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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  July 24, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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just one day before the democratic national convention there appears to be division in the party. we have details on the new e-mail leak that has bernie sanders supporters burned up. details in a live report. today the philadelphia fire department is in mourning. a firefighter dies on the job but not while battling a blaze. what we're learning about the investigation into his death coming up. the heat is on. this heat wave continues. just ahead in the first alert neighborhood forecast, we'll let you know when we may get a break. may get a break from the oppressive heat. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors.
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thanks for being with us on this sunday. it's 10:00. let's begin with that weather with meteorologist krystal klei. i'll let her handle details on this. the thing is, it really can be dangerous so we do want people to be careful out there. >> that's exactly right. we may joke around that it's hot outside but it's no joke when it's the middle of the afternoon how high these temperatures have been and will continue to be in the days to come. that's why we're under a first alert. you can see the seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of your screen. a live look outside right now in wilmingt wilmington. no game at home today. maybe a good thing. temperatures will be so high later this afternoon. here's where we are right now across the map. in philadelphia, 87 degrees. suburbs, 83. that's about as good as with he do. 83 lehigh valley. 87 in delaware. winds not terribly strong for us today. it's all about the temperatures. take a look. 97 the high temperature in philadelphia and parts of the
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pennsylvania suburbs. lower new jersey to lehigh valley but overall these mid to upper 90s. you'll feel the heat. good news slightly lower humidity today but it's back up tomorrow with chances of storms. we'll talk those storms and the details on your heat wave in just a bit. >> thanks for that. we are counting down to the start of the democratic national convention. the gavel will come down at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon to officially start the convention. delegates will be meeting here at the wells fargo center to nominate hillary clinton. before the convention even begins, there are protests planned for today and tomorrow in south philly. this all comes amid a new e-mail scandal that is sending shock waves through the party. nbc 10's drew smith is live in south philadelphia where security is tight. drew? >> reporter: the police call this the epicenter of the protest zone. fdr park behind me. this is where a lot of marches
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which start elsewhere will end up. sanders supporters have been vocal with us this morning saying the e-mail leak from wikileaks is adding fuel to the fire for protesters coming here to the dnc who have claimed all along that the primary process was rigged. wikileaks e-mails show that a dnc staffer suggested that the committee should talk to reporters about the sanders campaign being a mess and they described the sanders organization as one that never had its act together. another e-mail hinted at using sanders' religious beliefs against him. sanders supporters say their suspicions from the beginning are now confirmed. >> it's such a relief to see it in print. it's such a relief to see it actually being acknowledged instead of people saying that we're all crazy and conspiracy theorists and all that.
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>> reporter: we did take a walk through the park earlier. large green space next to the wells fargo center divided up into zones. emergency workers are ready with resources already in place for all of the protests and rallies that are scheduled throughout we know that bernie sanders delegates will meet in a half hour. they're holding a news conference to react to this wikileaks document dump. hillary clinton's vice presidential pick. we're going to head to that and we're live in south philadelphia, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> we'll make history in philadelphia by nominating and electing the first woman president of the united states. >> mayor jim kenny says philadelphia is ready to shine in the international spotlight. the secret service did a final security sweep overnight inside the wells fargo center as protesters prepared for their we go into the protest training.
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>> reporter: about two dozen protesters role play encounters with police and learn how to deescalate a possible confrontation. >> you get three warnings before the police arrest you. >> reporter: it's part of the freedom school's training. the group is nonpartisan but participants like robert are preparing to take to the streets for bernie sanders. >> i feel that bernie is probably the best choice that we have to be able to actually achieve the goal of making this country better. >> reporter: in fact, many bernie sanders supporters packed the meeting house for the people's convention. they rallied around issues that were the foundation of sanders' campaign. >> it's an opportunity for the people to say these are things that we care about. climate change. racial justice. money out of politics. >> danny and barbara are sanders delegates from texas. >> that's why this campaign was so much more than one man.
