pennsylvania home, according to a report in the "new york post." it cites sources close to cosby. cosby suffers from a degenerative eye disease. he's awaiting trial for allegedly assaulting former employees inside his home. cosby said the incident was consensual. the parents of a toddler killed by an alligator at disney world decided not to sue the resort. they released a statement saying they want to focus on their family's future health. they say the pain gets worse as each day passes, but they appreciate the outpouring of support. last month an alligator pulled 2-year-old lane graves into a lagoon outside the grand
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floridian hotel. a second alligator attacked the boy as his father tried to save him. the cdc is investigating what could be the first nontravel related case of zika inside the united states. tests confirmed someone in the miami area has the virus. it may have been transmitted by a mosquito here in the u.s. that has not been the case so far in the more than 1,300 zika infections. small outbreaks are expected in the south, with the type of mosquitoes that transmit the virus being more common. better get familiar with that music. countdown to rio is on. we're just 18 days away from the start of the summer games. and nbc 10 is your home for all the action. you can expect this to be the most technologically advanced olympics in history for those of you watching at home. >> that's thanks to our parent company comcast. brian roberts showcased the technology that the allow you to enjoy the games like never
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before. that includes a record 4,500 streaming hours of all the competition on nbc, and the nbc sports app. you can also personalize your viewing experience on the x-1 system right from your tv. >> i'm going to be able to follow the country -- my home country or countries of interest. colombia, puerto rico, venezuela. i can watch it live, on the internet, for my hometown heroes. >> you can enjoy video on demand coverage including athlete profiles, and short form highlights on nbc and the nbc sports app. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, nice day at the shore today. a lot of people enjoying the waves, enjoying the surf. this is a live look at cape may county. a lot of people out there.
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beautiful weather today because the humid was so much lower. that's what makes it feel so comfortable. and here's a live look out now. rehoboth beach, mostly sunny skies. today, very nice. hope you enjoyed it. dangerous heat coming, more humidity, hotter temperatures. this evening, though, we'll be staying very comfortable still. 84 degrees right now in philadelphia. 82 through wilmington. south jersey neighbor heeds low 80s. very comfortable right now with, again, the low humidity. philly international 84 degrees. society hill 86. if you're in winchester park, your temperature is 84 degrees. and tomorrow afternoon, these numbers will be in about the low 90s. and more humidity. so you'll definitely notice it. here's future temperatures. we're warm right now. but the heat and the humidity, that's all going to be moving in. especially as we go from friday through the weekend.
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and starting next week. hot and humid. we're talking about potentially dangerous heat again. we're going to have another stretch of very hot and very humid weather. another heat wave under way feeling like triple digits. friday, feeling like 100. saturday, upper 90s, feeling around 100 degrees. sunday and monday, we could be almost at 100 degrees for the actual temperature, with the humidity, because it's still going to be here, it could be feeling around 105, or maybe even a little hotter in some areas. so, again, this is dangerous heat. you definitely don't want to spend several hours outside. you want to stay hydrated. stay in the shade, stay cool. check on the elderly. and of course, never leave children or pets in a car with this kind of heat. it's going to be way too hot. a live look at the radar. most of the area dry. not much in the way of rain relief coming anytime soon. the only area seeing some shower
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activity is southern portions of sussex county. that's really about it. i don't really expect much else in the area. other parts to be seeing any rain relief. one heavy shower right over 13 in sussex county, but that's about it. tomorrow, nice and sunny across the area. also getting a little higher. allentown, 90 tomorrow, mostly sunny. avalon, low 80s. wilmington, expect temperatures in the low 90s. then we go into friday. take a look at the forecast friday. we'll be even hotter. temperatures coming in in the mid-90s saturday. sunday, upper 90s, mostly sunny. you don't see much in the wayne of rain relief in the weekend forecast. so it is going to be holt. it's going to be humid and it's going to be feeling around a hundred degrees. we'll look at your forecast and the heat coming up. good news for shoppers this afternoon. retail therapy could soon get even more stress-free. >> next, the departments are
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using artificial intelligence to help you find what you need. plus, an incredible rescue caught on tape. good samaritans worked together to roll this car and pull the driver out. one witness said time was of the essence. later, a hospital heist. a little girl's favorite form of entertainment disappears from her philadelphia hospital room during one of her treatments. how a group of local police officers helped in to help. the closing bell on wall street. the dow, nasdaq and s&p all closed higher today.
