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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  August 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now it's your turn to make the switch. . two new dust-ups today, but is it all his campaign strategy to keep his name on your brain? fighting for their town. new at 11:00, hundreds of chester residents push back against a layoff plan for
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firefighters and police officers. and creating new bonds between police and their communities. tonight, cops hang with residents for national night out as relations are frayed in many parts of the country. nbc 10 news starts now. >> tonight, donald trump facing fresh criticism on two new controversies, first for kicking a crying baby out of his rally today, and then for joking about an easy way to get a purple heart. >> actually, i was only kidding. you can get the baby out of here. i think she believed me that i loved having a baby crying while i'm speaking. >> i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. >> just the latest ways trump has incited outrage among voters and some writers are even calling his mental state into question, but are all these controversies all just carefully crafted campaign strategy? good evening, everyone, i'm jim
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rosenfield. tonight we're getting political insight into whether trump is manufacturing controversy to help keep his name in voters' minds. nbc 10's keith jones is joining us live in studio. keith, is this a calculated controversy? >> some people wonder if trump is crazy, or crazy like a fox. i talked to a political expert for his opinion on the strategy. >> don't worry about that baby, i love babies. i love babies. actually, i was only kidding. you can get the baby out of here. >> the latest blooper for the billionaire. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> not to mention building border walls and banning muslims. >> talk less, smile more, and possibly that would be some good advice for donald trump. >> j.j. balaban is a partner at the campaign group, which helped brand democratic campaigns. i asked him whether he thinks trump is crazy or calculated.
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>> given where he stands in the polls right now, which is several points behind secretary clinton and where many analysts think he's not going to win the presidency, it's hard to conclude anything other than crazy. >> balaban admits anything can happen, but says what worked in the republican primary for trump may not work among the general electorate. >> that's just a very different audience. it's a lot younger, it's a lot more diverse, and it's a lot less angry. >> reporter: today criticism is coming from all sides, even the white house. >> i think the republican nominee is unfit. means he's woefully unprepared. to do this job. >> but do voters here agree with that? >> i don't love trump. he's not perfect, but remember, in this world nothing's perfect. >> trump doing his usual theatrics. you're going to see this every day until the election. >> the president's words haven't fallen on deaf ears. earlier tonight trump tweeted a
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response to obama that he will, quote, go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states, end quote. jim, back to you. >> all right, keith jones. less than two weeks after securing the republican nomination for president, donald trump is making enemies in his own party. trump refusing to back house speaker paul ryan in his re-election bid, telling "the washington post" he's, "not quite there yet," and he didn't stop there. in the same article trump said he hasn't endorsed arizona senator john mccain in his bid for re-election. and with 98 days until election day, the presidential candidates have set their sights on the keystone state, but nbc 10 has found clinton and trump are making their play for pennsylvania with vastly different resources. the trump camp relying on state and national republican staffers to push his message, the campaign's website says it has five open offices. by tomorrow the clinton campaign will have 33 offices and 300 staffers throughout the state.
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you can fact check what both candidates are saying and track all the headlines from the campaign trail with the nbc 10 app. now to breaking news in delaware county tonight, sky force 10 flying over a hit-and-run crash in prospect park. police are telling us the driver hit a pedestrian at chester pike and route 420 and then kept driving. officers pursued the car and eventually arrested the driver. the pedestrian was taken to the hospitalme hospital. we don't know that person's condition right now. new at 11:00, one of the state east poorest cities could be cutting police and firefighters to deal with its financial crisis. tonight, recommendations how to get the city of chester back on track didn't sit well with residents at all. the proposal calls for cutting police and firefighting jobs. nbc 10's denise nakano has reaction from worried residents. >> everyone must link together and join together. >> reporter: more than a dozen chester residents took a stand against proposed cuts to police
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and firefighting jobs, with 200 more in the room backing them up. >> we live here. at the end of the day, we're still going to live here. >> can't put a dollar amount on someone's life. >> reporter: at one point it got so heated a man had to be escorted out of the room. chester residents heard from an independent consulting firm on how to repair the city's finances. among the recommendations, cutting police and firefighting jobs through attrition and putting a 5% tax on tickets for shows and events. residents express outrage over cutting jobs they say will directly affect their safety. >> not going to mess with our fire department. >> i move the majority of the fire department and the police department, and the ones that i know are very good workers and they care about the citizens. so i'm pleading to you not to cut any jobs from them. >> reporter: the same firefighters that could face job cuts had to leave the meeting on a fire call.
