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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  August 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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the search is on for a driver who ran over and killed a woman in south jersey and then took off. stringing us along? why the age-old recommendation to use dental floss could be a big waste of time and money. and video you just have to see. the unlicensed driver who crashed into a walmart and gave shoppers inside the surprise of a lifetime. it's 11:00 and we begin with this breaking news in the philadelphia church sex abuse case. a judge has ordered monsignor william lynn released on bail today. this just happened not long ago. last month, the pennsylvania supreme court upheld a ruling that lynn deserves a new trial. prosecutors are deciding whether
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or not to retry the former church official. lynn has already served three years in prison for helping to protect priests who have been accused of sex abuse. he was the first u.s. roman catholic church official ever charged and convicted of helping to shield child molesters. a judge has ordered him released on $250,000 bail. family members are expected to pick him up later today from a state prison in northeastern pennsylvania. also right now at 11:00, an intense search is underway for a driver in south jersey, who struck and killed a woman and then took off from the scene. good morning. i'm katy zachary. that accident happened late last night as the woman was crossing a busy road. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live for us in galloway township, atlantic county right now, with an update on the investigation. and pamela, we've learned the name of the woman who was killed, right? >> katy, that's right. and to make matters worse, police say that 27-year-old
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woman was in the crosswalk when she was hit and killed. galloway township police say aubrey service of little egg harbor, new jersey, was attempting to walk the intersection of sixth avenue and whitehorse pike around 10:20 last night, when a silver, older model suv traveling west in the left lane ran a red light and hit her. the impact vaulted service forward and she was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver took off. police say the vehicle in question is again an older model suv, possibly a 1990 chevy tahoe or suburban. the front of that suv should have some front end damage there. they're asking anyone with information to give them a call. reporting live in galloway township, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> pamela, thank you. three firefighters are recovering this morning from heat exhaustion after battling a building fire in doylestown. sky force 10 was over the thick smoke that rose above gsi kitchen and bath showplace last night. it took about 150 firefighters
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several hours to get the fire under control. they did get help from backup water tankers when they began to lose water pressure while they battled intense heat and flames. >> because it was so deep-seated, mostly, we just saw smoke and heat. every once in a while, when it found a place to broke through, either the roof or the front, then some fire would break out. >> the fire marshal is trying to determine what started the fire. now to an update on a murder investigation in montgomery county. we know who was killed, but police say they are still searching for a suspect. the victims have been identified as 54-year-old janice trunk and 44-year-old kevin milton smith. neighbors of theirs at the forest garden apartments in ambler told police they heard several gunshots late sunday night. when officers got there, they found the victims in an apartment. relatives tell us, they are stunned. >> i can't even cry. i'm in shock. she didn't deserve this. it's not right. somebody needs -- somebody heard -- somebody heard
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something. they need to come forward. >> no arrests in the deadly shooting have been made. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, if you've been outside so far today, you know it's a mix of clouds and sun out there. and we really can't rule out a stray shower later on. this is a live look right now at frawley stadium, home of the wilmington blue rocks, where dry conditions are expected for tonight's game. the first pitch there is at 6:35. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei joins us now with the forecast. what can we expect, krystal? >> reporter: and things are looking all right out there right now. on our radar and satellite, what you see is for the most part, our area not seeing showers. that's moved off the shore, way out of our direction. and what we're going to be looking at today, as we just said, a mix of clouds and sunshine out there. and the thicker cloud coverage, which helps to produce the rain, you can see not showing up on our satellite here. it's mostly a pretty nice start to that late morning, as we track your early afternoon. right now, temperature wise, sitting at 76 in philadelphia.
