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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  July 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a local business burns. we are live on the scene as a south jersey lumber yard goes up in flames. bound for brazil, how viewers helped make this local dad's olympic dreams come true. the birds are back in front of their fans. we are there as eagles fans get the first look at the 2016 team. nbc 10 news at 6:00 starts now. right now at 6:00, devastation in south jersey. fire destroys a family-owned business been a part of the community for more than 70
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years. good evening. i'm denise nakano. firefighters rushed in to help battle the flame. two sent to the hospital, suffering from heat exhaustion. nbc 10's and cline-thomas is on the scene. when's the latest? >> if you need a building material, any hardware, plumbing supplies, electrical, this is the place to come. >> reporter: they've been filling the needs since 1945. >> i did my crying in the car. you have to say, hey, it happens. >> reporter: about 200 firefighters responded as the mom and pop business went up in flames. initial attempts to enter the bidding abandoned as the fire spread quickly. >> it looked like they had it under control and then took over the inside and watching the walls, came down. >> the materials inside coupled with the warm weather made this
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call even more difficult. >> firefighters are hampered by the hot weather, low water pressure. >> reporter: while smoke billows in the air, there may be less optimism. >> this might take it down permanently. like being no more. turning now to our weather, live look outside over center city shows blue skies tonight and the first alert weather team is tracking a chance for more rain. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here to tell us know where it arrives. >> we have showers around today, especially early this morning and now we have a few lingering, most of the area is dry and cloud cover with the satellite and radar over laid and some of the rain moving through burlington county at the moment. a lightning strike here and that's one of the few storms in
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the area and the rest up near the poconos. just north of eastton seeing light to moderate rain and dry for now and could see showers later on tonight. mostly upper 80s, near 90 in philadelphia right now. neighborhood temperatures with 91 in parkside. 90 society hill and most of the area here temperatures sitting around 90 degrees. but as we go through tonight, we'll still be warm, humid, a chance for late night showers, just a few. i don't think it's anything major and then tomorrow have the umbrella. waking up with possibly some showers, thunderstorms throughout the day, as well. i'll show you a closer look at the timing coming up. i hope they get in the playoffs but it's like for more than that, i hope they win the super bowl. >> you are not alone. high hopes for the birds. today eagles fans with a first
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look at the team at lincoln financial field. it is a team of a new head coach and a quarterback of the future. nbc 10's lauren maik was there and lots of fans are looking forward to the season. >> reporter: denise, i talked to some families today saying they do this every year. it is a tradition. you can really understand why. first of all, this is a free event. and then, you get to see the players and might meet them and it makes me feel like it's football season. at lincoln financial field, today's the day to play like the pros. >> are you excited to be on the field? >> yeah! >> reporter: it's fans' first chance to see this season's team practicing up close. they have hoped for the season and today. >> just to get the autograph. >> what do you have so far? >> we have a ton. i can't read their handwriting.
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>> i was able to get some signatures from johnson, carroll, andrews and sturgis. >> reporter: it's a free fan experience where the fun is from the plaza to inside the stadium. what are you hoping to see today? >> what do you want to see? >> i want -- i like the eagles to win! >> reporter: that's 4-year-old cole bowman with his dad terrance from delaware. >> i like the green eagles. >> reporter: even the littlest fans can be eagles for a day. give it a few years and who knows? >> there you go. >> reporter: the next generation hitting the field. >> i'm raising my kids to be eagles fans like their dad and grandfather. >> reporter: some driving in from other states for a family tradition. what's the biggest thrill? >> seeing the players on the field, getting you excited for regular season and preseason and pumped for the football season. >> reporter: it really won't be long before the fans are back here at the linc.
