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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  July 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield reporting live once again from the quicken loans arena in cleveland, ohio. big night tonight for the republicans and donald trump. this is the night he speaks to the american people and accepts his party's nomination for president, and the campaign is hoping that speech will be what people remember and not the controversies we've seen this week. republican nominee donald trump made another brief appearance at the rnc arena last night as the latest convention controversy was unfolding on the stage. trump's entrance to his vip box stole the spotlight from the end of the speech by former rival ted cruz who was booed off the podium when he didn't endorse trump. >> stand and speak and vote your conscience. vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom. >> reporter: trump seemed to take the snub in stride later
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tweeting, wow, ted cruz got booed off the stage. >> i think he did not respect the invitation. he understood what the responsibilities are of somebody in his position and he didn't meet them. >> reporter: this morning the texas senator told the texas delegation that he's not in the habit of supporting people who attack his family. cruz had pledged to support the nominee but that was before trump tweeted an unflattering photo of his wife and suggested his father had ties to the jfk assassination. >> that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you slander and attack heidi, that i'm going to nonetheless come like a servile puppy dog and say thank you very much for maligning my wife and my father. >> it overshadowed the acceptance speech of indiana governor mike pence who took the opportunity to introduce himself to the nation. >> i'm a christian, a
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conservative, and a republican in that order. >> 24 hours later people are still talking about ted cruz and the impact on this convention, the impact on the republican party. my colleague lauren mayk is joining me now right up here in our broadcast booth, and i know you've been speaking with members of the pennsylvania delegation about what cruz did last night and what they felt about that. what did they say? >> jim, things have calmed down a bit from last night, but i'll tell you there are still some emotions about this. take a look again at what we saw on the floor last night when ted cruz was speaking. boos and shouting from delegates who wanted to hear a full endorsement of donald trump. today i asked delegates how they feel about what happened. the first person you're going to hear from, the woman was a ted cruz supporter during the primary. are you disappointed in him? >> i thought he made a calculated mistake.
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>> he turned into lying ted again the last 10% of the thing. it was amazing he wouldn't come up and show graciousness. >> i think when those boos occurred, it wasn't about disunity. it felt unity of people booing him. this is the team now. be part of the team. help us get and advance the ball. >> you know, and this issue actually came up during that pennsylvania delegation breakfast this morning sort of during the program, and you could just feel and hear the temperature in the room going up. one man said that both ted cruz and john kasich, the ohio governor who is not here at the convention, that both men were not honorable. >> one appearing and making a big splash and one not setting foot in this convention center. lauren mayk, thanks so much. another man making big remarks about ted cruz's speech and the impact on this convention is new jersey governor chris christie. he met today with the new jersey
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delegation over breakfast. christie took questions and talked about everything from cruz to vice president pence. one delegate asked the governor if he thinks new jersey will be in play in november. >> i know donald thinks we're in play. he talks to me about it all the time. he feels a real connection to the state because of the business enterprises he has here now and has had before. >> so chris christie appearing before that breakfast delegation. that's a time, by the way, when a lot of these high-profile candidates and high-profile members of the party get to mingle with the delegations, really get to spend some one-on-one time with the delegates outside of the convention floor. it's an interesting time for our cameras to be there as well. with that, we'll send it back to you in philadelphia for now and we'll be here for more coverage coming up at 6:00. >> all right, jim. we'll see you then.
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>> we'll be bringing you much more convention coverage throughout this newscast and, in fact, anytime on the nbc 10 app. you can catch our live convention show tonight at 7:00. hot day to hit the beach. perfect day to hit the beach. here is a live look down the shore at cape may. things will start to heat up tomorrow as we head into the weekend. in fact, we're issuing a first alert for tomorrow because of the dangerous heat that's going to be with us for a while. >> let's get to sheena parveen who is tracking how hot we're going to get. we're going to eclipse three digits, right? >> it's going to feel like triple digits as we go through the week. tomorrow actual temperatures will be in the 90s. if you look at the seven-day, we have four days highlighted, friday through month and we have a first alert out for each of those. right now though we're not dealing with that dangerous heat yet but it will be moving in. it is 90 degrees through part of the lehigh valley. near 90 in philadelphia.
