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tv   Today  NBC  August 2, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, erybody! it's booze day tuesday. also called banking tuesday around here. >> that's right. >> august 2nd. hoda is in rio for the olympic games. so my friend and partner for 15 years from 1985 to 2000, regis philbin, a true cultural icon is here with us today. >> 31 years we worked today. but really -- anyway, we got through it. >> we have a terrific show for you today. how long do you need to be dating before a guy calls you
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his girlfriend? our hunky guys tell all, the man panel is over there, they'll be with us to answer -- not one of them has a good answer for anything. they are so funny. and then if you want to sneak in one last getaway before summer ends, why not make it a real adventure? we'll give you budget-friendly places to go. and you may remember lauren daigle competing on american idol. now she's out with an album. she's amazing. she's on the itunes christian chart and will sing for us. and you think you're the cultural icon that exists in the world? >> probably. >> ben ford is over there, son of harrison ford, amazing chef all in his own right. he's in awe. >> look at him, he's staring at me. what does he want? >> you're going to make a shrimp tostada? >> that's right. >> getting ready for the l.a. food and wine festival. can't wait to see you, ben. can i say that regis and i
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had dinner the other way. guess what your day is? >> today is tuesday. >> august 2nd. which means today is my daughter cassidy's 23rd birthday. she can finally rent a car legally. yes! she's 23 years old and she's, oh, gosh, i love her. love you, casserole. she's got another movie coming out this weekend on "lifetime." cody is about to graduate from oxford university with his master's degree in creative writing. cass is still enrolled at usc but hasn't shown up a lot. i love them both the same. she has seven movies to show for it. >> great kids. you should be very happy. >> i love them dearly. but reg, you have known me longer than my children were around. i was pregnant with both of the kids on the show with you. >> i know. don't look at me but -- i remember it very well.
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31 years ago. >> i know, reg. it's been a long time. >> so we had dinner saturday night. >> yes. and even more of our friends came. >> that's right. >> regis had muscles and shells. >> i did. >> and i took this picture to say, everyone around the world says he looks amazing. gordon lightfoot tweeted me. >> gordon lightfoot? tell him to leave me alone. >> he said, tell regis he looks awesome! awesome! >> lightfoot. ♪ if you could read my mind no >> thank you very much. nice to be with you. >> okay. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. i was there working with her when she bought this house. her house is one of the greatest houses in america. it really is. and she has worked on it. and added to it. and it's all there. it's just beautiful. >> what's your point? >> my point is that she also
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serves nice dinners. >> thank you. >> but there was one that i never had when i was a kid. >> what? >> conch -- what is it? >> shells. >> have you ever made imari? it's all over italy, it's mussels, calamari and cochylls. >> i opened the shell and there was nothing there, i swear to god, i looked in. i was afraid of it. i really was. >> they are dead by then and are not going to hurt you. although one of our guests was terrified of a mussel. anyone grown up near piers has seen mussels hang on to them forever and forever and don't
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understand they are quite delicious. i have a friend in the audience today who has come all the way from ocean reef, florida. she's my neighbor down in florida. that's the beautiful sherry and her daughter lauren and her friend. i want you all to see what they are all wearing, okay? this is genius. i am wearing the same thing. different outfit. this, by day, can be a tennis outfit, right? >> yeah, i can see that. >> but you have your tennis -- >> take it easy. >> tennis -- shorts on, right? >> watch out. >> then you can go to a -- >> my god, they came off. >> they are just little shorts. didn't hurt anybody. and then it's a cocktail party. thank you very much. >> that's a great idea. >> you can see, $149. comes in so many darling prints. and i love this one with all my heart. >> so which is the one that looks like yours right now?
