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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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sweeping raid ears. these are stationary radars. they don't move and the farther out you get the less accurate the storm becomes that we're looking at. now we look at storm ranger 10. this is our newest tool. so this is that red sweeping radar. we can move storm ranger 10 anywhere where wasn't tax a mobile radar. the only mobile television radar. it's on wheels. we can drive it anywhere in any type of weather, any neighborhood, and this thing is able to fill in the gaps that the stationary radars that i just showed you tend to miss, so with this radar being able to move around, we're able to show you better picture of the storm. we're able to see what precip is actually hitting the ground so this will significantly be improving our forecast with storms, especially when it comes to winter weather so by this winter keep that in mind. you want to tune in here because we'll be able to drive storm ranger 10 any. we have a whole laundry list what have this thing can do. it has 100-mile range and what
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we're looking at now are pretty heavy thunderstorms and dover seeing the lighter rain down towards the camden and a little farther south and we have heavy rain even south of bethenny beach. we're looking at parts of salem and cumberland counties, cumberland mostly seeing the heavy thunderstorms and very slow movers and we could be look at localized flooding especially in the lehigh valleys and poconos and off to the west we have more storms around. wondering where storm ranger 10 is, drove it in gloucester county near glassboro and more details on this as well as a look at when the rain will come to an end. that's all coming up. >> still ahead at 5, we take you inside our newest forecasting tools for storm radar 10. radar and wheels, it will help our weather team and bring you more accurate and reliable information. we'll show you how coming up at 5:45, but right now at 5:00, protecting children from guns. today the city of philadelphia has a new law in place. >> it follows a series of
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accidental shootings at injured or killed at least four children. nbc 10 investigative reporter mitch blocker has been look into this new law and joins with us more details on that and how the city is trying to help gun owners obey the new rules. mitch? >> guys, we're at fairhill square park in north philly where the philadelphia sheriff's department has just started handing out these gun locks. you can see people starting to gather the philadelphia sheriff's office handing out the gun locks. the whole hope sheer that accidental shootings will be cut down and that gun owners, they will have a chance to think before they unlock their gun and discharge it. >> few people note destruction an errant shot can have like dr. amy goldberg. >> no matter how many years i've been doing this there's something so wrong about anybody coming in riddled with bullets. >> the longtime temple hospital trauma surgeon says they see
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roughly one gunshot victim a day here. some are children. being the doctor who can't save them all is something that stays with you. >> having to dell their parents that their son or their daughter won't ever come home again, hearing them cry. >> more than 265 minors shot someone in 2015. that's down from 6 hundred in 2010. we've reported on an 8-year-old, 9-year-old and two 10-year-old all shot accidentally. together with the city councilmen the sheriff had a simple message. >> got a gun, get a lock. >> philly's d.a. seth williams called for mandatory gun crime sentencing, required reporting of lost and stolen guns and background checks. all things pennsylvania has failed to pass. >> the nra tells us that won't the solution. well, we have to be like the doctors here at temple and have a holistic approach. >> the gun locks are just that.