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chester city council has to approve the recommended recovery plan by august 27th or come up with one of its own. no one in the room appeared to support it. >> taking things away from the city and the people is not going to help us recover. >> reporter: in chester, denise nakano, nbc 10 news. the first u.s. roman catholic priest convicted of helping to shield child molesters in the church is out of prison tonight. monsignor left prison today. the state supreme court granted him a new trial. the court throughout his conviction saying the trial judge allowed too many priest abuse victims not tied to the case to testify. so if he's found guilty, how much time could he now face in prison? >> he served about three years so far, is my understanding, so he could be subjected to at least another six months if he was given the maximum sentence. >> lynn was charged with endangering a boy by transferring a suspected predator priest to his parish in
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the late 1990s. a bucks county couple will go to trial for allegedly giving their daughter to a man who helped them out financially. they were in court today accused of gifting their then-14-year-old daughter to lee kaplan. investigators say kaplan fathered two children with the victim, who's now 18. she testified in court today she cares for kaplan. nbc 10 spoke exclusively to the assistant district attorney about the victim's reaction. >> every victim acts differently, every victim experiences things differently, so i don't think it's atypical or typical. >> today the girl's parents were ordered to stand trial for child endangerment. kaplan will stand trial for sexual assault. tonight, delaware's death penalty is ruled unconstitutional by that state's supreme court. the justices taking issue with the law allowing a judge to sentence a person to death regardless of what a jury recommends. the u.s. supreme court made a similar ruling earlier this
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year. the aclu of delaware praising this decision, releasing a statement that reads in part, "the death penalty is an antiquated system broken beyond repair. it has no place in our criminal justice system. new at 11:00, philadelphia police shot and killed a dog that was attacking a woman in the city's point breeze section. around 8:00 tonight officers arrived in the 1500 block of dickinson street, found the dog biting a woman. the woman was treated for a bite wound. national night out. police officers around the country using tonight to connect with their communities. we'll take you around our region to show you the new bonds being formed tonight. with just three days left until the olympics open, is rio ready to play host? we check in on the progress next. sheena? and it's going to be a cooler start to your morning tomorrow, but those temperatures won't last. we're going to start heating up
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again going into the weekend. next chance for storms, the details next.
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you've got to see this video right here. it's a brazen jewelry heist inside the montgomery mall. look at these guys. they broke into the helzberg diamond store, smashed the cases. three wore masks to cover their faces and got away with about $10,000 in jewels. so far police do not know who these guys are. tonight all over our region and the country, crowds gathered for the annual night out, national night out. every year it's a chance for people in the community to show their support for people who protect and serve us. nbc 10's brandon hudson shows us how this year has more meaning than ever after several high profile cases of violence involving police. >> reporter: you see that crowd behind me? well, the organizer told me it's larger than usual. national night out is nothing new, but given the climate between our police and our
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communities, the timing of this event couldn't be any better. within minutes of arriving in northeast philly's national night out event, the crowds show their support for philadelphia police and commissioner richard ross. >> it's not everybody against the police, and although we all know that, i mean, when you see this on display, it illustrates it in a way that everybody needs to see. >> reporter: this year's event happens at a time when there is noticeable division nationwide following a number of police-involved shootings and officers targeted and gunned down. philadelphia mayor jim kenney says tonight is a reflection of our our country can repair relationships. >> we need in america to get our police departments and communities together like this so we understand we're all human beings, we all need each other. >> it's what the neighborhood needs. >> reporter: angel hartman worked with one of the originators of national night out here in philly. >> it's a matter of knowing the people in the neighborhood, knowing we're all good, we can do things together, we can make
