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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  July 31, 2016 11:00pm-12:06am EDT

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tracking storms. when we could see heavy rain and flooding in our area. up in flames. we'll show you how a community is coping after a fire destroyed a local landmark. and on the road to rio. how nbc 10 viewers helped make it possible for a local man to see his son compete in the olympics. nbc 10 news at 11:00 starts now. nbc 10 news starts now. >> we begin with a first alert. nbc 10 radar is tracking summer storms that could bring heavy rain and flooding to our area just in time for the start of your workweek. here's a live look at the kimmel center campus camera. it's dry out there right now. but you'll need to keep an umbrella handy for tomorrow. and for more on what to expect, let's go to nbc 10 first alert
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meteorologist sheena parveen who has your neighborhood forecast. there's a flash flood watch for parts of our area tomorrow? >> there is. it's because we already saw a lot of heavy rain in these sections earlier this morning and even yesterday. so we have a first alert out for our pennsylvania suburbs, lehigh valley and poconos. this is because of more heavy rain expected for tomorrow. it's not getting too much more heavy rain for this area since the ground is already saturated. this is going to go until monday evening. tomorrow evening is when we expect the flash flooding threat to basically end but the flash flooding threat will be in those areas for that potential of more heavy rain, mostly in the afternoon tomorrow. look at the seven-day at the bottom of the screen. you see some areas as we go through the rest of this week looking at temperatures out of the '90s. what we're seeing now is thunderstorm activity moving into parts of berks county. possibly seeing heavy rain and thunderstorms near allentown. some small heavy showers there also up through parts of the
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poconos. if you're in bern, expect this to get near you, this particular thunderstorm by about 11:16. read, 11:26. exiter, 11:34. some storms around right now. mainly approaching the lehigh valley and poconos. the rest of the area fairly dry. then we go into tomorrow morning and we may have some early morning showers or storms. have the umbrella with you. we expect them a little more widespread. we'll look at the timing of this closer. that's coming up. two men with ties to temple's police force are under arrest in connection with the murder of a woman in germantown friday. aaron wright and marchese robinson are charged with murder and aggravated assault in connection with the death of wright's girlfriend. wright resigned in twint 02. robinson was fired after charges were filed against him. also in germantown, police say a 4-year-old was taken to the hospital after shooting
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himself in the hand. it happened just before 6:00 tonight on east rittenhouse street. the boy is expected to be okay but police are investigating how the boy got the weapon. no arrests have been made. to center city, a philadelphia fire crew is recovering after the truck they were riding in was struck by an suv. police say the driver of a porsche struck the side of the fire truck near 23rd and market. despite the heavy damage, no one was hurt. no word on any charges. a south jersey community is reeling tonight after a fast-moving fire destroyed a family-owned business. hundreds of firefighters battled the flames at a lumber yard in gloucester county. nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas reports on the challenging firefight. >> about 200 firefighters battled more than just flames when responding to this call. despite their best efforts, the lumber company is a total loss.
