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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  July 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, huge protests, extreme heat, and plenty of drama, and we're still several hours from the start of the democratic national convention in philadelphia. this morning, after debbie wasserman schultz faced hecklers, bernie sanders supporters shouted her down. >> good morning, i'm vai
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sikahema. >> we're here to bring you all the action from the democratic national convention. >> we'll give you a behind-the-scenes look at the event, and we'll tell you about the change in leadership in the democratic party. >> and there's a lot going on throughout philadelphia with protests, events, and road closures because of the dnc. we're about five hours away from the start of the convention. >> council meetings are under way right now. at 4:00, the convention will officially gavel to order. there are four big speakers tonight. first off, new jersey senator cory booker will be followed by first lady michelle obama, and new this morning, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren has been designated as the convention's keynote speaker and will address delegates before bernie sanders takes the stage. and the story that's casting a shadow over the start of the convention is leak of dnc e-mails. those e-mails show the committee worked to undermine clinton's rival bernie sanders.
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>> the scandal prompted the resignation of dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz who was greeted with boos at a breakfast event this morning. >> thank you so much! >> she tried to speak to florida delegation. she said yesterday she will step down as soon as the convention ends. bernie sanders supporters made it disfficult for her to be head this morning. >> so, i can see there's a little bit of interest in my being here, and i appreciate that interest, and a little bit of interest from the press. >> the congresswoman is seeking re-election to her seat in the house. >> congresswoman wasserman schultz was also scheduled to appear at a breakfast event, but that did not happen. monique braxton is at the double tree hotel in center city with
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more. >>. >> reporter: the breakfast for the pennsylvania delegates just wrapped up here outside the doubletree hotel. people are still exiting. they're reuniting with friends, old acquaintances as they move on to the other events of the day. the proud delegates were more than 400 strong. the crowd heard from governor wolf, new jersey senator booker made an appearance, as well as pennsylvania senator casey. but you couldn't help but notice supporters of bernie sanders in the packed room. i asked the governor if the e-mail controversy and stepping down as chair debbie wasserman schultz is overshadowing or dimming the enthusiasm of the kickoff of the 2016 convention. >> i don't think it's going to have as big an impact as the positive issues that we're going to confront. i still think that's what this convention is going to be about. >> the divisiveness or the appearance thereof? >> i think it comes from both
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sides. i think that, you know, we've been being told that we're welcome to the convention and appreciated and that feels condescending, quite honestly. >> i'm thrilled to be in philadelphia as a delegate for hillary clinton because i'm proud, i'm inspired, and i just -- it's so important this year that we elect her as our president. >> what are you most looking forward to happening this week here in philadelphia? >> party unity, which i feel we have. >> reporter: the delegates are now off to various caucuses all across the city. before they hear from sanders and the first lady this evening. lye in center city, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> all right, monique. thanks for that. the orc poll shows the convention bump for the republican nominee donald trump, which traditionally happens after a convention. he now leads hillary clinton 48% to 45%, which is a six-point improvement for trump. according to the poll, trump's edge comes from increased
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support among independents. >> this is a live look at the ben franklin bridge, which will be the site of a demonstration by bernie sanders supporters. a group called people's platform will march from camden to philadelphia. and that protest is getting under way right now in camden. >> pamela osborne is there live. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, demonstrators say they're doing this so that their voices are heard. i'm going to step out of the way and show you where they're gathering here. they feel like there's been a breakdown within the democratic process on both sides of the aisle and they're hoping to bring attention to that. people that are gathered here, roosevelt plaza park, are bernie sanders supporters. a $15 minimum wage. they want medical care for all free hire educations. and they want money out of politics. protesters plan to leave the park at 11:30 this morning. they will walk across the ben franklin bridge and end at city hall. the dnc chairwoman prepares to