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dr. goldberg says she supports anything that could slow the rush of gunshot victims coming through her door. >> we need to be doing something more than just caring for the patients. we really want to prevent these injuries from ever occurring. >> and you can pick up the gun locks here at fourth and lee himpingt you won't be asked for identification and you won't be asked to prove your gun is legally registered. live in north philly tonight, nbc 10 news. >> as we mentioned earlier, nbc 10 has reported on at least four accidental shootings and of injured children in the past month. the latest just last night. a 4-year-old boy was taken to the hospital after shooting himself in the hand. police are still investigating how he got that weapon. and before that, a 14-year-old girl was shot in german town. it happened back on july 6th while a group of kids was playing with a gun inside a home. on june 29th the 13-year-old boy was shot and killed after a group of teens found a gun
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inside an abandoned home. now one of them accidentally fired the gun and the other two teens are both face charges. and on june 23rd a 4-year-old was killed after shooting herself in the eye. police say the girl found a gun in her family's closet. her mother and mother's boyfriend are now both face charges. the mother told flames her boyfriend had the gun illegally. >> to decision 2016 now with less than 100 days in the election. the presidential candidates are spending a lot of time in one particular state, pennsylvania. >> hillary clinton finished her tour of the keystone state over the weekend stopping in philadelphia. hatfield, harrisburg. johnstown, pittsburgh and youngstown. donald trump was in scranton last week, and right now he's on his way to a rally in mechanicsburg. nbc's katy tur is there and joins us live. show's been following the trump campaign since the start. >> thanks for being here. how important is pennsylvania
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for the trump campaign? what kind of resources are they putting into wing the keystone state? all right. we're waiting to get that hookup. >> reporter: hey, can you guys hear me? okay. great. still trying to figure out how many resources he's put forward in the state but we do know pennsylvania is one of four swing states that donald trump will be focusing on for the general election. it inclusion ohio, florida and potentially north carolina. these are the states that the campaign believes they need to win in order to win the presidency. without them right now it looks like it will be a loss for donald trump when it comes to the electoral map. right now though he's embroiled in controversy, as you guys well know. it's pretty standard for the donald trump campaign, hopping from one controversy to the next. right now the controversy surrounds his criticism of the khan family who lost their son to an ie.d. explosion during the iraq way, came out at the
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democratic national convention and criticized donald trump for the muslim ban and asked nim he even read under the constitution and under donald trump's presidency he would not have been allowed to serve of in the american military, donald trump coming back firing against them saying that he needs to hit back. he should be allowed to hit back if they criticize him. today the khan family has been blanketing the airwaves giving their side of the story trying to humanize american muslims in this country and what they have done to serve of this nation. meanwhile donald trump had no words for the khans today at his earlier rally in ohio. we'll found out if he has any more words for them tonight here in pennsylvania. it looks unlikely as of now as the campaign is trying to vehemently change the subject, trying to turn things back to radical islam and what they feel is hillary clinton's negative record when it comes to fighting terrorists, also her negative record when it comes to job creation which they say will be central to the vote here in
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pennsylvania. >> thanks so much. she will be following the trump campaign through election day, and you can see her reports right near on "nbc nooigs nightly news" with lester holt. that's coming up tonight at 6:30. >> many republicans are stepping forward to denounce donald trump's comments. that includes pennsylvania's senator pat team who is in a tough re-election battle this november. now today team said the khan family, like all americans who lose loved ones in the defense of our country deserve our gratitude and honor. anything else is inappropriate. toomey's opponent says those words are not enough. until pat team pledges to oppose donald trump in november his carefully crafted statements about our nation's veterans and armed forces are completely hollow, and coming up on nbc news at 5:00 we'll hear more from the khan family and those coming to their defense after trump's comments. >> meantime, new details on a
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double homicide at a montgomery county apartment complex last night. police found the bodies of janice trunk and kevin smith inside the forest apartment gardens in ambler. neighbors told investigators they heard about five gunshots just before midnight. so far police have not made any arrests. new taxes are sparking debate in new jersey and philadelphia today. pennsylvania's cigarette tax jumped by a buck today pushing the total price of a pack above $7. taxes will cost them more, nearly $5 after the city ended its $2 tax to help fund schools. >> the debate over a proposed gas tax hike in new jersey is heating up again this afternoon. under the proposal, the state's gas tax would jump by 23 cents a gallon, but governor chris christie is expected to veto that plan. christie halted statewide transportation projects after money ran out. new jersey commuters we spoke to say enough is enough with the gridlock at the statehouse.
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>> drove down one road and that could use some repair. >> i would probably tell him to resign. that's exactly what i would say, you know, because they just keep making mistakes. >> the gas tax would take effect as soon as an override of the potential veto happens. >> the ongoing septembera slowdown is change the way regional rail riders pay their fare and it couple pact you get home today. regional rail riders will have to buy tickets before boarding at any philadelphia stations from now until 6:30 tonight. septa says they made that change because of scheduling issues when they had to sideline more than 100 rail cars with structural problems? >> this was just a really brutal and barbaric murder. >> brutal and barbaric. police say two former police officers are to blame for this woman's death. what we've learned about the suspects and the victim next at 5:00. plus, a pennsylvania church has
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its faith shaken. tonight they are remembering one of their own killed in this historic flooding. and a community comes together. how they are trying to comfort the owners of this south jersey business destroyed by fire. that's all coming up news at nbc 10 "news at 5:00."
