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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  August 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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right now on "nbc 10 news today," still behind bars. but for how much longer? today lawyers for monsignor william lynn will argue after three years in prison it's time for his release. family sickened. a dangerous chemical put a delaware mother, father and their children in the hospital. now the company taking the blame is pays tens of millions of dollars. illegal parking crackdown. it's against the law for drivers but they still leave their cars in the median. but that could soon be changing. this is nbc 10 news. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today," i'm tracy davidson. it's 4:30 this tuesday morning. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. it's a look at conditions right where you live. pretty muggy out there, bill. >> yes. we are starting that way. we will see improving conditions over the next couple days.
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steamy this morning and cloudy, too. the temperatures have dropped into the 60s in the suburbs, 69 degrees with a northerly wind at 5 miles an hour. in philadelphia, cloudy skies and 73 and clouds over the lehigh valley where we're watching for some areas of fog. we saw some yesterday morning. it's starting to tzicken up just a little bit in the lehigh valley. 72 degrees and delaware is 73 degrees. we will see these temperatures warm into the very low 80s this afternoon. there's a slight chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm in the lehigh valley, a possible shower in delaware. in new jersey, an isolated shower is possible. partly sunny at the shore and for philadelphia and the suburbs, very low 80s with partly sunny skies this afternoon. i'll walk you through the day hour by hour for each of our regions when i come back in a few minutes. first, jessica boyington is watching first alert traffic. >> these are our cameras around broad street.
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flashing lights because the construction project is under way again. this is the westbound side. all traffic right now with the cones in place is being diverted off of the broad street exit. that's because it's closed east and westbound. typically clears around the 5:00 hour and right now, your best bet for an alternate is to take local vine. watch for construction on the northeast extension of the pa turnpike, headed north between lansdale and quakertown. we're seeing reports of an accident scene headed northbound right through this work zone. details in the next ten minutes. we'll check if with more of your majors as well. philadelphia monsignor william lynn has already served three years for his handling of church sex abuse cases. today his lawyers say it's time for him to get out. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the criminal justice center. explain what's happening today. >> well, tracy, prosecutors are still trying to figure out whether or not to retry the former church official. monsignor william lynn's attorney says he wants him out of jail now.
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last month, the pennsylvania supreme court upheld a superior court ruling that lynn deserves a new trial. prosecutors argued that monsignor william lynn knowingly transferred pedophile priests from when parish to another during his tenure as clergy. lynn has already served nearly three years of a three to six-year sentence at a state prison in northeastern pennsylvania. we did speak with lynn's attorney, thomas bergstrom who says lynn should be released as of right now, because of the overturned conviction he's not being held on any charges. he would like lynn released on 10% of $250,000 bail. monsignor william lynn is 65 years old. in the coming days or even today he could be released by that judge if that order is granted here. but prosecutors have not said at this point if or when they will decide on that retrial option. live at the criminal justice
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center, matt delucia, finbc 10 news. the owners of a major pest control firm will pay millions to a family sickened by a banned pesticide during their vacation. the parent company of terminix agreed to pay $87 million. they were injured after exterminators sprayed the pesticide inside a condo just below theirs in the u.s. virgin islands. steve ezman was paralyzeed. today a philadelphia firefighter will be laid to rest. this morning, a second viewing will be held for gabriel lee at deliverance evangelistic church. he died last month at his firehouse in the basement, he was found unresponsiveç at ladr 12 in philadelphia. a funeral service will be held today at 11:00 at the same
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church. new details about the shooting of a new jersey man by state troopers inside his home. the state attorney general's office is investigating the case. officials say troopers mistakenly responded to a home of 76-year-old gerald sykes after a dropped 911 call late last friday. the call did not come from the sykes home in upper deerfield township. sykes grabbed a shotgun and was in his living room when he was shot three times in the back. he claims the troopers did not announce themselves. state police say they did announce themselves. sykes remains hospitalized at cooper medical center. all eyes are on pennsylvania. now less than 100 days from election day. donald trump told a pennsylvania crowd he plans to win the state. ahead, hear from him as controversy around his comments about a war hero's family continues to grow. and slamming the brakes on illegal parking. you're not allowed to park here in the south broad street median but drivers still do.
