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tv   Today  NBC  August 3, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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good boy! go for the gold. new frontline gold. available at your vet. ♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. you made it to hump day! >> yes. >> regis is our hump day hunk today. it's wednesday, august 3rd and the legendary tony bennett 's 90 birthday. in the rainbow room for a birthday bash. >> it's going to be terrific. >> let's just take a moment. ♪ ♪ and let me play >> that guy has got a voice. >> still does. we wish you all the best, tony.
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i think he's going to be appearing in the rainbow room on his 100th birthday. the male betty white. so we've got an exciting show today, don't we reg. >> i think so. especially with you with the new hair day. >> we are giving away two tickets to see the legendary barbra streisand in concert. two super fans. ♪ >> two great singers today. >> we really do. ♪ >> yep. two super fans from our plaza will compete for the chance. don't miss that. and he won a tony and a grammy for his portrayal of hamilton. did you see "hamilton"? >> only one left. >> leslie odom jr. is giving us a taste of brazil just in time for the olympics. >> this guy does everything. >> amazing, yep. and do you want to talk about this one, reg?
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>> if you love to travel, we have a great trivia game for you today when we play "who knew." and regis has a surprise. >> yes. >> for who? not for me, i'll tell you that. >> a surprise for regis, too, apparently. i'll tell you in commercial break. regis and i -- everybody knows we did our show together for 15 years. but we also did a whole lot of other -- remember when we were big? nobody was hotter. remember that? >> yeah. >> i miss those days. but anyway -- we thought it would be fun to take you down memory lane a little bit with this -- this time we were doing a "seinfeld" episode talking about cramer's coffee table book. remember this? >> sure. >> can i bring out our next guest now? >> please. >> a young guy with a book coming out and it's about -- this is the best part. it's a coffee table book about coffee tables. yeah. >> is that clever? [ cheers and applause ] i think that is so clever! >> i think so too. did you get to meet him backstage? >> i did. >> he looks like a fun guy, doesn't he?
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>> i love his hair. >> i do too. this guy could be a little bo bonk bonkos. would you please welcome cramer! [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, no. >> oh, high. >> see, the beauty of my book is, if you don't have a coffee table, it turns into a coffee table. [ cheers and applause ] >> look at this! >> i'm telling you. this guy is bonkos! he really is! >> but he's adorable. >>is. he's a nice looking guy. [ laughter ] >> all over my dress! >> all over my kathie lee casual. >> he is the funniest guy on tv. >> you are such a "seinfeld" aficionado. every single night. >> 11:00, right?
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>> yeah. >> you have been for how many years now? >> they have been on for 25 years. >> we used to say we were a show about nothing. you know, when we came on our show, we had no idea what we were going to talk about, no writers, no production meeting. and then seinfeld said his show was about nothing. he had a lot more success. >> he blew that right open. >> good for our friend, jimmy fallon, the host of the 2017 golden globe awards airing here on nbc in january. he's hosted an awards show before. he hosted the emmys in 2010. i think he's going to bring joy. he's like a kid. >> he is that way. i love the way he acts. you know, you see it -- >> yeah. >> right there in front of you. >> and he takes a lot of risks and they always -- >> he does. >> this i think is a risk, alec baldwin singing a duet with barbara. i haven't seen this. one of her songs on her new album called "encore." let's take a look.
