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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  July 23, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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today hillary clinton will hit the campaign trail with her newly picked running mate, virginia senator tim kaine. she announced her choice via text message and twitter last night. we are just two days away from the start of the democratic national convention here in philadelphia and as the preparations continue this morning at the wells fargo center there could be a fight heating up over super delegates. we'll explain. that's not the only thing heating up, we are in a stretch of what i'm going to call oppressive weather, that's only going to get worse today. here is a live look towards the ben franklin bridge. it could feel like it's 100 degrees or more. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. crank up that ac, right? good morning, this is nbc 10 news as to i'm rosemary connors,
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it's 5:00 on this saturday. first thing we want to welcome our new meteorologist crystal collide who comes to nbc 10 from texas. >> i did a morning show at my last play so i'm okay with the early hours. i'm happy to be here but feel like i brought the heat. >> i think you did. >> i apologize. we are looking at temperatures that as you said oppressive heat this weekend, dangerous heat under that first alert. this is where we're looking at, through pennsylvania into new jersey except the shore which is looking a little better off as well as delaware, all these locations temperatures are going to be very toasty, we are not just talking today, we're talking through your sunday, monday, even your tuesday, those temperatures will be on the heightened of things, in fact, this is what we're looking at, very hot and humid. we know how that goes with the humidity, that's when it feels even hotter than it actually is. so feel like temperatures between 100 and 105 degrees, although we might be able to
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squeak in a triple digit actually a high temperature around the region over the next several days because of how warm we are looking with this heat wave moving through. right now sitting at 77 degrees for us in philadelphia, suburbs at 73 and also in knows low 70s for us in the lehigh valley. right now winds about 5 to 10 miles per hour but we are looking at for the most part winds not the big factor, it being all about the heat moving forward. live looks outside right now showing us sun not up yet but as it comes up quickly you will feel the humidity as you get out the door and those temperatures are going to start to skyrocket out there. we will be checking in on your neighborhood forecast, what to expect as you move forward today and the rest of the weekend, especially if you're heading to the shore coming up. we are learning more this morning about a deadly hit and run in south philadelphia. a mother is dead and six other people are hurt, including a two-year-old child. police say last night the driver of a stolen car ran a stoplight and crashed into another vehicle which then hit the family.
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the driver took off and ditched the car on 21st street and snyder avenue. that's where police found it empty. a short time later, though, officers were able to track down and arrest the suspect. now to our decision 2016 coverage with the democratic national convention just two days away we know who hillary clinton will have her as running mate. she picked virginia senator tim kaine as the vice presidential pick for her. clinton told the world on twitter, she tweeted this message announcing her running mate just after 8:00 last night. she called kaine a man who has devoted his life to fighting for others. the 58-year-old senator served as the democratic national committee chair manned and in 2008 kaine was a finalist to become president obama's running mate. earlier this week we talked to a partner for a campaign group, last night he told us he believes kaine is a safe pick, a popular former governor of a crucial swing state and familiañ
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to voters. >> he has foreign policy experience which given the concerns about security is a pretty important thing right now. >> clinton will introduce kaine at a rally in miami a little bit later on today. the republicans did not wait long to respond. republican national committee chairman reince priebus released a statement last night that reads in part: hillary clinton's choice of tim kaine does nothing to unify a fractured democratic base which is repelled by his dishonesty and cronyism. ultimately this is a ticket that represents one thing, four more years like the last eight, just with more corruption and scandal. the clinton/kaine team will arrive in philadelphia in just a few days for the democratic national convention. this morning there are already street closures in effect and at the wells fargo center the stage is set for the festivities that will be beginning on monday. nbc 10's brandon hudson has more on the changes inside and outside the wells fargo center. >> reporter: as workers make final changes to secure fdr park with fencing around the front