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and for the owners, the hard work of their father is gone, t too. >> this might take it down officially. >> reporter: loung after the flames have gone, firefighters kept work, making sure there were no hot spots at colucci lumber company. it was a family business that had been passed down for a generation. >> i could walk up there and buying parts i needed. >> reporter: when firefighters arifd, the flames were already visible. their attempts to attack the flames from the inside were short lived as it spread quickly. >> at one point it looked like they had it under control. then the walls came down. >> reporter: with no hydrants in the area, tinker trucks were brought in. since the water had to come from a nearby lake. that wasn't the only obstacle. >> they were hampered by the hot weather, and low water pressure and variable winds. >> reporter: colucci lumber has
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been a staple since 1945. >> crying in the car, but just got to say, hey, it happened. >> reporter: the family business was rebuilt after a fire in the late '60s but there's less optimism this time. >> you see a landmark for this area gone. it's really disheartening. >> reporter: three firefighters had to be treated for heat-related illnesses. the owners were at this business, but left before the fire started. the cause is still unknown. reporting, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. a reminder for septa riders. a new policy could impact your commute if you rely on regional rails. starting tomorrow, riders will have to buy tickets before boarding any stations in philadelphia between 3:00 and 6:30 in the afternoon. a septa spokesman said they made the change because of scheduling issue issues from the loss of
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structurally deficient cars. a parking lot will reopen for septa customers. it's been closed for more than a week because of activities surrounding the democratic national convention at the wells fargo center. take a look at this new video from maryland. good samaritans caught on camera braving fierce floodwaters to rescue a woman trapped in her car. the deluge left two people dead and left a wake of destruction in howard county. more than 170 vehicles and five buildings were destroyed in elicot city. >> cars everywhere. sidewalks missing. roads partially gone. utility polls down. cars on top of cars. buildings, the bottom floor completely gone. foundations completely gone. i don't think anything compares to anything we've seen before. >> officials declared a state of emergency. members of the pennsylvania incident management team headed
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to maryland today to support their efforts to respond and recover from a deadly flooding. the imt will provide logistical support to howard county. the deployment is expected to last about a week. now to decision 2016. house speaker paul ryan is weighing in on the latest controversy surrounding donald trump. ryan in a written statement praised the sacrifice of the family of a muslim american killed in service. now trump defended himself against criticism he received at the democratic national convention from the parents of a fallen u.s. soldier khan. khizr khan said his son would not be allowed to be an american if trump were president. it prompted this response from donald trump. >> i think i made a lot of sacrifices. i work very, very hard. i created thousands and
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thousands of jobs. >> hillary clinton campaigning in ohio with running mate tim kaine says it's the same old trump, but she acknowledged she has her own problems like winning voters' trust. >> i know we've got problems and challenges. i'm not taking a position that we don't have work to do. in fact, i'm telling you what work we can do together. >> clinton told the crowd that donald trump poses a serious threat to democracy. right now nbc 10 is on the road with the clinton/kaine bus tour as they make their way through ohio. they just wrapped up in columbus. two of our digital producers will be following the tour all weekend. you can get behind the scenes access through the nbc 10 website and all of the social media platforms. donald trump continues to make his push for pennsylvania. he's scheduled to hold a rally tomorrow near harrisburg. the republican nominee will be stumping for votes at cumberland
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valley high school in mechanicsburg. it will be his second appearance in the keystone state in as many weeks. last week, trump held a rally in scranton. a first today for eagles fans. they got the first look at this year's team at lincoln financial field. fans of all ages filled the linc for the first open practice of the season. football season is not far away. there was plenty of news to take in. this year's team featured the new head coach doug pederson and quarterback of the future carson webb. >> it's going to go through some growing pains. it's not going to be the super bowl champions this year but they are promising. >> the event has become a family tradition for some fans. the next open practice is in two weeks, sunday, august 14th, under the lights at 7:00 p.m. the eagles first preseason
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game is against tampa bay on august 11th. the game can be seen live on cozi tv. coverage at 6:30. kickoff set for 7:00. on the road to rio. how nbc 10 viewers helped make a local father's dream of seeing his son compete in the olympics a reality. and the search is on for a lucky winner. someone out there has a powerball ticket worth $487 million. we'll tell you where they bought their ticket. it wasn't us, denise. we go into tomorrow, though, part of the area does have a threat for some flooding. if first alert is an issue, which areas can expect it and the timing of the rain for your monday. that's coming up next. ♪
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the countdown to rio is on. we're just five days away from the start of the 2016 summer olympics in brazil. the opening ceremony happens friday night. nbc 10 is the only place to see all the action. athletes from the u.s. and several other countries arrived in rio de janeiro today ahead of the start of the olympic games. official sources at the airport say today has seen the highest number of arrivals so far. after years of planning and anticipation, the rio games are almost here. the country has struggled with pr nightmares ranging from street violence to polluted waters to zika fears. here's nbc's brian mooar.