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cascade. good morning, jessica boyington watching your first alert traffic. we are watching an accident scene on the northeast extension of the pa turnpike, headed northbound. that's at a location between lansdale and quakertown. the right lane is blocked there. you can see ojç our map system, we're not seeing major delays. we're also having the left lane blocked in both directions by that point because of construction. there may be delays there for you. we'll keep you updated there. watch on route 202 for construction that may tie you up a little bit. drive times are okay north or southbound from route 30 to the schuylkill expressway. 12-minute trip at the most. here is another one of our cameras here. we are watching 95 right now, looks okay so far in both
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directions. we'll have updates when i come back in the next ten. let's get a check on today's weather. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a muggy start this morning. 73 degrees right now in philadelphia. we're looking at clouds in the city. the clouds will not last all day. a cloudy start will get some breaks of sunshine as the morning goes on. we'll see more of that sunshine. there will still be lingering clouds in philadelphia. that's at lunch time today. then afternoon temperatures near the 80 degree mark. so much cooler than what we dealt with all of last week. a little bit of an east/northeasterly wind helping to keep the mugginess around this morning and this afternoon. cloudy skies in the suburbs to start with. we'll get sunshine. there's still a chance of an isolated shower at lunch time, even later this afternoon. no big rainfall expected here. and the lehigh valley, saw some storms yesterday with heavy downpours. 72 degrees right now in the lehigh valley. cloudy skies to start with. you may even see areas of fog.
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it's not going to last. we'll get breaks of sunshine this afternoon and readings climbing into the upper 70s. that is cool for this time of year when normally we'd warm into the middle 80s. a chance of an isolated shower for new jersey. most of the day will be dry. 70 degrees right now. lingering in the 70s, even into the afternoon hours, clouds at lunch time break for sunshine and near 80 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. what about the shore you ask? well, the sunshine will break through there. partly sunny, 76 degrees. the temperatures warming into the middle 70s as we go into the afternoon. the winds a little bit stronger at the shore. that's an onshore wind. 15 miles an hour at noontime and at 2:00 today. and for delaware, you'll see some sunshine, too. clouds to start with. some breaks in those clouds first thing this morning and more this afternoon. still a chance of an isolated shower as the temperature warms up to 80 degrees at 2:00. most of the day it will be umbrella-free. there are more showers on the
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horizon. got the t10 day on 10 when i'm back in the next few minutes. 20 minutes before 5:00. donald trump wants to make pennsylvania great again. >> republicans have not won the state of pennsylvania -- and look what you have, your companies are all gone. your jobs are all gone. >> that's trump at a rally last night. hear more about his plans to win pennsylvania amid growing national criticism. also, national honors for a philadelphia hospital. next, where wills eye hospital ranks in a new report and why.
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4:43. now does decision 2016. hillary clinton is getting a bounce in new polls appear to show her performance at the dnc in philadelphia gave her campaign a boost. cnn shows her now leading donald trump by nine points, 52% to
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43%. we'll have the results of a new nbc poll coming up this morning at 6:00. meantime, the presidential candidates are going after each other on the campaign trail, expectedly. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in the digital operations center. katy, what's the latest on the war of words? >> well, tracy, both republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton took jabs at each other yesterday in places where both nominees believe the votes are. donald trump was all about pennsylvania at a rally near harrisburg. he blasted bernie sanders for supporting hillary clinton. he also said he was frayed the election might be rigged. meantime, clinton was stumping in omaha, nebraska with billionaire supporter warren buffett. here's how the candidates sounded yesterday. >> he made a deal with the devil. she's the devil. he made a deal with the devil. true. >> while warren is standing up for a fairer tax code, trump wants to cut taxes for the super rich. >> today clinton will be in colorado while trump visits
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virginia. now, on another front in the white house race, more republicans are now stepping forward to denounce donald trump's comments about the muslim parents of a fallen u.s. soldier. that includes pennsylvania senator pat toomey who has been fighting to be re-elected this november. yesterday toomey said the khan family, like all americans who lose loved ones in the defense of our country, deserve our gratitude and honor. anything else is inappropriate. toomey's democratic opponent katie mcginty said those words are not enough. she responded, until pat toomey pledges to oppose donald trump in november, his carefully crafted statements about our nation's veterans and armedç forces are completely hollow. the nbc 10 digital team wassen 0 campaign trail with both presidential candidates this weekend and yesterday. you can see behind the scenes reports right now on or by tapping the nbc 10 app. live in the digital operations center, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. tracy? 4:45.