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delaware coming in in the mid-80s. pennsylvania suburbs, we'll take a closer look at this, 86 degrees in exton. west chester is coming in at 93. if you're in montgomery county, temperatures near 90 as well as bucks county. warington at 89. the first alert will be starting tomorrow for pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. it's going to run from friday through monday with temperatures in the 90s feeling like anywhere from 100 to 105 degrees. take a look at this prolonged heat wave. today so far we've gotten to 89 but starting tomorrow mid-90s and across the weekend expect temperatures in the upper nib90. coming up, we'll take a closer look at what you can expect it to feel like across the entire weekend. >> thaths for that. as the rnc wraps up tonight, the democratic national convention is just four days away from kicking off here in philadelphia. the setup is in full swing at
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the wells fargo center and all over the city as well. whether you're a democrat or a republican starting tomorrow you can explore the evolution of american politics during political fest in philadelphia. today nbc 10's andrea cline thomas got on board a flash bus with former governor ed rendell to check out the door. tell us about it. >> reporter: political fest is perfect for a history buff or a parent that's really trying to introduce their children to the democratic process. all you need is a ticket and some time to learn how our democracy was formed. >> jfk's body was on the plane when the newly sworn-in president -- he was sworn in on the plane. >> reporter: at the convention take a walk inside a replica of jfk's air force one. have a seat in a reproduction of president reagan's oval office. one ticket to political fest will give you access to seven museums and a front row seat to history. >> get on the bus quickly.
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>> we hopped on a flash bus with former governor ed rendell to see what each of the stops have to offer. we saw dresses worn by first ladies at the national liberty museum, the historical society of pennsylvania has at firsthand written drafts of the constitution. and learn about the history of political conventions in philadelphia at the union league's heritage center. >> we're setting up our speech hall. >> political fest starts friday july 22nd and lasts until the 27th, but unlike the democratic national convention that it coincides with, political fest is a nonpartisan experience. >> president truman's order to desegregate the armed forces in 1948. >> reporter: as a way to introduce the delegates to the richness philadelphia has to offer. >> we want to see the -- come into the constitution center. we'll suggest how to access that. >> reporter: it allows residents to better appreciate the unique experiences and history in their own backyard. now, you can get tickets online
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or come to the constitution center in person. now, that one ticket is good for all six days of the political fest and i can tell you that our bus tour today took two hours and we didn't even begin to scratch the surface. reporting live outside the constitution center, nbc 10 news. >> great to hear. thank you so much. philadelphia is going to host 50,000 delegates, visitors and protesters too. city officials talked about the road closured today. broad street south of packer avenue will close. streets around fdr park and the wells fargo center will also close. on sunday the city will begin towing cars. however, city workers say the impact won't just be on south philly. it will also be felt in center city and beyond. >> it's going to be rough trying to get into the city every day. whether you're taking the bus or just riding and if you can get a spot. >> coming up at 6:00, we talk with one group planning a week-long protest starting with
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the march down broad street and daily events near the dnc site. find out why they say you should join them rather than figure out how to get around them. and a group of local clergy behind bars tonight. >> they were arrested today at philadelphia international airport during a peaceful protest. these pictures were sent in to nbc 10 a short while ago. the group staged a demonstration just outside the american airlines offices to protest what they call unfair labor practices toward contractors. they were taken into custody after they refused to leave. in other news, temple university's president neil theobald has agreed to resign from his past amid a near of scanda scandals. the resignation package includes some compensation and goes into effect next month. the board had been concerned with theobald's conduct after learning of a $22 million budget deficit. they hired an interim president with a long history at the
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university who promised to move the fool skoord. down in south jersey, vineland, security changes are coming to city hall. >> right now anybody can walk in and access much of the being. there are plans to add a sign in sometime and a full-time police officer to the ground floor. >> we're just trying to be proactive instead of reactive. >> so far the city has not decided on a date for the upgrades. a prosecutor has refiled criminal charges against a reading police officer accused of wrongly punching a woman and smashing her cell phone. this video appears to show officer jesus santiago dejesus knock a phone from a woman's hand to get rid of the video she was recording of him. last month a district judge dismissed charges against the officer saying there was insufficient evidence. it's not clear what's new about the allegations prosecutors
