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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  July 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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now is we need to pick ourselves up and start running again the way that americans can. >> this morning, an exclusive hillary clinton and her pick for vp, tim kaine, speak one-on-one only with nbc10. and hacked. a computer data program used by clinton's campaign has been breached. we'll have the details just ahead. oh, those storms will be back this weekend. here's a live look toward center city, philadelphia. you can see the comcast building there. the clouds, that haze, it's already started to roll in and we know the rain will soon follow. details in a moment. nbc10 news starts now. >> good morning. welcome back to "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. 6:00 on a saturday. let's get more on that forecast now from meteorologist krystal klei. good morning. >> rosemary, good morning.
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good morning, everyone. that live look we just saw, yes, we have the clouds hanging over us. a humid, warm start to your day. there's a lock another your seven day forecast scrolling along the bottom of your screen. you can see we have removed from the 90s from the forecast but we have pulled in the possibility of storms. that's what we're watching for for the rest of today and into tonight, a chance for thunderstorms. we're not saying all night long, but scattered activity is possible right on into the night time hours. here's a look at your temperatures right now. sitting at 75 degrees in philadelphia. 71 atlantic city and millville as well in the low 70s. mid 60s for mt. pocono and 69 for lancaster. the temperatures are looking at moving into the 80s later on. more though as we move forward of storm potential. that's the big focus for this big forecast. we'll talk more about the chances of showers all over the
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region coming up in a bit. >> see you shortly. thanks. now to breaking news in northeast philadelphia. a live look at a water main break. this is on the northbound side of roosevelt boulevard right at levick street. police officers on the scene tell us that the road buckled right around 2:30 this morning. the outer lanes are closed but the inner lanes are open as you can see. the philadelphia water department has been out there. they have shut off the water to this main. they're working to fix the problem. we'll keep you updated on their progress throughout the rest of the morning. today is day two of hillary clinton's post convention bus tour. the democratic presidential nominee and her running mate tim kaine will make stops in johnstown and pittsburgh before heading into ohio. the campaign swing kicked off yesterday with a rally in north philadelphia and a factory tour in hatfield, montgomery county. >> well, we need to pick ourselves up and start running again the way that americans can. >> the clinton/kaine ticket
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explained the focus on pennsylvania in an exclusive interview with nbc10's lauren mayk. it was the first local interview together. nbc10's deanna durante is live in the digital operational center with more. >> reporter: hillary clinton and tim kaine fresh off the big sendoff in philadelphia, they know they have to make a big play in pennsylvania and ohio to win those battleground states in the november election. lauren asked clinton about the dnc. from the moment her daughter introduced her to addressing concerns from bernie sanders supporters and more. >> what was going to your mind. what were you saying to each other? >> it was so overwhelming. the feelings that i had watching my daughter introduce me backstage on tv, stepping out there and seeing the sea of people, you know, cheering. i told chelsea how proud i was of her and how much i appreciated her being there to
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make that introduction, but much more than that. the kind of woman she is and it just gave me a sense of a blessing. >> some of the bernie sanders supporters are not ready to support you. you talked to some of them and they say they like some of the things that they are hearing you say. some of the things the issues that they have championed, but they don't trust you. why should they trust you? >> i know how they feel. i ran a very hard campaign against president obama in 2008. and i had many, many supporters, if you go back and look at polls. very large percentages of my supporters who said they would not support him. >> so you had said one of the things you wanted in a vice president was someone who was going to tell you if they disagreed with you. so i'll ask you, if you had known about the private e-mail server, what would you have told her? >> can i just say this, i'm going to be very candid about advice, but the best way a vice president does that is just give
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advice directly to the president. >> and vice presidential nominee tape t tim kaine said he won't give it through third parties or on tv. now coming up in the next half hour, more of our exclusive interview with clinton and kaine. they talk about the jobs and the fight for pennsylvania. deanna durante, nbc10 news. >> and the exclusive interview with clinton and kaine happened before news broke of a hacking scandal involving the clinton campaign. her aides said someone breached the computer data program used by the campaign. the campaign claim it was part of a larger breach as the democratic national committee that was made public by wikileaks days later. donald trump said that russia should share what they already might have and the next day he said he was being sarcastic. a review found no evidence that its internal computer systems had been compromised.
