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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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casino era. they want pension benefits restored after a bankruptcy court judge allowed the taj mahal's former owners to eliminate toss benefits two years ago. the casino has been open during the strike but the union said no negotiations are scheduled. the union's president lashed out against the owner, carl icahn this afternoon. he said, for a few million bucks, he could have had his labor, peace, and a content work force. but instead he would rather slam the doors shut on these long-term workers just to punish them. the president and ceo of tropicana entertainment which manages the taj mahal also owned by carl icahn, he said currently the taj is losing multimillions a month. donald trump opened the tablg ma hall in 1990. but it is now slated to become the fifth atlantic city casino
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to close in less than two years. we are going to continue to stay here, monitor developments, and try to talk with some of the striking workers and other taj employees coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> sounds like they're fired up. now to the attack on a philadelphia playground. a boy on a basketball court chased and beaten and forced to strip naked by a group of gun-teeming teenagers. the attack actually happened last month. but police released the details today, along with an important clue. monique braxton is following the story for us. >> police are hoping surveillance video can help find who did this, monique? >> reporter: that's right. it happened in broad daylight. this is where the victim was chased from. not far from the playground you see here. the omni rec center and basketball courts. everyone we spoke with is shocked.
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>> it's sad, first and foremost. how do our kids get ahold of a gun. especially a teenager. >> reporter: that's how people here are reacting to the reported armed attack of an 11-year-old by four teens. investigators say it happened near a playground after a rec center day camp had closed for the day. >> i mean, it wasn't like this when i was younger. >> reporter: here's what we have learned. this person captured on surveillance videotape was part of a group of 14 and 15-year-olds who chased an 11-year-old from the basketball court, here behind the rec center to an alley nearby. investigators also say once the victim reached the alley, at least one suspect pulled out a handgun, forced the victim to remove his clothes, and punched him in the face and stomach. >> i think that's terrible. that's like scary. >> one of them was armed according to police. >> yeah. that's not good, you know.
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you know, like i'm living here, but i -- i don't want to let my kids play here. >> reporter: again, the victim describes his attackers as between the ages of 14 and 15. all he remembers is they were wearing red and white clothing. in the next hour, you're going to hear from a longtime resident who has a message for children who want to carry guns and attack his potential neighbors. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. a philadelphia police officer is being hailed a hero after rescuing an unconscious driver from his burning car, pulling him to safety. look at these flames here. the officer from the 39th district happened to be driving down broad street just after midnight when the car crashed into two parked cars, and caught fire. investigators say the driver had been speeding when his car jumped the median and crashed. when the officer got there, just the engine was on fire, but the
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flames quickly spread engulfing the car. >> obviously it would have been without the fiery wreck, but all things considered, this is a positive outcome. >> emergency crews was able to get the driver out. new details in the septa slowdown. this afternoon, septa released its rollout plan for rail cars it's repairing. rosemary connors joins us live. rosemary, some progress is expected by the end of this month? >> reporter: yeah. seemingly some good news here, denise. in fact, septa will be working with a company based out of bucks county to come up with a prototype foi the replacement beams. august is going to be a crucial month to make sure this fix will work. in the meantime, passengers are just trying to be patient. >> for someone like myself who
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does rely and depend on public transportation, especially the regional rail. >> reporter: the frustration is far from over. but septa -- starting august 21st, the transit agency will roll out ten repaired cars a week until all 120 of them are back on track. a normal week day schedule is expected october 1st. >> we want to treat our customers well. we want them to come back. the woones that have gone for a while, it's very, very important to us that they come back. i think it's very important to the region. because what you can see from all of this is that people love their regional rail. >> reporter: with crowded trains and not enough time for the conductors to collect the tickets, this week septa started a new policy, pay before you get on during the evening rush. it may be an effort to recoup the rider refunds, overtime costs and leasing expenses that have cost septa an estimated $1 million just last month. >> it's going to cause a lot of complaints by people who didn't
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buy their tickets. you know, and won't be able to get on the train and all that. but septa is used to complaints. >> it's a hassle, but it's for safe. i'd rather be safe than dead. >> reporter: now, during the news conference, which wrapped up just about an hour ago, i had a viewer tweet me and he said, with all these costs that septa is incurring, is that going to be passed along to the consumer, are we going to see a fare hike? rosemary connors reporting there. decision 2016 now. donald trump's allies are plotting a candidate intervention after a disastrous 48 hours for his campaign. republican national committee head reince priebus and rudy giuliani and former house speaker newt gingrich are hoping to talk the nominee into a reset of his campaign in the coming days. the big name republicans began seriously considering a trump exit after a few days in which he continuously exchanged a war
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of words with a fallen soldier's family, it also involved a purple heart and kicking out a crying baby yesterday. trump's running mate mike pence is breaking with the gop nominee by endorsing paul ryan in his primary fight. the move comes a day after trump said that he's not quite there yet when it comes to backing ryan. but pence says trump strongly encouraged him to endorse ryan. hillary clinton and her allies have spent nearly $1 million on tv ads for the general election, while team trump barely registers in the ad wars. >> he's unfit to be president. >> nbc news reporting that the clinton team has about $98 million reserved through the fall by contrast a pro-trump group has just over $800,000 at this time. florida is the most heavily targeted state for the two campaigns.