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refiled today. next on nbc 10 news, an unarmed man appears to be lying on the ground with his hand up when he's shot by police and it's all caught on video. >> the client asked why did you shoot me? the officer said to my client, i don't know. >> up next, the police department's explanation for why this man was shot. later. watching the waters when the democratic national convention comes to down. the coast guard shows us what they'll be looking for as they protect the dnc next week. but first, total truth or pants on fire. we put mike pence under the fact checking microscope when our rnc coverage continues nix. ext.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> an investigation is under way in south florida after police say an officer shot an unarmed man. >> and today north miami's chief of police still cannot explain exactly why it happened. this video shows the moments before police shot charles kinsey. you can see him with his hands up in the air lying on the ground. kincy works as a mental health professional at a group home. he says he was in the street trying to get an upset autistic
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patient to come back inside. according to police somebody had called 911 earlier in the day saying there was a man walking around with a gun. >> the individual who lives here was walking down the street with a toyota in his hand, and somebody called the police. >> no gun was ever retrieved from the scene. the officer who shot kinsey is now on edadministrative leave. the police department says it will get answers about why the shooting happened. the justice department is also investigating. we are now learning new information about the bastille day attack in nice, france. french authorities say it may have been in the works for months, and the driver had at least five accomplices. a french prosecutor made the announcement today as they opened an inquiry into the attack. officials say the driver was plotting his attacks since last year. he killed 84 people by driving through a crowd during bastille day celebrations in the resort city of nice. police later killed him.
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five people are now in custody and suspected of helping. brazilian police have arrested ten people who allegedly were in talks about possible attacks during the olympics next month. police are still looking for two more suspects allegedly involved. authorities acted because the group was discussing the use of weapons and guerilla tactics to potentially launch an attack during the summer games. there were no specific targets. russia has lost its appeal against an olympic ban on its track and field athletes. the decision was announced by the court of arbitration for sports. 68 russian track and field athletes were trying to overturn the ban imposed by the sports world governing body following allegations of state-sponerred doping and cover-ups. the 2016 summer games in rio get under way in 15 days. the opening ceremony will take place august 5th. nbc 10's jacqueline london will be going to the games. you can look for her live reports from rio right here on nbc 10.
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night number four of the republican national convention is almost upon us. nbc 10 news political director chuck todd has been front and center for all the happenings and tonight he's checking the facts about last night's speech from vp nominee mike pence. >> the republican vice presidential nominee mike pence spoke proudly of his record as governor of indiana. politifact decided to check his claims against reality. how did he do? pence talked about his record on the economy boasting that there are more hoosiers going to work than ever before. well, the bureau of labor statistics says he's right about that, but there's a bit more to the story. while there's growth in raw numbers, the population has also grown in indiana. so there was a higher percentage of the state's population working in 2000 than during any year of pence's administration. so politifact rated that claim half true. pence also talked about his education record last night, but his claims of making record
5:19 pm
investments in education are a bit fuzzy. fact check urs found in raw dollars, pence is right. but when adjusted for inflation, there were larger investments in both 2010 and 2011. still, education spending is on the rise under pence's leadership. so politifact gave that claim also a half true. we'll be talking a lot more about about pence and donald trump in the week ahead. in the meantime, stay tuned for "nbc nightly news" tonight and for our special on nbc and the coverage of donald trump's acceptance speech. coming up at 5:30, we'll head back live to cleveland where nbc 10's jim rosenfield is previewing donald trump's headlining rnc speech tonight. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, it's going to get a lot hotter than it is today. today is a little hotter than yesterday. plenty of sunshine helping to warm things up in new jersey. nice and clear outside.