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step down after leaked e-mails reveal that some dnc officials internally showed favoritism toward the clinton campaign. we asked some of the protesters about that. you'll hear more from them at 11:30. >> protesters backing bernie sanders rallied in philadelphia last night. some of those demonstrations were larger than the biggest protests at the republican convention in cleveland last week. you're looking at hundreds marching down broad street in support of bernie sanders last night. police commissioner said all of those demonstrations were peaceful. now, most people won't be able to set foot anywhere near the wells fargo center this week. >> you can still experience the political buzz around town, and one place is the convention center. sydney long is there live. >> reporter: no matter your political party affiliation, this is an awesome display of
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american politics and history. take a look. this is an exact replica of jfk's air force one. you can get your picture taken. i just walked through. we're told it is exactly as it was after jfk was killed in dallas and his body flown back to our nation's capital. now, take a look. you can see all of the exhibits in here. it is a rolling exhibit. it is a true opportunity, if you will, for young people to be educated on american politics in the city that history was born. right here, you're looking at john f. kennedy's lincoln from the 1960s era. over here, there is a display of all of the different political buttons that have unfolded through the years. it is a rolling exhibit. just one stop of seven, as we're walking through hall f, where on the bottom floor of the pennsylvania convention center. so that entranceway is near 12th and arch. it is the first of its kind in history, as history is unfolding
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right before our eyes here this week with the dnc. you can't get lost, as there are dozens of volunteers, outnumbering some of the guests, but there were lines out the front door as we entered today and we'll be talking to. so of those guests who are visiting and getting a little taste of political history, really a big taste of political history and the exhibit, it will cost you $5 for anyone under 18. $15 for adults and it goes through wednesday. remember, there are seven stops, so we're not even scratching the surface just yet. >> just a reminder. the traffic restrictions are in effect, south approaching exit 22. one lane in each direction will be closed. police are enforcing a five-ton commercial truck restriction in that area. nbc 10 has extensive coverage of the dnc all week
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long. our live broadcasts continue this afternoon and this evening. we'll bring you a nightly one-hour special at 7:00. be sure you have the free nbc 10 app. and we'll have all the footage of the democratic national convention for you. >> now, you nbc 10 first alert weather. dangerous heat continues to grip our region. already, it is hot and humid and it's going to feel like it's in the triple digits a little bit later on. a live look from ben franklin parkway in philadelphia. morning storms left behind damage in delaware county. the severe weather knocked down a tree in sharon hill. sharon and woodlawn avenues. the tree was blocking the road here. there are no reports of any injuries. first alert meteorologist crystal clyde, who made her nbc 10 debut this weekend. we welcome her to philadelphia and to the nbc 10 family. >> indeed, welcome. we have a lot to talk about today with the high heat,
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humidity, and storms later today. >> yeah, that is exactly right. a very busy forecast for us. two separate first alerts for two different things. dangerous heat and afternoon strong storm potential. so first, let's talk danger of heat. what we're look at with this first alert. it will be for pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. we're looking across the region, temperatures soaring even along the shore, as well as tomorrow. today will be some of the highest heat for us. we're looking also very humid, which means those feel like temperatures around 100 up to 108. that's the type of temperatures where you need to stay indoors, and if you must be outside, shade is a must as well as the water. then, we take a look at those afternoon storm potential. we've got that possibility moving through a little later on. that's where the lehigh valley through the suburbs as well as into parts of philadelphia and new jersey. those storms looking to move from west to east, as they track along about 2:00 to 8:00.
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overnight, the showers should move out. thunderstorms, strong, damaging wind, all possibilities. don't forget, you've got that seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of your screen for your neighborhood. let's take a look right now at your feel like temperatures. 93 what it feels like right now already outside in philadelphia. and check out dover. 104 degrees. so these temperatures obviously going to be very hot by later today with the clouds clearing some. we'll talk more about the storm possibilities coming up. we continue to follow a tragedy outside a florida nightclub. >> we'll have more on the shooting that killed two and injured more than a dozen others. and a fierce wildfire is driving thousands from their homes in southern california. ahead, why the worst could be yet to come as firefighters work to contain the intense flames.
