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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  August 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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out of prison and back in court and monsignor william lynn just found out when his new trial will begin. one day away. a final look at the preparations as we get ready for the opening ceremony of the 2016 summer olympics in rio. and zika under control. what health officials are saying about getting a handle on the outbreak. this as we learn more people have contracted the virus. that breaking news, philadelphia's criminal justice center has been evacuated because of an incident involving an elevator in the building. the fire alarm sounded and everyone inside was forced to go outside. sky force 10 over the scene right now, live in center city. nbc 10's rosemary connors is on
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the ground and rosemary, you were inside when all of this happened. >> we were, pam. we were here for a separate court hearing. as soon as we got off the elevators to come outside and finish an interview, that's when the fire alarm went off and they told everybody to get out. as you can see, philadelphia police and fire are still on the scene here, investigating. they will most likely be here for the rest of the morning, into the afternoon. meantime, anybody who was inside the criminal justice center, the cjc, is now evacuated outside. take a look. they're waiting here on third and broad street. they're waiting for the all-clear. i just spoke to the sheriff a short time ago who told me an elevator did fall. the details are unclear. we don't know how many floors that elevator fell. but we know one woman was inside. we have video of that woman being taken out on a stretcher, being loaded on to an ambulance to be taken to the hospital. she appeared to be okay. we spoke to her briefly about what she heard, what she saw.
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take a listen. >> fell down on top of the elevator. >> what happened? >> i have no idea. >> what did you hear or see? >> explosion. that's all i can say. >> reporter: similar to some of the other accounts we heard from witnesses, people in other parts of the building tell us they heard a loud thud, something like a boom. in the meantime, philly police are here. we know they're checking on security, trying to figure out exactly what happened. what caused this elevator to fall. the sheriff also told me that this elevator is used for staff members, the criminal justice system. this woman is a staff member of the criminal justice center. so this is not an elevator that the public would use. anybody coming and going from court, and that may be why there was only one person involved in this incident. as i mentioned and as you saw, she did appear to be okay, but is being checked out in the hospital. in the meantime, everybody still evacuated. we're going to continue to stay out here and keep you posted
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throughout the rest of the morning. reporting live in center city, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> rosemary, thank you. we'll see you soon. we just learned a court hearing for monsignor william lynn is over with. the philadelphia judge has set a new trial date for may 1st. lynn was released from prison on bail two days ago. yesterday, authorities announce they'll re-try lynn who was found guilty of covering up abuse by priests. the state supreme court threw out lynn's conviction, ruling that jurors were swayed by evidence not related to the case. philadelphia police are investigating a shooting in the city's fairhill section. officers were patrolling along cambria street and near american street when they heard gunshots and found a man lying in the road. the 54-year-old man is in critical condition right now. so far, no arrests. from our delaware bureau, the treasurer for the smyrna parent/teacher organization is facing felony theft charges. police arrested kelly sullivan mcgovern. she's accused of using a pto
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debit card to run up $11,000 in personal charges. sullivan mcgovern is free on bail pending a trump hearincour hearing. and the trump taj mahal will close its doors for good. tropicana entertainment, which owns the taj mahal, says it was losing millions of dollars a month and it also blamed the strike as a reason for going out of business. the striking workers have been fighting for the restoration of health insurance and pension benefits that were cut two years ago. an exact shutdown date for the taj mahal has not been set. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, if you liked yesterday's weather, you're going to love today. plenty of sunshine, once again, and low humidity. the perfect day for an afternoon baseball game. here's a live look at citizens bank park, where the phillies are hoping to sweep the san
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francisco giants. first pitch is at 1:05. and you can catch all the action right here on nbc 10. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with the forecast. glenn? >> thanks, pamela. yeah, it is a spectacular day for baseball. as you know, this time of the year, you can get some incredibly hot and humid and dangerously hot and humid weather, but not today. 79 degrees, with lots of sunshine in philadelphia now. still in the 70s throughout the area. 76 in many of the pennsylvania suburbs. 77, average, in new jersey, and pretty close to that across the rest of the area, as well. we don't see anything on the satellite radar, there's hardly a cloud in the sky, and any of those clouds are just fair weather clouds. the showers are still down in virginia, and west virginia, just where they were yesterday, not getting any closer to this area. so as we go through the