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>> reporter: look at any gold medal performance and you're seeing the result of hard work. years of sacrifice and adversity, moments of loss and doubt, but in the end, a performance to remember. >> olympic gold! >> reporter: that's what brazil wants to give the world. >> rio de janeiro. >> reporter: rio beat out chicago, tokyo and madrid to become the first south american city to host the olympics. organizers impressed with brazil's experience in large-scale sporting events and swayed by dreams the games could help the poorest citizens. but that's not what happened. while getting ready for the games, brazil fell into its worst recession. the country's president driven from power in a corruption scandal. efforts to prepare rio fell behind as the negative headlines mounted. trash and bacteria water, construction problems and the terrifying emergence of zika virus. >> to be honest, i've never seen an olympics that has such a wide
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array of potential problems. >> reporter: troops preparing for the worst, the city hopes for the best. >> it's going to be the safest city on earth to be by august. >> reporter: like the athletes making their way here, rio insists it's ready and going for the gold. brian mooar, nbc news, rio. a delaware county father's rio olympic dreams is a reality thanks to the generosity of a total stranger and nbc 10 viewers. his son is a shot putter competing for the u.s. in rio. hill, who drives for uber wasn't able to afford the trip until one of his customers stepped in. liz heard that hill could not go, so she set up a go fund me page, and just two days after it launched, it surpassed its $7500 goal. nbc 10 caught up with hill who was blown away by everyone's kindness. >> this is the greatest feeling i've ever had.
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a lot of beautiful people in the country. so i think it's the greatest thing. this is what it's all about. people helping people out. >> and that woman who helped them says her global concierge company is handling all the logistics of hill's trip. nbc 10's jacqueline london is heading to rio to bring you an exclusive all-access pass to the olympics. she'll introduce you to our hometown heroes who are going for gold with a front-row seat to the excitement in brazil. her live reports start wednesday on nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, we have some rain coming for the beginning of your workweek, for monday. make sure you have the umbrella. showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. there is a threat for some flooding across the area. not everybody, but we have a first alert out for the pennsylvania suburbs, lehigh valley and poconos. now this is because heavy rain
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through monday evening could provide localized flooding. and flooding in these areas or at least heavy rain in these areas. saturated grounds could lead to the threat for some flash flooding. now also, we have temperatures that's will be a little cooler. mid-80s most of this week. really takes us out of the 90s we were in all of last week. and not as brutal with the humidity. it will feel a lot more comfortable. maybe not like spring outside but at least we won't have that oppressive heat and humidity like last week. some thunderstorms right around the allentown area moving towards berks county. thunderstorm activity here right near pottsville. heading towards albany, right around 78 near strausstown and this is a fairly heavy rain. it's not moving very quickly but it's traveling mostly to the southeast. if you are in mollenberg, expect it by about 11:36. reading, 11:33. heavy rain and some lightning there. flash flood watch out for mercer
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county and also our pennsylvania suburbs, montgomery, bucks counties and berks county the pokecono poconos. these are areas we expect heavy rain, thunderstorms on top of what we've already seen. the ground is really saturated. could be looking at some localized flooding. most of the eastern half of the country very unsettled weather pattern. you can see that here. rain chances will stay with us through the day. and also part of tuesday. here's future weather. for the morning hours tomorrow, we could already be seeing some early light showers. through the afternoon, we expect heavier showers, even thunderstorms to flare up and by tuesday, still in the same pattern. temperatures mid-80s. cloudy with spotty showers around tuesday morning. and through the afternoon, tuesday, we could still be looking at that rain chance on the lower side but just have your umbrella. by wednesday, we start to dry up. conditions improving. and we'll be in a bit of a dry stretch. tomorrow, still a humid day.