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yesterday, donald trump fired back at hillary clinton while he was campaigning in colorado. this after clinton implied during her dnc acceptance speech that the gop nominee was too thin skinned. in response, trump said he drew millions more viewers to his speech at the rnc. he also told the crowd in colorado he expected clinton to compliment him on his campaign in her speech. >> i have been nice, but after watching that performance, such lies. i don't have to be so nice anymore. i'm taking the gloves off, right? yes? >> trump said that bernie sanders quote sold his soul to the devil, end quote, in deciding to support clinton. hillary clinton held a rally at temple university yesterday to thank philadelphia for hosting the democratic national convention. >> i am so grateful to everyone in this city who pulled such a
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great convention together and i'm thrilled that so many americans from everywhere got a chance to see philadelphia. >> last night, crews continued to clean up the wells fargo center. they had to pop some 3 million balloons. reviews coming in on how philadelphia performed in the national spotlight are mostly positive. philly's police officers are getting a lot of the praise. the officers worked overtime handling more than 15 demonstrations of an estimated 5,500 people in the extreme heat earlier this week. a senior adviser of the convention, david cohen who is senior executive vice president for nbc10's parent company comcast is encouraging people to thank the police for their work this week. >> they were polite. they were courteous. they kept the demonstrators safe. i can't remember an occasion where i have been prouder of the city. >> city hotels were pretty much full during the convention. many are booked through tomorrow. officials say they received a lot of positive comments online
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with people as far away as france saying they were impressed with philadelphia. nbc10 is on the road with the clinton/kaine bus tour. two of the digital producers will be following the tour all weekend long which means you can get behind the scenes access through the nbc10 app and on all of our social media platforms. then of course watch our coverage on air right here on nbc10. tomorrow marks 100 days until the general election. the battle between hillary clinton and trump will be the focus of the discussion on nbc's "meet the press." safe to say, probably it will be the focus for the next -- for the next sundays leading up to november. join moderator chuck todd tomorrow morning. a special time at 10:00 instead of 10:30 right here on nbc10. many folks who came here for the convention were here for more than the politics.
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loews hotel says they're booked for the weekend. many of the guests decided to extend the stay until sunday. the philadelphia hotels saw increased business with occupancy above 96%. nine minutes after 6:00 on this saturday. 75 degrees outside the nbc10 studios. coming up on nbc 10 news today, stuck in a sewer. this man is pulled to safety. how philadelphia police say he got stuck in there in the first place. plus the rush to get rio ready is on. what crews are doing to make sure everything is set for the summer olympics with the opening ceremony now just a week away.
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know your first alert weather. >> we're starting with a live look at center city now. you have low hanging clouds making a hazy start to the morning. we're dealing with clouds today
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and the possibility of showers. right through we're at 75 degrees. winds are calm. but winds may crank up with any thunderstorms that do roll through later today. temperature wise, we won't see a huge warm-up. in fact, look at your planner here. we're talking mid 80s because of the cloud coverage and the possibility of some thunderstorms. we'll have clouds on and off throughout the day and that possibility of scattered thunderstorms strengthens as we move into the lunch time and into the evening. lehigh valley at 82 degrees. again, looking at the possibility of showers and thunderstorms across the board. we're not saying everywhere all day. scattered activity here. in new jersey, 1:00 p.m., 84. we'll struggle to make it to the low 80s at the jersey shore. we'll look at the possibility of showers in a bit. >> better to have low 80s than low 90s, right? today in the overbrook neighborhood, the pennsylvania naacp division will provide information about the affordable
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care act, voter education and other topics. they'll have back to school supplies to hand out to kids who need them. also today down in south philadelphia, the phillys will hold a barbecue fest. you can sample dishes from more than 40 barbecue vendors. the philly fanatic and charlie manuel will be there. a portion of the proceeds from today's event will go to the children's hospital of philadelphia. something like this is very, very rare and weird. >> neighbors watch as philadelphia's police, fire and water departments help pull a man out of the sewer. coming up, we'll hear from the fire commissioner about how they pulled off this tricky rescue. we continue to follow breaking news, a water main break at roosevelt boulevard and levick street. parts of the boulevard are still closed. an update in a few moments.
