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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  August 7, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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new details are emerging about a murder/suicide that claimed the lives of an entire family. three young children are among the victims. a live report is straight ahead. more con concert chaos in camden. we're learning more about dozens of people injured when a fence fell during a show and we're telling you what's being done to improve safety at the popular venue and an olympic upset. a local athlete's hometown reacts to her missing the cut to advance in rio. good morning. this this "nbc 10 news today." it's 5:30 on this sunday. we'll get to top stories in a
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moment. first, a check of the forecast from meteorologist krystal klei. >> good news here. we're looking at a dry, still hot day but i think dry is the key there. not looking at the humidity or worries of showers as we move throughout your afternoon. then we move ahead. a dry start to your workweek as well. that's not going to last through the entire workweek. on that extended forecast we do have some late week rain that's ahead of us. let's talk this morning temperatures we're at 74 in philadelphia. some 60s on the map. coatesville at 68 degrees. wilmington the same. around 70 in atlantic city. these temperatures not a bad start to your day. hot as we move into the afternoon. still seeing temperatures creeping around upper 80s and low 90s. on your radar and satellite, it's a clear picture out there. we did see thunderstorms pop up around our region yesterday in the afternoon. that won't be happening at least for a few more days. we're going to track when those
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storms start to come back in. you can see the bottom of your screen seven-day forecast has the possibility of storms developing as we move into that midweek into your next weekend. more on those chances in just a bit. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks. it's day two of the rio olympics and so far for team usa it's been all about gold and heartbreak in the pool. we get up to speed from brazil. >> katie lad he cedecky edged o australia. two silver medals earned by two swimmers. the men's gymnastics team qualified for finals in second place between china and russia. in basketball, kevin durant's 25 points carried team usa to a 119-62 blowout over china. the women's soccer team squeaked
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past france. and america's first gold in the 10 meter air rifle. >> here it is. nice and gold. >> brazil is on the board with its first medal. brian mooar, be nbc news, rio. >> one of our olympic swimmers suffered an upset. she won her heat in the 100 meter butterfly but finished out of running in the semifinals. despite the early departure, the crowd at a hometown watch party last night still proud of her. >> from suburban swimming and now in rio. amazing. we're looking forward to 2020. >> growing up she swam at the swim club in westhampton
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township. today's events in rio feature watson competing in men's fencing semifinals. team usa debut in women's volleyball and women's gymnastics team will try to make it to the finals and michael phelps dives into freestyle swimming. police tell us a man was shot while driving a car with his two children inside in west philadelphia. this happened just after 1:00 this morning near 55th and spring street. the man was shot in the face. right now he's in critical condition. a short time later in an unrelated incident, a 36-year-old man died following a shooting in southwest philadelphia. police tell us two shooters approached the man as he was putting gas in his motorcycle at the bp gas station. they shot him several times. police have not made arrests in
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either of these cases. this morning we're learning more about a family killed in burks county including three kids. police call it a murder/suicide. the family is mark short, his wife megan and their children. he said they all died of gunshot wounds. their bodies were discovered yesterday afternoon just outside of reading. police plan to release more information about the investigation a little bit later on today. investigators continue to look into an accident that injured dozens at camden's bb&t pavilion last night. we talked to some of the concert goers who watched the fence collapse on friday night. >> reporter: moments before the collapse, snoop dogg rallying up
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the crowd when the fence collapsed. >> it looked like something you would never see and it just piles and piles of people just on top of each other. >> reporter: it happened inside this popular event venue where eager fans were moving closer to the stage to get pictures. >> the crowd rushed and when the crowd rushed the fence couldn't hold it and people start eed falling. >> reporter: first responders built makeshift tents to care for concert goers. >> everyone was screaming. is everyone okay? you could hear people crying. >> reporter: concert organizer
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live station said it's working with authorities and structural engineers to determine the cause of the collapse. a chaotic end for a concert meant to bring fans together. >> let's head now to the delaware beaches where police need your help to track down two people who they say carjacked an 80-year-old man. look at the pictures police are looking for. the elderly victim said he gave the man and woman a ride in his suv. when they arrived at the store, the man tried to grab the victim's keys while the woman scratched his hand. the victim managed to get out of the vehicle. the couple then drove off. police say the stolen car is dark gray or charcoal 2002 chef suburban with maryland license plate 3ck 6851. a show of support for
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philadelphia police. how you can lend a hand. also an offer a suspected thief can't refuse. why a man accused of stealing a purse is not going to face any charges. later we're live from rio with a look at the big winners at the olympics and memorable moments you can expect today. i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves!