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>> all of them. the two on the left -- >> one is wearing a black dress? >> it's the same dress but in black. it's called fabric. >> i had to change the bit. >> it's a lovely, lovely -- it's very fun and great to travel in. >> that was really something you did. >> that i took it off? >> yeah. >> i have other undergarments on. >> all these years ago, i never would have seen anything like that. >> you would have seen a lot more than i just did. who do you think this is? >> sharon stone. >> sharon stone at the age of 58 in a string bikini. jerry just stole my drawers. >> jerry, hang them up. >> we have to get to "the bachelorette." amanda, forgive me. this is amanda avery. you know amanda. >> hi. >> sorry i cut into your time. >> that's okay. >> tell us what happened. >> last night with the finale of "the bachelorette" jo jo found her choice.
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it's jordan or robby. aaron rodgers is his brother, the football player. >> they kind of look alike. >> the first thing they had to do was meet her parents and kind of ask permission to marry her. so jordan was the first one in the house and he comes in, he played it very kind of fun. he brought them all funny hats to wear. it was kind of like the life of the party with the family. and when he sat down with the mom and dad to ask, he got a look of fear. that's his look of fear, i think. and he did not go through with it. he did not ask for her hand in marriage. jo jo was upset about that. then robby comes in next for their conversation and was much calmer, kind of like the good guy. sat down with the parents and formally asked permission to marry their daughter. both of them cried. the dad had to walk off crying because he was so happy. and they said it's robby, like, pick robby, that's what we like. so let's see if she picked robby. >> this is the moment. >> this is the moment when he
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proposes. let's see what happened with robby. >> i love you and will until the day i die. >> wait. wait. hold on. i i can't let you get down on one knee. every day i've been wanting it to be you. i fell in love with you. but for some reason my heart is somewhere else. >> as long as you're happy. >> i don't know. >> hopefully in the end you are. >> it breaks my heart when a woman does that to me. >> he was totally devastated, totally blindsided. because the family liked him best. we now at home were on robby's side. she let him go. so instead jordan at the last minute, he slips her a note that
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says, i called your parents right before this and asked for their permission, over the phone, they said yes. so then they have a moment where he proposes. let's watch what happens. >> i'm so in love with you, you're my soul mate. >> jordan, i love you so much. i've been waiting to tell you that i love you. >> i love you. will you marry me? >> yes! oh, my god. >> give me that hand. give me that hand. i'm shaking. i can't even get it on. >> oh, my god. i love you. >> i love you. >> they got real enough. >> i think it's for real. >> she says it's not.
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>> i believe -- i believe it. it's for real. and yesterday they did reunite on like a live special. and we saw them come out as a couple for the first time live. and they seemed really happy. so even though i was rooting for robby in the end, they do seem like a happy couple that maybe can make it work. >> so when are they getting married? >> i don't know. they did say they are planning. they are moving together. it will be on the show. they will have their own show, probably. but -- >> oh, my gosh, please tell me this is it. >> that's it for a while. >> lord of mercy. i just can't even bear it. i can't watch it. i -- all the guys, when the guy was sobbing, what did you all do? everyone one of you goes, oh! this is what happened on fallon, right? okay, he was the guest. let's see what happened last night. >> it's real. what is this? this is from the joker.
10:11 am
snake, oh, no! get down! joker, oh, no, no no, no, no, no, no! no, no, no, no, no, no, no! batman! going in there -- oh! >> well, i don't know why somebody has just given me -- do you want to open that, amanda? >> sure. >> you love "the bachelorette" so much. >> is it going to freak me out? don't scare me. >> now that's a joke, right? >> it's a joke. >> you think you're funny, don't you? >> come down to the plaza tomorrow in the morning because we're going to give you some tir tir tickets to barbara streisand's concert. to the plaza. okay. here we go. ♪
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oh, it's a little drafty in here without my drawers on. anyway, in this age of social media sometimes our fingers get a harder workout than our bodies. so if you want to get the family away from the computer screens and out in nature, we have just the vacations they're looking for, right? >> we have mark elwood who lives out of a suitcase. traveling the world to find the perfect destinations for adventure spirits. and he's going to test our sense of adventure with a geography
10:16 am
quiz. >> okay, mark. we are in a mountain first, right? >> there should be mountains up here. i'm going to ask you, head to this mountain town for some of the best floats in the west. but summertime brings -- >> aspen. >> hang on. come down the mountain on two wheels or even a flies. where are we? >> a flies? >> jackson hole, wyoming. >> i've been to all the other places. >> it's a winter destination. but there's amazing mini golf there and also fantastic treetop adventures. like the x games. the great thing about ziplines is they are kid-friendly. there are places they can fly to. >> we had a home for many, many years in colorado. i loved it the best in the summertime. it's glorious, like being in europe in the swiss alps. come on, reg, let's go.