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a man is behind bars accused of hitting a scranton police officer with his car. it was all caught on camera, too. watch the top right of your screen. you can see the car hit the officer in the parking lot of a grocery store. the officer approached the suspect during a drug deal monday. when the officer identified himself the driver sped off with the officer clinging to the door. the officer is expected to be okay. how about this video. this is making the rounds on social media. good samaritans came to the rescue of a trapped driver in south carolina yesterday, taking action, flipping that convertible back over on its side. this is in lexington county. it's a good thing they were quick, because one witness saw gas leaking from that car. the driver appears to be okay. telling rescuers he was distracted when a library book flew up. you may no longer need to ask a sales person for help when
4:25 pm
shopping at macy's. >> the nation's largest department store chain is testing a new intelligence tool. macy's calls it a mobile companion. access it through a web browser amd get answered customized to a store you're in. it will help macy's learn more about its customers also. it's being tested in five stores. not in our area, though, keith. >> so it can't benefit me. >> no. >> drat. nbc 10 "nbc 10 responds" tes a woman after months of waiting. plus a strange 911 call for a south jersey fire department. see where a pokemon player got stuck on the hunt for her next catch.
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the eagle has landed. donald trump arrived at cleveland this afternoon where he will accept the republican presidential nomination tomorrow night. tonight, donald trump's running mate, mike pence, will have his time in the spotlight right here below us here on the floor of the q. the news of the day, surrounding a speech from two nights ago by melania trump. a trump organization staff writer is taking the blame now for the controversy surrounding melania trump's speech. she said she made a mistake by
4:30 pm
including passages from a 2008 michelle obama speech in mrs. trump's convention speech. she said she offered her resignation but donald trump rejected it today. the campaign previously denied plagiarism saying it was coincidence. donald trump held a rally with mike pence in cleveland this afternoon. they're trying to put that whole issue behind them. pence will speak to the convention tonight. tonight the delegates will hear from two of trump's former rivals. texas senator ted cruz will speak from the podium. florida senator marco rubio will address the gathering via video. as republicans gather here in cleveland, you're going to hear from the man who wants to be the next vice president. the current vp, though, he's traveling down under. joe biden. he's not stopping from commenting on the trump campaign. mr. biden delivered a speech in sydney, australia, last night. some people in that country expressed concerns that a donald
4:31 pm
trump victory could cause a change to the strategy area. >> don't worry about our election. better angels in america will prevail. >> reporter: back here in cleveland, donald trump's son donald trump jr. is revealing some details about his father's speech tomorrow night. here's what he's saying. he said it will be about taking care of america. when he was asked if it would be in the style of his free wheeling speeches that we've seen, or whether it would be more stayed via teleprompter, trump jr. said this is a time where there will be discipline. either way, of course, nbc 10 will be right here for you, bringing you all the details coming up tomorrow night. and we are here for the duration tonight as well. for now, i'll throw it back to you in philly. keith and jacqueline. >> jim, we know ted cruz, as you said, is taking the stage
4:32 pm
tonight. he and trump went head-to-head during the primary season. trump calling him lying ted. there's a difference between speaking at the convention and actually making an endorsement of trump. what are you hearing about that, jim? >> reporter: well, cruz's campaign manager was asked today, will trump's name even be in the speech? he said he couldn't remember. but that he said the trump organization will be pleased with the speech. so it's still a question whether this will be an outright endorse nlt. it may be withheld from that much support for trump. but they feel they'll be pleased with his speech. his campaign manager saying, this is big boy politics. politicians say what they have to during the primary season. ted cruz is not petty. they do very much say they like the pence pick of a conservative. >> sources saying that it's supposed to be an optimistic speech, where cruz focuses on the path forward. jim rosenfield live in
4:33 pm
