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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 2, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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right now on "nbc 10 news today," seeking bail. today lawyers from monsignor william lynn will ask a judge to release the 65-year-old from prison. firefighters overcome, the flames and heat were too much for crews battling this building fire in doylestown. making city avenue safer and better for drivers and walkers. today, work begins on a multimillion dollar program to rework a busy three-mile section of route 1. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." 4:00 a.m. i'm tracy davidson. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast which is a close look at conditions at communities across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. good morning, bill. >> good morning, tracy. starting off muggy. clouds still over the area. a gray start.
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we'll get sunshine later today. there is still a chance of a daytime shower but right now we're looking at dry conditions in the area. the showers are finally taking a break the temperatures have cooled down into the 70s this morning. low 70s in delaware, south jersey, philadelphia 73 degrees and low 70s for the lehigh valley. and the suburbs. we will warm into the very low 80s this afternoon, clouds will restrict the warmup this morning and then temperatures will start to climb as we break through those clouds this afternoon. i'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in a few minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> thank, bill. we're starring things off through center city. this is the vine street expressway. and our cameras right around broad street. you can see cones in place. that construction project is under way this morning. we have a closure east and westbound on the vine street expressway in between this point around broad street and the schuylkill expressway. also speaking of the schuylkill, let's check in there, through the conshohocken curve, no
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problems or delays right now. everything looks good. 11 minutes here westbound from the vine street expressway to the blue route. also mass transit looks great, running on time with no delays. >> jessica, thanks. today monsignor william lynn could be one step closer to fraem. he's served three years in prison for helping to protect priests accused of sex abuse. matt delucia is live outside the criminal center in center city philadelphia. fill us in on why he could be released. >> his attorney is askingç a judge for the release. all while prosecutors are trying to figure out whether or not to retry. the pennsylvania supreme court upheld a ruling that he deserves a new trial. lynn has already served nearly
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three years on a three to six-year sentence at a state prison in northeastern pennsylvania. nbc 10 did speak with lynn's attorney, thomas bergstrom who says he should be released. with an overturned conviction he is not being held on any charges. he would like him released on 10% of $250,000. monsignor william lynn is 65 years old. live at the criminal justice center, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thanks. 4:03. 73 degrees outside. three firefighters are recovering from heat exhaustion after battling a building fire in doylestown. skyforce 10 was over the thick smoke that rose above gsi kitchen and bath show place last night. it took 150 firefighters several hours to get the fire under control. they got help from backup water tankers when they began to lose water pressure while battling intense heat and flames.
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>> because it was so deep seeded, mostly we just saw smoke and heat. every once in a while when it found a place to break through, the roof or the front, fire would break out. >> the fire marshal is trying to determine what caused that fire. now to a story from delaware county that we brought you as breaking news last night at 11:00. skyforce 10 was over a busted water main that closed the intersection of burr mount and glendale roads in havertown. the intersection is expected to re-open by 8:00 this morning. new details on the kathleen kane perjury trial set to begin with jury selection tomorrow. yesterday lawyers for the pennsylvania attorney general asked the state supreme court to throw out the charges against her. kane is investigating the grand jury investigated her, claiming the person who ran the panel had no authority to do so. she's accused of leaking secret
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grand jury material and lying about it under oath. police in ambler are searching for answers after a deadly double shooting at an apartment complex. 54-year-old janice trunk and 44-year-old kevin milton smith were the victims. neighbors at the forest garden apartments told police they heard five gunshots late sunday night. when officers got there they found the victims' bodies in an apartment. >> i can't even cry. i'm in shock. she didn't deserve this. it's not right. somebody heard -- somebody heard something. they need to come forward. >> no arrests have been made. in the new jersey transportation fund fight, a leading lawmaker is accusing governor chris christie of auditioning for donald trump in opposing a higher state gas tax. steve sweeney said he thinks christie is stalling to help his chances of winning a spot in the administration. sweeney's comments yesterday came after the senate failed to move legislation forward that
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would raise the gas tax by 23 cents while getting rid of the estate tax. the governor supports a bill in the state assembly that also raises the gas tax butç lowers the sales tax. christie's office put 0 out a statement saying the governor is committed to reaching an amicable solution with legislative leaders that puts people to work, funds infrastructure investments and represents tax fairness for all the people of new jersey. an engineering firm and its project manager are denying they ripped off hurricane sandy victims in new jersey and new york. yesterday, authorities released the manager on bail after he and the firm pleaded not guilty to charges of felony fraud and operating without a license. insurance companies hired the firm to evaluate damage from the 2012 superstorm. they claim engineering reports illegally altered by the firm cheated them out of insurance money they deserved. >> he was completely innocent.