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doesn't look like we'll be warming a ton here. we're talking moving into some of the lower 80s. some of us capping maybe even around the upper 70s. so temperature wise, not bumping up too much here. in the suburbs, it's 73 degrees. 74 in new jersey. and upper 70s for us in the lehigh valley to delaware. we've got those clouds hanging overhead right now, over many of the live looks outside, including looking out in center city. for your wind speeds, mostly around that 5 to 10-mile-per-hour range. winds not expected to be too much of an issue today, either. but here's what we do see. on the bottom of your screen, with that seven-day forecast movining along, we are tracking temperatures. we'll talk about how hot things may get, especially as we head into your weekend and more on that possibility of a spot shower, coming up. >> a nice reprieve from that heat right now. taking place as we speak, a funeral service is underway for a philadelphia firefighter who died at his firehouse last month. the service for gabriel lee
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began a short time ago inside the deliverance evangelicalist church in north philadelphia. immediately after the funeral, lee will be laid to rest at ivory hill cemetery on easton road. lee died last month at ladder 12 in north philadelphia. he was 42 years old. fellow firefighters found him in the basement unresponsive. he spent 17 years on the philadelphia fire department. all right. switching gears now. it's 11:06. time for a check of the roads with first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. what are you watching on 76? >> we were trying to watch something on 76, looks like we might have a little bit of a camera outage here, but the schuylkill expressway having some pretty big drivetimes headed westbound right now because of rolling work crews in the area. we typically see 12 to 13-minute trips there on our schuylkill cameras at this time, but now with the drive times, we're seeing about 45 minutes from the blue route into the vine street expressway. also watching the area bridges as well.
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this is the commodore barrier, where we have one lane open westbound. two lanes are closed on the ben franklin bridge heading into philadelphia. the walt whitman bridge nice and clear. also out in wynnewood, there are some traffic lights malfunctioning. they've been doing this since the 9:30 mark or so, on lancaster avenue and remmington road. so expect some police activity there on the scene. out in uppermoreland, there's a vehicle accident and on north york road and easton road. katy? construction is now underway on 70th avenue. penndot will make changes at 17 intersections, including new lights and putting new curb ramps for wheelchairs. crews will work daily from 9:00 to 3:00 through november of next year. tonight the question of tolls on a replacement bridge for i-95 will be up for public
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discussion. construction of a new bridge is set to begin next year. tonight's hearing at the holiday inn express on kunkle drive in easton will focus on new tolerates for the replacement bridge. the delaware river joint toll bridge commission is proposing a $1.25 toll for passenger vehicles with ez pass. the toll would be one way, southbound 95 from new jersey into p.a. up next, deadly bus crash. a charter bus that was packed with people crashes early this morning. we'll tell you where they were headed as investigators try to figure out what went wrong. and new details of the unprecedented travel warning, issued by the cdc. who they're telling to stay away from one u.s. neighborhood and why. and taking a look at temperatures outside, not a bad start to your day. still the possibility of some spot showers and still a little bit humid out there. things are getting better, though, in the days to come. we'll talk about the changes, coming up.
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at least five people were killed in a deadly bus crash in california this morning. the bus slammed into a pole holding up a highway exit sign in merced county in northern california. the california highway patrol says the crash happened shortly before 3:30 a.m. the bus with about 30 people onboard was heading from southern california to washington state. now to new cases of the zika virus that are leading the cdc to issue an historic travel warning for parts of miami.
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this as crews there do whatever they can to stop the virus from spreading. but the fear is, what appears isolated in a one square mile area of miami could now easily spread if the mosquito population is not squashed immediately. nbc's kerry sanders reports. >> reporter: this morning, the streets of this popular miami neighborhood filled with clouds of insecticide, an urgent all-out counter attack. the enemy, mosquitos carrying the zika virus. >> we are very active in making sure we do everything we can to control the spread of zika in our state. >> reporter: this morning, public health officials with an extraordinary warning. pregnant women being advised to avoid miami's artsy wynnewood district. >> to be safe, we're saying pregnant women shouldn't travel there. and if pregnant women are living or working there, they should do everything possible to prevent mosquito bites. >> florida officials now rushing in reinforcements and emergency response teams from the cdc,
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alarm bells going off after the number of zika cases from local mosquitos more than tripled from 4 to 14 in less than a week. >> my primary concern is just, you know, obviously, the apparent connection with microcephaly -- >> dr. adrian roznowski is an obgyn not far from the affected area and many of his patients are concerned. >> now that it's hit home, we're extremely concerned about the zika virus. >> and there's growing concern throughout florida that fear of zika will put a damper on the state's crucial tourism industry. but while officials worry zika may spread, word about the virus still has not. >> you didn't even know? >> no. >> are you concerned now that you hear that? >> i'm not pregnant, so. >> right now i'm here and i'm already here. >> we're not leaving. >> yeah. >> that was nbc's kerry sanders reporting. health officials are expected to update the number of cases of homegrown zika, saying they there not be surprised to see it
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rise again. now to decision 2016. a new poll released this morning shows a post-convention bounce for democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton. the new nbc news/survey monkey poll shows that hillary clinton is now leading republican rival donald trump by eight points, 50 to 42%. that's a seven-point increase in clinton's lead following the dnc convention here in philadelphia. the same poll last week showed trump getting no bounce from the republican convention. and taking a live look now, trump is back on the campaign trail in the swing state of virginia. this is a live look at the wood high school in ashburn, virginia, where they are awaiting his arrival for a rally there. the most recent nbc news "wall street journal"/marist poll of virginia was conducted in early july and showed hillary leading in that state by nine points. donald trump and hillary clinton took aim at each other on the campaign trail yesterday. trump let loose during a rally near harrisburg.
