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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  August 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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right now on "nbc 10 news today," close call. someone shot an arrow and it pierced the window of a philadelphia home. arrested again. refuted philadelphia mob boss joey merlino is one of several snagged in a crime ring. the opening ceremonies are tonight in rio. we have a preview of the olympic pageantry. this is nbc 10 news. 4 oo.
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4:30. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley, a look at the conditions right where you live. >> it's cooling down, skies are mostly clear. no sign of weather. you'll need your sunglasses again today. 70 degrees in philadelphia. a light breeze at 3 miles an hour. we'll see a southerly wind, warmer this afternoon, just by a degree or two compared to yesterday. 74 degrees and climbing at 9:00. warming into the 80s this afternoon. low 60s right now in the suburbs, 86 later today. philadelphia will warm up to 87 degrees. and then delaware, 86 degrees while it's middle 80s for new jersey and the lehigh valley as well. and upper 70s with mostly sunny skies at the shore. all in all, a pretty nice day. but as you may have noticed with the seven dayç scrolling at th bottom of the screen, there are changes for the weekend. i'll go into that when i come back. first, jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. >> we have an update on the vine street expressway. headed through center city, that construction that we typically deal with until the 5:00 hour
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has cleared out of the way. both directions back open. watch for construction crews though, still active in the area. other than that, you should be fine heading out on the vine street expressway this morning. heading over to the pa turnpike, the northeast extension headed northbound. there's an accident between quakertown and lehigh valley. over on the pa turnpike we're watching for construction. west and eastbound, the left lane is closed between 29 and downingtown. 23 minutes east and westbound between valley forge to route 1. tracy? >> jessica, thanks. team usa will join athletes from around the world to usher in the summer olympics in rio de janeiro. we don't know much about what we expect to see during the ceremony. we have seen fireworks being fired from inside the arena. we know swimmer michael phelps will carry the american flag ahead of team usa. one of the highlights of tonight's ceremony will be the lighting of the olympic
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cauldron. the crowd cheered as the torch arrived at one of rio's samba schools last night. matt delucia is live in our digital operations center right now. there are certain moments in olympic history that viewers remember. they stick in your mind. >> they do, tracy. one of those moments, you might remember this, the '96 olympics, kerri strug performing the vault with an injured ankle. remember this video? she was speaking to workers in delaware county. a lot has changed in 20 years. she has two kids and she'll be watching with her son who is 4. it will be the first olympic games he will see. long since retired from gymnastics, kerri works with the justice department focusing on ç kids. she often reflects on that moment 20 years ago when she hurt her ankle on one vault and went back for a second attempt getting the gold for the women's team. this is the message she continues to share today. >> you fall down, you get back
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up. and for youngsters, that's of utmost importance. not just literally but figuratively. we're going to run into barriers and have problems in our lives but it's those who persevere and who don't give up and break down those barriers, those are the ones that succeed and enjoy that self-satisfaction of accomplishing their goals. >> and kerri is not going to rio but will be watching on tv like the rest of us. watch team usa at the opening ceremony right here on nbc 10. the coverage starts at 7:30 tonight. live in the digital operations center, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 4:34. 70 degrees outside. federal prosecutors charge nearly four dozen suspects for alleged organized crime including the philadelphia's reputed mafia boss. the charges are part of a massive investigation involving new york city police and the fbi. alleged members of numerous crime families were among those arrested. they're accused of extortion, loan sharking, sports gambling, fraud, firearms trafficking and
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arson. joey merlino was among those charged. he's acueded of committing health care fraud. a long-time lawyer for the alleged philly mob boss declined to comment on the allegations. >> we were able to arrest 46 members of numerous crime families, genovese, gambino and others. >> the charges came a day after the arrest of john gotti jr., he's accused of being involved in a prescription drug ring. police in philadelphia want to know who shot a toddler sleeps. the arrow was lodged in this window on scotia road in andorra. we spoke to neighbors about the incident. >> i don't even know why shun
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would be shooting a bow and arrow. there's no hunting. >> it makes me feel unsafe in a neighborhood that's always been very quiet neighborhood. >> i'm just grateful no one was hurt, especially children. >> investigators say the incident happened on wednesday. they're not sure, though, what time. it's 4:36. pennsylvania is a battleground state and could play a major role in deciding the next president of the united states. ahead, hear which candidate is leading in a new state poll. plus, hear what the candidates are saying about each other and the issues on the campaign trail. there's nothing quite like a refreshing dip in a pool unless you're in that pool. look at this. philadelphia officials are issuing a very bizarre summer warning. on this cushion for generations.
