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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  July 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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tracking summer storms, heavy rains could make a mess of your saturday night and the rest of your weekend. dangerous collision, a fire truck hits a dirt bike rider in delaware. and pushing for pennsylvania. the presidential candidates take aim at the keystone state. we're with hillary clinton as she rides through pennsylvania. nbc 10 news at 6:00 starts now. >> severe weather is hitting parts of our region right now. this was the scene just a short time ago as heavy rain fell in princeton junction mercer county. police tell us they had to make several water rescues this
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afternoon. and good evening, i'm george spencer. right now mercer county is being hit hard. the nbc 10 first alert team has been keeping a close eye on the storms tracking them as they move through. taking a live look right now at the storms on nbc 10 first alert radar, some areas are seeing rain now while others are still dry. now live pictures from our eagle's nest camera at lincoln financial field, as you can see from south philadelphia, rain still falling and the skies are gray. meanwhile though, it is a different story down the shore as we take a live look at the beach and cape may county. it has been dry there with a few peaks of sunshine. what you see depends on where you live. for that much, go to meteorologist karen thomas with the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood forecast. >> all right, george, you said it best. it really does depend on where you are right now. the latest doppler radar picture
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showing us that we've got a lot of moisture and some of this is heavy rain falling in parts of our area. looking down here in south jersey along the shoreline, virtually no rain, the same is true down here in southern delaware. the dover beaches. so clouds around for sure down along the shoreline but no rain just yet. all of the rain seems to be north and west of philadelphia. we've got a close eye right here where you see trenton because they've had what's called training there, heavy rain cells continuously going over the same area and look at this. over 3.5, close to 4 inches of rainfall has already fallen in mercer and middlesex county. we can see with the doppler estimated rainfall, a lot of rain already on the ground. that's why we say you want to really take it easy because it's spotty in nature but look at this blue. you can see over 1.5, close to 2 inches of rainfall in many parts
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and then we've got the purple shaded there. until 8:30 tonight, parts of middlesex and mercer counties in new jersey have a flash flood warning. i'll be back with more, george. >> karen, thank you. now to a developing story from delaware. take a look at this video. that is a dirt bike under a fire truck. that truck hit the biker before 1:30 sending the rider to the hospital with critical injuries. nbc 10s andrea is live at the scene. what do we know? >> reporter: george, i'm going to get out of the way to zoom in and show you markings on the road. that's exactly where the accident occurred. according to witnesses, fire truck was responding to a call and lights were on and sir rens blairing where the accident happened. the intersection at 4th and van buren was closed for hours. you can see dirt bike is under the fire truck. all of this happened around 1:30 this afternoon.
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witnesses say the collision -- after the collision firefighters helped the driver of the bike until the ambulance arrived. now we spoke to one person who called 911 and this is what he saw. >> my guess is the person on the motorcycle couldn't see or hear it he kept on going but he was going pretty fast the impact made him fly from this part from the street across. >> reporter: and none of the firefighters were injured in the crash. we're told that wilmington police are investigating. reporting live in wilmington, andrea thomas, nbc 10 news. >> both presidential candidates will be campaigning in the keystone state over the next few days. today democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton focused on the economy and having plans during a campaign event in pennsylvania. clinton and her running mate, tim kaine, spoke at the factory
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in johnstown. clinton addressed the every day struggles of hard working americans and said most politicians don't understand what they go through. she also touted her economic plan to create more jobs and keep companies head quartered in the united states. she used the opportunity to respond to donald trump's claim that america is weak. >> i don't think we're weak. i don't think we're in decline. i think we can pull together because we are stronger together and if anybody like him spent a day on the factory floor here, they would see what teamwork looks like. they'd understand what it means to create and build. >> clinton calling trump a whiner and saying that he is easily offended. our nbc 10 digital team is following the bus tour all weekend. this video just 20 minutes ago
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of the crowd waiting for hillary clinton to arrive in pittsburgh. you can see their interviews and video on or by using the nbc 10 app. meanwhile, donald trump criticized the democratic national convention and rallied supporters in denver, colorado yesterday. he talked about the number of twitter and facebook followers he gained during the democratic national convention. his campaign will bring him to pennsylvania coming up on monday. and hillary clinton and other bill political namsz have left philadelphia but there are a lot of people from the convention staying here. hotels are booked solid in what managers are calling a spillover effect. nbc 10s drew smith caught up with convention visitors making the most of their extended trip to philly. >> police were outs picking up the last of the security fencing from the dnc as some tourists
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got in one last run up the art museum steps to see the decorative donkeys. the positive reviews on the city's performance keep coming from the nominee herself. >> gracious welcoming and hospitalable. >> to the delegates packing up cars to go home. >> everyone is really nice. the city is truly prepared and it really showed well. >> reporter: karin queen decided to spend two extra days here to get to know philly beyond a cheesesteak. hotel operators are tlild, loez is sold out again tonight. >> record breaking week. >> reporter: still dnc related events going on, dems going beyond campaign designed to show people more of philadelphia than just center city and wells fargo city. >> philly is a great city, a lot of things to see. i heard also that people really enjoyed the entire city instead of just where the convention was. >> the balloons may have dropped
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two days ago -- but the city that played host to history, there's still a lot to celebrate. in philadelphia, drew smith, nbc 10 news. investigators are calling it a significant loss of life. a hot air balloon carrying at least 16 people caught on fire and crashed in texas this morning. investigators are trying to determine how many people died. there is no list with the names of people on that balloon. a local sheriff said it's the kind of operation where people can simply walk up and buy a ticket and get on board. a lot of specialists are now coming to help find out what went wrong. >> we'll also have victim specialists, weather experts, all who will be arriving tonight to begin what will be a significant investigation into this tragedy. >> the crash site is right below a row of power lines. it is not clear yet though if that's what caused the crash.