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clinton's running mate tim kaine spoke about the economy, said there's a stark difference between clinton and trump when it comes to dealing with small businesses. kaine said trump has hurt suppliers to the casino companies by declaring bankruptcy. one week after his speak at the democratic national convention, joe biden is back in philadelphia to receive an award. he's honored for his leadership in his fight against cancer. it's a cause very close to his heart after the death of his son beau last year. biden will receive the atlas award in philadelphia. tim furlong is in philadelphia for the ceremony. hundreds of passengers are safe after a jet burst into flames as it landed at dubai international airport today. dramatic video shows an explosion as the boeing 777 came to rest on the runway. all 275 passengers and 18 crew
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members were safely evacuated. the emirates airline flight was coming from southern india. all flights have been suspended from dubai international. as you see metro transit police officer has been charged with attempting to support isis. investigators raided the northern virginia home of nicholas young today. federal prosecutors say he bought $250 worth of gift cards for isis to purchase mobile apps to help them communicate. young is the first law enforcement officer in the u.s. to face federal terrorism charges. the del aware spca's plan to sell a shelter building hit a snag. officials with the nonprofit say human remains were found on the property after they located the headstone of a woman while clearing brush. the state division of public health said they have to care for the burial site. the city of philadelphia is stepping up efforts to help families in need with the second annual strengthening family
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summit. the event is hosted by the department of human services and they're providing local families with the information they need to increase stability in the home, and help with early childhood development. the program is being used in 40 states. tennis royalty was in philadelphia today. mayor jim kenny welcomed tennis legend and philadelphia freedoms owner billie jean king and the rest of the freedoms to city hall. they presented mayor kenny with a personalized jersey to kick off the world team tennis season. the countdown to rio, just two days away from the start of the 2016 olympics in brazil. opening ceremonies set for friday night. nbc 10 is the only place to see all the action. and you can't have the olympics without the olympic flame, of course. and today the torch was transferred by boat and handed over to rio's mayor. over the next three days it will travel 56 miles throughout the
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city and end up at the olympic stadium for friday night's opening ceremony. the next two days, i should say. michael phelps will add another notch to his belt. >> the most decorated athlete in olympic history is set to carry the u.s. flack during the opening ceremony. this will be phelps' fifth olympic games. the u.s. women's soccer team isn't waiting for the opening ceremony to get started. they begin in just a few hours when they take on new zealand. watch that game live on the u.s. team entered the tournament as a top-ranked team in the world. they say they're just fine with the pressure. >> it's all part of it. i'm super excited to get started. i know this team has a lot of talent and depth. we have the opportunity to really create history. >> a new jersey native carly lloyd will no doubt be garnering plenty of support in our area. coming up at 4:30, cydney long
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has reaction on lloyd and team usa's quest for olympic gold. nbc 10's jacqueline london is in rio for all of the festivities. >> she and our crew found people from around the world getting into the olympic spirit. take a look. >> reporter: i'm jacqueline london. take a look at what is getting so much attention. the olympic rings are set up right here on the sand of the beach. the athletes are starting to arrive here in rio. this is the home of the olympic games 2016. a lot of the incredible athletes who worked so hard are from our area, from the delaware valley. we had a behind-the-scenes sneak peek with them. you'll only find that on nbc 10. we'll have it for you from the opening to the closing ceremonies. in rio de janeiro, brazil, jacqueline london, nbc 10. >> she'll be your tour guide to the games for the next couple of
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weeks. again, the opening ceremony is friday. and nbc 10 is the only place to see it. coverage begins at 7:30 friday night. don't miss our nbc special going for gold. we're profiling local athletes. you'll want to watch out for in rio. that airs this coming saturday at 7:00. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, just a spectacular day out there. temperatures a little below average. the humidity, a lot below average. near 80 in lehigh valley. delaware. 84 degrees in philadelphia right now. in the suburbs, we've been seeing, again, a lot of sunshine. the humidity is really dropped since yesterday. malvern at 84. st. david's only 78.
