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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  July 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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what did you think? >> i loved it. >> reporter: trump later tweeted, wow, ted cruz got booed off the stage. didn't honor the pledge. i saw his speech two hours earlier but let him speak anyway. >> the words he said on that stage showed everybody why he has richly earned the reputation that he has on capitol hill. >> reporter: this morning cruz explained why he didn't throw his support behind trump. >> i am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. >> reporter: cruz had pledged to support the nominee but that was before trump tweeted an unflattering photo of his wife and suggested cruz's father was linked to jfk's assassin. the cruz controversy stole headlines from the prime time speaking debut of trump's running mate, indiana governor mike pence who adopted one of trump's catch phrases. >> when trump becomes president of the united states of america the change will be huge.
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>> reporter: as for who ted cruz will vote for in november, he says there's a lot of time between now and november. he says he'll be watching and listening. does make it clear he will not be voting for hillary clinton. as for the man who wanted to be the star of the night last night, mike pence, he met with the pennsylvania delegation this morning showing the importance of keystone state in this election coming up in the fall. nbc 10's lauren make is joining me from the floor of the convention center with more of what mike pence had to say to the delegates this morning. lauren? >> reporter: his stop this morning was brief but significant adding his voice to those who say republicans can win the state of pennsylvania for the first time since 1988. he implored pennsylvania yaps in the room to get to work when they get home. in cleveland it's a pennsylvania visit that could be a precursor
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of what's to come. >> i promise you that donald trump and mike pence will be standing and campaigning shoulder to shoulder with you across the four corners of pennsylvania. >> reporter: just hours after accepting his party's nomination, indiana governor mike pence making a stop to see the pennsylvania delegation asking for their help. >> leave here today as delegates of this party in pennsylvania and make it your aim to make pennsylvania red again in this election. >> reporter: pence appeared with his wife karen for a brief rallying stop that wasn't officially announced. >> i heard a rumor but i didn't believe it. >> i wasn't surprised because all along they've been telling us pennsylvania is very much in play. the trump people are really making a push. they have been reaching out to me to make sure we have the infrastructure in chester county. jr. w >> reporter: winning the state a goal trump and his running mate is making clear. do you think they can win?
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>> if you asked me that question a month ago, i would have said i don't think so. >> reporter: but now he feels it's different. >> let's get this done. >> reporter: now, governor pence did not get into a lot of specifics today, but he did get a big cheer when he mentioned energy independence and coal, an appeal to pennsylvania's coal doesn't. live in cleveland, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. jim, back to you. >> an important state. thanks. we'll see you again coming up later this afternoon. donald trump you may recall, he made that dramatic entrance on monday in support of his wife melan melania. there was smoke and lights. we know we may try to see him top tonight but what do voters want to hear from donald trump? we had a chance to speak to voters on independence mall back in philly. >> i expect more of the same. i expect double talk and skirting all the issues and pointing at the other guy and patting people on the back and
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telling big whopper lies. >> i would hope that he's going to outline what he wants to do in specific ideas because he hasn't done that yet. >> i expect him to generate some energy. i expect him to actually sound very presidential. >> so we will all find out tonight. and coming up in 15 minutes, i'll be speaking with nbc's lester holt and we'll talk more about what we can expect tonight and whether we can look forward to any more twists and turns here from the rnc. for now i'm jim rosenfield live in cleveland, ohio. let's send it back to you in the studio. jacqueline and keith. >> every night this week there's been some type of drama. we'll watch to see if that theme continues this evening. jim rosenfield live in cleveland. nbc 10 is one of the biggest news teams covering all the action in cleveland for you. our live reports will continue through the afternoon and then jim, lauren, and tracy davidson
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will join us again at 7:00 tonight right here on nbc 10. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> to the weather now. we're bracing for some heat this afternoon. these fountains along the ben franklin parkway are about to get a workout as we prepare for what should be the hottest temperatures of the year. we have a like picture the scene in cape may. the beach will be packed this weekend as we get set to be tossed back into the heat in a big way. sheena parveen is joining us. >> this is going to be dangerous heat we're talking about. >> yes, it is going to be dangerous heat because it's going to feel like triple digits. today we're a little bit hotter than yesterday already. close to 90 degrees in philadelphia. the rest of the area mid to upper 80s. 88 degrees mount holly, 85 right now in dover. allentown at 88 degrees. atlantic city 84, and if you look at the bottom of the screen, your seven-day forecast shows you four days highlighted in red friday through monday. that is a first alert.