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afternoon, temperatures are into the 80s, but not the upper 80s. and the humidity still slow for this time of the year. and as we go into the night, down to 70 degrees in the suburbs by 10:00, 69 in the lehigh valley. so we've got another relatively comfortable night after a very comfortable day. temperatures in the jersey shore, though, staying in the 70s with that sea breeze. we do have a lot of heat on the way for at least a part of the weekend, and some thunderstorms, too. we'll have the timing on that, coming up. >> all right, glenn, thank you. happening today, pennsylvania governor tom wolf will discuss money in the new budget, targeting the state's opioid epidemic. he'll give the details of the $10 million in new funding for early intervention involving heroin and other opioids. head to or the nbc 10 app for a look at our digital exclusive on the subject called "generation addicted." a philadelphia audience now has a better idea of how vice
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president joe biden is fighting to wipe out cancer. >> cancer is taking your loved ones and mine, robbing them of decades of productive life. >> biden was in center city last night to accept an award from the world affairs council of philadelphia. the vice president lost his son, beau, to cancer just over a year ago. biden said his moon shot task force wants hospitals, drug companies, and scientists to share information more freely, because he said the clock is ticking. >> for everyone you've lost, every hour, every day, every month matters to someone diagnosed with cancer. >> biden says the moon shot task force is also creating more user-friendly websites to get everyone on the same page. time now for a check on the roads with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist -- or traffic
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reporter, jessica boyington. i'm switching up your jobs here today. >> that's okay. i'll stick with this one for now, because i have good news. we don't have a lot of backups to report because we're on 95. this is right around vine street expressway. and we have some construction in place, but you can see that all the traffic is moving by, headed southbound with no problems. you can see that's the ben franklin bridge, actually, right here. on top, to give you an idea of exactly where that is. you might see a little bit of a delay, but for the most part, we're having a really great commute right now. there is some construction to talk about on the bridges. the commodore barry only has one lane opened there. into philadelphia, two right lanes are closed over the walt whitman. that's eastbound. so back into jersey, the right lane is closed there. we're also watching the schuylkill expressway for some rolling work crews that usually causes some delays at this time, but nothing too major. eastbound before the conshohocken curve, watch for lane restrictions there. that's why we see a 25-minute drive time right now from the blue route to the vine street expressway. also watch for some construction on city avenue between 63rd
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street and cardinal avenue. that will be there until 3:00 p.m. some construction that might tie you up this morning and into your afternoon. pamela? >> thank you, jessica. riders frustrated by the septa slowdown should start seeing some improvements in a few weeks. the transit agency announced its plans for getting septa cars repaired and back into service yesterday. starting august 21st, septa will roll out ten raerpd cepaired ca week until all 120 trains are back on track pap normal weekday schedule is expected by october 1st. >> good, because my trains are late every day going to work. so that's awesome. that's awesome. about time. >> septa says its entire fleet should be up and running again by mid-november. today is the last day investors can put bids in on two pieces of land in atlantic city. bader field and a water pump are
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being sold in a sealed auction. the deadline was extended because the auction wasn't advertised according to state law. officials hope the sale of the two properties will bring much-needed cash to atlantic city, as it tries to get its finances in order to avoid a state takeover. last month an auction of dozens of properties raised $1.7 million for the city. up next, a deadly attack. we're learning new details about a knife attack in a popular london forest area that killed an american woman. and kicking it off in style. carli lloyd and team usa women's soccer dazzles the world as we look forward to tomorrow night's opening ceremony of the 2016 olympics in rio. so the rio ready for all of that? >> well, we're ready for another day and this great weather. so enjoy it while it lasts. i'm tracking the return of heat and humidity, as well as storms that could affect a part of your weekend. i'll break down the timing of that all, just ahead.