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pennsylvania suburbs, philadelphia, plenty of sunshine. for delaware and the lehigh valley, temperatures are mostly in the mid to upper 80s. wilmington at 86 degrees and sunny. philadelphia area coming in near 90 degrees right now. we'll take a look at some of our neighborhood temperatures in philadelphia. parkside coming in at 91. 90 society hill. penn's pover92. friday through monday highlighted in red. not for the jersey shore but for the rest of the area because we have a first alert out for those days because of the intense heat coming our way, the dangerous heat, so the first alert is out for pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. you see the red outlines on your seven-day. that's showing you the days that are going to be the hottest. friday through monday, that's when temperatures with humidity will make it feel more like 100 to 105 degrees. this is dangerous heat. you want to avoid several hours
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outside. at the same time you want to stay in the shade and stay hydrated and never leave children and animals in the car. it's going to be way too hot around the entire area. we already have an excessive heat watch out for this exactly. it's going to be until about sunday 6:00 p.m. temperatures feeling like triple digits creating that dangerous heat. so that is the main weather story as we go across the weekend and into the beginning of next week. this is going to be a prolonged heat wave. take a look at future feels-like temperatures as we go through friday afternoon. it's going to feel around 100 degrees. trenton, doylestown feeling 100 degrees. tomorrow wilmington, even philly could feel like 100. watch as we go into saturday. hotter, more humid. temperatures now feeling like anywhere from 100 to 104. wilmington, could be feeling like 104 saturday afternoon and even sunday is going to be a very hot day with high humidity. very little rain relief in the forecast. this is future weather. as far as any precip is
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concerned, not much tomorrow afternoon. we could see a few isolated showers. it's not really going to be enough to cool us off, and then we go through the weekend and we're going to be staying dry with all this heat around. we'll take a closer look at the rest of the weekend forecast along with your shore cast coming up. the buzz at the rnc, ted cruz's decision not to endorse trump last night. he's not the only one. today i caught up with u.s. senator pat toomey from pennsylvania about why he still has not gotten behind his party's nominee. that's straight ahead. but first a lack of money is not a lack of love. how local animal lovers are trying to make sure no sick pet goes without a visit to the vet just because their owner can't afford to pay the bill. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
5:23 pm
who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned.
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they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it. a group of animal lovers and veterinarians are working to break down the barriers to pet ownership. >> they're working in parts of philadelphia where money or transit issues prevent access to care. >> we're highlighting their efforts ahead of the clear the shelters campaign. >> reporter: it was reunion time in hunting park today. >> i'm a pet person. that's my life. i enjoy them. >> reporter: dozens of people picked up their dogs and cats freshly spayed and knew toured for free. amanda escobar manages the pets for life.
5:26 pm
>> if we're alienating that whole population, we're alien e alienating a bunch of loving homes these pets could go to. >> reporter: they're making pet ownership more accessible. >> all people love pets. >> >> reporter: they say it's when they're out in neighborhoods engaging people. >> the human touch is very important. >> reporter: with a group of volunteers from penn vets, they went in several homes checking on a sick puppy and making sure other pets got needed vaccines. >> lack of money does not equate to a lack of love so why not get these pets into homes that can be really, really successful and happy places for them. >> reporter: and she says these smiles are proof of that happiness. in hunting park, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> we are just a few days away from the nationwide pet adoption event clear the shelters. dozens of local shelters are
5:27 pm
part of the program offering free or discounted adoption fees on saturday. you can find the closest shelter near you or take our quiz on what kind of dog you should adopt by going to the nbc 10 app. >> how can you deny those faces? coming up next we're headed back live to cleveland. >> our rnc coverage continues with jim rosenfield. jim? >> guys, coming up, we'll have a preview of donald trump's big speech tonight. we'll talk to our political expert about what this moment means and if it can help him win in pennsylvania. it's all coming up live from cleveland. first, we're following breaking news in philadelphia. a woman found dead in her home apparently beaten to death. we're live on the scene when we come right back.