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accused of murder. tonight we have learned new details about the suspects and the woman who was killed. >> nbc 10's monique braxton has been looking into this for us. she's joining us now live with the latest. monique? >> reporter: homicide investigators are calling this one of the most barbaric and brutal murder cases they have ever seen. this afternoon we talked to a neighbor of the victim and the suspect, her boyfriend. >> she called me the night before. >> reporter: but when the neighbor went over to check on joyce quaweay no one answered the door and the woman believed her fellow israelite and friend had been trying to break up with aaron wright for some time but police say quaweay killed her before she got. >> in the israelite community we represent our -- our men represent our women. we love who we are, and we
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don't -- our men don't beat on us. >> reporter: homicide investigators paint a different picture. they also tell us the couple's two children plus wright's school-aged children were inside when quaweay was killed. >> the boyfriend had stretched her of her clothes, handcuffed her to a weight bench and used a baton to beat her throughout the body. the friend was helping position the female. >> reporter: police identified that friend an upstairs neighbor as marquis robinson, a temple police officer. his job ended when he was charged with murder on friday. as for aaron wright, temple university tells us he used to be a police officer there, but he hadn't been on the force since 2012. >> we are the chosen people of israel. >> what allegedly happened here inside leaves the friend stunned. >> we represent, you know, love and community and consciousness to our sisters and brothers. we don't represent our kings killing our queens. >> reporter: yasharala also
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tells us the victim leaves behind a 2-year-old girl and 10-month-old boy. just a short time ago weave learned relatives are trying to obtain custody of those two young children. outside police headquarters, monique braxton, nbc so news. >> the cleanup continues today in parts of maryland slammed by flash flooding over the weekend. look at this scene right here. two people drowned in ellicott city after rushing water swept their cars away. officials are not sure when residents can return. >> oh, my god! >> people caught by surprise desperately clung to their cars as the water rushed through the center of town. first responders, even witnesses rescued more than 100 people. they formed a human chain right here to save this woman trapped in her car >> now one. people killed in the flooding is from pennsylvania. 35-year-old jessica watsula of
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lebanon died when her car got swept away by floodwaters. her pastor tells us she leaves behind a 10-year-old daughter. >> she lived for her daughter and her daughter was very, very close to her mother. >> the reference said watsula works volunteered in the church nursery, was visiting ellicott city with her family. >> just devastating floods there. let's turn to first alert meteorologist sheena par convenient with your neighborhood forecast. >> sheena you're tracking some rain. >> yeah, we have some heavy thunderstorms around the area right now. overcast skies through most of the area. center city seeing the overcast skies, but we have the heavy rain south of philadelphia. through new jersey and delaware, heavy thunderstorms and quite a bit of lightning. these are slow movers. the rest area mostly just seeing the cloud cover, but we are continuing to track those storms, and if you've ever noticed the white sweeping radar that helps us see the storm activity but it's also stationary. we can't most radars around.
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i'm sure you probably assumed that and because of that to fill in the gaps and give us a better look and to give you a better look of what to expect outside we now have storm ranger 10. this is a mobile radar, so now when you see the red sweeping radar, that is our mobile radar. it has wheels on it. it's on a giant truck. i'm sure you'll see it later on in the newscast. but this particular vehicle has a radar on it. we can drive it anywhere we want any time we want and in any weather condition, and what it does when i tell you, it fills in the gap. it sees what the stationary radar has missed, for example, it's also closer to the ground in some cases, we can see what precip is actually hitting the ground and where are you such as freezing rain or snow or rain, so, again, in the winter weather, just remember this. you don't want to miss storm ranger ten. able to give you a more specific look of what's happening and a more accurate forecast and with our neighborhood weather can drive it anywhere as well as the seven day behind the bottom of the screen. a lot of new tools and look at a
