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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  July 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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state, vermont, puts hillary clinton over the top. will he do that, or will he remain in that box? sources telling kelly o'donnell he's still trying to decide. so will the democratic party show unity? sources telling nbc news, that sanders is still trying to make up his mind. nbc 10 has your all-access pass to all the drama. our team working around the clock to give you the best coverage of the dnc. nbc 10's george spencer following this roll call. tim furlong is with the protesters. cydney long looks into a big night ahead for lgbt voters. let's begin with george spencer. george? >> yeah, and jim, that roll call process is getting noisier and more vibrant as they move state by state in alphabetical order through this auditorium. it is an historic moment right now for the democratic party. and yet also, a moment of conflicted feelings among the delegate base.
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>> this vote for secretary clinton -- >> reporter: from the convention floor, delegate by delegate and state by state, this convention roll call is expected to officially make hillary clinton the presidential nominee of this democratic party. as her challenger, bernie sanders, again today made the rounds calling for unity. >> so our first task is to make sure that hillary clinton is elected our next president. >> reporter: but this afternoon we found two delegates, just steps apart on this floor, and yet worlds apart politically. >> i am so excited to be part of the nomination of our next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> reporter: how are you feeling? >> well, in my roll call, i voted for bernie sanders. and this is, i guess, our last shot at a hail mary. >> reporter: michelle of nebraska was drawing attention to her native american heritage and remains 2r0ubtroubled by whe
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sees in hillary clinton's opponent. she has supported clinton for decades and believes sanders amounts to supporting trump. two delegates, one party, still divided even now. despite the ongoing push from the candidates. how does the democratic party get past that? >> i'm hoping through bernie sanders and i'm hoping through bernies supporters seeing the light so to speak. >> reporter: if the party addresses what you call wrong-doing, are you willing to go over to the clinton camp? >> it depends on how they project it. half-hearted apology doesn't change anything. there has to be accountability. >> reporter: live right now, you can see the roll call process happening right now. the state of massachusetts just beginning its voting. delegate group by delegate group, state by state. they make their way, casting votes for the two candidates.
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the two candidates in the democratic party. the expectation is that with the final vote ending with the state of vermont, about 45 minutes from now, the first female presidential candidate nominee of a major party will be hillary rodham clinton. jim? >> george spencer down on the floor. you'll be there as history is made. the headliner is former president bill clinton. this is his tenth convention speech. we're told the former president will focus on things the public might not know about his wife. nbc 10's lauren mayk joining us live from down on the floor as well. lauren, you spoke with delegates about how they're feeling hearing from bill clinton, right? >> reporter: jim, bill clinton has been a force in this party for a very, very long time. if you look around this room, there are certainly people who worked to get him elected once, then again. then took his encouragement to help elect barack obama.
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you remember that very powerful speech from him for barack obama four years ago. tonight he will be making another speech. this one for his wife. i spoke with a delegate who has a long history with the clintons, even served as a delegate for hillary clinton back in 2008. how are you going to feel tonight when you see him up there and knowing that she is being nominated tonight? >> excited. because i think it will make history. it shows that a man can be for his wife to be president of the united states. and they have a good stronghold. it just makes me feel good. we've come a long way. african-americans, the president, and a woman president. >> reporter: that was mary ann from philadelphia. i remember when bill clinton spoke in philadelphia earlier this year, she was the one who
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introduced him. he spoke very warmly of her, thanking her for all of her work. certainly bill and hillary clinton will be looking to her and to others they have met and gotten to know in philadelphia and throughout pennsylvania, hoping to keep that state blue this year. jim, back to you. >> lauren mayk, thank you. other people we'll be hearing from tonight, mothers of the movement. they're going to get a chance to voice their concerns about gun violence. the women got a chance to do a walk-through this afternoon ahead of tonight's speech. several women who lost their children to gun violence or at the hands of police will take the stage tonight. gabby giffords knows gun violence firsthand. today she spoke at a gun violence prevention rally. she was about one of a dozen people shot in tucson five years ago, six people died there. today giffords said stopping violence takes courage. all day long, different groups have taken to the streets of
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philadelphia to protest. each of them with a different message. despite thousands, so far second day of peaceful demonstrations out there, nbc 10's tim furlong joining us live from city hall to tell us how things are going where you are, tim. >> reporter: yeah, another day of peaceful protests. another day you don't want to drive your car around city hall. we're on the south side of city hall. as you turn onto broad street. as you can see, the streets are clogged right now. this is black lives matter, the council for real justice. there are a whole bunch of different groups here, actually, protesting police violence and police brutality. the march is starting to go back down broad street. we're told they're heading down to the wells fargo center. if you need to get around south philadelphia, it's going to get pretty tricky here. you do not want to go on broad street. the big part of the group is still behind us, but we're coming up on broad and chestnut. this is not a great spot to be. it's clogging up the entire
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area, if you need to drive through here. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. back to you. >> as we know, tim, not unexpected that they're marching down broad, disrupting things nonetheless. thanks for the update. as for the republican nominee, donald trump, he picked a fight with cory booker after last night's speech here. trump tweeted, if booker is the future of the democratic party, they have no future, and he knows more about cory than he knows about himself, said donald trump. cory booker responded today, he said, quote, i love you, donald, i pray for you, i hope that you find some kindness in your heart that you're not going to be somebody that spews out insults to your political opposition, that you're going to find some way to love that response from cory booker. social media is buzzing also with fashions at the dnc, from creative hats and buttons and pins. lots of fashion statements on this convention floor. has our digital