10:17 am
>> okay. >> i'm going to pick up one of these medals but i'll get in trouble if i touch it. >> are we going to rio? >> not quite. we'll go there next week. with the olympics heating up this place was a toast to the 2002 winter olympics. >> 2002. >> in the summer you can still channel your olympian heading down the mountain. we are heading west near the colorado -- >> salt lake city. >> we are in utah, yes. >> salt lake city is in utah. >> exactly. good. >> i don't know much. >> you got that one. >> thank you. well, frank and i hosted in 1988 the late night olympics up in calgary. >> that's what we love about the utah. one of the utah olympic venues is that it's been the playland now. you can tube down the mountain. >> wow. >> on plastic that feels like snow. and you can also get onto what was the bobsled and have a little pilot take you down at 60 miles an hour. >> all right, fun.
10:18 am
okay. ed a adirondack chairs. >> you have already guessed. the adirondacks are amazing. that's a giant -- >> that is just gorgeous. >> it is 20 bucks to get around this course. what is brilliant about this treetop adventure is it is wheelchair accessible, the whole family can go. >> not up into that? >> but a lot of the adventure is. come on, come on. head to this mountain top for the best slopes in the west. where i am? oh, we have to talk about -- goodness, we have to drive here but you still need a passport. the west coast of canada? >> oh, vancouver? flow mountain. >> it's amazing between whistler and black dome there are gondolas. there's a 360-degree view.
10:19 am
>> i would rather do that than watch "the bachelorette," that's for sure. >> where are we? this is an icy destination. >> iceland. >> iceland is right, yeah. >> you're very good at this. >> i've been to iceland several times. the hot things, the soaking and the theme and all that. >> the winter in the summer is amazing. >> you're amazing, mark. appreciate it. how do you get men to do things around the house? >> guilt usually works. >> let's see what our guys have to say after this. you're making this up! no, no, no she came on to you? i was walking down the street and from the other side, "hey! hey! who is that? she just...she cat called you? no. he was just friends... he was friends with my pavlik. and that's a different story. oh, you stole her from her boyfriend?
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i'm batman! i'm batman! i'm batman! i'm batman! sfx: "boop" i'm batman! kids' character tees, 24 designs available, $6.97 each save money. live better. walmart. if you've ever wondered what your man is thinking, and you know you have, today is your lucky today because it's time for guys tell all. >> first up, referencing all the single men, shahe is the owner tortulia in new york city. >> next is married father, rick younger, who has a new show premiering every month. and this time it's called "my white wife or so i married a black man." >> we want to get to the point of it all. >> we have kyle martini who is
10:23 am
married with a baby on the way. works for nbc universal during the rio olympics. >> and last but not least, the still engaged bob guinney. we'll go across the street for a question for you. >> hi, my name is jean and i'm from crownsville, maryland. my question to guys is why when we text you it takes hours to respond, but yet when you text us, we respond right away or you get mad if we don't. >> well, because we're in the middle of the fancy draft. >> that's a good point. >> our batteries are dead. they are always on. >> we don't multi-task. >> we know our husbands are busy or know their schedule. but if you're waiting for a text from a female, right, what happens? why don't you get back to her? >> well, we as guys always expect everyone will clean up
10:24 am
our laundry behind us, cook, do all the things. because that's how our moms raised us, of course. >> i think we are just sensitive, right? >> all righty. >> we want the response. >> this is question two. danielle asks, so i have been dating this guy for almost a year now, right? i have met all his family and friends. i'm invited to everything his family has and he and i are almost always together, but he still doesn't call me his girlfriend. >> is his name jordan rodgers? >> all he says is i like how we are with no title. i don't want to mess it up. what should i do? >> i can say being someone who recently was engaged, but it took me a long time to give that title again because i felt like it would ruin everything. again, it's just my -- >> sometimes as guys we take time to express our feelings, but we know how we feel. we want to be sure. >> we'll be back in just a
10:25 am
little bit, okay? >> all right. (man) what i love about the tempur-breeze bed is it's cool. you're not too hot, too cold, you're just perfect. you just get in and it naturally adapts to your body and creates the perfect temperature for you.