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he didn't defraud anybody. >> the insurance company is scamming the home owners. they should be penalized. >> smaller payouts forced some sandy victims to delay rebuild are their homes or walk away from them altogether. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. 4:07. we saw some showers and thunderstorms last night and late yesterday afternoon in the lehigh valley. no storms right now but some of that moisture is left behind. once again, we're watching for areas of fog. that's the view from easton this morning. it's a little bit murky out there. it has started to thicken up in the pocono mountains. three-quarter mile visibility there. allentown, quakertown, pottstown, coatesville, no sign of any issues. there's quite a bit of moisture around. the temperatures are cooling. we'll be watching for fog even in new jersey and delaware this morning where we saw light fog yesterday. but no sign of any showers this morning. the temperatures are cooling down. clouds are overhead.
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we have cloudy skies in philadelphia, the suburbs, the lehigh valley, some breaks in the clouds in delaware and south jersey with clouds in place that will really slow down any cooling this morning. so the temperatures have come down a little bit more but not a lot. right now, blandon 70 degrees. macungie is 70 and so is bethlehem while a couple spots are reporting 60s this morning. we could see a few more of those spots. that would lead to a bit more fog. what we're not seeing are showers and thunderstorms. you can see the nearest showers and storms are just off to the northeast, moving through new england, into new york and offshore. those showers won't be affecting us. there is a chance we'll see some scattered showers during the day. right now it is quiet, though, those clouds are still overhead. hour by hour futurecast shows an isolated shower later this morning. that's 9:00 -- 8:00 this morning, as we go into the late morning and early afternoon hours, you could see isolated
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showers, no big storms. there's a possibility of a thunderstorm as we go into the afternoon especially. those will be scattered showers, not widespread rainfall for today. so keep an eye on the sky. the chance of some showers will be with us later today as the temperatures climb to near 80 degrees this afternoon. 72 degrees at 7:00. upper 70s and a chance of a storm at 11:00 in philadelphia and 78 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. the suburbs will see a possibility of scattered showers. i don't expect them to be too numerous but there's a possibility of showers. clouds linger into the morning hours for the lehigh valley. for delaware, breaks of sunshine. there could be a spotty shower later this morning or this afternoon in new jersey, even at the shore, that's aç possibili. temperatures not terribly warm for this time of year. upper 70s and low 80s. look at the 10 day on 10 when i'm back in just a few minutes. >> thanks, bill. 4:09 right now. let's check your ride to work,
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especially if it includes 95. jessica boyington has a look. >> 95, around cottman avenue is where we're looking now. right through the work zone. watch for 95 northbound. that off ramp is closed for ongoing construction work this morning. should re-open by morning rush and we will keep you updated there. for right now it's closed and into center city we're having no problems or delays. southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway is still a 13-minute trip. average speeds still into the mid-60s as well. we're also watching construction on the pa turnpike eastbound between downingtown and route 29. the left lane will be closed there. an eastbound drive time, no real increase at all. 23 minutes from valley forge to route 1. a year's worth of improvements and potential traffic trouble on city avenue starts this morning at 9:00. when construction begins on a stretch of that major roadway between 76 and lancaster avenue. penndot will put up new traffic lights that will react to demand rather than timing. crews will make changes at more than a dozen intersections,
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including lights, new push buttons for pedestrian crossings, better pavement markings and curved ramps for wheelchairs. the project is expected to be finished in november of next year. 4:11. the major water is gone. devastation remains. this is just some of the damage in maryland after six inches of rain flooded a small town. next, we're learning new details about the victims, including one from pennsylvania. also, sifting through the charred remains of seven decades in business. next, even though this salem county lumberyard burned to the ground, learn why this wasn't a total loss.
