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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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up next "nbc nightly news with the with the with lester holt live from right here in philadelphia. see you back here at 11:00 tonight. tonight, from ph philadelphia. bombshell shake-up, chaos and a cascade of boos as the convention begins. tonight all signs pointing to the russians, is vladimir putin messi with the elections trying to swing it to trump. two dead, dozens more wounded, who pulled the trigger? relentless heat wave, a dangerous stretch turns deadly, a child left in a hot car, and tonight major storms firing up on the radar. and massive inferno, exploding, burning homes to the ground in california, thousands evacuated.
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a frantic fight on the front lines to stop it. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: the democratic national convention. this is nbc "nightly news with lester holt" reporting tonight from philadelphia. good evening. their party's chairman off the program, an apparent russian e-mail hack and now a revolt among bernie sanders supporters. there was chaos on the floor below us this afternoon. just minutes after the opening session was gavelled to order, sanders supporters began screaming his name, disrupting the program and shattering any illusions of party unity. party chair debbie wasserman schultz off the speaker's platform. andr
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andrea mitchell starts our coverage. >> reporter: tonight the convention theme is united together. but there's signs that's not happening. a stunning scene, combative party chair, debby wasserman schultz, booed by bernie sanders supporters. >> and you will see me every day between now and november 8 on the campaign trail. >> reporter: what's happening here this morning is a big group of why campaign officials do not want debby wasserman schultz appearing at the convention. finally escorted off the stage and outside by security. >> i think she needs to go. >> reporter: the issue e-mails were leaked by wikileaks, reporting that clinton did have dnc support over sanders. saying she would resign after the convention, wasserman
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schultz hoped she would have her time in the spot light tonight. leaving the boston mayor to gavel the convention to order. across town, hundreds of sanders fans out in force, despite sweltering heat, but when sanders called for party unity, supporters not ready to follow. >> we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. this is the real world that we live in. >> reporter: tonight the dnc apologizing to sanders for the inexcusable remarks made over e-mail. but they couldn't even get through the opening prayer without an interruption. >> nominating hillary rodham clinton as our candidate. >> reporter: and during speeches, more protests, holding up signs.
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>> bernie sanders ignited a revolution, his followers aren't ready to give it up. he's ready to back hillary clinton, the question is can we bring his supporters along for the ride. >> reporter: sanders tweeted, i ask you to not engage on any kind of protest on the floor. >> she just got fired. they said debby, you're fired. get out, debby, out, boom. >> reporter: and tonight, debby wasserman schultz has been spotted here at the convention, a big test will be in delegations here in vermont, speakerslike michele obama, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders can portray a different hillary clinton has been the one that bernie sanders has the republicans have been describing for the last year. the blame for that dnc hack expose by wikileaks is being placed at vladimir
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pugh fti putin's doorstep. the clinton campaign saying that they're trying to help trump in the election. but julian assange responds to those allegations. >> reporter: the thousands of hacked e-mails leaked to wikileaks rocked the democratic national committee. but who stole them? we asked wikileaks founder, julian assange, holed up in the u.s. embassy in london. >> the dnc e-mails were hacked by russian intelligence, what do you say? >> there's no proof of that whatsoever, we have not disclosed our source, and of course this is a diversion. >> reporter: several american cyber security experts told nbc russia's goal in leaking the e-mails through wikileaks was to sew chaos into
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politics and help donald trump win the presidency. >> they are trying to give trump an indirect edge or indirect way they can help him accomplish his goals. >> reporter: russia's leader vladimir putin clearly has a motive to help donald trump. >> actually putin did call me a general you. >> the alliance designed to halt russian expansionism. trump isn't buying any of this. >> she worked very, very hard to rig the system. little did she know that china, russia, one of our many, many friends, came in and hacked the hell out of us. >> reporter: cyber experts say the dnc was hacked by the cyber units of both russian military intelligence and the new kgb, nicknamed fancy bear and cozy