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the best of the area. >> reporter: across the delaware river in camden, a long line of children got up close with the fire engine. in upper darby, the mayor talked about the importance of this event. >> i think it's important our community comes out and supports the police, fire, and emergency services. >> reporter: brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. you know what that music means, the road to rio is well traveled at this point. most of the athletes are in the brazilian city with just three days until the start of the 2016 olympic games, and nbc 10 is your home for all the action. despite fears the city isn't ready, american athletes certainly are for their shot at gold. rio's polluted bay was supposed to be cleaned up by now, but the contamination did not keep the u.s. sailers off the water today, and while multiple teams criticized the apartments in the olympic village, the u.s. athletes didn't seem to be fazed at all. >> we're ready. we're so fired up. i've had
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really good luck with everything. >> one of the big questions still looming over the games is the fate of the russian team in the wake of that doping scandal. a three-person olympic panel will make its final decision on who can compete before opening ceremonies. and nbc 10's jacqueline london is in rio tonight. she's tracking the dozens of local athletes getting ready to compete. you can catch her reports starting tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 4:00. to our weather now. drier air tonight as we take a dry look at beautiful boathouse row. looking forward to a fairly sunny day tomorrow. >> yes, sunny day and you're really going to like the way it's feeling tomorrow morning when you walk outside. take a look at the temperatures. if you've been outside in the past couple of hours you know how cool it feels. the humidity at a comfortable level. 70 degrees in philadelphia, 66 mount holly, 69 vineland, trenton coming in at 68 degrees. the bottom of your screen you'll
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see we have a dry stretch the end of the week, then storms come back. tomorrow morning temperatures will be comfortable. humidity will also be comfortable, so take a look at your temperatures. by 7:00 in the morning, many areas, if not every one, should be waking up to temperatures in the of 0s. mostly the low 60s. allentown 62, wilmington 67. atlantic city, temperatures low 70s, and a lot more sunshine tomorrow morning, through the afternoon, highs will only be in about the low 80s. this is because we're going to have that east wind, onshore wind, and that is going to keep us cooler. the clouds compared to today are going to be continuing to break overnight. we'll have sunshine through the day tomorrow and really to end out the week. by the end of the week, though, temperatures near 90 degrees, more humidity into friday and the weekend and that's our next storm chance, too. currently we are dry. the only shower that really moved through is now moving towards baltimore and weakening. we don't have to worry about the
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rain tomorrow. overnight, clouds continue to clear, your wednesday looking dry and a lot more sunshine throughout the day. then we go into thursday, everything still looking nice and dry. temperatures still in about the mid 80s, very comfortable thursday. friday heat and humidity increases and now we zoom out a bit. by friday evening, notice some rain off to our west. that rain will start to move in saturday, but only one part of the weekend will see rain. sunday does look quite a bit different. i'll show you that in a second. next three days, tomorrow through thursday, also friday, dry stretch, temperatures slowly warming by friday to near 90s in the philadelphia area. pennsylvania suburbs mid 80s through the end. week, sunshine if you're in the lehigh valley, low 80s, mid 80s, with sunshine nice and dry across new jersey with temperatures warming for the next few days. low 80s tomorrow, mid 80s thursday and friday, along the shore, as well, mostly along 80 degrees and if you're in
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delaware, expect temperatures mid to low 80s the next couple days but near 90 and sunny and dry into friday. you'll feel the humidity increasing. the weekend, two different days here, low 90s saturday, hot and humid, scattered thunderstorms, but then we go into sunday, more sunshine. once the rain moves through, humidity drops off a bit and temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. quite a difference from saturday to sunday as we go into your weekend. now this week the first alert weather team is debuting our newest tool if you've been watching in the afternoon you've seen it, storm ranger 10. the first of its kind. we're the only station to have it, it is a radar on wheels and will be able to give you a better view of any storm that threatens your neighborhood, gives us a better view, as well, to create a more accurate forecast, so let's check out how it works. this is storm ranger 10. it's the only radar on wheels that you'll only find on nbc 10. that means it's basically your neighborhood radar.