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a man is in critical condition after a wrong address sparked police involved shooting in upper deerfield cumberland county. state police say it began with a 911 call last night. that caller hung up before giving an address but state troopers responded to the home they thought that call came from. when they got there, they say 76-year-old gerald sykes fired a shot at him. one of the troopers suffered a graze wound and it was later determined that police went to the wrong address. the attorney general's office is now investigating. up next, the olympics are less than a week away but there is one thing that won't be in rio that could have some of the visitors upset. and a special surprise for a delaware county cop who was shot in the line of duty. how a local company gave him a ride to remember still ahead.
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and former eagle brian dawkins is returning to the birds, his new role with his old team still ahead on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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it was a big surprise for folcroft police officer shot in the line of duty. today officer chris dorman was presented with a customized 2012 jeep wrangler at the summer beach bash. the team donated $25,000 in parts and labor to upgrade the officer's jeep. officer was in on the secret and took the jeep in for routine maintenance to help that work
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happen. his father helped that out i should say. that was video of officer dor mond being released from the hospital last month. he was shot seven times during a drug investigation in folcroft, delaware county. the suspect in the case is being charged with attempted murder. still ahead, a revolutionary piece of history is coming to philadelphia. and forget pokemon go. it will be pokemon no at one high profile summer event. the one place they won't be able to use that very popular app.
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we are learning more about one of the experiences visitors can expect at philadelphia's museum of the american revolution. the museum does not open until next year but right now they are building a replica of a ship that was used in the revolutionary war.
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visitors will be able to climb aboard and learn stories about lesser known parts of the war as well. we are six days from the start of the games on august 5th in brazil. nbc 10 is the only place to see all of the action. many athletes are already in rio. as they wait for competitions there to begin, there is one game that they cannot participate in, pokemon go. that's the game of course that has taken several countries by storm but it is not available in brazil. those addicted to searching for pikachus are finding other ways to pass the time. even the rio went to facebook urging the game maker to release the game in his country. there's no word if or when that will actually happen. meantime, nbc 10s jacqueline london is heading to rio to bring you an exclusive all access pass to olympics and
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introduce you to hometown heroes with a front row seat to the excitement in brazil. her live reports start wednesday on nbc 10 news at 4:00. >> folks, in delaware county tested their fitness for a good cause. they completed in an 11-stage course that was designed by the u.s. army, lifting weights and crawling through the mud. as part of a fitness challenge at interbore ro high school hosted by mik relly and u.s. army. the money raised goes to head strong, a charity helping to fund cancer research. we spent most of our saturday morning on the dry side but that picture has changed this afternoon into the evening hours with plenty of rain in and around the area. we can see cooler temperatures up here to the north. look at trenton, 73 degrees and
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72 in coatesville because the heavier rain cells have already moved through there. we're still warming south and east of philadelphia. still 83 degrees right now in dover, delaware, but the rain and pockets of heavy rain and even thunderstorms are expected to continue through the next couple of hours. doppler radar showing there's plenty of moisture on the map here. we're keeping a close eye over here near trenton because that's where our focus is for flash flood warnings, parts of middlesex and mercer county still having close to 5 inches of rainfall in the last couple of hours. that is going to continue through the overnight. we can expect the isolated showers, some of it heavy rain and thunderstorms to just continue through the early part of our saturday night. this is showing where the heaviest rainfall has fallen so far. you can see here northeast of trenton as i mentioned, 5 inches of rain already on the ground. dangerous situations there for folks who are out driving in and about in parts of mercer and
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parts of middlesex county that will stay in effect flash flood warning until 8:30. that's dangerous situation there. you really want to take it easy. for everyone else, look at the map. you want to have umbrellas handy tonight, maybe heading out to dinner. do not want to drive through standing water. don't drown, turn around. you can't trust it. hour to hour we'll take you through as we wake up tomorrow morning. we're still contending with pockets of showers. that's why we say spotty showers down along the shoreline may not be raining but interior south jersey may be getting the shower activity. as we move through our sunday, cloud cover will prevail but peaks of sunshine as well but we'll have the pesky showers around especially as we get into the late day afternoon hours and again, we can't rule out the possibility of a late day thunderstorm tomorrow. sort of like a repeat of what we've experienced this afternoon and this evening again for tomorrow. the system won't clear out of
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here until late monday afternoon. so have the umbrellas at least for the next two days. we'll go ahead and show you ten-day forecast for philadelphia. temperaturewise tomorrow, not too bad, 84 degrees. we'll really have a mixed bag. again, it will depend on where you are, but we can't rule out a late day thunderstorm and isolated showers moving through the area. for monday, more of the same for at least the start of our day, 84 degrees. it isn't until tuesday that we really feel a break in the humidity and the rain showers will dry up. we're looking for sunshine, high temperature of 80 degrees. as we move all the way through the rest of the week, we do warm up as we head into next weekend and again, fz looking like we'll have another round of summerlike storms as we get to next saturday. >> up next, brian dawkins talks about what he hopes to get out of his return to the eagles organization eight years after he left.