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this morning, we know an american woman was killed when a man went on a rampage with a knife in london. police say five others were injured in the attack last night, in a public scare in the center of the city. among those injured were british, american, israeli, and australian citizens. none had life-threatening injuries. investigators say they have found no signs that this is an act of terrorism. officers tasered and arrested the suspect who they say is a
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19-year-old norwegian of somali origin. >> all of the work what we have done so far, increasingly points to these tragic incidents, as having been triggered by mental health issues. >> officials say it appears the victims were targeted at random. a decision 2016 update now. a new poll out this morning shows hillary clinton opening a double-digit lead in the all-important swing state of pennsylvania. the franklin and marshall college poll gives hillary clinton an 11-point lead over donald trump. she leads 49% to 38% among likely voters. meanwhile, the trump campaign is dealing with turmoil as multiple high-level gop sources tell nbc news about a possible intervention with the republican nominee following a series of campaign controversies. nbc's hallie jackson has more.
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>> reporter: on stage, revealing what he did backstage. >> just a little while ago, i met with the gold star families. the love in that room was so incredible. >> reporter: donald trump's meeting coming as he faces fallout from his criticism of two other gold star parents. >> you have sacrificed nothing. and no one. >> reporter: just one in the long list of controversies trump's trying to get past, as a new poll shows he's sinking, down double digits to hillary clinton nationally, and now upping in attacks on her, after a reported $400 million secret shipment of cash to iran. at the same time as the release of american hostages. >> she says, i wonder what happens with that $400 million. i wonder who ends up getting it, right? >> clinton, forced to defend the controversy. >> so far as i know, it has nothing to do with any kind of hostage swap or any other tit
11:16 am
for tat. >> reporter: trump shaming democrats. >> this was all started by hillary clinton. >> reporter: but it's republicans attempting a reset. sources telling nbc news that people like rudy giuliani are hoping for an intervention to get the trump train back on track. newt gingrich telling "the washington post," trump's more unacceptable than clinton right now. frustrated republicans calling trump's refusal to endorse paul ryan a major misstep. his own running mates splitting off to back ryan himself, with trump's blessing, he says. >> he strongly encouraged me to endorse paul ryan in next tuesday's primary. and i'm pleased to do it. >> reporter: trump's advisers publicly pushing back on reports of a campaign in crisis. >> well, the campaign is in very good shape. you know, we are organized. we are moving forward. >> reporter: now, all eyes on trump's children. some of the few people with sway over their notoriously
11:17 am
unpredictable father, as trump gets good news on the money front, raising about $80 million in july with the party, his campaign says. the most of any month yet. >> trump's running mate, governor mike pence held a rally in the swing state of north carolina. he told a crowd in raleigh that president obama's policies have weakened america's place in the world. clinton's running mate, senator tim kaine, spoke to the national urban league conference in baltimore. he spoke about fighting housing discrimination early in his career as a lawyer. well, most of the fiberglass donkeys made for the democratic national convention are no longer roaming the city. they were a big hit for sightseers and they were a key part in fact dnc scavenger hunt. when the dnc left last week, it offered the 57 donkeys to the delegations they represented. 52 were claimed. the donkeys representing guam,
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puerto rico, and american samoa are still here. if their delegation doesn't claim them, they'll be auctioned off and proceeds will be split among the artists. just days to go. can you believe it? the opening ceremony of the 2016 olympics in rio de janeiro is tomorrow night. nbc 10 is the only place to see all of the action. the olympic action is already underway, though. the u.s. women's soccer team beat new zealand in their olympic opener. south jersey's carli lloyd scored one of team usa's two goals there. in metford lake, lloyd is a hometown hero. the community gathered to watch number 10 play last night, from little girls to adults. they were all inspired by her performance on the field. >> it makes me like want to work harder, because i know i can be something like that. and i know that someone from close to my town can become something great. >> she's a role model that everybody can look up to. >> the u.s. team will now take
11:19 am
on the french team on saturday. lloyd sent out this tweet following the team's win last night. it says, "well done, team next" then the emojis for fist bumps, muscles, and the american flag. there is just one day to go until the opening ceremonies of the summer olympic games in rio. team usa has made the trip, and so has nbc's jay gray who brings us exclusive coverage from nbc olympic park. >> reporter: rio is, for the most part, ready. crews are putting a few finishing touches on the venue. while the olympic celebration has already started in the city. team usa is on the ground in rio and getting settled into the athlete's village, joining 18,000 competitors from around the globe. >> i think overall our team is so strong right now, it's incredible to be a part of this team. >> reporter: but even before the opening ceremony and pre-game workouts, the american athletes can feel the intensity of the olympics.