11:15 am
the gop nominee was in pennsylvania, trying to appeal to working class voters in one of the top battleground states of this election. trump has these words for clinton and her former rival turned supporter, bernie sanders. >> if he would have just not done anything, go home, go to sleep, relax, he would have been a hero. but he made a deal with the devil. she's the devil. he made a deal with the devil. true. >> trump also said he's afraid the fall election will be, quote, rigged. yesterday, hillary clinton was stumping in omaha, nebraska. she was joined by billionaire warren buffett, who endorsed her over the weekend. clinton was talking about her tax plan when she mentioned her opponent's name. >> i'm told that donald trump stayed glued to the tv set, so i hope he heard warren. because while warren is standing up for a fairer tax code, trump wants to cut taxes for the super
11:16 am
rich. >> today, clinton will be in colorado. remember, nbc 10 is here to help you make your decision as you head towards election day in november. you can follow all the action with the nbc 10 app. it's a free download. the nbc 10 digital team is on the campaign trail. they were with donald trump in pennsylvania last night, after following hillary clinton over the weekend. get their firsthand insight, also on the nbc 10 app. and starting out looking at those temperatures outside, you can see right now at the jersey shore, it's about 76 degrees. and the temperature in philadelphia the same, 76 out there. clouds still hanging overhead, but we should see more sun and clouds mixing as we move through your afternoon. lehigh valley, already nearly at 80 degrees. here's the thing, though. doesn't look like temperatures should climb too much more into your afternoon. we're talking lower 80s for some of us. and in some locals, possibly staying in the upper 70s through this afternoon.
11:17 am
here's a little closer look at some of the pennsylvania suburbs. 74 for west callen township and 73 in euclid township. exton, 76. mid-70s, kenneth square, and seeing bedminhster at 74 degrees. not a bad start to the temperatures as we get ready for your lunch hour here. and bottom of your screen, seven-day forecast, always scrolling through your neighborhood, temperatures are going to be on the rise here. that's one of two big stories we'll get to in just a moment. but i wanted to check in with radar and satellite once again, showing you a little closer view here. wilmington through philadelphia to trenton, we are looking at right now just some clouds out there. no rain to track. and i don't expect rain potential to be like it's been the last few days. instead of talking thunderstorms popping up around the region in the afternoon, this is a more isolated potential. also looking not so hot for us today, but in the days to come, that starts to pick up. let's first talk those rain chances, if you take a peek over the next several days, our rain chances here evaluated a tad
11:18 am
today. we're talking some isolated showers possible, maybe one spot thunderstorm in parts of south jersey here. and almost not a potential until saturday. that's the same, dover through allentown, atlantic city, as well. very dry conditions as we move your wednesday through friday, lacking like we'll see more sunshine, as well. and that will be leading to a bit of a rise in your temperatures here. so today, not bad. lower 80s over much of the area. 81 for allentown today. upper 70s in wildwood, and we do see that temperature a little hotter for us, as we move into areas like dover. although, looks like we have a little issue with the system, that should have been an 80, not an 89 we're looking at. then the temperature starts to crank up as we move into your friday and saturday. we might be tapping into some 90s around the region. here's a look at your temperatures. hamilton, 78. easton township, 80. jersey shore, upper 70s for us. 77 in atlantic city and ocean city, as well, with that mix of clouds and sun. and a stray shower is certainly
11:19 am
possible out there, with specifically as we move past lunchtime, but before about 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. then activity should move off, moving from east to west today with these light, spotty showers. same in delaware, wilmington, 83 degrees as we move into the night, drying out, and smyrna at 81, for that temperature. here's a look at your ten-day on 10. 81 today for philadelphia. 83 tomorrow. and we do start to see the temperatures climb here, thursday at 86. friday up to 88 degrees. and by your weekend, we do see those upper 80s, lower 90s possible. into next week, mostly dry, as well, just one spot chance of showers coming this saturday. >> thanks, krystal. this is not a question for krystal, it's a question for you. did you floss your teeth this morning or did you forget? coming up next, some good news for those who may have forgotten to floss. what a new study is saying about one of the most universal recommendations in the world of public health. plus, radar on the roads. we'll give you a look inside the newest tool for the first alert
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weather team. stormranger 10. that's coming up.
