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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  August 6, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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likely to see the neighbor in the first alert neighborhood forecast. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors, it's 5:30 on this saturday. at least in philadelphia all looks dry. let's check in with meteorologist krystal klei. krystal, you were telling me some starts are actually starting to see some showers. >> that's right. most of us not yet seeing the showers out there in philadelphia, we are at 76 degrees, clouds hanging overhead but not seeing the rain. areas like new jersey some parts are seeing showers now. 74 in parts of south jersey and also if you move lehigh valley 73 to delaware 75. parts of the delaware beaches have been seeing some of those storms. your radar is showing us as we move around the region you go from very light spots maybe making it to the ground although this light green indicates sometimes not yet making it to
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the surface, lehigh valley moving into the suburbs and then delaware and as well parts of new jersey along the shore. that's where we do see some showers with rain making it to the ground, mostly the light greens indicating a light rain, the pockets of yellow orange indicating a little heavier. these showers are mostly moving out, cape may getting spot showers as well as avalon. later today a line of storms moves our direction with the cold front and potential for us to see strong to severe thunderstorms is there. we will check in on that possibility, how long it lasts, the timing of all that coming up in a while. here is a live look now at the olympic flame burning brightly in rio de janeiro. a brazilian marathon runner used the olympic torch to light the cauldron before it was raised to the top of maracana stadium. brazil put on a show of style and substance for a worldwide
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audience of more than 1 billion viewers. team u.s.a. marched into the stadium with all time olympic champion michael phelps leading the way. nbc's brian mooar has the highlights from the opening ceremony. >> reporter: years of waiting culminated in a final countdown and brazil's moment to shine. the opening of the 2016 summer olympic games in rio, a stunning display of style and substance. the nation revealed its history from descend events of the ancient rain forest to residents of its burgeoning cities. supermodel gisele bundchen represented her country's glamour and passion for a great party. when team u.s.a. walked in. michael phelps led the way. >> it's an honor and dream come true. >> reporter: his fellow swimmers begin their quest for medals and the men's archery team is looking to score the first gold in rio. a story book start for the 2016 olympics with the whole world
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watching. after an extraordinary opening sent mother now it's time for the real show. let the games begin. brian mooar, nbc news, rio. this morning in rio the action includes rowing with athletes from philadelphia and montgomery counties entering the first heats. later on today it's equestrian with chester county riders boyd martin and phillip did you tellen. also carli lloyd leads the women's soccer team against france as they try for their second win of the olympics. carli lloyd fans will be watching the game at a party. one of the many watch parties. last night the family of english gardner invited nbc 10 to a party for the opening ceremony. although he doesn't compete in track and field until next week the family is happy to see the olympic games begin. >> it's been amazing and it's surreal for us to be here right
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now. >> it's amazing to see her live out her dreams. >> the parents also tell us they've been talking to english about being aware of her surroundings and staying safe in brazil. the gardeners will join her in rio in just a few days. zika london will show us how gardner became an injury during our going for gold special tonight. it airs this evening at 7:00. right after that it's the olympic zone as we follow the games and profile more local athletes in rio. you can catch the olympic zone this evening at 7:30 right here on nbc 10. now to a story we first told you about as breaking news last night at 11:00. take a look at this video of a fence collapse during a concert in camden. more than a dozen people were hurt when the fence came down during the snoop dogg wiz khalifa show at the bb&t center.
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medics transported the injured concert goers to the hospital. sky force 10 was also over the scene. you can see medical personnel tending to some of the injured outside of the concert, outside of the arena. you can also see where that 2 d. if you've ever been to this bb&t pavilion you know it separates the lawn area where the walkway where the seats are just about six feet below. fbi raids all across philadelphia and south jersey targeting properties connected to a powerful union boss and a city councilman. our cameras caught federal agents seizing truckloads of documents, evidence and computers. john dougherty, the leader of ibew local 98 the electrical workers union in philadelphia, also former union official bobby henon who joined the philadelphia city council in 2012. agents searched nine different
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locations including the ones you see right here. henon's city hall office, dougherty's home in south philadelphia and two locations in south jersey. nbc 10's monique braxton is live outside of the u.s. attorney's office in center city with more on this. monique. >> reporter: those dozens upon dozens of boxes confiscated at the nine locations that you mentioned are now here at the u.s. attorney's office and come monday morning attorneys will begin combing through the evidence to see if there's anything there that can be prosecuted. now, our camera was rolling when boxes of documents and computers were placed on trucks outside homes owned by ibew union boss john dougherty and his sister in south philadelphia. we also saw the fbi remove boxes of financial papers from the electrical union's office on spring garden. federal agents accompanied by state police also moved in in the early morning hours to the city hall office of councilman
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bobby henon, a long time employee of the electrical union. we captured boxes being removed there as well. in the last month philadelphia magazine reported union spokesperson frank keel was no longer the pr guy, but he was back on the job at doc's side after friday's ease ur. >> allegations of financial impropriety is somewhat puzzling because ibew local 98 is subject to multiple audits throughout the year and multiple levels of scrutiny. >> we asked mayor kenny to comment but he declined citing he didn't have any information. across the river sky force 10 captured a search in camden county. police in pine hill tell us they helped serve warrants for tax records at the mjk electric offices. several firearms were removed as well. now, the u.s. attorney's office has not informed usóñh if any charges will be brought against
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council person henon or union boss john dougherty or if they will even appear before a judge here in the federal courthouse. live for now in center city, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. the camden waterfront is inviting families to enjoy a day of fishing this weekend. the ike celebrity pro a.m. bass fishing tournament launches this morning. professional anglers will teach kids how to fish, there will be carnival games, food vendors. they hope it will encourage kids to get outside and try out fishing. forget digital photos, there is a new craze that has families coming to life in a smaller version. we will show you how it works next. and turned in by their own son, pennsylvania parents find themselves under arrest thanks to what police call the brave actions of a little boy.