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so we have that out for dangerous heat for new jersey, pennsylvania, and delaware. tomorrow we expect it to feel around 100 degrees. it's going to go across the weekend and into monday. so stretching into next week. very hot and humid, feeling anywhere from 100 to 105. here is what it's going to look like. tomorrow, 96 for the high. will feel around 100. over the weekend in it's upper 90s feeling around 105 degrees. this is dangerous heat and it's going to last for a while. we'll talk more about it and when you can expect a break from it coming up. >> thank you very much. breaking news. the skyforce 10 was over in philadelphia hunting park section. police have found a woman's body in a home here along percy street. officers tell us it appears she was beaten to death. they went this afternoon to check on a report of a missing person. they found the woman's body in a bedroom. nbc 10 has a crew on the scene. as soon as we get any new
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information, we'll make sure we let you know. now to what could be a big economic blow to one community in south jersey. some 370 workers at a progressive soup plant in cumberland county learn the facility is in jeopardy of closing. it's in vineland and it might close under a global restructuring plan announced by general mills which makes progressive soup. the company says the decision to close the plangt is tentative and still has to be negotiated with union officials. workers we spoke to are saddened and stunned. >> nobody seen this coming. this is going to affect so many people in vineland, especially there's so many couples here that work. so both of them are going to lose their jobs. >> shock. definitely shock. everyone is scared now. we can't believe that this happened. >> general mills says that the plant does close, it would not happen into the summer of next year. police have arrested a
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26-year-old man for a crash that killed a 6-year-old girl in dover. the crash happened around 8:30 last night. the parking lot of white oak condos. investigators say david randall was trying to park his car when he sped forward onto the sidewalk and hit 6-year-old anya jackson, her mother, and a family friend. jackson was killed. police say randall was under the influence of alcohol at the time. there are new developments in the murder of a 15-year-old boy who was leaving a basketball game in southwest philadelphia. police have taken another teenager into custody, but they haven't yet charged the 16-year-old with the murder of tahrir barnes. he was shot and killed as he walked with friends following a basketball game last week. police believe the shooting stemmed from an argument over the outcome of a game the week before. we are now learning that the bastille day attack in nice may have been in the works for months. french authorities also say that the driver who plowed his truck through a crowd had at least
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five accomplices. they announced that today as they opened up an inquiry into the attack. they also believe the driver was plotting his attack since last year. he killed 8g4 people by driving through a crowd in the resort city of nice. police later killed him. five people are in custody and suspected of helping. now to the countdown to the democratic national convention in philadelphia. we are learning more about who will be in the spotlight next week. here is a look at a few of them, including congressman brendan boyle and bob brady, senator bob casey, philadelphia mayor, and governor tom wolf. the city will play host to tens of thousands of visitors, many of whom will arrive in the next few days. >> that means street closures, extra security, and protesters posing a threat to daily commutes. deanna durante joins us live with the trouble spots. there are a lot of them.