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humidity gets more comfortable after tomorrow. 84 for summer. allentown, 83. for new jersey and along the shore, temperatures mid to low 80s tomorrow. if you are in delaware, right around the mid-80s. harrington around 90 degrees. a closer look at the forecast as well as your ten-day coming up. danny? >> coming up in sports, the phillies make a move ahead of tomorrow's train deadline. details coming up. plus, carson wentz is already becoming a fan favorite. john clack has that. i approve this message.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh.
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"i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. danny pommells with you from csn. grab your toothbrush, sleeping bag and rfl your favorite charmin. it's time to go camping. one week of training camps in the books culminate with the first open practice. here's john clark with more. >> a familiar walk onto the field at the linc for doug pederson but his first time as head coach. >> for me it was the first time to really see it. i didn't know what to expect. i was fired up with the amount of people over there. >> reporter: the owner was there to see his birds and added intensity for the players in this practice. being in front of the fans. >> first practice here, i mean, i have seen almost all the bottom row around the stadium was packed. that shows how dedicated and how proud these fans are of the team. and me just being a rookie, i
11:25 pm
never thought it would be so much at a practice. you come to your home stadium and get after it for a little bit. a little boost in momentum. a little energy. >> reporter: the defense has been intense with jim schwartz. at cornerback they are the top three guys right now. carroll says his ankle is better and he believes this "d" under schwartz will be much improved. >> we don't have to think anymore. it's not a lot of gray in our assignments. it's black and blue. no confusion amongst guys. it's about communication and knowing what to do and just do your job well. >> a lot of eagle fans came to see carson wentz for the first time at the linc. the rookie quarterback's first time in front of these birds fans. >> i was a little surprised how many people were here for a practice. i wasn't sure what to expect. i guess i'm getting used to the craziness.
11:26 pm
it's pretty special, pretty cool. >> reporter: carson was one of the stars at practice. getting loud ovations. and he ran off slapping hands with eagle fans. at the linc, john clark, csn. the next open practice is two weeks from today under the lights at 7:00 p.m. baseball's trade deadline is tomorrow. the phillies are asking for plenty in return for the pitcher velazquez. they do seem likely to move hellickson. he's in the final year of his contract with the phils and has been on a roll in july. 3-1 with a 2.39 e.r.a. manager pete mackanin said about potential trades, i think we'll make some changes. i haven't talked specifically about it with the general manager and, of course, we have to wait for the trade deadline to pass so we could make changes out of necessity if somebody gets traded.
11:27 pm
hellickson might get traded or we could make changes to get better in areas. a brief rain delay forced the phillies to pull the pitcher after five innings. scoreless in the seventh until jeff francoeur with a two-run shot to right. to the eighth, phils get one back. living a hard knock life up and gone to right. phils down just a run. 2-1. same score in the ninth. phils down to their final out. stepses into the box. trying to play hero. hero is just a sandwich. phils lose 2-1. today's pennsylvania 400 at pocono has been postponed due to rain. it will be made up tomorrow. both races at pocono this year affected by rain. same thing happened back in early june at pocono. the kids of the drivers having fun. brad keselowski's kid showing off his driving skills. kevin harvick's son splashing
11:28 pm
around in a puddle. even laying down in it. never like it when my kids do that. they know how to have a good time. sometimes just turn them loose and let them do their thing. coming up in about 25 minutes, hear from the eagles newest scout brian dawkins. and golf's final major comes down to the wire. for now, i'm danny pommells. we'll be right back.
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now here's something you don't see every day. a big rig tipped over this afternoon spilling a load of watermelons at a rest stop in new jersey. it happened at a stop on i-295 northbound at exit 2 in carney's point. the ramp to the welcome center was closed while crews cleared away the truck and the fruit. someone out there is holding a powerball ticket worth $487 million. one ticket matched all six numbers in the giant drawing. and it was sold at a grocery store in raymond, new hampshire. people in the town are buzzing about who the lucky person might be, but so far, no one has come
11:32 pm
forward with that winning ticket. the ticket worth $2 million was sold in pennsylvania, so you might want to check your ticket. here are the winning numbers. 11, 17, 21, 23, 32 and the powerball 5. on the run no more. how long it took police to catch a fugitive in new jersey accused of setting a restaurant on fire. plus, hot air balloon tragedy. what investigators are revealing about a possible cause of a deadly crash. this as we learn more about the victim.
