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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  July 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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contrast comes with jabs to their opponent. >> they've got to confront them. she's also got to show that she's got a good candidate, a progressive candidate. >> reporter: even to those possibly in her own party. a man was removed by security after calling clinton a war criminal. it followed with hillary chapters to drown him out. it's at these rallies that the campaign hopes to make a connection, and if necessary, change people's minds. >> as of tomorrow, we have 100 days to make our case. to america. >> reporter: the latest polls here in pennsylvania found that 8% of voters are still undecided. now, the clinton campaign said part of its strategy is to register 3 million new voters. from temple university, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. >> they're picking up and tearing down at the wells fargo
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center today as the democratic national convention has come to a close. so how did the city do? playing host to thousands of delegates, and visitors? our coverage continues with that part of the story from nbc 10's drew smith. >> what's the city saying now that it is all behind us? >> reporter: taking a little victory lap here, feeling pretty good about this. there is a sense of pride among a lot of the people out and about today. some people still getting their pictures with the donkeys around town. four days of immense pressure. the national spotlight was right here. people in charge of the convention are saying that philly is looking pretty good. the sun broke through the clouds today above the center city skyline. philadelphians in the after-glow -- >> i think the city was phenomenally well prepared. we had a great time. >> everything was on point. >> reporter: one of the convention senior advisers, david cohen, who also works for nbc 10's parent company comcast
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said all the planning, effort and money spent was worth it. >> i can't remember an occasion that i've been prouder of the city. >> reporter: and he's urging people to thank police officers who dealt with extreme heat and unprecedented number of protests. >> they were polite, they were courteous, they kept the demonstrators safe. >> reporter: he said the economic impact could easily ends up in the hundreds of millions dollars range. but it's not over yet. they're getting a last-minute bump with people staying over the weekend. >> they want to see it if they spent the whole time at the convention. >> reporter: there hasn't been a hotel room to spare down here. that's staying true today. the bars that had the special permits to stay open until 4:00 a.m., they also reported a strong finish right up to the last hour. live in center city, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> people needed to let off a little steam there. philadelphia police working to keep the peace as the dnc came
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to a close last night. nbc 10 was there as protesters gathered outside the security perimeter at broad and patterson. police arrested at least three people. bernie sanders supporters say they're still angry over the wikileaks scandal. a mass exodus from the city has been happening all day. that means very busy and crowded philadelphia international airport. some of the longest lines at the airport for delegates and dnc attendees were around 4:30 this morning. up bright and early. tsa officials worked to speed up security screening by using more canines. one passenger we spoke to told us her flight home was delayed by about 40 minutes, but this trip was well worth it. >> amazing at the dnc. you get to see people from so many places. not just philadelphia. >> we just checked with philadelphia international, and right now there are no major delays. drivers have also had to
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pack their patience today, as traffic has been building on i-95 in south philadelphia. penndot reopened all lanes for trucks and all northbound lanes near the south philly exit. this is the exit right by the sports complex. commercial trucks were banned from 95 during the dnc because of security concerns. donald trump hasn't wasted any time we sponding to people criticizing him at the dnc this week. here's a look at colorado springs, colorado, where trump is holding a town hall meeting. the republican presidential nominee's campaign called hillary clinton's acceptance speech last night, quote, an insulting collection of cliches and recycled rhetoric. trump has been vigorously tweeting all day, saying, crooked hillary said i couldn't handle the rough and tumble in the campaign. really? i just beat 16 people, and also her. michael bloomberg called trump a
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con man saying, little michael bloomberg knows nothing about me. his last term as mayor was a disaster. mike pence put on a helmet, hopped on a harley with a national guard charity group this morning. the republican vice presidential nominee and more than 100 riders left the state house in indianapolis for a ride across indiana, raising money for education. take a live look down the shore right now at cape may. plenty of beachgoers out there. a little cloudy this morning. there was rain that rolled through. as you can see, the sun is shining. we know that the changes are still in the mix over the weekend. >> clouds behind us. let's get a check on the forecast. >> we certainly have improved the weather during the afternoon. lots of sunshine. but still relatively comfortable temperatures. and the heat wave looks like it is ending.