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6:15 right now on a saturday. here's another live look at that water main break in northeast philadelphia. causing some problems on roosevelt boulevard. this is in the northbound direction. right at levick street. as you can see the outer lanes are shut down. philadelphia water department has shut off water to that 12-inch main. the inner lanes they're still running, car can travel on that part of the boulevard. we'll keep you posted on the progress out here throughout the rest of the morning. investigators in philadelphia are looking into what caused this truck to crash right into a center city building. the accident happened just after 8:00 last night. the truck as you can see slammed through sliding glass doors at magee rehab.
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this is between 15th and 16th. the truck ended up in the lobby. five people ended up going to the hospital including the driver. now to news out of the hunting park neighborhood where a man stuck in a storm drain for two hours last night is now back above ground on dry land. the man was finally pulled to safety after he crawled through an 18-inch pipe. this cell phone video shows police trying to help the man. officers tell us the 46-year-old pulled open the cover of the storm drain and jumped in at ninth street and pike street. no word on why he did it. he crawled through the pipe to the man hole cover on the other side of the intersection and nbc10 was there as rescue crews pulled him out. >> our members had to be lowered into the hole as well as our water department. and they had to be brought out that same way. >> it shows that the police department and fire department, they really cared about the man's life. >> as you can see, the man was alert and conscious. paramedics did take him to the
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hospital to be checked out. we're told he had no significant injuries. now, your "nbc10 first alert weather." >> good morning. looking at your neighborhood temperatures right now, temperature wise not a bad start. on the warm side, but we're not going to see a ton of warming today because we have clouds hanging overhead and the possibility of rain and cold air moving in later on. 73 in lehigh valley. the light showers have since moved out. we're at 68 in the suburbs and 75 in philadelphia. right around 70 in south jersey and the low 70s for us along the jersey shore. if you have plans to head to the shore this weekend, fair warning, see the seven day forecast. we have the possibility of thunderstorms popping up on and off today and tomorrow. so a warning for you again if you have shore plans. in delaware, marshallton at 72 right now. odessa at 71. temperatures hitting 72 as well, dover and belton. numbers in the low 70s not a bad
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start. it's the fact that we also see humidity up a bit that's making it feel sticky outside. that's going to continue today and your sunday as well unfortunately. let's look now at your clouds and radar maps. on this map, what we're dealing with is not a ton of activity showing up. right now, just popping up on your radar right here, maybe some sprinkles right around the northern parts of delaware near wilmington. just clouds in place so far with thicker cloud coverage to the west. if we pull this out a bit, you see that we have the scattered showers developing to the west. that's pumping in our direction as we move into your late morning/early afternoon. that's when we should start to see the showers firing off. two big weather stories. first off, the weekend storms. also avoiding the 90s as we move forward. let's talk about the weekend storms with your hour by hour forecast here. there's the clouds, thicker as we move into your early afternoon. possibility of some
6:20 am
thunderstorms starting to pop up near philadelphia. that's at 2:00 p.m. then we move along here, the hard-hit further to the west and especially southwest near baltimore. then breaking apart as it moves near philadelphia through the overnight hours. there we are sunday at 1:30 in the morning. this is overnight. i think we could still see some showers into philadelphia, although the model is focusing on the shore right on into your sunday morning as well. those move out, but spotty action continues as we move into your sunday. 2:30 p.m., more light showers and pockets of heavy rain that continue possible through your sunday evening. 7:00 even into the overnight. so storms is the focus of the forecast for today into tomorrow. more on your temperatures over the next ten days in just a bit. >> see you shortly. thanks. 20 minutes past 6:00 right now on this saturday. and the nbc10 family is in mourning following the death of suzanne wright. we have learned that a wake will
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be held on monday and tuesday. and then there will be a funeral on wednesday morning. the autism speaks cofounder died yesterday after a nine-month battle with pancreatic cancer. wright was married to former president and ceo of nbc, bob wright. suzanne wright is being remembered for her work to raise awareness about autism, a cause she championed after her grandson was diagnosed. she was 69 years old. we are now just six days away from the start of the 2016 olympic games in rio de janeiro. and nbc10 is the only place to watch all the action. athletes are arriving in brazil to prepare for the event. there were plenty of smiling faces in the international arrivalsary of the airport in rio. hundreds of competitors from japan and other countries got off their planes with lots of baggage. the olympic torch is getting closer to americana stadium will
6:22 am
the opening ceremony will be held on friday night. this week it was carried over land and sea. it will cross more than 12,000 miles of brazilian territory before the games begin. the stage is practically set for the olympics. nbc news captured this view from above. we're told that the venues are finished and the athletes are already training in many of them. meantime, security is tightening all across the city as rio prepares for the half million people expected to arrive over the next few days. nbc10's jacqueline london is headed to rio to bring you all the action from the games. she'll introduce you to our hometown heroes going for gold in brazil. 6:22 on a saturday. just about 75 degrees outside the nbc10 studios. coming up, more from our exclusive interview with democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton. and her running mate tim kaine. >> they don't like the way things are going, why choose you
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if you're the one chosen by president obama? >> you'll hear hillary clinton's answer to that question coming up at 6:45.
