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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  July 30, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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now we need to pick ourselves up and start running again the way that americans can. >> this morning, an exclusive hillary clinton and her pick for vp, tim kaine, speak one-on-one only with nbc10. and hacked. a computer data program used by clinton's campaign has been breached. we'll have the details just ahead. we are in store for a stormy weekend. some of us anyway. first alert meteorologist crystal klein will talk about it. good morning. this is nbc10 news today, i'm rosemary connors. 5:00 on a saturday. all right, let's get right to the meteorologist krystal klei for the wet weather. we knew we couldn't dodge it for
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too much longer. >> you know, we are looking at day, this is a live look at the city, humid and warm. we have the potential for storms as they move through today and through the rest of your weekend. so we're watching for those storms today. the timing looking like it will start to move in some activity late morn into the early afternoon. but the possibility will be on and off scattered, in the afternoon and evening, so evening thunderstorms can't rule those out either. although, some of the models we have been running this morning are suggesting that maybe areas north and south of philadelphia might see stronger activity. that's something to look at in a bit. right now, your temperatures, allentown, 73 and pottstown at 71. 74 in philadelphia and the temperature of 69 in lancaster. so these temperatures you see outside, not bad. but again we have the humidity that's making you feel a tad sticky as well.
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here's a look at your radar and satellite, the wide view shows most of us in the clear. light showers are moving through allentown and this area, the stronger active city a little bit farther to the northwest of allentown. just very light rain drops falling right overhead. right now, in our region, most of us dodging the rain. but the potential starts to increase as we move into the later part of today and then that continues as we move into your sunday. even into early next week. we'll talk about more rain possibilities in a few minutes. >> thanks. now to breaking news out of philadelphia. this is a live picture of a water main break on roosevelt boulevard. yes, that's water from the break not from any rain in the area just yet. the road buckled around 2:30 this morning. right now, all lanes are closed at this intersection. but in a few moments the inner lanes will reopen. the outer lanes will stay closed. philadelphia water department arrived on scene half an hour
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ago and they have that water shut off. we will keep you updated on their progress and when those lanes will reopen throughout the morning. today is day two of hillary clinton's post convention bus tour. the democratic presidential nominee and running mate tim kaine will make stops in jouns town -- johnstown and pittsburgh. it kicked off yesterday with a rally on north temple university campus. >> we need to pick ourselves up and start running again. >> the clinton/kaine ticket spoke to lauren mayk. it was the first ever local interview together. dana durante has more on this exclusive. >> reporter: well, hillary clinton and tim kaine fresh off their big convention stop in philadelphia they know they have to make a big play in pennsylvania and ohio to win those battleground states.
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lauren met clinton and kaine and asked them about the dnc starting with the moment that hillary clinton's daughter introduced her on stage. >> what was going through your mind? what were you saying to each other? >> it was so overwhelming, watching my daughter introduce me backstage on the tv. stepping out there and seeing the sea of people, you know, cheering. i told chelsea how proud i was of her and how much i appreciated her being there to make that introduction, but much more than that, the kind of woman she is. and it just gave me a great sense of blessing. >> some of the bernie sanders supporters are not ready to support you. i talked to some of them and they say they like some of the things that they are hearing you say. some of the things the -- the issues that they have championed. but they don't trust you.
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why should they trust you? >> i know how they feel. i ran a very hard campaign against president obama in 2008. and i had many, many supporters if you go back and look at polls very large percentages of my supporters who said they would not support him. >> you said one of the things you wanted in a vice president was someone who was going to tell you if they disagreed with you. so if you had known about the private e-mail server, what would you have told her? >> can i say this? i'm going to be very candid about the advice but the best way that the vice president does that is to give advice directly to the president. >> now, vice presidential nominee tim kaine said he would not be giving that advice on tv or through third parties. that gave us an insight into their relationship. they'll talk about jobs and the fight for pennsylvania. live in the digital operations
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center, deanna durante. >> thanks, the exclusive interview with clinton and kaine happened before the news broke of the hacking scandal involving the clinton campaign. her aides said someone breached the computer data program used by the campaign. it was part of larger breach as it was made public by wikileaks last weekend. donald trump suggested that russia should hack any clinton e-mails or share what they might already have. the next day he said he was just being sarcastic. according to the clinton campaign a review found no evidence that its internal computer systems had been compromised. now yesterday donald trump fired back at hillary clinton while campaigning in colorado. this after clinton implied during her dnc acceptance speech that the gop nominee was too thin skinned. in response, trump said he drew millions more viewers to his speech at the rnc. he also told the crowd in colorado that he expected clinton to compliment him on his campaign in her speech. take a listen.