11:20 am
>> the energy almost punches you in the face. just everyone's getting after and working hard. >> reporter: all working toward the same goal. olympic gold. jay gray, nbc news, rio. >> count on nbc 10 for complete coverage of the summer games, including tomorrow night's opening ceremony. you can watch it right here, starting at 7:30. also want to remind you, nbc 10's jacqueline london is junior guide to the rio games and all of our local athletes. be sure to watch her reports later today and tonight on nbc 10 news. well, another beautiful day out there. things are going to be changing, though. it's not going to be feeling like this all the way through the weekend. we're in the mid- to upper 70s across much of the area. 79 in philadelphia, now. jersey shore, 77. on average, let's see how we're doing. 78 degrees at wholegate.
11:21 am
81 in ventnor. we've got a wind coming in off the ocean that's going to limit how warm it's going to get. the ocean temperature, 76. stone harbor, 79. cape may point, 78 degrees. and that onshore wind keeping the temperature getting anywhere near 90 degrees, where it's going to be climbing in the inland areas. this is satellite and radar. you don't see anything on there, because there isn't. at least not close to our area. we do have a couple little showers in central virginia that are not going to be affecting us. we have the comfort and then things are going to be changing. take a look at this. as we go through the afternoon, this is our future feels-like temperature. 85 in philadelphia today. 80 in linwood. 77, avalon. nice and comfortable, right? we go through the night tonight, by tomorrow morning, it's feeling like it's in the 60s. still comfortable. tomorrow afternoon, 86 in
11:22 am
philadelphia. still comfortable. now we're going to start to see some changes. by saturday morning, we're feeling like we're in the 70s. not 60s anymore. and by saturday afternoon, okay, there we go. 99 in philadelphia. 100 in swedesboro and vorhees. many parts of the area feeling like 100 degrees. that's sfafor saturday. that's just a one-day thing, because we have some thunderstorms that are going to put a change to the weather pattern. here we go, friday, still looking dry. perhaps a shower way up toward the poconos. but the main threat comes saturday. there's saturday morning. still dry, although we may see some clouds. and here comes this area of showers and thunderstorms. there's right around noontime and then that's pretty heavy action here.
11:23 am
that's, again, during the afternoon, that means by the afternoon, the pennsylvania counties are drying out. and once they dry out, that's the end of the rain threat for several days. and by saturday evening, this is all out of here, no more threats. for quite a while. all right, these are the temperatures and the feels-like temperatures for tomorrow. so chestnut hill, 85, feeling like only 84, because the humidity is still low. most places feeling like right around the same temperature. so the humidity up a little bit tomorrow from what we saw today. feeling like 81 in longport, but feeling like 84 in wilmington with the temperature of 88. now, the weekend. we've got that hot, humid weather, as you saw. we have that one thunderstorm coming through, and then the beautiful weather comes back on sunday, with lower humidity.
11:24 am
i'll be back with the ten-day forecast a little bit later. up next, going mobile. we'll explain how our newest weather tool, storm ranger 10, is the driving force behind bringing you a more accurate forecast. that's next.