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we've had seven straight days of 90-plus. today, so far, right around 87. and then over the weekend, even a little bit cooler than that. the average high is 87 for this time of the year. 88 degrees in much of delaware. let's see if we have any places that have hit 90. talleyville at 89. odessa 89. pretty close, but not quite there. at the beaches, a little bit of a sea breeze keeping temperatures down a bit. bethany at 80 degrees. dewy beach at 81. we have dry conditions across the area now. but there's plenty of moisture back to the west. and some of that is headed this way for the weekend. now, we're going to start the weekend later tonight, and into tomorrow morning dry. but by tomorrow afternoon, i'm expecting showers and thunderstorms over much of the area. you'll also notice the temperatures nowhere near what
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we've seen lately. so it's not going to be hot this weekend. the only place that we don't really have any storms in during the daytime hours tomorrow is at the jersey shore. so it should be a fairly nice day, certainly better than sunday at the shore. you can see some storms by tomorrow night. more on the exact timing of the weekend storm. and there is a flood threat coming up in just a few minutes. >> glenn, see you soon. san diego police have surrounded a home about a half mile away from the site of a shooting that left an officer dead and another wounded. police are searching for a possible accomplice to the crime. two gangs, officers were shot several times. police immediately flooded the area with helicopters, s.w.a.t. vehicles and patrol cars. >> i never experienced anything like this, where it feels like the military just rolled up. >> the officer who died has been identified as jonathan degusman,
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a 16-year veteran. his partner is unconscious but is expected to survive. to a developing story that we're watching. health officials have concluded that four cases of the zika virus in the miami area likely came from mosquito bites. >> while no mosquito traps have tested positive for the virus, the department of health is testing people in the affected areas to make sure there are no other cases of this virus. >> governor scott said more than 1600 cases have been reported in the united states. this would be the first not linked to outside travel. let's head out west. firefighters have made progress battling the blaze burning along california's big sur coastline. the fire has scorched 46 square miles. right now it's just 15% contained. this, by the way, is video from earlier in the week. the fire has destroyed dozens of homes, and forced hundreds of people to evacuate their neighborhoods.
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sky force 10 live over breaking news in new castle county where a police officer has been involved in a crash. this is route 13 and 295. a new castle county police cruiser collided with another car. no word yet on any injuries, if at all. from our south jersey bureau, search is on for the man who set fire to this restaurant in medford while people were eating inside. nbc 10's cydney long is live in medford. how long has this guy been on the run? >> reporter: jim, it's been ten days since this male suspect, along with two female suspects, took off in the car from the pharmacy across the street. they drove erratically into this shopping center parking lot, then each of them entered different stores to hide from the cops and hide their evidence. >> he go back a couple of times. >> reporter: the owner of the
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italian restaurant knew something was wrong last wednesday night. he came face to face with the man police now identified as craig mulehizen jr. >> this individual put several people in harm's way. >> reporter: art waterman said he set prescription blanks and other evidence on fire along with a trash can inside the restaurant bathroom. all this while police were en route to the strip mall. >> it was 6:25 in the evening. the restaurant was full at the time. it could have caused a significant tragedy had it not been ex teng wished. >> i was busy over here. >> reporter: an off-duty officer in the restaurant was able to help workers extinguish the blaze which did not cause damage. no patrons were hurt. he did manage to get away. >> to act in this fashion i would consider him reckless and we need to locate him so we can take him into custody. >> reporter: and three female suspects also face charges. two were taken into custody at this nail salon.
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and the third at the cvs pharmacy across the street. they face aggravated arson charges, drug charges. police just need to find him. cydney long, nbc 10 news. sky force 10 was above as crews fought this fire in the windfield section. it broke out around 2:00 this afternoon. there was a person inside who got out safely. firefighters got the fire under control quickly. a building collapse in brewerytown that injured two people. sky force 10 flew over this scene. it appears the building was already under demolition, but the collapse sent debris flying there. the people who were hurt are expected to be okay. in bucks county, a police officer is in the hospital after a motorcycle crash. sky force 10 above this scene on wood haven road.