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>> reporter: there are, but the city says it's doing its best to maintain some of the road closures, keeping them at a minimum. protesters, some plan to meet in the center city area and march down broad street towards the wells fargo center. the city says that while no closures are planned in this area, that rolling closures and some traffic tie-ups may be unavoidable. on any given day, commuting can be tough. >> wow. that's going to be congested. >> reporter: with 50,000 guests coming to the city and protesters added to that number, some people are asking now if it's too late to take vacation. >> it's going to be rough trying to get in the city every day whether you're taking the bus or just riding, and if you can get a spot. >> reporter: coleman works in the city by day and by night. >> i got a second job. so trying to be here just to be able to wok after work. >> reporter: for most the road closures will be limited to the stadium area, broad street south of packer avenue and i-95 ramps
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near the wells fargo center. >> that is the inconvenience because people do have to go to work. people have to go to school. >> reporter: and rolling closures may be needed if protesters use south broad street as a way to get it tto t wells fargo center. >> if you have to speak out, speak out but do it positively and hopefully nobody gets hurt. >> reporter: we talked with groups planning on staging protests. many of them meeting here in the center city area. coming up, we'll tell you why they say don't get frustrated by their presence. instead, join them. reporting live, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> no matter if you're a democrat or a republican, starting tomorrow you can explore the evolution of american politics during political fest. nbc 10 hopped on a flash bus with governor ed rendell to tour the seven participating venues and museums. see everything, from the first draft of the constitution to the dresses worn by first ladies. the exhibits are fun for the
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whole family. for more on political fest and the countdown to the dnc, tap on the nbc 10 app. there's good news and bad news for frustrated southwest airlines passengers this afternoon. the good news, the airline has fixed a computer glitch that stranded thousands. the bad news, there are still delays and cancellations. we have a live look at philadelphia international airport. it's been a trying couple days for southwest passengers here and across the country. southwest website crashed yesterday. that caused the airline to hold up all flights for a period of time. in the end 700 flights were canceled and hundreds of others were delayed yesterday. nbc 10 was at philly international today where those long lines remained and southwest says that will be the case for a while as it gets back up to speed. people are trying to have patience. >> we just came here and we just saw this massive line, and we waited. we've been here for probably about three hours now waiting to find out what's going to happen
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next. >> even though the computer problems are fixed, southwest still ended up canceling more than 200 flights today. here is some welcome news for local ferry passengers. the cape may ferry is back on schedule. crews have finished engine repairs on a boat that was out of service yesterday. there was a modified ferry schedule. not sure if you heard about this but there's a leadership stakeup at temple university. the current president resigned today just hours after the board of trustees was expected to force him out. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal has the story. >> reporter: temple's new interim president shaking hands after a unanimous vote. richard englert will now lead the north philly university on the heels of a tumultuous year of scandals and firings. >> our focus will be on opening school in august and september and really making certain that we're off to a good start. >> reporter: this change at the
4:14 pm
top comes after the school's former president resigned earlier today. dr. neil theobald agreeing to a resignation package, forced out by the board of trustees. >> the board thanks dr. theobald for his service. >> reporter: the board was concerned with his conduct in office including the discovery of a $22 million budget deficit. >> the fact there was a $22 million deficit, that's a significant shortfall, and the board's concern was both the amount and the fact that it was unaware of the deficit. >> reporter: the change in leadership could also affect plans for a future football stadium on temple's campus. the former president was a big supporter but now that he's gone, stadium opponents are hoping the plan gets scrapped entirely. they protested outside the board meet pentagon. >> we're here to remind the board of trustees that we're not going away. we're going to continue raising our voices until this stadium plan is abandoned. >> reporter: temple's new president says he does not yet
