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tv   Today  NBC  July 24, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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two-time masters's champion bubba watson is heading to rio. bubba has a new video. >> the first time in 112 years, what better time to introduce something for the future of the game. >> teaming up to create birds flying. good morning i'm willie geist stopping for a quick change of clothes before the trip to philadelphia and if you ever used a go protocapture a moment from a wave to a baby's first steps, you can thank an innovative california surfer whose device made him a billionaire ceo.
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what was it like to be on the inside watching every ski mountain in the world and having people wear your product, the thing you started sewing on your mother's sewing machine. >> it felt like and does living in your own disney movie. now it's a go promovie. a trip to the mexican border as donald trump promises to extend the wall. we asked border patrol if that idea will help. >> wow, okay, so this point right here is the end of the border fence. >> of the primary fence, yes, so that's mexico on the other side. >> that's mexico. >> yes, correct. u.s., mexico. plus a trip to south central los angeles where rival gang members are finding common ground in the kitchen. what's the most satisfying part. >> people's reaction to our food. >> outstanding. >> that's bigger than any amount of money a job can pay. satisfaction of a customer.
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and we've got another great group assembled around the table this morning. we'll huddle up with them in a minute. 1500 homes threatened by wildfire by los angeles. a burned body has been found. detectives trying to determine cause of death. temperatures will rise to nearly 100 degrees as testifirefighter battle the blaze that's grown to 20,000 acres. >> democrats reached a compromise over the controversial superdelegates with the convention one day away. the agreement dramatically limits the role of the sup superdelegat superdelegates, a victory for the bernie sanders camp and explaining a bach of 19,000 e-mails made public by wikile s wikileaks, some showing officials ways to hinter sanders' campaign. one to question his faith. hillary clinton with her new running mate tim kaine of virginia in miami. she's calling senator kaine
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everything mike pence isn't. fresh off republican convention, trump called in the rnc speech thursday night for the suspension of immigrants from countries affected by terrorism. in an exclusive interview to air on "meet the press" trump said even immigrants from france and germany could face quote extreme vetting. chuck todd asked trump what some observers saw as the dark tone of his acceptance speech. do you think it was dark? >> no. >> why. >> we'll solve the problems. sure, i talk about the problems but we'll solve the problems. >> you can see chuck's full interview on "meet the press." he says terrorism is his line for immigration pointing to the attacks in munich on friday and talking about the suicide attack in afghanistan on saturday.
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80 are dead and isis is claiming responsibility. a university of florida football player being hailed as a hero. he stopped an apparent rape in progress in gainesville. he pulled a man off a woman by a dumpster when he realized she was unconscious. 34-year-old christopher saw was arrested and charged with sexually battery. a pitcher reportedly threw a fit because he didn't like the team's uniforms. chris sail was supposed to start last night's game in a throw back uniform from 1976. the disco uniforms. stories from the clubhouse say he was so up set he cut his and his teammates uniforms to pieces with scissors. the team scratched him from the game and sent him home. let's pull up a seat at the table to join another great group. a new york times columnist and the "true american murder and
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mercy in texas" whose subject had dinner with president obama on thursday night. amazing. >> incredible. >> we're proud to say officially an nbc and msnbc contributor which means he now works for the man. welcome aboard. amy holms was an aid and speech writer to bill frist. she just now caught her breath after watching the events in cleveland. are you okay? >> all right. >> still working through it. >> hallie jackson, our outstanding road warrior correspondent covering this presidential campaign and democratic convention in philadelphia where she would be greeted with a parade and key to the city. >> i'm excited. >> glad to have you on. >> thank you. >> let's start halle with this dnc story. the e-mails found on wikileakwi 20,000 of them. the dnc and party at large had the finger on the scale for hillary clinton, jeff weaver the
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campaign manager for bern noie sanders said somebody needs to be health accountable. >> this is only going to make bernie supporters at the convention more upset. you're going to see -- we were expecting protest and unrest, this adds fuel to the fire. i look at what happened at hillary clinton's rally yesterday when she brought up debbie schultz' name and people said dnc leaks reportedly. this issue is not going to go away and debbie schultz' terrible, no good, very bad year. it's been rough for her and this is just more problems. >> okay. let me rerun these to give people a sense of what we have. this is brad marshall, the dnc cfo e-mail he writes it may make no difference but can we get someone to ask about his believes. does he believe in god? he skated on saying he has a jewish heritage. i think i read he's an atheist.