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bear, th. russia denies involvement. >> this is the heart of the dnc, which is now turning the convention upside down. >> reporter: one cyber secu bernie sanders speaks tonight, can they afford to hear more boos here? >> there's going to be democrats in there glee watching what happened during the republican convention not feeling that way today. you have bernie sanders protesters and it seems to not matter what bernie sanders himself says right now. he addressed the crowd before the convention and he himself was booed. so it seems like the
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sanders team and the clinton team are singing from the same sheet of music, they want party unity, but it seems like the people inside this hall have a different idea. >> your take? >> i'm old enough to remember when the republicans had a party unity problem. i think it was just a week ago. i think there are real concern in both camps that sanders has lost control of his own supporters, it means his speech is even more important tonight. how do the sanders smatterings of boos on the inside. >> did he wait too long to endorse? >> this festering problem with the dnc, the fact that it took the e-mail hack to get it out there, sanders supporters thought for months that debby wasserman schultz was not playing fair. i think the clinton camp knows they made a mistake waiting. in hindsight, they
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should have acted two months ago and they might be in a better place today. >> i'll see you both for our prime time coverage, 10 eastern, 7:00 pacific. terrible news about another mass shooting in america, two teens are dead. a dozen more injured after gun fire erupted in ft. myers. the youngest victim is 12. >> automatic gun fire in club blu. 30, 40 shots, shootout. >> reporter: it was around 12:30 in the morning when this florida nightclub teen party had just let out. this woman said she saw a gunman with a semi-automatic weapon spraying bullets in the parking lot as parents arrived to pick up their children. when the gunfire stopped, 17 wounded, the youngest just 12 years old. within minutes the young victims and witnesses took to social media. >> i can't believe it. i was just trying to
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protect my sister. >> reporter: this attack comes just six weeks after 49 people were gunned down at an orlando nightclub, just a few hours away. police have confirmed this was not an act of terror. >> we have three persons of interest in custody. not going to go into who they are. and we're still looking for others. >> shaun only 14 years old, did not survive. stephanie white lost her 14-year-old soften, a rising high school basketball star. >> my heart is heavy. >> his classmates at a loss tonight. >> he helped me through so much. he helped me become a better player on the court, he helped me become a better person off the court. >> reporter: there is a prayer service going on behind me, three victims are still in the hospital tonight,
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two in critical, one in fair. as far as motive, police are still not willing to discuss a possible motive. lester? there's late word this evening of a deadly stabbing rampage west of tokyo, reports say a man with a knife killed at least 15 people at a center for the disabled where police remain on the scene. dozens of others are said to be injured. the suspect has reportedly turned himself in to authorities. the motive is unclear. here at home, we turn to the unrelented heat that covers most of the country. dozens of cities are approaching the 100-degree mark today, temperatures 5 to 12 degrees above normal with 15 million people under heat advisories. >> reporter: it's extreme heat that has much of the east coast in a vice grip this week, from the national mall. to the convention in philly, a humid and
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miserable 97, in new york, spot power outages have left a few thousand without ac. >> there's no air, there's no hot water, it's kind of inconvenient. >> reporter: across the country dozens of cities are pushing the century mark, even hotter with humidity. >> this persistent dome of heat continues to cause problems with heat indexes especially in the m mid-atlantic steaates. >> d.c. subway drivers warned to slow down worried the heat could damage the rails. >> reporter: it's right now 140 degrees on the black top, and inside this car that's been locked up, 134 degrees. >> reporter: in dallas, a 2-year-old boy was the 2 1st person to die of heat stroke. >> who's at risk is the young and the elderly and also keep
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in mind anybody on medication like antibiotics, that can also play a role. >> reporter: meanwhile the extreme heat is powering up the thunderstorms. lightning blew up this telephone pole, with more expected along the east coast tonight. with the heat index, we hit 112 here in washington and we're expecting 0s today. and those intention sto intense storms firing up along the east coast. still ahead this evening, into the inferno, thousands evacuated as extraordinary images captured the speed of destruction from exploding wildfires, the race to stop the flames before they torch even more it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures