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round two this afternoon, not clear what caused this accident. but an officer was involved. the septa slowdown is now forcing regional rail riders to buy tickets in advance in order to get out of center city. septa's new policy will require riders to buy passes at a ticket office before boarding at any stations in center city. a septa spokesperson said the transit agency made the change because of scheduling issues due to dozens of structurally deficient rail cars nout ow of service. the change goes into effect on monday. a state of the art transit center is coming to new castle county. the claymont transportation center will be built on the site of a shuttered mill. the transit hub is expected to have more parking and both pedestrian and bike-friendly. trains will hit the tracks starting in 2020. a higher gas tax in new
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jersey is one step closer to becoming law now. state senators approved a new proposal today that would raise the gas tax to pay for road and bridge work and cut the estate tax. the latest effort to renew the transportation trust fund which expired at the beginning of this month. governor chris christie said he would veto the new legislation. computer glitches for new jersey's motor vehicle commission led to long lines outside its offices. the latest incident yesterday created a four-hour backlog for customers at a bergen county facility. second time this week that computer problems prevented the agency from processing licenses. police have arrested a man they say murdered his girlfriend in the city's germantown section. they say the 24-year-old woman died this morning after she was assaulted by the suspect. it happened in the 4600 block of green street. police haven't identified the suspect or the victim at this point. it's new video of a suspected pair of thieves running off with $10,000 in computers from a south jersey
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apple store. the men were able to scoop up four macbook pros on tuesday. they took off in their getaway car before officers arrived. this weekend there is another opportunity to dream big and play the powerball. the jackpot, now $478 million, and it is climbing. nobody matched the numbers in wednesday night's drawing. three months have passed without a winner of the big prize. the chance of winning tomorrow night, very small. about 292 million to 1. players, of course, have much better odds of winning smaller prize from $1 million to $4 million. you have pretty good odds of seeing some rain over the weekend. the temperatures are down today. we had the heavy rain this morning. but we're finally starting to see clearing in the afternoon. and despite the sunshine,
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temperatures still not back up to 90. parkside at 89. 86 at the airport. 87 in society hill and fox chase. somerton at 85 degrees. we don't have any kind of rain in the area right now. as you can see, not even a whole lot of cloud cover. but we do have it out to the west. and this area, that's in northwestern pennsylvania. we have some in ohio. and all of this is moving in our direction just in time for the weekend. we have ended the heat wave. the way it looks now, not official yet, we'll get the official word by about 5:30. all of these red days are 90-plus. so three heat waves this month alone. this last one seven days before we get back into the 80s, today and into tomorrow. we do expect to see weekend
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thunderstorms at least in parts of the area. we're not expecting it to be stormy at the start of the weekend. so the best chance of dry weather throughout the area is tomorrow morning. but it may not even last until noon, because look how quickly those showers and thunderstorms develop. and some of them could be very heavy. with downpours. and we don't need that. we have plenty of rain yesterday in parts of the area. there we go into saturday night. and we still have showers and storms. we go into sunday, we could start off dry, and here comes some more showers and storms in the afternoon. so there's still plenty of moisture that's going to be around. and it's going to be affecting parts of the area. well, tonight, a nice night to be out. it's not especially hot, not especially humid. temperatures are in the 80s for the most part. as we go through the night, it
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should stay dry across the area. tomorrow morning, nice dry start with a fair amount of sunshine. but as we go into the midday hours, there it is, there's the thunderstorm symbol already. quakertown, exton, reading, trenton, possible thunderstorms, even by midday. of course, greater chance at 5:00 in the afternoon. but you notice, toward the shore, expect it to generally stay dry during the day. we could see some storms at night at the shore. now, big race weekend in the poconos. once again, we start off dry. on saturday. and then a very high likelihood of rain in the afternoon. not just saturday, but sunday as well. that keeps the temperatures down. and at the jersey shore, we're going to be seeing temperatures in the 70s. i think that shower and storm that's in here, that would be