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warrington 80 degrees. bedminister 79. we have a great middle of the week. we'll see how long we can keep this going. we hardly have any significant cloud cover. the closest is in west virginia. western virginia. it's not moving this way at all. so we've got sun, and we've got comfort. and both of those things are going to continue as we look through the futurecast. there's tomorrow morning. and we're hardly seeing any clouds. we have fair weather clouds toward the shore with a little bit of an onshore breeze. but no rain anywhere in the area. during the day tomorrow and the humidity is low. it's not going to stay that way, all the way through the weekend. we do have a cold front that's going to be approaching. here's friday 5:00 a.m. we're not even close to having any showers by friday a.m. friday p.m., it's still looking pretty sunny, with the showers
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way to the west. this is timing out to affect us over a part of the weekend. i emphasize part. because even though we do have showers in the forecast for saturday, it's not an all-day thing. and we could get, a, thunderstorms in some spots, and then it moves out, and then the rest of the weekend is nice again. so speaking of nice, here we are tonight, comfortable. temperature by 7:00, in the 70s across the entire area. we're dropping into the 60s by just before midnight. and by tomorrow morning, we've got some spots in the upper 50s. allentown at 62 degrees by 7:30. that's up from the low of 58. by noontime, philadelphia's 81. atlantic city doesn't get to warm up a whole lot, because of the onshore wind. but it's still a beautiful day. still 77 at 5:00 there, while
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it's 84 in trenton and reading, and in philadelphia. so we're not going to hear too many complaints about tomorrow. there's philadelphia, and the temperature gradually going up. here's allentown going to 84 thursday, and friday, and then jumps up saturday. so we get the increase in the temperature, we get the increase in humidity and the increase in thunderstorm chances. in allentown, also in dover, also in wildwood. and that is the story, just that one thing. so here's friday. temperature going up. saturday hot and humid. but sunday, the humidity starts to go back down. monday is nice. and then the temperature starts climbing as we go toward the end of next week. now, all week we've been giving you a look at our newest tool for the first alert weather team, storm ranger 10. now, this morning, i took a look
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at how it takes you right into the storm. problem? simple. no matter where storms are, radars are stuck on towers. and the farther you are from the tower, the less clear the weather picture. we wanted to get a clearer picture of what's going on up there. inside the clouds. and the solution? storm ranger 10. developed and built right here at nbc. so for the first time ever, we can take the radar with us. right to the storm. and give you that clearer picture. what other radars miss by shooting above the storm, we capture by bringing storm ranger 10 to the storm. and that means giving you layers of protection. the first layer of protection, 30 miles from the radar. at that distance, the beam is very low, meaning you could see almost the entire storm.