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this should be the name. or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm." but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name. nbc 10 news breaking news. >> we're following breaking news out of the hunting park neighborhood where police have found a woman's body inside a home. >> investigators believe she was beaten to death. brandon hudson is live at that scene. what have you learned, brandon? >> reporter: what we're working to find out more is to find out how she died. she was well known in the community. she was a kind-hearted woman who volunteered at a nearby church. on one side you will see police checking out the home here. on the other side of the street you will see family and church members gathering, some of whom saw her at church last sunday. skyforce 10 shows you where this
5:31 pm
happened at the 3700 block of north percy street in hunting park. philadelphia police say a 49-year-old woman was reported missing. she was discovered dead inside her home before 1:00. officers found her on a second-floor bedroom. the tragic news spread quickly as loved ones and friends gathered across the home to console each other. homicide detectives are on scene and early indications are this woman was beaten to death. we've asked people who knew her who they thought did this and they're trying to find that out. any information we get, we'll pass along to you. live in hunting parks, i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. and good evening once again from cleveland where republicans are gathering tonight for their nominee's acceptance speech. donald trump will be here in just a matter of hours. he will give a speech expected to extend beyond his base of
5:32 pm
support to the wider american awed sense to convince them he should be this country's 45th president. trump himself took to the stage this afternoon to take a final walk through, get used to the podium and the microphone. in his speech tonight, trump is expected to paint a bleak picture of the current state of affairs in america. it will outline his plan for fixing them. he's expected to address among other things the issue of law and order, trade, terrorism, and immigration, and he will speak about his opponent no doubt, hillary clinton. now, after the controversy surrounding his wife's speech on monday night, we've learned that the campaign has put so-called safeguards in place to guard against any potential plagiarized sections. so one prominent republican who is not here, we've been talking about this all week long, is pennsylvania's senator pat toomey, but i know rosemary connors, you caught up with him in philadelphia. what did he have to say? >> senator toomey is weighing in on what happened with ted cruz
5:33 pm
at the rnc last night when the texas senator refused to endorse donald trump. toomey also spoke about why he hasn't backed trump either. >> reporter: mixed with the cheers were jeers, boos for senator ted cruz who did not endorse donald trump last night. instead, he told the convention crowd to vote their conscience. republican senator pat toomey of pennsylvania admits he still has reservations about his party's presidential nominee. senator, you say that you hope to get to the point where you may be able to endorse donald trump, but wouldn't this week be the week to do it? i mean, we're getting very close to november. >> not that close. for a lot of people elections really begin after labor day. we're not even close to that. there's a lot of time, and i'm going to continue to watch and listen. >> i accept your knowlednominat run and serve as vice president. >> what toomey has been watching and liking is trump's pick for vice president, governor mike pence in indiana. >> i know mike pence personally.
5:34 pm
we served together in the house. mike pence is a thoughtful, smart, capable guy. he's been a successful governor. that was a good choice. >> reporter: while the senator won't publicly support trump just yet, toomey is unwavering about one thing. >> he is the republican nominee, and he will never support hillary clinton under any circumstances ever. >> reporter: now, senator toomey tells me he did not go to the convention in cleveland this week because he believes his time is better spent campaigning in pennsylvania. that's where he faces is tough senate race in november against democrat katie mcginty. >> today the democratic national convention committee announced more local politicians will take the stage during the dnc. they are pennsylvania governor tom wolf, philadelphia mayor jim kenney, congressman bob brady, senator bob casey, and congressman brendan boyle. that's in addition to the headliners here speaking at the wells fargo center next week. on monday it will be first lady
5:35 pm
michelle obama and senator bernie sanders. former president bill clinton will speak tuesday. and president obama and vice president biden take the stage on wednesday. of course, it all wraps up with hillary clinton on thursday. let's talk about the weather now. we're tracking dangerous heat. the first alert neighborhood forecast, you're about to see it. looking live at conditions along boat house row where it's hotter today but the real heat starts tomorrow. we're issuing a first alert as the temperatures could feel above 100 degrees. >> i feel like this sweltering sticky heat going to be with us for a little while. let's get more details from meteorologist sheena parveen. >> it's going to be with us for quite a while starting tomorrow axrcross your entire weekend an into next week. the first alert is out for pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. evan will feel the heat and humidity friday through monday. it will be a prolonged heat wave. hot and humid making it feel anywhere from 100 to 105
5:36 pm