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generally for saturday night. so again, the best chance of seeing dry weather is during the day on saturday. that should be the best day at the shore. sunday i think is going to be pretty cloudy. and that will keep the temperatures down. plus some showers. so the rest of the area, as we head through the weekend, you can see these temperatures much lower than they've been. that's for sure. and at the shore itself, temperatures in the 70s. we don't see anything close to 90 degrees. but as we get to the ten-day forecast later, you'll see when the 90s return. >> all right, see you shortly, glenn. vice president joe biden may be able to captivate a crowd of thousands with his speeches, like the one we heard at the dndnc earlier this week. >> can his acting chops appeal to an audience of millions? the vice president is in new york today to tape an episode of "law & order." he will focus on the processing
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of rape kits. he has often teamed up with the show's star mariska hargatay to talk about them. francis prayed in the dark underground prison cell of a catholic saint who sacrificed his own life to save another man. he left a message in the memorial site's guest book and it said, quote, lord have at pity on your people. lord, forgive so much cruelty. the pope also met with several auschwitz survivors. he stopped and shook their hands and bent over to kiss the elderly survivors on both cheeks. he also placed a large white candle at the death wall where prisoners were executed. quick note, nbc 10 needs your help to recognize the people who are making a difference in your community.
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here's the deal. we're giving away grants to local nonprofits. we call it 21st century solutions. the goal is to support organizations that are implementing new and innovative programs. the application is on our website right now. the deadline to apply is august 26th. the world watched as philadelphia played host to a week of history. >> yeah, the dnc is history itself tonight. there was plenty you did not see after the cameras were off. the post-party action coming up. plus this. >> oh, my god! >> the catch of the day. wait until you see what two teens reeled in on the new jersey coast. and urgent alert. apple's message for iphone owners that they probably shouldn't ignore. here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. the dow down, nasdaq and s&p 500 up.
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good thing nobody was swimming in the water here. a 13-year-old boy reeled in a 200-pound shark off the coast of lbi this week. the teens wrestled with the shark for a half an hour to bring it to shore. his dad coached them through it. they thought it was a stingray until it got closer to the beach. the father and son took a quick picture with their catch before releasing it back into the water.
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>> i'd let it go pretty fast. >> see you. so the next phase in the unprecedented presidential election under way tonight. the post-convention campaign. >> that's right. hillary clinton kicked hers off in our area today. there was plenty after the festivities at the wells fargo center. finally getting a break from the heat and the rain. but it's not going to last long. next, when the storms might impact your weekend and the return of 90-degree temperatures.
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world. now to our decision 2016 coverage.
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fresh off accepting the democratic nomination for president here in philadelphia, hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine are hitting the road across the keystone state. earlier today the two rallied on temple university's campus in north philadelphia. the latest polls in pennsylvania have clinton nine points ahead of donald trump. taking a live look at the wells fargo center where the post-party cleanup is under way. crews are tearing down the sets, putting the home of the flyers and sixers back together right now. philadelphia prepared for the dnc for more than a year. >> preparing the center alone took almost two solid months. how do crews get back to business after the big political party? matt tells us what you didn't see when the cameras were turned off. >> reporter: after four days of speeches and performances, down come the balloons.
4:30 pm
>> it's like new year's, christmas, and your birthday all in one! >> reporter: a sea of air-filled rubber, fun to toss, kick, or -- >> what do you think of the balloons? >> i love them! >> reporter: but when the crowds leave, a mess is left behind. signs, confetti. it's a secelebratory ghosttown. until these men show up. >> you know, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: all with a specially designed 2016 pin, that's all brian here needs. >> a fun pin will bust all these balloons. >> reporter: by the second hour, the tiny pins gave way to large popping sticks with some help from the audience.