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this could make a difference with my peeps. bernie sanders campaign believes this thing is rigged since the beginning with hillary clinton with the debate schedule and everything else. is this a problem? >> it is. it confirms the central intuition why the centralest movement was to the left and nationalist movement captured the political party on the right and that's remote unaccountable elites in places like new york and washington are changing the country behind the country's back. and when you have 19,000 e-mails coming out that show that that's exactly what was happening, it doesn't help and sanders is now out of the game. i think in a weird way what it helps is the remaining extremist movement remaining in power and the trump campaign but now can go to people again and again and play to people's fears and take the true intuition, which is
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true, and leverage it to start making a bunch of false and very dangerous and frankly unconstitutional visions appealing to people. >> and trump made that argument explicitly in cleveland, which is to say the system is rigged for the people in charge like hillary clinton and bernie sanders makes that argument. amy, between the two conventions a time to take a deep breath, pause, figure out where we are. we got through cleveland. i want to read a tweet from nate silver. he writes, don't think people are really grasping how plausible it is that trump could become president. it's a close election right now. you put stock in that? >> i absolutely do. you see a lot of polling showing voters are viewing this election as the lesser of two evils. it depends who you like better or like least in terms of going to the voting booth. i want to go back to the point about the dnc with the wikileaks.
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it's not just a meta store or narrative but ethics and the democratic party. the dnc are supposed to be neutral and the wikileaks demonstrate that might not have been the case going all the way to the top, and there's early reporting that wikileaks may have already claimed it's first scalp with debbie schultz being taken off the speaker list. >> you had donald trump invoking bernie sanders, i'm just saying the things bernie sanders said about hillary clinton. >> this is this feeling, i get to travel the country a lot, and there is this weird feeling growing over the years of people feeling powerless because a lot of economic shifts and that feeling is accompanied by a feeling there is a conspiracy somewhere causing this in my life. it really doesn't help when that proves true. >> and the message they are both delivering, bernie sanders and donald trump that there is a rigged system is impactful for people in that position.
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trump even just this morning tweeting about bernie sanders and what is happening. he's very on top of the news cycle in that regard. when you look at the race and what nate silver is tweeting and where things are not necessarily nationally because we see distance between clinton and trump but ohio, i think back to my year in change covering the primaries, at the beginning nobody thought donald trump had a chance. we're now at the beginning of the election season and donald trump said to me, my campaign doesn't start until after the convention. this is it. this is the beginning and let's see over the next month where these polls go in florida and pennsylvania. >> i would add that donald trump has been consistently trying to reach voters by talking about the system being rigged for the past couple months i would think he's not going to get these burner bros who might be angry about what they saw in wikileaks but the disaffected enkhantized voters in ohio. >> unless those people stay home all together.
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so coming out of the republican convention, you had quite a week. it began on "morning joe" with paul manafort taking shot at the governor state of ohio and went through to melania's speech and ted cruz moment and on and on. the day after when candidates look to get a big bounce and look to carry on. donald trump held a remarkable press conference with his vice presidential nominee mike pence where he went back into the old theory ted cruz' father proposed by "national enquirer" had something to do with the jfk assassination. >> his father, i don't know his father. i met him once. i think he's a lovely guy. i think he's a lovely guy. all i did is point out the fact that on the cover of "the national enquirer" there was a picture of him and crazy lee harvey oswald having breakfast. >> amy, do you have to feel for mike pence standing back there?