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and it got real today, the birds putting pads on for the first time and couldn't be happier about it. we'll hear from them coming up next. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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it is time to check in with kristen welker for a look what's coming up on nbc "nightly news" after a busy week. >> indeed, george, thank you. coming up we're following developing news in texas where a hot air balloon caught fire and crashed killing everyone on board. plus, weelt have the latest on the new efforts under way to stop the spread of the zika virus here in the u.s. america's churches are taking a page from police and military to protect par igseners. is it going too far? harry potter has changed and so is the way books are sold.
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we'll send it back to you. >> we'll see you in just a few minutes. >> marshall harris, the eagles stepped it up practicing in pads and stepping outside for first time in three days. plenty of buildup at the open practice at the linc, ryan matthews and brandon brooks missed another day of practice with injuries, they are expected back next week. carroll left early with a sore ankle and ruben randall left early with cramps. the players said it was good to play something resembling actual football. >> it was good to put the pads on and play around a real football. it's been a while since we did that. we have to get back into the heat and football shape. >> this was day one, how long before it really gets ramped up
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and you get under each other's skin? >> maybe tomorrow, you never know. you never know who's having that hot sweaty bad day, you never know. that i was just telling him, that's the grind and beauty of training camp. >> former eagles safety brian dawkins was at practice today he has joined the club's scouting department as the recipient of the scouting fellowship, a new program the nfl started to introduce former players to scouting. he is committed to working with the eagles through next year's draft and hoping to use this opportunity as a stepping stone. >> it's not just scouting, like i'm trying to grasp the whole gam bit of football operations of how a team is run. i'm learning about the scouting part of it, how i gegs the terminology and those things, but sometimes you either have an eye or you don't and i've been
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blessed to have an eye to see talent. if i can help in that respect, i would love to do that but also i want to learn everything about running a football team. >> people remember dau kins and eagles didn't part on good terms after the 2008 season. he ended up signing with the broncos playing final three years in denver before retiring in 2011. he still lives in denver and said there are no issues between him and the birds organization. >> that stuff is gone. there's nothing we can do about it to change any of those things. this place means too much to me. it's about the place and dream. people can come and go but this will remain the same. that's what drives me to want to do more for this organization. >> the eagles first game is against tampa bay august 11th, coverage starts at 6:30. kickoff is set for 7:00. the phillies and braves play the third of a four-game series tonight in atlanta. they split the first two games.
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the final start with the trade deadline around the corner. you can see the game at 7:00 here on nbc 10 with preand post-game live coverage on csn scouts through five teams watched the last start. the deadline is 4:00 p.m. vel has quez gave up two runs and loss. phillies and rangers are in quote talks about vel as quez, he's been the best starter. >> sends tyler reddick into the wall, producing nine cautions for 27 laps and byron gets the win and takes the checkered flag, a new rookie record in the
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series, pennsylvania 400 is tomorrow. that's sports, i'm marshall harris. george. >> all right, marshall, thanks very much. coming back now with karen thomas, we've been watching strong storms in one parlt of our area still dealing with them. >> parts northeast of trenton and middlesex and mercer, in and around the princeton area, now national weather service and emergency management calling this a dangerous area. simply because over 5 inches of rain has fallen in that area and they are having to make water rescues and emergency personnel on scene are trying to keep people away from the flooded areas there, that's mercer and middlesex county. >> that's nbc 10 news for now. we will see you back here tonight at 11:00.
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on this saturday night, no survivors. a hot air balloon catches fire and crashes in texas. all 16 people on board feared dead. one of the worst accidents ever involving a hot air balloon. battleground blitz. hillary clinton explaining her jobs plan in a republican stronghold as some supporters say it may be too complicated. fighting depression. how meditation and running can be a winning combination in the battle against the illness. and he's back. harry potter returns after so many years. he's changed along with the way books are sold. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nb


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