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lot of thunderstorm activity towards kent county and smyrna seeing very heavy rain. a lot of lightning here going on crossing the delaware bay at the moment. delaware has been seeing some of the heaviest rain so far. very slow moving. we could certainly be seeing localized flooding maybe around route 13 and near harrington as well. these are slow moving showers and thunderstorms and the red is showing you the heavier rain and there you see the red sweep going by. that storm ranger 10, it's right in gloucester county and near glassboro and where we drove it to today. we can move it anywhere we want so can you have a better idea of thunderstorms. now a look at cumberland county and heavy rain and commercial as well. the heaviest of all that lightning and shower activity. that's a little bit offshore in the delaware barracks but these are slow movers, like i mentioned, so we could be dealing with a little bit of localized flooding. now we're looking a little farther off to the west and right near the poconos thunderstorms moving in. very slowly we could be seeing a flooding threat through the lehigh vale and poconos and with
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any late night showers that develop tonight. some of the pennsylvania suburbs like montgomery and bucks county through the lehigh valley and poconos and mercer county, flash flood watch still because the ground is very saturated and we could see heavy showers and thunderstorms which could lead to localized flash flooding. here's future weather. by about 10:00 tonight we could be seeing scattered showers or storms through the area but best chance could be up neither poconos and lehigh valley so we'll be watching that very closely. later on tonight we could see some thundershowers showers overnight and tomorrow we're not going to be out of this pattern just yet. cooler with an onshore wind and the clouds will still be with us tomorrow and see scattered showers and hold on to the umbrella tomorrow afternoon. it's mostly going to be lighter rainfall and that would be even throughout the afternoon and evening. finally though we see things starting to clear up as we go into wednesday so wednesday we'll see more in the way of sunshine and our weather pattern gets quiet from wednesday through the end of the week.
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temperatures right now. we're only in the mid to upper 70s because of the cloud cover and our wind direction is 76 and turnersville 77 and hamilton township is coming n at 79, so as we go through tomorrow, scattered showers around. wednesday and thursday we dry up. mid-80s, if you're in the pennsylvania suburbs mid-80s as we go through wednesday and thursday and after tomorrow's rain and even through the lehigh valley much cooler temperatures. we'll take a look at new jersey and delaware and your ten-day forecast coming up. >> a unique display of the olympic rings caught the attention of onlookers today in brazil. the rings, take a look closely. made up from ropes hanging over the bridge and got mad cheers from the crowd. organizers hope to break the guinness world record for the largest formation of its kind. opening ceremonies beginning friday night right here hon nbc 10 and all through the olympics we'll be introducing you to local athletes who are going for
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gold. one of them is english gardner. the south jersey runner is fast nest america but did she be the fastest nd in the world? we're following her story coming up at 5:00 and and do you know what's in your favorite restaurant meals? see which ones top the list of extreme eating next at 5:00. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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many of america's restaurants have boosted the amount of food on the platters. >> enough to get them a gut-budget of award from a consumer group. nbc's erica edwards explains. >> would you rather have one order of the short rib and cheesy mac stack with crispy seasoned tots at dave and busters or three big macs as mcdonald's? both equal up the same amount of calories and fat. >> restaurant chains are piling it on. >> the center for science and public interest has released its annual extreme eating awards to chain restaurants. ever since 2007 the cheesecake factory has made the cut. >> the cheesecake factory's friday chicken and waffles benedict is like eating two pounds of marie ma ry's chicken
5:26 pm
pot pie with half a sick of butter. >> many of our guests come in be a want to celebrate and not be concerned with calories and others want to share their dish and we love it when guests share. >> reporter: it might be a good idea to share sonic's 44-ounce grape slush. it has candy in it. the csci says this 970-calorie rainbow delight is just like having three 40-ounce wild cherry slurpees from 7-eleven. beginning next year chain restaurants with 0 or more outlets will be required to include calorie counts on their menus and menu boards. erica edwards, nbc 10 news. >> so what's for dinner? >> just got a stomach sglak yeah, me, too. >> going to take a break. tonight a family business in south jersey is trying to figure out how to move forward. >> a fire destroyed their lumber yard which had been around for 70 years. see how the community is coming together to support them.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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right now at 5:00 the first alert weather team is tracking the weather with the first alert 10. >> sheila par convenient is standing by with a look at neighborhood forecast and have you a new tool. >> yes, we do, jim and denise. it's called storm ranger 10.