4:15 pm
have an opinion on whether to build the new stadium but he says they will continue to do studies to determine the impact to the north philly community. >> referee: a >> and here is a live look at the arena flar for this evening. donald trump will address delegates on the final night of the rnc. >> nbc 10's jim rosenfield joins us live from cleveland once again with more insight into the controversy, the many trof controversies we've seen play out this week. >> keith and jacqueline, we'll get some help on that from nbc's lester holt joining us here from the q in his broadcast booth not far from us here. thanks for joining us. to the folksphilly, we'd love to hear your perspective. i know you spoke with trump's sons. what did they have to say, first of all? >> covered a lot of ground. we talked about what happened last night with ted cruz, and
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eric trump, if you recall, was next in line to speak. he's standing there just off the wings of the podium when cruz was being booed off. i said did that make it more difficult for you to come out? he said on the contrary, by that time people were shouting trump, trump, trump, so he thought his task was easier. i i also talked to donald trump jr. about the overall tone. he rejects the idea there's been missteps and controversies of note here. we'll let others judge that, but i asked him if he had offered input to his father in terms of the speech, if he could characterize the speech. he would only say that, look, it's his father's vision, you know, he calls the shots here. he's very involved in the minute details and we offer thoughts and back and forth but it really is his call. so no real nuggets about the specifics of the speech. >> do you think, lester, we know the teleprompter is out there. we know that large portions of the speech, of course, he's going to be reading off that
4:17 pm
teleprompter, but donald trump so unpredictable, perhaps he'll go off script in some places tonight. could it happen? >> i don't think anybody would be surprised if he goes off script. a lot of the things on the schedule this week involving donald trump, they basically say this is how it's going to happen and then they always add a little caution, but it's donald trump. he can do what he wants. you talked to the sons about this. everybody knows what got donald trump here, what got him the nomination. that's being that free wheeling guy who sometimes shoots from the hip. is nonpolitically correct. is willing to poke the establishment in the eye. that's what got him here, so he's got to give this audience what they have come to expect. at the same time, he's got this really careful, narrow line he's got to walk along to reassure the rest of the country that, you know, he's got it together, that he can lead this country. so some people will be looking for a little bit more statesmanlike donald trump while at the same time he's trying to please those who became his fans
4:18 pm
during the primary season. could be difficult. >> walking that fine line. lester holt here at the quicken loans arena. thanks for joining us. more from you, of course, coming up on "nbc nightly news." thanks, lester. we want to send it back to sheena parveen. it's hot in cleveland, ohio, but you're tracking dangerous heat. >> the feet you are feeling in ohio is moving in our direction, so, yes, we expect the dangerous heat, the high humidity. today a little hotter than yesterday. we're near 90 degrees in philadelphia. 85 through our pennsylvania suburbs. near 90 through the lehigh valley. mid-80s through south jersey and along the shore so warmer than yesterday. delaware coming in in the mid-80s right now as well. we'll take a closer look at the neighborhood temperatures in delaware. marshallt marshallton, 93. harmony hills, 89. if you're in kent county, areas like dover, 87.
4:19 pm
lincoln, 86 degrees, and along the beaches in delaware in sussex county, rehoboth at 79 and dewey beach and lewis at 85. it's going to get hotter through the next several days and more humid. first alert is out for dangerous heat for everybody in pennsylvania and new jersey except the immediate shore and everybody in delaware. keep it in mind, tomorrow through monday. we do expect temperatures to be feeling like triple digits from 100 to 105 degrees. if you look at the seven-day at the bottom of the screen, everyone's seven-day forecast is right there. you will see friday through monday highlighted in red because of the heat danger. so here is that excessive heat watch out. it's for everybody at this point. all the counties shaded in this dark red. that will go until sunday at 6:00 p.m. triple digits from friday to sunday, even into monday. here is a look at future feels-like temperatures.
