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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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candidate must win in order to take the entire state. >> i had my mind made up pretty early. >> reporter: for some it doesn't matter how much time they spend here. >> i really don't know. very confused about what to do and for the first time i was thinking i might not even vote. >> reporter: that's not stopping the candidates from targeting pennsylvania. today donald trump will be in harrisburg while bill clinton spent the weekend touring pennsylvania on a bus. it's one of three battleground states each candidate wants to win. >> pennsylvania looms large for both of them. for hillary clinton pennsylvania offers her a lot of different options. if she's wins pennsylvania, there are a lot of ways for thundershower get to 270. for donald trump it's really hard to see how he goats 270 without pennsylvania. >> and experts say you can't win in pennsylvania without taking the four counties around philadelphia, something a republican has not done since george h.w. bush was elected. >> very important, very, very. i like a lot of what hillary is
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saying. >> real know choice, one choice. go trump. >> reporter: others hope the campaign visits will be educational. for the others who haven't decided. >> i hope, that you know, there are people still out there that haven't made up their minds that are going to go out and vote and, you know, go out and get educated first. >> reporter: political experts say these are two very different campaigns. you have the clinton campaign that's more of a traditional campaign. she opened up her suburban offices and kept them open even after the primaries and then you have the trump campaign. he closed some of his suburban offices but his campaign tells me they will soon be opening again and will be staffed for the general election. reporting live in delaware county, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> all right. we'll wait to see if donald trump brings up the gold star controversy this week. he was criticized for his comments about the parents of captain khan, a muslim soldier killed in iraq. today trump tweeted the story is not about mr. khan but rather radical islamic terrorism and the u.s. gets smart, said trumpet the republican
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presidential nominee is in a verbal fight with captain khan's parents. mr. khan criticized trump during his speech last week at the dnc and today he appeared on the "today" show. >> this candidate amazeds me, his ignorance. he can get up and malign the entire nation, the religions, the communities, the minorities, the judges. he has not read the constitution of this country. >> and today families of 17 service members who died fighting for their country demanded an apology from trump, and veterans are voicing their displeasure. they stood outside trump tower in new york city holding signs and the vfw said in a statement election year or not, the vfw will not tolerate anyone berating a gold star family member for exercising his or her right of speech or expression. meantime fresh off her bus
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tour in battleground states hillary clinton is in the midwest at this hour. taking a look live from omaha, nebraska, where billionaire investor warren buffett is introducing clinton at this event right now. the democratic presidential nominee will speak about her plans for job creation. buffet is the latest business leader to back clinton over trump. and two of nbc 10's digital journalists have been following clinton and trump's bus tours. read digital exclusives on the road on the nbc 10 app. >> following break news right now out of bucks county showing this fire again from skyforce10 live. the fryar broke out in the last half hour or so much. main street in doylestown. look at the thick smoke billowing out of building and flames coming through the roofs and several stores had to be evacuated and we have no word if anyone was hurt. to our weather now, not as hot today but sure was humid and
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sticky out there. recipe for some rain and that's what we're seeing. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has weather in your neighborhood. glenn? >> yeah, jim, and one of the neighborhoods is really getting hit hard. it's generally in salem county right now, and that storm came across from delaware. much. rest of the area is dry. the clouds have prevented that, but we have sent storm ranger ten right ahead of that storm in anticipation of some storms in that area, and this is the first mobile doppler radar ever purchased by a tv stakes. we own it and we put it where we want it toopgs, and by being so close we have a beam that goes low enough. we can see what's happening right near the ground unlike radars that are far away, so let's see a little bit more about this storm. it's unusual because it's moving to the northeast.
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everything else is not moving at all or moving in different directions. just over pine island. it also has some hail in it and detected possibly up to golf ball size near lower allowa creek and there is a severe thunderstorm warning associated with this. this will put it in upper deerfield at 6:17, upper pitts grove at 6:36. you can see it's moving right in that direction. a good bit of lightning with it, too, and that severe thunderstorm warning is until 6:45 p.m. there are other storms farther to the south to keep an eye on in central and southern delaware, but much. rest of the area is a lot quieter and we'll see how things change over the next several days. >> a simple gun law can prevent owners baas.