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here's another live look outside the wells fargo center, where the first look at the convention will begin later today. in just a few hours, delegates will begin making their way through those doors. we want to welcome you back inside the wells fargo center where we'll be anchoring four days of coverage for you. >> tonight, first lady michelle obama will address the delegates as will keynote speaker elizabeth warren. we'll also hear a primetime speech from clinton's former
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rival, senator bernie sanders. the convention ceo spoke about tonight's lineup at a news conference this morning. >> our plans this week will convey a very stark contrast to what we saw last week in cleveland. and will give our country a clear vision of our plans, not just a lot of verbiage, but our plans to move america forward. >> they also said this week's convention will be the most innovative in american history. in charlotte, hillary clinton is about to address the gathering there. later today, mrs. clinton holds a volunteer organizing event in charlotte. now let's get a check of the other news of the day. >> katy zachry is following the developments of the deadly shooting in florida. >> there has been another deadly
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nightclub shooting in florida. gunfire erupted at a ft. myers nightclub early this morning as it was hosting a party for teenagers. a 14-year-old and 18-year-old we've learned were killed. at least 17 others were hurt. police say the shooting was not an act of terror, and as sarah rosario reports for us, authorities are questioning several people right now. >> reporter: officers are investigating yet another mass shooting at a nightclub. this one killing two people and injuring at least 17 others. >> gunfire in club blue. people are scattering. >> witnesses say bullets started flying after a fight broke out in this parking lot, with victims ranging in age from 12 to 27 dodging and running for
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cover, sending patrons and the entire neighborhood into a complete panic. >> i was scared. i got two little girls. just imagine if one of them would have hit the window. >> this is ridiculous. it has to stop. >> club goers were attending a party billed as the swimsuit glow party. the violence leaving people crying, screaming, and others carried away in ambulances. >> i guarantee you it was about nothing. >> reporter: it comes more than a month after the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando, leaving 59 people dead and 53 others wounded, the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. >> y'all cowards. those are cowards. >> reporter: now, it leaves many people questioning if any place is safe, while a community mourns yet again and police work to pick up the pieces. sarah rosario, ft. myers, florida, nbc news. back here at home in delaware county, two people remain in critical condition after this chain reaction crash.
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at least 28 people were hospitalized when a septa bus, a tractor-trail tractor-trailer, and an suv all collided. sky force 10 was over the scene on providence road in yeaden just after 6:00 yesterday. investigators say the bus slammed into an suv that pulled out of a driveway, then hit the semi truck. two people walking in the area were most seriously hurt. this morning, we still don't know how a philadelphia firefighter died on the job this weekend. we do know gabriel lee was a 20-year-old -- 20-year veteran. there was a big show of support from firefighters when lee was taken to the hospital. >> more than 100 firefighters there. the mayor was there. on duty, off duty to say goodbye. it's still early and certainly we will provide information to everybody, when we have more information to provide. >> sources tell nbc 10 the
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42-year-old was found unresponsive in the basement of his ladder company, company 12 in north philadelphia saturday night. he was pronounced dead at temple university hospital. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and that first alert for both heat and those storms popping up later today. this is a live look outside in wilmington. you see right now, the clouds are starting to clear. we're looking at pretty nice conditions. but already, it feels very hot out there. here's a look at the temperatures in your neighborhood. 85, philadelphia. 87 south jersey. lehigh valley up to 88 as well as delaware and the jersey shore. that's your actual temperature. we just saw the feel like temperatures. some of us already above 100, what it feels like outside. and we still have some afternoon heating to go. this is definitely a dangerous heat day for us. looking closer, 88 degrees. the airport mid 80s for us. we're looking at a temperature of 86 degrees.
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some of us already nearing those low 90s outside. and temperatures are going to continue bumping up. the showers woke me up about 4:00 a.m. those showers have moved off, but we're going to have that second round start to build. you already see clouds out there. that will be moving in later today. quickly dip our temperatures, and with it, that's what we're going to see with the potential for stronger winds and the strong to severe thunderstorm development. though that won't be until later in the day, meaning we'll see our afternoon highs around those triple digits. looking at 98 for today. 105 the feel like temperature in philadelphia. make sure you're staying hydrated if you're out there. tuesday, 96 degrees. still feeling like about 100 outside. the feel like temperature will be below 100.