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which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> right now on nbc 10, we begin with a first alert. our radar is tracking the potential for rain and heavy flooding that could impact the start of your workweek. there's a live look at eighth and market streets in center city. we appear to be getting a break from that wet weather but it will not last. let's go straight to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen with a look at what to expect in your neighborhood forecast. sheena, more rain for our workweek. not good. >> to start the workweek, have the umbrella around.
11:36 pm
tomorrow, more showers, maybe even thunderstorms. we have a first alert out for our pennsylvania suburbs, lehigh valley and poconos. this is going to go until tomorrow evening. now the ground in those areas already saturated from a lot of heavy rain this morning and even yesterday. not too much more rain could be leading to localized flash flooding. we have this threat for flash flooding in those areas. here's a look at the map. the green shaded counties, mercer county, bucks through the lehigh valley, berks county and the poconos under the threat through monday morning. we could see heavy rain leading to flash flooding. right across 78, berks county through the lehigh valley. very heavy rain moving into lehigh county here soon. if we track that for you, it can be near reading by about 11:41. could be near potts town 12:13. limeri limerick, 12:25. heavy rain and lightning. so we'll keep watching that one
11:37 pm
for you. the rest of the area fairly dry. you'll want the umbrella tomorrow. a closer look at the timing of the storms coming up. after more than a week and a half on the run, a new jersey fugitive is behind bars tonight. medford police took the man into custody yesterday. he's accused of trying to buy painkillers with fake prescriptions and arson. he fled a cvs after he was denied prescriptions and then went to a restaurant where he tried to burn the evidence in a restaurant trash can. he's facing aggravated arson and fraud charges. from our delaware bureau, a vandal cut out the word black from the black lives matter banner displayed outside a wilmington church over the weekend. the first unitarian church plans to replace the banner. attorneys in the george washington bridge lane closing case are about to tackle a
11:38 pm
crucial part of the process. they're scheduled to submit questions to ask potential jurors. it enables attorneys to engage whether any prospective jurors might have biases. it's important to have people well informed but who can put their personal opinions aside. two former allies of governor chris christie are accused of causing traffic jams near the bridge to punish the mayor of a nearby city. that trial is set for september. new details about the worst hot air balloon disaster in u.s. history. 16 people were killed when a balloon caught fire and crashed this weekend in central texas. nbc's janet shamlian has the latest. >> reporter: this is the last known photo of the hot air balloon at sunrise on saturday. taken by erica gonzalez. >> to me it just seemed they couldn't climb. they were stuck right above the tree line. >> moments later the unthinkable. the balloon bursting into flames and plunging to earth killing
11:39 pm
the pilot and his 15 passengers. the ntsb says the balloon traveled eight miles before striking a high-powered transmission line. investigators have found what may be the biggest thing. a number of passenger electronics. >> the fbi evidence response team was able to locate 14 personal electronic devices, including cell phones, one ipad and three cameras. >> investigators say there was low cloud cover, about 500 feet. >> would you have flown with a 500-foot minimum on saturday? >> no. >> why not? >> because it doesn't give you room to get out of things that are in front of you. >> this balloonist says the power line, 170 feet tall, can be almost invisible from altitude. >> tonight, portraits of the victims, including dr. mark and sunday rowan of san antonio. they were newlyweds. >> they were the cutest couple. everybody rooted for them.