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10:27 am
a pretty good chance we'll see some breaks of sunshine at times, enough to warm us into the low 80s this afternoon. by tonight, the storm threat will move out. katy? >> bill, thanks. jessica boyington is standing by with a check of 76. some slow going there, right? >> yes, katy. we have some slow-moving maintenance vehicles up ahead. you can see that they're really at a slowdown right now. we're at a 36-minute drive time. that's pretty heavy from right now, and this is typically a 12 to 13-minute trip. that's because of those lane restrictions, from the slow-moving construction vehicles. also in wynnewood, watch for traffic lights that are malfunctioning and watch for police activity in the area of lancaster after and remmington road. katy? >> jessica, thank you. today a philadelphia firefighter will be laid to rest. right now a second viewing is being held for gabriel lee at deliverance evangelical church.
10:28 am
he served on the philadelphia fire department for 17 years. a funeral service will be held at the same church in just 30 minutes from now. new jersey veterans suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder could soon be treated with medical marijuana. yesterday, the state senate passed a measure to allow the drug to be used for ptsd patients. the bill now heads to governor christie's desk for final approval. medical marijuana is already approved in new jersey for treatment of ms, terminal cancer, and muscular dystrophy. we'll be back at 11:00 with a full hour of news and weather.
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10:30 am
it's booze day tuesday and spanky tuesday. regis better be careful. he's in for hoda today. hope you're ready for round two of guys tell all. >> with me is shane, rick, andy and newly engaged bob guiney. >> like pigs. we love him to pieces. we're going to go, i believe, over to the crowd again. >> that's right. >> hi. this is jenny stelten from wisconsin. guys, i'm wondering why you insist on wearing shorts in the middle of winter. >> because it's hot outside. have you seen bob's legs? i would if i looked like that. >> my question is, what are you doing in my house? how do you know i wear shorts in
10:31 am
the wintertime? i don't do that. >> you said it's hot, because you live in california. >> right. but i do a lot of donkey kings just to keep it firm. so i like to show it off. >> oh, my. >> my problem is, my wife and i, our body temperature is totally on the opposite side. so she's under the covers in a sweatshirt when i am in my underwear on top of the covers sweating. i can't figure out why that happens. >> that's a good visual. beautiful. >> i live for the summer completely. so i have to think that it's going to be summer soon. i'm willing that it will happen. >> i wonder if it's a cultural thing because they are the only ones who wear shorts in the wintertime. >> reg, do you wear shorts in the winter? >> yeah. and it feels great. >> all right. so we have kathie that says, how the heck do you get your guy to want to remodel things around the house, dog gone it. he knows how, i have always tiled or mowed and then he'll
10:32 am
jump in. i feel like i make him feel guilty. >> it sounds like it's working. >> tell him you think he can't do it. tell him he can't do it. >> my mother used to trick all the men in the house to work. she would get up on saturdays and start mowing the lawn and say, i'm going to go out and cut this grass. and think my father was like, you boys are going to get out there so your mother isn't out there cutting the grass by herself. i don't want to be the guy that looks like his wife is out there. >> my wife tricked me into doing something around the house. we tried to make it romantic, we got paint on each other's nose, but the next day -- we woke up in the morning and the paint fell off of the wall because we didn't use primer and all that stuff. and then we had to pay for someone to fix what we broke and then do it. just do it right the first time. >> hire someone to cut the lawn. they do it right the first time. >> okay, we'll go to the sound one more time. >> hi, i'm jessica from san
10:33 am
diego, california. and my question is, when is the right time to say "i love you." ? >> when you feel it. >> at the final rose ceremony. i waited until then. >> my wife doesn't like jordan. i feel for jordan a little bit. >> bob -- >> you were the fourth bachelor. >> i was the fourth bachelor. when you set the bar as high as i did, it's tough to keep up. i don't know when the right time is to say "i love you." i'm hoping that third time is a charm. >> you have been engaged for a while. for a man of your age, what are you waiting for? >> you said something about the cialis commercial. >> yeah, yeah. >> i don't know. >> my love to everybody. which is chuck knight? >> he's outside the window peeking in. >> i love you, guys. thank you. and if you have a question for our man panel, go to k
10:34 am tomorrow lauren daigle will be here inspiring you with her great song. >> she's amazing. do not turn the channel. and we're going to spice things up with hunky chef ben ford. oh, they look so delicious. oh, they look so delicious. they are shrimp at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. at hillshire farm, there's a reason our slow roasted turkey taste so fresh seconds after carving, we not only seal every slice, we double seal it. the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles.