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[ laughter ] >> that's what people were tweeting, is that mike pence or crist christie? >> it seems absurd and ridiculous and smart people say this is not how you run a convention, but this is the way he's been carrying on for a year and a month, 15 months. does this matter he's doing this or is this part of his thing. >> this stream of consciousness has been appealing to a lot of voters. they think they are getting an authentic donald trump. i would point it it would be difficult to think someone is a lovely guy you're accusing of being a co-conspirator and for the record, ted cruz' father had nothing to do with it. >> i'm glad we can point that out. donald trump did say the "national enquirer" should win a poll lizzer prize for the coverage. let's talk about where we are now. we're turning the corner to philadelphia and halle it's going to be 108 degrees. >> humidity at 60 million
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percent. if you're a hillary clinton supporter, should you be worried she's going to lose? >> it's a real enough possibility as nate silver, the predictions said this week and i think for all the dnc stuff and sanders people holding out and for all the people that think tim kaine's beach body is not good enough -- >> there are those people? >> there are those people. i think we need to focus a little bit because i think we're in the game of trying to be neutral and fair and i've been a journalist for 11 years and played by the rules of neutrality and tearness. th there is on the ballot a problem to be hard. it's not about hillary. this election is supposed to be about hillary. it's not able kaine. it's not about gary johnson and that ugliness is funny and a lot
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of scary things and i struggle to figure out how to talk about it. i think we all struggle to figure out how to talk about it in a way that's both honest and fair and provides a fair warning to the people we are speaking to that this is not normal times and this happens to perfectly good countries and we have to be very, very careful in the next three months. >> how much of that is the power of donald trump's message versus the inadequacy of hillary clinton. the fact 30% of the country thinks she's honest and trustworthy. there are a lot of people that say we found the one candidate that couldn't beat donald trump. >> that's right. when you talk about the constitutional order, a lot put hillary clinton in that bucket or on the ballot as somebody challenging the constitutional order. >> do you think they are equal he threats to the contusion of the united states? >> it depends on your perspective. i'm no fan of donald trump. don't get me wrong about that. neither am i fan of hillary
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clinton and a lot of voters are in the same place. you talk about even in the democratic party only 40% of democrats would call her trustworthy. >> what's a voter like you do? >> that's a good question and i'm searching for the answer. i'm thinking about writing in my mom. >> do you think they are equally a threat to the constitutional order? >> i think hillary clinton has tendencies that undermine transparency, that undermine rule of law and undermine separation of powers in terms of the executive branch and congressional branch -- >> equally -- >> when she tried to be in charge of health care she did it behind closed doors. there is a long list of bullet points you could use to discuss hillary and i think donald trump is also he has authoritarian tendencies that scare me, as well. we're looking at two not appealing choices. >> what is remarkable is the last time i was at this table somebody didn't know what they were going to vote for in the fall and had concerns for both
8:16 am
candidates and i wonder how that plays out for you, amy. >> gary johnson is polling at 13% as a third party candidate, libertarian, libertarians never have been that popular and ross perot got 18%. >> he's a much higher among consumers of edible marijuana really nailing that vote. >> for yours. stick with me for the highs and lows of the week including first lady michelle obama riding shot gone for "carpool cario key" and mike pence wants to take things slower. good morning. here's a look at your neighborhood forecast. 97 in center city. also temperatures mid 90s for the lehigh valley. allentown at 95. notice that good mix of clouds
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and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants. all right. time for the highs and lows. the first high to the life-saving team work on an enter street. a man driving a red convertible veered off, flipped several times before landing upside
8:20 am
down. good samaritans saw it happen and sprung into action. check this out. 20 or so people pulled their cars over and flipped the driver upright. the driver was wearing his seat belt. he pops up with a thumbs up. initially a couple drivers pulled over to get the man out. they couldn't. as they saw gas leaking, they knew their time was short so gathered a crew that saved the man and somehow uninjured. incredib incredible. >> nice. >> wow. our first low to the early romantic chemistry by between donald trump and mike pence. governor pence gave a great speech so naturally trump came out to congratulate him and new york values classed with southern values. trump goes for the pence and governor pence not trying to hear that noise. looks like most of my dates in high school. the greatest convention kiss of them all. trigger warning.