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happening today, president obama will host the prime minister of singapore at the white house. the president is expected to use the visit to once again push for the transpacific partnership deal also known as tpp. hillary clinton and donald trump both say they oppose tpp. the president says the goal of boosting ties with asia will survive no matter who wins the election. loved ones paid respects to victims of a deadly balloon crash. buses carried family and friends of the 16 victims to the crash site in lockhart, texas. they laid flowers on a bail of hay in the pasture where the balloon went down. a preliminary ntsb report ruled the blond was preparing to land when it hit high tension power lines, caught fire and crashed to the ground. >> to me it just seemed they couldn't climb. they were stuck right above the tree line. >> the ntsb says low clouds at flight time may have been a factor. a 5-year-old delaware county boy dies after being struck by
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lightning in north carolina. steven little and his family were on vacation when thunderstorms rolled in while they were on a beach along the outer banks over the weekend. police tell us the boy was with his father outside of their car and about to get inside when lightning hit the lansdowne boy in the chest. the family rushed the little boy down the beach to meet up with emergency crews. >> our crews took over, performed advanced life support. this is a wonderful family that came here just seeking a wonderful time for vacation and unfortunately, a horrific event transpi transpired. >> steven suffered traumatic burns and went into cardiac arrest. he later died at a hospital in virginia beach. new this morning, a local hospital receives a big honors. "u.s. news and world report" shows wills eye hospital in center city as one of the best hospitals nationwide. the list is compiled from online votes by thousands of doctors. wills eye placed in the top two
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for ophthalmology. >> that's a good honor. they do a good job. >> wills eye has already expanded its range of innovative research. 4:48. 73 degrees outside. let's get you to work on this tuesday morning. watching the vine street expressway and construction clearing, hopefully soon. let's find out from jessica boyington. she's watching the roads. jess? >> yes, tracy, we are watching through center city on the vine. not clear yet. these are our cameras right around broad street. you can see we're seeing a little bit of a backup coming off of the broad street ramp right now. that's because headed westbound on the vine street expressway they're blocking off all traffic from heading in that direction. we are still closed, eastbound and westbound through center city on the vine. and in between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. inspect a little bit of a backup there, too. take local vine to get by. still, all that traffic will be diverted off which causes some of the delays as well. also watching an accident on the northeast extension of the pa
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turnpike headed northbound between lansdale and quaker tonight. the right lane is blocked. construction is clearing through that area, too. here's route 4 over in new jersey. drive times here, headed into philadelphia from 55 toç the wt whitman bridge if you're headed northbound, a five-minute trip. average speeds into the high 50s. there's more construction around. i'll tell you where that is and some of it is on the area bridges. i'll tell you that when i come back. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 11 minutes before 5:00. getting a good view of the clouds and some light fog in the lehigh valley this morning. that's easton, pennsylvania. storms yesterday, still moist conditions around this morning. we're seeing the fog thicken up. dense fog once again in the pocono mountains, quarter mile visibility there. not bad in reading, allentown and quakertown, ten-mile visibility is not an issue for new jersey nor delaware this morning. we'll be watching the temperatures are still cooling down and there's quite a bit of
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mugginess in the area. you'll feel it first thing this morning. 70s for most locations, the suburbs have dropped down to 70 degrees right now. we saw it flirting with the 60s briefly. west kallen township is 68 degrees. 69 degrees for chadds ford and kennett square while it's in the low 70s for north wales and ft. washington, both at 70 degrees to start with this morning. it's not going to be a hot day today, fortunately. no 90s. not even close to it this afternoon. we still have clouds around this morning. we've san a sprinkle or two first thing this morning and there's a chance you'll need your umbrella during the day. the threat is not as great as it was yesterday, just an isolated shower or thunderstorm possible later today. futurecast hour by hour shows those scattered light showers at 8:30 this morning. nothing more than really a sprinkle. isolated showers in new jersey at 11:00 this morning. as we go into the afternoon, we might see a brief shower or thunderstorm in cape may at 1:30 this afternoon. certainly not an all-day
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rainfall. the trend is for drier conditions. your 10 day on 10, 81 degrees this afternoon. isolated shower but otherwise, the clouds will break, we'll get sunshine this afternoon and lots of sunshine for tomorrow. and less humidity. 67 degrees in the morning. 80s in the afternoon. and middle 80s for thursday and friday. look at that sunshine. we'll be warmer on friday. turns muggier for saturday. could see an isolated shower or thunderstorm. the second half of the weekend is dry with sunny skies sunday, 88 degrees, the high temperature. it will be in the upper 80s next week. that's typical summer heat. typical august heat and temperatures will be climbing in the later part of the week, 88 degrees on thursday with partly sunny skies. tracy? >> looks good, bill. thank you. nine minutes before 5:00. the road to rio is in the final stretch, three days away from the start of the 2016 opening ceremonies in brazil. nbc 10 is bringing you all the action. our nbc 10 team is in rio to
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follow local athletes as they go for the gold. that includes english gardner. she stunned the country when she came out on top at the olympic trials. >> oh, god. >> english gardner ran her personal best of 10.74 in the 100 meter dash. she's now headed to the olympics. but her journey began at eastern regional high school in voorhees. gardner took us back to the track where it began. the man coaching her to the top also happens to be her dad. anthony gardner was english's first coach growing up. she says he's still the best. she gave nbc 10's jacqueline london a few running tips and says none of her success would be possible without her family back home. >> i remember those days ofç tm spending their last dime on my track spikes and not having money to eat or pay for rent but they were definitely paying for my dreams and my aspirations. in that moment when i crossed the line, that's what that
4:53 am
moment is for. it's not english got an olympic medal. it's the entire gardner family got one. >> gardner is a favorite to medal in rio. nbc 10's jacqueline london is your all-access guide to the summer games. she's in rio tracking dozens of local athletes. see her exclusive reports starting wednesday right hear on nbc 10. on saturday on nbc 10, we're going for gold, special profiles of the local athletes that you want to keep an eye on throughout the rio games. catch it saturday night on nbc 10. today could be judgment day for a jailed philadelphia church official. monsignor william lynn served three years of a six-year sentence. next in a live report at 5:00, learn why his lawyers will argue it's time for him to be free on bail. also, illegal parking. despite appearances, you really are not allowed to park in the median along south broad street. find out why a parking crackdown could be coming. ? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves!