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alec baldwin. >> yeah, he can do it. >> the best thing that has ever happened. ♪ the luckiest thing that has happened ♪ ♪ you are the best thing that's happened ♪ ♪ to me >> hey! >> that's darn good! >> darn good, you're absolutely right. >> oh, my gosh. >> alec, good for you! >> it's a real -- motley crue she's got there. she has been -- some surprises. so, okay. what happens when you hate your baby's name? when we started talking about this in the meeting this morning, i said, who hates their baby's name? >> did we have a meeting this morning? >> yeah. you weren't at it. you came in a little later. >> yeah. too bad. >> featured an article about a mother and father named their baby ottlie. o-t-t-l-i-e. a friend of theirs from the
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united kingdom. they realized nobody could pronounce the baby's name correctly and every time said someone the baby's name the mom would cringe. parents agonize a lot more about names than they did in the mid '80s. why did your mother and father name you regis? >> because he went to regis high school. here in new york city. >> i didn't know that. >> and he had -- well, i guess i can tell you, because he's not listening. >> probably from heaven. >> yeah. he got involved in a fight. yeah. with a -- i think it was a brother. who worked there. you know. >> a franciscan. >> yeah. >> father? >> right. and so they threw him out of school. and he was very, very upset about that. and that's why he named me regis. i think that's it. >> oh, my gosh. >> i don't know why -- >> it means king in latin or something. >> absolutely. >> so it was -- >> should be treated like that once in a while. >> a lot of people are asking
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how cody got his. you know what? when i was five months pregnant, it was thanksgiving and frank and i had not decided on a name yet. we knew it was going to be a boy. i was making stuffing in the kitchen with my mom and my dad and my brother. and frank watching a football game, all of a sudden cody risen, great player from the cleveland browns, made some sort of a play, and frank goes, "how about cody!" and i went, i love it. this is the weirdest, weirdest, weirdest thing. we didn't know at the time that cody -- cody who was born on march 22nd, that's cody risen's birthday. and he retired in 1989, and i think it might have been on his same birthday. i'm not sure about that. but then it gets weirder. i am on a plane going out to colorado, right? cody is about 3. >> yeah. >> and i meet somebody, and she comes up to me and she goes, hi, i'm cathy risen, cody risen's
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wife. so his wife named cody -- cathy. it gets crazy. and this is about the time you sort of want this music that we have cued up. ♪ >> thank you! i go -- we live in colorado. power is out at our house there. that's the night we make cassidy! >> do we have to hear this? ♪ >> well, that's the "psycho" music. that's not good. and we name her cassidy, right? because she's made in colorado. get what the daughter's of the risen's is. cassidy. >> it's a weird morning. >> and you used to say to me, cody and cassidy. you used to say it's a freakin' wild west show. remember? do you remember anything? >> no. >> i like it better this way. can't remember anything. >> me either, reg. okay, you are always so dapper.
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you are always dressed beautifully. and we were wondering, is there -- is there a difference in the way you get treated? does a man get treated differently if he's in a fantastic coat like this, or -- where's my mr. cargo pants? where did he go? >> right here. >> would you mind coming over here? tell me your name, please. >> franco. franco, stand over here so everybody can see you. do you think somebody is going to treat regis better than franco? what do you think? >> i hope not! >> remember when celebrity chef jeffrey zacarin is always in a suit and he says if everyone is casual, he's informal. if everyone is in semi formal, he's very informal. and a lot of women can't stand these cargo pants. have you ever experienced that? >> not really. >> really? [ laughter ] >> the ladies like you, huh? >> so far.
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>> those pants, though, right? they're nice and short. >> oh, the content of the pants! and what do you have in all those pockets? >> wallet. gloves to work. >> oh, kinky. middle of summer, what are you doing with gloves? >> what else? >> yeah, you better be careful. >> headphones. holy, cow. you've got everything. >> so there is a reason for cargo pants, ladies! i think they're cute, especially on a guy that has a body for them. but when people don't have a great -- a franco body. >> yeah, he's well-built, this kid right here. >> they don't have the content to put in the pants. thank you, i'll take that. thank you very much. anyway. dustin hoffman -- was that you? were you just going -- >> no! >> that was you. you're the only person sitting next to me. >> i've got a heavy nose! believe me alone. >> dustin hoffman -- >> yeah, dustin. >> what was he doing, reg?
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>> his usual schick. >> okay, so let's see what he does. this is himatty owe and they know he's up to this. they always catch him doing it. that's a good hiding. >> yeah. >> uh-huh. okay, so far that's fascinating. that's it? all right. this is supposed to be better. there's a dog. >> boy, you're really hot today. >> you make me crazy. there's a dog -- story over the weekend of this -- i thought it was two dogs. that were in a car in west virginia. the woman was shopping, left her car running in the parking lot of a walmart so that her dogs would stay cool while she went shopping. somehow one of the dogs, they got crazy, knocked the car out of gear and went rolling. look at this, reg. >> look out! >> people are apparently very interested in this, they can't believe a dog is driving. oh, look at that. >> oh, my god.