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facing broad street we met people getting some last rounds of tennis in before it's closed for protesters. >> this is my regular place where i play five, six days a week. >> reporter: jonathan jones and kelvin luck delay at this park often but with the democratic national convention looming at the wells fargo center it's forcing people who use fdr park to make other plans next week. >> i just have to find something else to do. they're going to close the roads as well i guess so that will be a bummer. >> reporter: during the dnc several streets will be shut down like pattison avenue to broad street and packer avenue to the navy yard. don't even think about parking near the wells fargo center to take the septa strain at at&t station. that lot closed tonight. >> i will have to go back to the regional rail or park down, i think, in the nova care. >> reporter: inside the wells fargo center it's almost show time, ready for delegates, including victoria bard from
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colorado. she's hoping bernie sanders can miraculously win the democratic nomination. >> just hold that quantum level thought that it is possible and when everybody's mind comes together magic can happen. >> that was nbc 10's brandon hudson. take a look at what was flying over the wells fargo center yesterday. a banner plane with a message for the dnc. end super delegates. the dnc rules and bylaws committee is meeting today and a vote on super delegates is suggested. they are free to support any candidate at the party's national con he thinks have. the democratic party has more than 700. in a story you read first on the first protester at fdr park arrived yesterday. lynn drove from illinois, the first rally for the protesters is planned for tomorrow. center city is ready for convention visitors. state flags are flying along
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portions of south broad street headed to the wells fargo center. closer to city hall a colorful art project now a dorns the median on broad street. presidential quotes cover fencing surrounding construction projects and decorated donkeys can be spotted all around town. count on nbc 10 for your station to watch for coverage of the democratic national convention. we will broadcast live from the wells fargo center every day until the convention ends on thursday. we will also broadcast a nightly one-hour special starting monday at 7:00 to get you set for the ñjíñ 5:07 on this saturday. coming up, terror at a mall in germany. ten people including the gunman are dead in the attack. this morning investigators are trying to figure out what prompted the shooter to open fire. plus, new jersey lawmakers put their foot on the accelerator on a new gas tax plan and that means you could pay more at the pump.
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starting with a look at your neighborhood forecast for today. temperatures going to be on the hot side of things, just no way to avoid it. center city at 98 degrees, somerton at 98 as well, mostly we're talking sunny to mostly sunny conditions across the map. now, can't rule out a stray we are talking isolated shower hitting maybe parts of the delaware, south jersey area but overall does not look like this is very likely. we are at 97 lands detail, in the suburbs, she lie valley 95 and allentown 96 degrees. these temperatures all sitting mid upper 90s on the board. forward what we're looking at is those temperatures looking very high. a little better on the jersey shore. 93 atlantic city, ocean city 94. pem ber ton 97 and hammer ton 98. ra hobby elt beach down to 94 degrees. across the map you mix in some of the humidity and it is going
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to feel very hot, again, we're talking around that 100 to 105 range. for the next five days temperatures stay hot. upper 90s tomorrow as well as monday. 99 degrees in philadelphia, the shore lower 90s for us, but nonetheless these temperatures are going to be staying hot throughout the next five days. we will talk more about your ten-day forecast coming up. this morning overseas in germany investigators are revealing more about the 18-year-old lone gunman who shot and killed nine people at a ball in munich. the motive for the rampage remains unclear. >> reporter: police say the gunman began by opening fire at a mcdonald's on munich. the scene captured on amateur video as people fled the scene. the gunman moved to a shopping mall and continued his rampage there. police said it appeared he only used a handgun in his killing spree and a man caught on video
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on the roof of a parking garage was most likely the shooter. about 2,300 police and other security forces responded bringing heavy firepower to the scene. munich responded telling citizens to shelter in place and shutting down all public transportation. initial reports from witnesses indicated there were three attackers. police later said they believed one man is it all the shooting. less than three hours later his body was found on a nearby side street. police say he most likely killed himself. they identified him as an 18-year-old german iranian, a two-year resident of munich without a police record. >> translator: the motive and background are still fully unclear. the investigation will of course continue during the night at full speed. >> reporter: first indications, police say, are that he acted alone. the victims were not immediately identified. munich police chief said the injured included children and youth and issued a cautious all clear in the city but the calm
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of another popular european destination has been shaken by deadly violence. barry air rent, nbc news. >> donald trump tweeted out god bless the people of munich. this week he will be in our area in scranton, he will be there on wednesday. he will be in scranton while the dnc is happening in philadelphia. boom box band on the beach. coming up we will tell you which jersey shore town is en fofrsing it and why.