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won't be on the field but they have all the pictures and memories from today. live in south philadelphia, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, lauren. the eagles first preseason game against tampa bay on august 11th. game can be seen live on cozy tv. kickoff is set for 7:00. after nearly two weeks on the run, a new jersey fugitive is behind bars tonight. medford police took him into custody yesterday. he is accused of arson and trying to buy painkillers with fake prescriptions. police say he fled a cvs after he was denied prescriptions and then went to a restaurant where he tried to burn the evidence in a restroom trash can. he's facing arson and fraud charges. from our delaware bureau, a vandal cut out the word "black" from a black lives matter banner over the weekend. officials from the first
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unitarian church said they plan to replace the banner. police were notified of the incident. and turning now to decision 2016, tomorrow donald trump will make a campaign stop near harrisburg. today he is not backing down on comments he made about the father of a fallen american soldier who spoke during the dnc. trump today defended his criticism of khan. he tweeted that khan viciously attacked him in his dnc speech. khan whose son was killed in iraq in 2004 questioned whether trump had ever read the constitution and said trump, quote, sacrificed nothing. trump's campaign chair was on "meet the press" this morning. >> issue here is not the khan family or the mendosa family or shaw family and the issue to be talking about is protecting the american homeland from national security risk and terrorists. >> manafort blames the clinton
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campaign for trying to make it into a temperament election about trump. chastising trump for going after a family that made the ultimate sacrifice with nothing but insults of muslims and then there's the issue of trump's comments inviting russia to find clinton's deleted e-mails. here's clinton's campaign manager on "meet the press." >> and i find it very frightening that donald trump is encouraging any foreign power to breach a campaign and try to influence the outcome. >> mook called trump's comments a national security risk. right now, nbc 10 is on the road with the clinton/kaine bus tour. they wrapped up in columbus. you can get behind the scenes access through the nbc 10 app and all of our social media
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platforms. a plea to the public as authorities investigate what caused yesterday's deadly hot air balloon cash in texas. up next, the question for those that witnessed the tragedy. plus, he is going to rio. see how a community came together to help a father of a philadelphia area athlete realize his olympic dream.
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officials from the national transportation safety board say a balloon that crashed in texas may have made contact with power lines causing it to go down. at least 16 people died in the crash in lockhart, texas. ntsb board member says they'll be looking at weather conditions and how the balloon was operated and maintained. the ntsb is also asking anyone
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who has photos or video of the balloon to share it with investigators. up next, the road to rio realized for a local father. how you our nbc 10 viewers helped make a once in a lifetime experience become a reality.
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm,
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crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. we are now just five days away from the start of the 2016 summer olympics in brazil. the opening ceremony happens friday night. and nbc 10 is the only place to see all of the action. a delaware county father's rio dream is a reality thanks in part to the generosity of a total stranger and nbc 10 viewers. we told you about ellis hill's story last night. his son darrell is competing for the u.s. in rio in shot put. he couldn't see the competition
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until a uber customer stepped in. willock set up a go fund me page and it surpassed the $7,500 goal and the company is handling the logistics of the hill trip. nbc 10's jacklyn london is heading to rio for an exclusive all-access pass to the olympics. she'll introduce you to the hometown heroes going for gold in brazil. the live reports start wednesday on nbc 10 news at 4:00. take a look at this. maryland's governor declared a state of emergency in howard county after deadly flooding destroyed homes and businesses last night. two people have died, more than 100 others had to be rescued. members of the pennsylvania incident management team are headed to maryland to help out. some parts of our area saw
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recent heavy flooding and rain and, sheena -- >> yeah. some more rain later tonight and through the morning tomorrow and through the afternoon tomorrow so scattered showers and thunderstorms start off your monday. make sure you have the umbrella to start off your work week. if you look at the 7-day you will see there's a break from the rain later in the week and show you that in a second. temperatures this week will be a little bit cooler than they have been. mid-80s most days and on top of that, humidity will not be as brutal. now, tomorrow is going to be an exception. tomorrow will be humid. along with the heat still around but also the storms will help to cool things down, too. right now, on the radar, fairly dry. we only have the heavy rain this morning. few should recalls around mt. bethel, 380 and the poconos and also through parts of burlington county, one heavy shower just south crossing over into parts of ocean county. aside from that, mercer county under a flash flood watch until