degrees. if you look at the seven-day at the bottom of the screen, you will notice we have four days outlined here, friday through monday, because of this first alert and because of how hot it's going to feel. we already have an excessive heat watch out for everybody, all the counties shaded in this dark red color. that's because it is going to feel like triple digits and that is dangerous heat, so we're warning everyone ahead of time, dangerous heat could cause some big issues if you're outside for several hours at a time. make sure you do stay hydrated across the weekend. never leave children and animals in the car. it's going to be way too hot for that. 89 in mid. mid-80s for vineland and wilmington. hotter than it was yesterday but even hotter tomorrow. we'll take a look at that forecast plus your weekend weather coming up. take a look at this. charred remains are all that's left of a small plane that crashed into a house in suburban chicago. the pilot was killed. it's unclear if anyone else was
5:37 pm
on board. an investigation is ongoing. fortunately nobody was inside the house at the time of this accident. as you can see, it was badly damaged. southwest airlines says it has fixed a computer glitch that stranded thousands of passengers but there is till some residual effects tonight. southwest's website crashed yesterday causing the airline to hold up all flights for quite some time. in the end 700 flights had to be canceled. hundreds more were delayed yesterday. nbc 10 was at philly international today where the long lines remain. southwest says that that's going to be the case for a while as things get back up to speed. kids connecting with local cops one song at a time. ♪ and a boom chick-a boom >> we'll show you all the sweet ways these kids showed their neighborhood officers they care.
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
this is nbc 10 news.
5:40 pm
>> residents in sharing hill, delaware county, marched with a message for their local police. >> mothers and fathers walked with their children from the elementary school to the police station. ♪ i chick a boom chick-a rock-a ♪ >> they signed up for a tour of the officers but that wasn't why they were there. instead, they offered officers candy bars, handshakes, hugs, and an offer. >> we want the officers to get to know our children. we want the officers to get to know our parents, our fathers, our brothers, our grandparents. >> the group provided lunch for the officers. the children sat down with them to start building better relationships. well, there's nothing like it in the entire country. a philadelphia indoor training facility for young folks was unveiled today and got a new name. the phillies mlb urban music academy indoor training center
5:41 pm
is now the ryan howard training center. the facility is at the airon anderson recreation center. howard and his wife donated a large chunk of money toward the $2.5 million project. it will be used by thousands of kids enrolled in the phillies rbi program. >> love seeing him do good things in the community. a former eagles star tells nbc 10 10 he, quote, loves donald trump. we'll hear why next. and trump's big moment at the republican national convention is now just hours away. up next, our political expert joins us live from cleveland with what to expect from trump tonight and how it could impact his push for pennsylvania.
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welcome back to the quicken loans arena in cleveland where the republican national convention comes to a close with a speech everyone is waiting for. welcome back, everybody. we know one person not officially endorsing donald trump is ted cruz. he made that clear last night and again today at some of the delegation breakfasts. joining me now is our gop analyst jim schultz. thanks for being here again. is this a big deal, cruz saying i didn't endorse trump because he insulted my family? >> cruz had an opportunity last night to do exactly what he said he would do in the primary, which is endorse the republican nominee. he chose not to. in 1976 ron neald reagan was mam l magnanimous. he's ted cruz's hero. it was just the wrong thing to do last night and he lived up to
5:45 pm
the nickname donald trump gave him. >> trump moves on from that tonight. what can we expect from him? do you think more presidential, less showman? >> i think that's far behind him. he's gained a lot of the electorate, certainly the gop. tonight we're going to see what donald trump, president donald trump is going to look like. and i think we will expect him to be serious, presidential, aspirational, and i don't think you'll see a lot of the criticism certainly critical of hillary clinton but not a lot of the criticisms that pertains to his former opponents that we've seen in the past. >> and what do you think he needs to do to win pennsylvania? what is pennsylvania going to want to hear from him tonight? >> the important places in pennsylvania for donald trump are the western part of the state and some of the more blue collar portions of the eastern part of the state and in the northeast. he needs to appeal to knows folks. they're hurting. they're looking for jobs. they don't have jobs right now. they've lost their jobs as a result of the attack on coal, the attack on the gas industry,
5:46 pm
and they're angry about it. he needs to continue to appeal to that population. they're blue collar democrats and that's how he wins pennsylvania. >> we expect him to talk about how he's going to create jobs. jim, i know you'll be here tonight. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> we'll have much more from the rnc coming up leading up to trump's big speech tonight both on air and on the nbc 10 app. just tap that app and look out for our live convention broadcast coming up for one hour at 7:00 from right here at the quicken loans arena. sending it back to you, keith and rosemary. >> jim and jim, thank you for the insight, guys. as jim just mentioned, we have that 7:00 special coming up. this evening at 7:00, former eagle randall cunningham's thoughts on donald trump. >> he did a one-on-one interview with trump in the 1990s. nbc 10's vai sikahema recently sat down with cunningham to talk about the donald then and now. >> donald doesn't play. i like him.