10:12 am
>> stopped eventually. that's a good thing. wow. a little damage done there, i guess. but you know, this time of year, we want everybody to know, no matter what, don't leave pets or children in the car in summertime. whether it's running or not, you know? >> well, if they're going to be out of the car for two or three hours, the dog could die in the car. >> yes, that's the point. you never leave children and animals in there. did you ever do that? crazy with your kids? >> sometimes you can't take dogs into a store. >> so you take the dogs home and then you go to the store. >> why are we arguing about this! >> i don't know. >> i'm mad. >> since we're shouting out, is there i a guy in the image department that needs help in the image department. maybe in need of a new job. needs a new look, basically. we want you to call into us. go to our -- stay with us. of i just need the -- go to our klg and, okay? hit the connect button and they might get a makeover.
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>> she's wild today. >> i'm just exhausted. >> is she always like this? i've never seen her like this. >> you make me crazy. helping out with the grandkids this summer? some advice to help you pitch in without budding in. >> we'll test your travel trivia when we play "who knew!" >> and regis has a surprise. he's got a su creamy swirls of pure indulgence. silky sifts of total transcendence. tempting accents of sheer pleasure. introducing "unicorn whispers." this should be the name. or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm." but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name.
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♪ they say there is nothing better than being a grandparent. i'm looking forward to it. >> yeah, that's right. you get to spoil your grandkids rotten, you know? and then you give them back to the parents at the end of the day. >> and let them deal with it, right? but that can make some parents very unhappy, especially when that spoiling includes lots of treats like this scene from the hit movie, "parental guidance." >> take a look. >> here's the deal. just little pieces and you don't tell mommy about the movie. i don't tell her about the cake. you guys okay? i will be right back.
10:17 am
>> what a great day. like a birthday that came early. >> hi, artie, we're back! did you have fun with the boys? >> ahhh! >> yeah, that. so here to help out grandparents and parents is the author of "sanity-savers" dale atkins. nice to see you again. >> nice to see you. >> grandparents feel like they're entitled to treat grandchildren any time they want to. >> it's true. we feel we have this extra -- just an extra flavor we have with our grandchildren, we can taste them better than anybody else. and we can take liberties and sometimes the liberties do not go well with their parents. >> meaning the rules, right? >> the rules. >> you're supposed to respect, first of all, parental rules. >> you have to. you have to respect parental rules and you have to be careful with your advice and particularly with the rules, even if you don't agree with them. a lot of times, they're about electronics, they're about food,
10:18 am
they're about manners. but whatever the parents say, you really have to defer to them, because that's your role as grandparents. to support your children in making their role as parent as easy as possible. >> that's typical sometimes. >> yeah. >> do you enjoy --. >> you can't help but have fun with them. and maybe you're transforming something else that they were counting on. >> that's true. you want to have fun and you want the kids to have fun. at the end of the day, however, when they walk in and they see that they have had their face in the cake -- >> yeah. >> -- you just have to take spoblth and say, well, we were just trying to do this. a lot of parents kind of hedge their bet a little bit and they try and make up a story. doesn't work. >> alrighty. so the next -- know your role. >> yes. we all have a role. and sometimes the role is not what we expected it to be. we want it to be there all the time or didn't want to be there that much because we already raised our kids and didn't want to do the things our children expect of us. just understand, if you talk about it and say this is what
10:19 am
i'm available to do, this is what i can do, how can i object be helpful? the words most parents want to hear from their parents is, how can i be helpful, tell me what to do and then i'll tell you if i can do it. >> good piece of advice. >> one thing that would be wrong to do, probably, reg, don't give the talk. the grandparents shouldn't give the talk. >> the talk or advice. nobody wants to hear advice unless they ask for it. don't ask, don't tell. >> exactly. >> unless you're asked, don't tell. if you're asked, be open, be honest, be kind. and don't say look, i raised these kids, i know what i'm doing. parenting is different for every set of parents and family. so you can give advice only if you're asked. >> all right. what about respect boundaries? >> oh, boy. respecting boundaries. well, the clip had to do with boundaries. i think, really, whether we think of boundaries, a faesht and child is having an interaction and then the grandparent wants to jump in. i have the right way to do this or do it my way. no. you have to respect the boundaries, you have to respect
10:20 am
your parents' role -- your children's role as the parent. now, the parents may say, please, just stay out of it, mom. or stay out of it, dad. in which case, you have to say, okay. go in the other room, and later you can say, if you want my take on this, i'll be happy to give it to you. but not in front of the grandchildren and don't get in the middle. don't get in the middle of the spouses and don't get in the middle of the children and parents. >> you're doing everything wrong? >> you have to be careful out there, don't you? >> you getting in trouble? >> i don't think so. but i understand what she is saying. >> okay. the last one. and this one is what? >> do you know this one? always be supportive. >> this is the -- this is the cardinal rule. be supportive, be positive, try and look for the pieces of the relationship that are really wonderful. remember, you have an opportunity, as i said before. help your children be the best parents. support them. tell them what they're doing that's beautiful, that's great. you know, i wished i did that when i had you.