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everything below 2,000 feet. the outer ring is 60 miles away. we can see everything below 5,000 feet. so if you're within either of these rings, storm ranger's got you covered. the areas served by radars are the ones most likely to get severe weather. in reading, so much hail, they needed plows to clear it. the nearest radar? 104 miles away. with storm ranger 10, we can get a lot closer than that, and detect hail sooner and let you know wherever you are before the storm hits. getting closer means more protection. storm ranger 10, only on nbc 10. now, if you want to learn more about storm ranger 10, its forecasting capabilities, how it gathers information, and about this gap in radar coverage that
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we have, especially in places like berks and chester counties, go to, tap for free nbc 10 app. i've got the list of the cities that are too far away from those stationary radars to be able to detect details. >> so this can bring us right into more accuracy. >> yes. we have to make the decision about where to send it. so for hurricanes, we'll send it to the coast. for severe thunderstorms, sometimes to the west. and in the wintertime, for rain versus snow, we send it right near the rain/snow line so we can get really precise just where the changeover is taking place. it's also great for hail. it's great for estimating rainfall amounts, too, over the traditional radars. >> all right. >> valuable tool. thanks, glenn. again, go to our app or website to learn more about storm ranger 10.
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meantime, nbc 10 continues to follow breaking news. the trump taj mahal, the owners say they're set to close it after labor day weekend because of that ongoing strike by union members. it will cost about 3,000 workers their jobs, and cut the number of casinos in the resort town of a.c. to seven. members of local 54 of the union walked out july 1st. tomorrow it will become the longest strike in atlantic city's casino era. for the phillies. >> off the field last night, it still has people talking today. an umpire's unusual move, and the reason he says he did it, coming up. plus, robbery suspect revealed. he hides his face while holding up this store. see who's under that shirt and why it came as a surprise when cops caught up with him. and signs of trouble. a candidate caught going to extremes. those stories, and much more on
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nbc 10 news at 4:00. but first, here's a look at the closing bell on wall street where stocks ended up in the green. across the board today.
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couple of miles away. he was eventually arrested and charged with robbery. a tennessee state lawmaker tried to defeat his opponent. this video shows representative curry todd removing lawn signs. he said the property owner gave him permission to take down the signs. his opponent posted the $100 bond. that was nice of him. well, the anticipation building in brazil this afternoon. >> it's almost time for the olympics. and the olympic torch arrived by boat in rio today. the opening ceremony is friday. but the action gets under way tonight for the u.s. women's soccer team. and a south jersey native will be front and center. south jersey soccer sweetheart and our role model in rio will have young athletes and their families glued to the set for the summer olympic games in rio. what her hometown coach told
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the road to rio is nearly complete. the countdown shows we're just two days away from the start of the 2016 olympics in brazil. nbc 10 is the only place to see it all. while the opening ceremony is friday, competition is already under way. u.s. women's soccer team is gearing up for its first game. south jersey native carli lloyd and her squad take on new zealand in about 90 minutes. carli's hometown crowd will be rooting her on as always. cydney long joins us where there's no shortage of carli fans.
4:30 pm
>> reporter: carli's fan and future soccer stars were revved up on the field this morning. they will also be here watching this pre-olympic action tonight of the we also spoke with carli's longtime hometown coach. he had a conversation with her on the phone in brazil this morning. he shared with us part of it. the focus and concentration of the sport they love is just a little side track today. >> i can't wait to see her play. >> reporter: for this 12-year-old and her teammates, today's scrimmage comes hours ahead of the big game, u.s. women's soccer takes on new zealand tonight. south jersey soccer sweetheart carli lloyd queeting this morning, quote, it's showtime rio oh 2016. what did she say this morning when you spoke to her? >> that she's ready. she had gone on a run, and went for a little jog. and she came back and said i feel good, and i'm ready to go. >> reporter: her coach of 14 years founder of universal soccer academy gave carli this
4:31 pm