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tonight in north philadelphia the city is giving away the gun locks. mitch? >> reporter: jim, a festive atmosphere in north philly. face painting attracting a lot of kids and families out here and also have the very serious work at the convention of handing out gun locks. the philadelphia sheriff's department doing that. not looking for i.d. or if your gun is registered. hoping to put a dent in gun deaths in the city. 24-year-old kalik johnson was shot to death over a parking space. >> wanted to do something with my pain and anger and tears. >> reporter: his mother now works to protect kids like her son. she's the founder of the philadelphia advocacy group mothers in charge. >> it's tough when so much is going on in the city of philadelphia as well as across this country. >> reporter: she was at temple hospital today as city leaders said they would give away gun locks throughout the city. councilman curtis jones said so many of the kids in his district know someone who has been shocked. >> what shocked me is close to
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30% of those kids put their hands up. >> it's why philly's leading law enforcement officers were here supporting the gun lock giveaway. the sheriff repeated their motto. >> got a gun, get a lock. >> reporter: national statistics show more than 265 minors shut someone in twoikts. in philadelphia recently we've seen a 9-year-old, two 4-year-olds and an 8-year-old and shot accidentally. we've been reported on countless others shot like mr. johnson >> you may think for one second about being angry. a responsible gun if he wants to lock the gun. >> now crime statistics show that about 40% of all accidental shootings actually happen in the room where a gun is kept. again, they will be here at fourth and lehigh until 8:00 tonight giving away these gun locks. we're live in northeast
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philadelphia. nbc 10 news. >> learning more today about the murder of a 24-year-old mother in germantown. police charge two men aaron wright, a former temple police officer and his neighbor marquise robinson, a former temple officer who lost his job after being charmed. today they went back to the home where the woman was beaten to death. investigators say joyce qua yeah was handcuffed to a workout bench and beaten with a police baton by her friend aaron wright. a neighbor grew suspicious and banged on quaweay's door and nobody answered. tonight hundreds of employees went up to trenton to support a bill in the works that gives workers unemployment benefits if they strike for more than 0 days. nbc 10's drew smith reports from the statehouse. >> union workers wanted to make sure that lawmakers could hear them. >> on the steps of the new jersey statehouse they asked for a number of things, including
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securing pensions for public workers but the most press issue affects the people who showed up from atlantic city. >> we've been out there in the sunshine, the heat and the rain. >> reporter: casino workers walked off the floor of the trump taj mahal 31 days ago. >> we have to move forward with something. time for a change and have the families have their ability, you know, to get health and raise their families and make ends meet >> reporter: senate president and assembly speakers say it's only fair that unemployment these workers paid into is available to them while on stri strike today the senate voted in favor changing the law allowing that unemployment collection after 30 days for any worker on strike. >> we're fighting this for everybody. it's not just us, you know, because we want atlantic city the way to be, a good job for everybody. >> this will still need to pats assembly and get a signoff by the governor.
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it's unclear if that will happen and we didn't hear back today from representatives of the trump taj mahal. >> mgm is now all in when it comes to the borgatta. today mgm completed the sale and nevada-based boyd's gaming is leaving town with $589 million. if you have a players' card at the borgata you'll get switched over to mgm rewards next year. next at 6:00, why lighting up will cost you even more and also the first of its kind. nbc 5 unveiling stormranger10, high-tech radar to track storms in your neighborhood. glenn? >> we've got it in exactly the right place today. we're tracking some of those storms where you're going to need your umbrella, if you're planning on heading out. my first alert forecast is next.
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back now to our breaking news that we're following in bucks county. just minutes ago we learned several wires are now on fire at this strip mall so it's just fanning the flames at this point. sky force 10 still live over main street in doylestown. you can see there is still thick smoke rising from the roof there and flames along the roof line. this fire started at the luxury bath fixture store. workers at several stores though have been evacuated now and we
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don't have any word that anyone has been hurt in this fire but we'll keep an eye on this for you. >> smokers in pennsylvania now paying an extra $1 per pack for cigarettes. the state's cigarette tax jumped today pushing the total price of a pack above $7. the largest single increase since p.a. first imposed a cigarette tax back in 1935. the per pack tax in philly will cost even more, nearly $5. that's after the city added its own $2 tax to help fund schools. the road to rio is just four days away now, and can you see the countdown to the opening ceremony at the bottom of your screen. today's rio chief spokesman guarantees athletes can compete in safety. he responded to a weekend associated press report that found several viral contamination safety issues in all outdoor water venues. the spokesman did admit rio could have and should have done a little bit better. and my co-anchor jacqueline london landed in rio this
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morning and will give you an all access pass behind the scenes about local athletes going for gold. her reports start wednesday at 4:00. brand new equipment and a new high-tech vehicle to get up to the second information about weather in your neighborhood. called stormranger10 and debut it had this afternoon in gloucester county. nbc 10's keith jones gives everyone a lesson on how it works and what it can do. >> reporter: what is this thing in the first of its kind in the world and not to mention its home is right here in the delaware valley at nbc 10. the definition of ranger, someone in charge, patrolling and protecting the land. in our case pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. stormranger's reach, 75 miles all around and wherever we take it, filling in gaps in the radar. it's like having another pair of expert eyes on the storms so we can warn you and protect your family even earlier. >> we're able to get a better detailed look at the storm to see if there's hail, heavy rain,