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this is the white horse pike around collingswood circle. a lot of cars actually out on the road at this point. no big problems or delays so far. we'll check in with the vine street expressway when i'm back in the 5:00 hour. a group of citizens wants to end illegal parking in the middle of broot street in south philadelphia. city officials endorsed the ban during the democratic national convention. as of last night, things were back to normal with cars parked in the median. the political action committee fifth square wants to change that. they showed at least 1,000 people asking the city to enforce the median parking ban to make the streets safer for pedestrians. mayor jim kenney's office said a public dialogue must be held before changes are made. the home owners we talked with do not want to see a change. >> i spent a good 20 minutes looking for parking. >> as long as people in south philly own cars it will be a real problem. >> we did find one homeowner who said he signed the petition
4:57 am
agreeing that median parking on south broad street is dangerous. four minutes before 5:00. a delaware school dedicated to training early childhood teachers will get a visit from governor markell today. the governor and u.s. secretary of education will go to delaware technical community college. the state is 1 of 20 that received a grant of more than a billion dollars in the race to the top early learning challenge. the goal is to provide high-quality early learning opportunities for all children. the city of philadelphia is trying to decrease accidental shootings by giving away gun locks. pick one up today or tomorrow, no questions asked. this is in response to a new law in philadelphia that requires guns to be locked when not in use. officials will be at rose play ground at 75th and lansdowne avenue tonight from 6:00 to 8:30. the giveaway continues tomorrow. tomorrow it's at 32nd and cumberland. and tonight is national night out. >> that's right. but in montgomery county, officials got an early start.
4:58 am
county commission other josh shapiro was on hand at abington's national night out. they are used to build stronger communities. members from several police departments from across the county spent time hanging out with neighbors, enjoying live entertainment and carnival rides. the atlantic city police department will participate and host national night out from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at pop lloyd stadium. the kennett square commune celebrated national night out from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. on east lyndon street. for a full list of national night out celebrations go to >> a lot of opportunity to get out for your family. >> great fun for families, especially during the summer. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. begins right now. right now on "nbc 10 news today," fighting to get out. lawyers for monsignor william lynn are now asking for their client's release from prison.
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a fire rips through a strip mall in bucks county. weill tell you why three firefighters were hospitalized after putting out the flame health officials are telling pregnant women to clear steer of a major city in the united states as zika virus continues to spread there. nbc 10 starts now. >> good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm cardinals consider. >> i'm tracy davidson. 5:00 a.m. this tuesday morning. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley with the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. bill? >> good morning, tracy. we're starting off with a muggy morning and clouds overhead. cloudy skies in philadelphia, the suburbs, temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. we're watching for some fog in the lehigh valley. the fog is thick in the pocono mountains. clouds overhead, 72 degrees right now. we'll see breaks in the clouds this morning and if there is any fog that thickens up, first thing this morning, it will quickly disappear with that warmup. "fìqqqqj by early in the afternoon and the lehigh valley.
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afternoon temperatures into the low 80s today. with skies turning partly sunny. there's still an isolated shower or thunderstorm threat for parts of the area of the lehigh valley and delaware, even at the shore there's a chance of an isolated shower. otherwise skies will be turning partly sunny and warming into the upper 70s at the shore. go through this neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back in the next few minutes. first, a check of traffic with jessica boyington. >> we're watching through center city. we're starting to see clearing of the construction project, the vine street expressway and our camera is right around broad street. we did have all lanes blocked headed westbound. we moved that out of the way. that's back open. some of the off ramps are still closed. you might have access to the schuylkill expressway. that's good news. just a few moments ago with all traffic being diverted off, we were starting to see the backups. you can see brake lights of vehicles up ahead there. if you're headed eastbound


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