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welcome back. stroke survivors who have difficulty sleeping could be at risk for complication. sleep apnea and insomnia are
11:27 am
common after a stroke. stroke survivors with a sleep disorder were more likely to go to a nursing home after a stroke than those without sleep problems. out of prison and back in a courtroom, this time as a free man. up next, we're following the latest legal developments for philadelphia's monsignor william lynn, as the district attorney pushes for a new child endangerment charges against him. plus, close encounter. we'll hear about a new jersey man's brush with a black bear that has a neighborhood on edge.
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that breaking news, philadelphia's criminal justice center has been evacuated because of an incident involving an elevator in the building. the fire alarm sounded and everyone inside was forced to go outside. sky force 10 was over the scene in center city a short time ago.
11:31 am
nbc 10's rosemary connors is live in center city with more. rosemary, what else can you tell us. >> reporter: well, pam, literally within the past few minutes, right here inside this ambulance, right in front of me on fillberg street, they just loaded a man on a stretcher into the back of that ambulance. he appeared to have a neck brace, and also appeared to be bleeding from one of his hands. that's all the details i have on him at the moment. we did just get some more information from the philadelphia fire department, via e-mail. this is what they tell us. that a man was in another elevator. there was damage to that elevator. that man being treated by ems. so we believe this is that second person. as we told you when we saw you at the top of the hour, there was a woman who was injured. she was inside one of the elevators that collapsed, that fell. we have video of that woman being transported to hahnemann hospital in a stretcher. she was alert and talking to us and appeared to be okay. the philly fire department is telling us that she was taken to
11:32 am
hahnemann hospital as a precaution. we also spoke this morning with the philadelphia sheriff, with the sheriff's office. here's what he told us. >> just know that our sheriffs heard a loud boom and went to the scene and found out there was a lady inside the elevator, who was asking for help. >> reporter: as you can imagine, as you can see, this is still a very active scene. everyone is still evacuated here on fillberg street between broad and 13th street. as far as we know, investigators will be inside the criminal justice center here for much of the afternoon, at least the beginning part of the afternoon, as they continue to sort this out. again, a few details in this case, but what we do know, two people were injured. the extent of their injuries, that's what we're working to find out. we'll continue to stay on top of this, and we'll be bringing you updates throughout the afternoon on facebook, on twitter, on and then, of course, this afternoon, on-air, starting at 4:00. reporting live in center city, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> rosemary, thank you.
11:33 am
we just learned a court hearing for monsignor william lynn is over with. he was released from prison on bail two days ago. a philadelphia judge has set a new trial date for may 1st. yesterday, authorities announced they'll retry lynn, who was found guilty of covering up abuse by priests. the state supreme court threw out lynn's conviction, ruling that jurors were swayed by evidence not related to the case. we'll have more on the hearing coming up on nbc 10 news later today. another picture-perfect day for you. here's a live look outside at boathouse in philadelphia right now. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. glenn? >> pamela, another beautiful, beautiful day out there. but things are going to be changing over the next couple of days. not quite to 80 degrees yet. 79 in philadelphia. most of the rest of the area in the mid- to upper 70s. but we do have some parts of the
11:34 am
area that have hit 80 degrees, so far. collegeville at 82. st. david's at 83. north wales at 81. and we're going to be seeing everybody getting into the 80s with the exception of the jersey shore, and some of the delaware beaches with that onshore wind. we don't have any clouds to speak of around the area. the closest showers in central virginia. not especially moving this way. so, we're definitely going to be dry on the afternoon. temperatures get into the 80s, probably mid-80s. a couple degrees below average for this time of the year, and the humidity below average for this time of the year. and as we go through the evening, it's going to be a little bit more humid than it was last night, but still nothing like it's going to be on friday night and into saturday morning. new jersey down to 68 degrees by 10:00. we'll see just how hot it's going to get and when the next thunderstorms are coming in just
11:35 am