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exclusive on that. now let's send it back to the studio, jackie, another day of extreme heat out there, too, to talk about, right? >> indeed, jim. some heat on the streets. feels like 100 degrees again today. many people trying to beat that heat on the beach in cape may, and getting some relief there. sheena parveen is here with a look at the heat. >> yeah, jacqueline, temperatures in the 90s today for much of the area. that means we are still in the heat wave. it's not going to end over the next couple of days. 91 philadelphia. pennsylvania suburbs upper 80s. new jersey upper 80s as well as the lehigh valley, 90 degrees right now and partly cloudy in wilmington. a lot of us are still seeing sunshine, just thin clouds out there. take a look at the neighborhood temperatures. parkside in the philadelphia area, still 91 degrees. society hills 891. 91. somerton coming in at 90 degrees. you see the 90s will last a
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couple more days. then we have rain chances going into the weekend. and that will start to break us out of the heat wave. so far in the month of july, we've had about 15 days where temperatures are above 90 degrees. that includes tomorrow and thursday's forecast as well. so we have already seen three heat waves so far. it has been a hot month of july. and it's going to continue to stay that way at least for a little while longer. we'll show you the ten-day forecast straight ahead. >> all right, sheena. to a developing story. eagles new starting linebacker nigel bradham faces assault charges after a fight at a south beach hotel. he turned himself into police yesterday. they say he argued about how long it took for the employee to bring back a sun umbrella. they argued and bradham allegedly punched the worker. his friends punched and kicked the victim. we reached out to the eagles for comment. the eagles said they're aware of
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the situation and have no comments at this time. a montgomery county teacher is under arrest tonight. township police arrested middle schoolteacher jason gatuso and charged him with more than 65 counts, including statutory sexual assault and sex yult intercourse with a minor. he has confessed to the crimes he's accused of and the district is moving forward with his permanent dismissal. up next at 6:00, the roll call continues as delegates officially nominate hillary clinton for president. right now, montana is up. they considered donald trump an erratic and dangerous train wreck. how the dnc's lgbt caucus is rallying behind hillary. and rallying for equality across the board, next. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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welcome back to the wells fargo center. i'm jim rosenfield. the roll call of states is under way right now. we are at nevada. we're getting close to new jersey. let's listen in. we are on new hampshire.
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new jersey is next. >> and we will turn blue in the presidential race. and reading the numbers, from the bernie campaign, and donna from the hillary campaign. >> new hampshire, proudly casts 16 votes for the great state of bernie sanders of vermont. >> new hampshire proudly casts 16 votes for the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> new hampshire, you have cast 16 votes for secretary clinton, and 16 votes for senator sanders. new jersey. new jersey, you have 142 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> madam secretary, new jersey,
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home of the garden state, the home of the only state in this great union with two great united states senators in senator bob menendez and our cory booker. [ cheers and applause ] i stand before you with our congressional delegation and others, again, a state that is diverse as they come in america. [ cheers and applause ] to tell you, we are the state that started the revolution, and we want to be the state to continue the revolution again. we proudly cast our votes for the great senator of vermont, 45
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votes for senator sanders. [ cheers and applause ] and for the next president of the united states of america, the first female in history will be made, 90 votes for hillary rodham clinton! [ cheers and applause ] >> new jersey, you have cast 90 votes for secretary clinton, and 45 votes for senator sanders. >> all right. new jersey casting its votes right there, live. and in the meantime, the fight for equality in health care and the workplace, is powerful in the lgbt community. having accomplished supreme court gay marriage rights. advocates are now standing together on total equality. cydney long spoke to the delegates in the lgbt caucus today. she's joining us live from the
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convention center. how do they get the message to undecided voters out there? >> reporter: hey, jim, we've seen a little bit of everything. the old school way, passing out fliers, and political buttons. the oldest form of advertising, simply word of mouth. they're expressing their message of solidarity by means of social media. and we were within the lgbt caucus earlier today. it was standing room only. senator baldwin was there. she had spoken initially about the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando from several weeks back. so she opened that caucus early today, jim, with a prayer, if you will, for all of those folks. and we're hoping to get you a story, jim. i'll toss it back to you at the wells fargo center at the convention. >> our one-hour live special coming up here from the dnc at
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7:00 tonight. we'll have live interviews from local politicians and one-on-one with new jersey senator cory booker about his speech last night. that's 7:00 for one hour. it will be a busy night here at the wells fargo center. bill clinton is the headliner here tonight speaking about his wife, the nominee. that's it for now. let's go back to the studio and jacqueline london. >> bill clinton's tenth time speaking at the convention, but the first speaking on behalf of his wife. it will be interesting to watch. turning to our weather now, we saw protesters out there dealing with the storms. a dry day today for us, though. >> a dry day today, but we still managed to make it in the 90s. so we're still in the heat wave. not the stormy weather like we had yesterday, though. a live look out at philadelphia center city skyline. we have thin clouds around. but overall, it is still hot outside. we are still dry with these clouds. and we're really going to stay that way as we go through the rest of the evening. it will be a warm evening, 91 degrees in philadelphia at the moment.
