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tv   NBC10 Issue  NBC  July 24, 2016 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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again. >> last week, cleveland was the center of the political world. now it's philadelphia's turn as the democrats come to town to nominate a presidential ticket that will make history. >> the next vice president, my friend, senator tim kaine. >> this morning, we will have a preview of what delegates can expect to hear inside the convention arena and what philadelphians will see around town during the 2016 dnc. good morning. i'm rosemary conners. there is just one day to go until the start of the 2016
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democratic national convention at the welz fls fargo center in philadelphia. on friday, convention organizers unveiled the podium. crews removed more than 2,000 seats from the wells fargo center to make room for platform which features one of the largest led screens in the world. in the coming days, several prominent local political leaders will address the delegates from the stage. national political leaders as well. we will hear from president obama, michelle obama, joe biden, bill clinton, bernie sanders and hillary clinton when she accepts the nomination. today is a day off for the official 2016 democratic presidential ticket. hillary clinton has no appearances scheduled and tim kaine is in virginia. clinton introduced him as her running mate in front of thousands of cheering supporters in miami yesterday. but what may be eclipsing that today is another e-mail scandal involving the dnc.
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close to 20,000 internal dnc e-mails were released. the leak shows that democratic party officials who were supposed to be neutral during the primaries actively tried to hurt his campaign and actively helped clinton's. many in the party worry that this will make it even harder to promote unity. bernie sanders said he is still supporting hillary clinton. clinton's team is reacting to the leaks. they shift in overdrive to prepare for the start of the convention. it's happening at the wells fargo center. lauren, you spoke to hillary clinton's campaign manager. >> reporter: i asked clinton campaign manager robbie milk whether he knew of anyone at the dnc working against bernie sanders. he told me, no, he did not know anything about that. i also asked him about the new developments.
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>> very proud of the primary campaign that was run. it was really hard but we focused on the issues. i think our campaign is stronger as a result of this primary. we are unified now. moving forward. what's disturbing about the w k incident you talked about is that experts tell us russian state actors broke into the dnc system, stole e-mails. it appears that those e-mails are being leaked out. obviously, it's unclear what information has been -- is accurate, what information has been doctored. it's disturbing that some experts are saying this could be the russians trying to help donald trump by embarrassing the dnc. we need to let the experts decide. >> reporter: this is happening as the democrats get ready to kick off this convention here. bernie sanders is scheduled to speak right here behind me tomorrow night. >> lauren, both conventions, of
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course, want a united party, united front. what did you see at the rnc? you just got back from cleveland. did donald trump achieve that? >> reporter: there is likely some debate about that. i can tell you i met quite a few people who were not originally donald trump supporters who have come into the fold. he has a measure of success in that. but i can also tell you standing there listening to him speak as you looked around the room, some people were certainly cheering louder than others. there are still some that may need some convincing. >> lauren, thanks for joining us. we are now joined in studio by former pennsylvania governor ed rendell. he serves as the chair of the philadelphia host committee for the dnc and he chaired the dnc during the 2000 presidential electi election. thanks for being with us. first, let's talk about tim kaine. obviously, that was the big announcement yesterday coming
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out of the clinton camp. we will get to the e-mails in a moment. in terms of tim kaine, is this something who will excite the base and bring over those bernie sanders supporters? >> first and foremost, it's the reason that i love hillary clinton. she picked someone because he's the best qualified person to be president if something happens to her. he has experience with foreign affairs, with foreign relations committee, military affairs, he serves on military affairs, a former mayor, governor, senator. only 20 people in the u.s. history have held all three of those offices. he is a great guy. everybody liked him when he was party chair. he is a great choice. hillary clinton knew that it might not sit well with some of the far left sanders supporters because he did support the transpacific trade pack. he has done some things with the wall street banks. but my message to conservatives is, look, 17 years he spent
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representing poor people with housing disputes suing as a lawyer. co-have gone to a big law firm and made four times as much money. that's about as progressive -- some lawyer dozen two years of public service and go back to their big law firm firms. he spent almost two decades doing this. he was a progressive of good choice but not the choice that the sanders voters wanted to hear. >> speaking of sanders voters, many of them are disturbed by what they are hearing related to the wikileaks of the dnc e-mails that appear to show some officials were trying to hurt the sanders campaign. what's the faultollout of this? >> first of all, they should be disturbed. at least preliminarily with the reports of the e-mails. everyone should wait and see them all. it showed favoritism, showed them challenging the depth of bernie sanders' faith. ridiculous stuff.