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those people and that movement is going to continue. >> reporter: with the city of philadelphia providing an historic backdrop, visitors say the boldness of the founding fathers gives their cause even more purpose. >> they have to take that chance to achieve what this nation is now. if we don't do the same thing, we don't have anybody to blame but ourselves. >> you can count on nbc 10 to track all of the developments coming from the democratic national convention. we're going to be broadcasting live from inside the wells fargo center every day of the dnc just like we did for the rnc in cleveland and bring you a nightly one-hour special that starts tomorrow evening at 7:00. today the vice chair of the democratic national committee and other members of congress striking trump taj mahal
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workers. they are urging the owner to negotiate a contract. about 1,000 food, beverage and housekeeping workers have been on strike since the beginning of the month. they say they want health care and pension benefits that were terminated two years ago to be restored. today we may learn more about the death of a philadelphia firefighter. the department says gabriel lee died while he was on the job last night. he wasn't killed battling a blaze. sources tell nbc 10 that lee was found unresponsive at ladder company 12 in north philadelphia right at his firehouse. he had been working the night shift. he was taken to temple university hospital where doctors pronounced him dead just before 8:00 in the evening. the department says his death is currently under investigation. this morning philadelphia police are looking for the person who stabbed a man in germantown. this happened on west queen lane around 1:00 this morning. the victim is listed in serious condition. three people are in the hospital this morning after this
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septa bus crash. the port richmond neighborhood. drivers of bus and car went to the hospital along with a bus passenger. we're working to find out the extent of their injuries. new from overnight, philly police are looking for a driver who took off after this three-car crash on roosevelt boulevard. at least one person went to the hospital here. this crash happened along the boulevard at d street around 2:00 a.m. police are still trying to figure out what caused it. in delaware county, firefighters tell us that the heat is making their job pretty difficult. last night crews battled this fire at a beer distributor on marshall road in upper darby. >> the gear that we wear, i tell people it's like wearing a snow suit in this hot, humid weather. so basically as a command officer, any time you have a fire in heat like this, you look at double the manpower to circulate the guys through to
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make sure they're hydrated and try not to work them too much. >> sounds like they have a pretty good system. nobody was hurt in this fire and no firefighters suffered from heat exhaustion or smoke inhalation. no word on what started it. 10:09 on this sunday. the rush is on to save wild horses. we'll show you how mother nature is threatening one of america's most beautiful natural attractions along the maryland shore.
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communities across our area are warning people to take precautions. montgomery county has issued a code red because of the heat. county officials are reminding everybody to just stay hydrated and check on your elderly neighbors. philadelphia has also issued an excessive heat warning for today. the city's heat line is open until midnight. that number is right there on your screen. health officials say people of all ages should avoid working or playing in the hot sun, use air
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conditioners and fans and of course don't leave the elderly, children or pets alone in the car. these live looks outside are deceiving. looks like a gorgeous day to be outside. temperatures are starting to bump into the 80s with expectation as you see bottom of your screen with neighborhood forecasts a lot of 90s out there later today. just like we've seen the last three days in a row. so on top of the fact we've got sunshine, we'll have a few clouds mixing in by afternoon. here are some of your forecast temperatures. 97 in center city. chestnut hill at 95. doylestown, 94 degrees. easton at 96. lehigh valley, mid 90s across the map with feel-like temperatures pretty close to the actual temperature today. that's because humidity took a bit of a dip. it will be right back up tomorrow. this isn't a long lived break from that. looking at new jersey, cape may,
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86 degrees. we are looking at parts of the shore, delaware beaches, more of a break from the higher temperatures. mid 80s for ocean city. wilmington at 96. these temperatures in the 90s today look good compared to your monday. so coming up in just a few minutes, we'll talk more about how pot we get monday and the possibility of storms. >> 10:13 on this sunday. remembering those lost. this morning a memorial grows at the site of the deadly shopping mall attack in germany. we're learning new information about the gunman. that's straight ahead.