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investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fire
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that destroyed a 70-year-old family business in gloucester county. the colucci bum ber yard in malaga went up in flames on sunday. yesterday, the fire marshal supervised crews using a backhoe to dig for answers. the owner and one of his long-time employees are pondering whether or not to rebuild. >> there's still smoke coming up. i'm not thinking that far ahead. >> a lot of people don't want to go to millville to home depot to get a pound of nails. >> the owner told us two metal safes an a metal filing cabinet protected important business documents from being destroyed in the fire. the spread of zika in miami prompts an unprecedented travel warning. the centers for disease control says pregnant mothers should stay away from the miami area. yesterday, florida's governor confirmed ten new infections of the zika virus likely transmitted by mosquitos in the miami area. that brings the total in south florida to 14. health care workers have been going door to door asking for
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urine samples in order to get a better idea of how the virus is spreading. it's 4:15. the owners of a gay nightclub in orlando will re-open it as a memorial to the 49 people who died there. the one pulse foundation revealed plans on social media on sunday but have not yet said when the memorial site will open. the gunman, omar mateen opened fire on june 12th. he was killed in a shootout with police. today, the cleanup continues in a small maryland town after deadly storm there. heavy rain caused the devastating flash flood leading to more than 100 water rescues and leaving two people dead. this is what it looks like after the water receded in ellicott city. now take a look at the severe weather as it hit saturday night. six inches of rain fell in just two hours, overwhelming small streams, causing water to surge down main street. a group of people, even formed a human chain to save a woman
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trapped in her car. >> come on. >> i'm just glad that we managed to save her. >> this is ground zero. it's safe to say they are all damaged by some degree of water. >> a state of emergency has been declared so the governor said that ellicott city, because of that, will get state and federal government help to rebuild. one of the people killed in the flooding is from pennsylvania. 35-year-old jessica watsula of lebanon got swept away. her pastor tells us she left behind a 10-year-old daughter. >> she lived for her daughter. and her daughter was very, very close to her mother. >> reverend kover says she was visiting ellicott city with her family. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 16 minutes after 4:00. cloudy skiesç over philadelphi and dry right now. no showers in the area.
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though we did see storms in the region last night, much of the area remained dry. it's a muggy start this morning. muggy and cloudy, too. so the temperatures are warm for this time of year in the 70s to start with. we will see sun break through as we go into the afternoon. after a cloudy morning. but there will be some lingering clouds. so there's a chance of an afternoon shower, possibly even a thunderstorm. turning partly cloudy this evening as conditions improve and the humidity will be coming down this evening. you'll feel the difference later today. right now it's dropped into the 60s, just a bill cooler in the suburbs, 69 degrees. 72 in the lehigh valley, philadelphia is 73 along with delaware and 70 degrees in south jersey. in south jersey, 71 in mt. laurel. pretty uniform temperatures. that's typical of cloudy skies overhead. no real cool spots, no terribly warm spots either. princeton is 68 degrees while lumberton and pemberton at 70 degrees this morning. that's a starting point.
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we'll warm into the low 80s as clouds are longering. even though we have clouds overhead, the satellite and radar shows not much in the way of shower. one isolated sprinkle in lower montgomery county. that is moving through just past horsham at this time. nothing more than a sprinkle. but we could see a downpour this afternoon. there's a chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm for now. those storms are still passing to the north. we will see dry conditions for much of the morning. and muggy conditions as well. still steamy. the temperatures climb into the upper 70s to low 80s. it will feel a little bit warmer thanks to the higher humidity. the humidity will be coming down over the next couple days. chance of a scattered shower today. otherwise becoming partly sunny this afternoon. 81 degrees. tomorrow, lots of sunshine and cooler in the morning. that's because we'll have drier air in place. that will mac a big difference tomorrow afternoon, 83 degrees. then a warming trend.