11:40 pm
they really were. i mean, she was just something and matt adored her. >> reporter: scheduled to play in a beach volleyball tournament after the balloon ride, he texted friends about the ride. this has been rescheduled a dozen times for weather, and i didn't think it would happen. soon after this photo, his last communication. a picture of shear tranquillity sent 12 minutes before the end. janet shamlian, nbc news. pope france sis back at the vatican after a five-day trip to poland. the pontiff oversaw an outdoor mass as part of the catholic church's world youth day celebrations. and the trip included a visit to the nazi death camp in auschwitz. organizers believe about 1 million pilgrimed travelled to the polish city to take part in the festivity. back here at home it was an afternoon of art and music in center city today.
11:41 pm
♪ the african episcopal church of st. thomas choir performed gospel songs. and lunch attendees got a front row seat for the performance reviving a tradition from the 1920s. going for gold. a look at how south jersey's own soccer superstar carli lloyd is preparing for the 2016 olympic games. plus, a death-defying stunt. we'll show you the rest of this daring free-fall that landed a man in the history books.
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11:43 pm
as we fast approach the 2016 lrchls, olympics, we have a lo at carli lloyd. she sprained her knee back in
11:44 pm
april but appears to be a full go for the games. jacqueline london went inside a workout before the injury to see her hard work. >> shot, score! >> reporter: since electrifying the nation and the region -- >> yeah! >> reporter: -- with a sublime world cup performance, carli lloyd has been riding high. >> having this parade here in new york city was one of the best moments of my entire life. >> by the time the game was over, someone changed her title on wikipedia from midfielder to president of the united states. >> and the winner is carli lloyd. >> reporter: carli boasts a resume as impressive as any athlete ever from our area. but it all starts back in evesham township. >> we're here every day. >> that is the voice of james
11:45 pm
galanas, carli's long time personal couch. >> very good. lloyd's road to becoming a two-time olympic champion and the world cup's most outstanding player is simple. >> most people would want to just stop and kind of coast along. >> everybody's fate, everybody knows the game. everybody is determined and so on. so what separates you? your work ethic and your character. >> reporter: that character has been built at carli lloyd court. >> it's tough. >> reporter: a modest basketball gym that houses the best soccer player in the world. >> this is honestly helped me be the player i am today. >> this is just instincts. so you do it enough times here where it just becomes natural. >> reporter: but 13 years ago, carli came close to quitting. >> i soon hit a plateau when i
11:46 pm
was surrounded by many other best players. >> she ended up getting lost and almost quit the game. >> there was a lot of things that i didn't know how to overcome. i didn't know what to do. >> if you improve these weaknesses, you can go on and become the best player in the world. she didn't believe me at the time. >> we started our journey together in 2003. it's been great. >> reporter: now the girl from delrand and the coach from australia have forged an unbreakable bond. >> a little bit better, huh? her instincts are providing an environment that's able to put her in a position to keep scoring goals. >> and those goals keep coming, her next goal is the stuff of legends. >> we think that if she continues to impact the game in
11:47 pm
those big moments, she can go on and become the greatest of all time. >> it's just something about that medal being put around your neck and, you know, looking down on it and it's an incredible feeling. something that just is just really indescribable unless you're at that moment. >> that was nbc 10's jacqueline london reporting. don't miss our nbc 10 special "going for gold." we're profiling local athletes. it airs next saturday at 7:00. take a look at this. a skydiver defies death and some might say common sense. free-falling to earth without a parachute. luke akins jumped into the history books yesterday as the only person to survive a skydive without a parachute. after falling and falling and falling he flipped on to his back at the last second and landed in a giant net. now your nbc 10 first alert
11:48 pm