4:31 pm
>> whatever i can do. if i can take that whole sea of balloons home with me, oh, my gosh, i would do it. >> i'm cleaning up. you know, saving some of this here. >> souvenirs? >> exactly. >> i'm going to try to look for every one i see has already been stepped on or trampled. >> reporter: the rest ends up in the trash. some believe they have taken home a piece of history. you're doing your part? >> absolutely. absolutely. absolutely. usa! >> reporter: in south philadelphia, nbc 10 news. >> happening right now, republican presidential nominee donald trump is hosting a town hall event in colorado springs, colorado. you see the podium ready there for him. he's been busy today tweeting his responses to criticism from dnc speakers. now, your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. sunny afternoon in wilmington, new castle county. the blue rocks will take on the frederick keys at 7:45 p.m. shouldn't have too much trouble out there tonight. >> feels better out there. >> let's get more of our neighborhood forecast from our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> can we expect a wet weekend, that's the question? >> we'll see wet weather. it will not be a total washout in any part of the area, but most places are going to see rain. and any of the downpours do have the potential of causing some localized flooding. it's 86 degrees. haven't been able to say that for a while, that it hasn't even hit 90. lehigh valley up to 89 degrees here. temperatures dropping to 77 by 9:00. starts off sunny tomorrow. but i don't think it's going to stay that way. and we're going to see some of those showers across the area. let's check out new jersey and
4:33 pm
see if we have some temperatures in the upper 80les. but we don't see any 90s. pemberton 84. robbinsville 85. princeton only 82. hopeville township 83 degrees. there was a weak tornado yesterday confirmed in hunterdon county, new jersey. the forecast for tonight is nice. nice night for a softball game, or eating outdoors, or a walk with the dog. anything compared to what we've seen in the last week. by tomorrow morning, looks like it's going to start off sunny, and dry. the suburbs, some of them even into the upper 60s. that's kind of comfortable. and in new jersey, same story. the jersey shore, you may actually get through the daytime hours without any rain. but eventually some rain's going to get there, too. we'll talk more about the timing of that rain with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes.
4:34 pm
>> okay, glenn. we know what that means. eagles. this morning's rain forced sam bradford and the birds to practice inside the bubble. first week in training camp in south philly. the big news came from off the field. >> amy joins us with that story. amy? >> thanks so much, rosemary. the eagles darren sproles is reportedly worth $4.5 million. it will keep sproles in an eagles uniform through next season. sproles is entering his third season with the eagles. he's been a pro bowler as a punt returner the previous two seasons. his yards per carry dropped two yards from the first to second year with the eagles. the eagles have faith in him. >> i'm ready to go.
4:35 pm
>> anytime, in my opinion, that you can have a playmaker like darren sproles, and you can keep him locked up for a couple of years, it makes you feel good. i'm just so happy for him and his family. and just so excited to have him here. and i look forward to working with him in the training camp, and obviously during the season. >> he's 33 years old, 2017 could be the end of the road for sproles in the nfl. he wouldn't straight out say he will retire after next season. but when asked how many good years he had left, he replied two. not a bad number there. coming up at 5:45, we hear from doug peterson on the progress sam bradford is making in the new system. >> the preseason opener against tampa bay is fast approaching. the game can be seen on august 11th live on csn and on kozy tv. kickoff is set for 7:00. the health effects of sitting too much have been well documented. >> up next, what new research reveals about how you can reverse the risk. plus, apple alert. the company's message for iphone
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users that you probably don't want to ignore.
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sitting for hours on end at your desk can take a serious toll on your health. new research shows you can reverse the damage by exercising for at least one hour a day. doctors studied more than a million people and found those who were physically active for 60 minutes eliminated the increased risk from death from death sitting too much. apple has a message for you to prevent hackers from targeting you. they want you to download the latest update for your device. it's patching a hole that could allow hackers from stealing information. parents who cannot resist the pokemon go craze are, get this, naming their new bundles of joy after creatures from the game. the baby center said names like
4:40 pm
star, ivy and shea for girls appeared to relate to the pokemon creatures. the name of the main character ash has been getting traction among baby boys. no moms, though, have reported naming their kids pickachu. he's at it again. >> we've seen it all before. it's amazing every single time you see it. >> he specializes in sleight of hand, so to speak. eagle vet jon dorenbos wowed the crowd that didn't fool too easily. that guy is amazing. well, the rain has moved out. but it's going to be back before the weekend is out. plus, the return of the heat eventually. it's all coming up in my exclusive first alert forecast.