10:21 am
i would have been so much more patient. give them support in ways that are meaningful to them and don't criticize. >> she is absolutely right. everything she said was right on the money. >> i know. >> that's what it should be. >> all right. from california to new york island, we're putting your travel trivia to the test. >> who knew! i have some special prizes for the gang. >> and regis has a s sfx: "boop"
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i'm allergic to wasabi. well, i feel better. it's been five minutes. talk about progress. [ chuckles ] okay. it's a who knew all about famous landmarks and travel destinations. so here's the question to get you all started. >> california has the most wineries in the united states. now, which state has the second-most? is it -- >> washington, oregon or virginia? >> okay. >> all right. the answer is coming up after the break when regis heads across the street to play with our crowd. plus, someone is about to go home with two tickets to see barbra streisand! it could be you if you were here. she is live in the concert after the local news. >> but if you're not, good luck. yeah, they're not here, it ain't gonna happen. ♪ olay regenerist renews from within...
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10:27 am
delays out there. good morning. i'm katy zachary. let's get right to first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington with an update. >> thanks, katy. yes, as you said, the accident scene has cleared out of the way. we are seeing some relief there, but we did see some pretty vicious backups and delays because of it. headed southbound into center city, right past allegheny and approaching gerard avenue, but now we're back down to 35 minutes here for our drive time southbound from wood haven drove to the vine, we are at 88 minutes, and that was about a half an hour ago. still some delays there, but you should be fine when heading over. all lanes back open. katy? >> good update, jessica. thanks. let's head over to bill henley with a lack at your forecast. >> the humidity is coming down nicely. so much more comfortable today. a few scattered clouds in philadelphia. 76 degrees. and in the lehigh valley, you can see some scattered clouds as well, but no sign of showers today. upper 70s at 1:00 and near 80 degrees at 4:00 today. in fact, most of the area will warm into the very low 80s, with sunshine and an easterly wind coming off the ocean. 70s for the shore.
10:28 am
katy? >> thank you, bill. happening today, we're going to hear from septa officials. they're going to give us an update on efforts to fish a defect with those silver liner rail cars that were taken out of service several weeks ago. officials are expected to give a new timeline for returning the 120 cars to service that were taken off of the regional rail lines. i'm katy zachary. we'll have a few news of weather, coming up in about 30 minutes. and you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. now back to the "today" show.
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10:30 am
all right it's wines day wednesday and we are playing our weekly trivia game, "who knew." we thought it would be fun to quiz you on landmarks and travel destinations across the u.s. regis is in for hoda, as you know, across the street at the shop in nbc studios at 30 rock, ready to hand out $100 to anyone who gets the questions right. and for those who don't, guess what? they're going to be winners anyway, because guess what they're going to get! show 'em, reg! a signed copy of "it's time for regis!" his own cd and the duet album with joy, right? okay. so here to help me out is special projects editor for "travel & leisure" magazine, jackie gifford. we're not related we don't think
10:31 am
but got the blue memo. california has the most wineries in the u.s. which state has the second-most, washington, oregon or virginia. what is the answer? >> the answer is washington. surprisingly, they have 680 wineries, which is an incredible amount. >> and they get some very nice ratings, too. >> they do. so washington is famous for its cabernet sauvignon, reese ling, and 14 cultural areas. beautiful. >> all right. so we're going to go over to reg with the first question with the crowd. >> yes. i've got holly right here. holly, here's the question. las vegas is known for its mega hotels. if you to spend one night in every single hotel room in the city, vegas, how long would it take? 50 years, 112 years, 288 years? >> hmmm. >> you're in vegs now. >> i'm going to go with c. 288 years.