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welcome back. very happy sunday morning. we're looking at a sunday that books better off than your saturday for a couple reasons. first off, not going to feel as humid. on top of that we're also looking at today not expecting thunderstorms to develop across our region. what you're seeing here in the suburbs right now, 68 degrees. 69 around 8:00 a.m. and by 10:00 a.m., 77. bumping up to low 80s around lunchtime and mid to upper 80s as we move into your afternoon but sunshine remains instead of throwing in lightning bolt later today, we're looking at still sunshine. maybe a couple pop-up clouds but overall should be a nice forecast for us.
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same as we move into parts of the jersey shore here looking around 8:00 a.m., 74 degrees. that temperature won't get quite as warm as we move into the afternoon. 2:00, 83 through 4:00 p.m. and looking as we move into delaware, those conditions also going to be pretty nice. 72 at 8:00 a.m. 79 by 10:00 a.m. 84 by your lunch hour. temperatures continuing into the mid to upper 80s as we move into the late part of your day. no chance of rain. we remain with the sunshine. what we're looking at is we continue sunshine for a few days in a row here. we'll start to bring back more humid conditions mid workweek. we'll check in on when that hits and we'll talk more about potential for rain even into next weekend coming up. >> thanks. 5:41 right now on this saturday. today people in philadelphia will have a big event for philly police. we have the philly cops rock rally. that rally will held from 4:00
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this afternoon to 8:00 at frankford and cottman avenues. a motorcycle ride in support of the police department will happen before that rally. another show of support for police in northeast philly this weekend. project blue light is a bike ride in memory and in honor of police officers who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders. today the cumberland county sheriff's department hopes to strengthen relationships between the community and law enforcement. the department wig hold an open house in bridgeton. there will be tours at the sheriff's office. coming up, a local mother pleads for help from a thief. she needed stolen passports returned quickly and police made an offer that couldn't be refused. how this turned out next. phillies debut another young
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here's a live look over center city. not looking too bad out there this morning. just about 74 degrees outside. meteorologist krystal klei will have your full neighborhood forecast literally in minutes. right now we have new details about an amnesty offer police made to a man that stole a bag of valuables belonging to a bus rider. it apparently worked. this woman from cuba appealed for the return of the bag which contained passports her family needs to leave the country on tuesday. police said she left the bag by accident on septa's route 58 bus on thursday. surveillance cameras showed the man picking up the bag and taking it with him. earlier this morning the woman tweeted to us she got the passports back from the officers after the man turned them into
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police. hi. jake thompson made his major league debut for the phillies last night. he was dominating triple-a. part of the deal that involved cole hamels going to the rangers last season. bottom of first already 1-0 padres. betancourt to left center. all three runs come around. 4-0 padres. ryan howard. still got it. solo home run. his 16th of the year. paul clemmons starting picture for the padres, they didn't have a backup to meet players number 99. padres never trailed in this one. phillies fall 9-7. thompson gave up six runs. eagles took it easy at practice yesterday with a
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10-10-10 session. running back ryan matthews practiced for a second straight day after returning from an ankle injury that kept him out of a training camp until friday. offensive coordinator is happy to have matthews back. >> he looks explosive out there. he looked explosive. he looked quick. seeing things. i know it was a towned down practice with no pads but we're still playing fast. zach ertz returned to practice. afterwards at the time the rookies have to show more respect but now ertz sounds like he's gotten over it. >> you never want guys to go low. he's smaller than me. so i probably shouldn't have said what i said but it is what it is. >> brett favre and marvin
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harrison highlight the pro football class of 2016. harrison from philadelphia and credited his high school teachers for helping him get to where he is now. >> at my high school back in philadelphia, roman catholic high school, i had a few teachers who took their time before school, after school, before practice and after practice to help myself and other students prepare for the s.a.t.s and i always said what would have happened if you didn't have that extra year of eligibility to play college sports? i probably wouldn't be here today. >> the u.s. men's basketball team began play at the olympics. the u.s. defeated china. americans play venezuela on monday. and carli lloyd scored her
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second goal of the olympics leading u.s. women's soccer team to a 1-0 victory over france. 2-0 in play. advance to quarterfinals with one group match left against colombia. just before the final whistle, a header to salvage a point for the united. union let two points slip away. 2-2 the draw is your final. that will do it for sports. we start with a look at your neighborhood. temperatures out there this morning some of us in 60s. we're at 62 degrees. lehigh valley. parts of pennsylvania suburbs. 74 for us in philadelphia with delaware at 72. and the shore sitting at 73. parts of south jersey low 70s as well. pretty nice start to your morning out there actually. as we move forward, today is going to be better than
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yesterday. it will still be hot but we're not going to feel the humid conditions which means the heat indices or that feel-like temperature not as rough. neighborhoods right now we drop into parts of philadelphia here. fox chase at 70. summerton at 64 outside. so a lot of us in the 70s. a f temperatures won't change a ton over the next several days. upper 80s and low 90s in our forecast. as for radar and satellite, not a lot going on here. might see a few spot clouds throughout the day but overall this is blue skies and sunny day where you can get out and enjoy the end of your weekend and that includes right along the shore as well. on hour by hour forecast, this is what we're looking at. we start this morning. maybe high level clouds over parts of dover.