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we can move this wherever we want, whenever we want to have a better look at storms and whatever type of weather is heading your way. and now we're going to take a peek inside storm ranger 10's radar so you can see what it looks like. since this radar is smaller than a normal radar, it means we can put it in areas where stationary radars can't go. so think about it like this, if we can fill in the gaps that other radars miss, that means we have a better look at storms. on top of storm ranger 10 is our very own weather station. then the data gets transmitted inside storm ranger 10 on the computer. we're able to tell you wind speeds over 90 miles an hour, wind direction, also humidity, air pressure, air temperature, so all of this comes together to bring you the most accurate, up to date, current information in your neighborhood, wherever storm ranger 10 is, make storm ranger 10 so unique.
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so now you know storm ranger 10 is only on nbc 10, and it's the only radar on wheels, which means that we can move it wherever we want, whenever we want, in any kind of weather. real time data, we fill in the gaps that other radars miss, so now we can tell you the type of weather that's coming, how severe it is, and when it's going to get here. more specific, more accurate, all to keep you safe. and did i mention we're the only station that has it? storm ranger 10 only on nbc 10. little ninjas, that's how health officials are describing the mosquitos carrying zika in part of florida. why the insects are proving harder to fight than first thought. i approve this message.
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health officials in florida are learning firsthand that zika, the virus, is proving tough to kill. the problem lies in the mosquito species blamed for the outbreak in miami. workers have been blanketing a one-mile section north of downtown miami with insecticide trying to get rid of the mosquitos. 15 cases have been confirmed there. a travel warning remains in effect for pregnant women for that area. john clark, some olympic athletes weighing in on zika, too. >> yeah, tennis star headed for rio in the morning. find out why she's not afraid of the zika virus. and the phillies blew a big lead, but wow, they did something that's never been done. giants' ace madison bumgarner, that's next. marcopolo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! sì? polo!
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this is "sports desk" brought to you by xfinity. x. >> hey, i'm john clark from csn. wild game at citizens bank park. the phillies have the worst offense in baseball at home and madison bumgarner is on the mound, so, of course, this happens. phillies jumping all over mad bum. 3-0 in the second. 3-4 with a three-run shot, his 20th homer. 6-0 against one of the best pitchers in baseball, got to win the game. giants within three, brandon belt belts it. that is a three-run shot. game is tied at six. sixth inning now, giants are now up 8-7. franco again, he ties the game up at eight. 8-8 in the eighth. aaron altherr on a terror. five rbis, franco with four, cameron rupp with three big ones
11:29 pm
right here. three-run shot. so the phillies' two, three, four hitters are up with 12 rbis and ruppy puppy loving. phils beat the giants 13-8. what an amazing game. that's the most runs they've scored all season. >> you know, definitely great to get out of that six-run lead right away and, you know, ended up coming back, but we hung with it, didn't get down, you know, still battled every at-bat and able to come back and fight that. >> you've heard of managers getting ejected for arguing with umpires. how many times have you seen a fan get kicked out for yelling at an ump? it happened tonight. a fan was 15 rows deep, yelling so loudly at bob davidson, he didn't like it, so the fan gone. philly freedom, tennis back at villanova tonight, former number one women's player in the world, caroline wozniacki. this is caroline warming up for
11:30 pm
the olympics. she leaves for rio tomorrow morning from philly. some athletes decided not to go because of the zika virus. i asked caroline why she feels safe. >> it's wintertime there, it's not really mosquito season, and i have a place in miami and there's zika there now, too, apparently, so, i mean, at the end of the day, i'm going to live my life and use some mosquito repellent. i'm not planning on becoming pregnant in the next six months, so i think i'm okay. headlines, caroline is not going to be pregnant in the next six months. >> good stuff, we're right back.
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it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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well, tomorrow morning i think you're really going to like the way it's going it feel. mid to low 60s for the morning. mid to low 80s in the afternoon. near 90 in the weekend, 92 saturday, thunderstorms sunday. looks good, 87 and sunny. next week a dry stretch, but we get back into the 90s again. >> sunday looks fantastic. ready for that. that's nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm jim rosenfield, for sheena and all of us here, thanks so much for watching. the tonight show is next. have a great night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jonah hill, jaden smith, musical guest dua lipa.


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