10:32 am
>> reg, i bet she would rather have your cd! alrighty. so that's true. >> isn't that an incredible number? when you do the math, over 100,000 hotel rooms and they get 40 million visitors a year. >> i used to work in vegas years ago when i started perform and it was like the strip. that was all there was. >> incredible. >> okay, reg, second question. >> megan right here. megan, on a clear day, how many states can you see from the top of the empire state building here in new york? how many states can you see from the top? think of states around. >> okay. >> one, four or five states? one, four or five? >> i'm going to go with b, four! oh! >> all right. she wins that regis cd, baby. she's thrilled. it's even more than that. >> it's five. so let's do -- we've got new york, new jersey, connecticut, massachusetts and pennsylvania.
10:33 am
>> oh. >> i mean, can you believe it? i've actually been to the top of the empire state building. the views are incredible. >>. ♪ and on a clear day they're amazing. back to you, reg. >> amanda is here. amanda, the world's largest ball of twine. are you listening to me! weighs about 20,000 pounds. okay? >> okay. >> talking about twine now. where is it located? is it in caulker city, kansas? columbus, georgia? prairieville, louisiana. the world's largest ball of twine. kansas, georgia or louisiana. >> i'm not 18. [ laughter ] >> a.! [ cheers and applause ] >> that's right! >> lucky guess.
10:34 am
that's got to be a lucky guess. okay. how come caulker city? >> well, the craziest thing about this twine, it keeps growing. this guy started the project in 195 3. can you imagine? >> it's ancient. >> 41.42 feet in circumference. >> oh, my gosh. let's go over to reg. pick up the speed, reg, so more people can play. >> look. mason, what is the most visited national park in the united states? most visited. great smoky mountain national park, rocky mountain national park, yosemite national park. >> i'm going to say c. [ buzzer ] >> oh, that's all right! he's a winner. he gets regis' cd and is going to enjoy. what's the answer, jackie? >> a., great smoky mountain national park. >> it is gorgeous. >> beautiful. >> 800 miles of hiking trails between north carolina and tennessee. they get 10 million visitors annually. >> it's an unbelievable family
10:35 am
place to go. thank you so much. have a great summer. >> thank you. somehow, someday, somewhere, barbra streisand will be in concert and two super fans from our plaza compete for two tickets to see her pardon me perform and it's a most incredible performance right after this. ♪ every year we look for a better way to tame the backyard. sfx: sheep baaing. pretty sure this is a health code violation. fortunately there's get the credit you deserve and low monthly payments on brands like black & decker, samsung and kitchenaid. a beaver? the things you want, the credit you deserve. now you can!
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toquicker than, allyson felix needs to be to win at home, she needs to be quicker than... allyson: chloe! that's why allyson felix uses bounty. the quicker picker upper. bounty is faster and 2x more absorbent. bounty the quicker picker upper. the moment has finally arrived. we have been asking barbara streisand super fans to snag tickets to one of her shows. >> in a game we're going to call -- "singing streisand" we will play a snippet of one of her songs and the contestants have to buzz in.