4:20 pm
overnight into tomorrow afternoon with the humidity that's moving in. we'll be feeling around 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon. expect 100 for the feels-like in philadelphia. 99 wilmington. 100 in vorhees and burlington. saturday afternoon. look at the feels-like temperatures. wilmington, 105. dover, 104. trenton, 102. philadelphia, 104. west chester, 104. it's going to be hot this weekend. very little in the way of rain relief. tomorrow evening we could see a few showers trying to develop but it's not going to be much, and then we go into saturday. the heat and humidity will be here by the afternoon. no rain to really talk about even into sunday. so it's going to be a mostly dry, very hot weekend. again, dangerous heat heading our way. for tomorrow, 96 philadelphia. chance of a late day thunderstorm. it's not going to be too much. lehigh valley, 94. near 90 degrees on the shore and the rest of the weekend very
4:21 pm
hot. feeling like triple digits. >> sheena, thank you. two teenagers being credited with foiling a heist on the high seas. >> next, how they used a high tech toy to chase down a stolen boat and what they got for their efforts. >> a new way to grab a bite at the beach. a teenage ceo using technology to make weekends at the shore more relaxing. here is a look at the closing bell on wall street. as you can see from the red, the dow jones, nasdaq, s&p 500, all closing down today. we'll be right back. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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this is nbc 10 news. >> take a look at this scare at a massachusetts restaurant. surveillance video shows the car crashing through the front of the building. four people were hurt with broken bones. police say the elderly driver accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake. we have seen that many times before, unfortunately. >> close call. police are tipping their caps to a pair of teenagers who used a drone to catch a boat thief in washington state. >> check this out. the teens were on vacation with their parents when they watched someone untie their boat and then sail off with it. so they called 911, then launched their own drone over the water. here is the video from their drone. their boat was the red one, as you can see. there it is being pulled by the thief in a white boat. the info from the drone was all police needed to catch the thief. the boys got their boat back. they even got a celebratory
4:26 pm
picture with those officers. good thinking. technology these days too, wow. >> developing. the big story, the mu much-anticipated speech from donald trump. >> not all republicans are jumping on the trump clear. ted cruz made that very clear last night. today he did the say thing. next the pennsylvania lawmaker who is not ready to stand behind his party's presidential nominee. plus nbc 10 is looking ahead to our big clear the shelter weekend as we try to find homes for animals in our area. how you can help without taking on the responsibility of owning a pet all on your own.
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good afternoon once again, everybody. i'm jim rosenfield reporting
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live from the quicken field arena and the republican national convention here in cleveland, ohio. tonight is the main event. a former reality tv star will formally accept his party's nomination for president, and donald trump will give a speech tonight that will lay out the case as to why he should be the one to move into the oval office, and trump earlier today with his daughter made a final walk through of the convention stage inside this arena. it was the last chance for him and his daughter, ivanka, to get comfortable with the view from the podium before they return to the stage tonight to both give prime time speeches. still a lot of buzz about last night's speech by trump's formal rival ted cruz. cruz did not endorse trump during his speech, and today he said it was because of the personal attacks trump made against his family. now, cruz, of course, not the only republican senator not to endorse donald trump at this point. our senator from pennsylvania, pat toomey, has not endorsed trump for president at this point either, and he is not here
4:31 pm
at the convention. where was he today? in philadelphia and nbc 10's rosemary connors had a chance to speak with him. >> voteconscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket. >> reporter: two senator cruz didn't say, no endorsement, took the spotlight at the rnc. pat toomey of pennsylvania also has not endorsed presidential nominee donald trump. today toomey is weighing in on the latest buzz from cleveland. after last night's speech by ted cruz at the rnc, some of your colleagues in congress, some of your republican colleagues said he was selfish, put himself above the party. what do you think? >> i'll leave it to people to make their own judgment about how to characterize what senator cruz did last night. my own view, look, i have been very clear, i have got significant differences with donald trump. i have reservations about donald trump as many republicans do, but when there's not a contested
4:32 pm
