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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  August 7, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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for only 69 cents each when you buy 6. and pick up quaker cereal, breakfast bars and oatmeal for just $1.49 each when you buy 6. acme's 125th anniversary sale. it's huge! a murder/suicide involving two parents and their kids is under investigation right now in berks county. this morning we're live at the
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scene where police are still trying to figure out what went wrong. >> crowd rushed. when the crowd rushed the fence just couldn't hold it and collapsed and people started falling. >> concert chaos. we have an update on that rail that gave way at a popular local venue. we'll hear from witnesses who watched dozens of people fall to the ground. 2016 rio olympics is in full swing. we'll show you the highs and lows of the first day of competition. can't be too low. you're at the olympics. that's an achievement in and of itself. this is "nbc 10 news today." thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. just after 7:00 on this sunday. let's begin with the first alert neighborhood forecast. here's a live look over center city, philadelphia. very different picture than this time yesterday. meteorologist cykrystal klei is tracking a sunny day ahead.
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>> we have clouds and showers yesterday morning. not the case today. look at north wildwood. you can see already some people getting out and about. we've got those blue skies. maybe some high level clouds rolling by. not going to be any rain producers out there for us today. this is going to be a very nice day to be outside. as long as you're okay with it being hot. it won't be as humid. temperatures will still be picking up into the upper 80s in some parts of town. there's heads-up for you. going from a live look outside to your temperatures right now. we're at 69 in vineland and mt. holly at 65 degrees. trenton at 67. allentown, 64. low 70s in philadelphly and upp in atlantic city. temperatures right now to 24-hour temperature change map. some of us are ten degrees cooler than yesterday at the aim time in allentown. 8 degrees cooler in mt. holly. doesn't mean temperatures this afternoon are colder. we'll take a look at what we'll
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see for your sunday and when we see chances of rain move back in in a bit. >> we look forward to that. this morning philadelphia police are investigating a number of shootings that happened overnight. first we begin on spring street near 55th street. we should pull up that video for you in a moment. a man was shot while driving a car with his two children inside. this happened just after 1:00 this morning near the corner of 55th and spring street as i mentioned. the man was shot in the face. right now he's in critical condition. a short time later in an unrelated incident, a 36-year-old man died following a shooting in southwest philadelphia. police tell us two shooters approached the man as he was putting gas in his motorcycle at the bp gas station. they shot him several times. police have not made any arrests in either case. officials continue to investigate this fence collapse that happened during a concert friday night at camden's bb&t
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pavilion. a video posted on friday night shows the railing giving way and people dropping from the lawn area to a cement walkway below. 42 people went to the hospital. the concert ended after the collapse with security ushering away performers and medics rushing in to help fans. >> the fence collapsed. >> it was something you would never see and it just piles and piles of people. >> officials tell us the venue is inspected regularly and did not have any code violations. tonight the bb&t pavilion will host another concert. to the murder/suicide investigation that we've been following. five people are dead including three children. it all happened at a house in
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berks county. nbc 10's monique braxton is live where the investigation is just beginning. monique? >> reporter: hi, rosemary. police have departed the scene. you can see the police tape is down. this investigation is far from over. looking at our video from last night, you see investigators inside the garage. we've been able to learn a few things from berks county district's attorney. d.a. john adams said police were called to this home about 3:00 yesterday afternoon after a family of five was discovered dead inside. adams identifies the family members as mark short, his wife, megan, and their three children, leanna mark and willow and all five died of gunshot wounds. police were here late into the night. speaking with relatives on the scene. the short name may be familiar to you. megan posted comments and
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pictures on social media about her little girl's heart surgery and recovery. in tragic situations like this, detectives look for a weapon and suicide note explaining what was going on inside this family's home. this morning we're working to get a few comments from neighbors as the community is really just waking up. so far no one has been able to talk to us. we've seen a few people walk by, drive by, look at the house and then keep on moving. a sad situation. a very tragic situation here in sinking springs. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that. this morning investigators are looking for the cause of a fire that closed this popular pub in montgomery county. take a look. servers and cooks were preparing for the dinner crowd yesterday when the blaze broke out in collegeville. everyone inside the building got out safely. that's good news here. also damage was mainly to the