5:47 pm
i can't tell you who i'm going to vote for, you know -- >> you had dealings with him, you like him. >> i love him. i love him as a man. >> you can see this interview, including cunningham's interview with donald trump tonight on nbc 10. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, it's a little bit hotter today, and it's going to get even hotter tomorrow and through the weekend and the humidity is going to be up too. we have some dangerous heat coming. one place that's going to be at least nice to cool off if you're in the water, that's going to be right along the delaware beaches and the jersey shore. this is a live look at rehoboth beach. very clear skies right now. plenty of sunshine, but temperatures along the beaches this weekend close to 90 degrees. neighborhood temperatures right now warmer than yesterday. mid to upper 80s. 89 in philadelphia. 90 lehigh valley. in delaware temperatures are in the mid-80s. that's wilmington there. and our new jersey neighborhoods
5:48 pm
mostly in the mid to upper 80s. so vorhees is 89 degrees. medford, 89. luck berton at 90 degrees as well as florence. princeton, 86. hamilton township coming in at 89. the heat and humidity have been sitting off to the west over the pathself da selel selelf severa. now we go into friday, saturday, sunday and monday, and all that heat and humidity moves right over us. so if you look at the seven-day at the bottom of the screen, you will see friday through monday are highlighted in red. that's because we have a first alert out for all four of those days. take a look at future fields-like temperature and this is why we have the first alert out. this is tomorrow afternoon and evening with the heat and humidity that will be moving in. it's going to feel right around 100 degrees. trenton and doylestown could feel like 100. philadelphia feeling like 99. so basically all the area is going to feel close to 100 degrees tomorrow.
5:49 pm
that's dangerous heat. now saturday afternoon, temperatures a little bit hotter. feeling anywhere from 100 to 105 degrees across the area going into saturday. that's going to be the case for sunday and possibly monday. very little rain ra leaelief in forecast. the only chance of showers is this skinny, up -- unimpressive line across the great lakes. it's not going to be a lot of rain at all. reading, 94. mostly sunny, more humid. 95 eve township. wilmington, expect temperatures in the midnights. heading to the shore. weekend, it's going to be hot. temperatures around 90 degrees for all the shore points. avalon, margate, rehoboth beach, and atlantic city. water temperature is near 80
5:50 pm
degrees but the uv index also very high. expect a sunburn in about 10 to 15 minutes. you want to find the shade if you're heading to the jersey shore or the delaware beaches this weekend. it's going to be very hot, especially if you're staying inland, even hotter. your philadelphia ten-day forecast, tomorrow mid-90s. chance of a shower. not enough to cool us down. over the weekend we're going to stay mostly dry. near the upper 90s saturday and sunday. feeling like 100 to 1035 degr5 . that's a prolonged heat wave and we could certainly be staying in the 90s even as we go into next week. >> sounds like we're going to need that spf 50 over the next few days or so. >> certainly have to be careful. that's for sure. thanks, sheena. coming up next, watching the water during the dnc. >> just ahead, we'll take you for a ride along with the u.s. coast guard as they prepare to protect the waters during next week's convention.