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the humidity remains low for thursday. come friday, warmer, near 90 in the afternoon. and a chance we'll see scattered showers and thunderstorms on saturday but they should be done by sunday. so improving conditions over the weekend and then lots of sunshine next week for monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday with high temperatures in the 80s. tracy? >> all right, bill, thank you. 4:19 right now. let's get you to work. check the vine street expressway. jessica boyington is watching the roads for your morning commute. uh-oh, jess, what's that behind you? >> we're dealing with that construction, tracy. we seem to have escaped a lot of this construction all last week for the dnc when it was here in philadelphia and yesterday as well. so now we're back in business here with this construction work. we're looking at the vine street expressway and our cameras around broad street. this is headed westbound right now, all traffic, you can see is being diverted off of the broad street off ramp. all traffic blocked off from this point at broad street to the schuylkill expressway and all those ramps are closed as well. this typically clears around
4:20 am
5:00 in the morning. so we'll keep you updated in case they open it a little bit earlier. for now, take local vine. watch in burlington township over in new jersey for a downed pole at route 206 at pemberton road. reports that the road is closed completely. we're starting to see some of the clearing of the accident scene with the downed pole in place there as well. we'll keep you updated snls this becomes open as well. >> tonight the question of tolls for replacement bridge on 95 will be up for discussion at a public çhearing. the scutter falls bridge, construction of a new bridge is scheduled to begin next year. tonight's hearing in easton will focus on new toll rates for the replacement bridge. they are proposing a $1.25 toll with e-z pass. it would be one way sound 95 from jersey into pennsylvania. nbc 10 needs your help
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spreading the word about free money to those making a difference in our community. so we are giving away grants to local nonprofits. we call it 21st century solutions and the goal is to support organizations that are implementing new and really innovative programs. the application is on the deadline to apply is august 26th. well, donald trump was in  our area last night stumping for votes and vowing to make history in pennsylvania. trump says he can win the state in november but if campaign stop d continues to be dogged by controversy. new reaction to his comments about a war hero's family. ready to welcome the world. athletes and their families are flocking to rio just as new details emerge about the olympic city's water quality. ♪ music
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it's 4:23. happening today, north wildwood city council will decide if voters will get a chance to say if they want their city's name to change. if the resolution is approved, the cape may county clerk will place a nonbinding question on the november ballot. last month, a group of residents presented a petition to the mayor and city council asking that the name north wildwood be changed back to its original name, angle sea. villanova men's basketball is gearing up for its next championship run. om omari spellman is not cleared to play yet. they held a summer jam at the pavilion, a chance for fans to meet and greet players, both past and present. while expectations remain high, a returning star realizes it's time to turn the page.
4:25 am
>> we're not national champions anymore. this is a totally different team. we understand that. no, we're not listening to anyone in the outside world. again, this team, we're getting them as ready as we can. >> hart was the wildcats leading scorer last season. it's 4:25 and the road to rio is in the final stretch. three days away from the start of the 2016 olympics in brazil. opening ceremonies scheduled for friday night. olympic officials are insisting that rio de janeiro's waterways will be safe for athletes and visitors. but a study found those waterways are as filthy as ever. the associated press commissioned a 16-month long study on aquatic venues such as the bay where many of the venues are. tests revealed consistently and dangerous high levels of viruss from pollution. the study found some 1,400
4:26 am
athletes are at risk of getting ill in water competitions. the president of the international olympic committee appeared to disagree. >> you will have four tests a day. you'll see the measures being in place to remove the debris. it's all coming together. >> athletes said they were trying to protect themselves as best they could. some said the beaches are no dirtier than many others they've visited. with the world coming to rio, increased police presence is now in place around the olympic venues. brazil is working with other countries including the u.s. and france to ensure safety and deal with the threat posed by global terrorism. nbc 10's jacqueline london landed in rio. she will be your all-access guide to the summer games, tracking dozens of athletes with ties to our area. you can look for her exclusive reports starting wednesday here on nbc 10. and on saturday, we're going for gold. our special profiles the local athletes to keep an eye on
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throughout the rio games. catch it saturday night at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. clouds overhead. we're watching for showers, none just yet. a chance you'll need your umbrella during the day. 4:27 is the time. 73 degrees. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center on a tuesday morning. morning, jessie. >> morning, bill. it's a tuesday morning. that's right. we typically see the most volume on this day of the week. we're watching route 70 around haddonfield road over in cherry hill, new jersey. no big problems or delays. we have construction. i'll tell you where when we come back. a vacation in paradise sent a delaware family of four to the hospital. next at ç4:0, hear new information about who is paying up for exposing them to dangerous chemicals.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today," still behind bars. but for how much longer? today lawyers for monsignor william lynn will argue after three years in prison it's time for his release. family sickened. a dangerous chemical put a delaware mother, father and their children in the hospital. now the company taking the blame is pays tens of millions of dollars. illegal parking crackdown. it's against the law for drivers but they still leave their cars in the median. but that could soon be changing. this is nbc 10 news. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today," i'm tracy davidson. it's 4:30 this tuesday morning. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. it's a look at conditions right where you live. pretty muggy out there, bill. >> yes. we are starting that way. we will see improving conditions


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