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exterior of the building. in fact, after firefighters were able to get the flames under control and put them out, everybody was allowed back inside. in camden county, a firefighter was hurt battling flames and smoke yesterday. here's the deal. some roofing material caught fire at the building on hilton road. it took half an hour for crews to bring the flames under control here. the firefighters suffered only minor injuries. we're talking about the rio olympics. here's a live look over rio de janeiro where day two of full competition in the 2016 olympics getting under way. the u.s. can boast about winning the first gold medal of the rio olympics. that was day one though. what's day two going to bring? nbc olympic correspondent gives us a preview and review from the games. >> here it is. nice and gold. >> reporter: a golden start for team usa thanks to 19-year-old
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ginny thrasher. the americans swam to silver finish in the pool on saturday. and same for women's 4x100 freestyle relay team setting a new american record during their swim. and under the lights on copacabana beach, kerry wall jennings and april ross fight australians for their first win of the olympic tournament. >> we're just getting going. >> looking to keep up momentum and medal hunt for team usa they compete in team qualifier and women's cycling takes to roads of rio and michael phelps will be in the pool for the first time in rio. today in rio chester county riders boyd martin and phillip denton compete and men's
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volleyball and hernandez in north jersey hits the floor in women's artistic gymnastics qualifier. a mother's plea for help is heard. we'll tell you what philly police and septa place did to help a woman get her and her family's passports back from a thief. plus this. >> honestly, i don't think she's all there. >> coming up, donald trump mocking hillary clinton for "short circuiting." we'll explain after the break.
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welcome back. let's take a live look all around our neighborhoods starting in philadelphia you see clear blue skies and that's the constant across all live cameras that we don't have a cloud in sight. nice start to our day. 72 in philadelphia. 67 in parts of the pennsylvania suburbs. looking at most of our temperatures right now in the 60s. mid 60s in new jersey, lehigh valley at 64 degrees. and 68 that temperature in delaware. so if we look at that forecast in the next few days, what we're going to track is that temperatures are going to remain consistent. upper 80s to lower 90s for us as we move along your monday, tuesday as well. still upper 80s in philadelphia. mid to upper 80s in new jersey and then wednesday into thursday, we start to go from isolated to more chance showers. that's something we'll continue to forecast and extend out to that ten day in a while.
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zika fears spark family planning changes. just ahead, the lengths that some women are going to to avoid contracting the virus that can cause severe birth defects in babies.
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7:15 on this sunday. to our decision 2016 coverage. donald trump appears to be changing his strategy to stop a downward spiral in his presidential poll numbers. last night the republican nominee campaigned in new hampshire. that's where he now trails hillary clinton. trump is changing tactics by endorsing gop leaders he did not support up to this past week including house speaker paul
7:16 am
ryan and arizona senator john mccain. trump also pounced on clinton's use of the term short circuited in describing her recent answer to a tv journalist about her e-mail scandal. take a listen. >> honestly, i don't think she's all there. the people of this country don't want somebody that's going to short circuit up here. >> clinton seemed to stumble while answering the e-mail question at a gathering of black and hispanic journalists in washington, d.c. on friday. the democratic nominee repeated the fbi director said she was truthful about her use of a private server and handling of classified messages while secretary of state. clinton is off the campaign trail this weekend and so her running mate democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine will sit down on this edition of "meet the press." we have to make room for the olympics. "meet the press" airs at 9:00 here on nbc 10.
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>> this looks like a lot of fun. giant water slide right in the middle of your block. who can beat it? this is happening in washington, d.c. suburbs this weekend. plastic runners turned a street into a 1,000-foot long slip and slide. kids and adults use tubes to slide through. the water slide travels throughout the country all summer long to give people a break from the heat. cy i think if that slide made its way to philly, we would be in good shape today. it will be hot out there. >> nice to have later this afternoon. it could be in any of our neighborhoods because later today still hot out there. you can see the bottom of your screen your neighborhood seven-day forecast scrolling along. what we're looking at this morning is an okay start. get an early jump to the day and you'll be just fine. upper township at 67 degrees. 72 at cape may courthouse mostly 60s and 70s on the board.