5:51 pm
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only fios can. turns out philadelphia is in the top ten when it comes to the worst cities to drive in. for the third year in a row philadelphia drivers are ranked the eighth worst in america. that's according to allstate's 12th annual best drivers report. it says the average philadelphia driver will experience a crash every six years. i think that's true.
5:54 pm
those odds are almost 60% higher than the national average. temple university is getting set to honor one of hollywood's funniest and most talented actors. the school will present tina fey with its lou klein excellence in media award. she will be the 16th person to achieve the world. fey and her brother peter established a scholarship at temple in memory of their father, donald. dnc security preparations are beginning to ramp up all around the wells fargo center. you will see some changes on the roads throughout philadelphia and also in the water. >> nbc 10's drew smith takes us on a boat ride with the u.s. coast guard as they get ready to protect another huge event. >> headed south to the river. >> reporter: this coast guard crew welcomed nbc 10 aboard today. >> one of our newest small boats in the area. >> reporter: departing from penn's landing, we set off on the delaware river. learning the important role the
5:55 pm
training of these men and all of this technology will play during the four days of the democratic national convention. >> there's a lot of stuff we're patrolling, protecting, covering, you know, on the river that a lot of people don't know. >> reporter: petty officer james mcguire is at the helm and explains how the dnc is different than routine patrol. >> you got to be more vigilant. you got to be, you know, maintaining a good lookout. where are people's hands at? where are people's -- you know, how many people are on that boat. >> reporter: the convention will require security zones which includes part of the delaware and schuylkill rivers but commercial and recreational boating is not totally off limits. waterway closures will happen periodically as they're needed. >> the only times we'll restrict the atraffic is when it's broadcast through on channel 16 and it will be from the mouth of the schuylkill to the island and 500 yards north and south of gerard point. >> we move fast.
5:56 pm
>> reporter: planning rapid response to anything on the water that threatens the history happening on shore. in philadelphia, drew smith, nbc 10 news. protesters locked together in pvc pipes deliver a message to democrats in washington. about 30 climate activists converged on dnc headquarters. some of them linked up and locking the front door. the group says it feels betrayed after democrats did not adopt a strong stance in their platform meeting. the democratic convention starts next week. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here is jacqueline london. coming up next at 6:00, passengers evacuated, some rushed to the hospital. what went wrong? new information we just found out next. plus, it looks like a video game is how officers are now training for active shooter
5:57 pm
situations. we're there as they practice next at 6:00. and we have dangerously hot temperatures heading our way along with humidity. it will feel like triple digit heat. we also have excessive heat watches out. i'll show you what that means for your weekend and how hot you can expect it to feel coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 6:00, the stage
5:59 pm
is set. the speech is written. it is donald trump's turn to send a direct message to americans. good evening, everyone. i'm j i'm jim rosen fiefield live froe quicken loans arena in cleveland, ohio. trump himself we've learned a short time ago, he and his campaign have put in place some steps to make sure that what happened in melania trump's speech on monday does not happen tonight. nbc learning that trump's speech will be run through plagiarism software out of an abundance of caution after the controversy earlier in the week. and we saw trump preparing for his speech here in the hall a short time ago checking out the microphone and the podium. donald trump's daughter, ivanka, will be introducing her father. big speech for her as well tonight. >> i love cleveland. i love ohio. >> reporter: donald trump took his final walk through of the convention stage this afternoon
6:00 pm
as he prepares for the biggest speech of his campaign so far. and his best chance yet to make the case to the american public for why he should be elected president. trump's first appearance on the stage monday night featured a dramatic entrance. will we see something similar tonight? peter alexander has covered the campaign every step of the way and he tells me he thinks we should expect the unexpected. >> we've been mapping out all scenario scenarios. we had a camera locked down as they were hoopening a trap dono. can you imagine if there's a silhouette of donald trump rising from beneath the stage? >> as we were saying donald trump's drawer ivanka will be introducing her father. she wants to focus on her father's character and talk about what she sees as his presidential qualities, a


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