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all righty. one of the best ways to enjoy
10:39 am
all the fruits and veggies summer has to offer is to head to your local farmer's market. >> so on "today's" food team, they went to ben ford to make the perfect fresh southern dish. >> it's a twist. wait until you see him serve it up later at the sixth annual food and wine festival. we're so glad you came back to see us. >> so glad to be here. >> you told us during the break mexican food is amongst your very favorite. >> i'm a southern california boy. so i grew up with the proximity to mexico and this definitely has a big influence. this dish we're going to do today, shrimp tostada, has a strong and clean flavor. >> all these ingredients, it's a lot of work. >> it's a little bit of preparation. you can make these as simply as you want or complicate it like i did today. but i like to find a little bits and bites in here. >> bits and bites. >> and you made this out of all of this? >> all of this.
10:40 am
we start with potatoes. salt the water. you're going to boil these for eight minutes. >> okay. it looks like yukon. >> or a wax cany potato. whatever you want to call them. and here we have rendered all the crispiness off of that. >> tell everybody what that is? >> triso, this is a mexican style triso. >> is it a sausage? >> it's a sausage. >> that's what i was asking in english. we don't all live in southern california. >> i'm so sorry. you know, we all should. >> we all should is right. >> we render the fat off and use the fat to cook the onions. >> so we're not going to watch calories so much right now, right? >> well -- >> good and healthy. >> no. no. no. we're cooking the shrimp at the same time. i have a little bit of garlic,
10:41 am
cue minute, salt and pepper. mix this up and marinate for 15 minutes. mix that up. >> thank you. >> over here we've got our -- we cook our onions. we have a little bit of our chorizo back to it. >> which is sausage. >> which is sausage, good, yummy sausage. we have our onions back here. we'll move back to the grill. >> back to the grill, reg. >> do i take this with me? >> leave that there. so we have our shrimp here marinated, 15 minutes, throw it on the grill. you can do this in the backyard part if you have the backyard to do it in. >> a lot of people have these on their decks in the apartments and stuff in new york, you know? >> yeah. i did a woodfire cookbook a few years ago. and, you know, it didn't sell much in manhattan for some reason or another. so we have the shrimp cooked. >> another audience, baby. >> we are going to cut this into
10:42 am
bite-sized pieces. i'm offended by the people who leave this part back on it, so i like to leave that part on. >> some people cut it and throw it away. there's a little bit of tail in there. >> those are our snacks. chef snacks. >> okay. >> so we dice these up. >> okay. >> we add this back to our chorizo potato mix we have here. >> we'll have to taste because we're running out of time. should we taste, reg? you've got refried beans there, black beans. a little bit on there. >> what is this? >> you can use whatever you want. >> if you don't like sausage or chorizo, leave that out, right? >> leave it out. >> we're running out of time. to get this recipe, go to and how about a little music to go with our dinner here? this incredible singer is going to sing for us, grammy nominated lauren daigle. and ben ford is --
10:43 am
>> downtown live. >> i have to have my kids come by and say hi. los hey there, hi. why do people have eyebrows? why do people put milk on cereal? oh, are you reading why people put milk on cereal? why does your tummy go "grumbily, grumbily, grumbily"? why is it all (mimics a stomach grumble) no more questions for you! ooph, that milk in your cereal was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah, happens to more people than you think... try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. good, right?