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atlantic city, 74. 69 at little egg harbor. from jersey shore neighborhoods switch over to some of your delaware neighborhoods here. so odessa at 70. also at 70 in middletown. then we drop farther south. upper 60s to low 70s. lincoln at 71 degrees to show of for our morning start time. we are looking at radar and satellite. clear conditions for the most part to start your day continuing through the rest of the day. we expect high level clouds maybe along the shore. otherwise plenty of sun out there and no chance of rain. different from what we saw yesterday. and on the wide view you can see why. there's nothing in our area to move in. so we'll stay dry today and the next several days. hot and dry forecast for us. temperatures not going to budge much. then we have midweek changes. let's focus on the heat first here. temperature-wise this is what we'll be dealing with. planner at 10:00 a.m.,
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philadelphia, 79. by 6:00, into the mid 80s. should peak around the upper 80s. in the suburbs, 2:00 at 84 degrees. sunshine at mid 80s there. and in lehigh valley also about the mid to upper 80s for afternoon temperatures. then we shift gears over to delaware and start 79 at 10:00 a.m. upper 70s in new jersey and almost a consistent forecast in the mid 80s. sunshine across the map. the shores should cap those temperatures in the mid 80s except for a few points along some of the delaware beaches where numbers may be higher. 85 and sunny as we look into bethany beach. sunshine. blue skies out there. and as we move into ocean city in maryland, 83 that temperature. sun with some of those high level clouds possible. this is a look at your 10 day on 10. wednesday we're at 91 degrees. may see an isolated shower there. thursday, friday, the same.
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isolated to scattered potential and then that continues rainy weather possible saturday, sunday of next weekend as well. >> we'll deal with that when we get there. thanks for that. today folks in philadelphia will show their support for police officers at an event called philly cops rock rally. the rally will be held from 4:00 this afternoon to 8:00 this evening and the weather should be nice. at frankfurt and cottman neighborhoods in the city's may and project blue light bike ride in memory and honor of police officers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. today in cumberland county, the sheriff's department hopes to strengthen relationships between the community and law enforcement. the department will host an open house from 11:00 to 4:00 this
7:21 am
afternoon. they want people to come out and get to know them. canine demonstrations and tours of the sheriff's office. 21 minutes past 7:00 right now on this sunday. terror strikes belgium again. police officers attacked by a man with a machete. we'll get the latest on the investigation next.
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belgium's prime minister will return from vacation today to meet with his national security council following an attack on two women police officers. according to authorities, a man yelled god is great as he slashed officers with a mashette -- machete outside of a police station. a third officer shot and killed the man. belgium has been in a state of heightened alert since last fall following the terror attacks in
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paris and brussels. back here in our area, authorities are warning about lethal doses of heroin being distributed all across gloucester county. police had to administer medication after they used heroin marked red snowman or superstar and anyone turning over that drug to police will not face a penalty or charges. in butler, ohio, more than two dozen people had to be treated for drug overdoses at a music festival yesterday. the concert goers were given candy laced with a high dose of thc, the chemical compound found in marijuana. the laced candy resembled nerds. everybody is expected to recover. out west, the federal aviation administration is investigating a deadly sky diving accident in northern california. two young men died yesterday
7:26 am
morning doing a tandem jump. according to authorities, it appears their parachute didn't open. the owner of that school says the instructor was an independent contractor but a seasoned jumper. take a look this morning. this man is facing charges of assaulting crew members and passengers on a flight that safely diverted to phoenix. witnesses say on friday night the man got unruly onboard the flight from l.a. to ft. lauderdale. crew members and passengers restrained him until the plane landed. that's when police arrested him. in florida, some women are choosing to delay getting pregnant because they're afraid they might get the zika virus. an increase in women delaying m embryo implementation. one woman that lives and works
7:27 am
had her eggs harvested last week and is holding off on implanting them until the mosquito population drops. >> it was a decision probably made in the last 24 hours. i'm really scared. i really am. >> due to privacy laws, it's not known if any of miami's 16 homegrown zika cases include pregnant women. zika can cause birth defects including infants with small skulls and brain damage. 7:27 right now on this sunday. three children, a mother and father are dead in berks county. police are investigating it as a case of murder/suicide. monique braxton is live in sinking spring to tell us more. monique? >> reporter: hi, rosemary. this morning detectives and the d.a. are trying to determine exactly what led to the
7:28 am
murder/suicide looking for weapons, a note, anything that can answer that question and bring the family closure. looking out live center city in philadelphia here. we see blue skies. plenty of sun out there. in fact, it might be a nice day to be on the water. here's a look at boathouse row.