5:30 pm
other he's what our radar has always looked like and you can see it right now. white sweeping radar and locations. we use them for all different types of weather. now we have a new tool. this is storm ranger 10. this is the red sweeping area that you see. it is a mobile radar. meaning we are the only news station that has a mobile radar that dewith actually move anywhere we want so this is a radar on wheels. we drove it into new jersey. it's currently in gloucester county near glassboro and what this does it's able to fill in the gap that the stationary radars miss and we can drive it in between those radars. we can move it anywhere we want to see anything we want whenever we want in any kind of weather, so we're definitely going to be using this a lot when it comes to winter weather because now we'll have a closer more detailed look of what's happening on the ground where you will be walking and driving. we'll be able to tell you if there's freezing rain falling or
5:31 pm
snow hitting the ground or even heavy rain. riverview is down to harrington and greenwood and even milford. dealing with very heavy rain here right across route 13. would i not be surprised if we had some localized flooding here. a little bit further north of that, smyrna, one very big thunderstorm and lots of lightning. that stretches across the delaware bay into parts of south jersey and skimming the southern portions of cumberland county, so very heavy rain here just south of cedarville. maurice river kind of on the edge of it and a lot of lightning. these are slow moving storms. that's why we're going to be paying very close attention to any localized flooding. the rest of the area seeing mostly overcast skies and a few scattered sprinkles and one cluster of thunderstorms neither poconos, we'll be watching those as we go through late tonight. again, if you're watching where we drove storm ranger 10 to, because, again, we can move it. the only station that has it. it's right near glassboro in gloucester county. we can move this, like i
5:32 pm
mentioned, anywhere we want and we will depending on the weather situation. now north of philadelphia we still have a flash flood watch for mercer county, lehigh vale and the poconos, a very saturated ground here show through tonight we could still see heavy showers or storms developing and that could lead to flash flooding so keep that in mind if you're heading out in those areas. currently if you take a langer view a little wired and back off to the west, still in a very unsettled weather pattern. tomorrow we'll still have some showers in the forecast. still a cooler day and have the umbrella with you. a closer look tomorrow and finally a look at where to dry out. >> no cause for the fire that destroyed a landmark lumber company over the weekend. nbc 10 south jersey reporter cydney long spoke with the longtime owners who are heartbroken. >> it's difficult to just stay exactly how we feel because we are just overwhelmed.
5:33 pm
>> pete colucci grew up helping others inside his father's lumber yard and in turn he was teaching the business to his own son. a day after fire destroyed the 70-year-old family owned mom and pop improve hadn't company, this community surrounded them with hugs, prayers and thank yous. >> right now we don't have anything. we don't know what to do. well, we know what to do. we have to get -- we don't have any answers. >> the fire marshal and crews using a backhoe dug for answers and put out smouldering hot spots this, as a two-time employee of vineland fears it could be the end of an era. >> i guess a lot of people don't want to go to millville and particularly to home depot to get a pound of nails. >> he worked here in the 1950s and again in the 1990s and 2001. >> forklift, truck, waiting on customers, the whole works and mixed paint, paint machines came out when you put tint in is t. >> unlike big box home
5:34 pm
improvement stores there was always a personal touch that kept people coming back. >> we supplied some contractors. we supply do-it-yourselfers, small carpentry, just kind of a general all around. >> they were able to still survive here after home depot, you know. a special kind of service over here, you know. >> the brothers rebuilt after a fire in the 1960s and this time they are not sure. >> as you can see there's still smoke coming up, so not thinking that far ahead. >> reporter: two metal safes in the midst of the mess recovered today preserved important documents, the connection the colucci business has with this business is back in the '50s and '60s they built people's homes from the ground up and now the heart and soul of this business has been reduced to charred material and twisted metal. from malaga, cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> to some breaking news of another fire right now out of bucks county. sky force 10 live over this
5:35 pm
strip mall which caught fire just a short time ago. you can see that thick smoke coming from the roof here and several fire trucks only scene and this is on main street in doylestown. several stores here have been evacuated, as can you imagine. no reports of any injuries right now, but we'll continue to follow this story. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it on this fire in bucks county. >> a new jersey man continues to recover in the hospital after he was shot by state troopers in his home. officials say troopers mistakenly responsibled to the home of 76-year-old gerald sykes after a dropped 911 call late last friday. the call did not come from the upper deerfield home. he grabbed the shotgun and was in the living room when he was shot three times in the back. reports indicate the troopers did not announce themselves. the state's. a g.'s office is investigating. sikes remains hospitalized at cooper medical center. four local men sentenced to life in prison as teenagers
5:36 pm
could seen get out of jail. the parole is the result of a supreme court ruling that retroactively bans mandatory life sentences for juveniles. the men have spent decades in pennsylvania jails. state officials will now review nearly 500 other cases. >> today we got our first look inside pennsylvania's first mormon temple. the church of jesus christ of latter day saints gave us video and photos inside the temple on vine street in center city. church leaders say the architects and designers used philadelphia in the 1700s as inspiration for the look of the building. the temple will be formally dedicated coming up on september 18th. new jersey veterans who qualify for public housing can now step to the front of the line. a new law signed today gives vets priority status with state agencies for help finding an affordable place to live. the new legislation will also aid homeless veterans. next at 5:00 on the attack.