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the countdown to rio continues. there are now just seven days until the start of the games on august 5th in brazil. one week to go before the opening ceremony. and nbc 10 is the only place to see all the action. this is just a little preview of what we can expect to see at the opening ceremonies. fireworks lit up the sky last night as rehearse always got under way. details are still very much under wraps, but preparations are coming along well we're told. now to "nbc 10 responds." helping you with your consumer issues. >> every friday consumer investigative reporter harry hairston answers your consumer questions. harry, this week we understand that there are some concerns about a scheme involving pokemon go. >> you are absolutely right about pokemon go. i'll tell you how it works right now. according to the better business bureau, schemers are sending out
4:45 pm
e-mails to some pokemon players. they insist the free accounts will be frozen if they don't upgrade and pay $12.99 a month. players are instructed to click on a link in the e-mail. don't do it. the bbc said those are schemers trying to dupe players out of cash and steal passwords. speaking of cash, we have three more people to tell you about who we helped. one got a new refrigerator worth more than $2,700. and two others got refunds for a ticket they had purchased to skran et jackson concerts that were postponed. here's an "nbc 10 responds" cam from sicklerville. >> thank you, mr. harry hairston for retrieving my money for the janet jackson tickets for $128. you're doing a great job with this response. and i appreciate what you did for me. >> all right. congrats to you. when we add what we recovered to our recovering counter, we have
4:46 pm
a total of $65,460. and we are working hard to help more viewers to see if we can get the number to grow. >> the numbers get bigger and bigger, harry. >> not big enough. we've got to help more people. >> we've still got time. if you have a consumer issue and want to get in touch with nbc 10 responds, contact us at or call the number right there on your screen. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, finally we're seeing more comfortable conditions out there. even with the sunshine. so it is nice and calm. things are quiet. after all of that heat, and all of that rain. the temperature has dropped at the shore. a bit of a sea breeze. atlantic city 76. ocean city 79. cape may courthouse 78. 86 degrees in woodbine. a little bit inland.
4:47 pm
the longest heat wave of the season looks like it's ending today. got to 97 monday. stayed in the 90s through yesterday, when it was 95. today's high probably about 87. and then over the weekend, closer to average, maybe even a little bit below average, depending on how quickly any showers get started. now, this is what we're seeing on the radar. this morning. remember, we were predicting some heavy rain this morning? well, take a look at it. this is 4:30, coming in during the morning rush. especially delaware and south jersey. it did move out fairly quickly. but between the rain earlier in the day, and what we -- yesterday, and what we saw this morning, we have some problems here. it's generally south of philadelphia. we have a little bit in chester county. but much of delaware, parts of south jersey, quite vulnerable
4:48 pm
to potential flooding over the weekend. because look at the amount of rain that's happened in the last 24 hours. near dover, over five inches estimated by radar. northern delaware, four to five inches. gloucester county, four to five inches. but in philadelphia itself, only half an inch. so we can withstand a whole lot more rain in delaware and south jersey. that's what we'll be focusing on over the weekend. need to get that heavier rain farther to the north, balancing that a little bit. a good bit of showers in northwestern pennsylvania. more in ohio. and that is going to be approaching during the weekend. here we are by midnight. it's still nice and quiet around here. beautiful evening. could see a little bit of patchy fog tomorrow morning. and it does look like it's going to at least stay dry. but by late morning and into early afternoon, here comes some showers and storms again. not everybody's going to get it.