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mostly burning off quickly as we move later into your morning and as we get into your afternoon, plenty of sunshine out there. if i continue this, a few spot clouds picking up in afternoon to evening hour and then overnight again some high level clouds rolling by to kick off your morning on monday. no rain producers here. not expecting showers for your sunday or into your monday. here's a look at that shore forecast starting out with the temperature at 86 degrees. sunny out there for your sunday. looking at wildwood, temperature also going to be sitting in those 80s. 85 degrees. not expecting even cloud coverage today. use sunscreen and stay hydrated out there. sunday for us at cape may at 87 degrees. across the map, 89 in center city. suburbs in the upper 80s as well. lehigh valley, 86. allentown at 87 degrees and easton at 87.
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we are looking at trenton 87 as well. consistency out there. plenty of sunshine. ocean city will be at 85. and we're close to those low 90s in parts of delaware, wilmington at 89 degrees. we'll look at that ten day in just a bit. it's going to be another big day in rio. the american women are expected to win gold in gymnastics. but not all of them will be able to go to the finals. that drama and more live from rio next. ♪ "they say you can only be great if you're full of goodness." chobani. available at shoprite.
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here's a live look at copacabana beach in rio de janeiro. the site where beach volleyball capped off the first full day of competition at the 2016 summer olympics. nbc olympic correspondent jay gray joins us live from rio with a review of day one and a look ahead to day two. jay? >> reporter: good morning. love that music. every morning. good way to start the morning. day one of these olympics and already team usa is on the medal stand shooting for gold and finding a silver lining in the olympic pool. >> nice and gold. >> reporter: a golden start for team usa in rio thanks to 19-year-old jenny thrasher. and women's relay team setting a
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new american record and under the lights on copacabana beach, the americans have the first win of the olympic tournament. looking to keep up the momentum and medal hunt for team usa later today, women's gymnastics compete and williams cycling takes to the roads of rio and michael phelps will be in the pool for the first time in these olympics. now, also in the pool individually for the first time, katie ledecky, the sensation for team usa. she'll be looking to qualify there. we know that team usa men's volleyball in action taking on canada and we talked about archery team yesterday. they finished with the silver as well. a good medal haul for team usa on day one. that's the latest live in rio. rosemary, back to you. >> looking forward to day two. thanks so much. 5:56 right now on this send. we'll check in with monique
5:57 am
braxton live in berks county with more on the investigation into a murder/suicide that took the lives of five family members and we're tracking our weather on this sunday. >> looking at a live shot outside from philadelphia. not a cloud in sight. nice conditions for today. it will be hot. more on those temperatures along the shore and in your neck of the woods coming up.
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don't just bank, bank human. local girl carlie load helps take care of business in rio for the u.s. soccer team. a murder/suicide takes the lives of an entire family in berks county. what we're learning this morning about the investigation. plus, the show goes on in camden after chaos shuts down a concert earlier this week. see what's being done to improve safety after a rail collapse sends dozens to the hospital. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 6:00 on this sunday. not too bad of a start out there for us. let's get more on the first alert forecast from meteorologist krystal klei. >> today is looking pretty good
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compared to yesterday where in the afternoon we had clouds roll in and some of us did see thunderstorms. looking now in philadelphia out into center city, 72 where we sit currently. winds not an issue. 6 miles an hour. winds today pulling in drier conditions meaning it won't feel as humid, which does mean in the afternoon it will be hot. it will not feel like mid to upper '90s out there. instead we'll have temperatures right where we should be upper 80s and lower 90s for this time of year. hot but better than yesterday. on radar and satellite. not a thing to track. no showers for us. mostly clear skies as well. today a few pop-up clouds are pop. look at your forecast for today, low 70s to around 80 and mid 80s by noon. forecast high temperatures peaking into philadelphia in the upper 80s this afternoon and we keep with sunshine. we'll look at the next several days and when humidity returns coming up. >> this


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