cleveland, ohio, at the rnc. turning to "nbc 10 responds" now. >> harry hairston helped this woman sing a different tune. >> this ordeal dragged on for more than seven months. seven months of radio silence before we helped bring harmony to the situation. after a tough day at work, angela roundtree likes to unwind with music in her clifton heights home. >> i love music. >> reporter: she stocks her living room with the latest. >> it makes me happy. >> reporter: roundtree bought a $500 receiver in 2012. >> you need it for everything. it's like the heart of all the systems. >> reporter: it was covered under the five-year warranty. so when it stopped working, she took it back to hh gregg for repairs. that was last november. and she hasn't seen it since. >> i made more than ten calls
4:34 pm
there. and never got no answer. >> reporter: she called "nbc 10 responds." >> i looked at the news. me and my girlfriend were talking on the phone. we seen someone else with a refrigerator. and i said, i'm going to write this down. >> reporter: we contacted hh gregg. >> two days it took them to get my money. >> reporter: hh gregg tells nbc 10 there was initially problem reaching roundtree over the phone. but after we got involved, she got a full refund for the receiver. a $505.14. >> i'm beautiful. and i thank all of y'all from channel 10. >> reporter: we'll add her $505 to our "nbc 10 responds" recovery counter. >> our total money recovered for you now stands at $55,865. if you have a consumer complaint you'd like us to look into, send it to "nbc 10 responds," the website and phone number right there on your screen. coming up tomorrow on "nbc
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10 responds," a local man's mattress set was under warranty. he expected a simple exchange. he said he went months without answers to his calls. then he called harry. that's tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 4:00. philadelphia is now home to a new target store. >> it's a first where neighborhood groceries are hard to come by in a way. right in the heart of center city. but as nbc 10's rosemary connors reports, some nearby shops worry there may not be enough business to go around. >> reporter: the deals are the same, but the space is different. the new target near 12th and chestnut street is a condensed version of the popular retail chain. for example, the apparel section is smaller, the shoppers seem tob embracing the store's new look. >> i already found something to buy. so there you go. i'll be back. >> reporter: with few supermarkets in center city, this target is focusing on
4:36 pm
groceries, and to-go meals. the store is set up within a block of jefferson hospital and just below dozens of new apartments. target mrgers expect many of their customers will be looking for convenience. >> people are really interested in the grab-and-go, so they can come in before work and grab their breakfast and lunch. >> i'll probably pick up a few things on the way home. especially when my wife asks me to get things at the last minute. >> reporter: nearby mom and pops, this vip market near 13th and walnut streets want to be hopeful they won't lose any of their regular customers. >> a small business like we have. >> reporter: in addition to groceries, vip market has a deli, a hot and cold salad buffet, seating and plenty of craft beer. >> we have the best. they say we have the best selection. >> reporter: while vip market offers items that target does
4:37 pm
not, the same is true of the retail chain, which has a starbucks and cvs pharmacy on site. rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. a local college has a multi-million dollar expansion plan. >> what's in store for students. plus, the celebrity opening up to fans about her cancer battle. with an emotional post on social media.
4:38 pm
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4:40 pm
beverly hills 90110 is talking about her battle with breast cancer. she documented herself shaving her head, posting these photos on instagram. it was first revealed that doherty has cancer last year when she filed a lawsuit against her former business managers. she claimed they allowed her health insurance to lapse. and that resulted in a delay in diagnosing her cancer. from our delaware bureau, there is a new law to ensure
4:41 pm
health centers are established in every secondary public school in the first state. jack mar kel signed a bill into law, that would provide startup costs for schools that currently lack health centers. the governor says this will help support the physical and behavioral health of delaware students. roman college is building a brand-new multi-million dollar student success center. the college released this virtual tour after approving a builder for the new student center. that contract also includes a college circle loop, and a new parking lot. construction will start next month and will open in the fall of 2017. roman officials say the news center will be a single place for students to study, eat, or just relax between classes. with the lower humidity, studying outside was a lot easier. >> anything was a lot easier today. next week, maybe not so much. a lot of heat and humidity coming back.