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first alert weather team has a new one of a kind tool to bring you a more accurate forecast. this morning, nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen gives you an inside look into stormranger 10, and its high-powered mobile doppler radar. >> reporter: this is stormranger 10. it's the only radar on wheels
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that you'll only find on nbc 10. that means it's basically your neighborhood radar. we can move this wherever we want, whenever we want to have a better look at storms and whatever type of weather is heading your way. and now we're going to take a peek inside stormranger 10's radar so you can see what it looks like. since this radar is smaller than a normal radar, it means we can put it in areas where stationary radars can't go. so think about it like this. if we can fill in the gaps that other radars miss, that means we have a better look at storms. on top of stormranger 10, it's our very own weather station. then the data gets transmitted inside stormranger 10, right here on the computer, we're able to tell you wind speeds over 90 miles an hour. wind direction, also, humidity, air pressure, air temperature, so all of this comes together to bring you the most accurate, up
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to date, current information in your neighborhood, wherever stormranger 10 is, make stormranger 10 so unique. so now you know, stormranger 10 is only on nbc 10, and it's the only radar on wheels, which means that we can move it wherever we want, whenever we want, in any kind of weather. realtime data, we fill in the gaps that other radars miss. so now we can tell you the type of weather that's coming, how severe it is, and when it's going to get here. more specific, more accurate, all to keep you safe. and did i mention we're the only station that has it? stormranger 10 only on nbc 10. >> thanks, sheena. you can get a closer look inside stormranger 10 by heading to or tapping the free nbc 10 app. we are following breaking news this morning about the first catholic church official ever convicted of covering up child sex abuse charges in the
11:25 am
united states. the new decision that just came down this morning about monsignor william lynn's prison stay. details are ahead. and we will take you to west virginia, where they are talking about this wild ride. a car crashes into a walmart store and wait until you see who was behind the wheel. okay, ready? whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. creamy swirls of pure indulgence. silky sifts of total transcendence.
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and we continue to follow breaking news in the philadelphia church sex abuse case. a judge has ordered monsignor william lynn to be released on bail today. it just happened a short time ago. last month, the pennsylvania supreme court upheld a ruling that lynn deserves a new trial. prosecutors are deciding whether or not to retry the former church official. he has already served three years in prison for helping to protect priests accused of sex
11:29 am
abuse. he was the first u.s. roman catholic church official ever charged and convicted of helping to shield child molesters within its ranks. a judge ordered him released on $250,000 bail. family members are expected to pick him up later today from a state prison in northeastern pennsylvania. and checking out our nbc 10 headlines at this hour, this morning, police are looking for the driver in a deadly hit-and-run crash in galloway township, atlanta county. witnesses say an suv ran a red light and hit a woman while she was walking across the white horse pike at sixth avenue last night. police are looking for a silver-colored older-model chevy tahoe or suburban. new cases of the zika virus in miami are leading the cdc to issue an historic travel warning. public health officials are telling pregnant women to avoid miami's artsy wynnewood district. the number of zika cases from mosquitos there more than
11:30 am
tripled from 4 to 14 cases in less than a week. zika can cause severe birth defects. a funeral service is right now underway at this hour for a philadelphia firefighter, gabriel lee. the service gab about 30 minutes ago at the deliverance evangelicalist church. he was 42 years old. i don't want to jinx anything, but if you've been outside, you'll notice it's a tad cooler than we've had the past few days. it's pretty comfortable out. here's a live look at penn treaty park along the delaware river, where it's been a very pleasant morning to keep your dogs out for a walk or your kids out in the stroller. what's in store for the rest of the day? nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei is here with the answer. hi, krystal. >> hi. very good morning. almost good afternoon here. we're looking outside bala cynwyd, our station, and we still have some clouds, but the