advice by phone. >> you make everyone around you better. start simple. and don't chase the game and let the game come to you. >> reporter: rizzo is pinching herself as she recalled meeting her favorite player in the world. >> i'm like -- to think about you seeing her in real person. how famous she is. worldwide. >> reporter: they'll be watching tonight and glued throughout the olympic journey in rio. >> i'm really excited. i'm going to go home, shower, and get ready for the game. >> i'm thinking about a little bit more of a loud environment. >> reporter: the native planted the seed for new dreams to be reached. both on these fields and in the minds of young athletes across south jersey. >> she was one of these little girls once upon a time. she had a dream and she worked hard at it. >> reporter: and managers here tweeted out their watch party earlier today. their plans to have all of the tvs tuned to the women's soccer
4:32 pm
versus new zealand. her coach is feeling proud that carli has always inspired young people to roll up their sleeves and work hard. i'm sydney long, nbc 10 news. >> the hometown hero for sure. jacqueline london is in rio. her live reports from brazil begin tomorrow. and for the next two weeks, jacqueline will be your tour guide to the games. the opening ceremony is set for friday and nbc 10 is the only place to see it. coverage starts at 7:30 friday night. and don't miss our nbc 10 special going for gold. we're profiling local athletes you'll want to look out for in rio. it airs this coming saturday at 7:00. a couple says a medical issue ruined their plans for a special vacation to hawaii. >> and attempts to get reimbursed, they were denied. so they contacted harry hairston and "nbc 10 responds." >> we had to roll up our sleeves
4:33 pm
on this one, i'll tell you. it was a trip they were looking forward to taking. they say the reason why the refund was denied surprised them. >> it's like my world fell apart. >> reporter: linda hiller's husband craig has an illness which there is no cure. >> he has alzheimer's. i'm going to be there as long as i can be there. i'll be there. and just god gives me the strength. >> reporter: she says they hadn't had a vacation in ten years so she booked a trip through orbits to hawaii to see their niece. but craig's condition got worse and he was unable to fly. >> keeping him calm, keeping him subdued, right, would have been a problem for him. especially a long flight like that. >> reporter: she tried to get a refound for his seat but was denied. >> you can't transfer, cancel any individual component of your
4:34 pm
package. >> reporter: hiller bought trip insurance, but tells us the insurance company also denied her claim. >> i get a response back from them saying, they don't cover neurological disorders. >> reporter: hiller called "nbc 10 responds." >> you were my last resort. >> reporter: after we got involved, orbitz contacted the airline and both parties reviewed the claim again. orbitz tells us hiller's criteria for a refund and mediated between the airline and the customer to get her money back. >> thank you "nbc 10 responds." >> oh, a hug. in total, hiller got $1,196 back. she tells us she plans to give half of the money to her church, and the other half to a friend who is in need because she has health issues. that refund puts our "nbc 10 responds" recovery total at $68,214 now. >> glad she didn't give up, that she contacted you, harry. that's so great you got the money back. >> the way everything turned
4:35 pm
out, she's doing a real good thing with the money. she's not going to keep it for herself, she'll give it to her church and help out a friend. wonderful thing. >> thanks, harry. if you have a consumer complaint, give us a call the number is right there on your screen, or fill out a consumer splant form on coming up tomorrow, a woman's air conditioning unit broke down and she couldn't get it fixed for weeks. see what happened after she called harry. that's tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 4:00. so call it a sign of the times. >> if you feel like you're literally losing your grip, you are not alone. why new research has revealed about hands straight ahead. i approve this message.
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than young beam tested in 1985. researchers say the findings could be a sign of overall weak bodies, in a generation that does more texting and clicking than manual labor. and good news for beach readers this summer. fiction may make you smarter and more empathetic. that's according to trends in cognitive sciences. researchers say fiction allows avid readers to live many lives and to experience more human interactions than otherwise possible through story telling. as a result, fiction readers may not only learn more, they may develop better social skills and more humane ways of thinking. what a philly faithful managed to do last night, may be a first. the umpire's unusual move and why he says he did it, that's coming up next. for the weather, this is more like it. the drier air has returned. is the rain going to be returning by the weekend? i'll let you know in my
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exclusive first alert forecast, next.