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on this saturday. new from overnight, a 26-year-old man is in critical condition after he was stabbed in north philadelphia. the map was found at broad and gerard avenue this morning. so far no arrests in this case. a man will spend 25 years in prison for helping to bury a woman alive in south jersey. ramon ortiz was sentenced yesterday in camden county. he admitted that he,v helped
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carlos ant netty kill get ma perez in 2013. she was carrying $8,000 and thought the men was giving her a ride to buy a car. instead according to prosecutors the men buried her alive in a shallow grave. ant netty goes for trial in murder in september. the westchester daily local news reports that sharia moore's attorneys have outlined a plan in court filings. she started chatting with the baby's mother back in march. surveillance video appears to show her walking out of the mall with the infant while the mother was distracted. according to investigators after officers arrested a more she told police she gave birth to a baby that died hours later but her attorneys say she was suffering from mental health problems after a false pregnancy. pennsylvania residents studying at penn state will have
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to pay a little bit more in tuition next year. the university board voted for a 2.3% tuition increase at the main campus. the typical student will pay about $28,000 next year, that includes food and housing. there will be smaller hikes for many of the university's satellite campuses as well. a new anti-hazing law goes into effect monday in pennsylvania. the legislation expands the current law to apply to secondary schools not just colleges. it also strengthens the ability of school districts to crack down on hazing and the law requires school boards to adopt anti-hazing policies. delaware students performed better on new standardized tests this year, but still only about half were proficient in two subjects tested, english and math. the state education department released the figures showing 55% of students are proficient in english and 44% in math. that's about a 3% increase from last year. new jersey's democratic
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legislative leaders have agreed on a new plan to fund transportation projects by boosting the state's gas tax by 23 cents. in exchange other taxes like the estate tax would be cut. the proposal was immediately criticized by governor chris christie's office. christie shut down construction projects in the state earlier this month when senate lawmakers passed on his gas tax hike plan. changes in seaside heights this weekend. staying in the garden state. a beach ban on boom boxes, speakers and any other device that amplifies music is now in effect. lifeguards tell us there have been a lot of fights between beach goers over the volume of each other's music so for now if you are in seaside heights you will have to use your earbuds or just listen to the calming sound of the waves. i have one of those sound machines that i listen to at night. a media titan resigns and say good-bye to the vcr. michelle caruso-cabrera takes a look at those stories and more from this past week on wall
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street. >> corporate profits coming in better than expected this earnings season. the bullish news was fueled stock gains that have pushed the major indices to new record highs. >> roger ailes the head of the fox news network has resigned in the wake of a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by gretchen carlson. ailes is getting an exit package reportedly worth more than $40 million. until a permanent replacement can be found ailes will be replaced by rupert murdoch the other mastermind behind the growth of fox news. if you need a new vcr you may want to get it soon. the only japanese company still making them is set to halt production later this month. vcr tapes will probably be available for a while, though. sony kept selling bet at that max cassettes for more than a dozen years. i'm michelle caruso-cabrera. get all your business news on cnbc. it's back, the powerball. plenty of people are going to be
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in line trying to strike it rich. jackpot for tonight's drawing is $390 million. the cash payout would be about $270 million. i'll take that. hey, if you play, good luck. and we're beginning with look at our temperatures out there this morning. now, temperatures are starting out okay, but don'ting fooled because it will be very hot as we move later into the afternoon and in the next few days to come. philadelphia checking in at 77 degrees, all these differences as you shift into the suburbs at 68, lehigh valley 71, south jersey 75 and upper 70s at the jersey shore, just getting ready for sunrise out there. should again be a nice start to the morning but quickly you will feel the humidity out there meaning it will be a bit sticky even for those early morning workouts and that's going to be the only time you can have a workout because these temperatures not going to stick around for long and then it will
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be a little too hot for the outdoor stuff. 77 your temperature at west mount airy. 78 society hill and 72 park side. temperatures mostly mid upper 70s to kick off the morning in parts of philadelphia. looking from your neighborhood temperatures right now to your radar and satellite. what we have going on here is primarily clear conditions at least at this point in the day. now, later today very isolated potential for a spot shower in parts of delaware and south jersey, but it looks like for the most part sunny to mostly sunny conditions. yes, it will be a little bit better on the shore, that is the area we have excluded from that first alert for the dangerous heat. that is the big story for today, it's going to be that dangerous heat. look at your future feels like temperatures. we roll this along right through your morning and on into your early afternoon here. 1:00 we are already in the low mid 90s nor philly. sweets borrow 98 degrees and temperatures around 98 as well for wilmington.