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back now from philadelphia, and in the midst of this intense heat wave across the country, there's an inferno just exploding on the west coast as homeowners race to escape. gaddy schwartz is on the line front lines. >> reporter: in a massive firefight, homes are being saved, while others are being left in charred ruins. 3,000 firefighters are now trying to stop an
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enormous enormous inferno, with evacuations now facing 3,000 people. >> the winds catch the flames and picked up by 30 to 340 miles an hour. >> reporter: today in the fire zone, that's exactly what we saw. in a span of five minutes, you see this ridge is on fire, it's burning on both sides of the road right now, firefighters are also falling back because these flames are becoming way too intense. when the winds flare up and cause a fire storm, this is all the fire crews can do. but around homes, hundreds of fire engines are protecting structures. so far at least 18 houses have been lost, including several belonging to firefighters. their children were just happy their fathers were okay. >> just wanted to make sure that they could see their daddies again. >> reporter: across california over a dozen fires are burning, one near big sur has torched 20 homes and burned 15,000 acres, up and down the state, people
6:48 pm
have lost everything they own. >> it feels like it's alive and has a mind of its own. >> reporter: officials say this fire is growing at a rate of about 10,000 acres a day and even with all of the resources they have thrown at this fire, it's likely going to be friday before they have it under control. >> some remarkable images there, gaddy, thank you. we're back in a thank you. we're back in a momentr lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads... here... here... or here. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity. and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy.
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world. >> the cdc is urging doctors nationwide to be on higher alert for the zika virus. doctors are being advised to ask all pregnant women whether or not they have been infected with zika at every checkup. so far all zika virus cases have been linked
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to travel. but we're starting to see cases in the u.s. a long-time giant from the dotcom boom, verizon is worth a fraction of what it was during its heyday. >> reporter: the internet pioneer that yodled it's way to the top, now sold to a phone company, skrer rise son. >> you don't look at this as a failure? >> i don't, not at all. it's really hard to build a business, it's really hard to take a company that was so predominant, yahoo was coming to change the world. >> 37-year-old meyer was brought in to do what many thought was
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with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? >> finally, the first night of the dnc here in philadelphia will feature some of the democratic party's most familiar faces, joining them here on stage was also an activist and also an undocument eed
6:57 pm
immigrant. >> reporter: as the democratic party's biggest names prepare to step on stage, hers is unfamiliar, but her message is no les power. can you believe this is your moment to address the company? >> silva is a dreamer, one of nearly 1.5 million undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. she arrived when she was just 4. >> there really means there's hope that we can live without fear. >> reporter: to her shock, president obama first brought her story to life in 2014 -- >> including a young woman named astrid silva. >> reporter: silva was overwhelmed by the moment as the president spoke of her grandmother's passing in mexico. >> she couldn't travel to her grandmother's funeral without fear of being deported. >> reporter: it sort of strikes me that you
6:58 pm
are living the american dream, the only thing missing is that you're an american. >> what is being an american mean? there's so many people that have come to this country and have become citizens and they're american, so what is it? this country has always been about opportunity. >> reporter: what is your question to donald trump? >> these are families, these aren't statistics. these are families that have lived here for decades. >> reporter: now silva is a recent college graduate. after years in the shadows, tonight stepping in the spotlight. peter alexander, nbc news, philadelphia. that is going to do it for us for now on this monday night, i'm lester holt, i will see you tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern, 7:00 pacific for prime time coverage of the democratic national convention. for all of us at nbc news, thanks for watching and good night from philadelphia.
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a city full of history will now witness another historic moment. >> we are all standing understand a glass ceiling right now. ♪ >> this week -- hillary clinton becomes the democrats first female nominee for president. >> are we ready to go win an election in november? >> she has her former opponent on board, but can she win over his supporters? and could another e-mail scandal divide this party even more? it's all going to unfold right here in philadelphia. and nbc10 has your "all-access" pass.


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