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i'm first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. right now we're starting things off over in new jersey. these are our cameras around 295 and route 130. which is in west deptford. you can see both directions, no problems right now. it's a friday, early on a friday morning, of course. 22 minutes southbound from route 42 to the delaware memorial bridge. if you're heading into delaware, you'll have no problems doing so for right now. the new jersey turnpike looks great also. an accident scene on the pa turnpike that we were reporting earlier on the northeast extension headed northbound has cleared between quakertown and lehigh valley. over into the shoulder, you don't have to worry about it anymore. morning commute. 422, no problems here either. eastbound from the schuylkill expressway from 29 to that point is an eight-minute trip. speeds also into the 60s. i'll be back in ten with updates on your morning drive. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> about an hour and 20 minutes away from sunrise this morning. it's 4:39 right now.
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without the sun, mostly clear skies, which we're enjoying this morning, the temperatures still cooling down. this is one of the warmer spots, 70 degrees right now. look at a pleasant beginning of the day for the lehigh valley, the suburbs, delaware, south jersey, 60 degrees right now and the jersey shore is 63 degrees. some of the suburbs have still come down. we could see 50s this morning, in the middle 60s for west cullen township, kennett square is 63 degrees and down to 61 in north wales, ft. washington. bedminster 61 degrees. sunshine will be nice and bright. another nice day today, typical summer day, 70 to start with in philadelphia. upper 70s later this morning and then it's into the 80s this afternoon. the suburbs, sunshine, a few scattered clouds like we've seen the last couple days. no showers today. 64 now. 69 degrees by 8:00 this morning and at lunch time, we'll be in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. in the lehigh valley, not seeing fog this morning. again, just like yesterday, into
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the 80s this afternoon. you'll see partly sunny skies this afternoon after a clear start this morning. 65 now in the lehigh valley. still in the 60s by 8:00 this morning. and sunshine, nice warmup after a cool start for new jersey. 61 degrees now. even 80 at lunch time today. heading to the shore, another great summer day, sunshine, just a little bit warmer at the shore today. 64 degrees right now. into the 70s, upper 70s for 2:00 this afternoon. 78 degrees. those southerly winds will be kicking in at 4:00 at 14 miles an hour to keep temperatures in the 70s there. for delaware, it will be sunny skies, a few high clouds at times. no sign of showers for today. 60s to start with. upper 70s later this morning and it's into the 80s with the humidity staying down again today for delaware. tomorrow, it's going to be steamy. we'll be watching for showers and thunderstorms. a close look at the weekend forecast when i come back in just a few minutes. >> looking forward to that, bill. thank you.
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4:41. new information about the montgomery county volunteer firefighter who turned his firehouse into a crime scene. this was the scene last year in cheltenham. when a feud escalated into a hostage drama. ahead, hear what happened yesterday in court. decision 2016 by the numbers. find out which candidate is leading the presidential race nationally, also in the battleground state of pennsylvania.
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pennsylvania. i sort of miss my protesters, you know? we don't get them from hillary because there's no -- you know, the bernie people had spirit. we don't get them from hillary because they don't care. they don't care. >> trump will be joining mike pence for rallies today. and mike pence and his wife, karen, will do anç exclusive interview with the "today" show. some local republican leaders are turning away from trump. they tell nbc 10 they refuse to be connected with the republican nominee. >> i feel like millions of americans right now aren't happy with the choices of the top of the ticket. there's always the option to write someone in. >> as the party leader i don't want to do anything that would help him in any way. i don't even want to be associated with him. >> williamson fesci quit the
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party this week. hillary clinton will speak to a national association of black journalists and national association of hispanic journ journalists in washington. >> we just put up a website, hillary it here. and we're telling him about 100 places where he can actually make all of those things right here in america. >> at one point during the rally several secret service agents rushed to clinton's side as animal rights protesters came closer to the stage. if hillary clinton becomes president, former philadelphia mayor michael nutter could end up in her cabinet. politico reported that nutter is under consideration for both transportation secretary and secretary of housing and urban development.