a few minutes. earl weakened to a tropical storm this morning after moving inland and making landfall in belize. the storm came ashore in the central american company with maximum sustained winds of 80 miles per hour. heavy rains and winds could be seen near the sea. the government opened storm shelters and used radio and television broadcasts to urge residents of low-lying areas to move to higher ground. a stabbing at a busy square in london has left an american woman dead and five others injured, as nbc's matt bradley shows us, it happened just a day after british police announced stepping up their police presence in the country. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy has confirmed that the woman who was killed here in brussels square last night was, in fact, an american citizen. but they're not releasing any additional information about that, or her identity. we do know from scotland yard today, that the attacker, the perpetrator, was, indeed, a
11:36 am
norwegian national of somali decent. and he came to the uk from norway back in 2002 when he was 4 or 5 years old. that information coming from the norwegian administration of foreign affairs. there were four other victims, they were wounded. some have been released from the hospital. and we're talking to a bunch of eyewitnesss what happened to see the event, which took place last night around 10:30, right here in the heart of central london. >> there was a body laying under a blanket with blood. and more police arrived, more police, two ambulances. police were just -- it was intense. really intense. >> and i thank god there is a lot more anxiety running through london right now. >> the u.s. embassy has not released any additional information about her, but a lot of the jitters that have come out around this are speculation that this may have had some sort of terrorism tie-in. and just today, scotland yard said that there's no indication that the perpetrator was
11:37 am
radicalized in any way. they're saying that there was no ideological motivation behind this attack. matt bradley, nbc news, london. go! go! go! leave your bags behind! >> scary video there. that's part of what happened inside a burning jet in dubai as passengers scrambled to escape. the emirates airliner crash landed at the airport yesterday, bursting into flames. one firefighter on the ground died, but all 182 passengers onboard escaped. an aviation expert told nbc news that wind shear may have caused the accident. happening nod, president obama will meet with military and national security leaders at the pentagon today, to discuss the fight against isis. the meeting comes days after the president authorized u.s. air strikes against islamic state targets in libya. after the meeting, the president is expected to take questions from reporters. well, health officials are
11:38 am
keeping their fingers crossed that they may have gotten a handle on the zika outbreak, with no new cases being reported since tuesday. but now, we're hearing that members of the military have contracted the virus. nbc's kerry sanders has an update. >> reporter: this morning, a bit of good news. no new cases of zika being reported, but there's no letup in the all-out fight to stop it. health officials now cautiously optimistic they can get the virus under control. >> i don't think it will be easy. i think it will be difficult. but i do believe we can contain it. >> the battle plan, from the air, spray a 10-mile area around the zika zone, with insecticide called nalad, but is it safe? >> you can never say something like that is 100% safe. but tell people, if they see the plane coming over, to go inside. it's just the prudent thing to do. >> reporter: the mayor of miami thinks the city is being prudent when it comes to the wynwood neighborhood, center of the zika outbreak, but he is concerned fear is hurting the local
11:39 am
economy. >> it is affecting the image of wynwood, no doubt about that. and i understand for pregnant women, but that's being misinterpreted as, don't travel to miami. >> reporter: extend the left leg. >> reporter: at the body baby class, which isn't near wynwood, pregnant women like amanda are scared. the new normal now contains mosquito spray and long sleeves and pants going out. >> i just spent a bunch of money on amazon buying bug spray. i have bug spray in my car, my husband's car, my purse, all over the place. we're trying to do everything we can. >> that was kerry sanders reporting. the national institute of health just announced the first human clinical trials of a zika vaccine, but even if the tests are successful, it's likely to be months before one is approved. meanwhile, the florida department of health is now offering free zika testing to pregnant women.
11:40 am
well, survivors and family members of victims of the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando will learn today how donations will be handed out. the exact amounts each family will get will be determined by how much money is raised by the end of september. more than $20 million has been raised so far. you may remember 49 people died in a shooting rampage at the nightclub, that was june 12th. there's a bear scare in north jersey. police are investigating after a man reported a close encounter on the back porch of his own home. you're looking at an area value view of officers in warren county, searching the area yesterday. the man called 911, saying a black bear he sees every day lunged and scratched him on the arm when he went out to feed his cats. he says the bear then ran into the woods. the animal is thought to be between 300 and 400 pounds. recent bear sightings have the neighbors there on alert. >> we've been seeing a lot of them more recently.