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winds gusting near 17 miles an hour. a little breezy. but it will stay warm as we go through tonight and even into tomorrow. another hot day. right at the bottom of your screen, your seven-day is scrolling so you'll be able to see the heat finally breaking, at least breaking out of the 90s. mostly 90s throughout pennsylvania right now. lehigh valley close to 90 degrees right now. the pennsylvania neighborhoods, cochranville 88 degrees. exton 87. a lot more comfortable in some areas. 89 degrees for phoenixville. if you're in parts of montgomery, and bucks county, you're mostly around 90 degrees. elroy coming in 89. collegeville coming in 95 degrees for washington. 91 degrees right now. when you factor in the humidity, take a look at the feels-like temperature. delaware has been under that excessive heat still today. 101 is the feels-like temperature in delaware and dover right now.
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93 what it feels like in philadelphia. feels like 90 in mount holly. we're still in a heat wave. it's still in the 90s. we're not breaking out of it for the next couple of days. we started our heat wave last friday. we stayed in the 90s across the weekend. and today, and tomorrow, and thursday, we expect to be in the heat wave again. and temperatures normally this time of the year should be 87 degrees. but we're well above that. we're not going to break out of that until we go later into the week with some showers and storms. so rain returning late this week. it will start to break us out of the heat wave. here's a look at future weather. for tonight we stay dry. tomorrow through most of the day, we'll be mostly dry. still going to be heating up into the low 90s. thursday we'll have a better chance of some showers and storms. most of this could be south of philadelphia. can't rule out thunderstorm through the philadelphia area. we go into friday, and friday could start on a drier note. throughout the day we have another chance for scattered showers and storms. so breaking out of the heat wave by the end of the week, and into
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the weekend, along with that rain, temperatures will start to get back into the 80s. your ten-day, your temperatures over the next couple of days, stay in the 90s. friday, 88 degrees. saturday, 87. scattered showers and storms as well as sunday. so both weekend days we actually have a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. going into next week, though, we start in the 80s, but we get back to around 90 degrees wednesday, thursday and friday. as far as your weekend forecast for the entire area, really no matter where you're heading, we have a chance of thunderstorms both weekend days. if you're in the pennsylvania suburbs, expect mid-80les. at least we're breaking out of the 90s and the oppressive heat over the weekend. keep in mind we'll see some showers and thunderstorms around. if you're heading to the shore, mid-80s, delaware looking at the mid-80s. at least we're not going to be looking at the 90s and the triple-digit heat again.
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and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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welcome back to the wells fargo center. i'm jim rosenfield, where we're watching live the roll call. right now we're on the state of ohio. getting close to pennsylvania. let's listen in. >> proud home of our progressive senator sharon brown. and the proud home of jim overkathel, who took on discrimination of our country and made marriage equality the law of the land. >> i'm proud to be here with my fellow buckeyes from the great state of ohio. this ohio boy helped love win last summer. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> the state of ohio casting its votes. a couple of states away from pennsylvania. and we are expecting vermont will put hillary clinton over the top. big question remains, will bernie sanders go down to the floor during vermont's roll call. we'll continue to watch as hillary clinton officially receives the nomination. we'll be right back.
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tomorrow, another day in the 90s, like today. we're technically still in the heat wave. we'll stay in the heat wave today and into thursday. we'll see more clouds on thursday. a chance we could see showers or scattered storms, mostly south of philadelphia. finally breaking out of the heat wave friday into the weekend. a thunderstorm chance both weekend days. hopefully not a thunderstorm like we had yesterday. >> very rough day. >> not today, though. sheena, thank you. a live shot right now of the historic roll call that is taking place. pennsylvania is getting ready to
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cast its votes shortly. we will continue to have coverage for you. up next, nightly news with lester holt. breaking news tonight. from philadelphia, hillary officially nominated as the first female nominee from a major american party. we're live on the floor. also bringing down the house, michele obama gives a rousing speech for the ages. now it's bill's turn to make the case for his wife. late word on what he'll say. church horror, shockwaves as terrorists assassinate an elderly priest in the middle of mass, taking nuns and worshippers hostage. and state of emergency declared in los angeles as a massive firefight


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