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when i became chair in 2000, i had given a personal check to al gore for $1,000. i immediately wrote a $1,000 personal check to bill bradley the other contender just to show equality in dealing with them. i think secretary clinton has to look at the e-mails. if they show a pattern of things that are just not wrong, that are unfair, she has to take some action to find the people accountable and to held them accountable. i think it's going to make it harder for us to get -- we're getting, according to polls, 78% of the sanders voters to vote for secretary clinton. but we need another 10% or 15%. this is going to make it harder. not impossible but make it harder. i expect senator sanders to give a great speech monday night. i think that will heal some of the wounds. >> very quickly, governor rendell, before we let you go, they are telling me a few more moments. pennsylvania has been considered a battleground state. but in more recent elections
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leaning democrat, it seep seem though it's you have to grabs. >> donald trump gives an appeal because he gives a simplistic view that this has cost us jobs. it used to be 100 welders would work on the side of a ship. now there are four welders. they have computers and robotic arms. that had nothing do with trade. it's a simple message. for people out of work or are working at a job that pays them half of what it did, it feeds their frustration. that's going to be a factor in western pennsylvania and other areas. we have our work cut out for us here in pennsylvania. everybody who wants to see secretary clinton become president has to get out there and vote. >> former pennsylvania governor, former mayor of philadelphia ed rendell, thanks for being with us. we want to get some perspective from the other side of the aisle. many local republican leaders are coming up for air after last
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week's trip to cleveland. now they are preparing for an invasion of democratic delegates. joe defalice is one of them. you are in our digital operations center. joe, you were in cleveland last week. now that the rnc has wrapped up, is the party able to unify and rally around donald trump? considering many have voiced reservations about him. >> we're unified. i spent time with the pennsylvania delegation. a lot of people that were rubio supporters, jeb bush supporters, ted cruz supporters, john kasich supporters that have come into the tent. i spent time walking around the arena talking to delegations from oklahoma, hawaii, california, they are on the trump train. what donald trump did in cleveland is he didn't just appeal to the typical republican base. he reached out further to law enforcement and to those blue collar workers, specifically ones that live in philadelphia, northern east, river ward, south philadelphia. he is bringing those people into the tent as well. we're expanding our base while
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hillary clinton is shrinking her base. >> obviously, the big story this morning is about those e-mails that were leaked. your take on this in terms of the fallout and what we expect to hear from trump on this as the day continues? >> whether it's dnc e-mails or hillary clinton's e-mails, nothing surprises us. whether they question bernie sanders' faith, donald trump said it that this was a rigged process against bernie sanders. we saw that more. it's a heck of a lot harder to bring those people into the tent after this came out. >> joe, hillary clinton announced her running mate tim kaine friday night. were you surprised by her pick? is this something that republicans have been expecting? >> tim kaine was a dnc chair. it make president chair. now dnc chair -- now vice presidential campaign and former dnc chair. tim kaine is not a progressive.
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he is to the right of where she's been running for last year and a half, whether it's right to work, whether it's his pro life stance, support of nuclear energy. these are the things that the bernie sanders people don't want. i'm telling you, stein is looking better to the bernie n sanders supporters. >> most days you are outnumbered by democrats in philadelphia. this week, you are truly outcomes. what are you going to do this week? what's it like to be a republican in philadelphia during the dnc? >> obviously, we're used to this far out numbering. hillary clinton is in town. she will fit right in. she will make history thursday night as the first presidential candidate that has been under fbi investigation, whether it's s fattah, the traffic court, she will fit in in philadelphia in our culture of corruption. >> joe giving us the other
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perspective on this, a republican side. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. she was a first lady, a u.s. senator and a secretary of state. but hillary clinton wants to make sure voters know about her work before she went to washington. >> went to work for the children's defense fund. >> children and families will be the convention theme tuesday. that's when a philadelphia social worker will get the opportunity of a lifetime to address the delegates. we will hear from him right after the break.
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on tuesday, the convention will feature local speakers who will share their stories. hillary clinton's work with children is the focus of one of her campaign ads. take a look. >> after law school, she could have gone to a big law firm.
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instead, she went to work for the children's defense fund, helping get disabled kids out of the shadows and into their local schools. >> joini ining me now is a soci worker for the support center for child advocates in philadelphia. thaddeus will address the convention tuesday. thanks for being us. first thing, whether you are democrat, republican, this is a big event for philadelphia. kind of walk us through when you got the phone call. what was asked of you? what did you say? >> i was in new orleans. i had just gotten there celebrating my birthday at the time. received a phone call and a text message to get back to them. so i gave them a call back. they asked me to go to a private place. waen wasn't sure what it was about. went into the bathroom and they popped the question. >> so to speak. >> yeah.