5:37 pm
>> you tell donald trump today start running on a platform and stop running on hate. >> why veterans groups have set their sights on donald trump.
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5:39 pm
now to decision 2016. donald trump is fighting a political battle against military families tonight. parents of u.s. soldiers killed in action are demanding an apology from the republican nominee for his feud with the mother and father of a decorated u.s. army captain. nbc's scott mcfarland has the latest from washington. >> reporter: donald trump took his campaign to the crucial swing state of ohio. >> we're also going to stop radical islamic terrorism. we're not letting the people come in. >> reporter: there's growing backlash against his criticisms of the parents of humayan khan, a us in limb u.s. army captain killed in action. chap's father blasted trump last
5:40 pm
week at the democratic national convention. >> this candidate amazed me. his ignorance. he can get up and malign the entire nation. >> the head of the vfw, the nation's largest veteran group with whom he called tuesday today called the comments out of bounds and 17 gold star military families demanded an apology writing this goes beyond politics. it is about a sense of decency. without mentioning trump by name president obama lent his support to a group today in a speech before disabled american veterans. >> our gold star families have made a sacrifice that most of us cannot even begin to imagine. they represent the very best of our country. >> reporter: trump campaign adviser sam clovis say the khans opened themselves to criticism by appearing on stage. >> most gold star families when the loss of their son or daughter, their brother or sister, husband or wife, they are not looking at it from a political perspective. >> reporter: the controversy has opened a new front for hillary
5:41 pm
clinton who in ohio in weekend called trump's comments insulting. in washington, scott mcfarland, nbc news. >> and coming up i'm tracking some heavy showers and thunderstorms through part of the area with our new nbc 10 tool for an even better forecast for your area. meteorologist krystal klei is giving us a closer look at that. >> here in glassboro, new jersey, looking inside storm ranger 10 and why it's so important that we can take this right into your neighborhood. okay, ready?
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today federal health officials warned pregnant women
5:44 pm
to travel to parts of miami and want pregnant women who already live there to be extra cautious after warnings from the centers of disease control after florida officials announced ten additional zika infections today, upping the number of cases to 14. officials believe the infections happened at the same miami neighborhood. men and women who visited the area since mid-june should wait at least eight weeks before trying to conceive. well, if you drive an older honda accord you bert dhoek see if it's still in the driveway. according to nationwide insurance the 1996 model is the number one most stolen car followed by the '98 model year. the 2006 full-sized pickup comes in think. as for new cars thieves love the nissan altima. locally trends continues in pennsylvania and new jersey the 5097 honda accord is the most stolen car and in delaware it's the honda civic. >> we're track rain tonight on
5:45 pm
the nbc 10 radar, and now we have a new tool to show you what's happening in your neighborhood. >> it's called storm ranger 10, and nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei is joining us live to show us what it can do and what it can do. >> krystal? >> yeah, guys, i'm excited to be here. we're in uncharted territory with stormranger10, a doppler radar on wheels. on wheels being the key phrase there. we can move the thing all around, and what you see behind me is a computer system that we can use to move and actually access that radar that's anchored to the back of our truck bed. it's one big unit, and it is impressive. now, i'll add mitt this is a meteorologist's dream, but it's also very important for you guys at home. let's start off by actually talking a little bit more about the truck and taking a look inside. we use a computer program to control the radar, and this is how we set the bar higher than ever before. we can take our truck into your
5:46 pm