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on your hour by hour, through the afternoon, going into the early evening here, so 6:00 p.m., commute home, first line of showers may start to pop up. it's now going a little heavier with the storm activity. we should see some thunderstorms scattering across the region as we end your day and go into some of your nighttime hours. these showers continuing through 9:00 at night with some of the heaviest storms potentially hitting right through parts of philadelphia, into camden county and tracking along to the shores. so we move these out by the overnight, 1:00 a.m. pausing the clock and moving through to your morning, looking a little better on tuesday's commute. your neighborhood forecast, we're at 96 for summerton. look at the red, that's the feel like with those afternoon thunderstorms. 98. allentown at 97. new jersey at 95.
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temperatures very hot. those thunderstorms popping up later today as well. we'll talk more on your first alert in just a while. >> we'll see you again in a few minutes at the bottom of the hour. we continue our coverage live from the wells fargo center. >> this place will be packed in just a few hours and we're bringing you a front row seat with the all the latest on the candidates, the delegates and the controversies just ahead. i approve this message.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes,
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blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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the archdiocese of philadelphia is asking people of all faiths, including visitors of philadelphia, to join them ahead of the convention to pray for america. >> this afternoon at 2:00, there's a prayer service. you're looking live right now at the basilica at 18th street and the ben franklin parkway. the church is welcoming people to come together at this critical moment in the history of this nation. and we are getting start for -- set for the start of the democratic national convention. >> we'll have a look at the hecklers who booed debbie wasserman schultz at a breakfast this morning.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> and the first woman in the history of our republic will accept the democratic nomination in philadelphia, spending this morning in the swing state of north carolina. as we show you a live look from charlotte, where hillary clinton is about to address the dfw convention there. later today, mrs. clinton holds a volunteer organizing event in charlotte as well. and this is a live look at the wells fargo center where we are, where day one of the democratic convention will soon get under way. among tonight's speakers, first lady michelle obama and senator bernie sanders. the story that's casting a shadow over the start of the convention is a leak of dnc
11:30 am
e-mails. those e-mails show the committee worked to undermine clinton's rival bernie sanders. >> the scandal prompted the resignation of dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz, who was greeted with boos at a breakfast event this morning. and we just learned the fbi confirms it is investigating that hack involving the e-mails. >> thank you so much! >> protesters carrying signs drowned out wasserman schultz as she tried to speak to the florida delegation. wasserman schultz said yesterday she will step down as soon as the convention is over. bernie sanders supporters made it difficult for her to be heard this morning. >> i can see there's a little bit of interest in my being here, and i appreciate that interest. a little bit of interest from the press. florida is the most significant
11:31 am
battleground state. >> the congresswoman is seeking re-election to her seat in the house. some caucus and council meetings are going on right now for this afternoon. the convention will officially gavel to order. big significant speakers tonight. first off, cory booker followed by michelle obama. we have confirmed elizabeth warren has been designated as the convention's keynote speaker and will address delegates before bernie sanders takes the stage. sources tell nbc news that mrs. obama will speak about the role the president plays in the lives of children. why she believes hillary clinton best fills that role. the first lady will also touch on the values that we share as a nation. and one of tonight's speakers will be a man familiar to philadelphians. mayor jim kinney will speak as he welcomes delegates to our city. >> former new york mayor michael bloomberg will endorse hillary clinton in a speech to the delegates wednesday night. bloomberg is a former democrat
11:32 am
and also former republican who turned independent. a senior adviser said bloomberg will make the case that clinton is the clear choice in the presidential election. >> now, a new cnn orc poll shows a convention bump for republican nominee donald trump. he now leads hillary clinton 48% to 45%, which is a six-point improvement for trump. according to the poll, trump's edge comes from increased support among independents. and here's a live look right now at the ben franklin bridge, spanning the delaware where bernie sanders supporters are scheduled to march this morning. a group called the people's platform expected to head from camden to philadelphia. pamela osborne is live with more on this protest. pam, what is their message? >> reporter: well, i'm going to step out of the way and show you some of the signage that we're see right now. you can see someone holding up a sign there that says stop stealing our elections. we talked to some of the protesters who are participating here today. they feel like there's been a