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so delicious, it should have another name.
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the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> okay. the audience first heard the sweet sounds of lauren daigle when she compete in front of millions of viewers on "american idol" in 2010 and 2012. she's now a new artist in contemporary music and has been for a decade. >> and she won a grammy for a top christian album of the year. >> that's fantastic. >> for a full-length debut called "how can it be?" >> and just released a deluxe edition. then you're going on tour, right? >> yes. it's the very first one that we're -- >> where are you going? >> we are doing tampa, we are
10:49 am
going to come travel up the east coast. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. we want to hear you sing. i don't want to take away from that. we love you to pieces. lauren daigle. "how can it be?" ♪ i am guilty ashamed of what i've done and what i've become ♪ ♪ these hands are dirty i dare not lift them up to the holy one ♪ ♪ you plead my cause you right my wrongs you break my chains you
10:50 am
overcome ♪ ♪ you gave your life to give me mine you say that i am free ♪ ♪ how can it be, yeah ♪ how can it be, yeah notice ♪ but i've been hiding afraid i've let you down ♪ ♪ and then inside i doubt that you still love me but in your eyes there's only grace now ♪ ♪ you plead my cause you right
10:51 am
my wrongs you break my chains you overcome ♪ ♪ you gave your life to give me mine you say that i am free ♪ ♪ how can it be, yeah how can it be, yeah ♪ ♪ though i fall you can make me new from this death i will rise with you ♪ ♪ oh the grace reaching out for me, yeah ♪
10:52 am
♪ how can it be, yeah how can it be, yeah ♪ ♪ you plead my cause you right my wrongs you break my chains you overc e overcome ♪ ♪ you gave your life to give me mine you say that i am free ♪ ♪ how can it be, yeah how can it be, yeah ♪ >> great, lauren, awesome! >> very good, lauren. >> thank you.
10:53 am
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we're about to make five lucky viewers really happy. tell them why, reg. >> because it's time to give it away. >> the surprise is a kitchen-aid artisan premium stand mixer. also available exclusively. >> the new artisian, it is 25% smaller, 25% lighter and as powerful as a kitchen-aid classic stand mixer with over ten available attachments. >> that's exactly right. plus, you can reinrecent classic meals and inspire your culinary creativity with this spiralizer mixer attachment bringing the total value of this prize to $450. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. let's find out who the winners are. >> the first one is jennifer
10:57 am
siegal, reg. she's from westfield, new jersey. who is the second win her? >> the second winner is laura peters from akron, new york. >> crank that music. okay. the third one is susan ringwald of van wert, ohio. >> the fourth one is david clemmon, finally a guy. >> good. once in a while. >> la grange, ohio. >> and the last winner is elizabeth right from massachusetts. congratulations to all of you. this is spanky tuesday. tomorrow, leslie odom will perform and barbara streisand concert ticket giveaway. reg, i asked if you want to be the spanker or the spankee. >> i want to spank you -- >> he's been carrying my drawers the whole time. take your opportunity. >> no, i can't. >> you've got to. >> i don't even want to look at it. >> then turn around.
10:58 am
>> have a great
10:59 am
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the search is on for a driver who ran over and killed a woman in south jersey and then took off. stringing us along? why the age-old recommendation to use dental floss could be a big waste of time and money. and video you just have to see. the unlicensed driver who crashed into a walmart and gave shoppers inside the surprise of a lifetime. it's 11:00 and we begin with this breaking news in the philadelphia church sex abuse case. a judge has ordered monsignor william lynn released on bail today. this just happened not long ago. last month, the pennsylvania supreme court upheld a ruling that lynn deserves a new trial. prosecutors are deciding whether


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