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hurry up! i like that bee. fans acting up is nothing new in philadelphia. but getting ejected from a phils game by an umpire, that doesn't happen every night. here's bob davidson in action. >> from the stands. he is actually going to eject a fan. when was the last time you saw that happen. >> you are outta here. davidson said after the game the fan in question was yelling sexual innuendos. the second time davidson ejected a fan. in 2010 he kicked out a brewers fan for yelling homophobic slurs at players. the birds are back at it. the eagles return to the field in south philadelphia today
4:44 pm
after a day off. >> the first preseason game is fast approaching. >> the birds are doing something they haven't done for a while to prepare. >> john clark joining us with that story. >> it's been four years. the eagles were back hitting today in pads. that's one of the big differences with doug peterson's training camp compared to chip kelly. doug wants practices to be physical. we were not allowed to shoot video during the hitting sessions, but doug has brought back the pads, the hitting, the tackling that andy reed had in his camps. doug wants the team to practice like it's a game. he also has them practicing longer than chip did. sometimes three hours, like a game. >> i felt like the energy was good. the competition was good. and, you know, anytime you do a goal line situational football like that, the best thing is to go live. the guys liked it and they responded well.
4:45 pm
in this is the time of the year that you can see who you can take to the regular season. we had good performances out there today. >> we're just eight days away from the eagles' first preseason game, a week from tomorrow. it is the eagles and the bucks. the game can be seen live on csn and kozy tv. coverage starts at 6:30 with our pregame show. kickoff is set for 7:00. the eagles are real thin at running back right now. ryan matthews still hasn't practiced yet with the sore ankle. smallwood did not practice today with a quad strain. he's going to miss a few days. we'll hear from the players about all the hitting. that's coming up at 6:00. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we certainly had great weather for that practice time of year. we could have 100-degree temperatures and high humidity. we didn't have the heat, and we didn't have the humidity. it's 84 in philadelphia right now. 80 in lehigh valley.
4:46 pm
cooler at the shore. we've got winds coming in off the ocean, 78 degrees in somers point. the ocean temperature warm. 77 degrees. august and september, that's when the ocean temperature reached its peak. picture perfect for the rest of the week. we have a light southeast flow preventing it from getting too hot. it's not a strong enough flow to bring in a lot of moisture from the atlantic. that's what makes it perfect. and by thursday night, we're still pretty clear. into friday, we're pretty clear. there's friday night. still clear. now, on saturday, that's a different story. we may see some showers and storms move through. but just some. now, here are the neighborhoods tomorrow. the temperature at the bottom is the feels-like temperature. because the humidity is so low, it's actually going to feel not
4:47 pm
as warm as the temperature. so for washton, the temperature is 85, but it will only feel like 81. westchester will be the same, 81 and 81. somerton, 83, feeling like 82. easton, the same as 83, 82. easton township 84 degrees, feeling like 82. at the shore, a little bit higher humidity, and that's why the 78 in stone harbor feels like 80. rehoboth feels like 81. now let's see what happens as we go through friday and into saturday. here's that system coming in from the west. now, this is not a strong front. this is not a system with a lot of moisture. this is not a system with a lot of severe weather. but we do have this general area of showers later on during the day coming through. the chance of any rain in any one spot, let's say in allentown, is a little better
4:48 pm
than 50/50 on saturday. very low probabilities until then. similar story in philadelphia and dover. i think the probability will be even lower. down by 30%. and the jersey shore, it's not much over 50/50. that's the story of the day on saturday. by saturday night, things are already starting to improve. so don't let that thunderstorm symbol get you to cancel your plans. it is going to be hot. it is going to be humid. if you want more comfortable air, that's sunday. and pretty much assured of not getting rain. so we do have some differences from saturday to sunday. but neither day is going to be a washout. so there's that thunderstorm symbol. it's going to be hot. 92 with high humidity. it may feel like it's about 95. then on sunday, 87, with lower humidity, low humidity on monday. wind coming in off the ocean. and then as we start getting that land breeze, look at the temperature go up. 90 degrees on wednesday.
4:49 pm
95 thursday. so we may start getting into another heat wave here as we go into the end of next week, and next weekend with temperatures into the mid-90s. >> all right, glenn. the olympics, the games get under way just over 48 hours. >> nbc 10 is your place to see all the action. bringing the games to you is no easy task. there's a massive team getting ready in rio right now. up next, the behind-the-scenes to see what it takes to broadcast the olympics to america.