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jetblue could be the first u.s. carrier to begin normal airline flights to cuba since travel restrictions have eased. the airline will operate three flights a week beginning next month. it will launch daily service in october. fares will begin at 99 bucks one way. american airways and silver airways are expected to start their regular flights to cuba a few days after jetblue. apple is reportedly working on a redesign of its apple store mobile app. people familiar with the revamp say the new version would provide personalized recommendations based on prior orders. that's based on what amazon does. i know you're getting your powerball tickets. tonight's drawing is for $478 million. if you win and take the cash value, $331 million. not too shabby. we're going to have those winning numbers for you tomorrow morning right here on "nbc10 news today" and of course we'll let you know if anybody won that huge jackpot. 6:26 on this is saturday.
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nbc10 is the only local news station to get one-on-one access with hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine. nbc10's deanna durante is live with that story. >> we're breaking down key points and find out why clinton and kaine say you should vote for them in november. we're looking at the upper 60s and low and mid 70s this morning. you might notice quite a few clouds out there. we'll talk about the possibility of showers and thunderstorms today into your sunday. that's coming up.
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i'm excited about what can happen. >> this morning an nbc10 exclusive. we're the only local news station to talk one-on-one with democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton and her running mate, tim kaine. you'll hear from them straight ahead.
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and donald trump fights back, weighing in on the democratic national convention, calling clinton's speech full of lies. we'll have an update from the campaign trail next. oh, the wet weather returns. just in time for our weekend. a little bit of a cloudy morning out there right now as we take a live look over center city. that sun is trying to peek through those clouds. we'll let you know when the rain will arrive in your neighborhood. nbc10 starts now. >> good morning, welcome back. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:30 on this saturday. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking the showers and the storms moving into the region, but not everybody will see it. >> we're looking at scattered activity, starting at the late morning hours around lunch time and moving into the afternoon/evening as well. thunderstorms are possible. but again, we're not talking everywhere, getting thunderstorm development. some of us could see those strong to severe storms though
6:31 am
as we move into the later portions of your day. so that's all a possibility rather. looking into the early next week, we are avoiding the 90s. not just this weekend, but that seven day at the bottom of your screen into early next week as well. but in the extended outlook we will be heating back up. there are some 90s on the ten-day forecast. here are the temperatures right now. we're at 75 in philadelphia. mount holly at 71. coatesville, 72. wilmington in the mid 70s. checking in at 74. a look currently your radar and satellite showing us, what we've got is the cloud starting to build. we had some light showers that moved out of allentown this morning. radar is now trying to pick up some sprinkles near parts of delaware. alleghe although it's not making its way to the ground yet. the clouds are sitting mostly to
6:32 am
the southwest of us right now, but that's headed to our direction right along today. more on the timing of the storms in a while. >> thanks. now to breaking news we have been following all morning long in northeast philadelphia. the outer lanes of northbound roosevelt boulevard are closed here. following a water main break this morning. this is a live picture of the scene. the inner lanes were opened about an hour and a half ago. those outer lanes where you're seeing a lot of that debris, they're still shut down at the moment. we're going to confirm how long it's going to take the philadelphia water department to repair the 12-inch main. it could take a little while, but the good news is at least the street is not completely flooded. more details throughout the rest of the newscast. i'm not satisfied with the status quo. we're back on solid ground and we need to start running again. >> and now hillary clinton and tim kaine answer our questions in their first-ever local interview since becoming the democratic ticket in the race for the white house.