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we will show you how it work
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welcome back. happy saturday morning. we're looking at right now if you are in the lehigh valley 73. 8:00 a.m. about 74 degrees so not much change there. winds mostly on the light side, although they may pick up as we move into the afternoon. low 80s around lunch hour, mid 80s in your afternoon. that's when we have the potential for some thunderstorms to start popping up. you may see light rain early in morning but then i do expect some sun breaking into those clouds before the next round and the thunderstorms start to pop. as we move over to the shore, same situation here although this morning along the shore some of us are seeing showers developing mostly light to moderate rain, a few pockets of heavier rain moving off here. 80 your temperature at 10:00 a.m., by noon low 80s and low 80s continuing here. mid 80s we should peak along the
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shore. 2:00 you start to see thunderstorms as well picking up through 4:00. along delaware 75 the temperature for us. 77 8 a.m. feel like temperatures more into the mid upper 90s. in fact, some parts of delaware may even feel like triple digits this afternoon before the line of thunderstorms moves in. we will track that line of thunderstorms, we have your future cast model coming up. get this, the latest photo extra iz in south korea replaces portraits with life like figurines. more than 100 cameras snap photos from all angles then a 3-d printer creates this small statue from a few inches to a foot in high. the turn around only a day or two, the cost just under 300 bucks. 5:42 on this saturday.
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the attorney for the family of an 18-year-old suspect killed by chicago police says new video of the shooting is, quote, beyond horrific, end quote. nbc's phil rogers shows the moments before and after the shooting. a quick warning you may find this video disturbing. >> reporter: when we first pick up the videos we see the view from at least three cars either pursuing or searching for the car stolen earlier in the day by 18-year-old paul o'neal. stop right there and watch again. investigators were shokt when they saw that officer firing at a moving car with his partner
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standing directly in the line of car and the part injury because exactly the same thing with the first officer directly in front of him as he fires. but that's not all. look there in the distance, another chicago police squad car directly in the line of fire as they shoot at the fleeing owe feel. that car smashes head-on into the suspect's car. but it is those officers who pursue o'neal into a nearby yard and at least five shots are heard. one of those shots hits o'neal in the lower back. the officers clearly thought their colleague's shots were being fired from inside o'neal's car and they talked about that in the minutes following the fatal shooting. >> i know the shots were coming at us when the car was coming at
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us. >> reporter: the attorney from o'neal's family called the shooting an execution. >> it is horrific and tragic that these police officers did what they did and took their street justice in their own hands. >> reporter: on the tapes we hear what appears to be the officers who fired the fatal shot worrying about what is going to happen. >> i don't want nothing to happen to that [ bleep ] guy, dude. the way things are going, man, i'm going to [ bleep ] be crucified, bro. >> that was nbc's fill rogers reporting. three officers were fired last week as a result of that incident. o'neal's family has since filed a wrongful death suit in federal court. a pennsylvania couple is facing drug charges after their ten-year-old son turned them into police. police in york county say the boy called 911 after he found sir rings at home while his parents were away. investigators say a search turned up packets of heroin, a crack cocaine pipe and other
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items. the neighbors say the boy was brave for what he did. >> can you imagine what he was going through in order to turn your own parents in? he must have been living in horrific conditions. >> the parents are out on bail. they also face child endangerment charges at an upcoming hearing. child services is now caring for the boy. starting with that look at our radar and satellite, we have some green on the board indicating some of those showers moving through. what we're looking at is a lot of us with clouds overhead not all of us seeing the rain quite yet. there is a cold front well to our west but that line of storms will be heading our direction. that's going to take a while this afternoon. right now we will take a look at what we have going on, very light rain, sprinkles making it the ground in buckingham, that will be moving off to the east-northeast this morning, it's pretty quick moving not going to be any flooding concerns here.