11:31 am
sun is trying to break through. it has been a pretty nice morning out there and it's going to be a fairly nice afternoon. still some spot showers possible, but isolated at best. not looking at a lot of activity and not quite as busy as it has been the past few days, either. here's our temperatures right now. these aren't going to warm much more. for some of us, allentown, some of us, pottstown. wilmington at 78. trenton right now at 74 degrees. and atlantic city at 76. these temperatures not bumping up much more. a few degrees, low 70s and low 80s. which should make it an okay day for us, aside from those spot storms. then we look ahead, at temperatures warming and drier conditions. so we'll check in on what to check through the rest of our workweek in just a few minutes. >> krystal, thank you. turning now to decision 2016. republican nominee donald trump is back on the campaign trail in the swing state of virginia right now. this is a live look at where the republican nominee is speaking at a high school in ashburn,
11:32 am
virginia, where the rally started not long ago. now, virginia, of course, is the home state of hillary clinton's running mate, senator tim kaine. trump last night launched a new attack against hillary clinton, saying he's concerned the election is going to be rigged against him. meanwhile, the latest nbc news survey monkey online tracking poll after her nomination at the democratic national convention shows that hillary clinton now leads donald trump 50% to 42%, which is a 7-point jump from last week. nbc's hallie jackson has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: he often calls her "crooked." >> crooked hillary clinton. crooked hillary. >> now donald trump has a new name for hillary clinton. >> she's the devil. >> reporter: that insult coming as trump slams the endorsement of bernie sanders. >> he made a deal with the devil. she's the devil. >> reporter: a new fiery attack as trump's latest controversy,
11:33 am
meanwhile, shows no sign of cooling. the gop nominee not backing out of criticism of the khan family, who has son was killed in iraq. >> as far as i'm concerned, he's a hero. but horrible things were said about me. >> reporter: trump later adding -- >> his son wouldn't have died, because i wouldn't have been in the war if i was president back then. >> reporter: the gold star parents keeping up their own attacks. >> some good-hearted, sincere, genuine, pure-hearted patriotic american of falling in his trap. he's a snakeoil salesman. >> reporter: another military mom confronting trump's vp. >> his disrespect for mr. khan and his family is just an -- >> mike pence forced to defend his running mate on the campaign trail. >> captain khan is is an american hero. >> reporter: the last 24 hours have seen an avalanche of republican responses, almost all
11:34 am
praising captain khan's service. including john mccain, who released a lengthy statement saying in part, trump does not have an unfettered license to defame those who are the best among us, but mccain and other republicans still not unendorsing the nominee. >> and if i was the nominee of the party, i would not have said what he said or in the way that he said it. because i think the family had a right to speak out. >> reporter: democrats dig in. >> i mean, is there no limit to which this guy will descend? >> reporter: all this as clinton faces her own controversy over her e-mails. fact checkers giving their worst rating to her response to this question on fox news. >> the fbi director, james comey, said none of those things that you told the american public were true. >> chris, that's not what i heard director comey said. director comey said that my answers were truthful. >> reporter: clinton getting backing from billionaires like warren buffett, laying down a
11:35 am
challenge to trump. release your returns, buffett said. >> i'm under audit, too. >> reporter: and he will, too. >> there are no rules against showing your tax returns. >> and that was nbc's hallie jackson reporting. well, attorneys are trying to spare the alleged charleston church shooter from the death penalty. lawyers for dylan roof filed a legal challenge, claiming that capital punishment sought by federal prosecutors is unconstitutional. roof, who is white, is accused of black worshippers at a church in charleston, south carolina, in june of 2015. the justice department is pressing hate crime charges against him for allegedly targeting victims based on their race and religion. well, this just into nbc 10 news. bill bratton will resign as the commissioner of the nation's largest police force. new york city mayor bill de blasio is expected to make the announcement at a noon press conference. it's not sure when bratton's resignation will be effective. the news comes just days after
11:36 am