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>> i have been nice. but after watching that performance last night, that's lies. i don't have to be so nice anymore. i'm taking the gloves off, right? yes? >> trump also said bernie sanders quote sold his soul to the devil, end quote. in deciding to support clinton. now, as we mentioned hillary clinton held a rally at temple university to thank the democratic party for hosting the national democratic convention. >> i'm so grateful to everyone in this city who pulled such a great convention together and i am thrilled that so many americans from everywhere got a chance to see philadelphia. >> last night, crews continued to clean up the wells fargo center. they had to pop some 3 million balloons. reviews coming in on how philadelphia performed in the national spotlight are mostly
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positive. philly's police officers, they're getting a lot of the praise. the officers handled more than 15 demonstrations of 5,500 people in the extreme heat. the senior adviser of the convention, david cohen, senior executive vice president for nbc10's parent company comcast is encouraging people to thank the police for their work this week. >> they were polite, they were courteous. they kept the demonstrators safe. i can't remember an occasion where i have been prouder of this city. city hotels were pretty much full during the convention and many are booked through tomorrow. we'll have more on this in a moment. tourism officials received a lot of positive comments online. the people as far away as france, telling them they were impressed with philadelphia. right now, nbc10 is on the road with the clinton/kaine bus tour. two of the digital producers will be following the tour all weekend which means you can get behind the scenes access through the nbc10 app and on the social media platforms.
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of course, watch our coverage tonight on nbc10 at 6:00 and 11:00. tomorrow marks 100 days until the general election. the battle between hillary clinton and donald trump will of course be the focus of the discussion on nbc's "meet the press." you can join moderator chuck todd tomorrow morning at a special time, 10:00, right here on nbc10. many folks who came to town for the dnc were here for more than just politics. they took advantage of all that philadelphia had to offer. loews hotels are booked through the weekend. during the convention, philadelphia hotels saw increased business with occupancy above 96%. nine minutes after 5:00 on a saturday morning. coming up on nbc10 news today, stuck in a sewer. our cameras were rolling as crews pulled the man to safety. how the philadelphia police say he got stuck in there in the first place.
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plus, the rush is on to get rio ready. what crews are doing to make sure everything is set for the summer olympics now just a week away.
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what every coconut wants. now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> welcome back. we're looking at philadelphia, a live shot outside right now. is up not yet up. we are looking at so far no rain this morning but as we move through parts of today and into tonight, the potential is there. there's a look at your forecast planner. about 77 at 8:00 a.m. it will be humid for us today and mid 80's for us. the lightning bolts you see, that's what we're suggesting the possibility of thunderstorms developing. in the suburbs. 82 by noon. good news, we have escaped the 90s in the forecast. lehigh valley, the rain will drop off later on today. a possibility of scattered
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showers as we move into the later part of your day here. most of us mid 80s although we'll struggle to make it to 80s along the shore. today, two pokemon go organizations in delaware hope the game will cheer up kids being treated at the hospital. because some of the children cannot go outside, the players will bring lures to attract pokemon right to the hospital. >> something like this is very, very rare. and weird. >> neighbors watch as philadelphia police, fire and water departments help get a guy out of the sewer. we'll hear from the fire commission about how they managed the tricky rescue.