4:49 pm
and it looks like the best chance of dry weather tomorrow is right at the jersey shore, and the delaware beaches. maybe a decent day. look at that. 7:00. there's some more storms. even into saturday night. and then sunday morning we could even see a few showers around with more activity coming in sunday afternoon. that's when the shore could see some of those showers. then sunday night as well. we're not exactly going to have a dry weekend out here. so we have these temperatures that are going to be getting up into the 80s across much of the area. as we go into the weekend. not the 90s like we've seen lately. so there's philadelphia with the temperatures in the mid-80s. at the jersey shore, the temperatures, of course, lower. it looks like the best chance of dry weather, again, is at the shore. the best chance, the highest risk of heavy rain is more to
4:50 pm
the north and west, like in the poconos. so we start off dry tomorrow morning. but it doesn't stay that way. we'll see what it looks like next week as the 90s return a little bit later. >> okay, glenn. his tricks are captivating people across the country. >> now the eagles magic man is preparing for his next act. and the birds are giving us some clues. >> it has to do with a newspaper. it's really cool. >> a little hint about what birds vet jon dorenbos may do when he steps on the national stage. and watch as he wows the crowd that isn't tricked too easily, next. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos.
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the next act going into the
4:54 pm
semifinals is jon dorenbos! >> it's the scene that has a lot of people in our area still talking. eagles long snapper making it to the semifinals of "america's got talent" this past wednesday. the eagles vet hopped a red eye back to philadelphia for training camp. >> it was mandatory practice. the magician is all the talk among his teammates right now. >> i can hardly believe you did what you just did. that is crazy! >> loving it. >> america's got talent is spotlighting the skills that jon dorenbos has shared with the eagles organization for the last 11 years. >> we've known it for a long time. he's got an amazing way of presenting his magic. >> good to have the support of this organization and this city. awesome teammates.
4:55 pm
it's just -- it's rock star. >> on his first full day of camp, doug peterson showed the entire team dorenbos's performance. barwin tweeted it. perhaps, though, he shouldn't have. >> attaboy. cell phones in team meetings. thank you. i appreciate the information. good insight. good intel right there. >> all kidding aside, teammates have seen dorenbos' performance for years in the locker room. he put on a special show for the secret service yesterday thanking them for their work during the dnc. >> we've seen it all before. and it's amazing every single time you see it. >> now he's through to america 's got talent's semifinals. it begs the question does the magic man have any tricks left up his sleeve? >> the best one he's got, i think. >> are you going to tip us off? >> no. but it has to do with a newspaper. it's really cool. >> plus, he's such a showman, too.
4:56 pm
and loves what he's doing, you can tell. >> he does. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a man walking his dog is attacked in the woods. now it's led to new coyote concerns at the jersey shore. plus, the conventions are over. each candidate had their say. now we're putting their claims under the microscope. see how hillary clinton and donald trump stood up to our fact check. heading to the jersey shore this weekend? get ready to see the presidential candidates. sort of. >> you see them everywhere. >> i'm ted greenberg with a taste of politics popping up on the boardwalk. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
4:59 pm
right now at 5:00, the push for pennsylvania just hours after the dnc. hillary clinton has already hit the campaign trail. as of tomorrow, we have 100 days to make our case to america. >> donald trump is sounding off. his latest attacks on twitter right now at 5:00. hillary clinton started her day in philadelphia, but now she is on the move. >> she's on her way to hatfield, montgomery county, her second campaign ston of the day. aundrea cline-thomas was at the first. she's joining us live now from temple university. >> aundrea, the clinton campaign hasn't wasted any time hitting the ground on the second leg. >> reporter: not at all. this is part of a three-day bus
5:00 pm
tour through pennsylvania and ohio. the focus is supposed to be on jobs. but hillary clinton and tim kaine are throwing jabs at donald trump along the way. just over 100 days left until the november election, hillary clinton and tim kaine are hitting the road together, making their case face to face to voters. >> we're going to break through the gridlock in washington, and make the biggest investment in new good paying jobs since world war ii. >> reporter: the strategy is to explain the stark contrast to donald trump's policies and personality. >> so the contrast between the candidates, and to have my son believe strongly in that message of kindness that hillary and tim kaine put forth is so important. >> reporter: it also resonates with first-time voter, a bernie sanders supporter who switched her allegiance to hillary. >> just as long as my views are


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