convention, the night at the convention is for the nominee, and so there's a right way and a wrong way to do this. personally, i think ted cruz took the wrong way. >> reporter: unlike cruz, senator toomey did not go to cleveland this week. instead, he's campaigning across pennsylvania ahead ever his own race. toomey admits he has reservations about trump, but that the presidential contender is taking constructive steps in the right direction. >> i'm looking for tone and demeanor, temperament as well as some specifics on policy. >> reporter: senator toomey along with other republicans reluctant to lend their support may hear just what they're looking for tonight when trump takes the stage. i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> so toomey still deciding, and we know, of course, he is facing re-election coming up in november facing the democrat katie mcginty. he said he wanted to spend this week campaigning in the state of pennsylvania instead of being here in cleveland. with that we'll send it back to
4:33 pm
you, keith and jacqueline. >> jim, we've already seen such a dramatic smoky entrance from donald trump earlier this week when he introduced his wife melania. is the talk in cleveland now that we'll see more of that fanfare or will it be necessary for him to have a more presidential feel this evening rather than all the pomp and circumstance? >> reporter: well, we just heard lester holt talk about that dilemma, statesmanlike versus the showman. i spoke earlier today with nbc's peter alexander who has been covering this campaign all along. he said he would not be at all surprised if there is some sort of showmanlike entrance. the nbc cameras have been trained on the podium to see. there are trap doors on the stage for things to rise and fall and so we'll have to wait and see what kind of entrance he makes. yes, it was dramatic on monday with the lighting and the smoke, but perhaps it will be more statesmanlike tonight. we'll just have to wait and see and he will here to find out. >> you have the difficult position trying to be the analyst trying to determine what
4:34 pm
the most unpredictable candidate will do tonight. we appreciate your insights as best you can do. >> happy to do it. >> expecting the unexpected. >> exactly. tonight is the most anticipated night of the convention yet. nbc 10 has it covered around the clock. you can tap the nbc app for more coverage of what's happening in cleveland and local reaction. turn to some breaking news now. fox news network ceo roger ailes is resigning amid allegations he sexually harassed a form he news anchor. he's been a towering force in media and republican politics for decades. that former news anchor says ailes fired her in june after she rebuffed his advances. he denies the claim. almost time to clear the shelters. join us as we try to find forever homes for adoptable pets on saturday. >> tonight we look at the important role fostering plays
4:35 pm
in the process. one of the main reasons wet nose dog rescue in west philly has placed so many pets is the dedication of foster families. by fostering dogs for a short period of time, it allows shelters to take in more animals and give the dogs a more caring home. >> they have never been played with. they don't flow what a toy is. they don't know how to go up and down steps. >> one reason people are hesitant to foster is that it's just so hard to give the dog up in the end. but many rescue groups allow foster families to stay in touch with their animals after they're adopted. >> adorable, that pup. the stars of the rio olympics are doing their part to help clear the shelters. they posed with puppies for a photo shoot and all these pups were later adopted. you can see this gallery on the nbc 10 app. you can do your part to help clear the shelter this is saturday. dozens of local shelters are
4:36 pm
taking part. plus, we'll waive or discount the adoption fees. for a look at the participating shelters, go to or tap on the app. that's this saturday. it appears the message about zika didn't getting through to those who need to hear it most. >> newest revelation that's concerning doctors. and coming up all new, watching the water. when president obama, hillary clinton, and all the dnc headliners come into philadelphia next week, we head out to sea with the coast guard to show you how they'll be protecting the waterways for the dnc.
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more money is on the way to help states battle the zika virus. $60 million in all. the money will be coming from it's centers for disease control. states will use that money for mosquito control and to protect people from zika, especially pregnant women. the virus has been linked to severe birth defects. doctors in new york city say they're seeing an increasing number of protect women with
4:40 pm
exposure to zika. health officials believe it's a matter of time before a child is born there with zika-related birth defects. doctors are concerned because they have tested 2,000 women who have traveled to zika-affected countries despite warnings. nbc 10's initiative to help solve consumer complaints has taken harry harrison into a battle over a mattress. >> a local man tried to he can change the one he bought while it was still under warranty but couldn't get anywhere by himself. that's when he called harry. that story is next. and get ready for dangerous heat. we already have excessive heat watches up for tomorrow through monday and we're going to call a first alert for those days too. i'll show you how hot it's going to feel and if we have any relief heading our way. that's next.