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we drop down farther south right around lewis beach light rain that's moving up. if we shift up to along parts of the shore, areas like ocean city seeing lighter rain, a little area rain near maurice river that will track up through ocean city and atlantic city this morning. most of these cells are moving by pretty quickly so at this point no concern for flooding problems. later this afternoonon(uz could see stronger storms and that could lead to bigger issues. severe thunderstorms for today the deeper blue you see that's where we are looking at the possibility of isolated severe thunderstorms. so all of us are looking at scattered thunderstorms developing, when we get severe that's when you have the higher wind, possibly hail and the flooding concern comes into play. so that's something we will be looking at this afternoon across our viewing zone. this is not a guarantee, this is a possibility of some isolated pockets of those strong to severe storms developing. on your hour by hour forecast, clouds should break a bit as we
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move into your early afternoon. we are at 12:30 so a little mix of sun and clouds. we start to see that line of rain move in by 3:00 through allentown, wilmington, pockets of heavier rain starts to really develop, could see some thunderstorms moving through and creeping into philadelphia, south jersey as we move along into your midday. 4:30, that continues to drop down over the shore, that's when we could see some thunderstorms on the shore, about 4:00 to 8:00. still spot rain about 8:30 but this moving out and as we move into your sunday things look a lot better. if you have shore plans sunday looking better than your saturday here. you can see on the board 84 in avalon today, thunderstorms, sunday, though, 86 and sunny. most of us looking sunny as we move along near sunday, mid 80s across the map. rehoboth beach at 89 and if you look at that ten-day on ten what we're dealing with is 92 in
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philadelphia, feels like upper 90s to close to triple digits. storms break on sunday and then we are looking at sunshine through mid next week then thunderstorm potential really picking up starting thursday through next weekend. >> 5:51 on this saturday. 5:51 on this saet. the phils scored a win in their weekend saturday. cameron rupp belted this homer. his 13th of the season. for an encore he shot a base hit to score alex dickerson. the phil's beat the padres 5-4. >> injuries have been a theme so far at eagles training camp. yesterday zach earth was cleared of a concussion. linebacker marcus smith is out
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with a concussion despite the risk head coach doug peterson has no plans of backing off what has been a very physical training camp. >> it's part of the game and we will continue to, you know, obviously monitor the guys and at the same time won't shy away from contact. you second guess you get beat. >> running back ryan matthews and guard brandon brooks did not participate in full practice but were able to go through individual drills. matthews injured his ankle before camp, brooks suffered a hamstring injury before camp. peterson has asked how matthews looked. >> good to see him put the ball in his hands a little bit, see how he was running around and i thought -- i thought he did a nice job when he was in there and we will just keep giving him more and more every day. >> the biggest thing is when you're sitting in there watching guys out here practicing, trying to ride the bike or running on
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the treadmill or something wishing you were out there. >> patriots quarterback tom brady discussed his four-game suspension yesterday for the first time since he decided not to appeal his case to the supreme court last month. brady is suspended for using underinflated footballs in the playoffs two seasons ago. >> i tried to, you know, just be as positive as i can be. i think that's kind of always been my motto. i know over the course of my career i've been faced with different things and tried to over come them the best way i could or best way i knew how. >> that will do it for sports. i'm amy fadool.
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♪ the olympic torch now lights the world from rio. the 2016 games are officially under way following last night's opening ceremony here on nbc 10. athletes from more than 200 nations including the u.s. faced their first full day of
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competition today. here is a look at some of the competitions that are happening in rio. burlington county's kelsey wore rel hits the water for the women's 100 meter butterfly heat. venus williams will make her rio debut and carrie walsh jennings in hoping of secure her fourth gold medal. jay, an incredible start to the games and now the real action gets going. >> reporter: yeah, rosemary, you are absolutely right. what a fantastic start. what a party it was last night with the flare you would expect from a nation that hosts carnival. the party continued for fans well into the night and for some into the early morning. for team u.s.a. as you talk about it's time to turn to business and taking care of the matter at hand. that's getting to the medal stap for team u.s.a. for the first time ever the summer games opened in brazil,
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shining in the olympic spotlight. >> they've done a great job for the liechs. >> reporter: supermodel gisele bundchen providing the star and grace. the marathoner the fire lighter the cauldron to open the 2016 rio summer games. for team u.s.a. led by flag bearer michael phelps. >> being my fifth olympics it's an honor and dream come true. >> reporter: that dream quickly shifts to reality and rigger of competition, men's basketball, soccer, beach volleyball, tennis and swimming are part of the action today as americans begin their quest for gold in rio. the men's archery also competing today. this is the style bow that they will use firing from 77 yards and trying to hit the 10 ring, the bull's-eye for those of us that aren't archers, the 10 ring the size of a dvd from 77 yards. i'm told the men's archery team
5:58 am
with a strong chance to get the first medal of these games for team u.s.a. rosemary, back to you. >> really appreciate that demonstration. thanks for that is correct jay. the time 5:58. this morning nbc 10's monique braxton it live in center city with the latest on a federal investigation into two prominent philadelphia leaders. monique. >> reporter: dozens of boxes confiscated from about nine locations yesterday connected to a union boss and council person are now here at the u.s. attorney's office. we will have the latest in the investigation coming up. and in your first alert neighborhood forecast showers stretching from cape may up to atlantic city. later today possibly more thunderstorms. those clouds hanging overhead. acme has everything you need, every day!
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well, the party is over, now it's time to get down to business. that's all right, it was an incredible opening ceremonies, the 2016 rio olympic games officially begin today with athletes competing for a chance to go for the gold. the fbi targets a powerful union boss and a philadelphia city councilman, a live report on the


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