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quarter after 10:00 on this sunday. 87 degrees outside the nbc 10 studios. there are plenty of events today ahead of the democratic national convention officially kicking off tomorrow. at noon, clean energy supporters plan to march from city hall to independence mall and then climate change will be the focus
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of a celebrity filled movie screening in philadelphia tonight. susan sarandon, danny glover, some of the famous faces at vernon park in germantown. the documentary how to let go of the world and love all of the things climate can't change will be screened at 8:30 followed by a concert at 10:30. philadelphia mayor jim kenny will welcome dnc delegates at the party at the kimmel center. they expect 6,000 delegates and alternates to be in philly for the convention. tonight is the official welcome party. the democratic national convention is the focus of the live edition of "10!@issue" as democrats come to town to nominate a presidential ticket that will make history. we'll have a preview of what delegates can expect to hear inside the convention arena and what philadelphians will see around town during the dnc coming up this morning at 11:30
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following "meet the press" here on nbc 10. already 87 the temperature for us in philadelphia and delaware. south jersey at 85 degrees. 83 lehigh valley and jersey shore. saw 70s early this morning. long gone. already nearing 90 for us in parts of philadelphia. these temperatures of course as you see bottom of your screen, neighborhood seven-day forecast, always scrolling along. we're looking at very hot conditions not just today but day after day. that's why we're under that first alert. here's a closer look along the shore. atlantic city at 82 degrees. egg harbor, 83. we're at 84 ocean city and 87 already down near cape may. so temperatures right across the board in those 80s. now the shore actually shouldn't warm up too much more as we move into the afternoon. we're talking low 90s for
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forecast highs. but as you move more inland, those temperatures do crank up. radar and satellite map not a lot going on here. we have clouds mixing in with sunshine. i expect that to continue into the afternoon. the difference from yesterday is yesterday we had a cold front pass. we had that moist, soupy air. then we mixed a cold front in. the cold front didn't bring cold air but enough lift for storms to pop. we saw isolated severe storms develop and those moved out quickly. clear skies behind it. a little lower humidity. so today the feel-like temperature not going to be quite as rough. regardless, we're nearing record highs today. 97 the forecast for us in philadelphia. 98 is the record set back in 2011. so one degree shy of the record. tomorrow looking like we'll break one. 99 in the forecast high. previous record at 96 degrees. so looks like we'll break it by three degrees. tuesday, good news. not breaking this one. 101 is the record.
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we're forecasting a high at 96. feel-like temperatures up to around 100 degrees. hour by hour storm potential, we're dry through your sunday aside from clouds. by monday morning commute, could be wet especially if you go farther north. those showers move out. the next line storm potential late day into your early evening. that also moving out overnight. more on your ten-day outlook in just a bit. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks. out west today, authorities say a burned body has been found in a neighborhood that was swept up by a wildfire just north of los angeles. detectives are now trying to figure out if the person was killed by the flames or some other cause. this area was one of many evacuated as the santa clarita fire doubled in size yesterday. this fire along with a second fire to the north are threatening thousands of homes. overseas, we're learning more about the shooter who killed nine people at that mall in munich. the people of germany are
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remembering those victims this weekend by laying flowers and candles outside of the mall. within the last hour, investigators reveal the 18-year-old shooter spent more than a year preparing this attack. they say the man only identified as david s. visited the site of a previous school shooting in germany and played first person shooter video games. the prosecutor's office in munich has found no evidence that the shooter targeted specific victims or that this was related to terrorism. back here in the u.s., now to a look at one of america's most beautiful natural attractions under threat from mother nature herself. as nbc's anne thompson reports, the rush is on to preserve a beloved and historic herd of animals before it's too late. >> reporter: every day is a day at the beach for the wild horses. they are the star attraction on maryland's coast. mixing so freely with sunbathers and campers, horses join in the
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price family's campfire last summer. >> it was an amazing mystical experience. >> reporter: legend says the horses swam ashore 300 years ago after a spanish gallion sank but colonist hid them to prevent paying taxes and now their home is changing. do horses come up here? >> they do, yes, indeed. >> reporter: bill is the chief of resource management. the barrier island remade by a three-day blizzard in january. >> waters came up. waves came over the dune. it was dramatic. >> reporter: the park science commuter kelly taylor says impact is greater than one storm. >> if you look out to that white buoy all of the way out. >> reporter: with storms, winds and currents pushing the islands westward, the u.s. park service
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is trying to figure out how to manage it for the next 50 years. >> you can try to stay in place, you can retreat or you can try to adapt. >> reporter: it's choosing adaptation. when nature recovers asphalt parking lots, the services building new ones inland made of sustainable clay and crushed clam shell. the goal, to keep the island assessable to two and four legged creatures. bill price is bringing his grandchildren now in case nature has a different plan. >> it's something they'll have memories of forever. they may not be able to visit this. >> reporter: trying to preserve this magical mix of nature and man for generations to come. anne thompson, nbc news, maryland. >> we've got another one for you animal lovers out there. hundreds of homeless pets have a place to call home and they have forever families. coming up, we'll check out the introductions between the pets and the people that turned out
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to provide a full-time home.