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president obama is answering donald trump and other critics of a $400 million u.s. payment to iran. yesterday the president denied claims that the cash transfer was ransom for the release of four american prisoners. president obama said the payment was part of a settlement with iran that he announced in january. a "wall street journal" report said an unmarked cargo plane delivered the cash to iran around the same time that the prisoners were released. the presidentç said that transr was not part of a nefarious deal. president obama also took aim at donald trump's latest campaign claim that the november election will be rigged. the president called that notion, quote, ridiculous. 4:47. happening today, the man who tried to assassinate president ronald reagan could walk free. john hinckley jr. is due to be released from a psychiatric hospital in washington. last week, a federal judge ruled he is no longer a danger to himself or others. the courts declared hinckley
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legally insane after he shot president reagan and three others in 1981. himpgly spent 35 years in the hospital. when he's released he will be required to live with his mother in virginia. george zimmerman, the man who shot and killed trayvon martin says he was punched in the face at a florida restaurant. zimmerman says it happened over the weekend while he was explaining that he shot martin in self-defense. several witnesses claim zimmerman was bragging about the shooting. he was acquitted of second degree murder in the 17-year-old's death in 2012. don't go swimming in dumpsters. it's not a warning that seems necessary but apparently that's just what philadelphia is telling its residents. the city issued the advisory after this picture surfaced. this online news site first reported this pool party. they power washed the dumpster, used liners and filled it with
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water from fire hydrants. 10 before 5:00. let's check roads in south jersey. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. jess? >> we're watching the 42 freeway in deptford around route 41, no problems or delays yet. southbound lanes, those are the ones right in here. if you're headed to the jersey shore or towards the ç sticklerville area, no problems, northbound into philadelphia, just fine. northbound drive time from 55 to the walt whitman bridge, only four minutes. that's light for this time. also watching 95, if you're headed through delaware northbound or southbound, still those drive times are even ten minutes there from 295 to 495 and speeds into the 60s. once you get over into delaware, watch for some construction. this is in wilmington. signal works. you watch for lane restrictions on route 202. i'll have updates within i come back, mass transit, more of your drive times around your morning
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commute and i'll be back in ten. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> ten minutes before 5:00. we're looking for another nice summer day at the shore, into the 70s this afternoon. it's cooler, live dry view of cape may. no sign of any showers today. there could be storms this week. at this hour, low 60s. look at upper township, cape may courthouse, both at 61 degrees. mullica township, 59 degrees and still falling. no sign of anything falling from the sky. the satellite and radar are clear but look to the west. you can see a line of clouds with some big storms in the midwest. st. louis area seeing those storms this morning. it's part of a system that extends to the north and is moving our way. and this will impact your weekend for saturday, for today, the shower threat stays to the west. we will see clouds later this afternoon. and early tomorrow morning. that's 2:30 in the morning. you can see scattered showers in the pocono mountains.
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it's during the afternoon that that line will move into the area with a chance of some scattered showers, thunderstorms. may not look like much but these storms could come with damaging winds. they'll keep on moving, they'll swing through the area and clearing skies saturday night which means we'll be seeing lots of sunshine sunday. in fact, early in the morning, nice and clear. scattered clouds to the northwest. we'll beç watching for the stos on saturday. you can see it with the seven-day forecast. let's go beyond the seven-day forecast, though, with the 10 day on 10. the humidity stays lower like it did yesterday. you'll feel the siee steaminess return for tomorrow. during the morning and late afternoon hours, you'll be watching for thunderstorms in the area. they keep on going. sunshine is back, well into the 80s after a warm start in the morning. 88 degrees in the afternoon. the humidity will be dropping during the day on saturday. excuse me, on sunday.