11:41 am
so, oh, man, a couple of weeks ago, we saw one and, they've been coming around here, a lot more common now. and they're coming around, a lot more daring and bold, too. >> the man who said he was attacked by the bear was treated for minor injuries. well, steamy and stormy weather is on the way. not this afternoon, of course. i'll let you know how these changes could affect your weekend with my first alert neighborhood forecast, just ahead.
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all this week we're giving you a new look at storm ranger 10, our newest tool in the first alert weather team. bill henley shows us the technology that brings mobile radar right to you at home. >> have you ever seen anything like this before? the answer is no. because this is the world's first mobile television doppler radar. up until now, radar doves have been locked in place, unable the to react to rapidly changing severe weather. so how have we managed to pull off this engineering feat? we started with a clean sheet and developed storm ranger 10 from the road up. our first innovation, solid state radar, which means it's ready to go with the flip of a switch. older radars use tubes that can take an hour to warm up. next is the radar control center. installed in the back of storm ranger 10. this rack of computers tells the
11:45 am
radar how fast it should spin and where it should search the sky for storms. it also processes the radar signal and turns it into data that we can analyze and display on television. its main control center and display, this integrated laptop. finally, there's our control room on wheels. this is how we get the radar data back to nbc 10 and streaming on the internet. these computers utilize the fastest lte cellular network to send data directly to nbc 10 digital operation centers, and from there to our neighborhood weather center and also to you on our nbc 10 app and website. we can even send storm ranger 10 to remote locations and deploy a satellite to beam high-resolution pictures to space, then directly back to nbc 10. pretty cool, right? here's the bottom line. we're taking the newest and most advanced radar technology and we're hitting the road. all to alert you to dangerous weather, first. >> and if you want to take a closer look inside storm ranger 10, learn more about its
11:46 am
forecasting capabilities, and how it gathers information for you, go to or you can tap the free nbc 10 app. well, we're nearly there. the opening ceremony of the 2016 olympics in rio de janeiro is tomorrow night. nbc 10 is the only place to see all of the action. tomorrow night, the opening ceremony kicks off the 2016 summer olympics in rio. authorities are ramping up security ahead of the start of the festivities. barricades line the streets along the world-famous copacabana beach. rio de janeiro is deploying nearly 14,000 security officers and about a third more than previously planned. and we're following all of our local athletes in rio, including joe malloy, of wildwood. he's headed to the olympics as america's top hope for gold in the triathlon. nbc 10 got a special look at one of his recent workouts.
11:47 am
six years ago, malloy, an assistant coach at the boston college -- was a coach at the boston college swim team. he decided to give up his job and dedicate himself to trittathalonss full time. now he's punched his ticket to rio. >> i just wanted to see if i could make a living doing something i really enjoyed, for a couple of years, until i figured out what i wanted to do with my life. and the olympics were a good spot to focus that energy. but i wasn't sure -- i had no idea i'd get there. it's been a heck of a ride. >> nbc 10 was there as malloy's hometown gave him a big sendoff to rio. they'll be cheering him on and so will we. nbc 10's ted greenberg will have more on joe's story during our "going for gold" special it airs this saturday night at 7:00 only on nbc 10.
11:48 am
pennsylvania america 2016 is mrs. montgomery -- >> a big moment for a woman in our area. april walker taylor was crowned mrs. pennsylvania back if june. now, april represented montgomery county and will compete for the title of mrs. america in las vegas later this month. and april, we're so thrilled to have you here this morning. how's it going? >> thank you, pam, for having me. it has been amazing. absolutely amazing. just a dream. a dream come true. >> and tell us a little bit about your platform. it's autism awareness. >> yes, autism awareness. it's something that's very passionate to me. i'm a licensed by the state board of medicine, worked with children on the spectrum. i've done things in the community, but this has taken it to a new level. i'm connecting to families, community organization, schools, amazing. >> that's great. and we were talking a little bit about the competition during the break. why don't you tell us what's next for that?