8:21 am
al and gore, 2000 democratic convention. heroic first responders separated them with jaws of life. the hug was nice. the carpool cario key skills and the best hip-hop duet since path nixon laid down anaconda with nicki minaj. ♪ ♪ >> how about that? james corden wheels around, picks her up at the white house and driving circles around the grounds. incredible. >> love it. the next low goes to the official end of your childhood. the last remaining vcr manufacturer announced it will stop making the old machines where you first watched "top
8:22 am
gun" and did tibo workouts. they will seize making vcrs at the result of declining sales. it sold 15 million a year and now selling about 750,000 of them which bridges the question, there is still 750,000 people buying vcrs every year? i would stay in the game if that were that many people still doing it. >> it's a collector's item. it's a collector. >> sold in williamsburg. the good people of hugo, colorado are not in fact drinking marijuana. there was traces of tch which is a psycho active ingredient in pot. >> true? >> bottled water was circulated after weed was detected. new testing showed no thc and water given the clear. weed was detected literally everywhere else in the state. if you need it, you can find it. the final low to the pokemon
8:23 am
go thing distracting walkers, drivers and reporters covering the state department. here is john kirby at a briefing this week on isis. >> you're playing the pokemon thing right there, aren't you? did you get one? >> no. >> sorry about that. >> reporters acknowledged, yes, i was playing while you were talking about isis. >> i'm on level six. it's pretty low. definitely play. there is no pokemon in here. >> where does one find the pokemon? i don't understand. >> everywhere. on the streets. >> are they real? >> they are not real but it's like a vr thing. you got to catch them all. >> you're so up on the time. >> do we not have other problems to worry about? >> many, starting there. thank you so much. coming up next, the if you have a typical airline credit card, you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop?
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good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's just a few minutes before
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8:30 on this sunday. let's get a check of our neighborhood forecast with meteorologist krystal klei. >> good morning, everyone. here's your temperatures outside right now. great look at these live shots. you see mostly just a few spotty clouds. blue skies out there. we're at 74 in the suburbs and new jersey sitting at 75 degrees. upper 70s for us if you look down to delaware where we have those winds on the light side. as we move into this afternoon, still very hot. under a first alert. upper 90s for us. philadelphia, the suburbs, mid 90s new jersey and lehigh valley. it will be hot and a bit humid although feeling better than yesterday. today the philadelphia fire department is in mourning following the death of a firefighter. the department says gabriel lee died while on the job last night. he was not killed battling a blaze. sources tell nbc 10 that lee was found unresponsive at ladder
8:28 am
company 12 in north philly. a motorcade of fire department and police department vehicles accompanied lee's body to the medical examiner's office. this is video from the schuylkill expressway at spring garden. his death is currently under investigation. when we bring more details, we'll bring it to you. i'm rosemary connors. we'll be right back at 9:00 for a full hour and a half of news. remember, you can get the latest news and weather on the nbc 10 app. see you soon. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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♪ ♪ >> anyway, it's been a great convention so far. last night was fantastic. it was huge. [ laughter ] >> did you see melania? [ laughter ] >> she stole the show. [ laughter ] >> literally. [ laughter ] >> jimmy fallon enjoying donald trump's republican convention perhaps more than anyone. when you picture the ceo of a big public company, nick woodman is not necessarily the guy that comes to mind. the 41-year-old california surfer turned entrepreneur is a bored and shorts guy than suits one. it was out in the waves he
8:31 am
dreamed up the go procap pro cat made him a billionaire, the cameras like we're using today. nick and i talked about his big idea and its new challenges. ♪ ♪ >> whether swimming with whales in the deep blue sea, flying above the great wall of china, or capturing moments of family history, gopro has revolutionized the way we see the world and the man behind the camera is ceo nick woodman. before gopro, you and i couldn't have self-documented our float down the river. we could have maybe got a friend to stand on the shore or bridge a and film as we go by but impossible to capture the experience and take it home and share with friends and family. >> over the last decade, the camera turned us into film directors with platforms to