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i really didn't know what to say. i know i couldn't say no as nerve-wracking at that is. but i'm super honored. a lot of excitement. glad to be a voice for my fellow social workers. really looking forward to the opportunity. >> you got some good advice just a moment ago as governor ed rendell was on his way out. he told you if you are speaking to thousands of people, which you will be, not to put the pressure on, look for one person in the crowd. right? >> yes. >> what can we hear in your speech? what message are you trying to send? what do you want to tell the delegates? >> i mean, definitely, you know, the work that i do, a little bit why i got into it. but really, you know, that child welfare is an issue that needs some attention. we have come a long way. hillary has been a pillar in that, i believe. but we still have a long way to
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go. >> tell us about your work with children and also part of your personal story. because that is, from my understanding, what inspired you to become a social worker. >> of course. i work for the support center of child advocates. we are a public interest law firm that represents abused and neglected children within philadelphia. and also in the criminal court for victims and also witnesses of crime. and so -- >> it was a social worker who helped you, as a child, correct? >> yes. my adopted mother was my social worker who really inspired me to continue to do that work. i see the value in it. she also really fostered the relationship between my birth parents as well. they are in my life. they are actively in my life.
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>> i think we just actually a moment ago had a photo of your birth parents and adoptive mother. you get to bring one guest and it's going to be your adopted mother. >> yeah. i wish i could bring everyone. yeah, i mean, i think she's super proud. i wouldn't be a social worker today if it wasn't for her. >> you touched on this. as we look forward to november and we look toward the election, what do you want the candidates to know? what should they focus on in terms of child advocacy and the welfare of our children in our country? >> the children are our future. if we don't invest in them today, then there will be -- there won't be a future. so i think it's important that the appropriate allocated funds are able to go where they need to to make sure that that support is there. >> you will be speaking on tuesday night at the convention. thanks so much for coming in on this sunday. really appreciate it.
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still to come on this live edition, if you can't get inside the convention, you can still take part in the fun and history being made here in philadelphia. we will show you how coming up. again! again! again! again! again? again! again!
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you don't have to be a delegate to enjoy the excitement surrounding the dnc. a lot of events and activities are planned for visitors and residents. here to tell us more is kevin a washo. thanks for being with us. we have seen a lot of you over past week or so. you were telling me, in terms of preparation, people might think this takes six months, a year. but 2013 is -- >> almost three years. it's hard to believe we're finally here. we're excited. i think you can see it in the air. people are excited about being good hosts. we're excited. >> we have the heat.
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but we could have rain. it could be a downpour this week. we know summer storms roll through. >> last night when it was raining cats and dogs at 6:00. at 7:00, the breeze was out. someone is looking out for us. >> in terms pr s of the prepara give us a taste of what you have been up to. >> we want to make sure not only the delegates are having a great experience and guests and members of the media, but philadelphians and people from pennsylvania, we want to make sure they get to experience -- we can talk about political-fest our exhibit in seven venues throughout the city, including the constitution center, the convention. that's open to the public. we did that in 2000. we wanted to have that again. we have a replica airplane of air force i. there's a lot of neat things to do. we want to make sure we encourage people to come to the city. >> one of the other activities that's happening is the philly feast food truck festival. that's actually gone on in my neighborhood, in old city, tomorrow night. >> absolutely. one of the things we wanted to
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do is highlight different aspects of the city. we have a great food truck vibe in the city, as everyone knows. we wanted to highlight that. not only for the delegates and guests but people that want to leave their offices and come out and come down to old city and have food. we thought it was a nice little way to get our food trucks engaged in the process. >> absolutely. in terms of the delegates and visitors who are coming in to philadelphia, obviously, a big party part is getting them to come back as tourists. >> absolutely. he would talk about the example, we want to be good hosts. it's like having a dinner party. you want to make sure people are fed. >> everybody gets a roll. >> have a good conversation. you want them to come back. that's what we want to do. i think people are excited about philadelphia. just the location, historic philadelphia, new philadelphia. i think people will come back and you can't say enough about our convention and visitors bureau and what they are doing. that's important. >> philadelphia is really riding
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this wave of -- let's be frank -- good publicity from outside sources. >> philadelphia hosts big events as well as any city in the country. putting it in perspective, one other city hosted both political parties and conventions in last 40 years and that's new york. that's good company. >> kevin with the dnc host company, i'm sure i will see you again this week. >> absolutely. thank you very much. >> appreciate you coming in. we'll be right back.
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i like that bee. you may have noticed these banners going up at construction sites throughout center city. well, they feature remarkable quotes from presidents and other political figures. we have to dress up the construction sites. the signs are just a way to drum
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up excitement ahead of the convention. nbc 10 needs your help to recognize people in our community who are making a difference. we are giving away grants to local non-profits. we call it 21st century solutions. the goal is to support organizations that are implementing new and innovative programs. the application is on our website right now, the deadline to apply is august 26. that's it. i'm rosemary conneors. thanks for joining us.
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