4:42 pm
we're talking about a stretch of dangerous heat. i'll show you those details in your neighborhood weather next. whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
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this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. who do you talk to for military advice right now? i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons...
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took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world. the insanely popular pokemon go app has been captivating the country this month. >> the app sends players on a scavenger hunt, but sometimes the hunt gets people in trouble. rescue crews in gloucester county rescued a player stuck in a tree. this is in the cemetery. the player climbed up there, while to chase a pokemon. >> yeah. hunt for pokemon within reason, folks. be safe while doing it. don't climb trees. sglits's getting dangerous. almost time to clear the shelters. as we find forever homes for adoptable pets this saturday. >> if you live in an apartment,
4:46 pm
you might think a dog isn't good for you. but experts actually want you to reconsider that. it's all about picking the right dog for your lifestyle. steer clear of breeds that like to bark a lot, or those that don't do well-being around other dogs or people. that's the advice for an apartment complex. the spca is doing evaluations on all pets. talk to them about what kind of dog would work best for you. small dogs are not necessarily better for apartments. >> you know, little terriers like rat terriers, they need lots and lots of exercise and lots of mental stimulation. versus greyhounds which are huge dogs. you may think they won't do well in an apartment. in fact, they're couch potatoes. >> it's also important to check with your apartment before adopting. not only buildings allow dogs, and some might have weight restrictions. after you get that information, come out to the clear the shelters this saturday.
4:47 pm
most will waive or discount the adoption fees. go to or tap on the nbc 10 app to find the shelters. >> it's fun to go out there. the adoption fees are waived. >> my favorite event we do all year has to be clear the shelters. i absolutely love it. we're doing it to clear the shelters so other animals behind the scenes that you don't see that maybe animal control has, they need to get into those shelters for people to be able to see to adopt them. if we don't have room, they can't go up front where people can see them. unfortunately, overcrowding leads to yueuthanization. we'll get a lot of animals adopted, it's going to be absolutely fantastic. >> you speak from experience, too, with your bella. >> my dog, i found her literally on the streets when i was in college.
4:48 pm
she was running down the street. i didn't want to give her to a shelter because i wasn't sure they were going to do with her. she's beautiful. rescuers are absolutely wonderful. this is a wonderful shot, live at cape may. a beautiful shot on the beach. do i see a dog walking on the beach? i think i do maybe. unless that's a cooler. anyway, it's a beautiful day outside to be at the shore. humidity is low. it is very comfortable outside right now. and temperatures are very comfortable, too, mid to low 80s. tomorrow is going to be pretty different. humidity is going to come back, 90s are going to come back. look at the seven-day at the bottom of your screen, we've outlined friday, saturday, sunday and monday, the heat and humidity is going to be potentially dangerous, feeling like triple digits. pennsylvania suburbs are coming in in the low 80s at the moment. mostly for chester county. low 80s here. concordville 84 degrees. 81 degrees st. davis.