10:40 am
the person who gets the buzzer first has to finish the lyrics, all right? >> it's going to be like butter. >> we have courtney from new york city and felicia from brooklyn. >> i was born in the same hospital. >> you might have the edge. here we go. are you ready? now listen carefully. here we go. >> you've got to -- sing through -- ♪ ♪ ball of butter ♪ don't bring a cloud to rain on my parade ♪ >> i believe she is right. ♪ settling in now. 1-0. are you ready? here's the second one. ♪ >> that's you, courtney. >>. ♪ so simple then or has time rewritten every line ♪ >> yep, that's right. not perfect rhythm, but you've got to right. yes. okay. marvin, makes me miss him every time. ♪ >> all right. -- >> she can do it. >> do you know what, let's call
10:41 am
that a draw. all right. are you ready? all right. now. ♪ >> go ahead. ♪ i am a woman in love and i'll do anything ♪ >> want to try it? anybody know that one? not you, joanne. okay, no? okay. ♪ so i'll let you into my world ♪ >> next one, please. ♪ this is it [ buzzer ] ♪ i final found someone to be with every night ♪ >> i've never heard that sung before. >> duet. >> who is that singing with her? >> the bee gee guy? >> that's all right. you got it. 2-1 now? >> yes. >> okay, 2-1? >> it's 2-1? >> yes, it is, felicia. okay, let's go ♪ ♪ our love on every mountain >> good for you.
10:42 am
none of us sing in barbara's key, do we? 2-2. >> all right. this is a tie-breaker. are you ready, ladies? go! ♪ ♪ ♪ makes it evergreen ♪ seldom seen by two >> that's right! yep. >> there you go. that's right. so it's 3-2. is that our winner? are we out of songs? ♪ >> okay. let's go to the next one. ♪ but first be a person >> that's a hard one. ♪ people are people >> you're pretty good! >> okay. people in the world. yep. yep. so it's now 4-2? okay. come on, now, courtney. >> i know, i know. >> that's it. >> that's it!
10:43 am
sorry, ladies. you know what? that means felicia is going to see barbra streisand with a guest anywhere she is performing, okay? we're giving you the tickets. hopefully it's barclay's, you can go right there and you have the booby prize. a whole bunch of my cds. sorry. >> what about regis? >> now for some music. ready for rio. >> yes. a tony-winning hamilton star, leslie odom jr. takes us to brazil. right after this. >> you're going to love this. we'll be right back. befi was active.gia, i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be
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>> leslie odom jr. took home a tony for his portrayal of aaron burr in the ground-breaking and grammy winning musical "hamilton." >> the star is fro stranger to the screen having turned heads in t very show like smash and house of lies. >> now the star is taking a brief break from acting to focus on his music with the recent release from the self-titled album. which i guess is your name, right? >> right. >> are you pinching yourself? the last couple years is incredible. >> no time really to process it while i was in "hamilton." now i've been out of the show for three weeks and sitting on the couch a little bit and trying to unpack. >> sure. >> it's crazy. >> and you said to us in the break you wanted to go into the next terrifying thing. >> yeah. >> which is this cd and live performing in front of different kind of an audience. >> this is my very first live television performance right now. >> is that right? >> we're excited! we're honored. >> you must be nervous. scared to death! >> nobody is more terrified than anybody than us.
10:50 am
listen, it's called "brazil?" >> yes. >> and just in time for the olympic series. ladies and gentlemen, leslie odom jr. this way, reg. let's give the man the stage. ♪ ♪ brazil ♪
10:51 am
♪ ♪
10:52 am
♪ ♪ >> leslie odom jr.! awesome! thank you, everybody! i love that. >> great. >> we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
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♪ so just a reminder, everybody. we would love you to be a part of this. if there is a man in your life who needs help and is style from the image department, go to klg and if you want your guy to look like regis, we want you in this contest, okay? and i want to thank my reg for helping me out the past two days. i love you. >> well, i love you too. >> give my love to baby joy. >> thank you, i will. >> all right. and where can anybody see you one of these days? >> at my house. >> tony danza will be with me tomorrow. you'll meet john bellian, one of elvis duron's very brilliant artists. >> enjoy your wines day wednesday, everybody. >> come back tomorrow for thirsty thursday.
10:57 am
have a great day, everybody. >> i
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big news as we count down to the start of the summer olympics in rio. and we all know he's got talent, and eagles long snapper jon dorenbos will prove it again to america tonight. plus, the mishap on last night's live show that gave viewers and the judges a bit of a scare. ejected. a phillies fan gets tossed by an umpire during last night's game. find out why he got the boot and why it's not the ump's first time ejecting a fan. on the road to rio. most athletes are already in the brazilian city, and they are now just two days to go until the start of


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