11:33 am
huge break in the democratic process. they came to camden from all over. there are people from michigan, maine, local people as well who feel, again, as though there has been some kind of break in the process. i asked protesters about the leaked e-mails from dnc officials. those e-mails again revealing that some members of the dnc internally showed favoritism towards the clinton campaign over the sanders campaign. dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz says she'll step down at the end of the week. sanders supporters we spoke to say they are not surprised by the contents of those leaked e-ma e-mails. >> we feel that this is an establishment leveraging their candidate, their corporate candidate. and if you ask we the people, we're not okay with fraud anymore. we're not okay with the theft of our democratic process. >> reporter: so again, they are
11:34 am
g gathering here at roosevelt park. they're going to be walking over the ben franklin bridge and headed to city hall. reporting live in camden, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, pam. they're having a sound check right now. so it's a little hard for us to hear. the delegates for bernie sanders are furious about what has transpired over the last 24 hours. >> more specifically about dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz. tim furlong is live in center city with more on that part of our coverage this morning. tim? >> reporter: guys, it is loud there. sounds like you're having a tough time there. we just heard from leaders of the bernie delegates network. as we imagine, not happy at all. this group seizing about debbie wasserman schultz in e-mails that appear to show the dnc giving extra help to the clinton campaign. hillary clinton nominating tim
11:35 am
kaine as her vice president. they think she chose a centrist when she had a real moment to choose a progressive. they say this group has 88% of the delegates they represent say that tim kaine is a bad choice and that clinton should have chosen a more progressive record. one delegate says donald trump has actually gone farther to reach out to progressives than hillary clinton has at a time when she should be trying to unify the party. they aren't saying exactly how far they're going to go to protest, but there is talk of possible challenges to the kaine nomination and they really do think wasserman schultz should be gone now, not friday. they say she has damaged the party beyond repair. take a listen. >> it's pretty clear that what we were saying for months is obviously true. they had their finger on the scale for the campaign. and the validation does not make us happy. we're not happy about being right. this is heartbreaking for us.
11:36 am
>> reporter: rumblings inside the sanders campaign. talking about the protests coming forward. speaking of protesters, one march for sanders is going to come down here. we're going to run outside to catch up to that protest. check with me on social media. i'll try to post pictures and video when we get there. >> don't forget, speaking of protests and traffic closures, 95 north approaching south exit 22. one lane in each direction will be closed. police are enforcing a five-ton commercial truck restriction in
11:37 am
that area. you can track all the road closures. because there will be rolling road closures because of the protests. you can see it all on the nbc 10 app. the woman who will accept the democratic nomination here in philadelphia is spending this morning in the swing state of north carolina. here's a live look right now from charlotte, where hillary clinton has just arrived. she's just taken the podium at the dfw convention. a little bit later today, mrs. clinton will hold a volunteer organizing event also in charlotte. now to hillary clinton's pick for vice president. virginia senator tim kaine. >> the democratic ticket appeared on "60 minutes" last night where they commented on donald trump's penchant for nicknames, such as crooked hillary. >> i don't call him anything. and i'm not going to engage in that kind of insult fest that he seems to thrive on. >> when i see crooked hillary or
11:38 am
the "lock her up," it's just ridiculous. it is ridiculous. >> reporter: clinton said the republicans offered no positive agenda and presented a very dark, divisive campaign. meanwhile, former vice presidential candidate al gore, he skipped the 2012 convention after speaking at the two previous dncs in 2008 and 2004. >> republican nominee donald trump will be in pennsylvania this week trying to steal some of the battleground states. he plans to visit scranton on wednesday. yesterday, he talked about the shake-up in the democratic national committee and blasted clinton's voice of tim kaine as her running mate. >> what happened with the choice of tim kaine was a slap in the
11:39 am
face to bernie sanders and everybody. i was shocked. i love it from my standpoint. >> trump is also brushing off claims that russia is trying to help his campaign by leaking those dnc e-mails. >> so do you want to be a part of the dnc excitement? the convention itself at the wells fargo center is off limits to the public. >> but there's a pretty cool way to get involved in this city where democracy was born. cydney long takes us inside political fest. >> reporter: good morning. some very special moments in american political history. they're also standing still so that you can be a part of them. take a look right here. this is an exact replica of the white house oval office. and folks have been coming through here. you can see they're taking photographs. they're enjoying this little
11:40 am