11:49 am
>> whoo! what's next. vegas. las vegas is next. i will land in vegas around the 19th. competition starts on the 20th through the 27th. super excited to meet all the fabulous contestants. it has been a whirlwind. super excited. >> and what's the best part of the process? what do you have the most fun doing? >> oh, my trainer hopes i say my workouts, but i'm not going to say that. the best part has been connecting to family and friends and the community support, interacting with some of my pageant sisters. that has been the best part of the competition. and it's just -- it's been amazing. an amazing journey. >> all right, april. thank you so much for joining us. and best of luck in the competition. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> we'll be rooting for you here at home. >> thank you for having me. >> and glenn has weather. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, a fair bit of sunshine out there. temperatures rising up, close to 80 degrees.
11:50 am
79 at philly international. but there are some parts of philadelphia that are a little bit warmer. and we can see that with our neighborhood weather reports. there's the 79 at phl, but it's 85 at graduate hospital. 84 at center city. we've added more and more neighborhood reports to this. germantown at 80 degrees. torresdale, 80. parkwood at 80 degrees right now. now, we do see no showers, no significant cloud cover around during the day today. tomorrow's going to be another day with beautiful weather. it's going to be a little bit warmer, a little bit more humid, but for this time of the year, still pretty nice. fairmont, 87 degrees. reading, 84. easton, 84 degrees. you can see, everybody's got
11:51 am
sunshine tomorrow. robbi robbinsville, 85. right at the jersey shore, temperatures close to the 80 degree mark. 79 in avalon and also rehoboth beach at 79 degrees. so it's going to be a great time to get away, if you've got a chance during the day tomorrow. because saturday isn't going to be as comfortable. that's for sure. as we go through the future, tonight and into tomorrow morning, we're dry. mostly clear. tomorrow afternoon, you see one or two little showers pop up, way north and west of the area, perhaps parts of berks county or the poconos, the main action is still in central pennsylvania tomorrow afternoon. and then as we go to saturday, once again we start off dry. perhaps some clouds to start off the day, and then here come the showers and thunderstorms.
11:52 am
middle of the day, just north and west, earlier in the day, in the lehigh valley and poconos. so by noontime, the lehigh valley and poconos may be clear out of this and here come the showers and storms in the philadelphia area. increasing as we go throughout the afternoon. it's going to be hot and humid. that may help build up some pretty strong thunderstorms, later in the day on saturday, if you're headed to the shore, keep that in mind. it's not going to last very long, so it's certainly not going to ruin the whole weekend, but it does look like it's going to affect at least a portion of the weekend. there's the temperature as we go through saturday. feeling closer to 100 in philadelphia because of the high humidity. and just that one band of showers and storms moving through. sunday, nothing but sunshine, lower humidity, warm at the
11:53 am
shore, mostly a land breeze on sunday. the rain chances just spike on saturday, philadelphia, down in delaware, and it gradually goes up a little bit on friday and saturday. allentown, actually a little bit lower for allentown on saturday than it is in other parts of the area. atlantic city has the highest chance of any kind of rain. so as we go through the ten-day period, there's that heat and humidity saturday. drying out sunday. monday is nice and comfortable, but look what happens next week. it starts heating up and temperatures get way back into the 90s. and we'll be right back.
11:54 am
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11:56 am
happening today in delaware county, villanova fans can get their picture taken with the 2016 men's basketball championship trophy. the trophy will be on display as part of the philadelphia's freedom nova night tennis match at villanova university pavilion this evening. the freedoms share a home court with the reigning basketball champs. and before we go here, glenn has a final check of the weather this afternoon. >> yeah, and we have another day, a lot like yesterday today. tomorrow will be pretty close. saturday's going to be nothing like it. it's going to be hot, it's going to be very humid, and a thunderstorm before a nice day
11:57 am
sunday. >> all right. well, thank you so much for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm pamela osborne. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and for all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. dear fellow citizen, spending time hunting treasures with my daughter is wonderful. because before i'm even ready,
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