4:49 pm
elroy 84 degrees. 85 degrees in ft. washington. tomorrow heat and humidity returns. you'll notice it, too, when you step outside. tomorrow's neighborhood forecast, if you're in reading, 91 degrees tomorrow. easton 89. philadelphia area coming in the low 90s. 92 degrees in fairmount. haddonfield 91 degrees tomorrow afternoon. if you're along the shore, 83. galloway township. in delaware, 87 degrees. wilmington staying mostly sunny. the dangerous heat, that's going to be friday to monday. feeling like anywhere from 100 to 105 degrees. friday, 96, feeling like 100. saturday, 98, feeling possibly like 101, or hotter. sunday and monday, we could be right around a hundred degrees for the actual temperature, feeling more like 105. you want to avoid several hours
4:50 pm
outside during this heat. because, again, potentially dangerous. check on the elderly, stay hydrated, try to stay cool. like i mentioned, though, not much rain relief in the forecast. we really don't have much in the way of rain chances as the heat and humidity move in. this is going to stick around through the weekend, and into next week. and we'll be tracking it here. it's going to be another prolonged heat wave. mostly dry, showers south of sussex county, but even today we're staying dry. we'll stay that way over the next several days. philadelphia area forecast, there you see it, into the upper 90s. feeling like around 100. but no rain really in the forecast over the weekend. along the shore, we'll be getting around 90 degrees both saturday and sunday. closer look at all the heat coming our way coming up. a little girl goes into the hospital armed with one thing that makes her -- excuse me, a little girl goes into the hospital with one thing that makes her stays go by a little bit faster, her ipad.
4:51 pm
>> during one of her treatments it disappeared right from her room. that's where the story takes an uplifting turn. see how a group of local police officers stepped in to save the day. all new on nbc 10 at 5:00, getting set for the democratic national convention. local businesses are offering big breaks on everything from steak dinners to cool getaways. these deals aren't just for the delegates. that story, next at 5:00. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. for one little girl at children's hospital of philadelphia, the doctors there aren't her only heroes. >> two penn police officers stepped up when her ipad went missing from her room and
4:55 pm
couldn't be found. nbc 10's rosemary connors has the story you saw first on >> we facetime our dogs at home, just to keep reminding her that that's her home. and that even though the hospital has been our home for five months, you know, home is still there. >> reporter: the ipad was like a lifeline to little aryena, the 21-month-old princess as her mother katrina describes her, has been battling a rare form of leukemia since her diagnosis in december. when her ipad went missing from her hospital room over the weekend, her family enlisted the help of the university of pennsylvania police department. eventually the penn police officers returned to the hospital with an ipad in hand. >> i said, oh, my god, you found it. thank you, so much. i looked at it and it wasn't her ipad. i said that's not hers. and he said, i know. it's my personal ipad. i want you guys to have it. i don't even use it. as a mom to see someone go out
4:56 pm
of their way, they didn't know my daughter. and they don't know the extent of what she's been going through. they did something so incredibly kind. and they showed a perfect example of how everyone should treat each other. they really did. >> reporter: a perfect example to teach little ariana whose tough fight against cancer is also a lesson for everyone. rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> she's adorable. that family, of course, the stay at the hospital made so much easier because of the ipad. unbelievable. >> i know. it makes a huge difference for her. >> good for those penn police officers. that's nbc 10 news at 4:00. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. another big night at the republican national convention. nbc 10's jim rosenfield is heading up our live coverage from cleveland. >> reporter: donald trump is right here in cleveland tonight, as his vp pick takes center stage here in cleveland. we will have the latest for you coming up from the rnc at the q.
4:57 pm
also, the celebrity, or apprenti"apprentice" contestant philadelphia who is now helping donald trump years after being fired from trump. live coverage just ahead. and i hope you enjoyed today. tomorrow more heat, more humidity. and then dangerously hot temperatures. as well as the humidity over the weekend. we'll take a look at that forecast and what you can expect coming up next.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
we are coming to you live once again from cleveland, ohio, home of the republican national convention, where tonight donald trump's vp pick takes center stage. right now, though, the infamous speech from donald trump's wife is still in the spotlight. today brought an apology after the accusations melania plagiarized part of her speech. that apology coming from a trump staffer. she said she mistakenly used passages from michelle obama's speech eight years ago. i'm jim rosenfield live from the q here in cleveland, ohio. we'll get to more about the speech from melania trump coming up in just a minute. but we want to tell you about


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