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[ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. in today's nbc 10 responds, a philadelphia man needed a new
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bed for his new town home. instead he got an ongoing problem he could not get r resolved for months. >> he was about to take legal action but then saw a familiar face and decided to contact the nbc 10 responds team. >> reporter: mark gilbert and his family moved into this brand new queen village town home in february. he outfitted the house with new furniture, including a bed set from this mattress warehouse store. >> after about two weeks, my wife and i were unhappy with our box spring and mattress. >> reporter: since it was under warranty, he went back to the store to pick out a new set. he waited for a call back from the store rep to see when the sets could be exchanged. that was back in march. >> he said he would call us back. he never called us back. a couple times we called the store and then we started calling the customer service. >> reporter: gilbert said weeks turned into months with no answers and no exchange from mattress warehouse. then gilbert says he saw a former co-worker on nbc 10
4:45 pm
responds. >> she apparently got her issue resolved, and i said let me just go for it. so we did. >> he reached out to the company and in a statement it tells us in part, quote, we were unaware of any prior attempts to set a delivery date and had we known there was a problem, it would have certainly been resolved long before reaching this stage. and the outcome after we got involved, problem solved. >> you guys resolved it within really 48 -- within 48 hours of me sending you the information i got a phone call, and within a week we had our mattress and box spring. >> reporter: harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> mattress warehouse adds that it acted immediately upon nbc 10 responds telling them there was an issue. >> the approximate value of the new box spring is $1,400. leads aet that to our counter standing at 5 7$57,265.
4:46 pm
>> if you're traveling by southwest airlines, be prepared to wait in long lines. >> hundreds of flights were canceled due to a technical glitch. inez is here with all the details and what travelers really need to do. >> jacqueline, keith, southwest says most of their systems are back online but the recovery will take some time. more than 220 flights were canceled today. several in or out of the philadelphia airport. and yesterday some 700 flights were canceled nationwide and hundreds of others delayed. southwest says it's sorry about all this. it's working on getting travelers to their destination. no word from the airline on any monetary reimbursements. here is what you can do. you can check the southwest website to see if your flight is on time and if you're flying in and out of philadelphia, you can go to and get to the
4:47 pm
airport early. you may have to wait in some long lines. >> and inez, you're gearing up to work on a consumer initiative on our sister station, telemundo 62. >> it's just like nbc 10 responds but for our s spanish-speaking viewer. we have a team of producers waiting to take your calls. if you have a contractor who didn't finish the job or a refund check that never arrived, or an appliance that stopped working, you call us and we'll investigate. you can call 610-949-7462. 949-7462. our team is ready to help and we'll respond to everyone who reaches out to us. >> i can't wait to see the amount of money you recover for people. on our side of it only in a few months it's like 55 grand. can't wait to see -- >> i'm in competition with harry. >> perfect. >> you're going to get a lot of calls. inez, thank you so much. >> thank you. let's go over to sheena parveen who is tracking a
4:48 pm
dangerous heat wave on the way. >> we're talking about humidity making it feel like triple digits. this is a place you want to be. this is margate, a live look outside. very little rain relief in the forecast with these really hot temperatures coming. if you look at the seven-day at the bottom of the screen, we have friday, saturday, sunday, and monday all highlighted in red because those are the first alerts for the entire weekend. friday through monday. it's because of all the heat and humidity coming. right now we're warmer than yesterday. mid to upper 80s across the area. philadelphia, 89 degrees. along the shore we're warmer than we were yet. upper township, 84. mays landing, 86. little egg harbor, 82. atlantic city at 80 degrees right now. we have a lot of heat across the middle of the country. we've seen a lot of heat
4:49 pm
advisories and excessive heat warnings and now all that heat is making its way over here for the entire weekend and even leading into next week. the heat and the humidity will make it feel like triple digits. this is why we have friday through sunday outlined on that seven-day or friday through monday, because temperatures will be in the mid to upper 90s but feeling like anywhere from 100 to 105 degrees. so this is dangerous heat. you want to avoid several hours outside this weekend starting friday. you want to stay hydrated. if you have to be outside, stay in the shade. check on the elderly and you never want to leave children and animals in the car. way too hot for that as we go through the weekend. here are all the counties included in the excessive heat watch. it's everybody. this is why we have that first alert out. humidity is going to be high so that's what really makes it feel so uncomfortable. we have showers moving through parts of the great lakes. we could get a couple showers in
4:50 pm
late tomorrow, not for everybody. that's not an impressive line of showers. so like i mentioned, we're not going to have much in the way of rain relief, but don't be surprised if you see a stray shower tomorrow afternoon. otherwise, look at the temperatures. 95 in to coney. 95 eve township. dover at 94. mostly sunny and you'll notice the humidity going up too. here is a look at your weekend forecast. saturday and sunday, upper 90s. elsewhere, mid to upper 90s. along the shore expect temperatures around 90 degrees and humidity. it is going to be dangerously hot over the next several days. our next heat wave is in the making. we'll talk more about that. >> a lot of people will be wanting to get to the shore and if you do so, there's a new way to enjoy your beach time even more now. >> i am loving this idea. next, we'll introduce you to a local teenage entrepreneur who is using technology to feed
4:51 pm
hungry sunbathers and families who just don't want to make the trek to the boardwalk.