bratton told "the new york times" in an interview that he would not serve as new york's top cop after 2017. a judge ordered that a kentucky man can now fly a commercial airlines after he allegedly attacked the flight attendant. >> sit down. sit down! you don't put your hands on my flight attendant! >> another passenger recorded that july 21st incident on a cell phone. the pilot of the american airlines flight tackled 25-year-old michael kerr after kerr allegedly attacked a flight attendant and threatened to break her jaw. the judge released kerr on a $25,000 bond. a suspect broke free from police officers, from police officers in orlando, florida, leading to a fight. surveillance and cell phone cameras captured the whole thing. two bike officers had tried to arrest the man for smoking marijuana, when he broke free and ran for his car. now, officers used pepper spray
11:37 am
and wrestled him to the ground, only to have him get back up and drive off. the suspect then crashed his car a short time later, likely due to the pepper spray effects. a car crashed into a west virginia walmart and you really won't believe who or what was behind the wheel. surveillance video shows an elderly woman's car rolling across the parking lot and straight into the store. but that woman was not inside. turns out she had left her car running because her two dogs were inside and she wanted to keep them cool in the hot temperatures. but one of the dogs somehow knocked the car into gear. >> dogs can be your best friends. and in this case, they can be your enemy, too. >> unfortunately, neither the dogs, the car, nor the building suffered too much damage. happening now, president barack obama is hosting the prime minister of singapore at the white house. ♪
11:38 am
for president and first lady michelle obama greeted the prime minister on the first lawn. they are hosting a state dinner tonight. the president is expected to use the visit to once again push for the transpacific partnership dole, also known as tpp. hillary clinton and donald trump both say they oppose the tpp. and a live look now from washington, d.c., where president obama is holding a news conference with singapore's prime minister. he is also addressing the upcoming presidential election, and told reporters he does not think republican presidential candidate donald trump is fit to be president. and that he keeps proving it. he says that's just not his opinion. he says it's also the opinion of many prominent republicans. president obama is also speaking about u.s. air strikes against isis in libya. vice president joe biden has been in office for nearly a
11:39 am
year, but he just officiated his first wedding yesterday. the vice president married two white house staffers, brian mosteller and joe mashi. the small ceremony took place at biden's residence at the u.s. naval's observatory. after the ceremony, biden tweeted, quote, proud to marry brian and joe at my house. couldn't be happier. two longtime white house staffers. two great guys. new this morning, pope francis has instituted a commission to study whether women can be ordained as permanent deacons. the commission is composed of six women and six men from academic institutions around the world. well, all that flossing that you may or may not have done this morning may not be doing your teeth any good. the federal government has removed its recommendation that people floss, because it has acknowledged that the effectiveness of flossing has really never been researched or
11:40 am
required. the associated press looked at the most rigorous research conducted over the past ten years and that study found the evidence for flossing was, quote, weak, and very unreliable. well, this is interesting. could your weight affect how well you respond to the flu vaccine? a new study from st. jude's children's hospital found versions of the vaccine formulated for high-risk patients did not effectively protect obese mice from severe flu. and researchers suggest the same may be true for humans. experts say further studies are needed to understand how the vaccine may affect the millions of obese people worldwide. a new study shows high doses of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil may help the heart heal after a heart attack. patients who took 4 grams a day of omega-3s had better function and less scarring in the undamaged heart muscle in six months than those who took a
11:41 am
placebo. researchers say omega-3 fatty acids seem to reduce inflammation and allow the heart to contract better. coming up next, the road to rio. it's hard to believe the opening ceremonies for the 2016 summer olympics are just three days away. a look at the final preparations that are underway right now in brazil. plus, i talked to the newest member of the "today" show family, who's getting set to head to brazil for the game. krystal? >> and we're taking a live look outside center city here in philadelphia. and what we see is still clouds hanging overhead. we'll talk about if they clear anytime soon and what to expect as we finish up that workweek.