weather. we go into tomorrow. have your umbrella with you. showers and storms in the forecast. part of the area a threat for flooding. not everybody. but if you are north of philadelphia, the best chance for that. this is future weather here. now we're looking into tomorrow morning. we could have some showers around 10:00 a.m. for the morning drive. not too much until the afternoon. by 6:30 in the evening, we could see more showers and storms flaring up. some models putting it north of philadelphia. have your umbrella with you through the. by tuesday morning, we could still be waking up with showers, maybe a couple of thunderstorms. the weather pattern tuesday is going to stay cloudy. it's going to be cooler with an onshore wind and even through the afternoon, we could see spotty light showers. we start to clear up finally as we go into wednesday. humidity won't be as bad this week. so it will be a little more comfortable. also the temperatures in the mid-80s most of the week during the most days during this week and also the humidity being a
11:49 pm
little bit lower will make it feel more comfortable. not talking about that oppressive heat and humidity into the next several days. tomorrow will still be humid, though. flash flood watch, mercer county, bucks county, montgomery county. berks and lehigh valley and poconos. this is going to go through monday night. we have a first alert out for these areas. any heavy rain or thunderstorms could lead to flash flooding since we've already seen a lot of rain in those areas. the is very saturated. really wouldn't take too much to cause flooding there. right now looking into lehigh valley for really the only thunderstorm around. this one pretty heavy rain. thunderstorm activity right over greenwick and right across 78 here. moving towards maxitawney. millford, 12:21. franconia 12:34. that one heavy rain and lightning. not too fast moving so we could some localized flooding from that. otherwise, pretty unsettled
11:50 pm
weather across the eastern seaboard. that pattern will continue through tuesday. then will start to dry out on wednesday. tomorrow, temperatures mid-80s for reading. 84 there. phoenixville, 84 degrees. skatserred showers and storms. 84. in new jersey, 85. hattenfield, closer to the shore, temperatures in the mid to low 80s. 83 for atlantic city tomorrow. and dover around 87 degrees. tomorrow showers and storms, some heavy. by tuesday, cloudy skies. some showers around, too. on the lighter side, most likely 83 degrees. wednesday through thursday, a mid-80s. we're going to be on the drier side. by friday, back near 90 degrees and going into next weekend, showers and thunderstorm chance on saturday. so far, sunday doesn't look too bad. i'm danny pommells. coming up next in sports, carson wentz had plenty of fans in the stands today at open practice. what does doug peterssderson thf the rookie so far?
11:51 pm
brian dawkins is back with the franchise. we'll hear from the weapon next on the other side.
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welcome back. i'm danny pommells. the eagles had more than 18,000 fans on hand for their open practice today at lincoln financial field in south philly. for many it was their first chance to see this year's first round pick carson wentz. sit behind sam bradford. before the eagles moved up to second overall. the rookie out of north dakota state is the future of the fran although he and his head coach like what they see so far. >> you know, the way he's just handled himself on and off the football field, he's executed and sort of assumed his role now where he's at and the learning, sort of the learning curve where he's at, some of the plays he's made yesterday and through rookie camp, some of -- just a
11:54 pm
couple of wild plays you go, that's the kind of quarterback you know you have. and he's right on track where we want him to be. you know, he's competing day. he's learning in the room. he's asking great questions in the room. know, chase has done a great job with him and learning, as well with sam. and like where he's at right now. >> well, if you haven't heard brian dawkins is back in midnight green. just scout attire. the legendary former safety has been added to their scouting department. he called it an opportunity he couldn't pass up and hope it leads to something bigger. of course, the eagles have a former player as their head coach in doug pederson. they played alongside each other in 1997. dawk likes what he sees so far from the head man. >> to me, he's a builder, and highs going he's going to have this place going back in the right direction. as a team and perform.