neighborhood and set up that radar at a safe height and scan the lowest level. sky for rain, snow or the in between. now, we can take what storm ranger 10 owes radar looks for you guys. i want to explain a little bit. the two red circles indicate our two rings of protection. the smallest circle is level one. it indicates what storm activity we are actually seeing become 30 miles and less than 2,000 feet above the ground and very close to the circle. the largest circle is level two t.reaches 60 miles from our truck and it gives us a picture less than had a mile above the ground. typically the radar not exactly for this guy. much higher up above this ground rather and on top of that it's stationary. instead of being able to move around like storm ranger 10 so here's the issue. if i'm the radar site and that beam goes out at an angle. if you're far enough away from that site there's a lot between
5:47 pm
the beam and the ground you won't be seeing on radar overhead at your house. with stormranger10 we can now decide where the biggest threat of storms are, take it close to that location and our beam is going to make it a much smaller amount meaning we can seem much closer to the surface. if radar is incating heavy rain we can confirm that close to your area and let you me if there's a flooding concern and can track snow potential easier as well. that's what sets us apart with storm ranger 10 and sheena this is a big deal for us. >> yeah, krystal, great job explaining that, and when it comes to winter weather we can tell you know is hitting the ground. if it's freezing rain or if that snow has changed over to rain. very important as we get into the winter months and remember that and tune in right here to nbc 10 and can you see stormranger10. in fact, here's where krystal was. we drove storm ranger 10 identity to gloucester county and right near glassboro and that's where the truck is parked. that red beam, that is storm
5:48 pm
ranger 10. that's the sweeping radar from our mobile radar and this is going to allow us like krystal mentioned to fill in all the gaps. take a look now. seeing thunderstorms down in parts of south jersey and delaware with stormranger10. a lot of lightning crossing the delaware bay. smyrna finally about to get out of heavy rain. it's a slow moving storm. a number of lightning strikes, 231 in the past 15 minutes. this storm looks like it's growing very slyy will into parts of salem county and parts of cumberland county so we'll watch that very closely for any locke lids flooding which we have intercations of and parts of riverview, lighter rain and milford heavier rain and the precip rates, especially close to ellendale, over 2 inches an hour and we're looking at flooding concerns in these areas. if you see the green shaded areas in kent county and cumberland counties and sussex county, flood advisories and
5:49 pm
could be looking at localized street and creek flooding from all of the heavy rape. most of the rest of the area dealing with the cloud cover and now we're looking through the poconos. thunderstorms here right near haileston and cross 476 right now 80 and some of the thunderstorms could hold together. right around weatherly, pretty heavy rainfall. some are moving faster and some could be moving into the lehigh vale later on this evening right where we have the flash flood watch. we still have a watch out for mercer county, bucks, montgomery and the poconos. grounds in this area saturated and through to tonight. we could be seeing heavy thundershowers and thunderstorms that will lead to flash flooding concerns and temperature-wise very cool outside compared to what we haven't seen recently. philadelphia is 77 and 78 vine lann and 77 degrees in allentown and expect those cooler temperatures to last tomorrow with an onshore wind and we're still going to be locked in with that cloud cover. here's future weather and there
5:50 pm
you see the showers and storms through south jersey and delaware and as we go through the next several hours those very much could be kind of range themselves out and then we could see the line through the poconos move into the lehigh valley maybe by 10:30 or so so we're dealing with late night showers north and west of philadelphia and possibly overnight. 8:30 tomorrow morning. have your umbrella, still a chance of light rain in the forecast for tomorrow morning and possibly through the afternoon and the clouds are going to stick around, too. there's 5:00 p.m. we could be seeing scattered light showers and cloud cover will keep the temperatures more comfortable and clouds will start break as we go into wednesday and by wednesday more sunshine and we'll in quite a bit of a dry stretch. neighborhood temperatures, tacony 80 degrees, allentown near 80 degrees. galloway township 79 and sticklerville 71 and wilmington right around 80 degrees tomorrow. here's the ten-day on 10. tomorrow, you'll want umbrella and wednesday is thursday and friday, more sunshine.