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quarter after 5:00 on a saturday. we want to give you another live look at the breaking news. a water main break is causing problems on roosevelt boulevard, this is in the northern bound direction. the inner lanes are reopened,
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and they have reopened the oute lanes still shut down. the philadelphia water department shut off water to that 12 inch main just about 20 minutes ago. it will take a while to fix this. we know that from these kind of breaks. we'll keep you posted on their progress and let you know when the outer lanes do reopen. investigators in philadelphia are looking into what caused this truck to crash into a center city building. the accident happened just after 8:00 last night. the truck slammed right through those sliding glass doors at magee rehab. right near 16th and ray street. the truck ended up in the lobby. five people went to the hospital including the driver. now to philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood. this is where a man was stuck in the storm drain for two hours last night is now back above ground on dry ground. he crawled through an 18 inch pipe. this cell phone video shows police trying to help the man.
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officers tell us the 46-year-old pulled open the cover of the storm drain and jumped in at 9th street and pike street. no word on why he did it. he ended up crawling through the pipe to the man hole cover on the other side of the intersection. nbc10 was there as rescue crews pulled him out. >> our members had to be lowered into the hole as well as the water department folks and had to be brought out the same way. >> it shows the police department and the fire department they cared about the man's life. >> the man was alert and conscious. paramedics took him to the hospital to be checked out. we teerld he had no significant injury. now justice for a teenager gunned down leaving a basketball game. friends and family of barnes joined together for a march in southwest philadelphia last night. the 15-year-old was killed nearby as he was walking with friends following the basketball game earlier this month. police believed the shooting stemmed from the argument over
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the outcome of a previous basketball game. last night, we spoke to his mother. >> they need to take the guns off the street. you can get a gun as well as you can walk into the store and buy a piece of candy and they're falling into the hands of our youth. >> right now, the mother is calling for the shooter or shooters in this situation to turn themselves in. now, your "nbc10 first alert weathe weather". >> we're beginning with looking at your neighborhoods right now. temperatures at 74 in philadelphia. 69 in the pennsylvania suburbs and 73 for the lehigh valley. light rain in allentown and moving out as we speak. 74 in delaware. upper 60s along jersey shore. we have to mix in the humidity because today like in the last several days we have the possibility of some showers moving through. let's look at south jersey. some of your neighborhood
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temperatures, medford in the low 70s. hamilton as well and princeton in the upper 60s. we finally ended the long heat wave of 90s on thursday. yesterday, temperatures stayed below that threshold. looking at your radar and satellite, most of us not dealing with showers this morning. a much different scene than yesterday morning except for some of the light showers moving past allentown. here's the weather story for us. weekend storms as well as avoiding the 90s. at least for a few days here. let's talk about the weekend storms with the possibility of your hour by hour futurecast. moving along through this afternoon, 1:00 p.m., some light storms starting to pop up. but the focus here on the model is really stronger activity a little to the west of us from allentown to baltimore. this break apart over philadelphia. now, i think we could still see some thunderstorms scattered
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activity as we move later on into the day and night. this is at 12:30 in the morning on sunday. that activity does continue along the shore into your early sunday morning so the possibility is there sunday as well. most of it moving out at 9:30, but around 2:00 that possibility by sunday at 1:30 in the afternoon. that potential will continue right through 6:00 in the evening sunday. and even overnight. so we're not talking a washout all saturday/sunday. but on/off storms are certainly possible. again, avoiding the 90s for us. temperatures on the ten day, mostly sitting in the mid 80s for today, tomorrow, even your monday with the possibility of showers for the next three days. a little better potential for your sunday than into monday. we stay in the 80s even on tuesday and wednesday. thursday as well. but by friday, saturday of next week, that's when we could pull back in those 90s.
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>> thanks for that. the nbc family is in mourning this weekend following the death of suzanne wright. we have learned that a wake will be held on monday and tuesday and then her funeral on wednesday morning. the autism speaks cofounder died yesterday after a nine-month battle with pancreatic cancer. wright was married to the former president and ceo of nbc, bob wright. wright is being remembered for raising awareness about autism, a cause she championed after her grand son was diagnosed. she was 69 years old. 5:21 right now on a saturday. we are now just six days away from the start of the 2016 olympic games in rio de janeiro. nbc 10 is the only place to watch all the action. athletes are arriving in brazil to prepare for the event. there were plenty of smiling faces in the airport in rio. hundreds of competitors from japan, britain, spain, thailand.