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five family members are dead in what police are calling a murder/suicide. we're like in bucks county with new details on the investigation. a suspected crook gets the second chance to do the right thing with a help from septa police in philly. we're heading to rio for a look at the first winners of the 2016 olympic games and also the olympic size upset of one of our
7:31 am
local athletes. tough one for kelsiworrell. let's get a look at our forecast. krystal klei has good news for us. >> not the bearer of bad news today. we're looking at a nice sunday forecast. if you have the birthday party planned out later today, you are good to go. we're looking at radar and satellite different view than yesterday. not tracking showers. temperatures right now in the 60s. dover low 70s. philadelphia at 72. reading, 65 degrees. nice start there. and we're beginning in the mid 50s this morning. for philadelphia, 80 the
7:32 am
temperature for us at 10:00 a.m. by noon, 84 degrees. you can visit that patio restaurant for lunch because we're tracking humidity is down meaning it won't feel as sticky. hot nearly 90s as we move into your afternoon. more on when humidity rolls back in and picks up coming up. >> thanks for that. this morning we're learning more about what police are calling a murder/suicide. a berks county family of five is dead and now police are searching for answers in the case. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in sinking spring with the latest. monique? >> reporter: hi, rosemary. when we arrived here about an hour and a half ago, we found no activity outside this home. all is quiet. the police scene tape is down outside of the two-story home. take a look at our video. a much different scene from last night. police tape was surrounding this house. detectives were inside the garage. also the home searching for a motive and weapon. here's what we do know this
7:33 am
morning. berks county district attorney john adams tells us sinking spring police were called to this house about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the family of five was discovered dead. adams also told us the short family, mark, his wife megan and their three children have been shot to death. we saw police talking to relatives on the scene. megan short had chronicled her daughter's heart surgery on social media. this morning we've been reading the postings and watching the videos online and like detectives, we're wondering what exactly happened here. now, the district attorney tells us he'll release more information this afternoon as soon as we know, get any idea of what the circumstances were leading to the murder/suicide, we'll let you know. you can find it online, on app and our evening newscast. live for now from sinking springs, monique braxton, nbc 10
7:34 am
news. >> thanks for that. let's head to the delaware beaches where police need your help to track down two people whom they say carjacked an 80-year-old man. take a look at these pictures. this is the couple police are looking for. the elderly victim told police he gave the man and woman a ride in his suv to a convenience store. police tell us that when they arrived at the store, the man tried to grab the victim's keys while the woman scratched him. the victim managed to get out of his car. the couple then drove off in it. police say the stolen car is a dark gray or charcoal 2002 chevy suburban with license plate 33c 3ck 6851. a live look in rio de janeiro where day two of the 2016 olympics is getting under way. if day one in rio is any
7:35 am
indication, we're in for another session of dominant performances and surprises. nbc correspondent jay gray reports. >> there it is. nice and gold. >> a golden start for team usa in rio thanks to 19-year-old ginny thrasher on target in the air rifle competition. the americans swam to a silver finish on saturday. second in the 400 individual medley and women's 4x100 freestyle relay team set a new record during their swim. then under the lights on copacabana beach, kerri walsh jennings and april ross fight the australians for their first win of the olympic tournament. looking to keep up momentum and medal hunt for team usa later today, women's gymnastics competes in team qualifier and women's cycling takes to the road and michael phelps will be in the pool for the first time in these games. jay gray, nbc news, rio.
7:36 am
>> one of our local athletes we've been watching, kelc kelci worrell finished out of running in semifinals. her hometown is proud at a watch party last night. very thrilled for her. >> from suburban swimming and now she's in rio. it's amazing. we're looking forward to 2020. >> growing up worrell swam in westhampton township. current team members were cheering her on at last night's watch party. today's event in rio feature philadelphia philadelphia miles in men's fencing and that's all coming your way today on the olympics right here on nbc 10.
7:37 am
we are about to show you the medal count. if you don't want to know, just turn away from your screen until the music stops playing and then we'll be right back.
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and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president.