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temperatures very hot by hunch time meaning the patio lunch probably not the best plan for you. then we move into the afternoon and this is where we're talking about the dangerous heat 102 degrees the feel like temperature all over the place, philadelphia, voorhees as well, wilmington and we have those mid 90s along the shore, dover at 102 degrees. so these temperatures going to feel very hot no matter where you are across the region through this afternoon and in the days to come. so that's something that's not going to be changing for us. this is a look at your shore cast for the weekend, avalon 92 degrees, low 90s sunday, mostly lower 90s. mid upper 80s by sunday in areas like stone harbor and rehoboth team. those forecast temperatures going to be staying in the 90s for us then next week when we start to track that chance of some showers right on into next weekend. hundreds of dogs and cats
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will be up for adoption this morning as part of our clear the shelters event. you can bring home a pet for free at dozens of local shelters all across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. this morning we have the story of an older rescue cat who has found a new life as a therapy cat. henry is 11 years old, only has a few teeth left and he has the equivalent to hiv in humans. the disease is not trans of he everable to people. he's got a great disposition which is having a positive impact on the hospice patients he works with including terry mcdonald's mother who has dementia. >> we're trying to work her into letting henry come in a little bit and just provide a little bit of comfort. >> henry is a part of our hospice team now. the ep families love to see henry, the patients typically love to see henry. >> and henry has a new home as well with rich whom you just saw. >> the clear the shelters event
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starts at 10:00 this morning. last year more than 19,000 pets were adopted through this campaign. just go to or the nbc 10 app to find the closest shelter near you. this weekend if you are down the shore in margate be sure to wish lucy the elephant happy birthday. she's celebrating her 135th birthday today. there will be a carnival with games as well as mini golf and a birthday cake. temperatures through the world's largest elephant will be offered every half hour, the money raised helps keeps lucy looking young. 5:24 on this saturday. coming up, connecting with the community, that's what philadelphia police were up to this week. we will take a look at the fun and what neighbors think about the effort next. ♪
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nutella - spread the happy! philadelphia police are working hard to be more involved in the communities they serve. the 16th police district hosted the promise zone community fun day in plant with a last night.
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it was designated a promise zone by president obama. there were pony hxgrides, music games, all designed to bring the neighborhood together. >> there is a lot of issues that havejiiñ cropped up lately acro the nation and so we are always looking to build healthier relationships and address some of the conflicts. >> members from a number of social service organizations were also on hand to answer questions and offer help to residents. some great family fun in south jersey. the saf coalition held its weekly concert series in woodbury last night. the former parking lot has been transformed into an urban garden and park. their mission is so champion the arts while revitalizing local communities. just about 77 degrees outside the nbc 10 studios. we are two days and counting until the start of the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. nbc 10's drew smith is live at
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the wells fargo center following all the preparation. hey, drew. >> reporter: rosemary, some workers are finishing up the last prep down here but there could be some controversy later today amongst the delegates and organizers who are here in town. we will tell you about that in our next half hour. and we are talking heat and humidity in the forecast, an afternoon with dangerously high feel lime temperatures. e temper. . i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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today hillary clinton and her vice presidential pick tim kaine will make their first appearance together since she named him last night. this as democrats are gearing up for their conventions here in philadelphia. we will look ahead to what's happening this weekend in a live report. it is time to clear the shelters. find out how you can take part in nbc 10's annual pet adoption effort happening all across our region today. man, the heat is on. take a look at this live picture down the shore in cape may. already looking hazy there this morning. may get an ocean breeze to help you cool off but we're talking about dangerous heat. we will let you know how long it's going to last in the first alert forecast. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors, it's 5:30 on this saturday. if you weren't with


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