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call 1-866-999-0154 to apply now. welcome back. the road to rio is in the final stretch. we are just three days away from the start of the 2016 olympic games in brazil. the opening ceremony is set for friday night, and nbc 10 is the only place bringing you all of the sports action. with the world coming to rio, an increased police presence is now in place around the olympic venues. brazil is working with other countries, including the united states and france, to ensure safety and deal with the threat posed by global terrorism. as we get ready for rio, a familiar face is preparing for his newest adventure, and it's not just a trip to brazil to the olympics. billy bush is joining us now, and he's joining the "today" show. this is so exciting. hi, billy, thanks for joining us. >> hi, i'll be providing hot
11:45 am
coffee for matt lauer and everybody else in the morning, wherever they need, and i'm very excited to be taking over all the green room duties and everything. it's going to be wonderful. no, i'm kidding. >> well, billy, our viewers know you best from your years on "access hollywood." tell us a little bit about this new adventure, though, at the "today" show. >> well, the cool thing is, you know, i left "access hollywood" may 26th, but part of the deal was, that i would return to host "access hollywood" from the olympics for two weeks. soy am doing -- i start my new job and i'm kind of moonlighting with my old -- kind of got my old girlfriend there with me as well, "access hollywood". >> she's great. >> so we'll be doing both. but we start on monday and i'll be doing the 9:00 hour, hosting the 9:00 hour. i'll be part of the 7:00 to 9:00, doing some orange room and trending and some of the fun stuff there. and doing a bunch of -- i've got a bunch of great feature story ideas. some big laughs. i've got adrianna lima and
11:46 am
alessandra bosrio taking me out for a surprise and something that will be very funny. i hope to add to the fun that's already there. the "today" show is the hub for the athletes, the medalists, they win, they come, bring their families, their boyfriends, their girlfriends. we get to know them. we put them in a cooking segment with emeril, teach them a samba dance and everybody wins. >> and we love to see and it the viewers love to see it, too. that human side of them, which can be a little bit more real in the 9:00 hour. so nbc, we know, is planning more than 260 hours of coverage of the games. and as we were talking about before, we started filming with you. you've covered the olympics before for the networks, so what are you most excited to see this round? >> i love our comeback stories. i jerkers and i love our champions. of course, we love a winner. justin gatlin is a sprinter who is going to be -- is in a comeback position. he's always wanted -- he's 34
11:47 am
years old. he's the oldest guy. he's going after usain bolt, he's always wanted to beat him. he had a four-year ban from doping. he's turned to the lord. he's old, but fast. and this is his last chance to do it. all eyes on him. katie katie ledecky is maybe the greatest swimmer in swimming history. she won a goal at 15 in london. now she's going to win a huge pile of them. she beat, in the 1500 long distance, the next closest person is 13 seconds behind her. she is so dominant. women's soccer. how great is women's soccer at the olympics? >> you're talking to a former soccer player, so i'm partial to that. but all-around, great stories coming out of the olympics. and you know, you can't beat it. >> huge personalities and just a lot of fun. and some great badminton, by the way, if you want to -- we have some very strong badminton players coming. i can't wait. >> awesome. well, billy bush, thanks so much for joining us this morning.
11:48 am
we wish you all the best on your new venture with the "today" show. >> katy, thank you so much. hope to see you down there. there's tickets left. >> yeah, i wish i were going, but you know what, nbc 10's jacqueline london is already in rio and will be your all-access guide to the summer games. she's racking the dozens of athletes from our area and look for her exclusive reports beginning wednesday, tomorrow, right here on nbc 10 news. and saturday on nbc 10, we are going for the gold. our special profiles to local athletes who you will want to keep an eye on throughout the rio games. catch it saturday night at 7:00, right here on nbc 10. well, get ready for an event that's been called the black sundance. the black star film festival begins later this week in philadelphia. and will bring you filmmakers and movie fans from all around the world to our area. and joining us now is mary holmes, the founder of the festival. and she joins us this morning. thank you so much for joini ini
11:49 am
us. >> thank you for having me. >> tell us what's in store for this year's event? >> this year's festival will be for four days, mostly in university city. we're focusing on migration, which also happens to be -- coincidentally, it's also the hundredth anniversary of the great migration. so we'll be focusing on global migration, but we have the focus focusing on philadelphia. >> so this is the fifth year the fechld has been in philadelphia. how have you seen it grown? >> the festival, we've had really great audiences from the beginning, but they get bigger. so that's one way that we've grown. we're getting filmmakers more -- from more international spaces. so from more places around the world. and we're also finding that people are coming from more places, even within the country. >> well, what do you think philadelphia does to help pull those people to our area? >> well, i think that when you think about our festival, it's focused on independent filmmakers and the city is the city of independence, right?