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new details about an amnesty offer septa police made to a man after stealing a bag of valuables belonging to a bus passenger. the woman from cuba appealed for return of her purse that contained passports that her family needs to return to their country. surveillance cameras show the man picking up the bag and taking it with him. the woman got the passports back from septa officers after the man turned them into police. let's talk sports. here's a live look outside lincoln financial field. we're now just four days away from the birds playing the first game of the 2016 preseason. the eagles are coming off an easy saturday practice with limited plays, no hitting. running back ryan matthews practiced for a second straight
7:41 am
day after returning from an ankle injury that kept him on the sidelines. offensive coordinator frank wright was pleased calling matthews explosive. the eagles host the buccaneers in the preseason opener thursday night on csn and on cozi tv. coverage begins at 6:30 with game time at 7:00. we'll be right back.
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7:44 on is this sunday. in berks county, police are investigating what they're calling a murder/suicide. the district attorney says a family of five including three children all died of gunshot wounds. their bodies were discovered inside a house in sinking spring yesterday. septa is updating four of its regional rail schedules starting tomorrow. they are the landsdale, doylestown, trenton, norris town and glenside lines operating on updated weekday schedules. this is good news. all other lines will continue to operate on those weekend schedules that took effect last month because of the train cars that are out of service. for more information on this, go to our website or the nbc 10 app. michael phelps leads team usa in day two of full
7:45 am
competition at the rio olympics. phelps dives into his first event in prime time and you can catch nbc 10 on air, online and on your phone. we are the home for the 2016 olympics. starting out with a live look at rehoboth beach. conditions will be hot but on the dry side especially compared to yesterday where we had scattered showers and thunderstorms pick up. not in today's forecast. you can see blue skies mixing in with my levhigh level clouds. let's look at your neighborhoods right now. currently looking at 68 degrees in reading. we're seeing temperatures mostly in the mid 60s.
7:46 am
we start to move along and we're tracking into the lehigh valley and down to west bradford township at 68. westchester at 65. and kenneth square at 68 degrees. so across the board in parts of pennsylvania and new jersey tracking temperatures in the 60s out there. then we move along warrenton at 65 degrees. temperatures in the 60s mean that we have time to bump up this afternoon into the 80s. that's where we see most of our high temperatures forecast later today. radar and satellite is clear. temperatures showing up as we move through the next four days we'll be pretty consistent to those upper 80s in philadelphia through tuesday. that's how long we'll remain dry. wednesday we start to pull in some higher humidity and then you see temperatures into the 90s. same for dover at upper 80s by wednesday. mid 80s allentown for next several days and low to mid 80s for wildwood. that 10 day on 10 showing no
7:47 am
chances of rain until late wednesday. extra cloud cover low 90s. thursday some thunderstorms and that does continue friday, saturday and sunday. even your monday as well. also note that on top of that one the humidity returns. temperatures up to low 90s for several days in a row by mid workweek into your following weekend. i'm amy sewell from cns. jake thompson made his major league debut for phillies last night. he was dominating in triple-a. it was a rocky debut in san diego. bottom of the first 1-0 padres. christian betancourt to left center. all three runners come around. top of two, ryan howard. look at this. still got it.
7:48 am
solo home run. his 16th of the year. paul clemmons starting pitcher for the padres, didn't have a backup. meet number 99. there's player number two. padres never trailed in this one. phillies fall 9-7. eagles took it easy at practice yesterday with a 10-10-10 session. ten offensive plays, ten defe e defensyidefens defensive plays and 10 special team plays with no hitting. the offensive coordinator is happy to have matthews back. >> he looks explosive out. he looked explosive and quick and seeing things and i know it was a toned down practice with no pads but we're still playing fast. we want to get them as many touches as we can. >> zach ertz returned to practice after leaving early on friday with a head injury.
7:49 am
ertz was hit low by a rookie and said afterwards at the time that rookies have to show more respect but ertz sounds like he's gotten over it. >> he's a lot smaller than me. so i probably shouldn't have said what i said but it is what it is. >> great favre and marvin harrison headline the pro football hall of fame class last night. harrison is third all time with 1,102 catches. harrison from philadelphia and credited his high school teachers for helping him get where he is now. >> at my high school back in philadelphia, roman catholic high school, i had a few teachers who took their time, their days off, before school, after school, before practice and after practice to help myself and other students prepare for the s.a.t.s. i always said that what would happen if you didn't have extra year of eligibility to play in college sports. i probably wouldn't be here today.