6:33 am
the newly minted nominees are on day two of a rollout bus tour through pennsylvania and ohio. two key battleground states in november. nbc10's deanna durante is live in our digital operations center with more on the exclusive interview. >> rosemary, the clinton/kaine bus stop stopped at the toy factory in hatfield, montgomery county. and lauren mayk met them there. and she asked them about jobs, something that donald trump is also focused on in battleground states like pennsylvania. >> i'm excited about what could happen in manufacturing, in infrastructure, clean energy, technology, that will put millions of people to work in america. >> i also think anybody who wants something better economical economically, they have a choice of somebody with plans. you heard her talk about her plans to grow the economy and somebody who's just saying basically it will be great. but when its comes to the plans where are they? >> people are trying to make up
6:34 am
their mind, they can hear trump's false promises and negative, dark image of america. i don't think that creates a single job and if they look at his business record he can see what he's done to those who ran small businesses, people who did all kinds of contracts for him. but if they look at what we have done, if they look at how we're going to build on the progress we made, i think that they will see we have lots of plans to do that. >> clinton also said she was very proud of her daughter who introduced her at the democratic national convention when she accepted the nomination. the democratic ticket for the presidential -- she said she's running on its and on her way with her vp pick on a bus tour, continuing in pennsylvania and into ohio. reporting live from the digital operational center, deanna durante. >> thanks for that. today is day two of hillary clinton's post convention bus tour that we have been up talking about. the democratic presidential
6:35 am
nominee and her running mate will be making stops in johnstown and pittsburgh, then they head to ohio. the ticket of course kicked off the bus tour yesterday with a rally at temple university in north philly. nbc10 is on the road with the bus tour. two of the digital producers will be following the tour all weekend which means you can get behind the scenes access through the nbc10 app and on all of the social media platforms and then of course watch our coverage on air. the clinton/kaine bus tour got rolling before news of a hacking scandal involving their campaign. somebody breached a data program used by the campaign. they claim the hack was part of the larger breach of the democratic national committee that was made public by wikileaks last weekend. the clinton campaign says a review found no evidence though that its internal computer systems had been compromised. yesterday, donald trump fired back at hillary clinton while campaigning in colorado. this after clinton implied during her acceptance speech
6:36 am
that the gop nominee was too thin-skinned. trump told the crowd in colorado he drew millions more viewers to his speech at the rnc and he also said he expected clinton to compliment him on his campaign in her speech. tomorrow marks 100 days until general election in november and the battle between hillary and donald will be featured on nbc's "meet the press." join moderator chuck todd tomorrow morning at a special time, 10:00, right here on nbc10. now to news from our jersey shore bureau. politics on the board walk, politically themed t-shirts featuring the likenesses of hillary clinton and donald trump and even bernie sanders. for the hot -- they were the hottest items on sale in wildwood. the shirts both support and bash the presidential candidates. >> trump has been getting a lot of laughs, flying out the door. >> another merchant said she was out of pro military shirts.
6:37 am
still another said that the politically inspired tees haven't rallied as much interest as pokemon. 6:36. coming up on "nbc10 news today" a chilling crash at pocono raceway. two crew members go airborne after being hit by a race car. we'll tell you what caused the crash and how these guys are doing this morning. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee,
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to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!" now your "nbc10 first alert weather." >> good morning. today we're talking about these storm potentials in the forecast today and on sunday. now we're not talking thunderstorms both days, all day. but on and off, showers and thunderstorms are possible especially as we move into the afternoon. here's the day in philadelphia. mid 70s right now.
6:40 am
77 at 8:00 a.m. and then into the 80s but really we stop there. at 84 by noon and you see those wind speeds mostly around five to ten miles an hour. that will change with any thunderstorms that do move right into philadelphia. because with those thunderstorms, especially anything that's strong to severe will see the higher wind gusts with the storms. we could see periods of heavy rain. lightning. even potentially some small hail. in new jersey, 71 where we're sitting. temperatures are going to move into the low to mid 80s with the same forecast especially late day into the evening. potentially some higher winds and any thunderstorms could bring periods of heavier rain. again, this is scattered activity. so we're not promising everyone sees it, but the potential is there for us to see it in parts of the viewing zone. that possibility actually continues not just today and sunday, but even monday. a little more on that coming up in just a bit. the red paw emergency
6:41 am
erelief team is celebrating the fifth anniversary. staff members and volunteers and even some pets showed their support at the porch at the station last night. the red paws works with the philadelphia fire department, the american red cross and other agencies to provide emergency assistance to pets and their owners involved in disasters. 6:41 right now on this saturday. 75 degrees outside the nbc10 studios. just a head, more from nbc10's exclusive interview with hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine. why she thinks america should vote another democrat into office and what she's doing to convince undecided voters. that's coming up next.