11:55 pm
i love the pads and the physical part coming back to philadelphia, which is going to be huge for this team. but decision making, those are the things that are going to be a challenge for him. because he's been through it, a little bit in kansas city, given the range to call some plays, he'll be successful. a scary sight for the giants. odell beckham jr. goes down with an injury after getting his legs tangled with a defender. the good news is was simply cut by the cleats of his teammate. not something more serious. golf's final major has been affected by weather this weekend. some golfers at the pga championship in springfield, new jersey, had to finish up the third round morning and played the final round in the afternoon. everyone was chasing this gentleman, jimmy walker. he was dynamite. here in the bunker, 10th hole. holes out. still in the lead. beautiful stroke there. walker was up three heading into
11:56 pm
18. but the world's top golfer jason day applying the pressure. beautiful approach shot. he'd eagle. only one stroke back. walker on 18. his approach shot goes into the crowd. things get intense. day looking on. hoping he gets a chance. walker needs this par putt to win. he sinks it. his first major title. cell braebrate with the family. the union were looking to bounce back from an ugly loss last time out. hosting real salt lake. buried it. put his side up 1-0 heading into halftime. after the break, back comes real salt lake. plata the bender. ties things up. six minutes thereafter, morales with some finesse, the touch over andre blake's head.
11:57 pm
that's your game-winner. check this out. dodgers and d'backs. this ball here is lined foul but ball girl on her game. give me that. probably saves a fan from getting drilled in the face as she yanks that one there. probably use her in the field. she's all smiles there. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells. we'll be right back. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know,
11:58 pm
when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
11:59 pm
as the u.s. and cuba repair their relationship, the youth
12:00 am
baseball teams from here and there are breaking that longstanding barrier all while playing the game they love. nbc's morgan radford has their story. >> reporter: all eyes on the prize. the sound of patriotism -- ♪ o say can you see >> reporter: and a little healthy competition. here in west hardfort, connecticut, 14 cuban baseball players stepped to the plate. for what may very well be the biggest game of their lives. when asked how it felt to be here in the united states -- he said it was an honor to represent their opportunity. >> before this all happened, this wasn't even a possibility, the realm of possibility for a cuban kid. >> i never could have thought i'd play with a kid from cuba in my hometown. >> reporter: last spring, players from west hartford, connecticut, boarded a plane to
12:01 am
cuba with baseball equipment and school supplies donating them to 14-year-old boys just like them. now team cuba is here. for ten days, the cuban players are staying with their west hartford families touring iconic sites like cooperstown and fenway park. >> could you have imagined this moment 20, 30 years ago? >> nope. everybody -- to be somebody that you want to be. >> reporter: a chance to build futures and mend once broken relationships. >> even our government's feud, doesn't mean we should, and they're really nice people. >> did they give you some competition? >> yeah! >> reporter: a home run for them. a home run for history. >> one, two, three! >> reporter: west hartford, connecticut. up next on nbc 10, it's "in depth with graham bensinger."
12:02 am
>> we fly along with the greatest golfer to ever live, jack nicklaus. the golden bear explains why his 18 majors won't be his biggest legacy and describes his close relationship with the legend who mentored him. >> this gentleman was over in cart besides the green. he went like this. and he introduced himself as bobby jones. >> all that's coming up next on "in depth" here on nbc 10. >> final check on the forecast. you may need to grab those umbrellas? >> we do for tomorrow. umbrellas again. some areas north of philadelphia again tomorrow could be seeing localized flooding with any heavy rain. for tomorrow, temperatures in about the mid to upper 80s. still a humid day. scattered showers. as we go into tuesday, that's when we're going to see temperatures more like the mid-80s and onshore wind. spotty showers around. wednesday and thursday, we start to dry up. mid-80s. near 90 by the weekend. that's nbc 10 news for now.
12:03 am
i'm denise nakano. have a monday. stay dry. what about pressure
12:04 am
12:05 am
situations made you love them so much? >> i don't know. i think it's like everybody says well you come up and how can you handle the pressure? i said what do you mean handle the pressure? that's the fun. jack nicklaus widely considered the greatest golfer of all time with 18 major titles and a second place finish in 19 others. >> does it seem like it's been 30 years? >> it went by pretty fast. >> we traveled three days on the road and in the air gaining insider access to the golden bear's intense travel schedule. >> you are tired yet? >> i'll be tired whether i get on the airplane tonight. >> an up close look


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