5:51 pm
temperatures mid-80s wednesday and thursday. by friday we're warming back to around 90. saturday, chance of thunderstorms and low 90s but so far sunday and going into next week looks pretty good. >> not bad, sheena, all right. lester should joining us from the nbc studios in new york. >> with a look at what's coming on "nbc nightly news." >> hey, lester. >> hey, jim and denise. coming up for us, more locally transmitted zika cases in a miami neighborhood and a very specific travel warning to pregnant women and donald trump under fire from families of military members killed in war and will he apologize and why matt damon's new starring role is being seen as an affront to actors of color. that's all coming up for "nbc nightly news" at 6:30. >> thanks, lester. >> you can call her the fastest woman in america. >> and she's from south jersey. now english gardner is headed to the olympics in rio. coming up next, she takes us to the track where it all began.
5:52 pm
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>> an update on the break news out of bucks county. sky force live again over the strip mall which caught fire just a short time ago. now we see the flames shooting through the roof and firefighters on the roof battling the flames. this is on main street in doylestown, and we've learned fire started in a store called luxury bath fixtures, a barber shop and dry clearance also on
5:55 pm
fire here. those stores obviously have been evacuated. we don't have any word on any injuries but a we'll continue to follow this and will bring you more information as we get it? >> the road to rio has almost reached its final destination. in just four days the opening ceremonies will kick off the summer olympic games and nbc 10 is going to be there every step of the way. our team is in rio. >> the runner for cam ben county stunned the country last month when she came out on top at the olympic trials. >> thank you so much. >> very emotional there as gardner ran her personal best of 10.47 in the 100 meter dash. she's now headed to rio but her journey began at eastern regional high school in vorhees. she took us back to the track where it all began. the man coaching her to the top
5:56 pm
also happens to be her father, anthony gardner. he was english's first coach growing up, and she says he's still the best and english gave our own jacqueline london a new running tips and tells nbc 10 none of her success would be possible without her family back home. >> i remember those days. them spending their last dime on my track supplies and not having enough money to eat or pay the rent but they were definitely paying for my dreams and aspirations so in that moment when i crossed the line, that's what that moment is for. it's not english got an olympic medal. it's the entire gardner family got one. >> and gardner is a favorite to medal in rio, and we'll have much more on her during our going for gold special this saturday. that's at 7:00 only on nbc 10. and don't miss reports from rio starting this week. nbc 10's jacqueline landson with our team in brazil. see her reports on nbc 10 news at 4:00 starting this wednesday. >> next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:57 pm
hundreds of workers take their fight to trenton tonight. why there could be help on the way to workers on strike. also ahead, what local counties are -- which local counties are in play when it comes to presidential candidates wing the state of pennsylvania. >> and i'm tracking thunderstorms in parts of the region. plus a look at the rest of your workweek next at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> new tech why i to track weather in your neighborhood. pennsylvania is pivotal. donald trump and hillary clinton focusing on the keystone state. >> benefits for workers. they are on strike but want to get paid. >> good evening. i'm jim reasonsfield and in decision 2016 the push for pennsylvania and why it's so important in the race for the white house. how important is p.a.? hillary clinton departed the dnc last week and made several stops in pennsylvania. tonight necessary donald trump's turn to stump for states in the key battleground state. the presidential election in november now 99 days away and nbc 10's deanna durante is joining us live from delaware county. suburbs key to winning state. >> reporter: towns like here in warning the entire county, month gomery, chester and bucks. those are big counties that political experts say the
6:00 pm
candidate must win in order to take the entire state. >> i had my mind made up pretty early. >> reporter: for some it doesn't matter how much time they spend here. >> i really don't know. very confused about what to do and for the first time i was thinking i might not even vote. >> reporter: that's not stopping the candidates from targeting pennsylvania. today donald trump will be in harrisburg while bill clinton spent the weekend touring pennsylvania on a bus. it's one of three battleground states each candidate wants to win. >> pennsylvania looms large for both of them. for hillary clinton pennsylvania offers her a lot of different options. if she's wins pennsylvania, there are a lot of ways for thundershower get to 270. for donald trump it's really hard to see how he goats 270 without pennsylvania. >> and experts say you can't win in pennsylvania without taking the four counties around philadelphia, something a republican has not done since george h.w. bush was elected. >> very important, very, very. i like a lot of what


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