piece of history. this is the public's opportunity to experience past political history, as brand-new history is unfolding right before our eyes in the city. it is called political fest. no matter your party, it is a celebration and true learning experience about america's democracy. >> i think the way it's set up in how philadelphia is getting involved is so great. it shows how great our country is. >> and you can see folks here behind the oval office desk, the presidential desk, they're taking phone calls. in addition to the oval office, there are replicas that are worn by former first ladies. look over here. these are the gowns that some people are trying on. you can see the statue of
11:41 am
liberty. hundreds of thousands of connects that make the liberty bell right here behind us. so political fest, very interactive exhibit that's going on. it's not just here at the pennsylvania convention center. there are seven different locations. you can catch a flash bus and go to all the locations. we've only scratched the surface right here. we'll be talking to some of those guests and bring you more as the afternoon unfolds. i >> our live broadcast from the wells fargo center continuing all morning, into the afternoon and evening. we'll also bring you a nightly one-hour special, 7:00 p.m. be sure you have the free nbc 10 app as well for the instant updates and behind-the-scenes footage of the democratic
11:42 am
national convention. katy zachry is live in our studios for us. you're following the developments in that deadly shooting in florida. tell us more. >> that's exactly right. another deadly nightclub shooting reported in florida. this time in ft. myers. two people are dead and at least a dozen more injured. police say the shooting took place early this morning at club blue. the parking lot of the club, as you can see in our video, was littered with bullet casings. there were other scenes that police were at earlier this morning. a home at a nearby street. officers are speaking to three people in connection with the shooting. no arrests have been made. a wildfire continues to burn in the hills north of los angeles. the fire has destroyed 18 homes and charred more than 50 square miles. one person was found dead in the fire zone. some homeowners had been hoping to return, but unexpected winds fuel the fire, making a return too dangerous for them. authorities in texas are searching for two suspects after
11:43 am
a sheriff's department sergeant was shot to death at his home. officials in round rock, which is a town just north of austin, warned people to stay in their homes as they searched for the suspect. there's no word yet on a motive. the countdown to rio continues. there are now just 11 days until the start of the games on august 5th in brazil. members of russia's olympic team arrived in rio ahead of the games. there has been some doubt about whether they would be allowed to compete at all in the wake of the doping scandal, but the international olympic committee rejected calls to ban the entire russian team. those russian athletes will be among the 18,000 athletes moving into rio's olympic village with more than 30 buildings and over 3,000 apartments. it's the largest olympic village in history. the question is will anyone live there when the games are over? developers say so far, they've only sold a fraction of the
11:44 am
apartments. and in your forecast, another round of showers potentially moving through later today. plus, some record-breaking heat. the details on the other side of your break.
11:45 am
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as a leader in student lending, we have student loan options that others don't. including better alternatives to federal loans. i can show you how to pay for your own child's way to college. in case you don't find that treasure chest. if you have a question about student loans, ask me. sincerely, michele wright fellow mom and fellow citizen. citizens bank student loans call 1-866-999-0154 to apply now. everybody, settle down. >> this morning, outgoing dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz was greeted with shouts of "shame" at a breakfast for
11:47 am
delegates from her home state of florida. hacked e-mails suggested the dnc was trying to undermine the sanders campaign in the presidential primaries. the wasserman schultz story is dominating the lead-up to this part of the convention. >> chuck todd has more on the controversy. >> well, just like the first day of the republican convention, we're looking at a raucous first day of the democratic convention on the heal he heels of the res of debbie wasserman schultz. the big question is whether bernie sanders supporters and delegates are going to be appeased by this decision of debbie wasserman schultz to resign, or if this is only going to add fuel to the fire and make them want to demonstrate a little bit more. make them look for more retribution. today is bernie sanders' day. he can do a lot to either calm the water or stir the pot. it all begins at 4:00 this
11:48 am
afternoon and we'll see just how ready for a fight are the sanders crowd. >> we'll have you covered on all of it. but not all the stories come from what happened on the stage. >> there's a woman here in philadelphia this weekend. this is going to be her 16th convention. 85-year-old ross wieman. she's been attending these events since 1952. in 60 conventions, she's left her mark in many ways. but what happens this week she believes will be hard to top. she sat down with lester holt just last night. >> i would like us to reflect the beliefs of our party and what she believes. >> the only convention she's ever missed was the raucous 1968 gathering in chicago.