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6:44 am
another look at this breaking news here in north philadelphia. this is a live picture from the northbound side of roosevelt boulevard, right at levick street where a water main break is blocking the outer lanes. they're still shut down at this hour. the inner lanes have reopened. we're told that the water did not flood into nearby homes. that's the good news here at least for now. we're going to continue to monitor this and let you know when the outer lanes reopen again. this is at roosevelt boulevard and levick street. we want to reach out to democrats who are sanders supporters, clinton supporters and to republicans and to independents who think we have a better agenda for the future. >> that's just part of hillary clinton's exclusive conversation with nbc10 including her campaign strategy from now until november. both trump and clinton are making a big play for pennsylvania which will be key in november in the general election.
6:45 am
political analysts say that's why clinton and her running mate launched a bus tour in philadelphia yesterday. they also stopped at the toy factory in hatfield, montgomery county. lauren mayk spoke to the democratic ticket about their message to undecided voters. donald trump is also trying to win over those voters. some are saying they're not satisfied under barack obama. he was a key voice at the democratic national convention. >> they don't like the way things are going, why choose you if you're the one chosen by president obama? >> well, look, i think -- look at what president obama was handed. by a republican administration. the worst financial crisis since the great depression. he didn't do that. that was just handed to him. we could have gone even further off the cliff. we're at this factory because they have actually been importing back jobs that had gone to china. they are bringing jobs back
6:46 am
here. but they expect people to have the skills and training, not to do yesterday's job, but today's and tomorrow's jobs. so we're going to help people get that. >> donald trump's campaign is tying clinton to president obama. the campaign has leased a -- released a statement calling the clinton/obama economy. also during our exclusive interview we had our sister station telemundo 62 in mind when we spoke to vice presidential nominee tim kaine. [ speaking spanish ] >> you can hear more of this interview with tim kaine right now on telemundo you can see our entire exclusive interview with clinton and kaine, plus track all the buzz from the campaign trail on the nbc10 app and on our
6:47 am
website, now your "nbc10 first alert weather." >> and temperatures are mostly upper 60s to low to mid 70s. 75 in philadelphia. 68 in the suburbs. 73 lehigh valley. look at the shore, 71 degrees there. checking in on the temperatures, atlantic city, 75. mays landing, still the upper 60s. low 70s, cape may, as well as the cape may point, 75. these temperatures are not going to warm a ton today because of some clouds hanging over us and the possibility of some showers as we move into the later portions of your day. radar and satellite currently showing up. no longer tracking light showers in allentown. we have clouds overhead, but for the most part not yet seeing rain. that's sitting farther to our west and southwest, scattered thunderstorms in roanoke as well as pittsburgh. that activity is going to be pulling from that direction right over us and we move late morning and then especially into your afternoon and even overnight the potential for
6:48 am
storms is there. models we have been looking at, helping us to forecast, suggesting the possibility of a heavier hit in the southern portions of the viewing zone later tonight into tonight. but that severe thunderstorm forecast for today does show isolated potential even into philadelphia. the deeper blue we could see the more active forecast or we could see more storms popping up. again, this isn't a washout all saturday and sunday, but the potential for storms popping up on and off throughout the region is out there for all of us. look at the feels like temperatures, temperatures should move into the mid 80s and then the feel like into the lower 90s. that's be mid afternoon. so the red is what it will feel like outside. thanks to the fact that we have the humidity cranked up and as a result, the moisture in the air makes it feel hotter than it truly is. if you're headed out the pocono raceway, we have showers in both
6:49 am
forecasts. 1:00 right through the evening some thunderstorms are mixing in. low to mid 70s for your sunday with the same deal in the morning and spreading throughout the day. the possibility of showers and those temperatures again around the 70s. here's your shore cast if you'll be heading to the shore this weekend. just take those proper precautions because of the possibility of thunderstorms especially later into the afternoon. low 80s, avalon, 88. up to 83 in stone harbor. mostly upper 70s on the sunday. both days showers, thunderstorms possible. the water temperature in about the mid 70s. let's look at the ten day, the mid 80s for us on monday. that how long we leave in the possibility of showers. then we have low to mid 80s through wednesday and upper 80s on thursday. then friday and saturday, back to the 90s. this is sports desk brought