7:50 am
>> u.s. men's basketball team began play at the olympics in rio facing china. coach k. and company no issues there. kevin durant led the way for team usa. he went 10 for 14 from the floor. 5 of 8 from beyond the arc and led americans with 25 points. u.s. defeated china 119-62. americans play venezuela on monday. and carli lloyd scored her second goal of the olympics leading the u.s. women's soccer team to 1-0 victory over france. they advance to quarterfinals with one group match left against colombia and union with a late lead at d.c. united but just before the final whistle d.c. scores on a header to salvage a point for the united. union let two points slip away. 2-2 the draw is your final. that will do it for sports. i'm amy sewell for csn. now to decision 2016. we have some separation. hillary clinton opens up some daylight over donald trump in the presidential race.
7:51 am
that's the focus of nbc's "meet the press" this morning. joining us for a quick preview is moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, rosemary. >> donald trump coming off a tough week. hillary clinton pulling ahead in battleground states like pennsylvania. he also did an about-face on paul ryan and john mccain. what does this say about his campaign as it stands right now? >> it's in big trouble. one of the reasons a lead has been opened up by clinton is she's united the democratic party and trump has not united the republican party. her lead is basically because there is a larger chunk of republicans not yet with trump than there are with democrats and clinton. that's the big problem. so him spending a post-convention week attacking fellow republicans did nothing to unite the party. others got to him and said what are you doing? this is going to make problems worse. so this race isn't over. and races are not won in august
7:52 am
but they can be lost. he's got a couple weeks here with the olympics. it's a moment of pause for presidential politics a little bit. not to say the campaign totally goes under ground but less focused. if he can use that period to get focused and get a message, he has an opportunity. it's not like she's wildly popular with the public. it's right now this is is a referendum on donald trump and he's losing that race. >> on that note about hillary clinton she seems to struggle to convince voters she's honest. that same poll out of pennsylvania this week showing her with an 11-point lead over trump says she and he are actually even among voters when it comes to trustworthiness. this has been her achilles' heel for months now. what can she do to improve upon it? >> come up with better answers on e-mails. every time she comes up with an answer it sounds like a lawyer giving an answer. it doesn't sound like she's fully forthcoming.
7:53 am
she's always looking for some sort of life raft to back something up. perhaps showing humility. that said, bill clinton twice won elections where his opponent was viewed as more honest and tru trust wworth trustworthy. you can win. hillary clinton taking a break from the campaign trail this weekend. tim kaine will sit down with chuck todd. we'll be right back.
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nbc 10 continues our commitment to clear the shelters and find homes for adoptable pets. joining us this morning is amy with act philly. tell us who you have with you. >> this is roger. he's a great little guy. i really enjoyed spending time with him this morning. he loves people. and he's super friendly. he's polite with other dogs. and pretty happy to go on walks and he's really curious. he always wants to see what's going on. i think he would be an awesome city dog. >> you live in the city and i know you have a dog. >> i already have one. he's afraid of anyone bigger than him. how is he with other dogs and how did you come across him?
7:57 am
>> he was brought into act philly by police. he was found tied to a pole which is sad. there's no reason for that you can call us. we'll come get your dog. luckily the police found him and brought him in and he's been hanging out with us for a couple weeks. he's a great guy. we've done a couple dog meets at the shelter to see how he'll be, like i said, he's been really polite with other dogs. very appropriate. >> we're tight on time. we have the dash coming up and want to make sure everybody knows about. people should go to your website? >> or enter the contest at the duck dash. >> chance to win $50,000 and chance to adopt great pets. it's happening this week. drawing on saturday, august 13th. all right. thanks for being with us. people can go to your website to get more information. for everybody here at nbc 10, we hope you have a good one. enjoy the day. it's going to be great weather. >> should be.
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♪ ♪ here comes team usa. >> i think the republican nominee is unfit. >> i support paul ryan. ♪ ♪ good morning, and welcome to "sunday today" on this first weekend of the olympics. the opening ceremony was 36 hours ago and team usa already won gold. we'll get to highlights and results and later, the youngest and oldest members of the track and field squad. a 21-year-old and 17-year-old high school kid both


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