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if it'sy is vernede we're able to see if the other radars and we can warn people sooner. here's how it works. we strapped anusol i had radar system to a high-tech control room on wheels. it's a million dollar investment in you. stormranger was designed by world renowned experts and put to the test in tornado alley, one most dangerous places for weather in the world. it's credited with saving lives in texas and that radar wasn't even on wheels. this is next generation stuff. >> this is radar where can move wherever we want. >> reporter: like your neighborhood, and to the biggest events, reinforcing our first alert neighborhood weather commitment. nbc 10's stormranger, the first in america and first in the world. >> take it closer to the storm and get a better view of the storm and now we're filling in the gaps that a stationary radar is going to miss. >> reporter: keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> and to learn more about
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stormranger10, go to or use the nbc 10 app. glenn, it really means your office is kind of everywhere now. >> it's amazing. >> yeah. >> and we have control. i couldn't tell right where to go and he's excited. >> you're right. >> never controlled anything so expensive and sent it into new jersey today. just where the storms are going. >> yeah. >> the closer you get to the storm and the more detail you can get and the fewer false alarms can you get as far as tornado warnings. remember we tell you about sometimes oh, the rain is not reaching the ground on the radar. you don't have that problem if you're right near it. >> you can tell. >> and in the wintertime detecting snow versus rain, whatever, much more accurate with that, so, yeah, we're excited about it. >> as well you should be. >> okay. and it just so happens that our biggest thunderstorm is headed right towards the radar. it came out of delaware and going into salem county. storm ranger 10 right over
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glassboro, new jersey, and the closer we are, you can see there's the sweep, the red one. the other radars we have superimposed on top, but because we're in so close, this is within the 30-mile range which is the most accurate, the beam that goes out is close to the ground so we can see things close to the ground unlike regular radars. there's that storm right near quinton, and it's moving to the northeast, right near lower alloway creek and there's some hail with this storm, possibly up to golf ball size it is a moves up to the northeast. all the other storms are moving in different directions. other slow moving storms have caused flood advisories, one in sussex county until 7:00. one farther to the north, parts of kent county and cumberland county until 9:30 tonight. we're looking up to the north,
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too. we have some showers up near the poconos and there's lehigh, allentown down here, so these storms are moving to the south. just the opposite direction of the ones coming out of delaware. it's that kind of wild today. we are tracking the heavy rain, slow moving storms. most people not getting them, but if you do get it, it lasts for a while because it's not moving fast. the clouds kept a lid on some of those storms in parts of the area. philadelphia and central new jersey and northern suburbs which we needed because we've got a lot of rain over the weekend and it's not going to be as brutal with the humidity. tomorrow won't be quite as bad as today and then it improves much more on wednesday. here's the futurecast for tonight. you can see some more showers and storms coming down from the north, and so we're not necessarily done with the rain threat as we go through the night and into the morning. you can see some of the showers moving from the northeast and
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that means the winds are coming in off the ocean and that generally means that we've got a lot of clouds around. it's only 77 degrees in philadelphia. a lot of 77s here, and -- and the high today was only 80. 12 degrees colder than it was this tymeer. same store we dover. so, we're not going to get a whole lost sunshine tomorrow. won't be all that warm. 83 degrees and 38 on wednesday and thursday, no rain. friday we're up near 990 and we have a chance of a thunderstorm saturday and overall once we get past tomorrow it's fairly dry pattern with lower humidity. >> hey, i'm john clark from csn. eagles fans were chanting we want wentz at the link and sam bradford spoke about the awkward quarterback situation and more on the trade deadline coming and gone. that's all next.
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hey, everybody. i'm john clark at csn. eagles starting week two of training camp and running back ryan matthews and offensive guard brandon brooks missed their fifth straight practice. coach doug pederson expects them back by the end of the week. sam bradford's future with the team is very much in doubt after this season with carson wentz here and there were chants of we want wentz here and here is sam's mindset on this unique situation. >> just control what you can control, you know. at the end of the day that's all
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you can do, you know. that's really kind of been a mantra of mine for a while, but, you know, each day just come out and get your best and try to get better and help this football team and don't worry about everything else because there's a million other things going on outside this building and outside this team that i and no one else in that locker room has control of so really just controlling, you know, what i have the power to control. >> good lesson in life. ten days away from the eagles first preseason game against tampa bay. the game can be seen live on csn and cozy of it. kickoff at 7:00, a pregame show at 6:30 and a post-game show right after. the phillies did not make any deals before baseball's trade deadline this afternoon. veteran pitcher jeremy ellicson stays put and here's the gm about staying pat. >> we're not under economic pressure to send money out the door and we are not looking to -- to just dump veterans for the sake of dumping veterans. that's not the business we're
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in. we -- you know, i'm cognizant of what our record is this year, but we want to make sure that the young kids on our team are being mentored by the right veterans and the product on the field is as good a it can possibly >> when andy reid was the head coach with the eagles you were remember there were big red impersonators. this is an andy reid press conference or so we thought. this is not andy reid, impersonator chris wilhelm during andy's media session. big red himself comes out and andy has lost some weight. the impersonator had to lose some weight as well. i'm john clark. we're back right after this.
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all right. we still have a couple of big thunderstorms. much of the area is dry, but stormstranger10 is right in the path of this storm that came out of delaware and now into salem
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county. severe thunderstorm warning for that cell. >> and you'll keep an eye on it for us. that's our news at 6:00. i'm jim rosenfield. "nbc nightly news" with lester holt is next. tonight, miami zika alert. the extraordinary warning from the cdc telling pregnant women to avoid a popular area of the city, as the government activates anmergency response. the gop nominee continuing to star with a fallen sold year's family. hundreds of dramatic rescues, residents form a human chain, to save a woman trapped in her car. protecting the olympics, security forces deploy in rio, as half a million people pour in, four days before the ges


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