11:50 am
i think that industry and a lot of the history of documentary filmmakers and other independent artists, it's a nice environment for us. >> have we seen any high-profile movies come out of the festival? >> not exactly. our festival is really alternative to hollywood in a way. most of the films are going to -- if they're lucky, they will get to itunes, they'll go to showtime or hbo. and this festival for us is really cultivating audiences to know to look for them when they're in those spaces. >> so you have a mix of filmmakers coming here, to participate, i would think, and also watch, right, as well as movie fans and actors? >> yes, we do. we have almost every professional producers, designers, art directors, and lots of people who are film scholars and critics. and the filmmakers get to, you know, one of the wonderful things is that people who know each other only in twitter or instagram, they meet ouch other in real life. >> which can be weird. can be really good or really strange, right? thank you, mary holmes, for
11:51 am
being with us. i want to recap so everyone knows. the black star film festival runs thursday, august 4th, through sunday, august 7th. for more information, head to our website, or check out the nbc 10 app. >> thank you. and we'll begin with a look at those temperatures outside of our delaware neighborhoods. glasgow is sitting at 80 right now. odessa at 84. mid-70s for us in wilmington. it's not a bad start to your almost afternoon here, almost to that noon hour. and we are looking at temperatures as we scroll down a little farther to the south, also sitting mostly upper 70s and low 80s here. so felton at 79. dover now at 80 and harrington, rather, at 82 degrees. temperatures, though, not going to warm a ton through your afternoon. areas like delaware should see some of the higher temperatures across our entire viewing zone.
11:52 am
by later today, low 80s, maybe some mid-80s sneaking in throughout. your radar and satellite, clear out there aside from clouds. we have clouds showing up, outdoors, but you're not seeing much of it on satellite, because it's not that thick cloud coverage that's bricking in the rainy weather. and it's looking like today, some spot showers are possible. not as likely to see strong thunderstorms developing across our region. very isolated possibility of that. move this through hour by hour until about 4:00 p.m., you can see it did show those spots of green moving through. i think it's a little heavy with the showers, but spotty activity is possible. potentially a light drizzle over philadelphia. and that does move a little farther to the south and to the west. these cells are going to move from east to west. it starts to clear out by 6:30. as we move into the overnight, you can see start to pull out some of those clouds, as well, getting drier in that forecast, overnight into wednesday. in fact, by wednesday, it's going to look like a lot more sunshine for us. and temperatures are going to start to warm.
11:53 am
so our temperature trend is going to be going up here. 81 today, it's actually below average for us. haven't said that a lot in the last few weeks. then we get to 83 for your wednesday, and we continue cranking those numbers up to about average thursday/friday, and the low 90s for us saturday. saturdays also the next time we're looking at the possibility of some thunderstorms developing out there, aside from the spotty showers later today. and if you see your neighborhood for today, not a lot of those icons showing thunderstorms. lehigh valley, summerton and philadelphia, 79 degrees, and lansdale, the same with that mix today of clouds and sunshine outside. but otherwise, spot showers, they move out about 6:37. overnight, some clouds and then into tomorrow, is when we talk a little more sunny conditions. we'll look more closely at your ten-day on 10. coming up, you can also find it on nbc 10. we'll be right back.
11:54 am
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11:56 am
welcome back. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei is here with a check of your afternoon forecast. storms, possibly? >> still a possibility of a spot shower or two moving through. doesn't look like we'll see as much thunderstorm development, and temperatures today pretty comfortable. 81 for us. a little humidity, but we see that drying out tomorrow through friday, sunshine, and we do see those 80s, as well. >> not bad for the dead of the summer, right? >> not bad at all.
11:57 am
>> thank you so much. and thank you for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm katy zachary. for krystal and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
11:58 am
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>> sonny: yeah, so after my mom's visit, and then selling the club, i just felt like it was the right time to come back to salem. but, i, you know, mainly i came back because of what happened with my uncle vic and maggie. you know, i need to be here for them. >> paul: right, of course. >> sonny: you know. >> paul: yeah. >> sonny: and i did make a lot of friends in paris, you know? that was cool. it's an awesome city, but salem's my home, and this is where my-- my friends are and my family. [sighs] i--i'm so sorry. i just keep talking about myself >> paul: no, no, hey, you-- i mean, you're the one who's been away, and i want to hear all about it. paris and your life there. well, it's just, uh-- well, if i seem a little quiet, it's because having you back is just a bit surreal. i can't quite believe it. >> sonny: yeah. um, i feel really bad that i--


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