8:32 am
share our movies with the world. the your invention was fortuitous. >> youtube and instagram and others created this perfect storm timing that helped make gopro what it is today. >> since the debut in 2004, gopro sold more than 21 million cameras making it the best-selling camera of all time. in 2014, gopro went public. almost every night, woodman became a billionaire. what was it like to be in the inside of that, you and your buddies watching this happening and every ski mountain in the world and the thing you started sewing on your mother's sewing machine? >> it felt like and does still, living in your disney movie. now it's a gopro movie. >> you got the same guys with you since high school, college. these guys have been at gopro since before it was gopro. >> we talk about it all the time how we drove the penske moving
8:33 am
truck to the trade shows and stayed up all night building the booth and working 24/7, 365 but it wasn't like work because we did it as friends together. >> woodman was floating in the pacific ocean when he had an idea. wouldn't it be cool to record video of what he was seeing inside the wave? at age 27 he began building the company. >> the original idea wasn't even to make a camera but a wrist strap that you could mount other cameras into but the problem was, i would end up breaking the camera and so i realized, yikes, i'm not just going to have to build a strap subpoeystem, i'm to have to build a camera. i don't know how to build a camera. that's one of the most amazing aspect of gopro to me, is how we pulled it off. >>woodman and his company
8:34 am
headlined the gopro mountain games in vail, colorado. >> so, dude, check this out. that's where a lot of the strength of the brand comes from, in the scene. >> was there a pop culture moment for you where gopro was there and you thought wow. >> never gets old, man. when you see astronauts leave the space station on a spacewalk with a gopro and that is the exact same device that a father is taking to the park to film the same exact device that olympian skiers are using, the same camera ridley scott is using to help film "the march shon." >> after a rise it reached the fall. it's taken a nosedive falling some 90%. so what happened?
8:35 am
>> we weren't ready for it and it was still too difficult to access your content and edit it. we didn't have as appealing of a solution for the mass market global customer. >> as gopro struggled, competitors moved in offering simpler alternatives like the polar road cube. it's the phone in your pocket that may view the greatest threat. is the iphone a competitor. >> there is uses your smart phone is better. it's in your pocket as a reactive capture solution, something is happening, i'm going to document that or take a picture of this to show my wife but if i want to do something new and capture myself doing something, the only way to do that is with a go pro. >> is it frustrating or difficult to have to think about stock price and hear from investors and what is going on with the price right now? >> it's motivating. gopro as a public company is so
8:36 am
much more fun as a private company. as a private company i felt like we were playing in the minor leagues. playing a great game and winning championships but we were in the minor leagues and that going public, now we're in the majors. it's the show. the whole world is watching. >> watching to see if woodman can invite his way back. >> 2016 is the biggest year for new product interventions ever in the history of gopro. >> gopro is rolling out virtual reality, drones and a new line of cameras and software to edit and produce videos more easily. >> now you start chronicling and sharing your experience that way. >> all to make gopro the camera of choice, not just for extreme athletes, but for the rest of us, too. >> why does he need such a big camera? should we tell him he should just get a gopro? right on. >> you saw nick acknowledge the
8:37 am
challenges nick faced. google reports in 2015, 4.6 years worth of gopro content was uploaded to youtube. that's up 20% from the previous year. if you want to hear more how nick found his way from an idea to a wildly successful mass market product. check out our web extras at next week on tour and back stage with country super star luke bryant. the guy from a small town in south georgia selling out football stadiums and landing himself in "forbes magazine". donald trump made immigration and the wall the center of his campaign. we'll look at the (man) what i love most about tempur-pedic mattresses is that they contour to your body. i just have to lay back in my tempur-pedic and it just kind of forms to my body. that's what i love about it. the tempur-pedic comes up to you and it's like, "hey, there you are!" "hey, there you are!"