4:52 pm
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this is nbc 10 news. >> it's state fair time in delaware. the fair opened today in harrington. as is the case each year, fairgoers will find everything from barnyard animals to barbecue and bumper cars. technology is providing a new twist this year though. visitors can learn about the attractions through mobile app available on the state fair website. the fair runs through july 30th. how about this? a 17-year-old is revolutionizing food delivery at the jersey shore. >> he's using technology and also pedal power to bring bunch to beachgoers in ocean city.
4:55 pm
meet michael larkin. that's him delivering one of many meals delivered through his company called beach you can place an order from a wide selection of restaurants. then michael or someone from his delivery team picks up the food and delivers it right so your toes never leave the sand. >> since we started in the beginning of june really doing our last push to get this all together, i have been here every day for 12 hours. >> right now beach bites is only delivering in ocean city but michael has plans to expand along the east coast. that's a teenaged ceo right there. >> i know. i work ethic, the dedication, and how great because who ever wants to leave the beach when you're on it. >> you have to invest in michael right there. that's nbc 10 news at 4:00. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> coming up next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, we'll take you back live to cleveland where donald
4:56 pm
trump will deliver his highly anticipated speech tonight. also, philadelphia is making changes both on land and in the water for the democratic national convention next week. the koebs guacoast guard takes water to show us how they're preparing. and we have a lot of heat and humidity heading our way. dangerously hot temperatures as we go through the weekend. i'll show you what it will feel like coming up. later a man with his hands up lying on the ground is shot by police standing several feet away. it's all caught on camera. we'll have more on the controversy next at 5:00.
4:57 pm
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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 5:00, it could be donald trump's biggest test yet. he'll formally accept the republican presidential nomination. the grand finale of the republican national convention, and tonight he could wipe out all the drama we've seen in the convention so far. >> vote your conscience. vote for candidates up and down the ticket. >> ted cruz not jumping on trump's bandwagon. we're going to gauge how local delegates and voters are feeling about cruz's refusal to endorse trump last night. and there's lots of talk about pennsylvania being a battleground state this election, but what about new jersey? governor chris christie tells us why the garden state will be crucial for the candidates when our live coverage from cleveland continues right now.
5:00 pm
good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield reporting live once again from the quicken loans arena in cleveland, ohio. big night tonight for the republicans and donald trump. this is the night he speaks to the american people and accepts his party's nomination for president, and the campaign is hoping that speech will be what people remember and not the controversies we've seen this week. republican nominee donald trump made another brief appearance at the rnc arena last night as the latest convention controversy was unfolding on the stage. trump's entrance to his vip box stole the spotlight from the end of the speech by former rival ted cruz who was booed off the podium when he didn't endorse trump. >> stand and speak and vote your conscience. vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom. >> reporter: trump seemed to take the snub in stride


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