11:49 am
>> and we have this reminder that comcast is offering free access to more than 10,000 xfinity wi-fi hot spots all over the city for the dnc. just go to your wi-fi setting and select xfinity wi-fi and follow the prompts. the free access will run through the end of the convention, which is thursday night. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and beginning with a live look outside across the region, suburbs looking nice. still some clouds out there, but beginning to clear. elsewhere, you see more clear blue skies. temperatures not bad either. but don't be fooled. just because we're in the 80s doesn't mean the humidity is not affecting us. already quite steamy out there and that will continue into your afternoon. 85 in philadelphia. it feels more like 90. in the suburbans, 83 degrees. mostly starting to see those clouds shift out.
11:50 am
at the lehigh valley, 88 degrees. later today with the potential for thunderstorms, that could become a problem with higher winds, even damaging winds possible. developing down to some of the new jersey neighborhoods, 86 for clayton. pittman at 91. florence at 86, princeton as well. so these temperatures outside don't look too bad in the 80s for this point in the day, but it's because of the humidity, it feels a lot hotter out there for the protesters that are out later today. it's going to be very hot with temperatures feeling above triple digits. radar and satellite showing us the first round of showers has already moved out. some loud thunderstorms hit us early this morning. those are gone. the crowds pulling with them. but we pull this out a little bit. you can see, we've got more activity to our north. clouds that are hanging down to our west. this is going to be heading our direction.
11:51 am
so from west to east later today, the possibility of more storms developing with some strong to even severe thunderstorms possible. but first, the big story we have to deal with, it's that dangerous heat out there. talking about breaking records potentially. so yesterday, we officially hit 95 degrees. didn't break the record, but we did get close to 98. today we're forecasting the high at 98. feels like temperatures up to 105. and look at this. freeze record of 96 degrees. so we are talking about breaking a report for heat on our monday. tomorrow, another close call, but not quite there. 96 is the forecast temperature for your tuesday. 101 the previous record. but a heads up for tuesday, it still will feel like triple digits outside by the afternoon. aside from the heat, we've got that storm potential. possibly severe. that's when we start to see those 60-mile-per-hour winds and above possible. small hail or larger as well as those damaging winds that move through. the blue you see, isolated storms. but for us, it's into the
11:52 am
yellow. that covers our entire viewing zone here, where we could see stronger thunderstorms rather through about 10:00. more isolated as we move later into the day. let's talk about that ten-day. your forecast staying in the 90s consistently. thursday and friday, we start to pick up the potential for thunderstorms and that will continue into next monday. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet.
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here's a live look right now at the wells fargo center, where day one of the democratic national convention is days away. we will have more on the lead-up today one of the convention. this afternoon at 4:00 on nbc 10 news. >> we'll have a wrap-up of all the speeches tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00 p.m. for a complete guide, get the free nbc 10 app. there you'll find everything from updates and behind-the-scenes footage to road closures and other restrictions throughout the city. oth the eagles and doug pedersen open up tryouts. he reiterated to the media that the plan remains for wentz to
11:56 am
serve as a backup to sam bradford, who was also there on day one. you can catch the game on csn or cozy tv. here is o'check of your forecast. >> a lot going on. temperatures mid upper 90s. look at those feel-like temperatures. that is across the board around or above 100. a little lower temperatures in the jersey shore. but close to 100, with thunderstorms possible. >> thank you for catching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. for all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for. wag and have a great day.
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