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i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. (to dog)give it. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! (to dog)i'm so proud of you. well thank you. get your free credit scorecard at even if you're not a customer. in the 15 months since donald trump launched his presidential campaign, we came to know the refrain he'll build a wall against the southern wall with mexico and get mexico to pay for it. a full border wall is officially part of the republican platform adopted this week at the convention. jacob traveled down to see the wall we have now and to ask border patrol agents if we need a bigger one. >> about a year ago, donald trump launched his presidential campaign talking about how out of control things are along the u.s., mexico border and says we need to expand this fence the entire length between the u.s. and mexico. that's why we came here to san diego to see what things are
8:41 am
really like on the ground. >> it's a double fence basically. >> a double fence. the primary fence main purpose is to stop the vehicle flow from entering into the united states. >> and so this is a secondary? >> yes, the secondary fence is used to defer illegal migrants from entering into the united states. san diego sector is in charge of 60 miles of border with mexico. we have approximately 43 miles of the primary fence. we have stadium lighting across the border. we also have remote video surveillance cameras that monitor our borders 24/7 and record. we have approximately 2,400 border patrol agents in the san diego sector -- >> approximately. >> approximately. >> there are nine sectors of the border patrol along our border with mexico and each has it's own distinct to fog fee, length and challenges. of the 1989 miles of border we share with mexico, some protects
8:42 am
702 miles and agents tell you, where there is a border wall or not, some people try to cross it. look, there is people sticking their heads over there. >> that's it. these are what we call scouters of smugglers. >> so you're sure they are scouting out to do something illegal? >> more than likely they are, yes. >> you see that every day? >> we see that every day. >> whoa, look at this. wow. looking out here, here is your border fence, that's mexico. >> correct. >> and this is the united states. >> correct. one of the biggest threats for us as border patrol agents is that the community on the mexico side is so close to our fence, a lot of the assaults unfortunately for our border -- towards our border patrol agents occur in this area. >> wow. okay, so this point right here is the end of the border fence. >> of the primary fence, yes. so that's mexico on the other side. >> that's mexico? >> yes, correct.
8:43 am
>> u.s., mexico. >> yes. >> and you're telling me you guys can do what you do without the need to extend the fence here? >> correct, correct. as you can see on the top of the mountain, we have two border agents. our agents patrol constantly day and night. >> so far today you guys didn't bring anybody in? >> yes, we have. >> you have? >> a bunch of people? >> it's been between s15 and 20 >> 15 and 20? >> yes. >> that's midday. you can quinn tup l those numbers. agents caught 26,290 people last year trying to cross illegally in the sector. sounds high but thanks to increased enforcement including fencing but more technology and manpower, when you cam pair it to the all time high of almost 630,000 in 1986, apprehensions here and across the country are near all-time lows. in 1986 the border patrol caught over 1.6 million people.
8:44 am
the most ever. last year that number was just over 330,000. by that measure, the border has never been more under control than it is today. so i can see people watching this at home and saying jacob is standing where there is no border fence. that's why we need a donald trump border wall that stretches all the way across the country but what i hear you telling me is it's not necessary because of the rest of the way the border patrol operates. >> we manage what we have now. it works perfectly for us. the infrastructure and technology and manpower we have works for us right now. >> these guys, too, huh? >> that was beautiful. >> jacob joins me now live. jacob, good to see you, man. >> good to see you. >> we're talking about this, let's be honest because of donald trump and sent you down to the border to take a look at what is happening. he says and said again last week
8:45 am
at the rnc border crossings by illegal immigrants have jumped by the last year. true but in the big picture, where are we right now? >> over the last five years they have gone up, gone down. since the all-time high in the 1980s, we're down tremendously. i think over 1.3 million people, 1.3 million people less today. we're at all-time lows right now donald trump says is going up is not accurate. if you listen to what the border patrol agent told me and says as a whole, because of the infrastructure, the fence, the manpower, the people on the atvs, film by gopros we should say and technology and sensors under the ground, they feel like they have done this. they don't file they need additional fences. >> do you think the agenld is representative of everybody. >> i think institutionally she's representative of that. if you look at the budget request for the next fiscal year, the money they are asking for is not going towards a new
8:46 am
wall but technology and manpower. they are not asking for any new money to build any more wall at this point. >> fascinating look at the boarder and you got a look around the border right there at the end of the fence. thanks so much. >> thanks. coming up on "sunday today" great stormer of former los angeles gang members putting good morning. here's a look at your neighborhood forecast. 97 in center city. also temperatures mid 90s for the lehigh valley. allentown right at 95. notice that good mix of clouds and sunshine. also looking at temperatures in the mid 90s in new jersey. a bit of relief on the jersey shore where we see that temperature at 85 degrees ocean city. mid 80s for cape may. i had a wonderful time tonight. me too! call me tomorrow? i'm gonna send a vague text in a couple of days, that leaves you confused about my level of interest.