6:50 am
to you by xfinity. x 1 from xfinity will change the way you experience. >> hi, we begin with the eagles news. the team signed running back darren sproles to the one-year contract extension worth a reported $4.5 million. it will keep sproles in an eagles uniform through next season. he has been a punt returner and pro bowler with the birds. but product o tion on offense dropped last year. >> i'm 33 years old. they didn't give me an extra year. you know, it's a lot. >> any time in my opinion that you can have a playmaker like darren sproles and you keep him locked up for a couple of years makes you feel good. the eagles first preseason game is against tampa bay on august 11th. it can be seen live on csn and
6:51 am
cozi tv. kickoff is at 7:00. well, lesean mccoy spoke at bills camp after being investigated in the alleged bar fight. no charges were filed and mccoy was not punished by the nfl but he still said he bears responsibility. >> sitting back and viewing the whole situation, you know, as a leader, the guy that i want to be for this team, you know, things like that can't happen. i mean, no excuses for it. you don't hear about other guys like peyton manning or, you know, tom brady getting into incidents like that. >> csn phillies insider jim salisbury said that there are talks about vince velasquez. he has eight wins. bottom third, gordon beckham at the dish coming one a base hit up the middle, erick aybar comes around from second. the throw is cut off. braves tie the game at one. two batters later, nick
6:52 am
markakis, rbi single. he had three hits on the night. velasquez gave up just the two runs so a decent running for the scouts in attendance. top nine, phillies try to get the rout going. and the phillies fall 2-1. tonight's game is on nbc10 at 7:00. a scary scene at the arca race at pocono. brake failure caused the two crew members to be crashed into. good news, they are okay. that'll do it for sports. i'm amy fadool.
6:53 am
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new jersey is taking another step toward raising the gas tax. yesterday state senators approved a new plan that would increase the tax to pay for road and bridge work. the proposal would also cut the estate tax. it's the latest effort to renew the transportation trust fund which expired at the beginning of july. governor chris christie has said he'd veto the new legislation. with the end of the month coming up tomorrow, new jersey motor vehicle commission reminds you it's open 24 hours online except when there are computer problems. computer glitches caused long lines earlier this week. well, if you haven't heard this already, there's a new
6:56 am
twist in the septa slow down. you will have to buy tickets in advance to get out of center city. the new policy will require riders to buy passes at a ticket office before boarding trains at any station in center city. a spokesperson says septa made the change because of scheduling issues due to the dozens of structurally deficient rail cars out of service. the change takes effect on monday. this eagle definitely got talent. yeah. long snapper jon dorenbos is back with the birds after making it to the semifinals on the hit show. "america's got talent." they have seen him in the locker room for years and tonight, he put on a special show for members of the secret service to thank them for the work during the dnc. take a look. >> so when all the guys got and and they showed up in the team meeting and everybody kind of
6:57 am
came together and supported it, honestly, it was a cool feeling. like kind of emotional for me. kind of step back and really appreciate it, really appreciated that. >> jon dorenbos talked about how doug pederson showed his work on "america's got talent." the teammates know what tricks he'll use on the next show, but not giving us any hints. he's really great out there. >> you have to love a good magic trick. we are checking in outside. gorgeous conditions, but we're going to start to see the showers popping up later this morning and then into this afternoon as well. a look at the radar, showers to the southwest. >> i suppose we can say gorgeous, considering we're sitting in the mid 70s and we see the temperatures this time of the day, mid 80s, even 90s. >> temperatures are okay. but the humidity is up a bit. >> see you at 8:00. have a good one.
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good morning. breaking overnight. hacked? new concerns that a computer program used by the hillary clinton campaign may have been breached as part of the dnc cyber attack as the campaign shifts in high gear. donald trump promising no more mr. nice guy. fear in florida. officials confirm four people inspected with zika after bitten by mosquitoes in the u.s. the first time this happened in this country. how bad could it get in this long hot summer? horror on the track. two pit members hit by an out-of-control car during a race in pennsylvania. both are


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