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plenty of other countries got off their planes. many with carts full of baggage. the olympic torch is getting closer to americana stadium. this week, the torch was carried over land and sea. it will cross more than 12,000 miles of brazilian territory before the games begin. the stage is nearly set for the olympics. nbc news captured this view from above. we're told the venues are all set, all finished. the athletes are already training in many of them. meantime, security is tightening across the city of rio as it prepares for the half million people expected to arrive there over the next few days. nbc 10's jacqueline london is heading to rio to bring you all the action from the games. she'll introduce you to our hometown heros who are going for gold in brazil. a live report starts wednesday on nbc10 news at 4:00. coming up on "nbc10 news today," more from our exclusive interview from democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton and her vp pick tim kaine.
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but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
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this is nbc10 news. >> 5:25 right now on a saturday. here is live look down the shore. in cape may from our camera atop the hotel. the sun is coming up. looking good out there. you know what the shore this weekend is going to feel the cooler temperatures. meteorologist krystal klei will have details throughout the morning. jetblue could be the first u.s. carrier to begin normal airline flights to cuba since travel restrictions were eased. the airline will operate three flights a week next month and then daily service in october. fares will begin at 99 bucks one way. american airlines and silver airways are expected to start their regular flights to cuba a few days after jetblue.
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apple is reportedly working on a redesign of its apple store mobile app. people familiar with the revamp say it would provide personalized recommendations for customers based on prior orders. similar to what amazon already does. now let's talk about the powerball. if you play, you'll want to get tickets today because tonight's drawing is huge, 478 million bucks. a cash value of about $331 million. we're going to have the winning numbers tomorrow morning and let you know if anybody won the huge jackpot. stay with us at 11:00. we'll have the winning numbers for you. nbc10, the only local news station to secure an interview with hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine while they were in philadelphia. deanna durante has the details. >> reporter: well, good morning, rosemary. yeah, we caught up with them at one of the campaign stops in
5:27 am
hatfield, montgomery county. you will get to see them interacting with each other, straight ahead. and right now looking at your radar and satellite, some light showers moving through allentown this morning. but most of us on the clear end of things. that's going to change in the forecast later today and the days to come. you can see the clouds already, a live look from the mellon cam. storm possibilities, after the break.
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i'm excited about what's doing to happen. >> this morning an nbc10 exclusive. we're the only local news station to talk to democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine while they were in philadelphia. we'll have that interview next. donald trump fights back, weighing in on the democratic national convention. calling clinton's speech, quote, full of lies. we are in for some wet weather this weekend and as we take a live look over center city, philadelphia, you can see it's cloudy out there already this morning. meteorologist krystal klei will be here in a moment with all the details. nbc10 news starts right now. >> good morning, welcome back to "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 5:30 on this saturday. we know we have wet weather in the forecast. that rain is returning.
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krystal klei breaks it all down us for in the first alert neighborhood. >> that's right. we are looking at the possibility of showers, a little later today. right now, most of us are on the dry side of things. we see some light showers moving by allentown. not affecting the temperatures, we're all sitting in the 70s out there. 73 in allentown. philadelphia at 74. this wouldn't be too bad, warm, but the possible humidity issue is what's going to make it feel uncomfortable out there. because when we have that moist, sticky air that's when you deal with the fact that it feels hotter than it truly is. 74 we're at in wilmington. dover as well. then a little lower at 69 degrees, atlantic city. here's a look at your planner for today in philadelphia, we start in the upper 70s. moving along here, not a ton of warming. low and then mid 80s as we move along to the lunch hour, into 2:00 p.m., 83 degrees. a possibility of thunderstorms


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