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11:00 p.m. monday from the heavy rain of earlier and also the potential for some more heavy rain later on tomorrow. tonight we could still see a few showers and watching all back off to the west and not organized, kind of spotty in nature and western p.a. and washington to see those move in later tonight but if you look at really the whole eastern half of the country, it is pretty unsettled so as we go through tomorrow, still a chance for showers and thunderstorms and some of which with heavy rain and by tuesday some of that rain lingering. here's future weather. tonight we could still see spotty showers around 11:30 and tomorrow morning with showers still. we are still going to have the clouds around and pretty humid in the morning. 1:00 a.m. scattered showers. middle of the day, seeing the rain heavier and thunderstorms around and then we go into tuesday, we'll have an onshore wind, shore points to see heavier rain and the rest of the area, cloudy skies, scattered light showers so a slighter
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chance of rain on tuesday and clouds will be around, cooler temperatures as we go from tuesday into wednesday. wednesday, though, we see more sunshine and dry out. so for tomorrow, the neighborhood forecast temperatures, summerton, 85 degrees. humidity makes it feel hotter and scattered showers and thunderstorms later in the day. allentown at 83 tomorrow. 85. harrington close to 90 degrees with late-day scattered thunderstorms. ten-day forecast showing the dry stretch after tuesday. temperatures will be mid-80s and then humidity and heat goes back up friday. so far, the weekend looks like around 90 degrees, better rain chance saturday at this point and then the upper 80s. danny? >> thank you. coming up in sports, phillies play the final game before the trade deadline. are they closer to making a move? we'll find out. eagles welcome in flocks of fans to watch practice and carson
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wentz is making himself a fan favorite.
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hey, danny of csn with you once again. eagles fans recall the days of training camp. but today the eagles allowed fans to set eyes on the squad first time this year with an open practice. john clark has more. >> reporter: a familiar walk on to the field at the linc for doug pederson but the first time as head coach. >> for me, first time to see it and i didn't know what to expect and i was fired up with the amount of people that were over
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there. >> reporter: the owner was there to see his birds and there was added intensity for the players in the practice being in front of the fans. >> i mean, first practice here, i mean, i seen almost all the bottom row around the whole stadium packed and just shows how dedicated and how proud these fans are of the team. you know? me being a rookie, i never thought it would be so much at a practice. >> you come to the home stadium and you know, you get after it a little bit. a boost of momentum, little energy. >> reporter: the defense has been intense with jim swartz. at corner back, they're the top three guys right now. carroll says the ankle is better and he believes this "d" under swartz is much improved. >> we don't have to think anymore. it is not a lot of gray areas in the assignments. what it is is what it is. it's black and blue. there's no confusion amongst guys. you know? it is about communication and
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knowing what to do and just do your job well. >> reporter: a lot of eagles fans came to see carson wentz for the first time at the linc. it was his first time in front of the birds fans. >> i was surprised, to be honest, how many people were here for a practice and i guess i'm used to the craziness of this place is. it's special and cool. >> reporter: carson was one of the storms at practice getting loud ovations and he ran off slapping hands with eagles fans. at the linc, john clark, csn. >> thank you. next open practice in two weeks under the lights at 7:00 p.m. baseball's trade deadline is tomorrow. the phillies asking for plenty in return for vince. jeremy he jeremy helton with interest. phillies dealing with rain in atlanta, as well. rain in the seventh until former
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phil fran core with one into the empty seat there in right. two-run shot brings up 2-0. cutting the deficit to 1. down to the final out in the ninth and phils lose 2-1. we'll be right back.
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well, here's a look at the 10-day on 10. and temperatures clearly not as uncomfortable as they were last week. mostly of the mid-80s. have the umbrella tomorrow. tuesday slight chance for showers and cooler, 83 degrees. mid-80s wednesday and thursday. back near 90 next weekend. the humidity not as brutal. temperatures either. that's god. >> thank you. that's nbc 10 news for now. for all of us here, see you back here at 11:00.
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on this sunday night, swept away. terrifying scenes and dangerous rescues as deadly floodwaters consume a small maryland town. tonight a state of emergency as a community tries to recover. the war of words escalating tonight between hillary clinton and donald trump over trump's comments about the parents of a fallen muslim american soldier. lead alert. the city where danger in the water in most public schools is forcing kids to drink bottled water this year. and how he did it. surviving a 25,000-foot fall without a parachute. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is


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