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8:49 am
. the bloods and the crpis, the decade of war between the red and blue but gotty schwartz found good where they used to do bad. >> a morning cruise through
8:50 am
south central, l.a., every day for this crew starts at the grocery store where they roll through the isles like kings. >> what's up? >> two bags of charcoal, ligh r fluid. >> like an old fashion the barbecue. >> these are the guys behind south central l.a.'s trap kitchen. >> we got a text order. >> an under ground restaurant with five friends cooking one ma meal day a day. >> pineapple friday. >> for their 55,000 followers on instagram. >> my goal is to you know, feed the world. >> a dream that was hard to come by. growing up in compton, life on the streets was a struggle for malaki jenkins and roberto smith. >> i was tired of going to jail for hanging out in the streets trying to make money hustling. >> but he always had a knack for
8:51 am
cooking and spent time in school. roberto suggested maybe he should post his food. >> i'm like bro, look at this. do you see the reactions? the comments on here? people are -- oh, oh, that looks great. can i buy some? >> that food spoke for its skpe self-and trap kitchen was born but partnership raised eye bros. >> sworn enemies of the crips but they don't see it that way. >> while we out here killing ourselves, they don't care. let's be a good example that you can put that to the side. >> today the beef cooks on the drill, rivalries transcended by a hot meal. >> you come to the trap kitchen and get mashed potatoes, steak, asparagus, lobster. >> a way to provide gourmet meals to the neighborhood at affordable prices. ♪ ♪ >> out of all this, what's the
8:52 am
most satisfying part? >> people's reaction to our food. >> outstanding. >> that's bigger than any amount of money that a job can pay. >> it's all right, y'all. >> satisfaction of a customer. >> some of the world's biggest rappers are taking note. kendrick lamar, snoop, the game. >> non-profit gangster grub. >> trap kitchen catering for the cast of "barbershop." the trap kitchen crew has their sights of moving out of this kitchen. >> end of the year restaurant? >> that's what i'm pushing for. >> hoping to turn their hustle and dream into a landmark in l.a. >> gotty schwartz reporting from los angeles. we pause now to remember another life well-lived. few people contributed more to american television and to the country's popular culture over the last 50 years than garry marshall. the odd couple, happy days, laverne and shirley, "mork & mindy", iconic shows with a nod to blue collar america and all
8:53 am
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we finish this morning as we do at this time every week with some predictions for the week ahead. as we've been talking about all morning, the democratic national convention begins tomorrow in philadelphia. we predict hillary clinton will attempt to borrow some of the magic of the repub can convention with a wwe style entrance and a wednesday night diss speech from ted cruz. today is the induction ceremony for the new class of the baseball hall of fame where ken griffey junior and mike will achieve bronze. he won't be inducted again this year, pete rose will have a big day of his own down at the otb with a hot tip on a nice philly in the third race at aqueduct.
8:58 am
and the new "born" movie titled "jason born" our hollywood sources are saying another a-lister got himself ripped for the new role. the new jason born, gary busey. stay tuned for "meet the press" where chuck todd will have an exclusive interview with donald trump and plus, a conversation with bernie sanders and a lot to talk to him about with the dnc leaks from wikileaks. thanks for spending part of your morning with us on "sunday today." i'll see you tomorrow morning from the democratic national convention in philadelphia. enjoy the rest of your sunday.
8:59 am
9:00 am
just one day before the democratic national convention there appears to be division in the party. we have details on the new e-mail leak that has bernie sanders supporters burned up. details in a live report. today the philadelphia fire department is in mourning after a firefighter dies on the job but not while battling a blaze. what we're learning about the investigation coming up. the heat is on. we have another hot one on tap. that sun starting to rise there just ahead in the first alert neighborhood forecast how long it will be before we get any relief from this extreme weather. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. this is "nbc 10 news today." thanks for being with us. it's 9:00 on this


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