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we're counting down to the rio olympics. nbc 10 is your home for all of the action. take a look. security forces yesterday had to knock this man to the ground and arrest him. the torch is on a tour of brazil leading up to the opening ceremony. the game is on august 5th. a woman was carrying the torch. that's when the man tried to take it from her. the woman was shaken but she quickly got back on her feet and started back on the road to rio. you can count on nbc 10 for your complete coverage of the games. we do have a team of reporters headed to rio. nbc 10's jacqueline london will lead our reports. we'll keep an eye on how our local athletes are doing in competitions and bring you the results. plenty of animals across our region now have forever families. hundreds of people answered our call to help clear the shelters.
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nbc 10 teamed up with dozens of local shelters to help find families for homeless pets. >> happy to see us there. signs saying i'm adopted started popping up yesterday morning. the animals seemin ing eager for new homes. more than 1,000 pets around the region were adopted. that brings the total for the clear the shelters campaign to more than 4,000. >> i've always said i want to adopt a dog. this whole clear the shelters event came up at the perfect time. we were ready to get another dog. happened perfect. >> if you would like to see pictures of the pets and their new families, go to our website, talk about the weather now. a woman who had to be rescued from her car in camden county is
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expected to thankfully be okay. heavy winds from yesterday's storms toppled that tree on her car and it trapped her inside. it happened just before 6:00 last night in the town of magnolia. [ applause ] you can hear the neighbors clapping and cheering when fire crews were able to free the woman from her car on lincoln avenue. she was alert when the firefighters pulled her out and she is expected to recover. shaken to say the least, right? >> big time. those storms rolled through quickly and cleared back out. because of that passage, we're looking at drier air so still very hot but not quite as humid. >> we'll take it. >> this is a live look outside. gorgeous start to the day. again, very hot as we get into the afternoon. there's your temperatures tomorrow the big worry day. 99 the forecast high. feel-like temperatures around 105 and above. >> any visitors to philadelphia who live out west where it's
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that dry heat may be in for a surprise when they get to philly. >> very sticky. >> speaking of visitors, we know thousands are going to descend upon philadelphia for the democratic national convention. keep track of all of the buzz coming from the convention by staying with us right here on nbc 10. of course, "meet the press" is coming up next. from 10:30 to 11:30 and then live "@issue."
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this sunday, the democratic national convention gets under way here in philadelphia. after a raucous and unpredictable republican convention that ended with the nomination of donald trump. >> i am with you, i will fight for you, and i will win for you. >> this morning, my sit-down with donald trump on his convention speech. >> the only negative reviews were a little dark. >> on whether he's backing off on his muslim ban. >> i actually don't think it's appropriate. >> on hillary clinton's choice of tim kaine. >> tim kaine was a slap in the face to bernie sanders. >> plus, hillary clinton and tim kaine hit the road in florida. >> tim kaine is everything


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