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you'll feel the difference monday morning. 60s to start with, 86 in the afternoon. typical summer heat for monday and tuesday. but those temperatures will ramp up starting on wednesday. wednesday, thursday and friday, afternoon high temperatures will be in the lower 90s. the humidity will be building in on friday. we could see showers and thunderstorms move through the area and they'll keep on going. sunshine, back on saturday, partly sunny and cooler sunday. tracy? >> looks good, bill. eight minutes before 5:00. tonight is the night. the opening ceremony of the 2016 olympic games. one athlete from philadelphia won't be wearing red, white and blue in rio tonight. here's why. she main train on the schuylkill river but she competes for nigeria. she started rowing ten years ago at mt. saint joseph academy. she's rowing into the history books as the first nigerian ever to row at the games. >> i know no matter how prepared
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and confident i am, i'll tear up and my stomach is in butterflies. i know it's going to happen. i own it, get to the starting lien and relax, do what i know how to do. >> cherika will wear an anti-microbial suit toç protec her from bacteria. you can watch the opening ceremony here on nbc 10. coverage starts tonight at 7:30. montgomery county firehouse hostage drama. this was the tense seen in cheltenham last year. next we have new details about the man police say fired a shot and held his colleagues hostage. and there's this -- >> ma'am, let me see your hands. let me see your hands. >> simulating dangerous encounters. next we take a closer look at a new tool helping officers across new jersey improving response to real-life risks.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a check on the roads this morning. we're watching cherry hill, new jersey. these are our cameras around route 38 and cuthbert boulevard. not a lot of cars or a lot of things going on there. most of the jersey roads, that's pretty much what things look like. drive times are great, over the bridge to philadelphia as well. watching a slee-moving maintenance vehicle on the garden state parkway headed southbound between route 44 and pomona and exit 40 on the white horse pike. more information on construction spots or anything that ties you up this morning when i come back. a former volunteer firefighter pleads guilty to holding four firefighters hostage last year. paul jordan held those firefighters at gun point and fired a shot in the wall at the lamont fire company in cheltenham. he was let go from the company the night before.
4:57 am
a sentencing date will be scheduled after jordan goes through several evaluations. patco is making a push to go green at a handful of its high-speed stations. they've been selling electric car chargers atç lindenwold, a other stations. two parking stations will be reserved for electric vehicles. patco's general manager says the designated spots help encourage sustainable transportation. sixers legend allen iverson is back in town to host a celebrity basketball game at temple university's leah cora center. he hosted a dinner and silent auction to benefit the league of philadelphia. in the lehigh valley, musikfest begins in bethlehem today. ♪ the ten-day event is the largest free music festival in the country. the festival features more than 350 performers and more than 60
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food vendors. jersey shore area police officers are getting some new high-tech training. >> it's going to help them prepare for potentially life and death situations. the new video simulator allows officers to train in highly realistic looking situations. this multiscreen simulator is a brand new addition to the cape may county police academy. it puts split decisionmaking skills to the test. >> it is changing rapidly and we need to train our police officers to do a very difficult job. >> the couldnnty spent $250,000 that equipment. a good chunk of that money had been seized from criminals. you're watching nbc 10 at 5:00. "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 starts right now. an elevator accident sends two employees to the hospital and shuts down part of a building in center city philadelphia. shot nine times. that's what police say happened to a philadelphia man who is now
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in critical condition. let the games begin. the opening ceremony for the 2016 olympics in rio kick off tonight.ç nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm pamela osborne. >> i'm tracy davidson. just before 5:00. 70 degrees outside. let's begin the morning with meteorologist bill henley with the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. bill? >> we're in for another nice one today, tracy. we saw plenty of sunshine yesterday, warming into the 80s. we'll see the same again today. an hour away from sunrise. the showers are starting to brighten up in the lehigh valley. no sign of fog that we had a couple days ago. 62 degrees at 7:00. the warmup, upper 70s and climbing at 10:00 this morning. for the suburbs, 61 degrees. now 69 in philadelphia. just dropped a degree. we will see sunshine in this view. 68 degrees at 6:00. by 9:00 into the upper 70s and
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80s is where we're headed this afternoon. 87 degrees, mostly sunny skies for philadelphia, the suburbs. we'll see plenty of sunshine for new jersey, the lehigh valley and delaware as well. we'll go through the forecast hour by hour. when i'm back in a few minutes and give you a look at the weekend, too. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> thanks, bill. we're watching the garden state parkway right now for a traffic disruption and not right here, right around the great egg toll plaza, you can see there's no problem. maybe once you get out of the toll plaza, headed south up there. we have roaming work crew as well. not a lot of delays or volume. just something to watch out for. other than that it will be good. watch for construction over the delaware memorial bridge. the left lane is closed there until 2:00 p.m. today. we'll still deal with one more morning commute and into the afternoon like that. but as you can see on 295, we're not seeing delays or backups and we don't see any on the


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