4:50 pm
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almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. proud sponsor of usa volleyball. for 17 days, nbc will broadcast more than 2,000 hours of olympic programming across is
4:53 pm
11 networks. >> jay gray has the behind the scenes look to see what it takes to broadcast the olympics to the u.s. >> reporter: as the world turns its attention to rio, and the first-ever olympic run through south america, there's a team of olympic veterans, hundreds working behind the scenes to bring you -- >> it's going to be a world record! >> reporter: -- all the competition and sights and sounds of the summer games. >> there's a big crescendo building up to the opening ceremonies. the next morning, at 9:00 a.m., 35 sports start up. it's like pandemonium in the broadcast center. >> reporter: from the ocean to the mountains here in rio, nbc will broadcast more than 2,000 hours of olympic programming on 11 networks. and live stream 4,500 hours of event on the platforms of nbc universal. and during the rio games, fans
4:54 pm
will see many of the events as they happen. >> with only a small time difference between rio and the united states, if you want to see it live or close to live, you can. >> reporter: and what you'll see will be amazing. >> everywhere you look in rio, it's a picture postcard. the sheer beauty of it is something that makes it very appealing. the atmosphere on copacabana beach is not only is that visually appealing, but there's going to be a party atmosphere. a 24/7 party atmosphere. >> reporter: a postcard and party you'll only see on nbc. jay gray, nbc news, rio. >> you know we get to see it all in person, jacqueline london is with the team in rio. her live report from brazil begins tomorrow. and for the next two weeks, jacqueline will be your tour guide to the games. and the opening ceremony, again, friday night. nbc 10, the only place to see it. coverage begins at 7:30 in the
4:55 pm
evening friday. and don't miss our nbc 10 special going for gold. we're profiling local athletes. you'll want to look out for them in rio. that airs this coming saturday at 7:00. and that's nbc 10 news at 4:00. >> here's keith jones. >> from losing both of his hands to playing a catch before a national audience, we have a happy update on this young transplant patient coming up next on nbc 10 news at 5:00. plus the trump campaign in turmoil. why some top republicans may be plotting an intervention with their nominee. follow breaking news out of atlantic city. another casino is now on the verge of closing. we'll hear from workers who could soon be out of a job.
4:56 pm
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come to the only place that makes little hearts race. buy your 2017 season pass now, and get the rest of 2016 free! sesame place on strike. and now out of a job. tonight the owners of trump taj mahal raised the stakes in their dispute with union workers. >> they said the casino will close after labor day. ted greenberg is live in atlantic city following the latest developments. ted? >> reporter: denise and keith, the taj mahal has remained open during the strike here that's dragged on for more than a month. but managers say they just can't keep running a money-losing property in the midst of a walkout.
4:59 pm
the trump taj mahal will shut down after labor day. according to an announcement this afternoon, from the casino's management. word of the impending closure soon reached striking employees outside on the boardwalk who were quick to criticize the casino's owner. >> i'm surprised, because carl icahn promised he would put money into this place and take care of the working people that have been here, like me for 26 years. >> reporter: the shutdown will leave more than 2,300 taj mahal employees out of work. more than half are with local 54. they want health and pension benefits restored after a bankruptcy court judge allowed the taj mahal's former owners to elem nate those benefits nearly two years ago. in a statement, union president lashed out against carl ikan, that for a few million bucks he could have had labor peace and a content work force. instead he would rather slam the door shut on the workers just to
5:00 pm
punish them. >> we had the opportunity to come to the table to negotiate a fair contract. and they refused to do that. >> reporter: the president and ceo of tropicana entertainment said currently the taj is losing multimillions a month. now with the strike we see no path to profitability. taj customer mike smith sides with icahn. >> this building if it wasn't for the owner would have been closed a long time ago. they were offered a decent contract. but they wanted to push this, whether it's political or not, that's another question. >> reporter: the union says no negotiations are scheduled. donald trump opened the taj mahal in 1990. but it is now slated to become the fifth atlantic city casino to close in two years. striking workers out here on the boardwalk this afternoon told me they still believe their walkout was worth it. live in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> ted, thank you. now to major developments in the presidel


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